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Q&A Transcript with Alex Hirsch at MomoCon 2017

Question: Before you decided to make Bill the main bad guy, did you have another character in mind that would have been the villain? 

Alex: Yeah, um that’s a good question. Uh, so, when we came up with the villain of the show, I knew that… I knew that Bill was involved. And I knew that Ford had disappeared due to some deal gone wrong with some villain next to the mystery of how Gravity Falls was all assembled. 

Um, but, I didn’t yet decide that Bill was that character in the very beginning, y'know? I had always imagined it was some sort of evil character somewhere kinda hidden in the woods. I wasn’t sure I could go with the Bill idea cuz I thought it would be too much like Twin Peaks, but as we got further along the series we discussed it among the repairs and we were like, ‘none of our other villain ideas were as good.’ Bill, Bill was weirder than anything else we thought of. Um, I remember there were other ideas. Strange monsters and government officials; some kind of cthulhu– some weird crazy old man. But nothing was ever better than Bill, so it ended up sticking. Probably somewhere around, y'know, season one– midway through season one, we started thinking we might be– might be on point.

Q: Was Grunkle Stan ever aware of McGucket’s connection to his brother? 

 A: Oh, oh that’s such a good question. Wait, let me think about that for a second… Uh… lemme see… I don’t think so. I don’t think Stan was ever aware of McGucket’s connection to his brother. Because, by the time Stan traded identities with Ford, uh… McGucket had already gone off the deep end– Was already y'know, had already created the Society of the Blind Eye; had already lost his own memory. So Stan would’ve really only known McGucket as a local obnoxious fisherman. 

And McGucket, probably somewhere deep in the back of his mind, was eerily just drawn to Stan in a way he just couldn’t put his finger on, because he thought maybe he knew him, but– I don’t– I think Stan was ignorant of that. Um, I think Stan… I think Stan looking through the journals probably should’ve put two and two together, but Stan’s not the best at book-learnin’. Uh, so… my guess is Stan wouldn’t have known despite that uh, that there’s a lot of tumblr art out there showing them as like the Scooby-Doo gang. I don’t think Stan ever really knew McGucket before.

Q: What episode do you believe came out the strongest and the most well rounded overall? And is it the same as your personal favorite episode?

 A: Oh gosh. Um. That’s a great question. Hmm… I probably feel, personally, that the strongest episode is uh, “Not What He Seems” just because it’s such a dramatic episode. Like, we know– We’ve never had an episode that dramatic. But, when we first pitched it to Disney executives… they thought it was bad. [laughs] Um, Because it didn’t have a lot of jokes in it? Like, I remember normally when we’re pitching our episode, executives can usually gauge how good they are by how much people laugh. People didn’t really laugh for that one, because it’s really tense. So we thought, maybe we’d screwed up. But, when the animation came back we were like, 'Oh! It’s GOOD that it’s tense. Like, it worked!’ Um, So, I dunno if that’s my favorite episode, but I think– that’s the episode we should’ve won an Emmy for, and I’m still pissed we didn’t. [laughs]

In terms of favorite episode, like… I dunno. I think the first episode that I really felt that the show was really starting to feel the way I wanted it to– “Time Traveler’s Pig” in season one. Like, that was an episode where Dipper had an interesting story, and Mabel had an interesting story, and uh, felt nostalgic, and based around the summer, and had a big secret callback to even previous episodes, so– I just remember when we first just got that episode back in color, I was like, 'hey I think maybe I like how I’m making this cartoon show,’ so I think that has a particularly fond place in my heart, y'know.

Q: Is Disney bringing you to SDCC or NYCC later this year to promote the journal and other books coming out? 

 A: Right, um, yeah, Disney– Disney… Disney-general and me, have like– we’re divorced. Like, they kept the house, and the pets. Y'know what I mean? It’s… we don’t like get dinner or anything. But, the Disney Publishing department, separate from Disney Television, they’re really cool, and enthusiastic, and energized. And they wanna make new cool stuff. Um, so I think it’s possible I might be at D23 this year, and it’s possible I might be at Comic Con, but I don’t have anything confirmed yet.

Q: In the scene where Bill is trying to convince Ford to join him in the Fearamid, were there any other jokes or story beats that were considered? 

 A: Which episode specifically are you talking about? [Q: The We’ll Meet Again scene.] Yea yea yea, We had a– Every scene that you’ve ever seen in the show has a ton of ton of stuff we’ve thought of and had to cut for time or other reasons. Um, I remember there was definitely a version of that where Bill was a lot trickier. Like, he sort of more successfully lied to Ford about like: 'We’re actually going to make the world a better place. Though I present myself as this chaos lunatic that’s just my personality.' Like, 'here’s ways in which we’ll IMPROVE the universe.' 

Um, but it felt out of character. We thought it was much more like Bill to just draw smiley faces in oceans and eat the sun and just– hope, that the force of his charisma could convince Ford that that was a good idea. But uh, I feel like– I feel like Bill can be really really tricky when he wants to, but by the time Weirdmageddon showed up he’s so impatient, and he’s so convinced that he won, that he was no longer like, this brilliant chess master he used to be. He’s like, 'alright let’s do it! Do what I want or I’ll eat your face.’ Like, no more– No more, like– He wasn’t as smart a tactician as he used to be, y'know?

Q: Was “We’ll Meet Again” always the song you were going to use? 

A: Oh yeah, it had to be that. It was like… I think I’d just seen Dr. Strangelove recently around that time and it stuck in my head. It seems to me, if Bill has a taste in music, it would be, like, old timey music that ranges from either weird to obnoxious to obscure. 

Uh, Disney wanted me to cut it cuz it cost them a bunch of money to get the rights, even though it’s so old, it still cost them money to get the rights. And I just… said, please. Over and over and over again. I would send an e-mail that just said, 'please.’ And send another e-mail that said, 'please.’ And I would send another e-mail that said– Yeah. [laughs] Eventually I wore them down that they’re like, 'alright we’ll spend thousands of dollars.’ [laughs]

Q: Are real comics coming? 

 A: You want comics? Would you read Gravity Falls comics?
[Audience screams]
[Alex leans his ear forward]

A: It’s a terrifying noise isn’t it, Michael? I was at a… Gravity Falls gallery, and like, they didn’t tell us how many people would show up, and it was like, THAT noise echoing from every corner. And uh like, I think I lost a year of my life. My hair started going gray, and it was like, 'oh my god, this is too much love! It’s terrifying.' 

Comics. I would love to do Gravity Falls comics. Um, I have so many… One of the tough things about a half hour show like Gravity Falls is every now and then we think of an idea that we really liked, but it was too short for a half hour; 'oh that’s only five minutes of story’– Or it’s too specific and weird. And so I have tons and tons of ideas of the show that y'know we’d like to explore this character, we’d like to show this secret, this storyline. So, I’d love to do comics. But, that’s up to Disney Publishing, and I’m trying to convince them. So, hopefully, I’ll have something exciting to announce in not too long.

Q&A with Stan and Soos

Q: Is Dipper adorable or manly?  

Stan: Dipper smells like baby wipes. Even if I cut off all my shoulder hair, and taped it to him, he wouldn’t be 1/10th as manly I am.

Q: What would you do if Mabel told you she had a date to prom? 

Stan: I would… invite the gentleman over, have some coffee, tie him to a chair and interrogate him for 10 hours, and maybe throw him in the pit. [shrug] Hands off my neice, kid!

Q: What would happen if Soos met Giffany again? 

Soos: Oh yea, I recently downloaded this couple’s therapy sim? Uh, I think she and I would have to talk about our issues and pass around a conversation pillow, and really work out these struggles. Cuz she’s got some problems, dude.

Q: Soos, why are you so perfect? 

Soos: Yeah, uh, my grandma said that a whole bunch of doves flew down and formed the shape of a perfect angel over my crib. I dunno, dude I guess I was just born that way.

Mr. Min - Chapter 05

Description:  Your CEO caught your attention the first day you started your new job and it seems the attraction is mutual.  Too bad he’s only interested in a relationship that benefits him.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Jungkook

Genre: Angst and Smut

Word Count: 23,243

A/N: Eternal thanks to my number one cheerleader and motivator, @avveh, for constantly rooting for me even when I felt like banging my head on the keyboard.  Not to mention for beta reading this monster.  For anyone who can’t read this on the tumblr app I suggest checking out the AO3 link or opening it on a browser/computer.

PrologueCh 01 - Ch 02 - Ch 03 - Ch 04 - Ch 06

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anonymous asked:

I live for finding new music so I really appreciate your playlists every month, you have a brilliant taste in music

Thank you so much!!!!! I really love finding new songs to share!!!!


The bed was empty once again. The sheets were cold. You shivered, pulling the blanket tighter around you. You missed his strong arms wrapped around you. He was always warm and on mornings like this he was your personal heater. But he hadn’t been home in a long time and you missed him so much it hurt.

With a grunt you rolled out of bed and started your morning routine. Every morning the same. You hadn’t done anything special in weeks. Sleep, eat, work, eat, sleep. Each day the same. You were sick of it.

So this morning you texted your friends, asking to go out tonight. It was Friday after all. They immediately said yes, happy to get you out of your funk.

With renewed energy you made your way to work.

Half an hour before lunch, there was a flower delivery. You hadn’t been at your desk, so your colleague signed for it. A gorgeous bouquet of pink lillies took up half your desk. You instanly knew who they were from, even without reading the note attached. A bright pink envelope sat in between the flowers, holding a simple piece of paper, that had the words “I can’t wait to see you…” written in his neat handwriting on it.

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Side Effects

❤ Soulmate Drabble (4/13) ❤ 

Originally posted by kwontv

Member: Hoshi
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 645

Once you meet your soulmate all of your senses are heightened, however there is a catch. 

TRIGGER WARNING There is mention of cancer and death in this!

Hoshi stood a few steps in front of you cleaning the dishes while you sat at the bar lazily drinking a cup of hot chocolate. It was too early in the morning for most to be awake, but just bright enough where the two of you could justify not turning on the lights and instead letting the sunrise illuminate the kitchen leaving everything with a green tint as it seeped through your curtains. The radio played whatever upbeat pop song had been circulating this summer, but neither of you were really listening. This was how you liked things between the two of you, at least at a glance. Things weren’t healthy between the two of you. Things stopped being healthy when you stopped being healthy.

When you first met Hoshi you were skeptical to the idea of finding a soulmate. The concept of all your senses being heightened as soon as you laid eyes on someone seemed just about as fake as the fairy tales you had read growing up. Sure, there had been people that believed that the soulmate effect worked, but you never cared how many people told you it did because it had to be a hoax. You believed that until you turned 16, and then it happened to you.

Out of all places for it to happen finding your soulmate while you slipped and fell on a slushie at the gas station seemed impossible. Whatever music played in the background when you fell in the dimly lit gas station while eating a bland breakfast, it was a shitty start to what should have been a shitty day. But then you met eyes with him. And suddenly the music that played in the background seemed like something that would be played at a symphony and composed by the most brilliant connoisseur of music in the world, the gas station erupted with colors you had never seen before, colors you never previously could have comprehended. Your mouth tasted like the richest form of chocolate and that donut you were eating when you met him became a delicacy passed down for thousands of years that only you had ever known about.

You had made a lives for yourselves almost instantly, everything about Hoshi seemed perfect almost too good to be true. You had gone on adventures together in rainforests and seen and heard things that created new levels of ecstasy in your brain. You had gone on adventures together in only your backyard with nothing but a picnic basket with a few raspberries inside. Every day was a new form of pleasure, whenever you thought it couldn’t get better it did. Until, one day it didn’t.

Sure, you had heard rumors, but much like before you were skeptical, in fact you were optimistic that it wouldn’t happen to you. Cancer. That’s what the doctors had said. You didn’t even mind you were dying, you had truly lived a wonderful and beautiful life in the arms of Hoshi. You didn’t mind until the side affects of finding your soulmate began to settle in. You began to destroy Hoshi.

He wiped the dishes down for the 700th time not making eye contact with anything, he was much too lost in thought. If you were to take a snapshot of this moment you would both look happy, it could be on the cover of a happy couple’s magazine, but that was be so far from the truth. “I stopped seeing blue last night.” He mumbled into the plate he was scrubbing. “I was watching the sunset, you know how the moon looks blue this time of year? It was there for a moment and then the next, it was gone.”

“Is that so?” You whispered in a trace of mind numbing exhaustion. You took one long sip of your hot chocolate and tasted nothing but sand.

- Peach

no one ever talks about the beauty of falling out of love. one day your universe is this other person - you see galaxies in their eyes, you read your future from their palms, you fall asleep to their heartbeat - and yes, there is beauty in all of it. and then suddenly, they’re gone and it hurts in places you’ve never felt before. and the pain colors everything for a while - the way you can’t quite taste your food, and music reaches your ears and not your heart, and laughing doesn’t come from your belly, but from your mouth. it is ugly for a while, but then, one night, you look up at the sky as you walk home, and you see galaxies - millions of stars shining upon you and for you and you feel small, so small, but also important, grand, brilliant, because you are right here, right now and you have the privilege to watch them shine. they exist in thousands of years, some are long gone and others still burn bright - and yet you, just you, the ordinary broken-hearted you get to witness their light. and you begin to heal, slowly. and dreams fill your nights, and you can see a future again, and happiness for yourself and in yourself. you have dreams of your own, beautiful and bright and big, and a little bit frightening. you fall out of love slowly - out of love with this other person, this other universe, and you fall in love with yourself. and baby - it’s the most marvelous thing there is, watching you discover yourself in your depths, watching you reach towards yourself for strength. it’s the most beautiful thing watching you grow from a star and into a galaxy.
—  marina v., the becoming.
Milestones (Slight Jake x F!MC)

Universe:  Endless Summer
Word Count: 2322 (whoops)
Rating: PG
For #ChoicesCreates Week 5, hosted by @hollyashton and @cartoonfanforlife.  The prompt for this week was: “Mirror.”
A picture speaks a thousand words.  But when you’re looking at not a still image, but what’s in front of you, the thoughts could be endless.  You tell your own story, through your own eyes, through your own parallels, and through your own reflection.

Side note: I posted another JakexF!MC earlier this week, and would love to receive feedback for it!  May or not be emotion-packed.  Check it out through this link:


-6 years old-

You stand in front of the mirror, watching the blonde pigtails that your aunt tied up bob up and down as you sway to the tempo of the pop song playing on the radio.  They were cute, but your costume isn’t.  Your puffy, cyan blue Cinderella dress seems to refuse to move with you, and because of that you groan in frustration.  It’s so itchy, and uncomfortable, you just want Halloween to be over with.  

Your aunt, Rebecca, strolls into your bedroom, tiara in hand. “What’s wrong, love? I don’t recall the part in Cinderella where she throws fits.”  She jokes, but it makes you even more upset.  

You cross your arms, trying to get the point across.  “I don’t like this costume.  It doesn’t look good on me.  I wanted to be cop.  Why can’t I be a cop?”  

“Sorry, love, I couldn’t find a police costume.  Next year, I promise.  And nonsense, you look adorable,” She tuts.  “But, if you insist, I think I might have just the solution…”  Your aunt waves the tiara ecstatically.  “I knew your dress was missing something, so I quickly drove to the store to buy you a crown, fit for royalty!”  

You stand still, arms remain folded, as she gently adjusts the tiara into your hair, careful not to poke you anywhere.  “There.  Now, you’re beautiful, princess.” 

You scoff and roll your eyes.  “I was always beautiful.” 

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My brilliant buddy with good music taste @blackishathena just tagged me for this!

Instructions: You can tell about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. No skipping

1. Mind Over Matter - Young the Giant

2. Catapult - Arctic Monkeys

3. Gone For Good - The Shins

4. I Want It All - Arctic Monkeys

5. Idiot Box - Incubus

6. It’s Gonna Be Me - N*SYNC

7. Lockjaw - French Montana ft. Kodak Black

8. Lady Grinning Soul - David Bowie

9. Technicolor Beat - Oh Wonder

10. Love in a Time of Surveillance - Incubus

I would say all the songs are pretty chill except for the It’s Gonna Be Me…but all data has an outlier so yeah. 

Tagging other brilliant people: @mentalpathways @sorryisankthetitanic @botzer0@lindsindor @relevantlyirreverent @thistruckersatlas @veneratedwolf @skeletalskins @anangstyblackgirl @tomorrow-youmightbedead

Request: Apple Pie Life

Request: One shot where YN, sam,dean,and cas get zapped into YNs mind by a witch and they live through her memories. maybe YN had a perfect apple pie life before her family was killed? Complete with happily married parents,two older genius brothers,a twin brother,and several million dollars?maybe do some vaca memories? After they get out the boys are upset that YN had that life taken from her but she’s ok and just happy to be with them? Thank you!

 Here you go! Word count: 917 I hope it’s okay!:D

Note: To the anon who requested a oneshot about The French Mistake- I haven’t seen that episode, I’m only in the middle of S5. I’ll have it up by this time next week, I promise!

The last thing that the witch utters is the strangest of incantations. It’s nothing you’ve ever heard before, and as you don’t speak Latin, you can’t translate.

“Cuncta haec quator in corde suo, ubi ea vite beata, utostenderet tibi quod non potuerit esse, si monstrum venationibus numquam.”

You look at the three guys. The brothers have looks of confusion on their faces, but Cas know what it means. You can tell. You open your mouth to ask, but suddenly there’s a flash of light and a clashing sound.

You’re all stood in a room, a room that’s terribly familiar.

“Where are we?” Dean asks, spinning around. “Wherever we are, the owner has brilliant taste in music.” He walks over to an AC/DC poster tacked to the wall, running his hand over it.

You’re in your childhood bedroom. Everything is as you saw it last. You look at the calendar, the crosses marking the date.

 “Y/N?” Sam’s noticed you’re looking around wistfully, and you spin to look at him. “Do you know where we are?”

Cas speaks up in response. “Bring these four into her mind, where her happy life resides, to show you what she could have been, had monster hunting never been.”

You nod, “That makes sense. We’re in my house, when I was a kid.”

Dean’s eyes widen, “This is your room?”

You smile and nod. “Yeah. This is how it was when I last saw it.”

“Not bad. Why are we here?” He asks, sitting on the bed.

“The witch sent us, I don’t know why.”

He’s about to answer when there’s a voice from downstairs, “Y/N! Aiden! Dominic! Silas!”

“Who’s that?” Sam asks as you walk quickly over to the door.

“My mom.” You smile at hearing her voice again, “And my brothers. Aiden’s 28, Dominic’s 24, and Silas is my twin.”

“You have a twin?” Sam asks.

“Uh…had.” You correct him, your heart twinging at the memory. It was a long time ago but it still hurts.

“Oh. Sorry.” He says as you leap down the stairs. The amount of times you’ve done this doesn’t even bear thinking about.

The guys trailing behind you, you walk through to the dining room. It’s a big house, your family were always well off. Your dad was a big-wig lawyer and made his millions winning every case he’d ever been a part of.

You’re sat at the table with your twin brother, and you’re trading stories about your day. Your two older brothers come in. Aiden is pursuing a career in neurosurgery and is home for a few days, while dominic has been living here for a few weeks since his roommates had a huge argument and he’s really rather stay away from the whole thing.

“Hey, Y/N!” Aiden ruffles Past-You’s hair and sits down beside you. Dominic does the same to Silas and sits on the opposite side. You grumble in sync and your parents come in, bringing dinner. Your dad kisses your mom’s cheek, making her giggle, and you all begin eating.

You barely even notice the tear sliding down your cheek.


The memory switches, and you’re suddenly on a beach. You can feel the heat of the sun’s rays beaming down onto the sand, onto your shoulders. You look around at the guys, then see your family and yourself racing down the beach. You’re slung over your oldest brother’s shoulder as your mother is over your father’s. You grin, seeing them.

You watch them as you play in the sand and swim. It’s one of your best memories- you were on holiday in Greece, for two weeks. It was a month before you lost them.


The last memory the witch’s spell shows you is worse. Much, much worse. You see your burning home, the bodies of your family strewn on the blood-soaked lawn. You cover your eyes, unable to watch as you hear yourself screaming and sobbing hysterically, wanting to die too. It had been a miracle for you to survive but at that point, you wished that you had been killed too. You were alone.


You’re suddenly back in the dusty old house. The body of the witch lies on the floor, and the guys are standing behind you, staring at you in awe and distress.

Half embarrassed, you shrug your shoulder, “And that was Y/N’s life story! Tune in next week for another dose of death!” You say in a falsely enthusiastic TV-Presenter voice.

Sam shakes his head, moving towards you slowly. “Y/N…your life was perfect.”

“I wouldn’t say that-“

“You lost it all.” Dean cuts in, his eyes wide.


“You have lost so much.” Cas offers.

You shrug, “Yeah, I lost some stuff. But I gained you guys. I lost one family and gained another.”

“You could have had everything, but the demons took that from you.” Sam’s voice is filled with concern, and you shrug it off.

“And I’ve taken hundreds of their lives in return. I think we’re roughly even.”

“You hardly seem upset.” Dean says, confused.

“I am, I miss them so much and I miss the peace. But really, I’m fine. I have you three and you guys are all that I need. I’m happy, because I’m with you.”

Suddenly, you’re enveloped in a tight hug from the brothers. Cas joins the three of you somewhat awkwardly and you laugh, hugging them back.

“I love you guys.” You smile, and hug tighter.

“We love you too.” Sam says, squeezing you tight.

no one ever talks about the beauty of falling out of love. one day your universe is this other person - you see galaxies in their eyes, you read your future from their palms, you fall asleep to their heartbeat - and yes, there is beauty in all of it. and then suddenly, they’re gone and it hurts in places you’ve never felt before. and the pain colors everything for a while - the way you can’t quite taste your food, and music reaches your ears and not your heart, and laughing doesn’t come from your belly, but from your mouth. it is ugly for a while, but then, one night, you look up at the sky as you walk home, and you see galaxies - millions of stars shining upon you and for you and you feel small, so small, but also important, grand, brilliant, because you are right here, right now and you have the privilege to watch them shine. they exist in thousands of years, some are long gone and others still burn bright - and yet you, just you, the ordinary broken-hearted you get to witness their light. and you begin to heal, slowly. and dreams fill your nights, and you can see a future again, and happiness for yourself and in yourself. you have dreams of your own, beautiful and bright and big, and a little bit frightening. you fall out of love slowly - out of love with this other person, this other universe, and you fall in love with yourself. and baby - it’s the most marvelous thing there is, watching you discover yourself in your depths, watching you reach towards yourself for strength. it’s the most beautiful thing watching you grow from a star and into a galaxy.
—  the becoming /// marina v.
Dear Followers

- I hope you slept well
- I hope you got home safe
- I hope you ate 3 square meals
- I hope you have a balanced diet
- I hope your doing well in school
- I hope your exercising regularly or not your choice
- I hope you’re healthy
- I hope your doctor’s appointment went well
- I hope you talked to the person you’re crushing on
- I hope the fore-mentioned individual knows your value
- I hope you’re not too stressed
- I hope you don’t belittle your abiliies
- I hope you know how brilliant you can be
- I hope you don’t EVER doubt your taste in music
- I hope you get that job/promotion you want/I wish you luck on your interview/audition
- I hope your mornings have purposes, your noons are eventful and your evenings are satisfied
- I hope you finally finish that season/show on netflix/hulu
- I hope you don’t forget to feed your pets/water your plants
- I hope you aced your finals
- I hope you get into the college of your choice
- I hope you dream big and they come true
- I hope you ate well today
- I hope people take you seriously
- I hope you finish that book
- I hope you get two snacks for the price of one at vending machines
- I hope you get your dream car/house/spouse/kids/life
- I hope you appreciate other cultures
- I hope you realize you are NEVER ALONE

Till next time my loves.

Its 2:30 am and for some reason i’m wide awake but i’m listening to the cab so its all good..I decide to write a quick fic…about RInns breakup..its more modern day tho I guess but only because of the song..the link to the song is below. i didnt edit this too much I just wrote it.. the words in italics are memories..thats about it hope you enjoy….

That night


I’m not sure where to begin, so I guess I’ll start with, I miss you. I keep replaying that night over and over. I could see that you were scared; I should have run after you.

I don’t wanna go out anymore, I just wanna be friends

Rae, Rae what have I done?

I should have noticed that something was off when you were avoiding me at school. I’m sorry it took me so long to realize why. Not so long ago you asked me why I liked you, and I understand now why you needed to know.

Why do you like me!?

Because I just do!

But I’m a four and you’re an 11

What I should have said was, I love you because you’re strong, you’re kind, you’re brilliant, you’re beautiful, you have better taste in music than me, I could go on forever but I would rather say these things to your face. I’m glad that we are on speaking terms again but I want more, It’s killing me that I can’t touch you, especially when I can see that you’re hurting, wishing you would confide in me. Please know that I’m here for you. I hope you believe me and I hope you’re willing to give us another chance I’m willing to fight for us. I love you.

-Finn x

After I stopped crying I contemplated calling him, I miss him so much it hurts to breathe and being around him his hard to bare. I just don’t know if I’m strong enough, all the stares and the whispers I just can’t handle it. After a few minutes I played the tape that was attached to the letter.

I can see it in your eyes
You’re scared
All these things they force you to do aren’t fair
I’m here to chase away these tears
Baby, we can chase away these fears

Because sometimes baby
You fall on your back
But girl, you’re three times the lady I’ll ever have
And you know, You know it’s true
This is a fight refuse to lose

And I’ll run
Have a little faith in me
You’re scared and alone
And I’ll run
This is where we both break free
I’ll bring you home, you home, you home

I can hear it in your voice
You care
Let me run my fingers through your hair
I’ll keep you company at night
Baby, I’m here to make this right

Because sometimes baby
You fall on your back
But girl, you’re three times the lady I’ll ever have
You know, you know it’s true
This is a fight refuse to lose

And I’ll run
Have a little faith in me
You’re scared and alone
And I’ll run
This is where we both break free
I’ll bring you home, you home, you home

Believe me and don’t think twice
And don’t leave me, or say goodbye
Believe me, believe me, tonight
Baby, believe me and don’t think twice
Believe me

And I’ll run
Have a little faith in me
You’re scared and alone

And I’ll run
Have a little faith in me
You’re scared and alone
And I’ll run
This is where we both break free
I’ll bring you home, you home, you home

Have a little faith in me
Have a little faith in me
Have a little faith in me
If you have a little faith in me

It was Monday morning I was walking into school, Finns words playing over and over in my mind; It was Saturday when I got the letter and I made my decision after I read it and listened to the tape, but I wanted to give him answer about us at school.

As I was walking through the court yard I saw Archie and Finn, Finn had his back to me.

I gave Archie a small smile and he nodded at me, Finn turned around to and looked at me

All I did was smile then after a beat I took a deep breath and nodded yes

A smile grew on his face and he ran towards me and wrapped me in the tightest hug I’ve ever had

“I love you Rae, I’m so sorry, I love you , I love you” he was still hugging me

“I Love you Finn, you don’t need to apologize it was me, it was my fault”

“I was being a dickhead”

“no, I should have known what was going on”

“Finn. It was my fault I should have talk to you”

“I love you so much Rae”

“I love you too Finn”

And with that Finn kissed me

Soon we heard cat calls and whistling

We broke apart and just smiled at each other and walked away holding hands, and for the first time the only thing I noticed was Finn.

so yeah, here’s another fic..sorry I like to put them in the dark or lock them in spaces lol I just think it funny but here ya go..I hope you enjoy my quick fic :) also I’ve never done the POV thing so I hope it transitions okay…

Uncle Archie

Finn’s POV


I wanted to let you know that I like you, I’m sure you don’t even notice me, but I think your amazing and your taste in music isn’t that bad.


Rae’s POV


I like you, I have for a while now. I think your brilliant and your taste in music is pretty awesome.


Finn’s POV

As I walked into the pub I was wondering who could have sent me a love letter, I mean even though I just sent one, I can’t believe I got one, I wonder who it’s from…maybe it’s from Rae!? Nah, what are you thinking Finn she’s not the kind of girl that sends love letters… but I hope she’s the kind that likes to receive them.

As I made my way into the pub I walked up to Archie showed him the love letter and asked him if he recognized the hand writing.

He said “no mate sorry, any idea who it might be from?”

No, but I’m hoping it was Rae

“No, not a clue”

“let’s just keep it between us yeah?”

“sure, mate not a problem”

Rae’s POV

I walked into the pub and straight to Archie

“Hey Archie do you have a sec”

“Sure Rae whats up’

I pulled him slowly towards the bathrooms and showed him my love letter

“Do you recognize the hand writing, Arch?”

“No, can’t say that I do”

“Do you have any idea who might of sent it”

“No, why would anyone want to send a love letter to me?”

“Rae, you’re an amazing person, who ever it is has impeccable taste”

I give Archie a hug and hope this is not some cruel joke

“Thanks, Arch, let’s just keep this between you and me Yeah?”

“Sure Rae no problem”

I made way back over to by the bar where the rest of the gang were listening to Chop babble

Archies POV

I recognized both sets of handwriting as soon as I saw it, Finn because I’ve known him forever and Rae because once she drunkenly wrote me a list of songs to perform at open  mic night 

I can’t believe Finn sent Rae a love letter, normally he’s pretty confident when it comes to girls…he must really like her…and Rae sent one to Finn that doesn’t even make sense, I would think she would think the whole idea of a love letter is stupid.

Ugh… look at them over there, it’s completely obvious they like each other, how could I have not notice, they stare at each other enough.

Well, my two best mates sent each other love letters, I guess it’s up to Uncle Archie to work some magic.

Rae’s POV

Why would anybody send me a love letter, it’s probably just a cruel trick…it has to be why would someone like me when they could like someone li..

“Oi! Raemundo are you listenin’ to me!?”

“yes, um sorry what was that Chop”

“A little birdie told me you’ve got an empty”

“so” get to the point Chop

“so how’s about we have a party?”

“No, Chop no parties” I really just wanna figure out who sent me this love letter

“I’m not just talking any party, I’m talkin’ a Sexy party”

Finn looked at him baffled  “what’s a sexy party?”

“Everyone brings sleeping bags and no one asks questions in the morning”

I’m still not fully listening to conversation but I happen to look at Archie and he gives me a look that says why not have a party because if you don’t he’ll never shut up.

So I said “alright, alright we can have a party if you shuddup already”

Chop brings me in for a hug and kisses my cheek and says “Yes! Raemundo! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

“So what times the party” Finn asks

I said “not sure, 8?”

He said “sounds good how about I come by early and brings some music?”

“yeah, yeah sounds good, I’ll see you guys later I’m going go home and hide the valuables” I laugh out

Archies POV

Hmm Finns bringing music..what can I do to get them to realize they sent each other the letters without them knowing I set it up..think Archie think.

“hey Finn, I heard you tell Rae you would bring some music?”

“yeah Arch”

“what are you going to bring?”

“Just a few Cds why”

“oh I was just thinking you could bring the mix tape you made for Knebworth has some good tunes on it”

“good thinkin’, Arch will do”

YES!!! That tape has “Knebworth Mix” in Finns writing on just to get something with Rae writing on it…hmmm

Finns POV

Alright Finn time to shower and put your game face on.

Maybe tonight I’ll tell Rae I like her, maybe she’ll say she likes me back, maybe we will have a kiss or five…

Ah! FUCK! cold.cold.cold.

See Finn that’s what ya get for over thinking JUST.TELL.HER

Okay, Overnight bag check, Cds check, Knebworth mix check, Ckone check check

Come on Nelson you can do this

Rae’s POV

What should I to keep it casual but maybe a little more girly

Fuuck… I hate all my clothes

Alright get it together Rae, maybe tonight you tell Finn you like him, maybe he likes you back, maybe you will fuck it up and scare him off, maybe if that happens you can blame the booze and pretend not to remember what happened.

Ding, dong


I made my way downstairs and I greeted the gang hugging them as they entered Finn was the last to enter and GEEZUS he smelt good, I never wanted that hug to end.

We walked in to the Living room and Chop had brought a lot of booze

I said “Chop just how many people are coming?”

“not to many Raemundo, don’t worry, I know them all personally”

Finn asked if he could put on a Cd and I said sure and showed him to the stereo behind Chop

Chop handed us all drinks and Archie made the toast

“To an amazing night” lifting his eyebrows with a mischievous look..what’s up with him..

We all toasted and drank our beer

As the night progressed a few more people than expected showed up, It was not going to be fun cleaning this in the morning

As I was making my way around the house I bumped into Archie, he was pretty tipsy

Archies POV

“Hey Rae! This is the best party everrrrr!!!!”

“Ok, Acrh Calm down”

Oh damn, what was it you had to do tonight Archie think think

“Oh hey Rae”


“why don’t you go change the music?”

“yeah alright”

“Finn brought his Knebworth mix why don’t you play that, you never got to hear it”

“okay, yeah I’ll put it on”

“Great see you upstairs”

“for what”

“we’re playing spin the bottle”

“oh, ok see you up there”

Right now to get to Chop

Raes POV

“um excuse me can I just get to the stereo please”

Geeze get a room for crying out loud

Okay, Knebworth mix , Knebworth mix, okay, here it is

I pulled the tape out of the plastic case and gasped!

Luckily the music was still playing or I’m sure the entire neighborhood would have heard me

As soon as I saw it I recognized the writing as the same writing my love letter was written in

Finn wrote the Letter?

What the actual Fuck is going on? could he really like me?

I started making my way thru the house to get to my bedroom

Archies POV

 Okay now how can I get Finn to realize it was Rae…hmm..come on Arch keep thinking..stop staring at that guy! tonight is about your best mates…

I got it! Rae keeps a list of songs she hears on the radio on her desk!

I walk in and as luck would have it Finn is standing by Rae’s desk

“Hey Finn mind turning on Rae’s desk light it’s a little dark in here”

Finns POV

“sure mate no problem”

I turn on the desk lamp and a list is illuminated by the light, I run my hand over the list and wonder why I recognize the writing, I clutch my back pocket realizing where I know the writing from

I breathed out “Rae”

I turn around and Rae walks in her bedroom and Chops says “alright everyone sit in a circle’

Everyone sits but Rae, she looks a little nervous

As luck would have it there’s an empty space next to me and she comes and sits down

Now, I’m really nervous I had hoped she had sent me the love letter and now I know it was her, I have butterflies in my stomach, I wonder If she knows I sent her a love letter, I wonder if she even got it? Fuuck

Chop spins the bottle and lands on Archie

Oh fuck please don’t let it land Rae please, please, please, PLEASE!

It lands on a guy..thank fuck!..huh..he seems a little too happy to kiss Archie wonder what that’s about..

Before Chop spins the bottle again he says “alright we are upin’ the stakes, couples have to go in the cupboard for a full 7 minutes”

He spins the bottle and it lands on Rae

Fuck, fuck, fuck

I think I’m going to be sick, what am I going to do if it lands on another guy, will she go with him, uugghh I’m going to end up in a fight but maybe she’ll like it..why is Chop looking at me like that..

Chop smiles at me and spins the bottle and it lands on me

I stared blankly for a moment trying to process what just happened

I get up and walk to the cupboard, I looked back and thankfully Rae was following me

Raes POV

Oh Fuck I’m following Finn into the cupboard, do I tell him I know it was him who sent me a the love letter letter, do I tell him I sent him a letter…oh fuck,fuck,fuck

We got into the cupboard and we were standing very close to each other and it seemed like hours passed before what happened next

“Did you send me a love letter” we said in unison

“you got it” again in unison

“Yeah” in unison

Then we chuckled and Finn was looking down then he looked up at me through his eyelashes I nearly fainted my lady garden was tingling so bad

He said “I like you Rae, like a lot”

I smiled and said “I like you, a lot too”

We slowly drifted towards each other before I pulled away

I said “how did you know it was me?”

“I saw your music list and recognized the hand writing” he smiled

“how did you know it was me?”

“I was putting in your Knebworth mix and recognized the hand writing”

We both chuckled

Then he leaned in and our lips connected, I can’t believe Finn Nelson likes me as much as I like him and I also can’t believe he has me pushed against the wall..I can really feel on my leg how much he likes me

Archie’s POV

At the 7 minute mark everyone followed Chop to the cupboard and as he opened the door there were my two best mates expressing to each other exactly how they felt, they didn’t even notice Chop open the door…I walked over to Chop put my hand on his shoulder and said “give em’ a few more minute, yeah”

Chop said “I think I better” laughing

Yep Uncle Archie did good

anonymous asked:

Music that is easy to sell to the masses is objectively better. The purpose of media is to be consumed, and if your work is "brilliant but overlooked" then it is a failed piece of media and art and absolutely not brilliant. The ability to read cultural tastes and cater to it absolutely is a major criteria for judging art and media.

the purpose of media is to stimulate thought and to be enjoyed by the people consuming it you capitalist douchenozzle go climb a wall of cocks

people who dont like taylor swift (based on reasons other than music taste) are the most confusing people. do you not like people who are kind and loving and brilliant? is your life full of tornados and poop storms? im so sorry you are like that.