your smile melts my heart


“I wanna build a machine nobody has the balls to build” Joe Macmillan the visionary

“I wake pies and make the dead-that was creepy.I make pies and wake the dead” Ned the piemaker

Lee ,thanks for giving us these memorable characters.


Ok I am not having this. It doesn’t matter what you look like someone will always say you’re ugly if you’re famous. So even though you won’t see this Soyeon you better look in the mirror and see nothing but the face you are blessed with. (Beautiful spam under the cut)

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a poem i wrote recently

sometimes i think  about us
what it was like
the times we spent, best days of my life
your amazing smile, my heart would melt
holding you close
something better, i haven’t felt
your warm embrace, the look on your face
having you  brought out the best in me
no one else I wanted next to me
things were great, we were growing
for you, my love kept flowing

something went wrong, just like that
out of love, we fell – SPLAT!
‘us’ diffused and became you and i
though nostalgic, I want to cry
i’ll be strong, won’t shed a tear
love, i now approach with fear
not fearful of falling in, but fearful of falling out

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The other day, when you brought that idiot engineer into my MedBay, my heart skipped a beat. I thought... arrhythmia? What it really was though, was your beautiful smile melting the ice around my heart. Be mine. xoxo Leonard

I will absolutely be yours, doctor dearest.  How could I ever say no?

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Thank you, Anon! ;D

Before I saw you, there was nothing special about dark brown eyes, not even mine, but you..

You’ve got eyes deeper & darker than oceans at midnight & my God, they’re beautiful.

You’ve got a smile that melts my heart every time it graces your face. I pray this world doesn’t take that away from you.

I pray this world doesn’t make you cold & if it ever starts to, I’ll set towns on fire for you.

And I wish you could stay 3 forever because in 10 years you’ll hold hands with a boy who will have the power to break your heart but if he’s smart, he’ll pick you flowers & call you pretty instead because I’ll kill for you before I let anyone walk away with your happiness-

But God forbid it happens & you find yourself lost, remember that there’s stardust in your blood & galaxies behind those milky way eyes;

You are so much more than the people that walk in & out of your life.

And whenever you need to be reminded of the angel you are, I’ll show you pictures I took before you could even walk or talk;

And I’ll give you all the sunshine your little soul has poured into mine, that I’ve been saving for a moment just like this.

I’ll tell you how your heart beat plays my favorite song & how you taught me how to love infinitely & how endlessly grateful I am.

I’d pull the sun from the sky if I thought it’d keep a smile on your face because I owe you the universe for all the happiness you’ve brought me.

And I know you’re too young to understand right now but baby girl, you are more than just the princess that everyone calls you, you’re a Queen, a goddess.

Everything that’s pure & beautiful in this world is inside you & every time you laugh it spills out & I thank you.

I thank you for existing because without you, I don’t know how long it would’ve taken me to learn that love is selfless.
—  Melody’s poem.

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Letter for Ace: 'Sometimes I wish you would see me differently. Not just as your friend, but as more. When you smile, my heart melt and you lift my spirit. I love around you and to make you happy. I know you better than you think, but it still didn't stop my heart from falling for you. On the contrary, it just happened faster. You are the sun I need in my life and I'm so grateful to have met you and get to know you. You changed my life for the better and you helped me to be who I am today.'

Ace read over this letter a few times and felt a little touched by how sincere and sweet it is.

im in love with you

it’s not just your smile, how you make me laugh, how you teach, it’s the passion that shines through, it’s how your smile melts my heart when you make eye contact with me, it’s how you make an effort to make everyone happy and generally care for every single person you’ve met. it’s how you don’t know that you’re making everyone’s day 10x better but you are.

On this very special day a very handsome man was born. Who won many hearts by his talents and charms. No matter how sad or upset I’m, when ever I see your bright smile, it melts my heart and all my fears and sadness vanish. Thank you for being the happy virus who brings us happiness. I wish you happiness and good health always. Take care of yourself and be happy. I love you very much
Happy Birthday Jensen Ross Ackles ♡