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Don't think about smol Matt making grabby hands because he wants to be picked up. Don't think about smol Matt getting tucked into bed by his roomate-parents. Don't think about Tom and Edd checking in on him later and sighing in the doorway and muttering about how cute their son is. Don't think about Tom accidentally calling Edd "honey" and then being mortified and getting drunk as quickly as possible and Edd teasing him, "Your drinking is tearing this family apart, Tom!"

this ask made me so happy you have no idea

Personal Space

Peter Parker x Reader

As part of my request a prompt, 300 follower celebration.

Request: From the wonderful @the-peterparker : CONGRATS RILEY!!!!! i wanted to request so many prompts bc they’re all so good but i dialed it down to 35, 52, and 66 (they don’t all have to be in one if u don’t want but ur call ur the genius lol)

Prompts:  “What about me?” “Have you ever heard of personal space?” “Oh boy…”

Peter is in his 20s.

This is actually just fluff/borderline smut with little to no plot. (Gratuity for the angst in the last one.)

It hadn’t taken long for the two of you to forget about the chicken in the oven and the simmering vegetables on the stove. It wasn’t really much of a surprise all things considered. Peter had been away with the Avengers for over a week. What had surprised you was the way that your hug had turned into being snatched away from the stove, lifted, and placed firmly on a counter; warm hands running up cool legs to pull them apart and make room for a pair of slim hips.

It was surprising how quickly he could get your heart going.

Even after all this time.

“Have you ever heard of personal space, Parker?” You whispered, words shaky and sounding a lot less confident than you were aiming for as his curls brushed past your ear, warm, hot breath spilling over your skin as moist, teasing lips worked their way down your neck. The tense coil of heat in your belly burning as he chuckled against your flesh, already covered in goosebumps; your whole body shivered and you released a startled breath as his lips moved up to your ear.

He smelt the way Peter always did but there was a hint of something like peppers, onions, and snap peas there too.

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boyfriend kth
  • omg
  • taehyung is boyfriend material 
  • take great care of you
  • sometimes it feels like you’re babysitting more than dating
  • but his just really fun to be around
  • will smile every time he looks at you
  • king of forehead and nose kisses
  • eskimo kisses
  • such a cuddly little baby
  • random kisses because he loves you so much
  • cuddles and spanks
  • backhugs
  • so much skinship
  • loves pda
  • wants everyone to know that your his
  • will tease you all the time
  • tickle fights
  • he rests his chin on your head
  • he uses aegyo to get what he wants
  • when he cries it breaks your heart
  • constantly sticks him tongue out the side of his mouth
  • will dance sexually to see your reaction
  • subtle touches in public
  • smirks at you
  • teases you in public by whispering dirty things in your ear
  • is a switch
  • when he’s submissive he’ll whine into the crook of your neck 
  • but when he’s dominate he’ll but so ROUGH
  • loves when you tease him
  • cuddles after sex
  • sexy time over now ;)
  • he gets excited over animals
  • screams when he sees a dog and runs off to pet it
  • dogsitting Soonshim for him
  • getting a pet together
  • tries to cook for you
  • tries to impress you with his rapping skills and other skills
  • will sing to you all the time
  • buys you ice cream
  • karaoke dates
  • mini photoshoots
  • taking ugly photos of each other
  • the boys will always tell you two to be quite 
  • but loves you two together
  • overall taehyung will treat you like a king/queen 

Ahhhhhh, I got some many feels while writing this one, Taehyung is my bias for those who don’t know.

Once I’ve put up Jungkook’s going to go back and edit them, I’ll post once they are edited.

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you must come back home ❖ yixing

anon requested: Hey you guys!!! Hope your having an amazing day! Keep up the awesome work!!💕 I wanted to request a Yixing smut. He comes home after a bussiness trip (cuz he is a ceo :’) ) and you greet him with nothing just a silk robe. And then yixing fucks against everybsurface of the house. And he would be so animalistic and raw. You would be screaming for pleasure. Good thing taht you guys have your own house ;) thank you babes💖 - 🐙🐙🐙 anon

word count : 4390 words
admin : - velvet
genre: smut, sugar daddy, daddy kink, i tHiNk pretty raw, a little bit of dirty talk, i was actually thinking about doing a series about this idk.

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

You took your golden pink silk robe to your nose, you washed it so many times, but it still smelled like the man who bought it for you, it still smelled like his skin and like his fresh breath, countless the nights you slept in it while he laid next to you, holding your body into his arms and soaking the robe with the perfume of his body wash.

Since you started living with Mr. Zhang Yixing everything changed in your life, it started as sugar daddy relationship, he literally wanted you just to be his date during important meetings and you to give him your body, in exchange ❝I can make you the most envied woman of China❞ and he gave you all he had, all his money, all his time and slowly he submitted his heart to you and you gave yours to him. As for now, he not only was your sugar daddy, but he was your man, your boyfriend, the man you wanted to spend your life with and of course a CEO, which meant that he needed to work and that was the reason why you were so excited that night.

Yixing was finally coming back home from his business trip, it had already passed two weeks since you last saw him, which for you as a couple were a lot, since three month before - when you first met him - you never stayed apart for so many time. He wanted to take you with him, but you had your finals during the first week, so you couldn’t move from home, so you just hoped that he didn’t do anything while you were away. But then you remember that he’s Zhang Yixing, he couldn’t hurt you or cheat on you, that wasn’t him, his person, he was strong and powerful, but wouldn’t hurt you in anyway. You were his Achilles’ heel.

You smiled thinking about it and put down the robe, your right hand sneaked behind your back and unclipped your pink bra. You wanted to surprise Yixing, as a couple your sex drive was very high, sometime literally on another level, so not being able to touch each other for two weeks, that was the real struggle. Some nights he called you with hoarse voice, maybe while you were falling asleep after studying and you would find yourself with your hands between your thighs, trying to muffle the mewls that your own fingers were stealing from you.

You missed him and from the calls and the sound of his member thrusting in his fist, you could tell that he missed you too, so what was wrong in welcoming your boyfriend and sugar daddy in nothing but his favourite robe?

You squeezed a little your breasts, thinking about those moments and took a deep breath, between your legs your clit was already tingling, but you couldn’t touch yourself now, he was going to come home in an hour, you had to resist. You lowered your hands down your stomach, caressing your skin and cursing at yourself, you were literally teasing your body and making it too sensitive, if you didn’t stop Yixing would come home and find you with your face on the mattress, ass up and your fingers circling your clit. You opened your eyes quickly and just as fast you took away your matching panties. You weren’t surprised to see that they were starting to get wet, but you had to stop, you needed Yixing more than you needed your hands.

You picked up the robe and let it wrap around your small form, the silk caressing your skin. You lied down on the bed, the pinkish robe covering hardly your butt, your covered your front and tied the two laces to keep the cloth still. Thinking about it, when you first started the relationship with Yixing, you would have never done something like this, too shy, too insecure and even a little bit uncomfortable with the thought of it, but now that you stayed with Yixing for so long, after fights and worships, you felt strong and beautiful and you weren’t afraid of showing Yixing your body. After months, he showed you how sexy you were, he knew your body before you did and teached you how to use it, how to move to look sensual, where to touch to catch his attention.

You smiled at yourself, your hands went to caress your stomach again and your nipples perked up in attention, unconsciously waiting for you to touch them. You stopped your movements and closed your eyes, the clock was moving too slowly, Yixing was probably already landed, but you left your phone of the kitchen counter so you weren’t sure.

You thought that was better to check it out, to see if everything was alright and he arrived back to China, so you jumped out of bed and walked calmly down the stairs and into the kitchen. The house was huge, you now understood why Yixing felt alone before having you, he always lived alone in an enormous house, yes he had the cleaning women, but they came at nine and left at two, so the rest of the time he was alone. You were not going to lie, those two weeks were the worst of your life, you spent all nights alone and sometimes you got really scared, even when Yixing’s cat was moving in the dark, your mind always created weird and absurd scenarios.

You sometimes even thought about going back to your little apartment, but what if Yixing came before and didn’t see you in his bed? He would have been very mad.

You dragged your feet on the decorated ceramic tiles in the kitchen and picked your phone from the grey and immaculate counter. You had two missed calls, which were from your father and a message from Yixing, of course.

Hey, baby, I just got out of the airport, see you in 40 min.

You looked at the time he sent you the message and noticed that it had already passed thirty minutes. You heart jumped in your chest and you smiled happily, your man was finally coming home and you couldn’t wait to see him again and kiss him.

You blocked your phone and left it again on the counter, turning around and exiting the kitchen.

Maybe I should wear his favourite heels❞ you whispered to yourself, which was a thing that you were doing a lot in those days, you just hoped to stop because Yixing would probably find it weird.

You looked at your black pair of high heels that was standing next to the entrance door and thought about Yixing’s favourite heels, a pair of opened nude heels. ❝Yeah, no

You turned around giving your back to the door and went into the living room. Just as the kitchen, it was all grey, black and white. Just sad, but that was Yixing’s style and you couldn’t change it. You didn’t even want to change it, you loved everything about him and you didn’t want him to change just for you.

Walking through the living room you looked around, your fingers playing with the laces of your robe and your eyes wandering over the things that lived in that room. Your gaze landed on the closed black and white record player, on top of it a little golden box that made you smile. Two days before you went out for dinner with your best friend Bora and you dressed up since Yixing told you to go on a fancy restaurant and not in some McDonald or Burger King place, so you picked up some of Yixing’s favourite jewelry and put it on for the occasion and you then forgot the box there since you were in a hurry.

You trotted over to the box and opened it slowly, the jewelry inside tinkling and jingling at the movements. There weren’t a lot, since Yixing was very judgeful over his favourite pieces, but you knew just what he couldn’t resist. At the right side of the box there was a long golden necklace, the gold thread was very fine and it had a wonderful and heavy pendant that portrayed the two black letters ZY.

Just when you finished putting on the necklace you heard the keys click in and the password being typed outside the entrance door. When the door opened you smiled at yourself and adjusted your hair over your shoulders, you weren’t going to wait, so you walked happily over the entrance to welcome back your man.

When he raised his head from the luggage he was dragging, you saw his eyes sparkle with joy and love, just like every other time. He dropped the bags on the ground and opened his arms to welcome you in his embrace. Before running to him you noticed how he was dressed, he still had the pants of one of his black suits on, but he was just wearing a white shirt with his sleeves folded to his elbows, showing you the tender muscles of his forearms. You ran into his embrace and latched your arms around his neck, feeling how warm his skin was even if he stayed outside in the cold weather, he hugged you and his hands fell on the back of your legs, making you jump and latch your legs around his waist.

You chuckled a little and snuggled more in his neck, your nose drowning in his smell, his perfume, his cologne, everything that was him and that you missed so much. His hair was back with gel, but it was black again and not the dirty blondish that you didn’t like on him, his chest felt firm against the material of the robe and you felt as if his chest was just right on your soft skin, the robe and the shirt boiling between you.

Your eyes wandered outside the house, everything was silent, people were probably going to eat their dinner or just going out to drink something before going to some fancy party, the sky was turning black, but the grey clouds were still evident.

Yixing walked inside and you stretched your arm to close the door behind the both of you, the air too cool, so cool that it even tickled your private parts. Just then you noticed that Yixing’s hands were on your ass, squeezing it a little under the robe, feeling how you were wearing nothing but it.

Hi, beautiful❞ he smiled at you when you left his shoulder to look at him in the eyes. You leaned a little and pecked him on the lips with the biggest smile on your face, he kissed you back slowly, but you parted quickly putting your hands over his cheeks.

I missed you so much❞ you cooed a little observing his features, almost as if you were trying to remember them, each one of them, not that you forgot them of course, but now that he was in front of you, you wanted to benefit of that breathtaking view.

Yixing giggled and under your palm you felt his dimple popping out. When you took away your hands Yixing didn’t wait a bit and reconnected your lips together, pecking you slightly.

I missed you too, baby. I couldn’t sleep without you by my side❞ he whispered. You reached down to him and kissed him again, this time the kiss lasted longer, your lips melting together and your teeth slamming slightly against the tender skin, bruising it.

You noticed how concentrated he was getting, his forehead crunched and his tongue slightly poking the entrance of your mouth, asking you to let him in. You accomplished, tired of waiting and let his tongue play with yours.

You never understood how much you missed him, there were nights where you couldn’t sleep, but now that he was in your arms, his mouth being one with your, now you felt like in that period half of you went away. Your thoughts were ripped down when his right hand left your butt just to come down harder and slap your buttcheek. As usual he didn’t hurt, since he knew just how to touch you, but a slight shock of pleasure went down to your core and made your clit tremble a little. You parted your lips in a gasp, letting his tongue go deeper into your mouth, but he soon took it out, walking into the living room and leaving everything behind.

Daddy❞ you purred a little, gripping safely on his neck, your manicured nails dipping into his pale skin.

He smiled a little at you, his eyes misted with lust, the name making his member twitch in his pants. When he reached into the living room he let you jump down and with soft, but demanding movements, he turned you around.

Bend over the couch, kitten❞ he said, his voice came out hoarse, painted with need. The same need that was now throbbing stronger between your legs.

You missed Yixing, the loving man that always slept next to you, the one that kissed you and made you suck on his thumb, the one that bit his lips watching you dance in his bedroom and looked at you as if you were some sort of jewelry, but you missed Daddy too, the man who fucked you down the mattress, the one that smelled like money and champagne, that had a collection of sport cars and that liked to see you swimming in his own money. You missed both a lot.

You bent over the backrest of the white couch, your face down in the air and your ass up, legs spread so that daddy could see how wet he made you just with kissing and a spank. You clenched your core on nothing, but hearing Yixing taking off his belt made you tremble with anticipation. Just when you thought he was going to take you without preliminaries, you felt him seat next to you on the couch.

Your head shoot to the side and you saw him unbutton the first three buttons of his shirt, his beautiful skin shining and the lines of his muscles making you squirm. His hand left the buttons and came up to your right buttcheek, caressing it in slow circles, then his fingers gripped harder and he moved the cheek a little bit, showing him better what was hidden under your skin. You womanhood was glistening, your clit was engorged and you were just waiting for him to do something, anything, you didn’t care, you just wanted him to touch you. His mouth dropped a kiss on your buttcheek, slowly licking the round peach and finally his left hand moved to your core. His long index found your button quickly, the calloused pad pressed on it making you whimper and jump a little, then his index started to move in slow circles, each one of your nerves perked up in attention and your clit engorged against his finger, meanwhile his mouth kept on kissing your skin, your robe slightly falling over his nose as he worshipped your body.

His index tickling your clit was slowly making you want to release, you didn’t touch yourself before, so you were very sensitive and he knew it, he was watching the way your liquids were falling from your core and painting your lips with a shining look, your clit was now red and throbbing, your stomach stiffening against the backrest of the couch and the blood was slowly falling in your brain, clouding your thoughts.

Yixing watched as you suddenly clenched and took away his finger, his hand falling down hard on the other buttcheek, waking you up and letting you face the reality: he didn’t let you cum.

He stood up and you whined a little keeping on clenching on nothing, trying to find some release over the air. ❝Stand up❞ he commanded and took you by the hips, making you fall on your feet.

Daddy❞ you whimpered without voice, already too exhausted from the teasing. You looked around a little bit shocked not finding Yixing and then saw that he already was in front of the French window in the room, his pants were off and his underwear too, his member was tall in the air, fingers stroking it and coating it in precum as he was watching you, you nipples perked and the robe untied, your womanhood red and throbbing for him.

Come here, kitten❞ he whispered looking at your face, his eyes slowly falling on your chest ❝come here and let daddy take care of you❞ he licked his lips ❝let daddy remember how good you are

Without thinking you walked slowly to him, your legs trembling, but stalking sensually, his eyes following their length as if he was watching some sort of model walk to him, ready to give him her body. He looked at you as if you were his goddess, he always did it, even in normal occasions. He loved to look at you, admire you, he loved to play with your image, imagining things, doing things.

When you finally arrived in front of him he placed his hands over your shoulders, his fingers caressing your skin, going down, but without taking your robe away with his touch. Your neck fell backwards and your lis parted, his fingers were vonom against your skin. He bent down and kissed you, his tongue shoving into your mouth even before your lips latched, his hands fell over your breasts. His fingers started to play with your nipples almost in sync with the way his tongue was playing with your mouth.

Yixing❞ you called breathless, but he turned you around again and shoved you against the window, you right cheek, your tummy and your breasts pressed against the cold surface.

Baby❞ he smiled behind you, his hands coming to separate your nipples from the window, playing with them ❝now everybody is going to see my babygirl naked❞ he murmured, his smokey breath tickled your neck, before his teeth collided with your shoulder, biting down a little. In the same moment his right hand pinched hard your nipple, making you cry out.

Now everybody is going to see how well I fuck you, huh?❞ he teased, his member rubbed against your ass, it was hard and boiling, the tip was wet as it slid between your buttcheeks for a second, making you gasp in surprise. ❝But it’s okay, right?

You smiled a little, you knew what he was doing, he wanted certainty and you were the only one who could give it to him, because even if he played the CEO part, you still had him in your hands, he was yours and yours to play with.

Yes, daddy❞ you giggled and you could tell that he knew you were amused. His hands slid down from your red and abused breasts to your sides, caressing your skin between his fingers, letting the length of your sides slid down his palms.

Why is it okay, then?❞ he smiled back at you, his hands stopping at your hips and his member sliding down, his tips started to poke at your entrance. He was coating himself in your juices, just like he always loved.

You opened your lips when his tip finally entered you. ❝Because I’m yours, daddy

He hummed, his member sliding into you slowly, your core accepting his thick meat, relaxing against him.

Right, so when other men look at you and want you what do you do?❞ he grumbled holding up his hand to keep the robe out of the way and see his member being eaten by your cunt. You opened your mouth to answer, but with short and strong movements he started to thrust into you, with you literally jumping on his manhood, your breasts hitting against the window, but you couldn’t care less. Probably anyone could pass in front of your house and see you being fucked by Yixing, but that was not your problem, because now your problem was Zhang Yixing himself.

His member was thicker than usual, he probably didn’t cum in some days, so he was harder than ever, his balls were slapping against your womanhood, almost touching your throbbing and hurting clit. Your mouth was parted and what started as whimpers and mewls were now turning into light screams, whining and the sound of his skin slapping against your was making you wetter than ever.

What do you do?❞ he muttered in a threatening tone, both of his hands let your hips and one circled your throat, meanwhile the other squeezed your right breasts. The stimulation was way too much, and you already rejected an orgasm, so when his member started to grow between your walls, you couldn’t help but start to shake in his hands.

I come to you, daddy❞ you tried to answer, your breath caught in your throat as he squeezed it a little. Between your lips whimpers and ❝yes, yes, yes❞ were falling off. This time he didn’t stop when your orgasm exploded in your stomach.

Your body shocked and he slowed down a little, trying to regain his breath. As you screamed at the intensity of the orgasm he let go of your throat and thrusted in you slowly, letting you ride your high. Your body fell in his hands, you were on your feet, yes, but he was making you stand right, your legs were feeling like jelly.

He took his member out of you, he went down and his hands circled your legs as he picked you up throwing you over his shoulder as if you weighted nothing for him, and you weren’t surprised, he only got stronger since the first time you met him. You raised your head a little to see where he was taking you, your body felt limp from the strong orgasm, you never had such a strong reaction in your life, maybe having sex three or four times per day wasn’t the best thing to do in your couple life.

You flinched as he let you down on the kitchen table, your covered back touching the cool surface of the white table, your legs were spread in front of him and his hands were caressing your thighs.

His eyes were dark over your body, he was admiring you again, he was printing your body and your face in his mind, so that if he had to leave again alone he would have remembered that moment.

You, naked, spread, wet, exhausted, but still hungry for him and his member. He smiled tiredly and you smiled back at him, your hands went up to comb your fingers between your hair in a tired movement, showing him that you wanted to sleep, but the throbbing clit between your legs was telling him otherwise.

He moved a little, now between your legs, his length was now resting over your clit and your forehead scrunched in surprise, your lips parting shocked. He started to move slightly, his member was grinding over your wetness, feeling hard against your clit and rubbing it just right.

From your lips whimpers were making the air hot, but from his lips grunts and whines were making you feel hot and bothered. Your clit orgasm was just behind the door, but his was even closer. His tip was red, but he was already spilling, his cum slowly coming in and out of his tip, the veins around his length were blue and his skin was as red as your cheeks.

Baby, daddy is gonna cum, okay?❞ he asked trying to hold back, his chest puffed out. You purred in response and he quickly shoved his member inside of you. Your walls embraced it, you were feeling everything, now hypersensitive from the previous orgasm and from the new one, his veins were rubbing against you and were making your way too sensitive.

He thrusted harder than he ever did and you slid a hand down to your engorged clit, massaging it with fervor in hard and strong circles. He dropped his forehead against your stomach and opened his lips in a silent scream as he cummed inside of you, filling your womb with his warm liquid, making you feel full again. Your legs curled against his form as you came a second time, crying out shamelessly as you shocked a couple of times against him. His clit was now finally reducing, letting you come back to reality.

Reality where Yixing was watching you with his softened member inside of you and his chin on your tummy.

You’re beautiful❞ he chuckled as he eyed the necklace with his initials, just one of the marks that told people that you were his. You sighed in content, your hands finding his hair.

Please don’t leave me again for such a long time❞ you begged in a whisper, but he heard it, because he always listens to you.

He raised his head and left your cunt, his cum flowing out of you, rejected by your womb, even if you loved its warmth. He took your face in his hands, his eyes serious on you ❝I won’t, baby. I’m not gonna leave you anymore, I couldn’t even sleep. If you’re not coming with me I won’t go anywhere❞ he kissed you slowly. ❝But now let’s take a shower and then let’s eat something, I’m starving

He raised himself from you and gave you his hand, helping you down the table. You looked down at your feet a little bit disgusted seeing the white liquid dirtying the floor. ❝I have to wash this before Lixue comes tomorrow or she’ll guess what we did❞ you muttered closing the robe around your body.

Now that your man was happy you could both go to sleep. You didn’t even notice that he still had his shirt on.

It’s not like she doesn’t know❞ he laughed waiting for you at the stairs, you walked to him and smiled at his happy face. There was nothing more beautiful than seeing Yixing all happy and smily.

Oh my gosh how I missed you, Mr Zhang❞ you giggled jumping a little and circling his neck to kiss him jokingly on the lips. One, two, three times, quickly, just to see his smile appear again and again.

I missed you too, my love

actually i was thinking about writing an ol series over this, starting from the beginning, so when they met ecc ecc. let me know tho !
- velvet

Having a YouTube channel with Tom Headcanon

Head Canon: having a YouTube channel with Tom
Warnings:none that I know of
A/N: I decided to post the Head Canon to my YouTuber!Tom series instead of part 2 hope that’s alright!


-Videos consist of 80% Spiderman puns

-you guys have signature Spider-Man and Ironman chairs you guys sit in for videos like Q&As and reacting videos

-your channel is called “The Spectacular y/n&Tom”

-trying British candy (and Tom judging you for not liking most of them the whole video)

-trying candy from y/c and Tom like most of it

-having Harry as your camera man whenever he’s available


-you’ve both have gotten amazing things happen to you since a young age so your subscribers always can’t wait for the next story

-pranks 24/7

-but once Tom made you cry and you gave him the cold shoulder for 3 days so you guys stopped for like 2 months

-but only 2 months because Tom and you love pranks

-Harrison featured in 50%+ of your videos

-separate vlogs when you’re away from each other

-when you and Tom took a break you still stay vlogging because you’re both dedicated af and stay committed

-but you guys surprise your followers when you end your break;))
“Hey guys, there’s someone I want you to see
“Ello mates! You you alright?”

-social media goes WILD

-you guys continued to tease your subscribers in your videos when Tom wouldn’t show anyone his hair

-food challenges the time

-but fair share of workout Videos too

-occasionally you guys get some of your movie costars in some videos

-but you guys don’t invite RDJ anymore or Mackie because they hog the camera

-Zendaya and Jacob love getting in videos and they always get ideas of starting their own

-make up tutorials with Laura (harrier) when you guys get breaks

-set tours

-flat tours

-room tours

-everything tours

-omegle trolling when you run out of ideas

-collabs with other YouTubers

-you especially like collabing with other couple channels

-you made a diss track against Tom with RiceGum as a joke because he is so unproblematic and this is the only way he would ever get one

-Tom loves it and thinks it hilarious



-fans spot hickies on your neck in a video and breaks the Internet

-Tom and you BOTH crying in the try not to cry challenge

-and laughing in the try not to laugh challenge

-Tom makes you edit the videos because he sucks™

-boyfriend does my makeup challenge

-girlfriend does my makeup challenge

-Tom just giving you compliments the whole video

-but also making fun of you

-you guys color coordinate your outfits because you’re That Couple™

-your intro is a parody of the original Spider-Man theme song

-Tom vlogs the whole day that he has planned to propose to you

-but he doesn’t actually plan on videotaping your proposal

-but you’re in public with the whole smhc gang so everyone starts videotaping the minute Tom gets on his knees

-you break the internet pt.3

-”my bachelorette party!”

-”my bachelor party!”

-comment sections:
~please have babies
~no fair I wanted to marry Tom
~I wanted to marry y/n

-you have Harry videotape the whole wedding

-you break the internet pt.4

-you guys make it to the YouTube 2017 rewind

-you love your subscribers so much and make sure they know and give them lots of giveaways

-you get the silver and gold play buttons and are making your way quickly to the diamond

-you’re overall proud of yourselves and each other with how your channel turned out


Characters: Y/N Collins Ackles, Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Orion Collins Ackles (omc), Abrial Collins Ackles (ofc).

Pairing: Cockles x Reader

Warnings: Daddy!Misha, Daddy!Jensen.   

Word Count: 1100ish

A/N: It is Misha’s birthday so this is written in honor of the weirdo real life angel that will always have a special place in my heart.

If you wanna be tagged in my future cockles x reader fics add yourselves here:

Thanks a billion to @torn-and-frayed for betaing this and throwing odd baby names at me.

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Cooking with your children was always a bit of a challenge. They were so full of energy and during dinner time that was one thing, but at 7am, you couldn’t really keep up. Today you decided it didn’t matter though. It was their papa’s birthday and you loved how excited they were about surprising him.

Your 5 year old son, Orion, who was usually the more rambunctious one of the two was being unbelievably patient with his sister Abrial, as he showed her how to make different shapes of the pancakes. The kids were most definitely their fathers’ kids. Ori with his wild brown hair and piercing blue eyes. He was a handful on a good day and a tornado on others, but he was kind and compassionate. A trait he shared with his more shy, yet strong willed little sister. Blonde little Abri with her shining emerald eyes stood up for what she believed in, punching older kids in the face when they tried to pick on her, on occasion, odd older brother.

They did everything together despite the two year age gap. Their appearances didn’t hide the fact of who their biological parents were. You didn’t plan for them to not have the same father, but it also didn’t matter. Both your husbands were their dads, no matter what biology showed and the kids knew that.   

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Cheers you up after a hard day (+ Jungkook)


Pranking Jin with lyrics




Yoongi confesion

Yoongi comforts you for your height

Teasing each other (+ maknae line)

You fight over Yoongi’s ex

Hate/love relationship

Yoongi accidentaly confesses (group chat)

Yoongi thinks you’re cheating

Teasing a jealous min yoongi

Yoongi overprotective brother

Best friends to lovers

You ask for attention. [Yoongi, Taehyung and Hoseok]


Been waiting enough (if this is what you call love) PT.1 PT 2. PT. 3



Hobi teases you for your blog

Hate/love relationship with Hoseok.

You ask for attention. [Yoongi, Taehyung and Hoseok]

Hoseok cheats on you


Burn me alive (Keep me by your side) PT. 1



Meme theories Part 2.

Namjoon being a sassy shit.

You ask your brother Namjoon to pick you up

4 o’clock appreciation (+Taehyung)

Fuckboy texts

Namjoon hurts your feelings.

Namjoon fight + surprise ending

Namjoon’s dimples.  


Let me stay (I won’t go away): PT.1 PT.2 PT. 3



Jimin forgets your date



Texting an unknown number: PT.1 PT.2 PT. 3



Hate/love relationship.

Needy Taehyung.

Comforts you after a nightmare

4 o’clock appreciation (+Namjoon)

Jealous Taehyung angsty

Taehyung comforts you after your cats death.

You ask for attention. [Yoongi, Taehyung and Hoseok]

Taehyung thinks you’re cheating  PT 1. PT 2.


Hold me tight (don’t hold me back) [+ Jungkook] P.1 P.2 P.3 P.4 PT 5 PT 6.



Soft boyfriend

Cheers you up after a hard day (+ Jin)

- BTS + GOT7, jealous jungkook. PART 2.



Hold me tight (don’t hold me back) [+ Taehyung] P.1 P.2 P.3 P.4 P 5. PT 6.

Texting an unknown number. PT. 1


BTS finds who is your bias.

Pick up lines

Borrowing their clothes

You ask for attention. [Yoongi, Taehyung and Hoseok]


You feel insecure about your weight

BTS encourages you while fasting.

BTS helps you lose weight

Yoongi accidentaly confesses

BTS find out your boyfriend cheated

BTS cheers you up after a nose surgery

Happy birthday texts

BTS + GOT7, jealous jungkook.

Random texts

Teasing each other.

Funny texts with bts.

BTS comforts you


Soft  fanfics

Accidentaly send them naughty pictures

You’re being followed

They try to help you with your writes block


Spying their little sister

Teasing each other (+ Yoongi)

Soft fanfics (maknae)

Soft fanfics (95z line)

Accidentaly send them naughty pictures


Break up prank




Sugamon: You miss them (suga and namjoon)


Jimin pt 1.  PT 2.

Yoongi PT.1 PT. 2 FINAL

Taehyung PT 1. PT 2.


BTS Reaction to you wearing their clothes.

BTS Reaction to you having a panic attack

BTS Reaction to you kissing them by accident

BTS Reaction to you asking them to model naked.

BTS Reaction to their drunk girlfriend telling them she has a boyfriend.

BTS Reaction to their crush kissing their cheek

BTS Reaction to you asking them to help you get dressed.


No happy birthday for the birthday girl. (OT7)

Two dreams one life (Jimin)

Trust (Yoongi)


Yoongi as a vampire

BTS as cats

BTS as things my friends have said.


Jimin art

Nap(sleep time) taekook

Jhope sunshine moodboard

Soft brown yoonseok moodboard

Vkook bros

Couple fashion board with Taehyung

Dark green namjoon

Namjoon coffee dates

Taehyung sunflower yellow

Wanna One Reaction to Their Idol Crush Saying Something About Them During an Interview or Having Their Pic as Lockscreen


He’d watch the interview happy that he has the time to watch you on tv sometimes. The interviewer would ask you if you have any idol that you want to get closer with, the answer being Yoon Jisung. He’d get overly excited and jump all around the dorm.

Interviewer “What would you want to say to Jisung if he was here?”

Y/N “Jisung-ssi, I wanna be friends with you!”

*screaming of happiness Jisung* *hugging the youngsters* *extra proud*

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He’d watch your group’s reality show when the other members of your group tease you for your lockscreen of Sungwoon. At first Sungwoon wouldn’t be sure if he heard right, but he’d get really happy when he is sure about it. He’d giggle alone all day cause he is too happy.

Guanlin “What happened, Sungwoonnie?”

Sungwoon “You can speak as informal as you want today,my day is too good anyway.”

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He would be attending a show together with you and the others when the MC asks you how are you feeling that you are next to Minhyun. He would be confused why the MC asked you that, but after explaining to him that you were seen having your phone’s lock lockscreen as his photo, he’d get so shy and find it really cute.

MC “Minhyun, what do you think about this?”

Minhyun “I have her photo as a lockscreen too.”

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He’d be watching your interview from the other part of your room, hiding from you, when the MC asks you which idol do you prefer. As Seongwoo’s name spills from your mouth, Seongwoo would try not to scream of happiness. He’d cover his mouth and run out of that room to react as much as he wants to the good news.

“Heol, she loves me already.”

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In his free time he’d watch all your group’s videos, in an old interview he finds you talking about how much you love his voice and that he inspires you a lot. He’d start screaming and laughing out of happiness. He’d even clean the house because of too much happiness going through his head.

“I should make her a song. Woah, that’s a good idea, Kim Jaehwan. Okay okay, let’s do it!”


He’d get so shy when you confessed in a interview that you had his photo as a lockscreen since his debut. He’d be really happy about it and really shy too cause he never thought that you’d ever give him some attention. He’d try to talk with you after that and maybe become closer.

“It’s cute, your lockscreen.”

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Jihoon would get extremely shy and wouldn’t know what to do when you tell the audience that you saved Park Jihoon in your heart. (“nae maeum soge jeojang” reference) He’d be so happy that you finally talked about him and even knew about his existence.

Jihoon“Can I ask her out, hyung? What should I say?“

Minhyun“Just tell her that you love her. It may work.”

Jihoon"Nevermind, I’m asking someone with experience.“

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He’d also be one of the guys who’d get shy easily. It would be too much of a shock for him to hear his name from you. When you meet him backstage he’d get extra shy and awkward. He’d ask you for your number later, when he’s no longer shy.

"I feel the same way too, even more. So can I have your number?”

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He’d be watching your group’s reality show when he sees you on your phone, your lockscreen being a cute photo of him. He wouldn’t believe his eyes and at first he wouldn’t react too much, but he’d be really happy about it.

“Hyung hyung hyung, she likes me, I like her, but when will we talk?”

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He’d get so excited when you talk about him being your favourite in Wanna One. He would smile at you while watching from the audience. He’d be so happy about it.

“She’s my favorite. My one and only. She can’t resist cutie Daehwi. Now we’ve gotta date.”

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When you tell the MC that you had Guanlin’s photo as your lockscreen since a long time ago, he’d get so shy and proud of himself that he’s got your attention. He’d hope that you’ll soon get in touch and be something in the future.

“We’ll be such a swaggy couple.”

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Guys oh my god I just remembered the worst thing out of today.

I went to visit my dad for the first time in months bc of how toxic he is, and things were going okay (I was there to tell him and Pam that I was getting married) and he started talking about his employee Ethan.

“He went on vacation to meet his girlfriends…. Two moms…”

‘Oh? Lesbians??’

“No. Her husband is having 'the surgery’ ”

I deadpanned. Another one of these conversations was happening.

'Oh, so you mean she’

“No he…. Its complicated”

I gritted my teeth

“I think he’s just confused I mean…. He’s too old”

I blocked out other shit he was saying bc I was getting nauseous.

“Ive been teasing Ethan about it today haha”


“I didnt know how to break the ice so I asked him if he knew about Bruce Jenner”

“I asked him if he was gonna have a foursome because … Yknow… Girlfriend, mom, tranny”

I was so fucking enraged. This isn’t the first time he’s done this, and he’s purposely misgendered a person he ASSUMED TO BE TRANS, JUST TO BE A DICK. And when I got angry 'oh its a joke dont take it so seriously’

Do you understand why I cannot come out???? Like???? At all??????

I want to kill my own fucking father, I’m so angry.

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Hi, I've been scrolling through all of your fics for the past hour now, just wanted to say that they are all amazing and could I possibly request a drunk miles as you write him so well... thanks 😊

“Y/N, you’re so squishy imma hug you!” You felt a warm embrace cuddle you and squeeze you tightly. The strong smell of sake reeked from his mouth, he had just gotten off fanservice and now he was terrorising you.

“Miles!” You wheeze, he lets go and giggles. His hair was messy and sticking up in random places but you found the messy look suited him and his dumb smile. “Sorry Y/N, I just love you so much I can’t contain it!”

“Miles, you’re drunk off sake. Talk about being a lightweight..” You murmur, attempting to stifle your laugh. Miles always teased you about being a lightweight after only two shots of whiskey but oh boy did this take the cake. Miles when he was drunk was much like a child, a clingy child who wouldn’t let you go.

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Phichit might be the biggest Victuuri shipper, but there’s no way he’s going to let Victor whisk his best friend off to Russia before a few rounds of merciless teasing.

Phichit: And then he started crying! I can’t believe he felt threatened over that. It’s like he forgot he’s the one you’re choosing to marry!

Yuuri: Ha ha…Victor can be a bit extra sometimes.

Phichit: Yes, he is. You two are made for each other.

Yuuri: ?

the shit that still doesn’t sit well with me is when allura, hunk, pidge, and keith were all either lowkey or highkey calling lance dumb. and they were satisfied with themselves for it. 

he’s already shown disappointment in himself for not being able to connect with the black lion and has expressed that he doesn’t feel like he’s good enough to be a paladin. so why would they be so quick to make fun of him when he’s feeling vulnerable? yeah, he’s a goofball but that’s only one part of his personality and they shouldn’t treat him like he’s stupid all the time.

he only wanted confirmation from allura that she wasn’t making fun of him. she had said, “i just had to get into a lance-like mindset and stop thinking so much.” a pretty back-handed compliment in contrast to all the praise she was getting for connecting with blue. 

lance immediately got defensive (”are you calling me dumb?”), which is a completely reasonable reaction because it was kind of rude of her. she did say he was a natural, but the rest of the team jumped right on that dumb comment and kept going, and allura did nothing to stop them. 

then keith said he was glad they were all making fun of lance… it didn’t really seem like friendly teasing to me. it was mean of them to do that after lance has proven himself to be just as smart (albeit in different ways) as the rest of them.

Kara: So we had a late lunch and then she took me to that new space exhibition after the museum was closed, so it was just us and the security guard there! Lena planned it all. We had the whole place to ourselves!

Alex: How was it?

Kara: Incredible. And it was really… really nice because Lena was so fascinated about it all and we stayed for hours, and we also had dinner at this rooftop restaurant and the stars were out… and Lena was… she looked– we had the best ever chocolate fondants-

Maggie: Sounds like you had quite the date.

Kara: Date?

Alex: Day.

Kara: Right! Anyway, so Lena was like

Maggie: [to Alex] Here we go.


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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: three days ago thomas stanley holland, a man who i USED to stan, tweeted "bye bye hair". harrison fucking responded to the tweet with an cheeky ass emoji. he knew that little shit he knew but he's holding out on us just like tom is. so tom's hair, the hair i love, the locks, the curls, the softness, is gone. next harrison is back at it again with instagram posts, this one with them riding horses but toms head is covered by a helmet. covered by a helmet. these boys, before we even truly knew it, were setting us up for cardiac arrest. so for three days we were left in the dark. then out of the blue we see tom with a hoodie covering his head strolling the streets in montreal with a laughing harrison beside him. we cannot see the hair. not one bit. THE LITTLE SHIT is specifically is pulling down his hood so we cannot see what he fucking did to his hair. AND THEN he posts another instagram story saying "guys it's not as bad as you think. i actually think it looks really good. i think you'll like it but i'm going to save it for an actual picture to show you." with harrison 'legit devil on the shoulder' osterfield smirking over his shoulder. these two boys are fucking teases and they know it. BUT IT DOESNT STOP THERE! Oh no. Tom then posts a photo on his instagram. throwback to my curls + tash. bitch, we all know you cut your hair. STOP TEASING US FOR FUCKS SAKE. we should've seen this coming. we should've listened to anthony mackie, he knew and we all should've listened. tom is a little asshole. so is harrison. i hate him. i hate them both. they can both CHOKE!