your smile is so pretty i wanna cry

Accurate first impressions of Kpop groups
  • <p> <b>Super Junior:</b> "so many members??? so many sub-groups/units??? suju is literally every other kpop groups' dads. been in the game for so long and still run kpop. Trendsetters. Legendary. all of them are MCs. Why aren't they running SM by themselves???"<p/><b>BigBang:</b> "badass!! cars!!! sad?? emo??? party!!!! every group looks up to them and admires them.....your fave's faves. weird dancing(?) but they're always lit. it's always a bigbang concert whenever they perform. why is that one guy so tall? that one guy is popular in Japan!!! the difference between Jiyong & G-dragon is scary."<p/><b>SHINee:</b> "it feels like everyone has solo projects and they probably get together only for Christmas or to get turnt up. are they Japanese?? i think those 2 short guys are dating idk. wtf why is he called tofu....why is he called bling bling.......WTF IS A DIBIDIBIDIBI-"<p/><b>Infinite:</b> "wow they dance so in sync w/ each other. probably heard their catchy af songs before really diving into the fandom. created the scorpion dance, how epic. they just seem so real?? like they're brothers??? is that one a girl or a boy??<p/><b>VIXX:</b> "so tall. so violent. so shippable w/ everyone. pretty sure they have a confirmed gay sub-unit?? their maknae likes to bully them. jellyfish doesn't deserve them. so.....they're vampires, voodoo dolls, 8 year old kids, video game characters, Greek gods....what can't this group do????"<p/><b>BTOB:</b> "everyone knows about their reputation, they're wild af. hella tiny compared to normal human beings. i was blinded when looking @ that guy's smile he's an angel sent from heaven. their songs either make you wanna cry into your pillow or join a high school musical is2g."<p/><b>EXO:</b> "they seem kinda scary/intimidating bc SM won't let them fangirl. everyone's an exo fangirl and fanboy on the inside. iM crEEPin iN Ur HeARt BAbE. they literally glow on stage??? are they still wolves???? do they still have superpowers??? who is Chinese and who is Korean??? i thought there were 12....."<p/><b>B.A.P:</b> "so are they best absolute perfect or are they called rice? weird aliens/rabbits is a concept i never knew i needed. they sued their company together but there's always one guy who kills them all? why??? everyone who talks about b.a.p wants to skydive i'm so confused. so is that hot guy w/ the deep ass voice actually their grandfather??"<p/><b>Got7:</b> "so many different races in 1 group i'm living. bruh their dorms must be so wild, how are they raising a dog??? rapline is kinda weak........they could still get it tho. all of them have such vibrant personalities MUST. RESIST. STANNING. their second name is dab7? i don't know them."<p/><b>Seventeen:</b> "ok joke's on us, we all thought we couldn't remember exo's names but shitballs, seventeen exists. wow they seem so fun to be around, i want to be their friend. their leader must have approximately 8.9 breakdowns everyday. how are they always so happy??? they're legit stranded on an island ffs. dino is 100% their real baby."<p/><b>Monsta X:</b> "so THAT'S the member that everyone loves bc he's such a meme. do they always remix their songs when performing??? they're so lit???? i'm still confused as to why this group doesn't have a first win. came to check them out bc of got7 and wasn't disappointed."<p/><b>Day6:</b> "lmao that famous guy from twitter is in a kpop group???? why does it feel like JYP is just letting them run around the company and do whatever they want at this point....does JYP even know they exist?? their songs make you wanna hit up your nonexistent ex *jams sadly*. who's bob???"<p/><b>iKon:</b> "they shouldn't be the next bigbang or the next anything, they're low-key doing amazing already. bad first impressions always turn into good ones when yall take the time to know them. they literally have their own anthem??? what's a visual i only know ikon."<p/><b>NCT:</b> "there SM goes again, tempting us w/ new groups but depriving us of comebacks. how is taeyong supposed to hold the fort down when he has 40 kids he hasn't even met yet?? they're exo's biggest fanboys, everyone needs to stan them asap. if they didn't look and sound so good, i'd sue SM for dressing them like they're homeless. the dreamies are so spoiled by the hyungs and their company. MY CHILDREN????"<p/></p>

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I loved the one you did with the chocobros and their S/Os daughter! My mom met my dad when I was around that age (I don't call him my stepdad since he's the only dad I have) and he is 6'6" so I started crying when I saw him lol. So how would the chocobros react if their S/Os daughter called them dad for the first time?

fun fact: i forgot that ignis was blind until i got half way through writing his rip luckily it was an easy fix though.  I hope you enjoy bb!!


  • It would happen one day when he was watching your daughter while you stayed late at work
  • The two of them were in the middle of doing makeovers
  • You’d come home to find the two of them on the floor in the living room, brightly colored makeup spread across the floor and nail polish lining the coffee table 
  • You’ll open the door and your little girl will bolt up to greet you.
    • Her hair is in the most intricate braid you’ve ever seen, but you’ve come to expect that after the first few times you left her and Gladio alone
    • Gladio gets up from his spot on the floor and he looks…not quite as lovely as your daughter lmao
      • his hair is in a million different little ponytails, there’s pink lipstick smeared across his lips and around them, one eyes is donning blue eyeshadow while the other is bare save for a surprisingly good wing
  • You have to laugh because they’re certainly a sight to behold
  • As you’re thanking Gladio for watching your little girl, your daughter immediatly buts in with a “Can daddy stay?”
    • and both you and Gladdy freeze bc…yes she really did just refer to him as her father for the first time
  • You’re too stunned to do anything but nod, and Gladio just as the biggest fuckin grin on his face

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Dating DK Would Include

“yoo can u do a dating ______ would include with DK please????? I really love this prompt and DK so if it doesn’t bother u pls consider it. Thanks:)”

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SMILE MAN DK HERE WE GO !!! “don’t wanna cry” literally killed me it was beaut the vid not me ugly screaming over it.

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Jonathan helping Steve figure out his sexuality (I highly doubt he would have much knowledge of what it means to like both girls and guys)

(I expanded on this, whoops.)

“Well I can’t be gay,” Jonathan tells him firmly from his pool chair next to Steve’s, the both of them staring up at the stars. The night air is still and quiet other than the occasional chirp of a cricket and their hushed voices talking back and forth casually. Steve had strayed onto the subject of sexuality, and it seemed that Jonathan was a little rigid in his knowledge, as many were. “I like girls.” He swears, and Steve can’t help but smile lazily as he turns his head to face the younger boy.

“You know you can like both, right?” He murmurs rather smugly, Jonathan looks over and weakly glares at Steve in agitation.

“Y-Yeah?” Jonathan fidgets with the hem of his sweater (a nervous habit that Steve had observed him do when faced with something that embarrassed him) and glares at his knees, which were folded up with the toes of his sneakers stuck through the plastic slats of the chair.

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Cheating// Jason Todd x Reader

Okay so my blog mostly consists of reblogging post and fanfics but I decided to try and write something lol. I hope you guys like it and please give me feedback or anything would be nice :) Thanks guys.

Cheating// Jason x Reader

Jason glared across the buildings rooftop at the two people sitting down talking. The man had his back turned and Jason had a clear view of the woman. He growled as the man reached out and grabbed the woman’s hand while she just blushed and gently pulled her and looked away sheepishly. The man had said something because the young woman covered her mouth and laughed. Jason was frustrated because the young woman was the person who held his heart and at the same time crushed it. He took one more glance at them and saw her still smiling shyly and decided he had enough he turned his back and left. Unknown to him the woman, You were irritated beyond belief. You had believed that the invite to the cafe was an offer to talk about a business deal she had been hoping to close. But it had turned out to be just another pitiful excuse for a business man to try to get into your pants.

The last straw was when he asked you what a beautiful woman as yourself was doing in that kind of work and if you didn’t want to just settle down with a man liked him and have become a house wife. You sneered at him and told him you were done with meeting and excused yourself and left.

“What a asshole! Ugh I just wanted to punch him in his face!” You thought as you walked to your car kicking rocks and clenching her fists. “Time to get home and let loose and by let loose I mean go to sleep or something. I should really stop talking to myself,” You mentally cringed. What you really wanted was to get home to her boyfriend Jason, you had a stressful day and just wanted to cuddle and maybe make out or something. You giggled at that thought. You arrived at her apartment and unlocked you door just to be met with a lonely room. Disappointed was an understatement she had really hoped that Jason would be there. “What the hell? Why isn’t he here. Great just great. I’m going to punch him in the face when he gets here. But he didn’t know I wanted him here. Ugh you’re so dramatic Y/n. Let’s just call him,” You half thought and half said out loud. You took out her phone and dialed Jason’s number but it just went to voicemail. Again and again you tried but ended up at voicemail each time. “Hmm I wonder what’s he’s caught up in that he’s not answering me. Oh well I’m going to watch Game of Thrones without him. Sucks to be him.” You made some popcorn and propped yourself on the couch and started to watch your guys favorite show.

You were half way through the second episode when you heard the door open and Jason come in. You stood up to greet him because honestly you really had missed him even if it had only been a day that they hadn’t seen each other. You went up to him but Jason just brushed past you towards the bedroom. You were reAlly confused, what was up with him? “ Jay? Baby? What wrong?” You followed him into your room. Jason stayed quiet and grabbed a bag from the closet and starting shoving clothes into it. “Jay? Yo what’s wrong? What’re doing?” You reached out to grab him arm but he pulled it back and finally looked up to look at her. “What does it look like I’m doing?,” he growled while he glared at her. Y/n took a step back, shocked because Jason had never talked to her that way. You felt like crying but you regained your nerves and suddenly you felt angry. Why is he talking to you like that? You hadn’t done anything. “I don’t know asshole! That’s why I’m asking,” You seethed.

“You know what you did! Or have been doing for some time!”

You were so confused! What had you done? You tired remembering, maybe you had been a bitch or forgotten something important? “Can you just tell me what the fuck I did Jason!”

“Your fucking cheating on me Y/n” Jason’s voice broke, “ I saw you today with that guy. How could you do that to me! You’re my everything Y/n.” You felt so bad seeing Jason so broken made you feel like a vile human being. Even tho you hadn’t done anything, knowing that Jason was hurting because of you made your heart. You slowly closed the space between the two you and caressed his face. He was looking down and you could see some tears dripping down his chin.

“Jay. Jason. Look at me,” you softly whispered. He looked up to meet ur eyes. “ I didn’t cheat on you. I met with that man because he’s a business partner, or was. I would never cheat on you. I love with all my heart. Every time I look at you I wonder how I got so lucky. When I hear your voice all my doubts and fears wash away. Your very presence soothes me. Nothing or nobody could ever change that. I love you Jason Todd,” you softly told him and at the end you were quietly crying too.

“Really? Fuck, I’m so stupid!,” Jason pulled away and rubbed his face. “Of course you weren’t cheating on me.” You wrapped your arms from behind and he relaxed.

“It’s okay baby. We all make mistake even if yours are pretty dumb,” you laughed. Jason turned around smiling.

“I really love you Y/n,” Jason said with love in eyes. The sincerity in his voice made you wanna cry all over again but you refrained. Instead you grabbed the collar of his shirt and pressed your lips against his. He responded quickly and kissed you hungrily, full of love and desperation. You struggled with taking off his shirt while kissing but at the end both of you were naked. “I love you too Jason Todd.” And the rest of the night was filled with more love than either of you had ever experienced.

NCT Dream Reaction to their S/O Having Braces.

Anon requested: Hi! I love ur work!! I was wondering, how would NCT 127 and NCT Dream feel about their s/o having braces? thanks in advance haha

A/N: Thank you again!! This one doesn’t have Mark or Haechan in it because they are in the NCT 127 version here. I hope you enjoy!!!

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Winchetser Sister- Bloody Hell

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Request: Hey!!! You are an amazing writer! I read all of your fics in one night (no regrets) I was hoping that you could do one in which the boys´ younger sister gets her first period an they help her. Thanks!!!

Title: Bloody Hell

Parings: Dean x reader!sister, Sam x reader!sister

Words: 643

Summary: Reader gets her first period and her brothers help her out

(A/N; Hey y’all I had to delete the post I posted last night bc it looked really weird if you weren’t reading it from my page & I couldn’t figure out why it was looking so weird so I just deleted it I think it may be because I posted it over my phone?? idk but anyways THIS IS A REPOST!!!!)

love JC :)


“Oh shit!” You whisper as you look at your underwear that is covered in red blood. You are thirteen so you already know what periods are, you just didn’t expect it to happen right now. You start to panic, “What the hell do I do?”

You can’t tell your brothers right? They won’t understand they’re men, but you know that if you don’t tell someone then this will cause a lot of problems. You quickly wrap your panties in toilet paper and walk swiftly and awkwardly back to your room. You change clothes and you debate once again about telling your brothers. What if they laugh at you? You take a deep breath and make up your mind and finally walk out of your room to find Dean.

Your stomach turns as you walk down the hallway until you reach the library where you see both Sam and Dean sitting at a table. You grow more worried and your stomach is doing flips as you slowly walk up to them. “Hey, uh, Dean,” Both Dean and Sam look up to you, “can I talk to you…privately?”

Dean turns towards Sam and gives him a questioning, “Is something wrong?”

“No!” You say way too fast, giving away that there is something wrong, and both your brothers look very concerned. “Nothing’s wrong… I just need to talk to you.”

“(Y/N), if something’s going on you need to tell both of us,” Sam says, his eyebrows furrowed together.

“No, it’s personal…” You say quietly, and both Sam and Dean straighten up a little, fearing the worst.

“(Y/N), has someone touched you?” Dean asks cautiously, panic burning in his words.

“What? No, Dean! It’s just that I, um, I think I started my period…” You say and both of them visibly relax. You uncomfortably cross your arms and you look at them both, “What do I do?”

“Uh, Sam, you want to take this one?” Dean looks over at his brother, clearly uncomfortable with the topic of the situation.

“Dean,” Sam warns, and looks at you with a smile. “You do know what a period is…right?”

“I’m not ten, Sam.” You shoot back.

Sam raises his hands in defense, “Hey, I’m just making sure! But uh, I think we should go to the store and pick up some stuff for you”

“What do you mean?” You ask, innocently. It’s times like these when Sam and Dean wish you had a Mother figure around, it save you both awkward and embarrassing discussions.

“Uh, well, you need stuff to help, um, catch the stuff,” Sam cringes but tries to smile at you, “Dean, you wanna help?”

“No, I think you’re doing a pretty good job on your own.” Dean says back, but when you look at him with a worried expression, he sighs and looks at you, “Fine, so when you go through these every month you need stuff like pads and tampons to help you from leaking and getting blood everywhere.”

“Ew! You mean I have to do this every month?!” Your stomach turns more and you look as if you are about to cry.

“Uh, yeah, but it’s not that bad-”

“How do you know?” You cut Sam off. That seemed to shut him up because his eyes widen and he stampers on his words.

“Well, I-I was just going to say that you get the special treatment, like we’ll let you eat whatever you want, we’ll buy you things to make you feel better, you things we usually don’t do.” Sam smiles awkwardly.

“Oh…well thanks.” You say and you stand buy the table uneasily, “So can we go now or what?”

“Oh yeah, let’s go!” Sam says as he jumps up from his chair and puts on his jacket and you two walk up the stairs to get in the impala to go get your supplies.

💜 Send me a Number and a member from BTS 💜

#1 - “You know, you should just told me.”

#2 - “I don’t know what’s wrong with being with someone that you love.”

#3 - “Your voice sound so good, sing for me to sleep.”

#4 - “Are you seeing this? They are screaming for you and not for me.”

#5 - “Maybe you have drink much soju for today.”

#6 - “If you wake me up again, I’m going to kick this pretty ass of yours.”

#7 - “They say that you are not enough for me, but I think that really is me that is not enough for you.”

#8 - “I think I’m in love with you and i’m afraid cause I can’t do nothing about this.”

#9 - “I can’t help falling in love with you all the times I see you smile. Please, don’t make me say this again.”

#10 - “There’s moments when I think about how did I get someone like you.”

#11 - “I think that ‘Serendipity’ talk about us, cause it’s exactly how I feel towards you.”

#12 - “Can you please shut your pretty mouth and bring me medicine before my cramps get worse and I murder you.”

#13 - “What the…? Did you actually just bite me?”

#14 - “The only problem here is that you always make me feel safe even when I think that everything is bad.”

#15 - “That’s so…ew. I love you, but please, don’t say this again.”

#16 - “You lucky that you are my weak spot.”

#17 - “I wanna cry everytime I see you hurt, cause I can’t stand seeing you like this. So please, talk to me.”

#18 - “It hurts me everytime I see you smiling and not being able to call you mine.”

#19 - “We going to make this work, no matter what. I love you, and that’s all I need.”

#20 - “Babe, you really never did this before?”

#21 - “You so cute…how did you say that you’re not when you are?”

#22 - “Listen this and tell me what you think.”

#23 - “So…there’s these people from that magazine…and they want you to pose with me.”

#24 - “I know that sometimes it gets hard…but, just let me hold you and everything will be fine.”

#25 - “You’re the worst cause you bring out my soft side.”

#26 - “I’m not a boy, boys play with girls hearts. I’m a man cause all I want is to love you.”

#27 - “I don’t know what I would do if you walk out of this door, I know that I fucked up a few minutes ago, but please, don’t leave me…I really don’t know how to deal with it.”

#28 - “I like to read your messages and smiling to it, cause I know you will always comeback to me.”

#29 - “No one has ever loved me and support me like you do, and i’m glad that I have you.”

#30 - “Can you please fuck off and let me fuck alone?!”

#31 - “I’m sorry that I can rap better than you…please, don’t give up on me.”

#32 - “Your hair is so soft, can I braid it?”

#33 - “Is that my shirt? So it was with you all this time…”

#34 - “I will trap you and bring you with me. I don’t care if this is legal.”

#35 - “I really love your smile, makes everything brighter.”

#36 - “I just can’t get over you.”

Christmas Gift 1: Lost and Found

I hope you had a wonderful day today!

I have to deliver a special gift to lovely @gallifreyanlibertea​ who requested it and had to receive it today! I’m sorry I couldn’t send you anything else, but I hope you’ll like this second attempt at fluffy omegaverse ;)

Notes: I’ve never been to NY! Sorry for inaccuracies (and eventual mistakes, English is not my first language).

Lost and Found (USUK, omegaverse, fluff)

Alfred F. Jones was an alpha working as a guard at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City and he was (damn) good at his job.

He was extraordinary with the kids, precise at giving directions, careful at guarding the emergency doors and the main entrance and he also could help with random informations and improvised guided tours about the sections he liked and knew about the most.

Yes, he was an alpha, but he was an extremely friendly one, he was caring and he always wore a big smile on his face when on duty, a fact that gained him the trust of his bosses, the friendship and alliance of his co-workers and the absolute love of (most) visitors.

However, his most special talent, the thing only him could do with extreme precision, the flair for which he had become famous between the museum’s employees, was being infallible at finding and returning items lost on the museum’s ground, just using his flawless sense of smell.

That was why, when one snowy afternoon of late December (almost Christmas!) his pal and co-worker Toris found a black leather glove on the American History section’s floor, he immediately brought it to Alfred, asking him to look around for the owner.

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Part 2: I really don’t think you wanna know that

Part 1 / Part 3

Request: i was asked a part 2 of “I really don’t think you wanna know that” as well as 34, so i mixed. hope it’s okay!

You don’t know how long you stay there, hugging your knees to your chest as you cry your heart out. But eventually your eyes dry and you get up, your limbs heavy and your chest aching.

It’s been three days, and you’re doing pretty okay. You’ve been showing up to work, putting smiles on your face for the photo shoots and even managing to appear okay in front of your friends. No-one needs to know about your breakdowns in the shower, where you’re hidden away from the world and can feel the pain of what he’s done.

He broke you, you think, but you won’t let it show. You’ll just go through the motions and pretend that you’re fine until you can look at your shared bed that holds so many whispered ‘I love you’s, the old couch that holds so many tickle fights and nights spent watching old TV-show reruns,until you can look in the mirror of the bathroom where you used to have staring contests while brushing your teeth without searching for his warm presence and wanting to cry when you realize that he’s gone.

And you don’t regret sending him away, you don’t. It’s just that falling out of love is not as easy as falling interest into it.

You haven’t talked to any of the four guys since that night. You know you eventually will have to - Luke didn’t exactly have time to retrieve his things from the apartment and it’s unfair to take this out on your other friends - but you’re dreading it. So much.

Which is why when you receive a call from Michael the third evening, you hesitate. He calls a second time and you figure you can’t really escape this. He’s persistent when he wants something, and you don’t put it past him to knock your door down.

He breathes in relief when you pick up.

“Y/N, are you okay? Why haven’t you answered my messages?”

“I uh…I needed a breather.”

“From me?” He asks, hurt in his tone.

“From Luke. I know he’s probably been crashing at your house, don’t pretend you don’t know about this.”

He sighs deeply.

“Look, I don’t wanna come in the middle of–”

“Good, then don’t.”

“Y/N!” He exclaims, and you know you’re being rude but you just can’t deal with someone interfering with the situation when you’re already having so much trouble keeping up appearances that you’re fine.

You don’t know how long that can last if Michael decides to ask questions.

“He’s really hurting, Y/N,” he finally says, breaking the silence. “He hasn’t slept in three days. He keeps breaking down and rambling about how he fucked up.”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?” You say, hating the fact that despite what he did to you, hearing that he’s in a bad shape makes your chest hurt.

“Come on, Y/N, won’t you hear him out?”

“I can’t believe this,” you gasp. “I can’t believe you’re taking his side. Aren’t you supposed to be my best friend?”

“You are and I love you, but from what I can tell you’re doing fine while he’s a mess.”

“Don’t you dare Michael. Don’t you dare come into this situation and try to tell me that I’m not hurting just because I’ve tried to survive this. Do you even know what happened?”

“No, but I know you love him and he loves you, so much, and whatever went down between the two of you can’t be worth giving up on this love.”

“He ditched me Michael,” you rasp out, your words bitter and tears stinging your eyes. “He ditched me the night of our six months’ anniversary and he couldn’t even fucking warn me. He couldn’t answer my texts or my calls either until he comes home the next morning with a fucking hickey on his throat and tells me I don’t want to know where he spent the night. Still think I should hear him out?”

Michael’s silence says it all. You hang up, and proceed to break down and cry because dammit, you loved this boy so much and you can’t believe he’d do something like that to you.

He hasn’t come back to the apartment, he hasn’t called you, he hasn’t even texted you. He knows better. And somehow that hurts even more, not because you’d want him too, but because you can’t think of him as a plain jerk and terrible person when he’s being considerate of your feelings.

It’s such a Luke thing to do. Mess someone up and then try to hurt them the less possible in the aftermath, as if the harm wasn’t already done. All it serves is to make getting over him more difficult.

That is, he doesn’t call until a week later, when you’re woken up at the crack ass of dawn by your phone ringing. You don’t even think to check the caller ID before answering the call, and you’re met with Luke’s rough, drunk voice.

“I didn’t have sex with her,” he slurs, making chills run down your spine at the sound of his voice. “I know I fucked up and you don’t want to see me ever again and you don’t love me anymore but I didn’t have sex with her. We made out and I slept at her place because I was too drunk to come home but I couldn’t tell you because you didn’t let me and you wouldn’t have believed me because, fuck, I let her give me a hickey.”

He chokes down a sob.

“But it’s not true, it’s not true when you said you aren’t important to me because you’re the thing I love the most in the world, more than the fans and more than the guys and more than the music. I love you and you’re so important. And I guess I couldn’t show it to you because I know I don’t deserve you so I freaked out and went for some liquid confidence and it went downhill from there. But I love you so much and you deserve the world. And I’m gonna hang up now, and I’m not gonna bother you ever again. But I love you and you’re important so don’t let anyone treat you the way I did okay? I’m proud of you. Goodbye, Y/N.”

He hangs up and you’re left staring at your phone, tears streaming down your face.

You don’t get any more sleep that night, stuck in your thoughts of how much you’re hurting and longing for the object of your pain. It’s restless and horrible and you hate yourself for it.

It’s morning by the time you get out of your weird trance and there’s a message on your phone from Luke.

From Luke❣: I’ll have Calum come and pick up my stuff

You bite the inside of your cheeks, Michael’s words resonating in your head. This is a mess, it’s horrible and sad and scary, but if you still love each other…

You blame it on your lack of sleep when you type out a trembling:

To Luke❣: Come yourself. I think we should talk

Exo reaction when their gf stops smiling when she is around them

Sehun: I might have been a little bit of an ass to her with my jokes lately….that’s something

Kai: Until you tell me why you are mad and not smiling I will be sad also

Tao: Stop sigh so much and tell me what’s bothering you cause I miss your pretty smile

Kyungsoo: If you don’t tell me what’s wrong I will assume the worst and I will start crying also

Chanyeol: She didn’t smile at me…she wants to break up with me. This is the end

Chen: Oh no, no no.While I’m around you are not allowed to not smile so be ready to tell em everything

Baekhyun: So what do you say? do you wanna smile now? just a little bit? 

Lay: Did I forget something important and you are mad at me now?

Suho: I’m screwed !

Kris: That’s it. I will make you smile no matter what.

Luhan: Are you guys asking me why I’m so “sad” today? my girlfriend is not happy around me and I don’t know what to do

Xiumin: Was it something important this days and I forgot about it?

EXO reaction to you crying

here is it for you anon c:

hope you like it :D


xiumin : *omgomgomgomg what should i do ?* 

Luhan : how can they say something like that to a cute girl like you ? 

kris : jagiya what’s wrong ? *then he hugs you*

Suho : he will be listening to  you like XD

lay : am i high or are these people crazy for making her cry ?

baekhyun : oh kkaebsong ! here let the rapper Byun cheer you up jagi

Chanyeol : *he’ll do aegyo to make you smile *

Chen : oh no ! *pouts* jagi you’re so pretty 

Dudu :  im gonna kill them all for you jag *satanSoo activated*

tao : come here and tell me what did you say to my jagi again before i wushu you up

kai : NO NO NOOOO i don’t wanna see you crying >O<

here gimmie your hand and just let us dance ;)

Sehun : here is a bowl of f**ks that he give to haters *bratmode activated*

pick-up lines seventeen would use

seungcheol: do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?

jeonghan: hello. cupid called. he says to tell you he needs my heart back.

minghao: hey, don’t I know you? yeah, you’re the girl with the beautiful smile.

seungkwan: I wanna live in your socks so I can be with you every step of the way.

hansol: hershey’s makes millions of kisses a day…all I’m asking is one from you.

chan: you’re kinda, sorta, basically, pretty much always on my mind.

seokmin: because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more.

junhui: wouldn’t we look cute on a wedding cake together?

mingyu: i’m not actually this tall. i’m sitting on my wallet.

wonwoo: well, here I am. what were your two other wishes?

jihoon: I just had to come talk to you. Sweetness is my weakness.

jisoo: are you religious? because you’re the answer to all my prayers.

soonyoung: you’re so beautiful that you made me forget my pick-up line.

VIGNETTE Part 2: “Nicknames”

Part 1

Alright, I already made a Part 2 of the Photographer!Taehyung AU! I thought I was killing you guys with the cliff hanger, so this one came a bit early. Enjoy! Tell me what you think. And if you like this AU, Make sure to give me ideas for Part 3!

You remembered now, the events of that day, when the fun and  laughter ended-

“Kim Taehyung! Get your ass over here! Your sister is worried sick wondering where you are!”

“I-i..’” he mumbled.

“Are you fucking kidding me? It’s our wedding, & you run off to play soccer with some kids? Grab your camera, We are going.”

“But they’re my friends.. and I-I don’t wanna take pictures.”

“The fuck did you just say?”

“I-I’m coming.”

He turned back to us, his shoulders low.
“I guess.. bye you guys..”

You remembered playing soccer with him. He smiled and giggled so much. He was truly happy. Then his drunk, wine-guzzling- I guess brother-in-law- drug him back to the party. I remember running to hug him, but he avoided it, & scurried quickly behind the tall sloppy man.

When approaching the party, you see them both plaster their own quick, fake smiles.

The same smiles Tae said weren’t pretty.

This boy only deserved to see pretty things. Beautiful things.

“If I could just see her, one more time.”
He continued. “I’m probably babbling again! But anyway. My name is Taehyung.”

He stuck out his hand for a handshake.
“And who might you be?”
You reached down shakily.
“My name is-”



“Hey Kookie, what happened? Did she realize how much a jerk you were and dash?”

“Shuttup, she canceled. So now I’m here to help you study..”

His gaze went to Taehyung.

“.. orrr maybe you already found help.”
Jungkook winked. “Who’s this?”

“This is Taehyung.” You said gesturing to the waving, smiley boy beside you on the bench.

“Nice to meet you.” Taehyung said.
“Likewise.” Jungkook said.
“So are we even gonna study or are you gonna feed me because I’m starving!” Jungkook groaned.

“I guess I’ll give up studying for today. ”
You sighed. You looked to Taehyung.

“Sooo, is that offer still available for a study buddy?” You asked.

Taehyung smiled. “Yes, here I’ll put my number in your phone.”
You handed him your phone, & he typed his number in real quick.
You examined the contact name.

“.. Tae.” You read aloud.

“Yeah, you can call me Tae. Unless you like Taehyung. Either is fine. ”

You typed a quick “Hey Taeee~ 😋” and sent it to him.

He looked down at his phone and smiled.
“Thats certainly one way to give me your phone number.”

“Tae.” You repeated. You liked the sound of it, almost as cute as it was 12 years ago.

As you said his nickname his face got red.
“.. When you say it, it gives me the same butterflies the person who gave me it to me did.” Tae said.
“No ever took the thought or time- or let alone even cared enough to ever give me a little nickname.”

He tried to shake off his statement with a giggle. “But haha, anyways-”

.. You remembered when you called him Tae as a little girl. It’s such a simple nickname, I mean its was just the first syllable in his name, yet he harbored a strong feeling to it.
You couldn’t had been the one to call him that first, you pushed that out of your mind.

“Will you hurry your ass up? I’m feeling a burger right now.” Jungkook yelled.

“Keep being an asshole you won’t get anything.” You groaned.

You got up from the bench, brushed off your shirt and held out your hand to Taehyung.
He watched you with wide eyes.

“It was nice to meet you Tae.”
Even though, you met him before. A long time ago..

His face glowed red. You were so pretty to him. Everything you did reminded him of her.

“You too.. sorry I didn’t quite get your name.”

“I’m.. ”

You looked down at his hand with the picture in it. You laid your hand over his, over the picture.

“M-my name is Y/N.

Tae’s mouth left agape.

“C'mon Y/N!” Jungkook groaned and grabbed your wrist, pulling you out of the park.

“Can I get a cheeseburger, maybe a side of y-o-u ?” Jungkook said to the waitress, he was looking her up and down.

You hit his arm from across the table.
“I can’t take you anywhere without you acting like a fucking idiot.”

What a fuckboy. Hope he knows you’re not paying for his food.

You began to think about Taehyung. You wondered what he thought about after you told him who you were. You felt so bad for leaving him there, stranded.

Wait- Why should you? You met him once very briefly when you were a child.
The meeting again after 12 years shouldn’t have affected him that much. You barely knew him..

Why did it feel so important to you? Why did you feel so bad for leaving him at the park?

It’s Jungkook’s fault anyway.

You shot a look at Jungkook and he winked at you, you hit him in the chest which made him gasp.
“Damn, Y/N! I need Jimin to hurry up before you kill me.”

You sat back and looked at Jungkook.

“Jimins coming?”
“Yes, he just got off.”

You looked at your clock. Wow, it was kinda late.

After a few minutes, you chat with Jungkook, hearing him talk about girls and you having to hit him a couple more times. Drinks kept getting refilled and you heard the door cling open.

“Yo, Jiminie!” You yelled waving Jimin over to your booth.

“Ah, Y/N! Jungkook didn’t give you too much trouble did he?”

You flicked Jungkook’s forehead.
“I can always handle this brat.”

You and Jimin sat down. Jimin was very calm and collected. He was definitely the friend you could count on for level headed advice.
You contemplated asking Jimin for help, but you guys were having so much fun just having dinner together. It had been so long since you three were all together like this. The closest you’ve all been is missing each other in the group chat throughout the days.
You pushed the events of today to the back of your mind, you weren’t ready for serious Jimin right now.

Atleast that’s what you thought, until your phone buzzed.

(Switching to Taehyung POV)

It was her. Somehow I knew. Her smile is still so bright. She still laughs a lot. She is still so funny and enjoyable.

She knew. She remembered.
God, I said the most embarrassing stuff.

And it was her.

She probably thinks I’m crazy.

My first friend. The first person to care.
Even if was for an hour or two.

She was there at that very moment I needed someone.

Her face still glowed like the light the sun emits when sinking down the horizon, turning into night.

Beauty at its most defined.
I lingered down the streets, and rested my head on the brick of an old building.

“She can’t fade now. She can’t now. Not if I can help it.”

I pulled out the old crinkled Polaroid. I examined the picture, then rubbed my fingers over the place she laid her delicate, caring hand upon mine, over this picture. To secure the memory; To let me know she remembered.

“12 years damnit.”

In the other hand, I pulled out my cellphone, and opened the chat at the top of my messages.
“Hey Taeee~ 😋”

She so cute. I have to reach out to her.

Don’t let these dark edges consume her Taehyung.

(Back to Y/N’s POV)

Your phone buzzed, vibrating the whole table.

“Jesus that scared me.” Jungkook said holding his hand to his heart.
“Since when do you get texts?”

“Shut up.” You snapped and pulled out your phone.

It was Tae.

The text read:

“Let me see you again. I think we should catch up? Study date still on?”

You responded:

“Maybe. What do you have in mind?”

You sat your phone back on the table.
Only a second later it buzzed again.

“Awee C'mon, give me a chance. Let’s meet tomorrow at the station.”

You hesitated.

“Okay, sure. Sounds great.”

You sat your phone back on the table, only to be texted not a second later.

“Alright! See you then! 😁”

“Someone sure is popular tonight.” Jungkook said raising an eyebrow.

“I’ll kill you.” You threatened.

“I bet it’s the Tae Boy.”
He said tauntingly.

Jimin’s gaze flung to your eyes.
“Hmph, ‘Tae’?”

“Yeah.. he’s an old friend.”
Why did Jimin give you such a disgusted look?

He rolled his eyes and went back to devouring his cheese fries.

What was his problem? Jimin never acted like this.


“Okay, so, when girl’s are pregnant, is it like a little baby home inside the girls stomach?”
Jungkook asked.

You looked at him questionably.
“What are you honestly. Where did that even..”

You stopped when you noticed how serious of a question he was asking you.

You sat up over the table and ruffled his hair.

“You’re cute sometimes.”

(Taehyung POV)

“Okay, sure. Sounds great.”
My heart skipped a beat, I just wanted to just jump up and scream.

I’ll get to see her tomorrow.

There have been so many tomorrows in which I have wished to see her again.

To see how she’s grown, how her voice sounds now, how big her heart and smile have gotten.

I found her, at last.

She was everywhere.
Her laugh and voice rang in my ears and in my heart.

You remembered your sisters words

“But, he is so mean! He makes you hurt and cry! He hits me! He makes me hate things! I don’t wanna hate people-”

“It might seem ugly now, but try and see the beauty in everything”

“But.. how?”

“We all find our own ways. Maybe start with this”

“A camera..?”

“Try and take pictures of pretty things that make you happy, Taehyung.”

Her beauty was etched into my brain. It was so noticeable.

Her beauty is the only kind I’d ever want to catch with a lens, the only reason you’d pick up a goddamned camera ever again.

Every flawless feature of hers as if it was carved by the god himself.

The product of absolute perfection and uniqueness combined.
The funniest, most clumsy, little bundle of perfection this world could ever come up with.

 The thought of her made me happy.

I slumped down on the brick walls in the night and slid down. I sat on the ground and looked down at my hands and smiled. My smile couldn’t be controlled, so I just put my face in my hands.

“How did the world come up with someone like her?”

How’s this? Are you enjoying it so far? Part 3?
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BTS Reaction #2

BTS reacting to you screaming/fangirling over their new MV teaser.

Jin: “Jin why do you look so good in blonde hair???”

“Oh, you’re watching the teaser jagi?”

“Yes asgdfhsdk”

“I’m glad you liked it Y/N, I tried my hardest for you”

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Yoongi: “Yoongi, who’s in the black jacket tell me tell me tell me”



“Oh, sorry jagi, can’t say” 

“Aww why not, just tell me I promise ‘I’ll keep it a secret” *puppy eyes*

*teases you 1286873 times*

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*you both start hopping and screaming*

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Namjoon: “Namjoonieeeeeeee do you wanna pretty please tell me what the teaser is about”

“Sorry jagi, you’ll have to wait until the album comes out”

*you start pouting*


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Jimin: “Park Jimin, why are you so rude”

“What do you mean jagi, what did I do wrong??”

“You look so good in the teaser, dancing and smirking and adskfhasjgh”

“Why watch the teaser when I’m right here?” *smirks like crazy*

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Taehyung: “Whatcha watching, jagi?”

“Watching your new teaser, you look so good oh my god”

*excitedly sits down to watch it with you, but accidentally spoils it all”

“Wait did you just-”

“Did I just”

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“What what what??”


“Oh so you liked that?” *insert eyebrow wiggle*

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Your POV

My eyes slowly opened, my heart beat wasn’t at a normal pace, and my vision was blurred. I got up, to realize I was lying in bed. It took me a few minutes to actually realize what was happening. My heart felt empty, my head was throbbing, either because of my injury, or because of the massive headache. I couldn’t even think.  I had no idea what was going on. I looked to my left, and there I saw a boy sitting beside me in bed, looking right at me. Without hesitation he said, “Hey, I’m Camero-” but I cut him off and immediately and jumped out of bed. Was he was guy who hit me on the head? What did he do to me? So many thoughts raced through my mind. I got up and ran towards the door. And so did he. “Hey no, the doctor said you need to stay in bed for a little while” he spoke, giving me reassurance. “DON’T COME NEAR ME!” I exclaimed and pleaded him to stay away from me, as far as possible, and as soon as I spoke a few words, my voice cracked up and tears streamed down my face. I was hopeless, I was about to fall to the ground but he caught me, and held me with his warm big hands. He told me I was lying on an empty street, alone, so he brought me to the doctor and then took me home. I didn’t know if he was lying or speaking the truth. But my heart said he wasn’t lying. He was beautiful. I stopped crying, and just stared at him for a few seconds, he had the kind of eyes you could get lost in, and I guess I did… we both stared at each other but he broke the silence. “You’ll be fine, just trust me, I won’t do anything to harm you, I just want you to feel better…I swear“ he made me feel much better; his words brought warmth to my heart. For once I trusted a complete stranger; I wasn’t the type of girl who’d feel comfortable with guys whom I just met. It would take weeks to feel comfortable around them, but with him it felt different. He leaded me to bed; I lied down, once again. He covered me with his blue camo sheets, and I rested for a bit. “If you don’t mind, can I ask you your name?” he said with a cute smile on his face, being gentle, so I didn’t panic again. "Y/N” I replied back, my voice was cracked, just as if I were about to cry again, but I didn’t. He made me feel better; he made me feel like I was home. “That’s a pretty name” he said with a smile on his face. “Will you take me home? I wanna go home. I hate my life, no one’s here for me anymore; my friends are at camp, my family’s back in Canada. I don’t know what to do.” I replied back with watery eyes, and an empty chest. The feeling came back. But instead of agreeing with me, he said with a stern voice, “ listen Y/N, you need to stay here, just for a little while, until you feel better, and then I’ll take you home.” “But I wanna go home now, please! I don’t wanna be here.” “I know I’m a stranger to you right now, but no one’s at your house right now, and I can’t take you there if you’re all alone. Please try to understand me okay? ““Okay.“ I replied. If it was another guy, I would’ve left myself. But it wasn’t, he was so different, he seemed to be perfect with his beautiful brown eyes, perfect jaw, and thick pink lips. Everything was perfect about him. I tried not to make much eye contact with him but I couldn’t help it, we both wanted to say something, but didn’t have the courage to. After a little while of us just sitting there on the bed, I thanked him for saving me. ” thank you, soooo much, if you hadn’t done all this, I don’t know what would have happened to me. “ a big smile appeared on his face, ” I just didn’t think it would be the right thing to do and leave such a beautiful girl lying on the cold ground.“ Was he trying to flirt? I had no idea, so I just giggled a little. “You must be so hungry, I’ll get us something to eat, and then after, if you want, you can tell me what happened to you.”  My smile became smaller, but I replied “thank you, and okay.”

Normal POV/ Narrators POV

Cameron bought you food and some cold water, as you guys ate, you talked nonstop. At first it was kind of weird obviously, being at a stranger’s house like being in a refugee camp or something but then you got used to it. You guys talked about your backgrounds, families, school, interests, and relationships, everything that came to mind, just to know a bit about each other. You only knew Cameron for half a day, but it felt like forever. Finally being brave enough to, Cameron asked “hey can I have your number (y/n)?” “Sure” you replied, you both gave each other your numbers. Later on you also told him about what had happened to you, how you were being chased by a man and that you were hit on the head with something heavy.  It was past midnight and you could fully tell Cameron was sleepy but he didn’t want to leave you hanging so he didn’t say anything. “Thanks for everything Cameron, I feel much better, and by the way the pasta was deliciousss!” You said as you yawned a bit. “No problem at all (Y/N). “Cameron replied back with a smile on his gorgeous face. “I think you should sleep now, it’s been a long day for you” you agreed to him, and didn’t bother him about going home because you knew he wouldn’t let you go all alone. You got ready for bed, he gave you a brand new tooth brush, and his sisters t-shirt and sweats. He didn’t think you’d be comfortable sleeping in the lace shorts. “Thanks Cameron, it means a lot to me” you said with a smile on your face, and he left your room, which was actually his, and went to sleep in his sister’s room. The moment he left your room, the weird feeling in the pit of your stomach came back, the whole time he was with you; there was a sense of home. Now it was gone. “Don’t worry girl, in a few days you’ll be at home” you thought to yourself. You turned off the small yellow lamp beside Cameron’s bed and closed your eyes. Your mind clouded with thoughts of him. “He saved my life, I owe him everything.” you thought. You tried falling asleep but you just couldn’t considering the fact that you hadn’t told anyone what happened to you, not your mom or dad or brothers, not even your best friends, the only people that knew about all this were Cameron, Nash, and Cameron’s mom because he called her and told her what was happening while you were sleeping. “Should I call mom and tell her?” you thought. But you knew you shouldn’t because she had the habit of panicking a lot when it came to you. “I’ll just tell her when I’m back to normal, and at home“ you made your decision. Your mind was half clear, but still not because of, Cameron. "Ugh what now?” you said with an annoyed voice. “I’ll just text him“ you sent Cameron a text:


Hey :) Whatchu doing? 


Hey still haven’t slept yet? And I’m just watching TV, I can’t sleep  :|


Oh really? I can’t sleep either :/ Idk I’m just really scared I guess, I’ve never actually been in this kind of a situation before :P and plus I’m worried since I haven’t told my family about all this


Why don’t you come over to my sister’s room? :)


Are you sure..?


Yeah of course! :D

After that conversation, you got up, and walked towards the room he was in. Still feeling pretty scared, so you rushed over. You slightly knocked on the door, and there Cameron was standing there ready for you. “hey there beautiful” "oh god stop it you’re such a flirt Cameron” you chuckled. He grabbed your hand and pushed you over to him, you and Cameron were only 2 inches away from each other. “Call me Cam” he said with a smirk on his face, still holding onto you. You pulled away and smiled. “You know if you can’t sleep (y/n), you’re always welcome to sleep beside me…if you feel comfortable enough to.” At first you thought it was a bad idea, but then your mind changed, “well…Sure“ he held your hand once again, leading you to the queen sized bed. You sat, put your hair into a bun, and lied down. Cameron took his shirt off and a few seconds later, you felt a warm hand on your stomach as you laid on your side. Cam pulled himself closer to you, not even asking if you felt comfortable sleeping beside him, because he knew you did. The feeling you felt was one of the most unforgettable ones you’ve ever had. You and Cameron were only an inch or so apart. You felt the warmth of his body on yours. You felt his touch; you smelt his beautiful smelling cologne. It was dead silent and you could hear each other’s heart beats. After a few moments of pure silence you said, “Sweet Dreams, thank you, Cam”“Goodnight beautiful, you’re safe now” he replied as you both trailed off to peaceful sleep.

#62 Wait…
  • Ashton: “I need you in my life.” He said immediately regretting your guys’ break up. “Ashton, you’re just saying that because you feel bad! You don’t need me, you just miss me. You miss the feeling of having a girlfriend, for crying out loud! Can’t you see that?” You cried. He showed up in front of your “old” shared house with him a week after the break up. “Y/N, I’m not lying! I don’t just miss you. I need you. My life hasn’t been complete and yeah, all this fame gives me joy and happiness but I’d rather be home with my girlfriend now. Baby, I’m really sorry for all this. I don’t even know what I was thinking. You have to believe me.” He pleaded. You were shocked a little when he still called you his girlfriend. You just walked over to him and pulled him inside then crashed into his arms as he caught you immediately. “You promise you won’t do anything like that?” You sniffled as he wiped your tears with his thumbs. “I swear.” He said half smiling as he leans in to kiss your soft lips.
  • Calum: “Y/N, don’t leave.” He mumbled, pulling you back to bed. “You know I have school then work afterwards..” You sighed as you cuddled back into his arms. “Can’t you just stay here instead?” He asked. “Call in sick or something…hm?” He suggested kissing the side of your head. “We don’t have very many days like this, babe.” He reminded. “I don’t know, babe. As much as I’d like to, you already know I have finals coming up soon and your schedule is pretty busy too, so can’t we just wait until the weekend?” You suggested. “Sure.” He nodded sleepily. “I’m gonna get ready.” You smiled kissing his cheek. “Well good morning to you too.” He chuckled at your cuteness as you left to get ready. When you were about to change your clothes, you looked at yourself through the mirror then felt two strong arms wrap around you as his chin rests on your shoulder. “You look adorable.” He smiled kissing your cheek. “I haven’t even changed my clothes yet…” You chuckled. “Still, you always look adorable and beautiful.” He said making you blush into his chest. “I love you, okay?” He smiled. “Mhm, love you too.” You nodded, smiling. “How about that morning kiss, huh?” He smirked, connecting his lips to yours. “God, I love you so much.” He murmured.
  • Luke: “I need a hug before I leave.” He said standing up from the bench at the airport. He was leaving for another tour after coming home for about two months and in those months, time flew by pretty fast. “I want you to stay.” You mumbled, trying so hard not to cry but tears started streaming down. “I know, I wanna stay too.” He mumbled bringing you into his arms as he kissed your head. “You can come visit though.” He said trying to enlighten the mood. “Luke, I can’t though. I have to go to school and there’s no upcoming breaks. Plus, I have a job.” You rambled. “Why can’t we just break-“ You said but he cut you off. “No, no, no…” He said shaking his head. “It’ll be bet-“ You said. “No, it won’t. I don’t want to lose you in my life. I never plan on to. I promise you, every single second of my life, I will be thinking of you. I always do, you can even ask the guys. We have to stay strong and not let distance win over our relationship. I want to spend my forever with you.” He said wiping your tears. “Flight 103, boarding in five minutes.” You two heard from the speaker. “I guess that’s my call…” He whispered as you jumped into his arms for a tight hug. “Always remember that I love you so, so, so much and I’ll call you as soon as I land, okay?” He mumbled into your shoulder. “Mhm, I love you too.” You sniffled. “Have fun babe!” You half smiled kissing his cheek before he left.
  • Michael: “can’t you sleepover for the night?” He asked after you woke up from your nap on his couch. You two decided to have a movie marathon for the weekend and you were really tired from schoolwork and your job, so you accidentally fell asleep on his couch with your head in his lap. He didn’t mind though, knowing how tired and stressed you were and he thought it was really cute, so he occasionally snuck in light kisses here and there. “My parents would probably kill me right now if I went home in the early hours of the morning like right now.” You sighed. “So, that gives you an excuse to sleepover here.” He smiled. “True,” You smiled. “I’ll text my parents then. I’m sure they’ll be cool with it.” You said kissing his lips sweetly. “Thank you, babe.” You smiled into the kiss. “Mhm, you’re very welcome.” He smirked reconnecting his lips to yours. “I have some clothes for you to change into and we’ll settle in my bed.” He said giving you a piggy back ride up the stairs. You smiled and kissed his shoulder then changed into his clothes. “Woah….” He said as you came into the room with his oversized shirt and sweats. “You like?” You asked twirling around. “It looks better on you.” He smirked kissing your lips again. “Glad you like it..wait, actually love it.” You chuckled. “Night, Clifford.”
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