your smile is so perf


The Eleventh Hour so far has my favorite storytelling from Griffin! So here’s a pseudo-movie poster ehuehueue

Had to do another illustration for our Fantasy Illust class and our prof gave me the go signal to draw TAZ again as long as I found good face refs for them. B^) I based Magnus, Taako and Merle on John Spainhour, Paul Boche, and Brian Cox respectively! 

anonymous asked:

Alright. I've been wanting to flirt with you for a while. This is an excuse to! Yay! You're cute, you're funny, your cosplays are on point, you're an adorable goofball, your smile is amazing, you're absolutely PERF

Aww! Thank you so much! But you should know i am far from perfect, believe me. 

*you’re awesome if you don’t delete the text*


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That’s all and your smile is so perf (( are you smiling? are you smiling? ;) ;) )) ily and have a great day/night! c: