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Motel Meetup

Summary: You walk in on Sam watching porn, and a light bulb goes off in your head.

A/N: Hi went crazy writing this so grab some clean panties and strap in. 

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: language, smut, oral (female and male receiving), squirting, a bit of cum play, dirty talk (kinda ties in with language but I mean really dirty. Very explicit fic.

Word Count: 3.8k

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You raised an eyebrow as you towel dried your hair in the dimly lit motel bathroom. There was…moaning coming from the other room? You quickly wrapped your towel around your body and slowly opened the bathroom door to see Sam sitting at the edge of his bed - intently watching the tv.

You grinned at the look on his face, the man was all but drooling.

“Are you watching porn?!” you were able to question just before you began laughing. Dean was out, and Sam must’ve thought you were too.

“I uh-” Sam stuttered out before quickly turning the tv off.

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- Jason never really understood the point of marriage, except for maybe some benefits in filing your taxes

- And then he meets you, and it all just clicks

- He loves you so much, and he wants to spend all of his time with you

- He wants to come home to see your sleeping form in his bed

- He wants to wake up to your kiss

- He wants to spend late Sunday morning afternoons in a bubble bath with you

- He doesn’t want for you to ever go back home

- He wants to be your home

- Because that’s what it means to be married

- So when you’re just waking up, still half asleep, he slips a simple ring onto your finger

- “Be mine, and stay by my side forever, and I’ll make you happier than anyone else in the world.”

- You smile as tears slide down your face.

- “I’m already all yours”

- You have a simple courtroom wedding, and you both decide you’d rather use the money for your honeymoon and house than feed a million people you don’t really care about

- Bruce hears about the wedding and throws you a small reception with the family and some close friends

- “You really didn’t have to do this, thank you so much.”

- “You don’t have to thank him (Y/N), we never asked for any of this” Jason’s still thankful regardless, he kind of wanted to have a big fancy wedding and see you all dressed up

- Bruce pays for the honeymoon and gives you both some very nice wedding gifts as well as a hefty check

- “I just want my kids to have fun when they start their life together.”

- You give him a big hug

- “Thanks Dad”

- You go somewhere hot for your honeymoon, like Mexico or maybe the Caribbean

- “Jason I just changed!” You practically yell as a sigh escapes you as his hands wander over your body.

- “Yeah” he smirks “another outfit for me to give you an orgasm in”

- The simplest things turn him on, seeing you in a swim suit, rubbing sunscreen onto your back, waking up to see you wearing one of his shirts

- It’s all just bad for his health

- He probably writes his initials in the sunscreen on your back tbh

- So when when it tans everyone knows who you belong to

- “Hey you said in sickness and in health babe”

- “What does that have to do with anything?”

- “Mental health, is still about health”

- “…… why are you like this”

- If you like wearing a swimsuit with strings, like a string bikini, and you fall asleep on the beach, Jason will untie all the strings until you wake up

- “Jason what are you doing?”

- “Shhh”

- Then when you’re finally awake he’ll grope you, and kiss all along the curve of your body

- “Jason, stop teasing me…”

- This eventually leads to sleepy beach sex

- You go parasailing together, Jason sails the boat.

- “I didn’t know you could sail Jason!” You shout

- “Oh yeah I can do all sorts of stuff?”

- He actually doesn’t know how to “technically” sail, but he’s doing okay so far

- Jason almost crashes the boat

- When you come back you sub let your place and sit on the floor of Jason’s apartment surrounded by papers

- A stack of boxes, all with the stuff from your apartment behind you

- “Do this is how much we got from everyone at the wedding, this is all the stuff we got from the wedding, and this is how much we both make a month”

- “Well that doesn’t look to bad.” Jason says

- “This is how much a motgatge payment on a house would cost a month”

- “Oh”

- You both decide to sublet your places and get a new, slightly bigger apartment somewhere nicer

- All the bat boys find out and start sending you both listings for available places

- “I know it’s a little pricey, but it’s actually a really nice lake house, with a loan I don’t think it’s a bad deal”

- Well they all come to YOU with ideas

- “Thanks for the suggestion Dick, but we can’t afford a house right now, we’re just looking for an apartment”

- World tickles down the grapevine and eventually Bruce hears about it

- “I should have bought them a house,” he pauses and looks at Alfred “I shouldn’t have bought them the China set and the cuisineart collection I should have bought them a house”

- Alfred just rolls his eyes

- “Master Bruce, you gave them a check for fifteen thousand dollars, I believe they could have made a down payment with that.”

- And it’s true you could have

- But Jason doesn’t want the house you start your life in to be built from Bruce’s money

- For a while you both left the envelope untouched

- Eventually you cashed it and put all the money in a separate bank account

- When Bruce finds out, he and Jason have a little talk

- “Don’t take it the wrong way Bruce, I appreciate the support.”

- Bruce doesn’t understand

- “I want to build that house for her, with the money I earned, and with my own hands.”

- And somehow, Bruce has never felt prouder of Jason.

- “I raised you pretty well”
- Jason snorts

- “If that’s what you want to call what you did”

- Just a relationship built on mutual respect for each other

No More Shared Rooms

Summary:  The reader and Sam are on the road working a case with Dean and run into some old friends?  

Characters:  Sam x Reader, Dean, Ed, Harry

Word Count:  1255

Warning: language, smut (unprotected sex)

A/N:  This is for my wonderful friend @pinknerdpanda ‘s #mandabirthdaychallenge.  My prompt is bolded in the fic.  Happy Birthday Manda!  I hope you like it!

My words were checked by the mastabeta @wheresthekillswitch, thanks Lee!

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Sam’s leg was brushing up against yours again.  You met his gaze across the table, arching your eyebrow at him when he tried to throw an innocent smile your way.  Don’t tease, you mouthed to him.  You‘d been working this case all week, sharing a room with Dean, which had grown old by day two.

The three of you were sitting in one of those high-backed booths that created dividers between each table.  You loved these kinds of booths, even if the privacy was a sham, you appreciated it anyway.  Dean was, blah, blah, blah-ing to the waitress and you were about to cut in with your order, when a voice broke through the din of the diner.

Ghosts, I said ghosts.  Who has any strong opinions on goats, Ed?”

The waitress stopped writing, her mouth dropping open.

“Uh, Dean?  Does that voice sound familiar to you?” Sam asked.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”  Dean slid out of the booth, stepping over to the one just beyond yours, with you and Sam right behind him.  “What the hell are you two doing here?”

“Oh, if it isn’t Dean and Sam,” Ed said, looking at each of them.  “We’re working a case, obviously.”  He rolled his eyes at Harry and you had to stifle a laugh.

“Working a case?”  Dean’s agitation was growing with each breath and he looked more and more like he was going to pull out his gun.

Sam moved in front of his brother.  “Hey guys, you know, we’ve got this one covered.  Maybe you could hit the next town over?”

“No, no way, you’re not chasing us off this-.”

“Wait, Ed and Harry?” you broke in.  “The Ed and Harry?  The one’s you guys were telling me about?” you gushed, hoping it sounded believable.  The two men sat up straighter.  They’re buying it.

“What did they say?” Ed asked.

“Well,” you said, scooting in next to him.  “They wouldn’t want me telling you this,” you dropped your voice to a whisper, leaning across the table toward Harry, Ed mimicking you, “but they said that the last time they saw you, they wouldn’t have solved the case without you.  And it just so happens that there’s a case a few towns over.  If you guys could head over there and start the groundwork, I would be so, thankful.”  You dropped your hand on Harry’s, he looked down at it then back up at you.

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BTS reaction: You dancing sexily with another man

Anon requested:  Can you pls do reaction to their gf being a backup dancer and she’s performing a sexy dance with another man? Hope this isn’t confusing and make it as nsfw as you possibly can 😂


“I love to see enjoying yourself, but wiggling your bum infront of him is going to get you fucked.”

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“You like to tease me, don’t you ? Continue and you’ll see where your teasing got you.”

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“Baby, I love watching you dancing,  but do you know what I love even more ? You, being a shaking, moaning mess beneath me.”

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“Continue to dance that sexily and I’ll make sure you won’t be able to dance, nor walk or talk the next few days.”

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“Kitten, don’t test my patience. On my lap. Now.”

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“You’d look even sexier, if you were dancing infront of me. Naked.”

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“You like playing with that man ? How about we invite him to our playtime next time ? I bet he’d love to see what else you’re good at besides dancing sexily.”

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Prompt: "That's homophobic." "You're not even gay, Kim." Kimberly whines from her bed, stretching out her grabby hands at the unamused girl across the room. "I just want to hooooooold yooouu." Trini huffs, "fine, but I'm big spoon." Trini settles on the bed behind Kimberly, but the taller girl has other plans. She grabs Trini's arm on her waist, pulling the smaller girl on top of her and wrapping her arms around her back. She gives her a small squeeze and sighs into her hair. "Better."

Trini is settled into the beanbag chair in the corner of Kim’s room, a slight smirk on her lip as she watched her fellow ranger pout at her. “For the last time, I came over for moral support and to make sure you’re eating, I’m not here to cuddle with your sick ass,” She teases, pulling her phone up to check her messages. 

“My ass is pretty nice,” Kim chuckles, the smile on her lips fading back into a pout. “But why won’t you cuddle me? I’m sick, I could die!” She huffs, reaching across the bed to grab a tissue. 

“I’m not cuddling you, because I don’t wanna get sick,” Trini sighs, glancing over at her friend. “Besides, you’ll be fine, its just a cold.”

“But Trini!” Kim whines, moving to sit up. “I just want you to lay with me, please,” She mumbles, sticking her lower lip out just a little further. 

“I’m not cuddling you and that’s final,” Trini replies, brows raised at the other ranger, standing her ground even though she really would love to cuddle with the girl. 

“That’s homophobic,” Kim states, her arms folding over her chest as she looks at her friend. 

“Kim, you’re not even gay,” Trini sighs, running a hand through her hair because as much as she would love it if Kimberly were gay, that’s not how it worked. 

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Dating Jughead Jones Would Include:

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  • Having date nights at Pop’s 
  • Reggie flirting with you to get at him
  • Him getting jealous when you talk to any other guys (besides Archie and Kevin)
  • Distracting him when he spends too much time writing his novel
  • Supporting him when he tells you that he’s asexual
  • Minimum PDA
  • Helping him and Betty investigate Jason’s murder
  • Inside jokes
  • Kevin coming up a ship name for you
  • Stealing his beanie when he ignores you
  • Stealing his fries
  • Sometimes, he wants you to be the big spoon when you cuddle
  • Helping him mend his relationship with his dad
  • Defending him from Reggie
  • Running your fingers through his hair when he’s stressed
  • Being just as sarcastic as him
  • Being best friends with him and Archie since you were kids
  • Constantly being teased by your friends
  • Comforting him when his dad is arrested 
  • Movie marathons 
  • Helping him reunite his family
  • Jellybean loving you

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I'm really wanting a little something about them going on vacation as just friends but they're flirting hardcore. We need more best friend pieces!!!

Oh my gosh, YES. Going skinny dipping together. Harry egging her on from the water. Promising they’re going to stick to separate beds and absolutely failing on that the first night in. Sleeping all snuggled up together and having middle of the night deep conversations. Taking a bunch of cheesy, touristy photos together. Harry constantly going: “Stand over there, Lemme take your picture.” The missus teasing Harry about his sunburned nose and cheeks, but delicately massaging aloe there for him every night and he does the same where she burns her shoulders the next day. “Told you to be careful, love,” he chides lightly as he smooths the cooling gel on so carefully. Getting a little drunk on too much red wine at dinner and spending the whole night giggling over inside jokes. Kissing a little because they just can’t resist. Harry going: “I should have got what you got,” when they stop at a little gelato shop after wandering through the cute little town. “S’good,” he hums around his mouthful, already trying to sneak his spoon over slyly for another bite. So they feed each other bites of each other’s. Surprising each other with a souvenir they picked out for the other. He gets her a fridge magnet and she gets him a coffee mug with his name on it because those are best souvenirs. Harry falling asleep with his head on her tummy while they lay out on the beach. She reads while carding her fingers through his hair. And they’re so in love and so cute but are too nervous to say something. xx.

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more MM x Reader? (if you want or can, NSFW?)

Sorry anon, we don’t do NSFW anymore. Enjoy this tooth rotting fluff though

Add watched you grin at him like an idiot as you cracked a pun. His idiot. Masi felt so lucky to be able to sit underneath a nice tree in the park, your head rested in his lap. Kids were playing and shouting nearby, dogs were barking.

It was calm.

Add’s hands had roamed to your hair, brushing his fingers through the soft strands.  You giggled at his actions, looking up to find him blushing.

“Shut up, you, I was not blushing!” Masi retorted later that day to your teasing over ice cream.  You simply smiled and kissed his cheek.

“Cute bastard,” can be heard hissed through Masi’s teeth.

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Yo but you and Harry get engaged and you go home to your family for a lil party to celebrate the engagement and Fionn tags along too because he is YOUR SON and nobody understands your dynamic but they love it anyway and Fionn gets treated like part of the family because it's not uncommon for close friends and serious romantic partners to attend family gatherings and they all love him and he plays with all of your little cousins and he is now a part of the family as much as Harry is.

And all your aunts tease him about how “you better be next!”

And he’s all red. “Yeah? We’ll see.” And he’s kinda distracted because one of your little cousins is climbing all over him omg


Phichit might be the biggest Victuuri shipper, but there’s no way he’s going to let Victor whisk his best friend off to Russia before a few rounds of merciless teasing.

Phichit: And then he started crying! I can’t believe he felt threatened over that. It’s like he forgot he’s the one you’re choosing to marry!

Yuuri: Ha ha…Victor can be a bit extra sometimes.

Phichit: Yes, he is. You two are made for each other.

Yuuri: ?

Kara: So we had a late lunch and then she took me to that new space exhibition after the museum was closed, so it was just us and the security guard there! Lena planned it all. We had the whole place to ourselves!

Alex: How was it?

Kara: Incredible. And it was really… really nice because Lena was so fascinated about it all and we stayed for hours, and we also had dinner at this rooftop restaurant and the stars were out… and Lena was… she looked– we had the best ever chocolate fondants-

Maggie: Sounds like you had quite the date.

Kara: Date?

Alex: Day.

Kara: Right! Anyway, so Lena was like

Maggie: [to Alex] Here we go.


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