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Masterpost of Ryan Ross singing

For anon: Ryan has provided backing vocals for most pre split panic songs. there’s also loads of clips of him singing w/ friends etc, but I’m listing the ones I found noteworthy.

For Afysco his vocals can be heard clearly on Live In Denver

Songs where he’s had major parts on Pretty Odd include:

Iconic Acoustic Versions:


The Young Veins:

Solo Stuff:


I love you all, I truly do, but...

Can you please at least try typing your question into Google before you ask me? For the sake of my sanity?

I don’t want to put my foot down, or refuse to answer some questions, but the opportunity you have in me is to ask me about my own personal experience, as a lawyer, and to give you the benefit of my training in legal research. Those are the kinds of things that you just can’t get from a google search.

The point is not to use me as a literal replacement for Google, when honestly there are thousands upon thousands of people PAID to maintain highly detailed websites that give lay people huge amounts of information about things like, the procedure for applying for probate, or the sentencing laws for specific crimes. Literally if you google you can find so much information.

Please try it, before I start breaking out the “Google It” gifs.

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How about Cavalier King Charles Spaniels? 😊

I truly believe that most of life’s big problems would be healed if we could just find a way to fix Cavaliers. I can not imagine a world where we fixed Cavaliers and hate and bigotry and xenophobia could still exist. We’d all be too busy bonding over healthy Cavaliers.

That is, when we weren’t too busy trying to pick THE WHOLE DAMN FOREST out of their coat

anyway i need more blogs to follow so please like/reblog this if you’re 

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Angsty one: Michael's car breaks down somewhere north of Los Santos city and he's stranded. We all know his awful sense of direction and on top of that, he's bleeding somewhat badly. His phone's gone/shattered/dead and he can't get home.

(again sorry i got to this so late, you know how easily distracted i get)

Michael starts with being angry. Because of course that’s how it happens. He’s pulled off on the side of the road, side bleeding, phone with a fucking bullet through it, and no way of getting home. He can’t walk it, not with his side on fire like this. He certainly can’t ask for help, he’s a fucking wanted criminal. All he can do is rage in his seat, curses flying from his mouth and punch the dash until his hand starts to bruise. He rages until all his energy is spend and then he falls back against the seat in despair and tries to think through the situation. But there’s nothing.

Michael fully and truly comes to the conclusion he’s going to die here.

He’s going to die alone. Alone and without anyone knowing where he is and this is probably like the last way he wants to go. Like definitely bottom ten. If anything he expected to go out in an explosion. One of his creations gone wrong. Or shot down by the cops. or another gang. Certainly not an alleyway fight between some dickheads gone wrong and then his fucking car stalling.

Michael always hoped at least his death would be quick. Not slow and painful and so horribly alone.

By the time they find him (because of course they find him. Gavin might have placed a tracker on his car and it might be because he know’s Michael’s sense of directions is shite) Michael’s a mess. Curled into himself, tears staining his face, and mumbling to himself. Honestly it freaked the ones who found it out a lot, making his injury seem a lot worse than it actually was.

They don’t talk about that day. Michael’s nearly punched Gavin when bringing it up. They all just pretend it never happened, allow Michael to keep his secret breakdown to himself.

Michael carries multiple phones with him now.

WONDER.     i may be getting a better job !!  it’s still a volunteer position, but it’s going to really help me for the future. especially since it’s in the field that i’m studying.

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👉👉 's into the void in an attempt to go back in time and rewrite s2 to be Lance and Hunk centric with 2 episodes devoted to Keith being a galra and it being resolved well, not a bunch of pussyfooting around for 5 eps and then one ep reveal.

iofjwoijefowjfj kait have i ever told you i lov u bc like??? light of my life, you are lmao

(i think, though, the more i’ve been thinking about this, i really wanted like two more hunk/lance moments each like i will def agree to that!!!!! but…. BUT….. i think that the galra!keith emphasis and a bit of the keith being chosen over lance in certain instances would be acceptable to me… if it turns out dreamworks is playing the long term character development game….

like… imagine the langst when it turns out that lance is like grinning it and bearing it all while constantly being chosen second to keith: being a fighter pilot at the garrison, potentially even for blue’s connection, with shiro choosing him as leader… the potential klangst could… be…. a lot….) (refer to that one post further down my blog for Langst)

(also that doesn’t excuse the poor treatment of hunk/lance/allura,,,, like i think a lot of unfair concessions were made for their characters that were deeply concerning in a lot of ways…… i can’t even articulate my thoughts on that without writing a full on dissertation but… im just saying like honestly a bit of lance being homesick… a sprinkle of hunk’s backstory,,, a smidgen of allura actually talking to someone about why she’s angry… would have been…. Good….)

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Can you make a comic reveal pleseaaa with a lot of parts!... By the way I loveeeee you art style😙

Thank you! uwu
Thats funny a bit for me, bc Im really planning to finally make a reveal comic and with several parts! 
But having so many ideas which I want to draw, first part of it probably will be in the end of February or in March…. I hope so.