your smile is the cutest ever

#look at this scruffy romanian prince #he is so done with your interview questions #check out that head tilt/side-eye combo #the goddamn lip lick #but then we get the CUTEST LOPSIDED SMILE EVER (◕‿◕✿) #in related news: my sebstan thirst is off the chainnnn

Boyfriend JB

A/N - Time for JB as your boyfriend! I love doing these bc it makes me realise how much I want this in my life lol. 

Mark | Jackson | Jinyoung | Youngjae | Bambam | Yugyeom

  • if Jaebum was your boyfriend, you two would the the definition of ‘life goals’
  • he knows how to treat his girl and make her feel special
  • firstly let’s talk about composer defsoul 
  • he’d write so many songs for you
  • most of them wouldn’t make it onto albums but instead he’d self produce a little cd for you
  • and he’d give it to you while blushing and it’d be the cutest thing ever!
  • just imagine him all red in the face with his adorable smile as he handed you a cd with all these amazing songs just for you
  • and they’d all be so good and only you would get to hear them because you’re his girl
  • the songs would all range from super cute stuff to super sexy stuff
  • like one song would be about wanting to spend the rest of his life with you or something
  • and then another would list everything he wants to do to you and knows he will do later
  • he’d love to invite you to the studio as well so you can see him write lyrics or record some lines for a song
  • and if you could sing well, he’d want to record demos with you
  • when he’s not serenading you, JB would be such a cute boyfriend
  • people always make him out to be super dominant but I think with his girlfriend he wouldn’t actually be that dominant unless they’re in the bedroom
  • his girlfriend would have JB wrapped around her finger and he’d do literally anything for her
  • even if it’s 3am and she wants to go outside and watch the stars, he’d do it
  • the boys would constantly tease him whenever you called or texted him asking to buy you coffee after he’s finished with dance practise
  • but he wouldn’t care bc he loves treating his girl
  • we all know JB has an aversion to doing aegyo but he’d do it for his girlfriend without hesitation
  • as soon as she asks him, he’s straight away pulling some cute facial expression
  • and every time he sees her smile and giggle at the cuteness, he’d break out into the biggest grin
  • because seeing his girlfriend happy is the one thing he needs most life
  • now onto Jaebum in the bedroom…
  • so we all know he’d be dominant in the bedroom 
  • daddy af
  • and all cuteness he showed before would disappear
  • it’s like when you see him on and then off stage
  • off stage he’s Im Jaebum, he’s an absolute sweetheart
  • and then on stage he’s JB, aka literal sex on legs
  • like he’d say something really sweet to you and then it’s like flicking a switch and all of a sudden his voice is deeper and he’s looking at you with THOSE eyes
  • and whenever that happens, you know you’re going to be having fun tonight
  • but he’d always make sure he doesn’t force you into anything and would 100% be all about consent (as would all the boys)
  • he’d use the switch in control to get back at all the times you made him do aegyo
  • before you’d be begging for aegyo but now he’s making you beg for his body
  • and you loved every minute of it
  • but let’s face it, anyone would
  • overall, Jaebum would be the perfect combination of cute and sexy
  • he’d do anything and everything for you without hesitation
  • because you’re his entire world and he’d love you with every ounce of his being

So I was at a coffee shop downtown earlier and the girl working the register was visibly not having a good day but still managed to smile and be friendly to everyone.

The girl in front of me stepped up to the till and as soon as she opened her mouth it was obvious she’s one of those kind and bubbly people who just radiates actual sunshine everywhere they go. Before she ordered she made small talk with the barista, asked how her day was going etc.

The barista got around to asking what she’d like and the girl asked if the barista likes tea. The barista was a bit confused but said yes and was asked for a recommendation. The barista told the girl she loves the new orange pekoe they recently started selling and the girl ordered two.

When the girl received her tea, she took both, put one back down on the counter and said “this is for you”, smiled and walked out.

The barista smiled all through my transaction, and still was when I left.

I spent a few minutes internally gushing about it before thinking Imagine Your OTP

How They React to You Wearing Their Hoodies Because They Smell Like Him (BTS)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Kitty

NAMJOON: Namjoon would feel really proud and satisfied, it’d be one more thing that showed the world that you were his and his alone. He’d get such a huge ego boost from the fact that you were wearing it because of his scent that he would not leave you alone. Honestly he’d probably get so turnt his hands would constantly be on you.

YOONGI: When he first found you huddled up on the couch in his sweatshirt he’d get the biggest, gummiest smile on his face. He’d start offering you his hoodies whenever you went out and would always make sure to wear the ones that had been washed so they would smell like him again. Basically he’d think it was the cutest thing ever and would never want you to wear your own sweatshirts again.

HOSEOK:  Hobi would be so goddamn excited. He’d be very vocal about how much he loved seeing you in his hoodie and even more vocal about it being because it smelled like him. Hopefully the hood is big enough to hide your face in embarrassment because this guy would take every opportunity to make you model and show you off.

SEOKJIN: This sweetie, his heart would burst with happiness. He would shower you with kisses and hugs whenever you asked to borrow one of his hoodies and would run to get one for you. Seokjin would also compliment you a lot on how amazing you looked in his clothes and how cute you were when you casually paused to smell the fabric while you were wearing it.

JIMIN: He would also tease you a little but nowhere near Tae’s level. I see him grinning at you and asking if he could wear your hoodies too. This boy would seriously be so happy that seeing you enjoying his sweatshirt would make him get so distracted by you that he’d have to be physically shaken to get him to pay attention to something else.

TAEHYUNG: Just like Hoseok, Taehyung would be so hyped. He would tease you mercilessly though, like offering you a hoodie he’d worn during four hours of dancing and saying that his sweat was the purest scent of his you could get. He would also 100% make you earn his hoodie (“Jagi if you want the sweatshirt you have to make me something to eat” “Sing for me and you can wear it” “Build me a blanket fort and then come talk to me about your prize”)

JUNGKOOK: At first he’d be upset when his favorite sweatshirt went missing, but when he saw that you took it he’d be embarrassingly happy. I feel like he’d jokingly complain about it but wouldn’t hesitate to shrug out of his sweater and wrap you in it with a hug and a quick kiss. Plus he’d get super blushy and shy when you told him his scent comforted you.

Tsukkiyama HCs

-On Tsukki’s birthday Yamaguchi gets glow in the dark paint and paints the galaxy on the roof of his room. (I like the idea of Yamaguchi being good at art.)
-“So you can see before you sleep what I see everytime I look at your eyes Tsukki!” Tsukishima melts.
-On Yamaguchi’s birthday, he gets him a dino plushie like it’s huge man where’d you get it.
-“When… you feel sad… uh… hug it or whatever.”
-Yamaguchi gives the cutest smile ever.
-Bokuto and Kuroo (unfortunately) give really bad romantic advice and end up getting Tsukishima and Yamaguchi on a date that ends in helping them block Bokuto’s tosses.
-Akaashi and Kenma feel soooo bad so they try to make up for it by getting Yamaguchi 2 tickets to a museum with dinosaurs and the observatory as well, and dress Yams up super cute and tell him cute lines to make Tsukishima blush. (It works.)
-Bokuto and Kuroo’s prides have been wounded knowing their bfs are the suave ones in the relationship and not them. Ouch.
-Tsukishima fangirls ovee the dinos like a little middle school girl fangirling over her favorite anime character.
-Yamaguchi secretly records it on his phone and shows Akaashi, Kenma and Hinata.
-Tsukishima knows all the useless dino facts and his eyes light up whenever he recites them.
-Yamaguchi could not be more in love.
-The observatory is filled with beautiful stars and a big moon display.
-“Tsukki… you really are like the moon. So mellow, you’re too lazy to make your own light… but you’re beautiful and light my way in the dark.”
-Tsukishima nearly faints because “Tadashi when did you get so cool.”
-Yamaguchi giggles adorably.
-RIP Tsukishima.
-Saturday nights going star gazing and slow dancing under the stars ♡
-Suga drags Daichi to secretly spy on his children during some dates to make sure they are good children and maybe because he secretly cries over youthful romance. (“We aren’t THAT old Suga….” “We are their parents Dai… now shush or they’re gonna see us.”)
-Yamaguchi baking strawberry shortcakes for Tsukki occasionally and whenever he does it Tsukki is like “Marry me…”

My thoughts on Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

SPOILERS (im on mobile so i can’t put it under a cut, im sorry)

So first of all, the beginning: Warner Bros logo + Hedwig’s Theme. I cried.

Then newspaper headings. Throwback to HP films which did that all the time.

Newt. AKA cutest cinnamon roll ever. You have to smile every time he is on screen.

The beasts. Holy fucking shit. Newt taking care of them. Double the fucking shit.

The actual plot: good, new, had some unexpected plot twists but didn’t fuck with your mind as much as Cursed Child (thank god). Also good connection to original HP story but also completely new.

All the characters. I’m not listing them all but they were all genius.

The MACUSA. New location. Not as awesome as the ministry but still pretty fucking awesome.

Kowalski. Finally a No-Maj/Muggle that played a bigger and good role. He’s my son dont hurt him.

Death penalty is a thing?! But magical holy crap.

Did I mention the beasts? They’re fucking amazing.

Had some comedy scenes and they were on point. Also good for children maybe?


His Hufflepuff scarf. Him being a Hufflepuff. Him being the most Hufflepuff-ish Hufflepuff to ever exist. Shoot me.

Kowalski’s bakery.

All the emotional scenes. They had me in tears.

Ok let’s be real. The whole film had me in tears.

I’m sorry this post is such a mess, these are just my post-cinema thoughts and i probably forgot some important aspect.


you ever have that one person in your life who is just SO DARN CUTE that it catches you off guard sometimes? like you’ll just see them in passing and you’ll do a double-take over how cute they are. or you’ll come across a photo of them and you’re just overwhelmed bc they’re just the cutest lil thing and they make you so happy and you can’t help but smile whenever you think of them.



You want a train ticket? It’s yours, alright. You wanna get out of here? Done. I’ll lie for you. I’ll sneak you out. Hell, I’ll even drive you. If you want more, if you want to make sure whatever’s happening here stops, then I can help you with that, too.

are you cute as hell?
  • aries rising: yes!!! your energy is magnetic, you're so adorably bubbly. i'd say yes to anything you ever suggested because your excitement is infectious. i love your hair.
  • taurus rising: yes!!! your smile is so sweet, you're just the sort of person i want to hug all day. i want to buy you so many presents & cuddle you all the time. i love your skin.
  • gemini rising: yes!!! it's just the cutest thing when you speak fast like you're so excited about something. your laugh is perfect & you just seem sooo cool. i love your hands.
  • cancer rising: yes!!! you're so kind & precious & expressive in like 1 million ways. you are literally too good and pure for this world omg, i want to hug you. i love your eyes.
  • leo rising: yes!!! when you're happy or excited it is honestly the most adorable thing. it's so difficult to take my eyes off you whatever you're doing. i love the way you move.
  • virgo rising: yes!!! omg you're so funny & sweet in so many different ways. you're the sort of person i ALWAYS want to hang out with no matter what. i love the way you dress.
  • libra rising: yes!!! how are you so kind to like everyone ever? i swear there is not a single person in the world you don't make so god damn happy. i love your cute tiny habits.
  • scorpio rising: yes!!! you're so quiet, it makes everyone want to know more, & your jokes are A++ bc we never expect them!! you have such class. i love the way you hold yourself.
  • sagittarius rising: yes!!! how do make everyone like you so easily??? honestly tell me your secrets, you're so funny & magnetic & just generally awesome. i love your laugh.
  • capricorn rising: yes!!! idk but i just wanna hug you & keep you safe, like, forever. i look up to you so much, plus you are sooo funny!! you rock. i love the way you walk.
  • aquarius rising: yes!!! omg your comments are always appreciated bc they're so dry & funny, and your dress sense is so quirky and cute, you're a pleasure. i love your voice.
  • pisces rising: yes!!! you're like the softest baby of light, can i wrap you up in tissue paper please??? you're so sweet & lovely & well meaning all the time. i love your smile.
Blackpink reaction to: Disney princess S/O

Anonymous: May I have a reaction when they see their s/o who works at Disneyland do their job for the first time? (Like their s/o is a Disney princess or something like that) thank you so much!


Jisoo would think it’s the cutest job ever. When she first saw you she wouldn’t recognise as quickly as the others you but she would go for a picture anyway because who doesn’t want a picture with a princess. You’d look at her and grin then it would all click into place for her. She would smile so big at you and giggle a little. Jisoo would go to take a picture straight away and would place a little kiss on your cheek. She would wink at you as she pulled away from the picture. The next time she saw you out of the princess clothes and makeup she would have so many questions for you.

“Woah! Y/N?! You’re a princess?!”

Originally posted by kimtae-yeons


Jennie would feel like she was falling in love with you all over again, seeing you as the princess you work as would make her feel like goo. I believe she may be a little shy when she sees you as well, not in the I-don’t-know-you-I’m-awkward kind of shy but the holy-crap-you’re-a-princess-you’re-pretty kind of shy. She would be blushing slightly when she talks to you when you’re the princess and would love to wrap her arms around your waist in the picture. It would be something she loves to see and would be in awe of you even more than she would have already been.

“Wow… You’re beautiful like this, even more than normal.”

Originally posted by suncheol


Rosé would be the tease, the one to nickname you princess (if she didn’t already call you princess that is) straight away and never call you anything but princess. After she recovered from the initial shock that her Y/N was a Disney princess, she would bow to you and kiss your hand before standing and asking for the royal highnesses appearance in a picture with her. She would bow and say thank you in an over dramatic fashion (probably giggling and causing the little kids around you to giggle as well, maybe even their families) when you accepted. She would rest her head on your head or shoulder, depending on how tall you are, when you two had your picture taken. Rosé would kiss your hand again. She would wink and then say walk off after saying:

“See you later princess.”

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Our little Lisa would probably dream about this. I feel like she is a massive Disney nerd so she would LOVE you being a Disney princess. She would wait with all the little kids to get a picture with you; she would probably talk to them about how amazing the princess you work as is and how you are definitely her favourite princess. She would gush about it to the other girls with a massive grin on her face after getting picture with you.

“I’m a dating an actual princess! Can you guys believe it?! An actual princess!”

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cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

Dating Millard Nullings would include:

a/n: sorry i couldn’t find a picture :D but here it goes

- he would be your age but you couldn’t tell

- you would convince him to wear the 21st century clothes

- literally, you couldn’t see him but you could feel him there

- he would hold you from behind a lot when standing up

- millard would make so many actual good jokes, you would be giggling and laughing all the time around him

- he would scare you in the morning when you wake up, shouting “BOO” at you, standing right beside your bed

- “millard, are you naked?”

- “i may be”

- mis peregrine would love you two together, always smiling when you were around her

- everybody would think you were the cutest couple ever

- in the beginning, you would laugh at how the food disappeared when millard ate it

- you two reading books together

- you would join millard and horace in their deep, smart talks about everything

- of course, you couldn’t follow what they were saying and you would fall asleep

- when he would see his hickeys on you, it would make him SO happy because at least something of him can be seen

- i feel like you would be a flower girl, millard would look at you sitting in a medow, with flowers around you, in your hair and sunlight shining down on you

- millard’s so cute, protect him

EXO’s Reaction to you nibbling on a chocolate bar



*He’d be so smiley. Watching you cutely nibbling on chocolate, it can’t get any cuter. When you were halfway through with the bar, you looked at up with big eyes and smiled. That made him go shy and cover his face.*

“There is no way your this old but still look adorable.”

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*Somehow found a way to make it into a contest.*

“She thinks she’s cute, chewing on that chocolate bar and looking cute? Well guess what…I’m cuter…I’m waayy cuter..”

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*Cutest human ever. He’d be smiling and watching you eat, sometimes asking you to break him a piece.*

“Teach me how to eat cutely like you.”

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*Takes a deep breath to calm himself. Doesn’t know if he’s turned on or if he fell in love with you more. I mean, you look cute but so alluring at the same time. HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!*

“So like…do you have to eat it that slow?…Can I have a piece??”

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*Find it cute for 2.5 seconds before he decided to turn it into a game.*

“I will give you a two second head start before that bar of chocolate is mine.”

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*He thinks he can see right through you. Getting the wrong intentions and eventually embarrassing himself.*

“Look at her…she knows exactly what she’s doing. Eating slowly and trying to seduce me…well it’s not going to work…And you know what…two can play that game. I’ll eat slowly and seduce her too….I’m so smart. 10 points to Chanyeol.”

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*Stares at you with the move love he could ever give to anybody. You looked extremely adorable and he couldn’t help but blush and smile like a fool.*

“Hey, hey sweetheart! Darling, cutie pie!..look over here.”

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*It’s been so long since he’d had chocolate. Watching you made him hungry and a bit, just a bit, frisky ;)*

“Hey babe…you want to share that? No, don’t give me a piece…You know exactly I want it, so come over here and let me have a taste.”

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*Offended. Not only did you not choose to share, you also took the last bar. In his heart, you looked hella cute but in his mind, you were provoking him.*

“You know, you look adorable and everything but, if you keep on eating that, I will make you go buy me a new bar.”

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Guys, I need more reaction requests. Lol, this one is the last one in my inbox.


Dating Jacob Portman would include

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Requested by Anon

- Both of you having 50,000 pictures / videos of each other

- Awkward lil’ kisses

- Him being really nervous to hold your hand

- Emma being sorta jealous but she’ll recover lmao

- If both of you were peculiar you’d leave your family behind to go to the loop with him

- Both of you driving down roads laughing over literally nothing

- Making jokes about how awkward he is

- The others picking on you two because of you two being so in love

- Miss Peregrine thinking you two are the cutest thing ever

- Wearing his clothes because ‘all your shirts are in the wash’

- Cute lil cuddles ok

- The song to describe your relationship would probably be Roman Holiday by Halsey

- Him being all smile-ly and happy around you 

- Him being really scared he’s gonna accidentally hurt you.


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Whereas many families enjoyed trips to the park, as a weekly thing, you had taken your baby girl to the Movie Premier, after you and Chris both not wanting to leave her. 

Photographers: Chris! Y/N! Over here!

Chris: Look baby! They’re taking your photo. You gonna smile?

Daughter: *Hiding in Daddy’s Blazer*

Y/N: Baby look! Say cheese! 

Daughter: Looks at camera for a moment, then back to Chris

Chris: Where’s the smiley face? *He begins to pull the cutest faces ever, until eventually…*

Daughter: *Giggles*

Chris: Atta girl! Come on, we’re gonna talk to the lady over there, who’s almost as pretty as Mummy!

Daughter: Mummy! *Stretches out arms to you*

Of course, there was interviews, and holding a little one whilst both you and your husband were being talked to, was never an advantage. But, all clouds have a silver lining. Or in this case, something a little more flashy. Diamonds, maybe?

Interviewer: So, both of you are new parents, and how are we finding the young lady?

Chris: Well, she can be very demanding for attention, much like her daddy. But, she’s a mummy’s girl. I mean, look at her now!

Interviewer: Yes, she seems to be quite happy with you, Y/N.

Y/N: She’s pretending. A good actor like her father. 

Interviewer: And you both? Had a break from the little lady here-

RDJ: I found you! *Looks at daughter* Hey little one! You gonna come with uncle Robert for a bit?

Daughter: *Giggles*

Y/N: You wanna go with Robert for a bit? Do you promise to be good.

Daughter: *Nods*

Chris: Come here baby, *Kisses forehead,* Now, don’t let Robert do anything bad, okay?

RDJ: As if! Come on baby, let’s go scare everyone

Interviewer: Well, it look’s like you guys have a potential babysitter already!

Chris: *Pulling you closer* No, He’s being a little shit. Downey loves her really, of course, but he think’s he’s the superior parent. He’s got a long way to go before he beats Captain Ameri-Father.