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Being With Cas (A Drabble Series): Baking with Cas

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“Crack one more egg,” you instructed, watching Cas carefully crack an egg into the bowl for your cake batter. “Good! Now, we use the mixer and then pour it into the pan and it’ll be ready to bake.”

Cas nodded, grabbing the mixer and turning it on as you held the bowl steady. As soon as the spinning mixer touched the batter, it went splattering everywhere, speckles of batter getting all over you, Cas and the kitchen walls. 

“Shit!” you exclaimed, both you and Cas laughing as he turned it off.

“I think you have some on your face,” he teased with a smile, his thumb wiping away some of the batter on your cheek as he locked eyes with you. 

“I think you do too,” you said quietly. Your hand reached behind him and dipped into the flour before placing a dot of it on his nose. “Right there.”

Cas went cross-eyed as he stared at the flour at his nose. You giggled and he looked up at you with a smirk, his eyes narrowed in suspicion. 

“I know what you’re doing,” he warned, grabbing a handful flour and advancing on you. 

You grinned and ran away from him, laughing hysterically as he chased after you and tossed flour at your back. A squeal left your lips when his arms wrapped around your waist from behind and lifted you into the air, twirling you around in a circle. 

“Got you,” he said quietly, placing you back on the ground and booping your nose, covering the tip of it with flour. 

You grinned widely, wrapping your hand around the back of his neck and pulling him in for a deep kiss. Cas immediately dropped his handful of flour onto the floor, wrapping his arms around you to pull you closer and deepen the kiss.


Dean’s loud voice startled the two of you away from each other, and you turned to see a very angry Dean glaring at you both.

“You two better clean this kitchen,” he warned, pointing his finger at you and Cas. “Friggin’ animals.”

Cas turned to you and smiled as Dean walked away grumbling to himself. “I think we should bake more often.”

You smiled, nuzzling your flour-covered nose with his. “I completely agree.”

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Seventeen Kinks (Vocal Unit)

Prompt: “ Also Seventeen for that kink thingy”
Obviously smut, so please don’t read if you don’t like it.


  • Switch
  • Would 10/10 love if you sat on his face and wrapped his hair in your fist
  • Light teasing
  • “What do you want, princess?”
  • Lingerie kink
  • Would love bathtub sex
  • Praise kink
  • “You’re doing such a good job, baby”
  • Experimental, but with v little kinks
  • Mutual masturbation


  • His goody-two-shoes front does NOT fool me
  • S p a n k i n g
  • Tease
  • But would tease until you begged him to stop
  • Would call you princess and/or babygirl
  • Also would be down for sweet, playful sex
  • But most of the time, he’d be rough
  • His fave position is you on your knees
  • Either taking you from behind or having you suck him off
  • Handcuffs/rope
  • “Naughty girls don’t get to touch.”


  • Dom
  • “Fuck, baby, you take my cock so well”
  • R o u g h
  • Hair pulling, biting, scratching
  • Wants your hands tied behind your back
  • Wants you to ride him with your hands tied behind your back
  • If you tease him or break rules, you will be punished
  • “Yes”
  • “Yes what?”
  • “Yes, sir”
  • Orgasm denial
  • Would have you give him head in the studio
  • Lowkey into public teasing


  • Love making
  • Would totally love if you rode his thighs
  • Oral (would love to eat you out, would also love to see your lips wrapped around him)
  • Would want to make sure you’re being pleased
  • Pretty vanilla
  • Sensual and sweet
  • Bath/shower sex
  • Would praise you whenever you sucked him off


  • Sub
  • Likes being dominated
  • Whiney/needy/loud
  • Lowkey into being tied up
  • “Are you a good boy?”
  • “Yes, ma’am.”
  • Praise kink, wants you to tell him how good he is
  • Likes to be teased
  • Into being bossed/told what to do
  • Lowkey into humiliation, but not public

canadiangold  asked:

1, 2, and 3 for the artist asks?

1.Take a picture of your workspace.

Well it did look like this (with dragon models all over it that I was using for reference):

She fights me on who gets to sit in the chair
But I had to move to the upstairs hall cuz my room was too hot so now it looks like this:

2: Show your pencilcase and what’s inside.

I lost it :(( I think it might have had some cracker crumbs in it tho

3: Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is.

Umm… this was unintentional I swear 0___________0

Artist Ask Meme

October 12, 1977

“Aw, come on, Prongs!” Sirius teased his friend, arm hanging around Remus’s shoulders. “Just ask her out already! She’s not dumb enough to turn you down.”

“No, she’s smart enough,” Remus muttered, and Peter giggled.

“Oh, shut up, Moony. Just because you already have a boyfriend.”

Remus blushed and shifted a bit closer to Sirius.

“Come on, Prongs, I can even help you with your makeup!” Sirius teased. “I know the girls usually flock around your messed up hair, but Evans is one of those stick-up-the-butt girls who like proper boys.”

“My hair is fine!”

Sirius laughed and ruffled James’s perpetually messed up hair. “Oh, come on, Prongs, your hair couldn’t get any worse!”

James laughed along with the others but still groaned at Sirius. “Ah, stooooop.”

“Okay, ickle Prongsy, but when she turns you down and you ask her why, you know it’ll be because of your hair.”

Remus shook his head, still smiling. “No, I think it will most probably because when you ask her out you’ll turn into a jumbled mess of nerves and barf your feelings out rather than say them.”

“Way to have faith in my nonchalance, Moony,” James rolled his eyes.

Remus grinned. “No problem!”

“Speak of the devil,” Peter said, nodding in the direction of a particularly fiery ginger. “Here she comes.”

Lily was walking towards them, head lowered in a book, when she looked up and locked eyes with James. She closed her book and nodded her head towards him.

“Potter, come. We have to go stir the brew for Potions.”

“Oooooooh,” Sirius waggled his eyebrows at the two while they walked away, and James turned to flash him a glare just as Remus thumped Sirius’s chest, signaling for him to stop. He knew the awkwardness that James was experiencing, and he would not be part of adding to it, even indirectly.

“Right. So,” Lily tucked her book into her bag and began reciting the instructions that they were to complete once they got to the dungeons. James didn’t listen, he was too busy examining every strand of her golden-red hair.

“Potter!” Lily snapped in his face. “Are you listening to me?”


Lily threw up her hands. “Honestly, why I agreed to be your partner in the first place it beyond me.”

“It’s because you looooooove me,” James grinned.

Lily’s face reddened. “Shut up, Potter.” She crossed her arms. “Anyway, I was saying that we have to add the powdered root of asphodel and stir at a steady pace eight times counterclockwise while adding in, very slowly, mind you, the essence of comfrey. I can’t just do everything for you, Potter, though I’m sure you’d be perfectly fine with that. We have OWLs coming up this year, and I can’t do everything for you then!”

James nodded seriously. “I’ll have to cheat off you, then.”

Lily hit the back of James’s head. “You can’t to that either! Unless you plan on staying next to me your whole life-”

“That’s exactly what I want to do.”

Lily reddened even more. “-You have to learn some things yourself!”

“Not if I can avoid it.”

“You can’t!”

“Just watch,” James winked at Lily as they walked into the Potions classroom.

James did everything Lily told him to do, and soon their potion was the expected bright violet color, bubbling joyfully.

“See, I can do things!”

“That potion would have exploded in your face eight times if I hadn’t been here.”

“Oh, come on,” James scoffed. “Ten times. At least.”

“You’re right. How long should we leave this for until we stir it again?”


“Thought so. Lord, I really do have to do everything for you. We leave it for twelve hours and then we have to add the blowflies, and wave a wand in a cross-like pattern over the cauldron. Then, you’ll section the newt’s eyes, and I’ll-”

“Is it necessary to go through this right now?”

“If you want to learn anything from it, yes!”

“What if I don’t?”

“Then you’re an idiot.”

“But I’m an attractive idiot, right?”

“You’re certainly a humble idiot,” Lily rolled her eyes.

“Why thank you!”

“You really are infuriating, you know that?”

James nodded. “It’s a talent of mine. Seems only to work on you, though.” he bopped her nose with his index finger. “I can always annoy you.”

Lily’s entire face was the shade of a tomato now. They were close, closer than they’d ever been before. Well, other than that time Sirius had hid a jack-in-the-box behind the Fat Lady and Lily had jumped so far back that she landed on top of James. But that didn’t really count.

“You’re making me annoyed right now,” Lily said quietly. “Really, really annoyed.”

“And why’s that?”

“Because you’re making me want to do this.”

And then Lily Evans got onto her tiptoes (though she would never admit it, she was self-conscious about her height) and kissed James Potter. It was an unceremonious kiss, the first of many, and later both James and Lily would come to forget it, or reimagine some grand romantic gesture other than an awkward kiss in the Potions classroom.

James returned to his friends flushed and stammering. When he managed to get something other than gibberish out of his mouth, he told the other marauders all about it. Sirius was offended that Lily hadn’t so much as made a comment about his hair. Remus was genuinely surprised she had the balls to kiss him in the first place. James could barely concentrate on his friend’s reactions, his mind muddled with euphoria.

Zayn can’t help the fond smile clinging to his lips as Liam drags his hands through his hair, fingers stroking carefully over every delicate strand.

“What do you think?” He asks softly, eyes glancing past Liam’s shoulders and to the mirror as he looks at the bright green in the reflection.

“It’s very…green,” Liam says, before grinning.

Zayn shoves at him in the chest with the palms of his hands, snorting as Liam wraps his arms around Zayn’s torso and holds him to his body.

“Jokin’,” he mumbles, nestling his smile over Zayn’s temple. “I love it.”

Zayn hums and pulls back, pushing onto his toes to bury his hands in Liam’s hair.

“Reckon you should dye yours,” he teases, head cocked to one side. “Pink, maybe.”

Liam huffs, beaming down at Zayn. “Don’t think I’d be able to pull that off, babe.”

“Sure about that?” Zayn asks, smirking as he lifts an eyebrow slowly. “I have some left from when I dyed it pink a while back —”

He’s cut off by a sudden burst of laughter pouring through his lips, as Liam lifts him from the floor easily and carries him through to the bedroom.

“You are never touching my hair,” he instructs, lying Zayn against the mattress. “Ever.”

“Boring,” Zayn grins, biting at his bottom lip as Liam’s fingers return to his hair and he bows his head to smile a soft kiss over Zayn’s lips.

tigerquixote  asked:

What's your idea of foreplay? I would personally tease your body with soft kisses.

This goes to anyone.
Don’t speak to me sexually. I don’t know you. I don’t deserve to be spoken to like that. I’m not here to be told about your sexual fantasies that you have with me. No matter what you think about me or the pictures I post, it is not an invitation to my body. Keep that type of stuff to yourself unless I consent to it. Depending on what it is or how many times it’s happened, it will result in a permanent blocking.

anonymous asked:

Tbh bro your tease pics make me wanna go to wherever you're at, grab your package, give it a little suck and enjoy that monster, then turn you over and eat you out so damn good, and finally shove my dick in you and stretch you out a bit. Fuck you make me so horny bro

Thanks bro

anonymous asked:

I woke up in such a Lee mood this morning omg. If you find the time, could you maybe help me out, please? With some foot tickle teases?

waking up feeling lee is so normal. It is the best time to want tickles, too. When you are sleeping and uncoordinated, you can’t fight back with much vigor. (here is a short tease for you) 

It is morning time! You seem to still be sleeping as I spoon you from behind and rest my chin on your shoulder. My breathing tickles your neck ever so slightly, making you smile faintly. Your eyes are still closed but I know that you are awake, sleepy, but still ticklish! I very slowly wrap you tighter in a hug and engulf your legs with mine. Because you are so sleepy, you can’t even tell that you are completely trapped! Now I strike…

Your legs are completely immobilized. Your soft bare feet wiggle and twitch as my toes gently tease your soles underneath the blankets. My toes slowly trace up and down your soles as you giggle softly and try to pull away. You find that you can’t pull away. My fingers squeeze your sides quickly. Now you are really awake! Awake and still very very ticklish! 


“You could have come in a bit sooner, though!
                                                                                        “Well, I was enjoying it too much.”

  • raphael: [hand on simon's shoulder] amigo
  • simon: ...
  • raphael leaning in close: pal, chum, friend, light of my life, mi familia, mi amor I didn't bring you blood bc I want you to need me enough to come back home-
  • simon: wait what
  • raphael: i said I ain't no delivery man and i def didn't save your ass again lmao why would I ever
  • shadowhunters: CLIMON! SAIA! NEXT WEEK

Interviewer: So here is the Russia’s New Star, this year’s GPF gold medalist, Yuri Plisetsky! Tell us what’s your goal in the World Championship with the return of Victor Nikiforov…

Yuri: That doesn’t burden me. Victor Nikiforov is already dead.

Interviewer: …Um well but we can see that Nikiforov is currently practicing alongside with Yuuri Katsuki whom he’s now coaching…*switching camera*

*Victor and Yuuri flirting, hugging and kissing each other right in the middle of the rink*