your smile is pure perfection man

guide to seventeen
  • s coups: big ears, big chest, big deal, group dad
  • jeonghan: how can one person be this beautiful/the shadiest motherfucker
  • joshua: his wings are more perfect than yours, probably speaking english
  • jun: flirting with the camera 24/7, you're welcome
  • hoshi: dancing: pure charisma, dangerous man. offstage: puns & being silly
  • wonwoo: has that face and that voice but is the sweetest and most cutesy member
  • woozi: has that face and that voice but is 100% murder. is probably mouthing the track filler "woo"s and "yeah"s
  • dokyeom: smiles bigger than his head, his voice cures cancer, definitely doing something stupid with hoshi
  • mingyu: the tallest one, you will gasp when you see his face, the members ignore him when he speaks
  • the8: HUGE EYES, seems shy bc korean isnt his first language but he radiates confidence (and SHADE)
  • seungkwan: he's a main vocal, did you know? did he tell you he was a main vocal? he never stops talking, youre guaranteed to love him
  • vernon: looks like leonardo dicaprio, is either REALLY FEELING IT or is hiding his face
  • dino: MONSTER PERFORMER, has mentioned michael jackson 8 times in the last 30 seconds