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A Day in the Life

Pepperland. A place where everything and anything can and could be possible. The lives of four dedicated musicians intertwine and go about as if it were any other day. Except it isn’t, and never quite is. 

When the infamous Kite Theatre is threatened to be shut down, Sgt. Pepper and his band combine talents to help save it while navigating their feelings and relationships in the meantime. 

So sit back, take a drag of some efferflourescent powder, and enjoy the show. 

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I love your observations on the teaser, and I agree with you. But who is eating the carrot? I say Sana but I just saw another online discussion where people are saying it's Noora? (And because Noora is eating Sana's carrot that means Noora and Yousef will have sex. I don't see that happening either)

Your timing is perfect because @sanaandthesun and I have been looking at nails and lips for a good hour and we think it’s Noora eating the carrot.

Personally I was looking at the teeth first but, from that angle, it’s hard to tell. Noora has a distinctive shorter tooth…on the right side of her face. And the shot is of the left side. Then the teeth look “bucktoothed” (English is not my first language, I wasn’t sure how to phrase that) but both Sana and Noora have slightly longer front teeth.
@sanaandthesun is now looking at teeth and mouths a lot but for me, personally, what sold it were the nails.

See Sana has well-kept nails. Often painted. She keeps them short but she does…keep them. You can see it here, in this gifset by @siwrenate.

You can see in the picture (and better if you’ve rewatched the teaser a hundred times…kill me) that the nails here are not just kept short: they’re bitten. They look like mine actually. Like someone’s been munching on them and doesn’t care about cuticles. And they’re unpainted.

And Noora bites her nails.

And doesn’t paint them.

The screenshots are not of very good quality, sorry. But you can see her nails are bitten and unpainted and unkempt.

So I think it’s Noora eating the carrot. I think it’s a metaphor for her having a relationship with Yousef (whether it stops at the kiss at the end of ep 5 or it continues). I think the trailer is about a reckoning. The clock is ticking and the elements of chaos are precipitating the falling action.

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i miss ace era so much :((

ok first of all I don’t know what’s an “””””ace era””””” I’ve only ever heard of The Most Iconic Taemin Era To Ever Happen

second of all……..ace era gave us everything. it gave us the danger mv, on which I’ve babbled too much already, and u can deny all u want but no one had ever been either blond or half-naked before these came around

but these, these teasers are the best. these went beyond your typical and boring teasers, they speak to me on a whole different level. I look at this and feel Iike he inhaled 5 and a half bags of gummy worms at a party and passed out on someone’s garden under the impression that he’d astral projected into the nexus. the baseball bat isn’t even his. what is it doing there. did he kill someone last night

and if you thought he was done with the blond - he leveled up and turned into an actual fcukgin angel

don’t forget the iconic worn off nail polish look that set the bar so high none of your faves dared to try and copy him. king tbh!


just like those cute suspenders 

that quickly evolved into Sin Outfits like this one

notice the leopard print in the shoes? they were everywhere throughout this era because taemin is a Classy Bitch

this smooth choreo???????? arrochando and cocking those tiny hips away like u GO and set that stage on fire boy

more mesh

and the HAIRSTYLES man this is what the essence of life looks like in a physical plane

if I could choose anywhere to live in I’d live in the following gif - it has all I need to survive from the thigh strap to the middle-part, the mesh shirt and overall outfit and the fact that he’s dancing to pretty boy because pretty boy is extremely important to the social, political, cultural and economic structure we currently live under and here’s why

ace era allowed my beautiful child to bring out his dark fairy prince nature in full strength. we could not have been more blessed

don’t deprive yourself from all this glory. appreciate ace era and it will bring immeasurable joy to your life thank you and have a good night

Just a reminder that these may be in Lord of Shadows, or Queen of Air and Darkness

Teaser #1

“Ty was sitting beside his sister, carefully tying several pieces of licorice together”

Teaser #2

Far below them the world spun by, a patchwork of summer-gold fields, green hills, and luminous, winding rivers of blue and green. It was beautiful, but Julian could not take his eyes off his brother. So this is the Wild Hunt, he thought. This freedom, this expanse, this ferocity of joy. For the first time, he understood how and why Mark’s choice to stay with his family might not be an easy one. For the first time he thought in wonder of how much his brother must love him after all, to consider giving up the sky for his sake.

Teaser #3

“You’re hurting her,” Ty said. “Don’t.”

Teaser #4

“Livvy would know,” Ty said. “She’ll know if I’m not here.”

Teaser #5

Cristina smiled. “I love you, too, Emma,” she said. “And maybe. Maybe I will.”

Teaser #6

“I’m used to people hiding and lying about their emotions,” said Cristina, “but you don’t.”

Teaser #7

This time the lightning that forked from Magnus’ hand snapped like a downed electrical wire between their feet.

Teaser #8

Julian still had that frighteningly blank expression on his face, as if his body was here but his mind was a million miles away.

Teaser #9

Emma nodded. “Good night, Jules,” she whispered, putting her head down on her jacket. He smiled faintly. “It’s morning, Emma.”

Teaser #10

I died inside. But I loved you so much, I could not stay dead. My heart beat because yours did. I breathed because you breathed. And across a thousand stars and through a million worlds, I found my way back to you.

Teaser #11

“You will ride with the Hunt again”

Teaser #12

Emma couldn’t live without them

Teaser #13

… since demons were once angels, their righteousness cannot have been completely overcome. Just covered up, hidden, buried so deep into their souls that they can ignore it.

Teaser #14

The clock chimed the hour

Teaser #15

“Wake up….wake up…”

Teaser #16

Cortana was like a live thing in Emma’s hands. Rage powered her.

Teaser #17

Kieran looked at him. He had what Mark thought of as his court face on, blank and superior as befitted a prince.

Teaser #18

The air exploded with a rustling, singing sound. Arrows.

Teaser #19

Kieran lifted up his mouth to Mark’s

Teaser #20

For your entertainment: A creature of the dark woods. Be careful, he may just want your soul

Teaser #21

Look in the scrying glass, she begged him

Teaser #22

“He was chained to a white oak tree”

Teaser #23

Heavenly fire changed me

Teaser #24

In the curve of her sleeping face, in the fall of her hair, in the shadows of her lashes against her cheeks, was a peace he had only rarely known.

Teaser #25

“they had hidden their relationship, exchanging messages with a raven as a carrier”

3 + 5 + 9 (vernon) = 17

1 + 1 (jeonghan) = 2 (mingyu), 11 + 2 = 13

….and then 37.33 shows up…3 + 7 + 3 + 3 = 16 (could also be 3 + 7 + 3 = 13, the remaining 3 symbolizing the 3 units?)

So the next person’s number could be 1….which I have a feeling is Wonwoo because…1U and Mingyu is 2??? Or it could be Coup because #1 dad? Or it could be Woozi because he showed up in Vernon’s trailer which had the phrase “One less of a full revolution”???

If it’s just 37, then the 3+7 = 10,  the next number would 7 if they’re following that pattern. We have yet to see a performance unit member so I feel like one of them would the lucky 7, my bet is Dino. Because I love him. 7 is a lucky number as well, and closest to 8 as a prime number can get so it could be Minghao. 

The next prime number could also be 3 instead of 7. Which I feel like would be Jun because J-U-N?

Chapter 31

by @lovelunarchron

I’ll post some of the beginning paragraphs here, in chronological sequence as they appear in Chapter 31, paragraph by paragragh. Something to tide you over while you wait for the completed update. Enjoy! - LLC

New to this fanfic? Start from the very beginning here.

I already re-blogged this from someone else, but upon subsequent study….

I get that wardrobe cut those shorts uneven on purpose to imply Dean just hastily chopped them because who cares, they’re just for wearing around the house, we *all* have yard work/chores-only clothes like that, etc. 

Having said this…

Wardrobe is totes [and I’m using the following phrase very purposefully] dicking around with us regarding that right-sided cut and they g.d. know it. 


I’d like to apologize for the severe lack of updates. The Sans date has been a major undertaking, and while I wanted to get it out by today, a number of factors have slowed me down.

As of this post, I am about 90% done with the next update. Time permitting, I should have it done by tomorrow. For now, enjoy a small teaser.

I will try to get to asks and bring back Theory Thursday this week.

As for A Shift in Fate, it is not dead. Voltra has just been busy, but we have gotten a BIT more done. We have about one more scene to do before the next chapter goes up.

That’s Saturday, which is tomorrow! 

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“When he lost her, he hardened, but the man he became is still just as full of fire, even if the flame now runs through lead.”

“Have you ever considered that you might read too many books?”

“It’s an apt metaphor.”

      Excerpt from The Warlord’s Contract,
      the first book in a new adult fantasy trilogy.

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Any sneak peaks for the next chapter? 😏

Yeah. I finally have a sfw passage I can give you as a teaser. From what I can tell, I will have Chapter 20 ready today, so it is cutting it close to the release time, but I’ll give it to you anyway!

(Thank you for all the sweet messages telling me to take care of myself. It’s so nice to know you guys care. But I also have horrible insomnia, so late nights are pretty regular for me, so I don’t mind much.)

Here’s your teaser!

“These past few days have been torture,” Victor whispers, leaning over him. “I’ve been holding back for your sake, Yuuri. But now I don’t have to anymore. Now I can do what I want with you.”

Scanlan pauses in the middle of a drink, eyes glowing red for less then a moment before they return to their dark brown color. He lowers the mug to the table, glancing at Kaylie beside him as she gulps her own ale down. He’s going to have to tell her something to keep her from following him, but that will be ok. It will be easy enough. 

He has a person he needs to see. He can’t quite understand who he has to see, or the connection he feels like he (probably?) has with them, but it doesn’t matter. They probably deserve what’s coming to them. 

1 am

Genre: Kim Taehyung x reader smut
Word count: 1.6k
“Teaser”: Your boyfriend that’s currently touring the world with his band-members, unexpectedly calls you in the middle of the night with a “problem” ;-).
Author’s note: Heyyyyyy guys! I haven’t been around lately, cause I’ve been busy living my life. Tests, friends, obligations etc. got in the way of me and this blog - pretty much life has made it hard to post things. I’ve been writing up quite a few scenarios, but I just haven’t finished any of them. This is just a random idea that came to mind and I just went with the flow. I hope you guys like it, since quite a few have been asking me for a V smut…. so here you Tae-lovers go! I tried to proof read it, but it’s so late and I probably read over some of the typos! Sorry about that! I’m tired af! Enjoy hanas!

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Wicked Games (2)

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Part 1 | Part 3


Warnings: This chapter contains explicit content i.e Smut & Mentions of Drug Abuse

You didn’t mean for it to become a usual thing since that night. Sehun had suddenly made himself a part of your life in the most unexpected way. You didn’t want it at first, but as usual you always seemed to make decisions before completely thinking them through.

You had finished up the night at the club and were sitting on the couch in your living room, waiting for him to come again. You thought back to the night that you met him as if it were yesterday, whereas it has been going on for as long for things to become routine.

The memory was still fresh in your mind and you could remember every detail about it. 

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