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Dance With Me - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 2722

Warnings: Pure Filth, NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Orgasm Denial, More Filth

Notes: #SorryNotSorry

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anonymous asked:

Imagine shawn teasing you under the table when you're with friends or lol ur parents HAHAHHAHA


Look what you made me do…. 

Word count: 1,604

Tease (smutty smutty action)

“This is really good, Karen” you said, putting another bite into your mouth.

Karen had always made the best rice in the world. You knew Shawn would rather have had you all to yourself tonight, but you actually really wanted to have dinner with his parents.

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I feel it coming

Request: “Can you do a Dom!Bucky fic with a shy reader who is insecure about sex and Bucky ends up treating her really sweetly but maintaining dominance?”

Pairings: Bucky x Fem!Reader

Warnings; Language, SMUT, oral male and female receiving, penetration, Dom!Bucky, kinky things, a lot of SIN

Your are tipsy. That’s the only explanation for be having a fit of laughter seeing Thor imitate Tony. 

- HA HA very funny, really - Tony is pissed, you can tell, but that only makes the poor interpretation of Thor funnier - Okay hammer man, you win

- Of course I win! - Thor, accepting his victory as humbly as ever

Moments like these, were you all are just enjoying the company of the others are the ones you want to treasure for the rest of your life. After asking for some pizzas and opening some bottles of wine you are all spread over the couchs on Tony’s living room.

Standing up from the couch he was ocuping Tony is the first one of the Avengers who leaves the party and try to find some sleep after a particulary rough mission.

- Would be okay, you two? - with a half smile Steve ask to you and Bucky, the only ones who are in the living room besides him yet.

- Of course, go get some sleep Cap - you assure him

- See you tomorrow morning to run, pal? - Steve asks to his best friend

- Yep, five o’clock downstairs - he responds with a yawn

With a last wave of his hand Steve leaves Bucky and you alone in the big living room of the Stark tower. You play with the hems of your sweater (Bucky’s sweater, in fact) while looking at the handsome profile of your boyfriend. His features are enlighted by the mortecine light of the TV, his blue eyes bright even in half darkness and his arm resting protectively around your waist.

- If you keep staring at me like that I’d blush, doll - he says tearing his eyes away from the tv

- Mmh, sorry - The heat comes to your cheeks. Damn, you are always blushing around him, you can’t help it. Even now that you are officially together you still sometimes feel insecure around him, not that he has told you anything to feel that way but… you just can’t help it. He’s so perfect.

- I didn’t say I mind - he chuckles lowering his head to capture your lips with his

Waves of electricity run through your body at the simple contact of his lips pecking yours, it has always been like that since the first kiss. This man does things to you. 

Later, you will blame it to the alcohol runing through your veins but when Bucky is about to break the kiss you lift your hands onto his cheeks to hold him in place while you deepen the kiss. He seems surprised at first but quickly recovers and corresponds with fearous intensity, moving also his torso to face you. 

You shudder a little when his hands find your knees and force your legs to open wider so he can fit himself in between them. At the same time he bites softly your bottom lip to insert his warm tongue in your mouth, which you accept eagerly. You are slowly falling over the soft cushions of the couch with Bucky on top of you, never breaking the kiss, feeling how his big hands caress the bare skin of your legs. 

You let out a soft moan when he squeeze your ass with the hand his not using to support his weight and it seems to break the spell he was immersed. Suddenly he breaks the kiss looking at you with wide eyes

- Fuck. Sorry doll - he starts to move away from you - I didn’t meant to push… - you cut him grabing his collar and sealing his lips with yours

- Just… - you whisper feeling your cheeks blush again - Keep doing it 

Bucky, hovering over you, stares blanky at you for a solid minute and, when you are mentally deciding to which part of Sibera you are gonna run to hide in embarrassement, a slow wide grin appears on his face. The air in the room changes and all your senses comes to life seeing how his blue eyes spark in anticipation.

- Well well… - he purrs placing a stray lock behind your ear - I think I will be able to satisfy all your wishes, doll

Before you can say a word, Bucky stands up abruptly dragging you with him

- We need more privacy - he winks at you while carrying you until your shared bedroom

Once in there, again on your feet, you feel all your previous daring fade being replazed by shyness. The big figure of Bucky approach slowly to you and, by some reason, the expression on his face makes you feel aroused and afraid at the same time. 

Tenderly, he places his hands at both of your cheeks and ducks his head to capture your lips in the most caring way infunding you new confidence.

- If you are not comfortable or just want to stop anytime - he says above your parted lips - just tell me and I’ll stop immediately, okay doll? - you nod extremelly thankful of having him as a boyfriend. He chuckles - I’m gonna need you to use words Y/N, tell me, are you okay with that? 

- Y-Yeah Bucky - your voice small

- Good girl - he says approvingly and his grave voice makes you shudder - Turn your back to me, darling - his eyes dark with lust

Swalowing with your mouth suddenly dry, you do as command feeling his presence in your back close enough to feel his warm but not enough for him to touch your needy skin.

- Hands on the wall, beatiful - he whispers on your ear sending shivers all over your spine

You do as he told you placing hesitant your hands on the cold wall trying to get a hint of what’s happening behind you. His hands reach your hips while his lips caress the half exposed skin of your collarbone, sucking and biting. You gasp when one of his hands finds the end of your sweatshirt and explores the covered skin of your belly, making his way painfully slow until your breasts.

- Hands up - he growls and your body reacts immediately allowing him to get ride of the garment, as soon as the sweater goes off of you, you put your hands again on the wall. - Such a good girl - he praises you placing his hands in your skin again - Just for that I won’t tease you…not too much, at least - he chuckles darkly and you can’t hold back a moan when his hands massage your breasts over your bra

Setting aside your hair Bucky makes a wet path of kisses all over your nape and neck arriving at your ear lobe and biting softly at it while his fingers make his way under your bra, finding your already hard nipples

- Oh God - you moan when the friction becomes too much. Your back arches desperate for him to do something and your ass rub againts Bucky’s already hard cock earning a deep growl from him - Bucky… please do something

Breathing heavily on your ear he slides a hand trough your abdomen reaching your jeans and unbuttoning them professionaly while his other hand makes placement around your neck, not pressing too hard, just keeping your head steady on his chest. At this point you have given yourself totally to the man behind you and you will willingly pray for him to ease the pain that’s placed in your crotch.

At a turtorious pace his long fingers slide on your underwear massaging around your sensitive spot, but not quiet touchig it.

- Buck…. - you whine and he hushes you not rushing himself at any moment, just enyojing the frustrated sounds he’s making you do. You nearly cry when finally one of his fingers brush your clit making your back to slam againts his cock in need. 

Mercilessly he repeats the action adding more fingers and more friction and taking you to the edge. You gasp for air when his middle finger open your folds and slides over your already soaking wet cunt.

- Holy shit doll! - he grunts - You are so wet, so good - his hips make an unvoluntary pounding movement while he masturbs you, as if imagining himself burying his hard length in to your tight walls.

- Bucky pleaseee - you whine, you need him to do something… anything! But now. Harshly he undo your jeans and free your neck so he can put them out of you. You feel the urge to replace his hand with yours in your suddenly lonely clit -  Hands.On.The.Wall  - but his gruffy voice contains you to do so. You hear the bastard chuckle when you whine.

Kneeled behind you he takes your jeans and panties off of your legs and your head miss the support of his chest when your neck give up feeling his calloused hands making his way though your thighs until your now exposed cunt.

- God, you’re gorgeous - you hear him mutter 

You are not prepared for the overwhelming feeling of his warm tongue licking your clit from behind and your fingers curl over the flat surface of the wall trying to find some support. His wet tongue caress your folds cleaning all your juices  

You tremble when he repeats the action one time, and another, making you a moaning mess, if wasn’t by his hands firmly planted on your hips you would be rocking againts him, too lost in the feeling to be ashamed of your ways.

- Buck I’m gonna…. - you try to warn him that your orgasm is close just for him to tear away from you making you gasp in surprise.  

- You’ll come when I’ll tell you to, doll - you want to protest but it dies on your troath when he rubs his hard cock over your buttocks imititating the love making. 

Bucky gives a last squeeze to your tits before freeing them from your bra and making you turn around. The kiss he gives to you is nearly enough to make you come undone, all teeth and tongue. You can’t help but grab on to his forearms for dear life while he devastates your mouth.

- The things I would do to that mouth… - he growls looking at your parted lips. He stares at you for a second searching for some kind of disapproval and, when he doesn’t find any, he smiles filthly - Come here - You let him guide you to the bed where he sits with his legs wide open - Kneel, princess - he orders. You obey. - I want those sweet lips around my cock - you feel a spur of fire straight to your core at his words

- Yes, Sir - you purr and he moan at your lustful gaze. 

Licking his lips in anticipation he observes how you slowly duck your head until his throbing cock. Licking your own lips to wet them your touch in the most softly way his head making his hips to jerk at the sudden feeling. You bit your inner cheek trying to contain the smile which’s forming on your lips seeing how much you affect him. With renewed confidence you make a long lick to his prominence capturing with your lips as well the pre-cum that goes out of him. 

All his body tense at your action making the veins of his collarbone more prominents and his cheeks to flush, you look up to meet his gaze absolutely focused on your lips, as if they were some kind of new marvelous animal specimen. You repeat the previous action, this time, adding more of his sensitive flesh in to your mouth and Bucky moan loudly grabing a fist full of your hair. 

- FUCK, doll…. Yeah so good… - spurred by his reaction you open your jaw wider and take him in to your mouth completely. Bucky let out a strangled sound and his thighs contracts involuntarily under your palms, who would have guessed that the Winter soldier would be so vocal when receiving an oral? You chuckle innerly.

Bobbing your head you take him on to your mouth one time and another playing also with your tongue, repeating the movement when you discover that caressing the strap big vein on the back of his cock makes him go wild. Bucky stretch your hair a little when you add your hands in to the game, playing with his already contracted testicles. You have even to contain your gagging impulse a couple times when he raise his hips lost in pleasure.

- Stop  - he reaches for your forearms to lift you when he’s about to cross the frontier. You lick your lips, shinny with his precum and he moans filthtly before kissing you eagerly. While kissing he helps your legs surround his waist and you had to bite back a moan when you feel his hard cock pressed againts your abdomen, if he just moves a little… He helps your hips to move rocketing his thighs and you moan on his mouth needy for some kind of real friction.

- Spread for me, doll. I want you on your back, legs wide open - he says

Trembling a little under his intense gaze you do as told and put your back over the matress, covered with soft blakets. You open your legs not quiet secure with showing yourself so much but soon all your worries fade out under the loving look of him. 

- Look at you doll. I could eat you alive and I wouldn’t get enough - he hovers over you, full erect and you gulp nervous. - Hey - he forces your chin so you are looking at him straight to the eyes - Do you remember what I told you, right?

- Yeah  - you nod, blushing

- What I told you princess? - he pecks your lips 

- That, we can stop anytime - he nods smiling

- You want to stop? - asks tenderly

- Fuck, No - you say rotundly and he laugh out loud

- Okay doll - Bucky ducks his head to kiss your bare nipple making you moan - I want you to tell me when you are about to come, okay? - you nod - Don’t come until I told you so - you gulp.

Leaving soft kisses all over your breasts Bucky plays with your nipples before he makes a path until your already sensitive cunt. Your head smash on the matress when his tongue finds again your sweet spot, not giving you any chance to contain the loud moan that scapes your lips.

- GOD, Buck..!! Yes… please - you are a mess while his lips sucks at your clit and his tongue draws fire patterns on your folds. You know how wet he’s making you just by the sounds that are echoing in the room besides your moans and your hard breathing.

Sooner than you are proud of, in your your lower abdomen, forms a heat pool that threaten to send you over the edge any time soon. There’s nothing on this world that you want more than jump through the edge guided by Bucky’s mouth, but you know that you need to ask permission first.

- Bucky I’m gonna….

- No - he says breaking the contact just enough to asnwer

- Buuck - you whine half crying. All your body is screaming you to give up to the pleasure  - I can’t I-I– BUCKY - your hands had made a steel anchor on his brown locks and your legs are squirming uncontrollably under him - I’M GONNA…

You scream when he tears his precious mouth away from you just a second before you reach you big end. He makes his way up to your lips kissing the same path he did when going down on you until reach your mouth and kisses you. You taste yourself on him.

- On your four - his gruff voice says. You turn yourself over quickly. 

You moan when his hands help you find the position by lifting your ass until his cock

- Don’t come until I allow you - he says in your ear and waits

- Yes, sir - you respond weakly

Your mouth makes a perfect “o” shape when his hard member makes his way in to your cunt, burying slowly into you, allowing to everyone of your nerve endings to analize the pleasure.

- Holy shit doll - he groans behind you - You are so tight - with a last whine he buries himself completelly into you and waits for your unspeaked permission to continue, which you give him by moving your hips againts his.

- James! - you scream when you feel the big presence in to you moving in and out of your pussy, wrecking havoc al your common sense - Oh My God, Yes… Yes… - you are a mess on his competent hands.

He is pounding into you at a devastating pace and you know that his fingerprints on your hips are gonna leave you covered for days. The familiar feeling on your abdomen takes place again and you cling on the sheets as a futile trying to contain the pleasure to overcome you.

- Bucky I can’t.. anymore… - you moan, your head spining with pleasure. Your eyes roll back when he ducks his head to bite your neck, then shooting the mark with his tongue. You can feel his strong torso rubing your back while he pounds mercilessly on to you, you are both covered in sweat and panting. 

- Hold on - he orders and you cry reconsidering on giving up. One of his hands leaves your hip to cover your soaked clit and starts to make circles over it. You tremble and whine trying to hold his forearm, it’s too much to hold without coming undone. 

- Come doll, come for me all over my cock - he growls and you don’t have to be told twice. After taking all the air your lungs are able to, you come around his throbing cock moaning his name out loud. The orgasm makes you see white and your ears to buzz and the hand of Bucky on your clit just extends the pleasure making you walls to keep milking him. 

Seeing you melting into his arms seems to be the last spurr Bucky needs because, just behind you, his orgasm waves over him making his hips to pound as deep as they can get and his cock to cover your inner walls in white.

Too tired to support himslef anymore he spins you around laying his back on the matress with you on top of him, breathing heavily. Still panting you surround his chest with your arms and smile softly pressing your cheek to his chest, just above his runaway heart. You feel his hands caress sotly your back trying to calm you down and him, as well. You look up to him

- Do you liked it, doll? - he asks, still out of breath after his orgasm

- Yeah Bucky - you kiss his sweated chest - And yo..?

- Awsome - he says, adoration on his voice. You both laugh feeling completely satisfied and content

After a few seconds of silence Bucky has already regained normal breathing, lucky supersoldier, and he leaves you for a second to reach something to clean up all he holy mess you have done.

Once you are fully cleaned and he has made sure that you are comfortable and happy, he lays again with you on the bed, fully prepared to achieve a night of sleep, free from nightmares as always that you sleep in his arms. You sigh contently cuddling around his chest

- Doll… - you hear him, nearly falling on your slumber

- Hmm? 

- I love you - he says with voice full of love

- I love you too - you use your last forces to kiss his smily lips before falling asleep lulled by the warm of the body of your beloved soldier.

A/N: I loved that request. Thank you

Also, sorry for the grammar mistakes, I’ll fix them later :)

Magic Word {Calum Hood Smut}

RATING: S for smut :-)

someone sent me a rly cute fluffy blurb abt calum being a single dad and i was inspire :’)) i rly hope u guys like this, i wrote it in like 24 hrs lol!! feedback is much appreciated (like…very appreciated), and if u like this, the link 2 my masterlist is at the end :-)


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Mad Sounds: Part 2 [Modern!Kylo x Reader]

Summary: Sleepless after an eventful night, you turn to Kylo for comfort. 

Part 1

A/N: I wanted to lighten the mood a smidge after some intense stuff in part 1. Enjoy!

Warnings: Just fluff and angst. 

You had been staring at your ceiling so long you were sure you would never forget the sight. Bundled up in your sheets, you were warm, but to say you were comfortable was a lie. You had wound yourself so tightly in them, thinking it would make you feel safe and secure, but you just could not fall asleep. Not after what happened. 

You had an idea, but you didn’t want to act on it. Every time you decided to get up, your body didn’t go along with it. You groaned out loud, frustrated with your conflicting thoughts. Closing your eyes tightly, you sat up quickly enough you wouldn’t have to think about what you were doing. You wrapped a blanket around you and trudged into your living room, defeated. It reminded you of your childhood, except the nightmare wasn’t in your mind. 

Standing in the hall, you sighed heavily, obviously. It was more of an announcement of your appearance than anything. You didn’t want to scare Kylo. He had offered to sleep on your couch, to keep you safe while your window was busted open from earlier. You had gladly accepted his offer. But now, it was awkward. 

His dark locks fell away from his face as his head poked up from the other side of the sofa. “Y/N? What’s wrong?!” He started to get up, but you waved him down. 

“Just can’t fall asleep.”

“Can’t blame you. You had an eventful night.” Kylo sat up properly and patted the sofa cushion next to him. 

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Dan... I’m Live Streaming

Summary: Dan accidentally saunters in, naked, and kisses Phil on YouNow because he thinks he’s filming a video not streaming

Quote: “Hello, internet… I have a new reason why Dan’s a fail for you, not sure how relatable this one is though. Get in here Phil,” Dan said, with a half smirk half grimace on his face.

“I never remember to knock…”

Genre: fluff, a bit of pre smut

Word count: 1209

Triggers: none. (very slight almost argument) 

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Up All Night

Title: Up All Night

Word Count: About 1400

Summary: Spencer comforts the reader when she has a nightmare. (Smutty smut smut)

Rating: M (smut and a graphic nightmare)

Requested by: @fangirl0170


“Good morning, sunshine!” A cold, gleefully malicious voice calls, waking you from sleep. Your breathing speeds up, but you don’t open your eyes. Your fear keeps them shut.

    “I know you’re awake, my little FBI agent!” He continues. You ignore him, focusing on slowing your breathing and relaxing your muscles.

    A sting in your face, accompanied by the sound of a slap, forces your eyes open. Your kidnapper’s face is inches from your own, so close that you can smell his disgusting breath. His small brown eyes gleam malevolently as he stares down at you, a wicked smile on his face. Overcome with the instinct to flee, you tug at the ropes and zip ties that bind you to the wooden chair. His smile widens when he notices.

    “It’s no use trying to escape. I’ve got you right where I want you. No one can hear you. No one can find you. No one will save you, ever, because I won’t let them. You’re mine. All mine.” He says, and he pulls a knife from his pocket as he speaks. It may not have been large, but it was wickedly sharp.

    “No. No, you don’t want to do this.” You say.

    “Don’t I?” Another grin. “I’m already going away for life. I might even get lethal injection. Why shouldn’t I kill you? I’d be top of the food chain in prison. That’s if I’m caught, anyway.”

    “You think you won’t be caught?” You ask, trying to distract him.

    “Oh, I don’t know. I’m pretty good at what I do. I have you, don’t I?” He says, moving his knife so it ghosts over your face. You lean back, trying in vain to get away from him. He chuckles, snaking a hand behind your head to hold it in place.

    “Look at those pretty lips. They’re so pretty, you know, that I think I’d like to have them.” He says, tracing the tip of his knife along the outline of your lips. “But you know what else is pretty about you? Your kindness. I watched you for a while, you know? And what I found is that you have-”

    His knife dipped lower.

    “-quite a beautiful…”

    His knife pressed lightly into the fabric over your left breast.

    “Heart.” And he plunged his knife into your chest.

    You shriek, your eyes flying open as you sit bolt upright in bed. Your chest heaves with the effort of breathing normally, and you close your eyes. You nearly shriek again as a pair of arms come up and around you.

    “Are you okay?” Spencer Reid, your boyfriend, asks from behind you, pulling you back against his chest. “Do you want to talk about it?”

    You lean back against him, sighing. “It’s the same dream again. I was kidnapped, only you guys didn’t come in to save me when you did. He stabbed me.” In reality, the team came to save you just in time, and you only had a slight cut on your lip to show for the scary experience.

   "It’s okay…“ He soothed, hugging you a little tighter and putting his face into your hair. Your frantic heartbeat begins to slow down.

    "I know it’s okay. I’m here with you.” You say, loving the feeling of being in your boyfriend’s arms.

    “Do you think you can go back to sleep?” He asks, his voice muffled in your hair.

    “No, I don’t think so.” You say. You’re too freaked out.

    “Okay,” he says, rubbing your back soothingly. “Then I’ll stay up with you.”

    “No, really, it’s okay.” You say. “We both have work in the morning. The last thing you need is to stay up all night, my insomniac genius.”

    You focus on the feeling of his hands as he speaks. “You need to get your mind off of this. If you’re up, I’m up, so tell me what you want to do and we’ll do it.”

    An idea strikes you. “Anything I want to do?” You ask, turning your body to face him.

    “Anything.” He says, not quite catching your meaning.

    “Okay,” you say, and then push him back and down. You swing your leg over both of his, straddling him. “I know what I want to do.”

    He gulps visibly. “Are you sure, Y/N?”

    “Of course. This is a good way to get my mind off things.” You say, grinding your hips against his and watching him bite his lip. “Besides, how long has it been? You need this as much as I do.”

    That’s the truth. He’s already hard beneath you, and he moans as you wiggle your hips above him. You give him a small, sexy smile.

    His hands grip your hips as you lean down to kiss him. His lips are smooth, hot, and sure against yours, and you moan against him as he swipes his tongue along your lower lip, begging you for entrance. You grant it, feeling his fingers drifting up your nightshirt. Suddenly, he loops an arm around your waist, breaking the kiss and flipping you so you’re beneath him. His hands find your clothed breasts, and he massages them lightly before tugging your shirt off completely.

    He kisses a trail between your beasts, pausing to lavish each one with his mouth. He kisses a path down your stomach and further, then begins to plant hot, open-mouthed kisses on your inner thigh. Each kiss brings him closer to your clothed entrance, yet he goes torturously slowly.

    “Don’t tease, Spence, please…” You whine, trying to thrust your hips up to his mouth. He holds your thighs in place, though, and smirks at you. Then, seeming to relent, he grasps the waistband of your panties and tugs them down. You raise your hips again, this time to help him pull them off.

    He blows cool air on your entrance, making you whine and squirm. Smirking again, he trails his tongue lightly over your womanhood. Even this limited contact makes you moan. Your moans seem to spur him on, and he is soon lapping at your clit with flat, broad strokes. Your moans are coming more frequently now. Slowly, he inserts two fingers into you, curling them to stroke your g-spot.

    This combination soon has the coil in your stomach tightening. With a scream-like moan, you snap, your fingers tangling in Spencer’s hair as he eases you down from your high.

    “Oh my God, Spence,” you say, and he smiles at you, leaning over to kiss you again. You can taste yourself on his tongue, and it’s one of the hottest things you’ve ever experienced. You twine one arm around his neck, and you allow your other hand to travel down his body. You palm him through his thin cotton sleep pants, hearing his moan and feeling him thrust his hips into your hand. You trail your hand up and slowly slide it into his pants, trying to tease him like he did you.

    Your hand encircles his wide girth, sliding up and down over his hard shaft. He buries his face in your neck, moaning. You rub your thumb over his tip, spreading the bead of precum that has collected there. His moans grow louder, but he reaches down and stops your hand.

    “I want to cum when I’m inside of you, Y/N.” He says.


    That’s hot.

    “Then do it.” You say.

    He wastes no time in tugging down his pants. Aligning himself with your entrance, he waits for your nod before pushing into you.

    Already you can feel yourself getting close. Judging by the look of concentration on Spencer’s face, he does too. His thrusts are slow and measured, his breathing labored. His lips fin your neck, kissing and biting, marking you as his.

    “Don’t hold back.” You half say, half moan. He picks up his pace in response, making you arch your back into him, thrusting your hips up to meet his.

    The pressure is building. Spencer’s hand snakes down and begins to rub your clit, and your eyes snap shut, your head falling back as you release once more, your walls tightening around him. He follows soon after, his thrusts becoming fast and frenzied as he rides down his high. His lips meet yours once more, and you catch each others moans, breathing heavily.

    Once you regain your breath, you say, “Well, I don’t know about you, Spence, but that was probably the best sex I’ve ever had.”

    He smiles, lying down and wrapping his arms around you. “Probably?”

    You smile back, “Anyway, sorry.”

   "For what?“ He asks, confused.

    "For keeping you up all night.”

BTS reacting to seeing their bf in lace stockings for the first time

Seokjin: When he first sees you he would be pleasantly surprised. He’d tell you how gorgeous you are and how happy he is that you wore pink just for him. Expect lots of subtle touches along your thighs and not being able to take them off for the whole night.

Yoongi/Suga: He wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off of you, especially your thighs. He’d bite his lip and have you stand so he can see the whole package before pulling you into his lap. Hot whispers of how good you looked would be panted against your neck while he wraps his arms around your waist.

Hoseok/J-Hope: He would be over joyed to see you in something new, calling you this beautiful boy and kissing where flesh meets lace. He’d lazily trace the patterns in the lace while smiling at you, just happy that you’re willing to share new sides of yourself with him.

Namjoon/Rap Monster: Oh man, he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you. As soon as he saw you he’d have you in his lap, kneading your thighs though the lace. He’d keep saying how sexy is baby boy is, kissing just below your ear as he said it.

Jimin: His cheeks would flush as he lightly touched the lace, smiling at you until his eyes were crescents. He’d call you every pet name he could think of and ramble about how good you looked, obviously flustered. You’d have to shut him up with a kiss, but he definitely won’t mind.

Taehyung/V: Box smile. He would be so excited to see you in stockings. He would ask of you had other colors/designs and of you could do a fashion show for him with them. The whole time he would clap and say how adorable yet hot his boyfriend is.

Jungkook: This boy. Expect so much teasing as soon as he sees you. He would lean over you whispering into your ear exactly what seeing you like this does to him, yet he wouldn’t touch you at all until you were putty in his hands. He might accidentally rip the stockings from playing with them, but promises to buy you more.

Your wedding night with Brad would include...
Requested by an anon
  • Him being so eager to do it for the first time as a married couple
  • You both being a bit drunk, so fingers would be fumbling with clothing for a good twenty minutes before you managed to get undressed
  • Brad kissing your neck, a lot. Like, every two seconds his mouth is back on your throat, giving you loads of hickeys to show off the next day
  • You teasing him, running your fingernails across his bare skin, kissing his jaw and the corners of his mouth, and grinding against him softly
  • Him being so needy and greedy, trying to touch and kiss every inch of your skin. Constantly pulling you closer so there’s more skin-to-skin contact
  • You grabbing and pulling at his hair, making him grunt and groan
  • Him kissing the insides of your thighs though never going directly to your clit to tease you—and boy, did it tease you
  • You’d be writhing under his touch on the bed, squirming and trying to raise your hips to meet his face
  • Him holding your hips down as his mouth kissed up and down your thighs
  • You wrapping your legs around his neck, thrusting your clit towards his face
  • Him eventually giving in and kissing your wet clit sloppily
  • You gripping his hair tightly
  • Him almost making you cum from eating you out, though he’d stop and pull away before you could
  • You moaning and wanting more, but him saying you’d only get more if you gave him some, too
  • Him flipping you two over so you’re on top
  • You teasing him more, running your nails up his base while gently kissing the tip
  • Him groaning so loudly you’re sure the whole hotel will hear you two
  • After he’s had enough teasing he asks you to ride him, which you gladly do; so rough you both cum quickly
First Dance (Steve Rogers x reader)

Tumblr crashed and deleted this. rip me part 2. come in clutch memory.. but I love you all and thank you for sticking around and reading my pieces! much love to you all

Description: You share your first dance with Steve, the love of your life

Warnings: there’s a mention to smut but its mainly all fluff

“Are you ready?” Steve smiled down at you, so happy to be able to call you his wife. All you could do was nod and you had a huge grin plastered across your face as you looked up with him with adoring eyes.

Through the double doors that stood in front of you, you heard the MC bellow, “And now.. introducing.. your newlyweds.. Mr. and Mrs. Rogers!” The doors swung open and your walked in, fingers intertwined. Your family and friends waved and cheered for you. They could see that you were truly in love with him, that he was the love of your life.

The upbeat music carried you over to your table where countless amounts of guests began to congratulate you.

“Congratulations you two.” Natasha had come up behind you and placed a hand on your shoulder.

“Thanks Nat.” You said, smiling up at you best friend who evidently was also your maid of honor. She was the first person you made friends with when you became an Avenger, and coincidently also introduced you to Steve.

“And to think that I, Natasha Romanoff, had a hand in matchmaking you two.” You three shared a laugh and Steve got up to hug her. When she made her way over to you, you stood up and she gave you a big squeeze before winking and walking away to go sit with Bruce.

Once the guests found their own tables, you and Steve finally had some alone time with nobody interrupting your conversation. You wrapped your arms around his bicep and leaned your head on his shoulder.

“You look so beautiful F/N.” He placed a loving kiss on your head and placed his hand on your thigh even though it was lost in your dress.

“Why thank you babe, you don’t look to shabby yourself.” You winked at him and his smile grew exponentially.

The night went on wonderfully. Dinner was amazing and the speeches that Nat and Bucky gave as your best man and maid of honor brought both of you to tears. At one point, you told Nat to stop being so sentimental because you were going to ruin your makeup. She laughed at you and said that her being verbally nice was a rarity.

Then there was the cutting of the cake, you got it all over Steve’s face and he swiped a good sized dollop on your nose. The MC called you, your dad, Steve, and his mom to the dance floor. It was time for Last and First Dances.

Dancing with you dad was very emotional. He had been your rock all your life and now he was passing it on to Steve. You pulled him into one last tight hug before the song ended.

You look across the dance floor at Steve. He had just released his mom from his embrace and locked eyes with you. He looked so handsome in his traditional black tuxedo. You couldn’t believe you were now married to this man. You felt like the luckiest girl in the world. You thought about all the wonderful memories you were going to make with your shared life together. At the thought of it all, you gave Steve the biggest smile ever as you began to walk towards him.

Seeing you from across the dance floor made Steve’s jaw want to drop. He thought that you looked so beautiful in your gown. It was full, but not like a ball gown. It fell softly into a pool around you, the white tulle covering the floor. The dress was covered in lace, he thought that this dress was definitely made for you. As he gazed at your beautiful figure, he couldn’t see him marrying anybody else but you. You made every day of his so much brighter, he knew that you were the one. As you walked toward him with a beautiful smile on your face, he thought to himself that this was the one dance in his whole life that really mattered.

As he put his arms around you waist and yours made its way around his neck, it seemed like everyone else in the room faded into black.

“So love, how does it feel to be Mrs. Rogers?” He was smiling down at you, his ocean blue eyes glistening against all the lights.

“I couldn’t be happier Mr. Rogers. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.” Your eyes were filled with hope for the future and complete and utter love for the man that was dancing with you.

He pulled you against him and you molded together, swaying to the rhythm of the slow music that was floating through the room.

“Me too, doll. I love you so much” He kissed your forehead as you looked up at him. A smile drew across your face and a shade of pink arose onto your cheeks.

“I love you too, Steve, more than anything.” You continued to sway to the music, you arms moved to wrap around his torso. You listened to the sound of his heartbeat, it was steady. “Yeah know, at this rate I might fall asleep before all the guests leave.” You both chuckled and people watching looked at you, wondering what you two were laughing about. You weren’t much of the party-er. To be honest, neither of you were. But, it was your wedding and you both knew you were obligated to dance with your guests.

“Tired already babe?” He pushed you away a little bit so he could talk a look at you. The music was making you a bit drowsy, and he could see it on your face. He then leaned down and whispered in your ear, “I know what I can do to keep you up all night baby.” He breathed on your neck sending shivers down your spine.

You turned a few shades pink and bit your lip. The music began to end and he smirked at you, a tad bit of lust in his eyes. Oh, how were you looking forward to hitting the bedroom tonight after that comment.

The guests applauded as you walked off the dance floor and the music changed to something more lively. The people spilled onto the dance floor.

When nobody was looking, Steve gently squeezed your ass, laughing at the way you let out a small yelp of surprise, but likewise, you began to laugh too.

You smirked up at him, giggling, “God, I love you Steve Rogers.” The night proceeded wonderfully, it truly was a night you weren’t ever going to forget. You knew he was going to be a great husband and neither of you for a second doubted that your future together wouldn’t be complete and utter bliss.

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Fairy Tail GO! Ch. 50

Rated T. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: Lucy was having fun playing ‘Pokémon Go!’ when she accidentally put herself in harm’s way. Luckily a pink haired boy saved her just in the nick of time. A ‘thank you’ lunch helped spark a new friendship between them, but Lucy got more than she bargained for when she realized the boy she befriended had a complex past full of dark secrets. Fortunately for him, Lucy won’t be scared away so easily. Modern High School AU. Slight Angst/Drama/Fluff.

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58

Read on or AO3.

I seriously can’t believe there’s 50 chapters already! Thank you for your continued support!

Chapter Fifty: Breakfast for Dinner

“How bad is it?” Lucy asked, moving her hair to reveal Natsu’s mark. They waited until Natsu could hear the water running in the bathroom before talking again, a little embarrassed since they almost got caught making out by his mom.

“Umm…” Natsu inspected the hickey on her right shoulder, rubbing his thumb over the tender spot. She shivered under his touch, biting her bottom lip to suppress a whimper. It still hurt a little when messed with, so he removed his finger. “It’s pretty dark… and big…”

The oval-shaped mark would be noticeable if her shirt shifted too much. “I’m sorry. I probably shouldn’t have done that,” he sighed, only feeling slight remorse. Truthfully he loved seeing his mark decorating her skin. It was a reminder of how far he was able to go with Lucy without freaking out.

Well, he freaked out a little, but he recovered quickly after he grabbed her.

Natsu looked at her wrists, relieved to find them unmarked. He would have felt bad if he bruised her in other places. “Did I hurt you?” he asked, tenderly rubbing her skin.

Lucy shook her head, lips pulled in a tight line to keep from smiling. She didn’t want Natsu to know just how much she liked his caring side as well. Lately she felt as if anything she did might make him revert back to the skittish guy he was before. She enjoyed the progress he made, not wanting to ruin it.

“I’ll be fine,” she assured.

“Are ya sure?” he asked, waiting for her to nod before taking a deep breath. “Good. I’d hate to hurt you…” He let his finger trail along the inside of her wrist for a few seconds before a small smile came to his face. “I’m… I’m actually surprised I was, umm… able to do that m-much…”

Lucy stopped breathing for a moment, afraid to say anything. She could already hear it in his voice. He was crawling back into his shell.

“I liked it,” she rushed out, throat still feeling dry. “It was… nice.”

“Nice?” He met her gaze, brow arched. He kept eye contact for ten seconds before sighing. “If you say so. I dunno if I can do that again though…”

Lucy had to force herself from frowning. “Oh?”

His eyes lowered to her hand again. “It was a bit much, honestly. I mean in the moment I wasn’t thinking clearly, but now I’m wondering if I rushed things…”

Lucy shook her head, pulse racing when his finger brushed over her skin again. “I think it was good! I mean, I don’t really know what rushing things means. I’m new to all of this… I…” She just knew she wanted to touch him more.

Maybe kiss more than his lips for once or possibly touch his stomach like he did with her? “I’m sorry for touching your umm, thighs though. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable…”

The finger on her wrist stilled before he pulled his hand away from hers. “Yeah… Sorry about that… I just kinda… Hmm…” Natsu didn’t know how to put into words what he was thinking without telling her too much.

His eyes shut as he realized how unfair he was being to Lucy. ‘She deserves to know the truth,’ he thought, but he didn’t want her to think he was a freak. 'Just tell her. Maybe then she’ll understand…’

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Speak Softly, Love (1)

Originally posted by visual-jongdae

“Speak softly, love so no on hears us but the sky, the vows of love we make will live until we die…”

Note:The song Speak Softly, Love by Andy Williams (yes this is the song from The Godfather) greatly inspired this story, hence the story title. I’m not telling you to listen to it, but listen to it ;)

Genre: Mafia!AU, Angst, Fluff, Smut

Member: Sehun



You twirled the glass of wine that was on the table in front of you, sighing as you gazed at the dance floor. Your father has always liked to have these glamorous parties, or events, as he liked to call them, that attracted the rich and sometimes a few well known singers that were made successful by your father himself. A lot of illegal gambling secretly went on during nights like these, meaning more money coming in for him which is probably why your father enjoyed holding these things so much.

Being the daughter of the Don, leader of the Mafia, had its perks and some downfalls as well. Number one would probably be attending this. As much as you didn’t enjoy being here, you did it for your father. He, for some reason liked it when you sat in on these. It must have been since your mother died that he became like this, but you would never know since you never asked. 

You were his pride and joy, he’d always say. You and the Mafia were all he had and he treasured both with his life. 

A familiar figure began approaching you, your heart began to beat a little faster at the sight of the young man approaching you. 

It was Sehun.

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Yes, Really

Originally posted by hobilu

Genre: Fluffy smut

By: Admin Podo


Words: 1,901

Summary: You almost ruin all your preparations for your husband Seokjin’s homecoming 

You knew that your husband Jin (aka best friend, and best human in the world) had been having a stressful time with the latest comeback and all the touring. You had also had a hard time recently with going to college and working at the same time. But this whole week you had looked forward to Seokjin coming back home, so you both could spend some quality time together.

He had texted you yesterday telling you that he would be getting back a little late and to have dinner without him. He had made you promise you’d eat and not stay up very late if he was later then he thought he would be. Your precious husband, you did not feel like you deserved him. So, whenever he came back after a long trip you always made sure to set up something special.

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Addiction (Jiyong-2)


Description: Roughly two years before your engagement party with Mino. 

Part One Part Three Part Four

Originally posted by gtothetop8

For eighteen years you hadn’t the felt the touch of a man. It was no issue for you since you really didn’t like to be touched at all. For some years you even thought you were asexual because you lacked a sexual connection with any boy you knew. That idea went straight out of your head as you stared up at Jiyong who had you pinned down on your small dorm bed. His vibrant eyes blazing with lust and curiosity. 

He’d never seen this look on a woman. Usually all the girls that he’d been with weren’t a stranger to sex, he had even had some encounter with virgins but none of them looked as scared and anxious as you did. You were at his complete mercy and boy did that turn him on. He pressed his hips on yours letting you feel his hard on right on your abdomen. 

Your eyes widened in fear at realization on how big he felt. The expression and sudden gasp of air made him smirk wider. He rolled his hips on to you as he whispered in your ear, “Can you handle me?” he questioned, sexily biting down on your ear lobe making you squirm beneath him. 

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*** Day 1 ✨ I hope you guys like it💕***

~Contains Sexual content~

With one more swipe of blush across your cheek, you smiled at your reflection in the mirror. Your hair was loose and messily tousled, Tiggy’s favorite. The makeup was minimal because you wanted the focus to be on the new lingerie you’d purchased for him tonight. Nothing too provocative, in fact it was rather tame which was something you’d learned turned Tig on more than see through lace. Even though he knew your body like the back of your hand, it always made him just that little bit harder when he had to wait to see it. When he had to unwrap you like a gorgeous little present.

The pink Babydoll was satin, stopping mid-thigh with a little lace trimming at the hem. The pink and white thigh highs you wore had tiny bows on the front, the same bow that was on the matching pair of panties, sitting right on the curve of your ass. You looked sexy yet innocent at the same time and you knew that Tig would be practically drooling the moment he set eyes on you. It was safe to say that your confidence was through the roof in your new outfit and you couldn’t wait for your Old Man to get home. There were plenty of ways that Tig loved to see you but he had two favorites that never failed to make him give in and take control over you.

Seeing you in baby pink and seeing you be completely and utterly submitted to him.

Tonight you were going to give him both.

Closing the blush compact, you take a glance at the clock which reads 6:50. Tig should be home from any minute. You’d called him on his lunch break, telling him to come straight home when he got off work for his “surprise”. Of course, he’d wanted to rush home right then but you’d told him no.

“You have to wait until tonight, Daddy.”

As soon as the words had left your mouth, he’d agreed, knowing what type of night it was going to be.

He usually made it home by 7 but the sound of his bike pulling into the driveway with 5 minutes to spare had a grin coming to your face. You quickly went and sat in the center of the bed with your legs crossed, pulling your babydoll to lay spread across your thighs. You could hear him calling you from down stairs as soon as he walked into the house but you stayed in your place. He’d find you.

It didn’t take him long to get to the bedroom, swinging the door open slowly. His eyes glossed over the moment he saw you sitting there, pretty in pink and looking like an angel.

“Hi Daddy.”

He smiled and walked further into the room, his eyes raking over your form.

“Hi babygirl.”

Your eyes squinted as you smiled back, untucking your legs from their folded position and spreading them out straight in front of you.

“Look at my new socks.”

His smile slowly faded as he caught sight of the white thigh highs, his bottom lip between his teeth.

“Yeah baby, they’re beautiful. Why don’t you stand up, give a spin for Daddy.”

You nodded obediently, standing from the bed and grasping the sides of your nighty before giving a slow twirl.

“I hope you like it.”

“Oh I do baby.”

He briskly walked up to you, grasping your face in both of his hands and pressing his lips to yours. He kissed you hungrily for a couple seconds before he grabbed you gently by the waist, walking you back to the bed until you fell backwards. He wasted no time in climbing on top of you, his hands sliding down the front of your body over the satin of your lingerie.

“You look so pretty in this babygirl. You know how much I love you in pink.”

You nodded and smiled, stretching your arms up above his head.

“I know Daddy. That’s why I bought it.”

Tig leaned down to kiss the base of your throat, a whine coming from you as you leaned your head back, giving him as much access as he wanted. The gesture didn’t go unappreciated as his hand snaked up, grasping your neck in his hand. He didn’t squeeze, didn’t even press down. He simply held it there, keeping you where he wanted you and making sure you knew who was in charge. As if you could forget.

With his knees on either side of your hips, kneeling and towering above you, he reached down with one hand to cup you between your legs.

“Who does this belong to?”

You couldn’t hold back your moan, his dominance beginning to poke through.

“It’s yours Daddy.”

“Who else’s?”

“No one else Daddy. Just you. I’m all yours.”

His eyes twinkled at your submission and he gripped you a little more firmly.

“Good girl.”

He didn’t waste any time after that, slipping his finger into the crotch of your panties and pulling them to the side, loving the little gasp you let out at the cool at hitting your skin.

“As much as I love these panties baby, why don’t we get them off.”

You laid there as he hooked his fingers into the band at your hips and slid them down your legs slowly. When you reached for your thigh highs though, you earned a swift slap to your hand.

“Nuh uh, we’re leaving those on tonight.”

With your panties gone, Tig reached for his belt and began to open it up, undoing his pants.

“Spread those legs for me babygirl. Let Daddy see you.”

You nodded and brought your hand up, biting the tip of your finger as you opened your legs, exposing yourself to those hungry blue eyes. Tig let out a quiet shuddering breath as he took in the sight, lovingly running his finger down your lips and showering you in compliments the way he always did.

“Such a pretty little pussy, all wet and ready for me. You always look so beautiful when you’re all spread out for me like this. I missed by baby so much today.”

You purred and reveled in his compliments, leaving your body on display for him to do with what he wished. You watched him as he undressed but stopped him when he went to remove his kutte.

“Leave it on. Please.”

He grinned and removed his hands from the leather, leaning down until his nose was touching yours.

“Such a bad girl, getting all wet for a big bad biker.”

You said nothing, just smiled bashfully and tucked your head into the crook of his neck, pressing a gentle kiss to his shoulder before laying back down.

“I can’t help it.”

“I know you can’t baby. And I love you for it.”

He leaned down and kissed you roughly, all tongue as his beard softly scraped against your chin and cheeks. You let out a gasp as he suddenly but slowly slid into you, not stopping until he was buried all the way within your heat.

“God, you always feel so good.”

Your soft, breathless giggle was music to his ears and he pulled back slowly, almost pulling out of you before pushing back in all the way, his hips resting against yours as you whimpered. The slow pace was killing you and you gently bucked your hips at him, urging him to go faster.

“Use your words baby. What do you want?”

Grumbling and rolling your eyes, you were about to sass him but the spank to your thigh shut you up.

“Lose the attitude and tell me what you want before I stop and put you to bed without coming.”

His eyes were fierce as he looked down at you and you shyly sunk deeper into the mattress.

“I’m sorry Daddy. I just want it faster.”

He nodded but his face was still stoic and you jutted your bottom lip out a bit, knowing he could never resist that. You ran a finger down his chest and batted your eyelashes up at him.

“Please Daddy?”

“Good girl.”

Your praise was short lived as he pulled back and grabbed your stocking clad legs, propping them up on his shoulders before he leaned back down and slammed into you, his hips snapping much more quickly and roughly than before. Your mouth fell open as your whines turned into low moans, the new position leaving you with no other option than to take whatever he gave you.

And you had no complaints.

It’s For My Little Brothers

Characters: Winchester brothers x older sister reader. John mentioned.

Words: 1800

You have a little tradition of going to the nearest supermarket to buy some snacks to your brothers and you, just to see the smile on their faces. 

[Angst, fluff, character death]

A/N: I packed this one full of gifs, couldn’t resist :)

You wandered, a little cautiously, through the aisle of the small store, looking for the pie. It was an early fall morning and you had left your little brothers, 7 and 3, at the motel. At only 10 years old, it was debatable if you should be out alone at such an odd hour, but you were independent and also with the information you had, you knew there were far worse things to be scared of.

You found the pie for Dean, and hurried to the checkout where you paid for it along with the candy you had gotten yourself and your other brother Sam.

10 minutes later you put the key in the keyhole and unlocked the front door of your room. Instantly, both of their heads perked up from the two beds, Dean’s dark blonde and Sam’s curly, slightly darker one. To see their faces light up was the reason for your occasional expedition, that along with the fact that you wanted to have something to do.

You held up the plastic bag with a grin, so that they could see what you had gotten.

“Yes!” Dean exclaimed, eyes round with excitement.

Sam giggled with his hazel orbs twinkling, as he followed his big brother towards his big sister. As you put the things on the table, Dean sat down by it. You pulled out a chair for Sammy, and helped him up. You soon sat down too, and then you enjoyed the sweets together with them.

It was a nice, simple moment, just how you liked it. Although, you had already been introduced to a much darker worldview by your father, and nothing would be the same. As you looked at your innocent brothers, you hoped they wouldn’t have to know. But you knew that your dad even now thought about letting Dean in on the secret, which you didn’t know what to do about. You wanted to talk to him, but he also intimidated you.

Hopefully Sam would at least live in innocence a while longer.

You strode through the aisle searching through the shelves for the apple pie, 14 and more comfortable to be on your own. However, you wanted to make it quick, not for your own sake, but for what could happen when you were away. You had seen enough evil to worry like that. Once you found it, you grabbed a packet of pie and walked towards the checkout. For yourself and Sam you had gotten some cake.

Soon you were walking back towards the motel, absentmindedly flinging the plastic bag back and forth with each step. The air was crisp, and there was close to no one outside. You enjoyed the walk, it was the only time you got to be alone. Not that you didn’t like being with your brothers, but it was nice to just be on your own. As you were away, you liked to pretend as if you were no one special, you were just an ordinary kid, nothing different with your life.

But you were needed in your family, you were the protector. Well, your dad were the one who physically killed the threats, at least mostly. But you were the one who looked out for everybody, you were there if anyone wanted to talk and if anyone had gotten hurt. You always wore your head high, your little brothers behind you.

You checked twice before crossing the street, with the motel in sight. Soon you would be back inside with your dear brothers. You honestly didn’t mind being the protector, the one with responsibility. Because they were your world. You wished you could protect them from everything, sometimes even your father and his ideas. Dean had found out though, 4 years ago, when he was 7. Now, he had been training quite a few times, joining Dad and you. He was already a good shot.

Sam didn’t know yet though. And that was something you and Dean agreed on, to put it off as long as possible. The longer he could be just a kid, the better.

At 19, you winced as you pulled the seemingly heavy door open. You hardly noticed the bell ringing as you made your way into the store, slightly limping. Last night’s hunt got you bad, you had ended up with a deep cut in your thigh. Even though you had cleaned and stitched it up, it still hurt like a bitch. Dean had offered to join you, but you told him that you wanted to be alone, you wanted to clear your thoughts. And even though you appreciated him asking, you told him off. Always trying to not showing any weaknesses was a bad habit for you, but maybe that just came with you always having to look out for everybody else; you had to be strong. Some of the pressure came from your dad, but much was self inflicted. But, now wasn’t the time to do a phycological evaluation of yourself, you had other things to do.

You found the pie, still buying it for Dean, because you were nice like that. In your hands you already had some snacks for you and Sammy.

As it turned out, Dean was big on responsibility too. He just seemed to take it on, even if it wasn’t needed. You already had it covered. However, you let him worry about Sammy and the rest of you, even though you still kept the role as the one who really looked out for you siblings.

He was almost taller than you now. You had always been standing tall, and it felt weird. Though, Sam was still a little squirt so that made you feel better. He was 12 now, and already a hero. Your dad, you and Dean mostly put him on research, but when he came along he really was great. Both of your brothers were heroes, and you were proud.

You had graduated school, which led to that the dynamics of the family changed slightly. Earlier, it had been you, Dean and Sam, and then your father who was out hunting. But now you got to go along on the hunts all the time, while your little brothers still had school. It wasn’t something you had thought of before leaving school, but it had happened, and now you had adjusted. Soon, you would leave for another hunt with John, but you had been determined to go on another shopping trip before then. It had turned out to be a silly tradition for you, but you needed some constancy in your life.

You paid for the things and limped back to the motel.

Dean walked down the aisle to look for the pie. It was tradition, ever since he was little he had always gotten apple pie. However, it had always been someone else who had gotten it for him.

Besides of himself, an old lady and the cashier, the small store was empty. And it reminded him of you. Well, a lot of things did, and this was one of them. Every time he was in one, he always seemed to see you. Not in reality of course, but often he had to look twice, sometimes when it was a young woman who shared similarities with you, and sometimes it didn’t even have to be someone there. As he spotted the pies in the other end of the shelves, he could almost see you standing there, with your silky hair, familiar frame and clothes. You noticed him and smiled, that characteristic little smirk of yours.

Until he blinked twice, and you were gone, as always. And as every other time, his heart ached for you.

You were 21 years old when it happened, only in the beginning of your life. Dean was 18 and Sam was 14. A demon had shot you, and you had died. Just like that. He had been there, your blood had stained his hands, and his tears had fallen into your hair.

Sammy was at the motel, Dean was thankful for that and he knew you were too. Both of you didn’t want him to see the horrible scene, and he knew how you hated them seeing your weak moments.

Dean would always remember your pain, the tears in your eyes. How you had panted for air, the blood that pumped out of you. His father’s tears, never had he seen his father cry like that, not since Mom.

How they had to carry your cold, lifeless body out of there.

You last smile; you last words.

I love you. Tell Sammy I love him too.

Then the corners of your lips had pulled upwards, right before your eyes rolled back. Dean had closed them.

He was now older than you were, than you would ever be. He never thought that day would come, he never thought he would survive you, at least not so early. It had been 5 years already, he was 23 now. One year ago Sam had left for college, which left Dean alone for the most part, as he and John didn’t hunt together anymore.

What happened changed them all, for example, Dean had gone to a very dark place. He almost didn’t make it out. After some time Sam had gotten deep into the thought of leaving the hunting life behind, for something more safe; just like he wanted the remaining parts of his family to do the same.

Dean wasn’t ready however, to give up hunting that is. It was who he was, it was his life. More importantly, it had been your life.

Dean paid for the one single piece of apple pie, and left the angsty store behind. He jumped into the Impala, his home, and drove for a few minutes till he reached the mountains just outside the small town. There, he parked the car and sat himself on the hood, with his apple pie of course. The sun was shining, the air was fresh. It was quiet except for some birds chirping in the distance. The view was amazing, snow coated mountains, and dark green pine trees.

He enjoyed his apple pie in his loneliness, and thought of better times.

He remembered you, how strong you were. He still thought so, even when he got older and started seeing how broken you were inside through your eyes. How much crap you had seen, what the pressure on you shoulders had done to you. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, after all.

How he wished he had told you how much he looked up to you, but he was pretty sure you had already known.

You were a light, you shone brightly and burned out fast. And he would always, always, remember you.

Just reminding you of this. Because it must be remembered