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Patrick Martin Stump: The best kind of PMS.

i feel like patrick would be one of the best people to take care of someone during pms.

‘hey, i’ve heard your horror story is coming up.  let me take care of you.’

‘i will feed you.’

‘i got you all the fluffy things!’

‘would you like me to sing you a song?’

‘you want cereal? should i go buy nine kinds from the store?’

‘yes, i’ll get candy too.’

‘and cookies.  of course, cookies.’

‘and presents bc you deserve them.’

‘we will just hang out in our pajamas all day and eat food.’

‘don’t forget the tea!’

‘hold up.  where the fuck are the rom-coms?’

Half of a heart because I am at work and it’s all I can do

Jack I really hope you’re okay. I hope you’ve seen the positivity going around your tags lately. You community loves you so so so much, and we all hope you’re safe.

You’ve done so much for me, Jack, you saved my life more than once and you make me smile when no one else can. I hope that the community can help you feel better now, with all the love and positivity we’re spreading.

We love you, Jack. We stand with you and support you. Stay strong!!

Open letter to Dan and Phil: Thank you

Thank you @danisnotonfire and @amazingphil

Thank you for waking up every day and deciding to share a bit of your lives with strangers on the other side of a screen.

You work so hard – thinking of ideas, creating content, spending hours editing, interacting with fans – we appreciate all of it. Your videos have started so many friendships – local and long-distance – some even turning into love and marriage. Your content inspires so much creativity; artists, video-makers, crafters, photo editors, story-writers – and you encourage it all.  

I feel like I owe you so much. You’ve made me a better artist, you’ve given me some of the best friends I could ever ask for, and best of all – you make me laugh and smile every day.

Most importantly of all though – I hope you both continue to have fun. Get rest, take breaks, realize that your fans love and appreciate you and that yes, you can have down time. I’m so excited to see what your future will bring!

Thank you,

Vic <3



thank you for gracing us with your incredible dance ability, your powerful rap, and your radiant smile. you inspire me to follow my dreams and make me happy when i feel like crying. you truly are my hope. (credit: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Vacation With Calum Would Include...
  • probably something spontaneous that you wouldn’t tell anyone about and they wouldn’t know until they saw pictures posted on social medias
  • somewhere beautiful and nice like the Bahamas or Maui
  • “if this plane goes down, you know we go own together”
    • “thanks Cal, that makes me feel so much better”
  • getting to sit next to him on the plane and wathng him slightly doze off
  • lots of candids on him on the plane
  • dropping off your luggage and hitting up the closest beach after a long plane ride
  • sitting on the soft sand together and resting on his shoulder while watching the waves crash and seeing his huge smile
  • “i’m so glad you’re mine”
  • blessing the bed the first night because what’s a better aphrodisiac than a cool, starlit night and the smell of the beach
  • lots of sex whenever you guys got home despite how tired you were 
    • slow and romantic sex to match the mood of the destination and vacation feel
  • “Calum get up and look at this sunrise!”
    • “why are you up so early this is a vaCATION”
  • getting to sit on the little deck with coffee and just your underwear and one of his shirts while he’s just wearing some basketball shots
  • LOTS of candids of each other
  • nice and unique drinks every night at dinner and getting dressed up for the meal
  • lots of cute sun dresses and shirtless calum (taTTOOS)
  • so much hand holding it’s as if you’re glued to each other
  • spending lots of time at the beach and tanning and sometimes he would throw you over his shoulder and bring you into the water
  • kissing in the water bc what’s more romantic (and cliche)
  • sometimes building sand castes and having “contests”
  • “damn baby, look at you in that bathing suit… I could look at you all day”
    • “i guess you got lucky because you get to look at me all day”
  • going out to dinner and breakfast and taking pictures of your meals
  • shopping!!!!
  • “Cal, I’m just looking. I’m not buying, everything is too expensive”
    • “but let me buy it for you, you deserve it princess”
  • walks along the water on the beach late at night when neither of you can sleep
  • deep talks at night while sitting on the sand and skipping rocks
  • typical sunset pictures
    • “she thought the sunset was pretty but i thought she was prettier”
  • him not listening to you and getting a little sun burnt
  • him getting all excited when you ask for him to rub sun tan lotion on you
  • going on tours of different places and him watching as you get all excited
  • getting constant calls from the boys so you both turn off your phones to get away
  • “im so glad we came here, it was so nice to let my head get a break”
  • never seeing calum smile that big and feeling your heart fill up
  • getting all sad when you have to come home
    • this time, you fell asleep on the plane and him taking lots of pictures of you and posting them to snapchat and twitter
  • “I wish this vacation would never end”
  • coming home to your house full of the boys and a mess they made waiting for you to come home
  • Luke with a mouth full of food, “welcome home!”

this wasn’t proof read so i apologize for any mistakes, but enjoy! (this prolly sucks but i tried)

if any of you have any ideas on what i could do for another one of these, that’d be cool!

Dear fan fic writers

I just want to say thank you so much for putting so much time and effort on your work just to make us happy. You have no idea but your writing may lighten up someone’s day. Whenever I was feeling down, I found my sweet escape by reading my favorite fanfic and it just makes me feel like nothing else matters at the moment. I can just forgot about all the problems and actually feel happy. You have no idea how much your amazing stories mean to someone. And I just want to say thank you so much for putting a smile for my face even though we never met, we may just be stranger to each other but ya know what, it’s funny how your writing can make me feel 100x time better the way people around me could never. So thank you. You’re under appreciated

When facetiming with Jimin ft. Tae

*phone ringing*

Y/N: *toothbrush in mouth* who ish callin at thish time?

Y/N: *glances at phone* OH JIMINIE

Y/N: *toothbrush still in mouth; accepts call*

JM: Y/N!!!

Y/N: Jimin!!!

JM: Did I call at the wrong time? 

Y/N: *stops brushing* nooo

JM: Hehe, looking at you brushing your teeth makes me feel like I’m right there with you in the bathroom *smiles*

Y/N: Wahh, if only :( When do you come back from tour?

JM: in a week but I miss you so much already 

Y/N: *finally finishes brushing teeth; readjusts phone for better view of yourself*

Y/N: I don’t miss you one bit *pouts*

JM: *hurt* I guess I’m gonna take my mouth elsewhere 


JM: *smiles*

TH: *appears*





TH: hehe I heard everything, even the part when Jimin says he’s gonna punish you *wink wink*

Y/N: *covers face* omg this is embarrassing


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Hi! I know you're not taking prompts anymore...but I'm trans and my shark week super makes me dysphoric and i feel so crappy about everything. I hope this isn't too weird but, could you maybe write a positive fic about Sanvers navigating theirs? I don't really know... But your writing always makes me feel better! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Alex groans in the bathroom and Maggie pokes her head out of the bedroom door.

“You okay, babe?”

“Ugh, no, fuck me.”

Maggie brightens. “Okay, I’m game.” She hears Alex chuckle and sigh and groan again.

“No, I… I’m on my stupid period.”

Maggie laughs sympathetically and continues getting dressed. “I’m sorry, babygirl. You cramping up?”

“I’m gonna. Ugh, and we have a sting op today.”

“Oh, babe, no!”

“Oh, babe, yes.” Maggie smiles and shakes her head at Alex’s humorless voice, and she turns when Alex trudges out of the bathroom a few minutes later while dry-swallowing a motrin.

She collapses face-forward on Maggie’s bed before turning and curling into a fetal ball.

Maggie tilts her head and her eyes soften before she pads out of the room quickly.

“Why are you abandoning me?” Alex groans after her, self-deprecation layered somewhere under the despair in her voice.

“I would never do that, Ally,” Maggie calls from the kitchen, and she comes back into the room a few minutes later with a warmed up heating pad and a soft smile.

“Come here, Danvers,” she says as she kneels on the bed in front of her, rolling Alex over onto her back and straddling her. Her fingers hesitate at the hem of Alex’s shirt, and Alex shakes her head.

“I’m all bloated and gross.”

“You’re never gross, babe,” Maggie counters, but she moves her fingers, but Alex is suddenly keening at the loss. Maggie arches an eyebrow and Alex slowly lifts up her own shirt to grant Maggie the access she’d been requesting.

Maggie smiles softly and her eyes light up, as they always do when she’s looking at Alex’s body, and Alex doesn’t understand because she’s bloated and she’s bloody and she’s not at all worthy of being looked at like that. Not today, anyway.

But Maggie strokes her stomach with near reverence, and Maggie bends down to press her lips gently, gently, gently, all across Alex’s lower stomach, tracing the line of her underwear with her lips, wanting to go lower but not wanting to ask Alex, not yet, if even lifting up her shirt was a struggle right now.

“Why are you doing that?” Alex asks, and Maggie looks up from her ministrations and tilts her head.

“Because your body hates you right now, but I love you and I love your body, so I’m trying to remind it whose will is stronger.”

Alex laughs because Maggie Sawyer, Maggie Sawyer, Maggie Sawyer, and Maggie kisses her swollen belly one more time before grabbing at the heating pad she’d brought in, lowering Alex’s shirt again, and pressing the warmth a few inches below Alex’s navel, and Alex moans in part pain, part relief.

“You know you can call in today, babe. Your body’s ragingly upset, same like it is when you have the flu or a stomach virus or something,” Maggie tells her as she pulls her into her arms, kissing her hair and rubbing soothing circles onto her arms.

“Can you call in, too?” Alex wants to know, and Maggie smiles.

“Netflix and chill it is, Danvers.”

“Netflix and cramp, more like it, Sawyer.”

Maggie kisses her and Maggie shrugs and Maggie loves her, loves her, loves her. “Netflix and me convincing your body that I love you more than it hates you and it should release you from this vial spell, most like it, Danvers.”

“Pfft, and you call me a nerd.”

“Takes one to know one, Danvers. Takes one to know one.”

Softly || Peter Parker x Reader

I’m a little stressed about my latest story not showing in the tumblr app tags 。゚(TヮT)゚。 it isn’t a big deal, not really, but I rely so much on using this app, so I would really like my story to show. I’m just going to post a short peter drabble to make me feel better ♡

warnings: slightly sexual content. Not full on smut, but lots of kisses are exchanged 。゚(TヮT)゚。

don’t repost or plagiarize this! Reblogs are fine!


Peter wakes up to feeling someone softly kissing him, the sensation making the young man smile as he was roused from his slumber.

“Hello, sleeping handsome.” You whisper against his lips.

You feel his smile widen against your skin and continue peppering kisses all across his face. “Babe, what’s wrong? I was sleeping.” You don’t answer him, still kissing his features when you felt Peter wrap his arms around your back.

“I mean, not that I mind or anything, it’s just- we kind of have school tomorrow.”

“Hmmm, I would much rather spend the whole night kissing you.”

“Babe-” you cut off his protests when you kiss him deeply, stopping all of your feather light kisses when you straddled his waist.

His groans seemed to spur you on as your hands gently rubbed against his chest, dipping beneath his shirt to touch at his bare skin. Feeling his warmth, you gently scratch at his abdomen with your fingernails, making him groan even louder in response. Peter could no longer take your teasing touches when he immediately flipped you back on the bed so that he was hovering over you.

You moan Peter’s name and delve your fingers into his hair, laying back with your neck exposed to him as he began to scatter love bites across your skin. While you felt him playful pull and tease at your neck, you suddenly felt a drowsiness wash over you. Your grip against his hair had significantly loosened, and Peter could feel the change in you when you slumped against him. “Argh, babe, no way! We were just getting to the good part!”

“I know handsome, and I’m really sorry, but now I feel really tired.” You lift up his head to give him an apologetic kiss, “You can still kiss me if you want. I’ll just be asleep…”

Peter snorts and gets off of you, laying next to you as he pulled you toward his chest, “Hell no. Call me whipped or whatever, but I don’t like waking you up.”

You were practically grinning at him now, “But you let me wake you up when I kept kissing you.”

He blushes and looks away from you, “Yeah…because I love you. I don’t mind losing sleep because of you.”

You yawn and let out a sleepy giggle, “Then I guess it’s good that you stopped. We do still have school in the morning.”

“Ugh, I hate you so much for being a tease.”

You laugh and press a kiss against his chest, “And I know that you wouldn’t want me any other way.”


Got7 seeing you with your boyfriend when they have a crush on you


*heart breaks just a little* “That’ll be me soon.” *determind*

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*seeing you with your boyfriend ruins his day* 

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“She deserves better.”

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“Hi Y/n!” *makes conversation and ignores your boyfriend purposely*

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“I could make her so much more happier than him.” 

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“I really hate him.”

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“When are they going to break up? It’s been like three months.” *annoyed* *knows he has no control over your relationship*

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Feel free to request/ask for anything, it’ll put a smile on my face!

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This is a shout to all of you for being so nice and kind and for always being here for me, for always filling my dash with your amazing content and for putting a smile on my face when things were too much for me to handle. You all are so amazing and I just wanted to say that even tho this year has been really hard on all of us, I’m so thankfull that at least I have you in my life to make things better… Here is hoping that 2017 will be better ♥

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Calum Imagine #3: Period

I groaned when I heard the front door slam shut. Not because I didn’t want Calum to be home but because it shook the whole house and any movement hurts while I’m on my period.

“Baaaaabbbbbbyyyyyy!” Calum yelled. I groaned in response. Laughing, Calum walked into my bedroom and took his shirt off. “I brought you some food, [Y/N].”

“Cal…I can’t move! I’m in too much pain. Can you please carry me?” I begged.

Calum sighed. “You’re such a spoiled little princess.” He said as he picked me up.

He walked into the dining room and sat me down. “Oohh! Calum, you brought all of my favorite treats!” I smiled as I began eating.

“Of course! I don’t want you to be miserable during your time of the month, so I thought I’d bring these to make you feel better!” 

“You’re the best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for, Hood.” I assured him.


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“Thank you so much” you sighed as Bucky gave you a massage. You were absolutely exhausted after your last mission. Bucky helping you relax was making you feel a million times better.

“No problem” Bucky replied with a smile. Then he meant down and kissed your forehead making you giggle.

God you loved him so much. After every mission you just couldn’t wait to get back home to the love of your life.


You deserve better

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Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: fluff

Word count: 509

Request:  Can you make a Dean×Reader where dean is secretly in love with the reader and he helps her get over a really bad break up and he takes care of her and have it be just full of fluff! Thanks (requested by anonymus).

A/N: Heey guys! I just realised we are so close to hitting 800 followers and I just wanted to thank y’all so much for everything! It’s unreal. 

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And I know I say I’m over you, but I’m really not. I would like to think I am so I think if I keep reminding myself that I am over you, and that I’m happy without you one day I’ll believe it. But in reality I’m not over you and I miss you so much. I miss your cute lil texts, I miss your adorable smile, and laugh. I miss our stupid little fights when we’d get jealous over stupid little things and I just really miss being able to call you mine. And to be able to hold you, and kiss you, and cuddle you, whenever my heart desires. I miss being able to call you when I’m having a bad day because I know you’ll instantly make me feel better. I miss coming to you for advice on things and I miss getting the best advice from you. I miss telling you about my day, and everything that happened in my day. I just fucking miss you and there’s nothing I can do but sit here and cry I know but God damn I want you back so fucking bad and let me tell you I would do anything to have you back, but you’re happy and that’s all I’ve ever wanted for you. So if you’re happier without me I’ll get over it one day. It won’t be anytime soon, but eventually I will be okay and I’ll be able to smile and actually mean it.
—  I fucking miss you, but you don’t care
Just a quick thing

My school just recently lost a teen to suicide and I live in a really small town so this is a really big thing. I just want to say never give up and don’t ever feel like you are worthless because you are not. There are people out there who care for you whether you notice it or not they are there and they would be so heartbroken if you took your life. If you are suffering from depression and you feel like taking your life I beg you do not do it because even though I don’t know you personally I would be so heartbroken if I found out one of my followers took their life and I truly mean that. This small community that I have built over the past few months means so much to me because the whole reason of my blog is to put at least a small smile on your face and hopefully make your day a little bit better.

Stay alive my friends,

For my lovely marshmallow that I love and care with all my heart~<3 I wanted to finish this wallpaper of Vibe and I’m really proud of how it looks like. This character mean so much to me, not only because of how creative the concept of this guy is… But mostly because it gives me the opportunity to find someone I really care about. That understood and accepted my flaws, that made me smile and have been supportive everyday, that just make my life so much brighter even when I feel terrible, that make me want to stood up and get better.

@azraeltree, I love you and I can’t wait to fly to you and just spend as much time as possible at your side~<3</p>

Art© @little-noko

Vibe© @azraeltree

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Ive been following you for a while and all Ive seen from you is love and support toward bts and you are a kind, beautiful person. Im sorry youre getting hate and I hope you feel better <3

THANK YOU SO MUCH! THIS MAKES ME FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! I LOVE YOU! <3 i hope your weekend is filled with smiles <3

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This is me, my 3 brothers, and you (of course). You guys mean the world to me. You, Taylor, have helped me through so much. You just seem to always be there for me. Sometimes I feel like things won’t ever get better. Sometimes I feel like giving up. But then I remember. I’m not alone. You’ve helped me realize that..things can get better. Thank you for that. And my three brothers, like you, make me smile. Everyday. They love dancing with me to your songs. I love seeing them so happy, singing along. It makes me so happy. You make me so happy. I love you @taylorswift


So I met thomas sanders last night and he WAS SO NICE. I was unsure of how he would be as JD in Heathers the Musical, but HE ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT OH MY GOSH IT WAS SO GOOD.
>Fantastic actor
>INCREDIBLE voice (his range is basically infinite)
>Sweetest person I think I will ever meet

Thomas made my day so much better and has gotten me through some rough times, so meeting him was an absolute pleasure. I feel like I haven’t stop smiling ever since last night. Thank you so much for everything, Thomas. You positively impact more lives than anyone I know. thatsthat24 :-)