your something blue

He was the seventh wheel. So no one noticed when he stopped laughing. No one noticed when he stopped joking. When he stopped smiling.

He was the seventh wheel. So no one noticed when he couldn’t sleep, when he paced the halls at night. The bags under his eyes.

He was the seventh wheel. So no one noticed when he stopped eating. No one said anything about the extra food left on the table. No one noticed, because it meant more of Hunk’s cooking for them.

He was the seventh wheel. So no one noticed when he started packing. When he stole a knife from Keith, a tool kit from Coran. No one noticed. He wasn’t surprised.

He was the seventh wheel. And he was gone.

And they noticed.

They noticed in the empty hangar where the pod had been. They noticed when Blue paced anxiously, growls emanating from her chest whenever someone went near. Noticed the lack of noise, the lake of laughter, the lack of life.

They noticed. But they noticed too late.


Hey hey hey, @lanceweek​ Day 1 is here !  Inner Space/Outer Space.

Well i bet now you know how weak I am ? I couldn’t miss an occasion to draw Blue with her paladin 💙 

show praise with your body

after your boyfriend wakes up, of course. 

It’s wrecking my heart and head thinking of what could possibly pry Jonghyun from his beloved Blue Night. Never missed a show if he could help it, all his friends said he left smiling to go to his radio. He said he never tired of it bc he loved it!!! He realized more of himself here, he was open and honest and safe at Blue Night, and he loved it so so dearly. He was always there, at his favorite hours, with us. As he takes this break, I cant imagine it is easy for his head and heart at all. I hope he takes this time to heal, and I’m so sorry that healing and rest require this kind of sacrifice for him. The tears in his voice… He’s worked so, so hard–for us and for himself. As BNR listeners and as SHAWOLs I know we will try to understand, support, and love him so that Blue Night can continue to be a safe space, even when it’s not him on the airwaves. ❤ That’s what our beloved JjongD deserves.

A pre-hollow Grimmjow. I haven’t been able to draw much and needed to get back to it.


Wash can’t quite remember when it started. Before he knew it these nights were as normal as the mornings filled with bitter coffee that was more sludge than actual coffee. Or the days filled with training, complaining and bland MRE’s. Trying to fix the radio, or scanning the cliffs for unexpected figures, never finding any but still feeling the eyes on him. 

Remembering stuff wasn’t his forte anyways. Not since the project. His head was filled with too many memories, most of them not his and the rest scarred from the long years that had left his hair grayer and longer than he wanted. The thing he vividly remembers though is that it was Caboose who fetched him that night. He stood awkwardly in the doorway, or what constituted as one here at their makeshift base, for a while before Wash acknowledged him. It had taken a fair bit of convincing before he had followed Caboose out of the base and behind the nearby rocks where the rest of the guys were waiting.

The constant during these regular nights was the bonfire. The jungle provided enough wood for this not to be a problem, and the guys had thought the place carefully to provide cover from all sides. Later he got to know that it was Tucker who had thought that he might need that. 

Some nights they would share stories. It would take Wash a long time before he shared some of his, but the guys had enough stories to fill a lifetime. He was grateful for that, just content with listening and running his hands through the cold grass. Some nights Grif would play a guitar. Wash had no idea where that guitar came from or where he had learned to play it. 

They would lie down and watch the stars and make up constellations as these stars were different from the ones back home. At least as far as he knew. Simmons protested first, explaining that these stars must have correct names but in the end he gave up and named a few of his own. 

Wash loved these nights. More than he would have expected. It was the rare times he felt at ease, listening to the harmless banter or watching Tucker lean against one of the rocks laughing so hard he cried. He’d eat some of Grifs chips being passed around or carry Caboose back inside when he fell asleep by the fire. After all these years he was, finally, at peace. 

It took them a while to find a place like that in Armonia. The roofs where too windy and exposed, the alleys too narrow and lit to see the stars. It took them a long time to stumble upon an abandoned backyard by the outskirts of the capital but finally they had their place back again. And he almost shed a tear when they found their constellations again. There on that rugged overgrown backyard listening to his family laugh and watching the Dirtbag and the Puppy move across the night sky, he found his peace again. 

“Compared to the rest of Rockets…

She was smaller than all of us. 

Somebody who seemed odd standing there, like she didn’t belong to a place like this at first sight… but when you would come closer, her sole presence could outcast the whole place, and the only light you would recognize in the dark fog surrounding you in that moment, would be the eerie (and so attracting) glow of her eyes”

- Professor Willow (& Lt. Surge), the very first time their eyes fall upon Sabrina.

“They all said she was the most powerful Psychic, but also the most beautiful woman in Kanto.”

“Any of us have ever believed the last statement at first, we thought it was just some publicity to get people inside her Gym… … …until the moment we saw her… and our hearts fell to her feet.”

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Don’t you dare lay a finger on her ever again (Peter Parker x Reader) (Part II)

Part 1:

Warnings: Word ‘shit’ and ALMOST rape. 

List of drabbles:

You were walking home alone in the middle of the night after hanging out with some friends at a bar. You had been spending a lot of time at home due to the heartbreak, so your friends wanted to take you out. It was dark and your phone had no battery, so you were walking as fast as you could. When you heard some noise behind you, you started to walk even faster. You knew there were people behind you, but you were trying to ignore it thinking that way they would go away.
‘What’s a pretty girl like you doing alone at night?’ said a man. He sounded old and drunk, and it disgusted you. ‘Don’t you want somebody to walk you home?’
You tried to walk faster, but your legs couldn’t do much more. Suddenly, you felt pressure on your arm, and turning your head, you saw two men, one holding you and the other one looking you up.
‘Let me go, please’ you managed to say, although you were scared and wanted to cry.
‘Look, we are just two men. Let us have a little fun and then we’ll let you go. It doesn’t take you much, babe’ he said, holding your arm with more strength. It hurt, but you could do nothing. You just wanted to run and hide, but he was much stronger than you. ‘Look, this will happen willingly or not. You remove your clothes or we remove your clothes’ he said, with a smirk.
You tried to run, to free yourself from his grip, but he just applied more pressure and said, ‘okay then’.
He pressed you to the wall, his friend laughing behind him. Just as he was about to take your shirt off, something pulled him back. You were crying by then, and you couldn’t see a lot through your tears, only something blue and red moving around.
‘Don’t you dare lay a finger on her ever again’ the man in the costume said, pinning the man to the ground with what seemed like web. He must be Spiderman, you thought, rubbing your eyes to have a better view.
‘Watch out!’ you shouted, as the man who had been laughing approached Spiderman from behind and removed his mask. Spiderman pinned him to the ground, too, the darkness not allowing you to see his face. Just as he was about to put the mask on, a car drove by, lightning up the alley. You couldn’t believe your eyes.
‘Peter? Is it you?’ you asked, your voice low. You were still scared, and now you didn’t know what to do or say.
‘What are you talking about?’ Spiderman said, the mask already covering his face. He was trying to lower his voice so that it sounded different, and you knew it.
‘Oh don’t you dare lie to me’ you whispered as you walked up to him and removed the mask before he could process your actions. You already knew it was him, but you were still taken back. Peter, your boyfr -ex-boyfriend, was Spiderman? Since when?
‘I didn’t tell you because I wanted to protect you’ was the first thing he said. ‘I knew you would be mad and I didn’t want to put you in danger. That’s why I broke up with you. I needed you far away from me. Clearly, it hasn’t gone well’ he said, with a fake laugh.
‘Does that-does that mean you still love me?’ you asked, your voice barely a whisper. His mask was on your hand, and you were admiring every inch of his face. He was perfect.
‘Shit, of course I do. How could I not? You-you are perfect. I’m so stupid. I didn’t mean a thing I said. It broke my heart to break your heart, but I honestly thought it had to be done, and I… I… Shit’ he shut up and held your face in his hands, cupping your cheeks. He pressed his lips to yours, and suddenly you knew what to do. That was where you belonged. That was who you belonged to.
When you two broke apart to breathe, the only thing that you said was, ‘don’t you ever do that to me again, Parker’. He just nodded, smirked, and pressed his lips back against yours, holding you so close that there was no space between you. You had forgotten about the men that tried to take advantage of you, but as soon as you heard the police sirens, Peter looked at them, still pinned to the ground, and then at you, his eyes full of love.
‘Do you want to fly around the city?’ he said, and with that, you were in his arms, watching the city of New York from the sky.

So the other day I drew a punk!Wyoming and a pastel!Florida and I sorta accidently created a flyoming greaser au.

Basically greaser!Wyoming falls in love with Butch Flowers, a pretty boy who runs a flower shop. Unfortunately, York, technical leader of the infamous Freelancer gang, forbids him from seeing Flowers because he believes that their relationship will jeopardize the reputation of the group.

Carolina, the real leader of the group and York’s girlfriend, cares deeply about Wyoming and wants him to be happy (he was a family friend and helped the young Carolina move past Allison’s death). However, she sides with York, only because she fears a bad reputation will cause a dangerous enemy gang (Charon, so like the Innies and Mercenaries) to move onto their streets and endanger their friends.

Meanwhile, her older half-brother Church works at the flower shop Butch owns. He believes gangs are dangerous and greatly disapproves of Carolina running one, only because she is the most important person to him and he doesn’t want her to get hurt. He warns Flowers to steer clear of them, but Flowers ultimately falls deeply in love with Wyoming.

There’s a few other side plots, like York’s strained relationship with his father (Mayor Malcom Hargrove), the Allison backstory, flowershop antics starring the Blues, ect. It’s really sorta grown so large so quickly, but I’m actually super excited about it.

I’m just wondering, would anybody be intrested in reading that sort of thing?

I’m having serious Yukio Okumura feels...

Like, I really hoped that he would be possessed by those little demons in this moment so he could say the truth…

… And that he would talk to Rin about that in the ending of the chapter…

(Okumura brothers feels T-T)

But I think that what Kazue Kato is doing with this teasing is that maybe is foreshadowing a big scene between these two? Like, maybe in the next arc they will be in danger and Yukio has to use the eyes and that he has to talk to Rin about what’s worrying him? I really feel for Yukio like… He really thinks that the rest of the people see him weak, but that’s not the truth… Rin and the rest really admire him and see him as a strong person who saved a lot of people. I hope that someday he will talk to Rin and stop to keep all things to himself… Sharing his thoughts will make him stronger, not weaker.

Ahhhhh I need the next chapter T-T

Imagine being Bella’s older sister, and you and Carlisle fall in love - Part 2.

Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Carlisle x Reader (OC name, feel free to change it in your mind)
Warning: CURSING! Fluffy awkwardness! Overprotective Charlie!

Less than six months later, I am pulling up the Cullen’s driveway once more, running a bit late as I climb out, racing up the front stairs, where Rosalie throws the door open, pulling me inside as the scent of orange blossoms, lilacs, freesia, and roses envelope me as we hurry up the stairs. “She’s here!” Rosalie calls as Alice looks up from doing Bella’s makeup.

“Finally! You’re late!” Alice scolds, though she’s definitely playing as she shoots me a wink. “Go take a shower. Rosalie will get you towels and a robe.” I nod, hurrying into the bathroom. I strip off my tank top and sweatpants from the flight, climbing in the steaming hot shower,where I wash my body, then shampoo and condition my hair, before climbing out in record time. I dry off, before slipping on my bra and underwear, wrapping the robe around me, tying the sash as I walk out, Rosalie is in a stunning purple dress, her hair is pinned and curled down one side of her head, and she has a light layer of makeup on, she gestures to the chair beside Bella’s, where I sit as she sets to work, doing my hair is an intricate pattern, before she does a beautiful job on my makeup, before I stand off to the side, observing my sister.

“Did you find our daughters?” I hear my mother’s voice, surprising me.

“Are those… graduation caps?” I hear dad ask, causing me to giggle into my hand.

“Huh! What a fun idea!” Mom says. “Bella? Emma?”

“In here, mom!” Bella and I call in unison, she steps inside the room, her eyes instantly welling at the sight of Bella.

“Oh, honey you look beautiful!” Renee turns to the door. “Charlie? Charlie come look!” She turns as Alice provides a hanky, dad enters the room, looking dapper in his suit.

“Wow.” Dad looks at me, and smirks.

“I know. I look hot.” Everyone laughs.

“We got you a little something, for this day. Charlie?” Mom holds out her hand, causing dad to hurry, and lay a velvet box in it, which mom opens before Bella as I press off the wall, looking at the gift. It’s a hair comb, with blue sapphires along the ends of each tooth. “This was your great grandma Swan’s, your dad and I got the sapphires added. We just thought it could be your something blue.”

“And something old, besides your mother.” Dad says, earning a smack from both mom and I. Alice steps up, slipping the comb into Bella’s hair, perfectly.

“We have something from great grandma Swan, for you too.” Mom says. “You get it on your wedding day.” I nod, causing mom to laugh, hugging me. “It’s great to see you.”

“You too, mom.” I murmur.

“So, who wants to see the dress?” Alice chirps, Charlie steps out as Rosalie and Alice help Bella with the dress, over her head, before doing the lines of pearls buttons up her back. “Okay, so you have something old, something blue,” Alice beams. “your dress is something new, so here.” She flicks something at Bella, who automatically catches it, turning red at the garter in her hands. “There’s your something borrowed. That’s mine, I want it back.”

“And here,” I reach into my jeans on the bed, pulling out an very old penny. “here’s a penny for your shoe.” Bella stares at it, before Alice tucks it into the heel, which she slips onto Bella’s feet.

“Renee, will you get the bouquets. Rosalie, help Emma into her dress.” Rosalie grabs a dress bag from the closet, walking over to me as mom rushes out, and I watch in amusement as Bella toughters as Alice hooks the garter around Bella’s thigh. Rosalie slips the dress over my head, after removing my robe, just as Alice pops back up, the dress is the same purple as Alice and Rosalie’s, it’s a dress that ties up around the neck, laces that cross up the back, the top is smooth, tight until my waist where is billows out a bit, and has a sweetheart neckline. Alice steps up, clipping a golden locket around my neck, before I slip on my purple heels, and Rosalie slides a diamond pin into place in my hair. It’s after the wedding, during the reception, that I slip away from the hustle and bustle, my feet sore from the dancing, I make my way around the front of the house, where I lean against the banister of the porch, sighing.

A hand appears out of nowhere, a champagne flute in it, the bubbling copper liquid looks oddly tempting as I take the glass, looking up to find none other than Carlisle standing beside me, a gentle smile on his face, his hair is slicked back, styled in a way oddly fitting for his face, his tux is crisp, without a single wrinkle within it, his tie is the only thing that is the slightest bit off for him, causing me to smile, shaking my head as I set the glass on the banister, stepping up to grasp his tie. “You and Charlie both, is it a man thing? Even vampires.” I taunt as I straighten his tie, slipping the triangle up to tighten it as Carlisle looks slightly embarrassed.

“Was it like that throughout the entire wedding? How embarrassing.” He says as I drop one hand, using the other to smooth the silk white material down, before I turn to the banister, going to step back with my hand dropping, only for my head to whip around as he grasps my hand in his, he looks enamored as he reaches out, capturing a dark brown ringlet between two fingers, he twists it before tucking it behind my ear, finger lingering on the diamond pin in my hair, and I can feel heat burning my cheeks as he lets go of my hand, allowing me to return to my place against the banister, where I sip on my champagne. It’s a bad habit, not really something that I should encourage, but being in tokyo, where we have saki with every meal, I decide that it’s not going to kill me to have few sips of champagne. “Needed another escape?”

“Dad seems to think, if he keeps me occupied with dancing, that none of Bella’s friends will care to cut in, or ask for a dance.” I explain. “Or, he’s hoping to keep me occupied until Jacob’s friends show, and play matchmaker with them. It would not be the first time.” I explain, he is now leaning against the banister, though I do not miss the chunk of wood the suddenly splinters under his hand, crumbling away from the banister. Deciding against bringing it up, I turn to look in his honeycomb eyes, my sky blue eyes are sweeping over each of his features, studying them quickly. “What about you?” I suddenly ask, dropping my gaze to clear my throat, taking another deep sip from the crystal glass in my hand. “Needed an escape, as well?”
“Hardly, even though it is a party, weddings are more of a symbol of a beautiful union between two people, and I do enjoy them. Though,” He seems to pause, glancing back at all the couples and pairs dancing. “Alice does seem to have gone all out, this time. I wonder why.”

“You do not think she’d do so for anyone else’s wedding?” I ask, suddenly curious.

“I’m not sure.” He hums.

“Not even your own, give the chance?” I ask, causing him to frown, brow furrowing as he looks at me.

“The chance has not come, nor will it, I believe.” He states.

“You have yet to find your mate.” It’s not a question, much to my surprise.

“No, I have.” He glances out at the woods, his furrow seeming to deepen, I cannot help but reach out a hand, resting it on his elbow, causing his head to snap over to me.

“Carlisle, you are my friend. What is troubling you?” I ask softly.

“It is… a complication.” He answers, vaguely, causing me to frown as I withdraw my hand, he reaches out to it, grasping it in his. “My mate,” He says the word with a surprising amount of sadness. “I have not told her that she is such, I fear she will not reciprocate. It’s merely that.”

“Oh, my friend.” I frown, setting my glass of champagne on the banister, wrapping him in a hug, causing him to freeze under my touch, the both of us are rather surprised by my move, but he wraps his arms around my waist.

“I know you’ve been dancing all night, but would you mind dancing with me?” He suddenly asks.

“Can we stay over here?”I ask him, he nods, causing me to beam as I kick my heels off, becoming considerably smaller without the two extra inches, making his 6’ 2” sizes that much bigger compared to my 5’ 4” size, so the top of my head ends just under his chin, my arms rest around his neck, while his arms are around my middle, causing me to blush as I look up at him. “Sorry, I’m so tiny.” This causes him to chuckle, a low throaty sound in his chest, which then changes into a full blown, head thrown back, roaring laugh, causing me to flush enough to where my ears are burning.

“You are the perfect size.” He says, once he’s calmed down, causing me to give him a wide grin.

“Good.” I breath out, the music that flows from the backyard changes from a swift pulsating beat, to a slower, almost heartbreakingly beautiful song, causing him to nod firmly, he turns us in a circle, starting the dance in a much less awkward circle, than the one that Charlie had us moving in, Carlisle seems to know how much of a lack of balance my family is known for. My head rests on his chest as I hum softly along with music, it’s oddly relaxing to be in his arms, but I keep a reminder in the corner of my mind, that I am not his mate, that his love is given to someone, I have to keep telling myself, not to fall for him, no matter how much it hurts.

“Are you serious?!” Someone yells. “Both of you?!” I spin around to find Jacob standing at the foot of the stairs, a scowl on his face as I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear, a feeling of embarrassment makes itself known to me, in my chest. “Emma, they’re not even human!” Jacob hisses.

“I… They are more human, Jacob Black, than you at this point!” I hiss, slipping my heels on, and stalking over to him. “It’s not as those I’m his mate, I’m his friend! He’s upset, I am trying to make him feel better, that’s what friends do! That’s something you did at one point, instead of making your best friend cry.” He flinches, visibly, at my words, before I huff the same stray lock of hair from my face, turning back to the house, where I stalk up the stairs, snatching up the crystal glass on the balcony, I toss my head back, drinking the smooth champagne in one go, causing Carlisle to freeze. “I need more champagne.” I growl, starting back toward the party. I know this was a mistake, drinking, but at this point, I don’t, honestly, care.

Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi no Hajimari - Miyasaka Haruki

This series is an R18 drama CD (not meant for minors. There will be explicit terms used in this CD) by Apricot.
T/N: Here’s my translation to the 3rd volume of Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi no Hajimari. Please do not repost on tumblr or copy to any other site. If you want to share this translation please reblog or link to this post  

Summary: You meet a gentle kindergarten teacher when you were looking for your fallen button and the relationship between you two starts to develop.
CV: Shingaki Tarusuke

Keep reading