your smile omg


Well he must’ve done something right. You turned out pretty good.

His smile x.

Well, as I promised you in an ask, I eventually succeeded to make this for your birthday. I give you Stanley Pines. All yours. FOR 24 HOURS. NO REFUNDS! I just hope that you like it. And again… HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIDERY! ☆♡☆ 🌌🌌🎑🎑🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🎉🎉🎇🎆🎂💙🎈🎈💗💛💚💖💕💟💞💝💜❤ U DA BEST!!! Shake that booty Pines! Shake it for her!! 😂😂😂

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Goddamn, Your beautiful

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I hated looking in the mirror. It made me feel small and I sometimes avoided it all together. However today was different. Today, I couldn’t seem to peel my eyes from it. I looked horrendous. My fat arms, My big thighs and not to mention my massive bum. Tears started to form as I slowly sat down next to the bed.

I did know that some parts of my body were bigger than others and I didn’t really care what people thought. But now looking at my reflection, I felt myself becoming more and more conscious about my weight and how ugly I looked. 

I looked up to people like Carrie and Zoe who were nice and thin and could wear whatever they want. My Boyfriend, Dan could leave me for them at any moment. Without him, I was literally a nothing. This made me cry harder. In fact, I was so wound up in thoughts and queries, I didn’t hear the door slowly open.

“Y/N, are you okay, whats wrong?” Dan’s voice filled the room. I quickly wiped the tears from my face and got up from the floor. 

“Yeah I’m fine, Let’s order pizza” I smiled halfheartedly. I walked to the door before feeling Dan’s hand grab my wrist and pull me back into his arms. “Your such a bad liar, you know” He said, his brown eyes starring deeply into mine. “Now whats wrong?”

I pulled back, sighing. I knew I was going to have to tell him. He could see right through me.

“I’m ugly, okay!” I suddenly burst “I’m not pretty like Zoe and I’m not slim like Carrie and It just really bothers me!”

I looked away ashamed and embarrassed on what I just said. I sounded like I was jealous of them. I then looked over at Dan. His reaction wasn’t what I thought it would’ve been but instead he was smiling.

“Y/N, are you serious?” He laughed “ Your beautiful no, stunning” 

He pulled me into a tight hug before, kissing me on the cheek. “Just remember, Zoe and Carrie are not you, I feel in love with your personality not your appearance.” 

I smiled. He sure did know how to make a girl blush. “Thanks Dan, for everything.” 

“Hey, I’m not your boyfriend or anything” He joked “I love you”

“I love you too” I said as we both made our way to the living room where we spent rest of the evening cuddling. Man, I was lucky to have him.


Sorry it was so short! 

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Just a reminder for all the people who are insecure about how they look, Whether its your weight or your face or whatever, Your beautiful no matter what. Remember that your personality is beautiful and that means you are too. Don’t listen to the people who think your ugly or overweight. It just means their either jealous or insecure as well. 

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How to win your crush (based on MikaYuu fanfic I had read)

1. Suck his blood (an classic)

2. Be his best friend, disappear, back with a mask.

3. Have a crazy-psycho twin brother who also want him, run away with your crush (P.S: To this work you have to also be crazy)

4. Go to a strip club using a mask, met the hottest stirper of the club, donate fifty hundred thousand to his sister with cancer.

5. Be a striper (they don’t will resist)

6. Be a secret agent, do crossdressing (Unique isn’t spelled with the Y)

7. Notice that your roommate is a vampire, invade a hospital and teach him how to eat a hamburger.

8. Go make a tattoo, he will be there.

9. Flirt with a guy in the bar, ask for his number, notice that is not his number but his friend number and it was a prank, fall in love with the friend.

10. Have insomnia, fall sleep in a random guy in a party, fall in love with this guy.

11. Go with your lesbian friend to a sex shop, met the hot attendant, ask him to give you math lessons.

12. Kill his friends, transform him in a vampire, run away with him. (warning: this can end with one of you killing yourself)

13. Go back drunk of a Halloween party in a vampire costume, make sex with him in your sofa.

What your partner loves most about you :)

Aries: Your sense of style.

Taurus: Eyes eyes eyes

Gemini: Your voice that makes icebergs melt.

Cancer: Your hugs that they never want to end.

Leo: Your loaded confidence.

Virgo: Your fab baby-butt soft skin. // Your model body.

Libra: Your beautiful smile omg.

Scorpio: Your flowing, princess hair.

Sagittarius: How loyal you are.

Capricorn: Your jokes that’ll make them cry from laughter.

Aquarius: Your romantic poems.

Pisces: Your goddess face that will make anyone who looks at it pregnant. 

Your partner will also love everything else about you excessively because you are all amazing people :)