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Daddy’s Little Girl - Part 2

Title: Daddy’s Little Girl - Part 2

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: You used to be a nude cam model. Negan was your favorite customer. What are the chances that you’d see him again now that the dead’s taken over the world?

Warnings: NSFW, smut, smut, daddy kink, smut

Note: Here’s part 2. And oh, there will be a part 3. *wink wink*


“Daddy, I’m home.”

Negan turned around at the sound of your sultry voice and saw you leaning against the doorway of his bathroom, clad in the skimpy school girl outfit he provided you. The lace trim of the push-up bra you were wearing was slightly peeking out from your knotted top, teasing Negan with what was yet to come. Your top reached beneath your breasts, revealing your belly button piercing that Negan extremely loved. The outfit that Negan gave you included a short, pleated skirt that barely covered your ass, a pair of white knee-high socks and some high-heeled Mary Janes. Why Negan has these things was still a mystery to you but they definitely came in handy. You were definitely not complaining.

The look on Negan’s face when he saw you remained the same, he always looked excited and giddy every single time you put on a show for him. It always felt like the first time and you honestly enjoyed that.

“Shit. Fuck. Getting right into it, huh?” Negan remarked with amusement as he stroked his chin with his hand.

He nodded with a smile and leaned back, twirling his hand in a circular motion as he scanned you from top to bottom. “Spin around for daddy, would ya?” he asked and bit his lip in anticipation.

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A Day in the Life

I started the new chapter so here is your tease.

Leaning down, he softly tells Bowen, “I will never let you go out with Felicity. She is my girlfriend so give up.” 

“How much are you willing to spend, Queen?”  Oliver looks Bowen in the eye and snorts.

 “I will bankrupt my fucking company to keep you away from her. That is how much I will spend. How about you, Bowen?”   

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speedy got thrown off a cliff and it was all his fault cause he was teasing your grandson with a mean joke

“A likely story. Do you often wander into people’s abodes in the late hours of the night and say outlandish things?”-Jonathan


Just as he had promised, once Kian finished with his project at the office, he took Sophia out hunting before they went back to the house. They had only been walking for several minutes before coming across a man who was alone and the minute they spotted him Sophia sped off ahead to claim him. Sinking her teeth into him before he even knew she was there.

The man yelled and struggled, trying to get away from her, but she held him soundly and fed from him for several minutes before letting him go and returning to Kian’s side, “You should have taken that one,” she said, grinning up at him. “He begged and cried for me to let him go. Like a baby. It was delightful.”

“Ah, how quickly you have adapted to your new lifestyle,” Kian teased. “I remember you being nervous to feed on anyone at all. And now you harass me almost every night we’re free to go hunting.”

“Just as you said I would. And don’t pretend you’re immune to the fact that I find enjoyment in hunting because I know that you’re not.”

“I wasn’t pretending.”

“Good. Because I really hate when you do that. And you do it a lot.”

Kian laughed, knowing she was right, “Back to talking about how I was right about everything I told you.”

“You really have been, honestly. Although I didn’t believe you when you told me at first. I would never have imagined I would enjoy hunting and feeding like I do. Especially considering how afraid I was to do it the first time. But now, it’s hard not to kill them.”

“It’s hard for all of us. Speaking of, has it been any easier for you? At all?”

“A little bit.”

“Good. I’m glad,” Kian replied, quietly. “I had hoped it would be.”

“It’s all because I have a good mentor, I’m sure.”

“I don’t think that’s how it works, Sophia.”

“Pretty sure it does. And why argue with me anyway? We don’t have time for that, we still have a bit of hunting to do.”

“You’re right. Let’s go.”


Phichit might be the biggest Victuuri shipper, but there’s no way he’s going to let Victor whisk his best friend off to Russia before a few rounds of merciless teasing.

Phichit: And then he started crying! I can’t believe he felt threatened over that. It’s like he forgot he’s the one you’re choosing to marry!

Yuuri: Ha ha…Victor can be a bit extra sometimes.

Phichit: Yes, he is. You two are made for each other.

Yuuri: ?


“You could have come in a bit sooner, though!
                                                                                        “Well, I was enjoying it too much.”

  • raphael: [hand on simon's shoulder] amigo
  • simon: ...
  • raphael leaning in close: pal, chum, friend, light of my life, mi familia, mi amor I didn't bring you blood bc I want you to need me enough to come back home-
  • simon: wait what
  • raphael: i said I ain't no delivery man and i def didn't save your ass again lmao why would I ever
  • shadowhunters: CLIMON! SAIA! NEXT WEEK

The Bronze

Summary: You and the team decide to trick Bucky and Steve into watched The Bronze for your movie night. Bucky teases you about your crush on Lance Tucker after noting your reaction to the sex scene.

Warningsteasing, masturbation, smut (reader receiving oral sex)

A/N: Wanted to write a Bucky smut. What’s new? Totes not my best work but I wanted to write a short fic for you guys because I haven’t in a while.

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  • Stiles, fidgeting: I have a confession to make.
  • Derek, eyebrow raise: Okay.
  • Stiles: I’m telekinetic.
  • Derek, earth-quaking sigh: I’ll bite. Show me.
  • Stiles, drops fries & licks fingers: Ok, prepare yourse-
  • *smirking at Derek's jeans*
  • Welp, that worked quicker than anticipated.
  • Derek, growly blushing: That’s not telekinesis, Stiles.
  • Stiles, smirking: Telekinesis...TeleKINKnesis. Semantics. Works for me.

└ When Sho-kun pays us more than ‘lip’ service~

Cr: VS Arashi 16.03.2017

Imagine Woozi turning red in the face when the boys pointed out that he’s getting more comfortable initiating skinship with you in public.

Greaser Hair!

Alright guys, I’m going to show you how I take my luscious locks and make them into rumble-worthy greaser hair.

Maybe I can …. shed some light on the situation.

That was a horrible pun, I know.

Step 1: Throw on your Greaser Jams. I recommend this song.

Step 2: Push all you hair into the center of your head and pin it with bobby pins

You’re aiming for a “fo-hawk” kinda look. You’re basically going to get a big floppy mohawk down the center of your head. Don’t forget to secure the hair near the base of your skull with bobby pins in an “X” formation so that the baby hairs don’t slip out and ruin your do!

Step 3: Tease it a bit.

Separate your hair into sections that you can curl and back comb it until your hair is a bit floofy, but not too much or the next step will be more difficult. 

You want it to be able to hold the form of a curl without too much hairspray, but you don’t want too much, or you’ve totally switched decades. 

(repeat above with your whole head)

Step 4: Time to curl that shit

The reason you curl it after you pin it is so your curls fall forward. You want to start father back and move your way forward so your little ducktail (your bangs) is the last thing that you curl.

Time for the little ducktail!!

Now this is the basic shape your do is going to have …. now onto the fun part.


Step 6: Pin it so your do wont flop.


I have to put a tiny bobby pin in the very center of my little swooshy curl in the front so it stays short enough. We don’t wanna look like an emo alpaca. 

Step 7: Now add your sideburns.

Every great greaser has killer sideburns. I use mascara to darken the ones I have and make them longer.

Step 8: Turn on the Stray Cats and go crusin’

Imagine the boys teasing Woozi after finding out the name he used to save your contact in his phone because it’s so unlike him to use such a cute nickname.