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Princess - Part 5- Badboy!Calum

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It’s lunch when you see Calum next. You were somewhat peacefully eating food with your friends. All they wanted to talk about is Calum asking you out, a topic you were not happy with. You spot Calum from across the room, holding Chocolates in a cheesy heart-shaped box. He stalks over to your table, and when your friends catch sight of him they start to squeal, like piglets.

Calum, when reaching your table gets down on one knee again. You ready your lips to say no, again.

“Will you go-“ Calum begins, placing the chocolate on the table.

“no,” You say quickly, pursing your lips. You can’t even look at Calum right now.

“Damn, you don’t even let me finish! Is this how it’s going to be Princess?” Calum asks, mildly annoyed. He gives a signature smirk. “Well, if you aren’t going to let me finish what I was going to say then, you give me no choice,” Calum says dramatically.

“What are you talking about?” You ask dumbly.

“Y/N, You. Me. Date. Tonight,” Calum demands, leaving you shocked, he stands and turns around to walk away.

You yell to him, “I don’t want to go on a date with you!”

“It wasn’t a question,” Calum yells back, not turning around. You silently fume. No way are you going on a date with him!

“No! NO!” You yell, your body slung over Calum’s shoulder.

“Yes, Princess, You are going on this date wether you like it or not!” Calum yells back. He lightly pats your butt, making you squirm in his hold more. You don’t care if you get dropped on your head, as long as you get left alone! Your parents are no help, considering they weren’t even home yet.

He plops you down into the passenger seat. You lunge forward to try and escape, but Calum just tsk’s at you. He pushes you back into your seat, and it feels oddly familiar. Oh yeah, it’s because he’s kidnapped you before.

“I’m not a patient man,” Calum warns after a few minutes of you struggling and him holding you down.

You stop struggling for a moment to respond, “If you could call yourself that,” you laugh. As if Calum was anything but a man.

“I can show you if you’d like,” Calum says, his lips getting awfully closer to your’s. You stop squirming for another reason now. Calum quickly buckles you in. He leans in again, and give you a peck on the cheek, and you freeze in your seat, not knowing how to respond. Do you respond? Calum climbs into the drivers side and you’re off.

“Please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me,” You chant quietly.

“Shut up, I’m not going to kill you,” Calum says, pulling onto the highway. To get anywhere decent from your small town you had to go on the highway to get there.

“I know you aren’t but jumping out of the car might,” You say, lunging for the locked door. Calum, as quick as lightning pulls you back into your seat. He runs a hand through his hair.

“Damn, I didn’t know you were suicidal!” Calum exclaims, stealing a glance at you.

“What can I say? You bring it out in me,” You cheekily reply.

All we will have is 10 episodes and fan fiction


Starting tomorrow we will start brainstorming ideas for our upcoming monthly campaigns to #RenewPitch and #KeepHerInTheGame. We need ALL Pitches on deck to carry out the final plans which will include letter and email writing and whatever other brilliant ideas we come up with.

This only works if we WORK. FOX is not going to hand a renewal over to us.

I’m starting to feel like Mike Lawson giving his speeches in the locker room. Is anyone listening? Lol. Gosh I hope so. I LOVE this show and I love these characters. I know you guys do too so who is with me?

If we don’t put the work in every month leading till May FOX will kill the show off because we stopped making noise. Please be ready to bring your best ideas to the table.

Yes, we have to target sponsors. Yes, we have to target the commissioner of MLB. Yes, we are sending baseballs. All of that.

Ginny is stuck in an MRI machine! We can’t leave her there. Let’s rally together. If we don’t all we will have is 10 episodes and fan fiction…

Imagine mornings with Woozi where you two prepare yourselves for the day ahead while playing your favorite music through the speakers on the table. As you two get ready, you move your bodies to the rhythm and laugh at your silly antics.

Island Escape: Part 10

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JJ Project Series

Warning: Contains smut and violence in some chapters

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9 

Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17

You took a deep breath as you sat back in your chair and looked out through the large window of the coffee shop. It was a sunny day with a few clouds scattered throughout the sky and you admired the view as you waited for your order to be ready.

Your novel was laid out on the table in front of you and you spent time reading it while enjoying the smell of roasted coffee and freshly made cinnamon swirl bread.

The shop was only a block away from your university, which meant that students were constantly there to study or grab a snack before heading to class.

You returned your sight to the pages of the novel you were reading but as you did, you heard the bell from the door ring, signaling that someone had entered the shop.

You instinctively glanced towards the newcomer and a frown formed on you face when you saw Jaebum standing there.

He smirked when he saw you, causing you to take a double look. You saw he held his wallet and a book in his hand as he walked up towards the counter.

You looked back down at your book and continued to read until you heard the chair in front of you screech against the tile floor.

“You know stalking is a crime, right?” Jaebum asked as he sat down in front of you.

“You’re the one following me,” You stated without bothering to look at him, obviously unamused.

“Actually no,” JB answered. “I think it’s the other way around.”

You raised an eyebrow at his ridiculous accusation. “How am I the one following you? I was here first.”

He chuckled before setting his book down on the table. “I’ve been coming here since the semester started and I’ve never seen you in here before.”

It was true. Even though the coffee shop was nearby you had never stopped in before. Today you just felt like spending some time alone and reading before going to surprise your boyfriend at work.

But if you knew Jaebum was going to be here as well, you wouldn’t have come by.

You were about speak but before you could even reply he continued.

“You also stalked me in the parking lot, remember?” He added with a playful grin.

You scrunched your nose from the thought before saying, “Let’s not forget the time you waited for me at my apartment JB.”

The smirk left his lips in defeat as soon as you said that. “Alright. You got me there,” JB admitted and you laughed.

Some shuffling was heard, causing you and Jaebum to notice some students walking out of the coffee shop with their backpacks, most likely heading to class.

“Have you been going to class?” You asked the handsome brunette.

He shot you a confused look before saying, “Yeah. Why?”

“You haven’t been in trouble yet?” You asked curiously while leaning forward in your seat.

“Oh, for the fight?” He chuckled as if it was a good memory. “I thought I would the moment I walked into class but no one has said anything to me yet.”

You crossed your arms while looking at him, “That’s weird. I thought they would have ‘Wanted’ posters everywhere for you.”

“Me too.” Jaebum shrugged and ran his hands through his black hair. “What about your little boyfriend? Did he get in trouble?”

“No.” You answered. “Probably because it didn’t happen at his university.”

“I still hate him.” JB easily stated.

“Don’t worry, he feels the same way about you.” You informed before looking back to your novel.

“What are you reading?” He asked, nodding his head towards your book. You picked it up and showed him the cover of your favorite story.

“I’ve never read that one,” Jaebum casually stated and you gasped.

“Well you should, it’s really good.” You replied.

“Maybe you can come over and we’ll read it together.” Jaebum said with a wink, catching you off guard.

“No,” You flatly answered and he sighed.

“I’ll be nice this time and continue where we left off yesterday,” He smoothly added and you felt the heat rise to your cheeks from just the thought of him touching you.

“We can’t be doing things like that Jaebum.” You hissed, trying to keep your voices down.

“I don’t know, I mean you seemed to like it when I-” He loudly started until you kicked his foot from under the table.

Jaebum winced in pain and you sweetly smiled at him, enjoying his split second misery.

“I had a weak moment with you,” You admitted. “But it won’t happen again. I won’t give in.”

“You’re lying again Y/N.” Jaebum teased and you groaned.

“No I’m not,” You defended. “I don’t know how you think I’m lying when my voice is the same all the time.”

“I already told you, your pitch is higher when you’re lying,” JB easily stated and leaned back in his chair.

“Whatever.” You sighed, knowing that he wasn’t going to give up.

“Oh, speaking of high pitched voices.” He said before adding, “How’s your little boyfriend doing after I poured water on him?”

You threw Jaebum a dirty glare before speaking up, “He’s fine but he looked like he wanted to punch you.”

“Hey does he know about me and you yet?” He suddenly asked and you snapped your head up at him.

“Will you be quiet?” You urged Jaebum while looking around the shop, making sure no one heard him. Jinyoung was quite popular with people from your university and anyone could be his friend.

“So I take it as a no?” The brunette deviously smiled.

“I haven’t told him yet.” You answered in a hushed whisper and he rolled his eyes.

“And there is no ‘us’ just to be clear.” You added while forming your fingers into air quotes. “We never dated.”

He pressed his lips together before a burdened look spread across his handsome face.

“Oh before I forget to tell you,” Jaebum stated as he tried to hide his expression. “I’m not working at the country club anymore.”

You felt your breath hitch, “What? You were fired over what happened with Jinyoung yesterday?”

“Jackson came looking for me after I left you and told me my behavior towards Junior was unacceptable.” Jaebum shrugged. “I quit before he could fire me.”

“What are you going to do now?” You asked, looking at him with concern.

“Now that I’m not working for your family, I can’t stay here on the mainland anymore.” Jaebum said as he quickly glanced out the window. “I’m going back home in a couple of weeks.”

“But what about school? I can get your job back,” You protested.

Even though you liked giving each other a hard time, you couldn’t stand the thought of him leaving.

“No, it’s alright. I hated that job anyways.” JB casually stated before adding, “I’m going to take a break from school until I can afford to come back on my own.”

You felt a sharp pain in your heart and a gloomy expression formed on your face.

“What’s with the look?” Jaebum asked while looking back at you.

“Um, nothing,” You quickly replied and he chuckled.

“I know you’re too stubborn to admit that you’ll miss me,” Jaebum said with a calm voice. “But just make sure Youngjae stays out of trouble for me, okay?” He asked.

Your eyes widened, “He’s not going with you?”

“No. He was willing to but I told him to stay here to work and finish school.” Jaebum said and crossed his arms over his chest.

“You act as if he is your little brother or something,” You commented and he smiled.

“He might as well be. We’ve practically grown up together,” He informed while looking at you.

You swiftly caught the tone in his voice and looked back at him, wanting him to say more.

But to your disappointment, he didn’t.

“Childhood neighbors?” You asked, mentioning Youngjae.

Jaebum looked down before stating, “No. Youngjae and I didn’t grow up in a house.”

You narrowed your eyebrows, trying to get where he was coming from until the barista loudly called out your name.

You jumped in your seat from the sudden voice and got up to grab your order.

“Thank you,” You said to the barista before taking the iced coffee from him.

It was Jinyoung’s favorite drink.

“It took them that long for an iced coffee?” Jaebum asked as you sat back down with him.

“Yeah,” You laughed and sat the drink down on the table. “It’s for Jinyoung though. I’m going to see him at work.”

You saw the hint of disgust in JB’s face as soon as you said your boyfriend’s name but he decided not to say anything about him.

“I’m still waiting on my drink,” Jaebum grunted while looking towards the front counter.

“So impatient,” You giggled. “But what were you saying about you and Youngjae though?”

“Nothing, it’s not important.” He said and blew the topic off as if it was nothing. You could see the affliction in his eyes and how he wanted to avoid talking about himself any longer.

“Jaebum, I know I’m a brat at times.” You stated as you looked him in the eyes. “But you can always talk to me if you need to.” You sincerely said to him.

There was no point in trying to make him talk about his past. You didn’t know what happened to him or Youngjae but whatever it was, it bothered him.

 And whenever he was ready to tell you, you would be there to listen.

Jaebum nodded his head in understanding before speaking up, “You should probably get going.” He said while motioning towards the iced coffee.

You looked back at the drink, forgetting that it was still there.

“Oh, yeah.” You said before grabbing the drink and standing up with your belongings.

“I guess I’ll see you around,” You formally said to him and he gave you a single wave, not happy about who you were going to see.

You nervously fiddled with the strap of your bag as you turned around to start walking away.

But as soon as you did, you felt yourself suddenly stop.

You wanted to stay there with him. To just simply stay there and talk all day without a care in the world.

JB made you feel a sense of comfort that no other person had made you feel.

You bickered like an old married couple but beneath his words, there was something more.

However, the thoughts were gone as soon as you remembered you were going to surprise your boyfriend at work today.

And as you walked away, little did you know that Jaebum had already seen you hesitate to leave.


You hummed through the extravagant law firm with the iced coffee in your hand. The smell of expensive cologne filled your nose as you strode down the hall and towards your boyfriend’s office.

Some of Jinyoung’s fellow colleagues greeted you as you passed by their offices on your way, including Pete who Jinyoung said had the biggest crush on you.

You continued until you finally reached the door to your boyfriend’s office.

An excited grin formed on your face before you gently knocked.

“Come in,” You heard him say form the other side.

In no time you flung the door open and walked inside, only to see a shocked looking Junior staring at you.

“Surprise!” You cheered and threw your empty hand up in excitement.

Jinyoung put down a paper before walking over to you, “Hey princess. What are you doing here?”

“I brought you your favorite drink,” You said before cheerfully handing him the beverage.

He grinned while taking the drink and giving you a peck on the lips, “You’re the best.”

You kissed him back before adding, “It’s a pretty day. I thought maybe we could go out to eat somewhere outside for lunch.”

But as you were talking, you couldn’t help but notice all the papers and files scattered across his desk.

“Oh wait, I’m sorry. Did I disrupt you?” You remorsefully asked.

“No,” He quickly replied, shooting down the idea. “I’m always happy to see you.”

Jinyoung brought his lips back to yours in a loving kiss until his phone started obnoxiously ringing from behind on his desk.

“You should get that,” You mumbled against his lips.

“It can wait,” He argued before pressing his mouth back to yours once more.

You giggled until the phone kept ringing and you broke away from him again, “It must be important.”

He sighed before turning around towards his desk and answering the call.

“Hello?” Jinyoung asked while he sat down in his large leather chair. You took this as your opportunity to admire him wearing a suit.

He looked so elite and handsome wearing an all black outfit with his hair pushed back.

It was obvious that the call would probably take some time so you decided to make yourself comfortable and sit down in the chair located at the front of his desk.

You could hear the person on the other end talking endlessly and Jinyoung shot you an apologetic look before mouthing, “Sorry.”

You mouthed back, “it’s okay” and he smiled before slightly turning away from you and talking on the phone.

Your eyes glanced around his office before you lazily set your purse down on his messy desk.

But when you did, you had accidently knocked over a stack of papers.

You panicked as they flew down to the ground, making a huge mess of clutter on the floor.

In no time, you quickly bent down and hurried to pick them up before Jinyoung could notice.

But as you did, you noticed something.

There was a document stamped with your family’s company logo on the front of it.

You could recognize that logo from anywhere.

The way that the ink was colored and the precise cursive lettering of the name were engraved in your mind.

Jinyoung still had his chair turned away from you so he hadn’t noticed anything yet.

You kept your eyes on the paper as a million thoughts raced through your mind. Of course he would have papers with your family’s company. Jinyoung’s family law firm and your parents worked closely together after all.

But there was an uneasy feeling that made you think it was for something otherwise.

Your eyes darted from your occupied boyfriend and back to the document, mentally debating on what you should do.

Your curiosity was running wild and you couldn’t help but let the nosy side of you win.

But when you opened the document and started to read what was inside, you felt your blood run cold.

It was a written agreement of stock trading between your family and his.

You read each word carefully, taking in the full statement. It specifically stated that Jinyoung would take over and get more than half a percentage of your company’s stock once you two were married.

And located at the bottom, in perfect handwriting were your parent’s signatures.

Your hands trembled as you held onto the document. Your breathing grew heavy and you felt like you were going to be sick.

You stood back up with the document still in your hand, allowing Jinyoung to finally notice.

And once he did, his eyes went wide.

“H-hey, let me call you back.” He weakly informed the person before abruptly hanging up.

You looked at him in absolute anger before asking,

“What the hell is this?”

How you two wake up // Teen Wolf

Another preference!

Characters: Scott, Stiles, Liam, Theo x Reader

Scott: You woke up today after Scott, when you woke up, he hugs you in his arms and you stay in this position for several minutes until Scott gets up to make your breakfast.

Stiles: He always wakes you gently kissing you all over his face and when the sleeping beauty finally wakes up, he takes you in his arms and you get to eat in the company of Papa Stilinski.

Liam: You’re alwats awake before him because he loves the lazy mornings, then you let him sleep. You get out of bed and going to prepare breakfast, his muscular arms are surronded you size and he kisses your cheek, once the small breakfast ready, you sit at the table and talk about everythinh and anythinh as asual.

Theo: You always wake up at the same time. He hold you against him and kisses his forehead. Then you get up and go eat quietly watching TV.

Here I Am

Pairing: Matt Murdock x Reader

Genre: Angst, fluff

Words: 2,681

Summary: based on a request sent in by iknowyouwuvme! you can find it here. basically the reader is a nurse who has a past with an abusive boyfriend and one day Matt feels a scar he left on her. 

WARNINGS: mention of physical abuse, but nothing explicit. also there is a make out scene. 

special thanks to my beta and friend not-in-a-100-years for all of your help! ♥

(the title is based off the song ‘Here I Am’ by Adam Green and Binki Shapiro)

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408- Power Gem

Rock Type: Charm. A spell to give you power, and make you feel like it all day.

What You’ll Need~

  • 1 small piece of amethyst
  • A good breakfast


  1. Prepare your meal, whatever it may be.
  2. When it’s ready, sit down with your amethyst at the table with you.
  3. Before you start eating, tell the amethyst that this meal will bring you the strength you need for today. Tell it that you will remain strong throughout whatever the day brings you.
  4. When you are done with this, as well as eating, put your amethyst in your pocket or purse, and keep it there for the day. With it you are carrying your will to get through the day.


  • You’ll have to recast this spell every day, if that’s how often you want to use it.
  • I don’t know how much you tend to eat for breakfast, or what you want to eat at that time, but something that you know will get you up and awake would be best. Probably something that’s healthy, or provides a lot of energy.
  • If you already had breakfast, you could probably do this spell over a strong cup of coffee.

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Words: 1154

Summary: Supernatural season one is official, but it takes some work before filming can start.

Part 9 in The Future Series.  Read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here, Part 3 here,Part 4 here, Part 5 here, Part 6 here, Part 7 here, and Part 8 here.

Here we go! :) Enjoy!

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Little Liam

Anonymous said: Can I get a pack mom type imagine where the reader is Derek’s gf and like a mom to the pack, especially to Liam bc he’s the youngest. At the pack meeting he’s stood alone in the corner, pouting bc he’s upset about something but won’t talk to anyone. The pack is making fun of him for being a pouty baby but the reader yells at them back. She’s only allowed to baby him so she goes to comfort liam and he opens up to her & she gives him lots of hugs/kisses bc he’s her little wolf pup pleeeease xx

A/N: I’m sorry if this is short. I hope you like it. Also, their mission does not make sense at all, but just ignore it. Thank you for requesting!x

… … …

You were all sat by the dining table at the Hale loft, ready to plan out your next move on Barrow. Barrow was the newest psychopath in town, which sooner or later was gonna cause some trouble.

Sitting down at the table you noticed Liam not joining you. He was standing in the corner, gazing out the window.

“Liam! You ready?” you asked him from across the room.

He didn’t answer you. Instead he gave you a cold shoulder.

“He’s upset today” Derek scoffed.

“Why?” you asked, crossing your arms and raising an eyebrow.

The pack would always pick on him. After all, he was the youngest of them all, and besides, he had just been turned into a werewolf by Scott and on occasions he’d always screw something up.

You walked over to Liam, wrapping your hand around his shoulder, trying to comfort him.

“This little fella almost pissed himself last night when we were fighting another pack!” Peter laughed.

Liam turned his back to the others, now standing with his head leaned against the wall. You furrowed your eyebrows at them.

“Hey….” you whispered to Liam in a soothing voice.

“It’s okay, don’t worry. They don’t know what they’re talking about, okay? They’ve all been there.” you continued, trying to comfort him as much as possible. 

“They always do this. They keep making fun of me. I’m so sick of it.” Liam replied, leaning his head against your shoulder.

You hugged him tightly, cupping his face in your hands.

“Stand up to them, okay? You got this.” you said, as you placed a soft little kiss on his cheek and hugged him even harder.

Sh*t Hosts/Hostesses Say
  • Hostess: I'll go let your server know right away.
  • Hostess: No, we don't take payments here, you'll have to wait for your server to come to your table to take your payment.
  • Hostess: I'll let your server know right away.
  • Hostess: No, I can't seat you right now, there is a wait list.
  • Hostess: No, unfortunately those tables are reserved.
  • Hostess: There are people ahead of you on the wait list.
  • Hostess: I will let you know when we have a table ready for you.
  • Hostess: I'm not your server, I'll let your sever know that you're ready to order.
  • Hostess: Are you on the wait list? I'm sorry, you'll have to move, right now we have a wait list of...
  • Hostess: Would you like to be added to the wait list?
  • Hostess: Would you like to sit up at the bar?
  • Hostess: I'm sorry, I'll go grab our manager right now.
  • Hostess: The washrooms are right over there.
  • Hostess: Are there any minors with you?
  • Hostess: Can I get a name and number?
  • Hostess: Yes, I can move you to a booth instead.
  • Hostess: No, sorry we're not taking any more reservations on...
Imagine helping Spencer through Gideon’s death


Set during 10x14: “Hero Worship”

Originally posted by toyboxboy

1:04 A.M.

“Good night, Spencer.”

“Good night.”

You bumped into Rossi on your way into the BAU from the upper floor, where you worked on forensics (chemistry, psychology, anthropology, you name it). You gave him a small wave and he told you that Reid was waiting for you at his desk.

You put your go-bag on the floor next to his and your messenger bag on the table, strap still on your hand, “Ready?”

“Just … one more game. Please.”

You pulled up a chair, knowing that Spencer’s solitary games could go on for a while. And seeing his half-empty coffee, you knew it was already going on for awhile.

“Okay. Wake me up when you’re ready.”

5:45 AM.

“(Y/N),” Spencer brushed a hair out of your face, only for you to respond with a whine. He laughed at you, “C’mon. You need to wake up. You normally wake up with 6 alarms, the first at 4:30, so this isn’t new for you. Get up.”

Begrudgingly, you untangled your limbs from him, lifting your head from his lap. You groaned, kissing his cheek, “We didn’t go home?


You cupped his face with one hand, “Hey, you’re grieving. It’s.” You hesitated. You’d been dating Spencer for two years now, and he was barely comfortable talking about his job, let alone Maeve. “It’s different with Gideon than it is with Maeve.”

You brush his hair out of his face, and his body came down crashing onto yours in a much needed embrace. After a few minutes, you went to pour him a cup of coffee.

“Here, Spencer,” you handed it to him. You bent down to reach into your go bag and pulled out one of his shirts. He looked at you confused momentarily. “You work with profilers. Someone is going to notice that you’re wearing the same shirt, even if you put a cardigan over it. Don’t give me that look; I like sleeping in your clothes.”

“Thanks, (Y/N),” he kissed your cheek, pulling you into his lap and burying his face into the crook of your neck.

He needed you right now and you weren’t going anywhere.

Request things!!! Masterlist

A/N: wow, you guys really like Spencer Reid lol

Nate Maloley imagine :)

It was Sunday. That means lazy day for you and Nate. It was nine o'clock and both of you were still in bed with your pjs.

“Lil mama…?”

“Yes?” You answered.

“I am bored.” He kissed your cheek.

“Do you want to help me cook?”

“Sure.” You went to the bathroom, you brush your teeth and then you went to the kitchen.

“Okay… Umh.. First thing first grab the pan.”

He gave you it.

Then he went behind you and he put his hands around your waist. You started cooking.

“Nate baby aren’t you supposed to help me?”

“But i am sleepy…” He nuzzled his face in your neck.

“Okay fine.” You sigh with a smile on your face.
After some time your breakfast was ready and you went to the table.

“Do you want to know what i am thinking lil mama?” You nodded.

“Our future. I want to get old with you by my side. I know that this sound so sappy and cheesy and shit but i really want to marry you and have kids with you.”

“Aww Nate i feel the same way! Look at you making me cry!”

“I am sorry babe!” He laughed.

“Whatever. I still love you though.”

“I love you too baby girl.”

cyrions  asked:

1,3,4 for the art ask meme :0c

  • 1: Take a picture of your workspace. 

hoo boi are u ready its just the dinner table bc nobody else uses it lol 

messy messy 

  • 3:  Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is. 

a dooble 

  • 4:  Lineart or coloring? 

as much as i love coloring, lineart. 

The Impromptu Date

Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader

A/N: Not sure if this has been done already but I fell in love with a prompt and felt the need to write something to it. Enjoy!

“Can I get you another refill of water or maybe a glass of wine ma’am?” the waitress asked as she approached your table.

You smiled, “A glass of wine will be fine.”

“Are you ready to order?” she asked, noticing that you were done with the menu.

“I am actually waiting on someone so it will be just a few more minutes.”

“No problem.” She said as she nodded her head.

Fifteen minutes.’ You thought, checking the time on your phone, double checking that you hadn’t missed a text or a phone call from your boyfriend of three months. You had both agreed to meet at the restaurant because he would be leaving the office late and it was a twenty-minute drive to your place.

Your week had gone from bad to worse, nothing had gone as planned. You would much rather be sitting at home in your sweats with a large container of ice cream, and marathoning your favorite show on Netflix. However, Michael your boyfriend asked you out to dinner, so you plastered on a fake smile and agreed. You had even went as far as to fix your hair and wear something nice, though you doubt Michael would notice, he was too wrapped up on his self-image and being an utter douche to compliment you. The only reason you were still dating him was because he could be a listening ear when needed.

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Date Night // Matt and Bobbi


Matt had been happy to make a reservation at one of the more up scale restaurants in town for his date with Bobbi. He didn’t drive so he offered to take a cab to pick her up or to simply meet her there. She’d decided to have him meet her, so he met her outside of her place and refused to tell her where they were going until they got there. 

When they arrived, he’d asked her to guide him inside and up to the reservation desk. He had his cane with him, but it was much easier to make sure he didn’t trip someone to just have his hand on her shoulder. “Two for Murdock,” he told them. 

“Your table is ready. Follow me please.”

Matt put his hand on Bobbi’s shoulder again, having her guide him through the restaurant. The waiter lead them to a table in front of the large windows that overlooked the second floor garden patio. “Here you are. They will be right with you,” he told them before walking off to attend to business. 

Matt pulled out a chair and gestured for her to have a seat if she desired. “I was told that the view was beautiful. I thought that you might like it,” he told her. After she was seated and situated, he took his own seat and found his menu. He was relieved it was in braille, as he had asked. 

“Besides baked goods, I have no idea what you like so I hope you like this place,” he told her with a nervous chuckle.