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Hold on for Me (Steve Rogers x Reader)

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Summary: You loved him. He didn’t know. And then, on a mission, you go and do something stupid. But maybe it was for the best.

Word Count: 1198

Warning(s): blood, gunshot wound

A/N: i’m not really feeling this one, especially with how well granted did about a week ago. i’m trying to get through what i have left then i have some part two’s to do! also… the end is vague for a reason so do with it what you will ;-)

Prompt: Hi! Idk if you’re still taking requests but if you are, can I ask an angsty-fluffy one that has the line “I made the biggest mistake of falling in love with my /best friend/.” Or something like that. Or the girl’s in love with her best friend who likes someone else/doesn’t see her until she gives up on him trope? Steve/Reader, please. I SO love your writing and I can’t wait to read more!😊 - anon

“Shit, there’s more of them then we thought.”

“Hey, watch your language.”

Steve turned his head to look back at you just long enough for you to catch the glare he shot at you. You couldn’t help the smug grin that captured your lips, patting him on the back, and mumbling an apology. It obviously wasn’t the time to be making jokes, being that you were on a mission and all. But you really couldn’t help making fun of your best friend. Especially when Steve just made it so easy.

“On my count,” Steve whispered, and even though you were right behind him, he was amplified over the comms, just in case you were to get separated. “Three.”

You tightened your grip on your ICER. Steve moved his shield to the magnets on the sleeve of his uniform.


Steve looked back at you again. A soft smile crossed your face, forgetting, just for that split second, what you were there for. He nodded, and you broke out of it and nodded back.


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They warned me about you. Every single fucking person warned me that you were no good for me. I ignored them and gave you a chance anyways. We would stay up talking until dawn about anything and everything, I’ve never trusted someone more than I trusted you. You made me feel significant, like for once someone wanted to know everything about me. If I could I would have spent every moment with you, because between all the chaos in my life I’ve never felt like I had a home. But with you, I finally had one.

We kissed for the first time and I swear my heart fell into your hands the second our lips touched, but you kept it safe. You kept a polaroid picture of me in your wallet and another in your phone case. I told you once that the way you treated me was the way my father told me a man should treat a woman, and you grinned and kissed me on the forehead. I met your parents and you met mine, and we were so incredibly happy to be together. Your arms became a safe place for me to run to, and your smile became the biggest reason for mine.

My knees still got weak every time I was about to see you. Each kiss was sweeter than the one before, and I never got tired of kissing you. One night you came to my house in a panic and you said you were terrified of messing things up between us, and I told you that I wasn’t going to leave that easily. You took me to prom, and I’m not much for dancing, or for big crowds, but I tried for you. I’ve never felt more beautiful than I did that night, not just because of your compliments, but because I hadn’t been as happy as I was then, slow dancing with you while you tried to sing along, in a while.

As each day went by we grew closer and closer together. And we became more and more serious. I realized how much it was going to hurt if we said goodbye, so I pushed that thought to the back of my mind and forgot it ever came up. Those nights where we would lay on the couch in your basement pretending to watch a movie are some of my favorite memories of you. How you fell asleep while I played with your hair, the way you looked at me before our lips met, how much you loved building forts. I learned so much about you from the hours we would spend together. And we made plans, for days, weeks and months down the line, hoping and praying we would make it that far.

Everything changed for me, when I realized I loved you, and that I was beginning to fall in love with you. I knew that I trusted you more than anyone, so I told you everything. From the anxiety, to the depression, to the eating disorder. That night was the first time I saw you cry, when I asked why you were crying, and you said “Because I’m so fucking worried about you”. I had never had anyone care that much about me, and I was so scared to lose that. But then you held me and my fears went away, you said that you would always be there for me, that you would never be scared away from me, and that you weren’t going anywhere. It was after that night that when I pictured my future, the only thing I really saw was you.

It’s funny how people can surprise you. We didn’t even make it a day. I came home from being away for a week, and you came over full of bullshit excuses and blatant lies. You said that we should just be friends as if you hadn’t told me how much you missed me the night before. As if you hadn’t kissed me the night before I left with the same mouth petty lies were spewing out of, as if the past 4 months never even happened, and as if I was nothing but another notch on your belt. You turned back into everything you said you didn’t want to be, and I can’t help but wonder if you really changed, or if you were just keeping that hidden while we were together. And maybe it’s my fault for believing in you when no one else did, and for trusting you with things I had never told anyone, but I thought you were different, and I guess that’s where I was wrong about you. So color me bitter, and paint me as a psycho, but you are exactly who you said you didn’t want to be. And the funny thing is that I don’t think you even realize it.

—  I should have known better
girlfriend! jessica jung

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  • going on simple dates to just enjoy each other’s company since jessica is such a busy woman.
  • jessica valuing your opinion more than her own when it comes to her career.
  • tickling jessica’s feet whenever you find the chance since her reaction is adorable.
  • When sica isn’t busy you two like to dedicate a night to cooking a new meal together while listening to calm, romantic music.
  • fighting over who gets to listen to their playlist in the car, the car ride is also filled with skipping each other’s songs.
  • jessica doesn’t like to hold hands, but she really enjoys linking arms or putting her arm around you shoulder. she always needs you to be in her line of sight while together.
  • spontaneous hugs where you wrap your arms around her waist and snuggle into her chest, she finds your hugs irresistible so she can’t help but let out a sweet smile.
  • jessica is a person who finds couple clothing cheesy, however expect her phone background to be a picture of you.
  • having a sisterly relationship with krystal. sica really appreciates that her two favorite girls have such a great friendship.
  • no dinner between you two is complete without a glass of red wine.
  • photos on Instagram are filled with the two you posing together in aesthetically pleasing locations.
  • jessica has habit of patting your head whenever you do anything!
  • sticking beside jessica through everything and understanding her vulnerability in getting close to people. in the beginning she had a hard time accepting that she was in love with you because you are the one person who destroy her.
  • when it comes to kissing jessica is one to take charge and initiate anything. she likes to hold you close while kissing whether it be passionate or innocent.
  • while cuddling jessica likes to face you and stroke your hair, but she’ll complain that your breathing hot on her face. nonetheless jessica stays close to you.
  • jessica can be quite opinionated and sarcastic at times which makes arguments tough because to feel as though she doesn’t care about your feelings.
  • complimenting jessica on her voice is the fastest way to get her blushing, she’ll definitely hit a few times for embarrassing her.
  • jessica being romantic at times and writing you small lines of poetry.
  • discussing your future together. “i want a daughter, imagine how cute she would be!”, “babe, let’s get married before we have kids, okay!”, “as long as I get a girl!” 
  • jessica not covering her smile or holding back her laugh with you since she’s not shy around you anymore.
  • jessica’s biggest weakness is small pecks littered on her collarbone and wrist. sex is slow and steady and she is almost always the dominate one in the bed.
  • in conclusion, sica is a closet romantic and loves her girlfriend unconditionally.
bts reaction to you passing out after riding a rollercoaster

a/n- ahh i feel like i didn’t do well on this prompt, but i hope you still like it! im actually going to an amusement park next week, i hope i dont pass out afterwards!!! haha (i love them tho, so…)

Seokjin- You have never been a big fan of roller coasters, but when Seokjin showed up on his day off with two tickets for the amusement park, you didn’t have the heart to tell him. So, you willingly let him drag you onto one of the biggest rollercoasters there. Almost as soon as you stepped off, you felt lightheaded and latched onto his arm for support as you began to fade out of reality. He reacted quickly, grabbing your body before you hit the ground. When you woke up a few seconds later, he hugged you tightly and kissed you over and over. “Oh my God, are you okay princess?" 

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Yoongi- Neither you or Yoongi had felt like coming to the amusement park today but after some convincing of the other members, you caved. Now, you were standing in line for one of their best rollercoasters, feeling absolutely terrified. Yet you couldn’t tell Yoongi- that’d only make him feel bad for saying yes to their pleads. So, you bravely rode the coaster and felt almost fine, until you stepped out of the exit gates. Black covered your eyes and you crumpled down to the ground, Yoongi barely about to catch you before you fell onto the concrete. He lifted you up, panicking and looking for someone to help. Moments later, when you woke up, Yoongi sighed in relief and sat you down on a bench. You gave him a weak smile. "Did I ever tell you that I can’t handle rollercoasters?" 

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Hoseok- When Hoseok surprised you with tickets to the amusement park, you were ecstatic. You two could spend the day riding the smaller rides and playing games, and you wouldn’t have to worry about roller coasters. But things changed once you were there. "I think I should get over my fear and ride a rollercoaster,” he said while looking up at one of the smaller coasters. You stayed quiet, even as you both boarded the ride. When it was over, you felt your whole body sway, which made you grab onto your boyfriend’s shoulder in attempt to steady yourself. Your attempts were useless as you felt yourself go out of consciousness, only to awake a few seconds later with your head in Hoseok’s lap and him looking down at you with concern. He frowned. “We are never riding a rollercoaster again.”

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Namjoon- Namjoon was so excited for the trip to the park that you didn’t have the heart to tell him that your body couldn’t handle rollercoasters well. With a smile, he lead you to a huge rollercoaster. You forced a smile, already feeling nauseous. After you rode, you felt weak. “Namjoon, I need some help…” you trailed off. He frowned and helped you out of the seat and out the exit. “Are you okay, baby?” he asked and you shook your head before feeling yourself black out. Namjoon quickly reacted and supported your body, feeling both guilty and scared. He sat you down on a bench and got out his phone to call the medic, but before he could you opened your eyes. He reached into his backpack and grabbed a bottle of water, pressing it to your mouth until you drank a satisfactory amount. “Okay, I think it’s time to go home." 

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Jimin- You had kept the fact that things like rollercoasters gave you intense motion sickness a secret from your boyfriend, but now you regretted it. You both were buckling up to ride the rollercoaster he had picked, and you quickly gripped his hand as tightly as you could. You remained holding it until the ride was over. As Jimin helped you out of the cart, you felt your stomach churn and your head spin. Still, you tried to stay calm. It wasn’t until you were nearly out of sight from the rollercoaster that you lost consciousness and fainted. Jimin hurried to catch you, making sure you didn’t get hurt. His emotions took over and he began to tear up and panic. He was just pulling out his phone to call for help when you awoke, looking paler than before. "Oh my God, sweetheart, are you okay?" 

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Taehyung- Taehyung was so excited to visit the amusement park with you as a surprise date he had planned. You were excited too, until you saw the rollercoaster than he was keen on riding. Of course, you couldn’t say no to the cutie pie. The only thing he didn’t know was that your body couldn’t handle the sharp turns and extreme speed of rollercoasters without blacking out. But you didn’t say anything and rode beside him anyway. As the ride ended and you walked out of the exit gate, you felt your legs turn to jelly and your whole body lean against your boyfriend’s as a support. You blacked out for a few seconds as Taehyung began to fan your face the best he could, trying not to absolutely freak out. When you woke up, he had a million questions for you, but you only gave him a sheepish smile. "Uhm…I’m not the biggest fan of rollercoasters." 

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Jungkook- Usually, you could keep up to pace with Jungkook’s adventures without a problem. But when it came to things like rollercoasters, you were hesitant. The intensity of them made your body sick and weak, but you didn’t want to tell him that and make him think you were a wuss. "I’m not sure about this one, Kookie,” you commented as he pulled you onto the biggest one there. He gave you a smirk and wrapped an arm around you. “Don’t be scared, you can hold my hand the whole time,” he teased and you retreated from your protest, feeling silly that you couldn’t ride a simple rollercoaster and also hoping that you wouldn’t react as badly as you have before. As soon as you stepped off of the rollercoaster, you slumped against Jungkook’s back. He chuckled and grabbed your arm, pulling you to face him as he exited the area. He was surprised when he saw your half-lidded eyes and paler complexion. He felt lost, not knowing what to do but hold you close. A few moments later when you woke up, he hurriedly kissed you all over your face. “If you do that again, I’ll kill you!”

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I had heard that love was your biggest weakness and I never understood how. That was until I met you. I fell quickly but I remained passionate until the very end when you crushed me with a chilling smile and bright eyes. I fell to my knees and began to worship the land upon which you walked. I’ve never understood how love worked until you broke me completely.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write

captiveshadows  asked:

Could You tell me some more about The Rifter? I am planning to buy and read it next if it is any good.


The Rifter is a 10-part series on the ebook or a trilogy if you buy it with paperback. If you prefer paperback or have no preference between the two, I might recommend paperback because your kindle/nook library might get a bit spammed. 

The story starts off with John. See, John is a really chill kind of guy. He’s an ecology graduate student, is tall and muscular, and likes hiking. But he also has a bit of an eccentric roommate named Kyle. Kyle has long braided black hair, wears heavy black coats, has tattoos on both eyelids and hands, and wields several knives everywhere he goes. Sometimes he come back home injured and disappears for weeks or days at a time.

John is somewhat convinced he’s a serial killer. Does he even want to know? No, he really doesn’t.

The series switches back between those two POVs. When we get to Kyle’s perspective (he refers to himself as Kahlil though), we find that he’s a holy man from an alternate world called Basawar on a mission to look after The Rifter,– the incarnation of the destroyer god– John. 

(which, if I could just add, Kahlil/Kyle is a total sweetie. the beginning really shows you the difference in how they view one another. john is all, ‘is my roommate going to stab me?’ while kahlil is all, ‘ily john’)

One day, John opens an envelope addressed to his seclusive roommate out of curiosity. It contained only a key and a simple letter that says “Don’t.” And lo’ and behold, John accidentally activates the key with his two friends Laurie and Ben, and gets sucked into the world of Basawar. 

John and his friends need to return home, but he’s not sure how. He’s in unfamiliar land in a place where no one even speaks English. But he meets a young man named Ravishan who might help him find a way back home.

(Ravishan is THE BIGGEST sweetie. He melts my heart, he melts John’s heart, he’ll melt your heart. Each time he smiles I get weak in my knees)

It’s fantastic. I mean, the story moves quite slowly in the first three books, but it REALLY picks up by the fourth and fifth book. And the series steadily grows in intensity and intrigue.  You’re probably going to be very confused at first, and that’s okay. The author plays on what the reader knows/don’t know intentionally. But with each book the series make more and more sense as everything falls together. 

And also, I feel that for a fantasy series, the world of Basawar is different from most? It’s not a European white fantasy land of dragons, but rather seems to be more inspired by Eastern myths, fantasies, and histories, which I felt was really cool. 

Anyways, The Rifter features great worldbuilding, a slowburn m/m pairing that will make your teeth rot with its sweetness, memorable female characters, MAGIC, wars, and more. :’’) Seriously, you have to give it a chance. 

No Rest For the Wicked

A/N: So the episode No Rest For the Wicked is one of my favorite episodes, even though Dean dies.. it’s still one of my favorite ones. So here is a little twists, the reader makes the deal but doesn’t tell Sam or Dean.. Enjoy <3

Word Count: 2,331

Character: Dean x Reader

Warning: Character death 

    One hour. One hour before midnight. Which meant, you had one hour before your time was up. The girl in your passenger seat flashed you a weak smile. For a demon, she wasn’t so bad. Sure, you hadn’t exactly been her biggest fan in the beginning, but right now, she was the only one you could trust. “Time to go…” She says and tries to hide the fear in her voice. But it’s clear from the way it breaks, she is scared of what comes next. “I’m sorry I couldn’t get you out of this,” she whispers as you walk towards the house.

    “I knew the price, Ruby. It was worth it.” You weren’t sure who you were trying to convince more, her or yourself.

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DIY (Preference)

-5sos Smut Preference-


Ashton would be so turned on by the idea of you getting yourself off. He’d get you worked up as per usual, drawling sweet nothings in your ear and running his hands over you, so that you were expecting nothing but your regular, mind-blowing sex with him. When he suggests that you take charge of yourself, you’d be surprised but equally as turned on, and would get started straight away.

He’d get you to undress yourself, slowly, and each time you rushed, you’d have to stop for one minute with your hands by your sides as he teased the areas where you needed him to touch you properly. You’d whimper his name as his fingers brushed over your underwear and he placed a single, feather light kiss to each of your hard nipples. When you were allowed to continue, you’d realise how much the teasing had affected you, your crotch throbbing more and more each time you were told to stop.

Once you were naked, he’d tell you to show him what you did to yourself when he was away. This would give you much more freedom than before, and you’d be able to see the innocence vanish from his face as you started to rub yourself over your lace undies before you removed them. He’d watch you play with yourself, his dark eyes observing your body’s response to each of your actions. Ash would mutter ‘faster’ and ‘harder’s, perfectly timing the encouragement to when your body needed that particular thing. And when he’d say ‘stop’ in a stern voice, you’d do just that, knowing that if you didn’t, he’d punish you in the same way that he had during your strip.

When he could see that you were close, he’d come to hover just between your trembling legs, you looking down at him hesitantly. But he’d nod up at you to continue, your toes curling as you felt yourself slipping over the edge.

“Come darling” he’d smirk as his eyes frantically scanned your body, watching as you writhed above him, coming undone at your own mercy. He’d watch your orgasm turn you from being completely in control of yourself to nothing but a sensitive, shaking mess, moaning his name and tangling your free hand in his hair.

He’d kiss your lips, both sets, before telling you how incredible you were and proceeding to fuck you senselessly into the night.


Cal would be so dominant. It would have been your idea to have him guide you through touching yourself, and he was intrigued from the minute you mentioned it. He’d strip you of your clothes, discarding them to the floor below before carrying you to the bed and placing you against the pillows, his strong arms coming from under you as he sat back.

“Spread your legs” he’d say firmly, his eyes flickering up to yours when he saw the wetness at your center. Smirking, he’d comment, “You’re soaking” before instructing you to start on yourself.

He’d tell you to rub over your clit, not using too much pressure, warning that he’d be able to tell if you were. You could see his chest heave up and down as he watched your fingers play, his jeans tightening around the crotch area with his growing arousal. He’d shift uncomfortably, his eyes remaining set on your fingers as they drew quick circles over the bundle of nerves. Once he was convinced that you couldn’t wait any longer; he’d let you take the next step.

“One finger.” Calum would say, his voice deep and hurried, as if he was experiencing the same need for relief as you were. As you slip a finger into yourself, you’d have to bend a little in order to get as deep as you could. Nothing compared to Calum’s fingers. He knew your body so well, even better than you did, and his hands were so skilled and experienced from his guitar playing. You could just about come at the mere thought of them.

He’d get more and more frustrated with you, knowing that each and every thing you did to yourself, he could do twice as well. He’d end up getting so restless watching you fumble with your body, not as satisfied as when it was him touching you, that he’d pull your hands from your body and use his own. He could take you where you’d taken yourself in half an hour, in a matter of minutes. 

His fingers would pump in and out of you, curling upwards occasionally and keeping you on your toes. He’d use his thumb to rub your clit, but would soon realise that this was limiting the actions of his middle and forefinger inside of you. So, he’d use his mouth. His tongue would swirl around your sensitive nerve bundle before he’d close his lips around it and suck gently. It wouldn’t take long with him building you up like this for your toes to curl and back arch off the mattress. He’d mumble onto your clit consent for you to ‘let go’, the vibrations sending you over the edge and making you release all over his fingers. 

Cal would suck his fingers clean before kissing you and letting you taste yourself, then whispering to you how much he loved how you said his name when you came.


It’d be a kink of Luke’s. Each of you touching yourselves to the other touching themselves. And him leading you. You wouldn’t know that of course, until one night he catches you pleasuring yourself on you guys’ bed, moaning his name as your finger slipped in and out of you. He’d watch you until he could control himself anymore and the tightening in his jeans became unbearable.

 When he speaks up, you wouldn’t be shocked, as much as even more turned on than you already were, by the obvious and massive bulge in his pants. He’d recently have been gaining confidence in the bedroom, and had overlapped your power over him. He could drive you absolutely wild and could do things to your body that you never thought possible. So when he tells you to stop touching yourself, you wouldn’t hesitate for a second. He’d quickly unzip his pants and drop his jocks to the floor, his erection finally released from its tight confines. Luke would sit opposite you on the bed with his hand wrapped firmly around his length, before nodding in approval of you continuing your earlier actions.

“Fuck.” He’d breath as your finger moved in and out of your wet entrance. Your stomach would clench as he dragged his hand up and down himself, squeezing a little harder when he reached his pink tip, shuddering as he did. Your hand would pick up speed as his did, you matching his pace as best you could.

“One more love?” He’d question, his breathing unsteady and hand pumping himself faster now. You’d never really used two fingers on yourself, and even though you knew how much better it’d feel, one had always sufficed.

“Just relax for a second.” He’d encourage as you pushed in a second, moaning at the intense pleasure and slight stretch. “There we are.” He’d breathe quietly, his eyes locked on the sensitive area between your legs as yours were on his. You’d watch each other weaken, moan and cry out each other’s names as you neared your ends.

“On three.” Luke would say, his voice wavering slightly as he threw his head back. You’d have to bite your lip and use every once of will power to hold off your orgasm for him. As he counted down, you’d whimper his name and lock eyes with him, maintaining your stare until he breathed ‘one’ and you let yourself go.

“Luke.” You’d cry, the pressure from your heat turning to pleasure and spreading throughout your weak body. You’d continue to tremble once your climax had ended, looking over to Luke and realizing he’d watched your whole come down. You’d smile at him before wearily lifting yourself from the now sweaty sheets below and crawling to hover over him.

“That was so hot.” You’d whisper, then kissing his lips.

“One of my biggest fantasies.” He’d shoot back, smirking at you before knocking your legs from under you so that you fell onto his warm chest where you’d giggle and drift off to sleep.


Mikey would be such a tease. One night during foreplay, he’d try and be a bit distant, letting you take charge and do things for yourself, and for him. When you got carried away with your hand on your clit as you undressed, you’d expect him to bring you back with a quick comment about your selfishness and take over the actions of your hand with his own. But he wouldn’t. He’d let you work yourself up until your eyes fluttered shut and you were breathing his name. Then he’d tell you to stop, which wouldn’t be easy when you were so close to your sweet release. But you would because his voice was firm and dominant, and you’d want to do everything you could to please him.

He’d continue doing that, over and over, letting you think that this time would be the time that he’d allow you to take yourself all the way. He still wouldn’t though, and between each time he made you stop, he’d kiss up your thighs and dance his fingers over your ribcage, savouring every second of your vulnerability as you whined and begged his name.

When your self-restraint had finally worn down to just about nothing, and Michael once again ordered you to cease the movement of your hand, you simply couldn’t. You’d give him an apologetic look before your eyes squeezed shut as you prepared to ride out your climax, only to be interrupted by your hand being quickly pulled from you and Michael’s strong fingers picking up where you left off. You’d be hurled over the edge as Michael crashes his lips onto yours to keep you quiet. The kiss would last your whole orgasm through, his lips working yours delicately. You’d moan into his mouth as you became sensitive to the touch and pulled your hips away from his hand, and he’d smirk against your lips. Eventually he’d break the kiss and pull away to admire you and your body in your post orgasm haze.

“You weren’t going to stop.” He’d say, looking down at you. You’d be lost for words, and just bite your lip in response to his question.

“You’re a bad girl Y/N.” He’d tut, shaking his head at you before reaching his hand under your waist and quickly flipping you and pulling you onto all fours. He’d smooth his hand over your backside before coming to whisper in your ear.

“And bad girls deserve to be punished.”

The Model Series #57 Shopping

Harry: Ever since you and Harry found out that you were having a little baby girl, you hadn’t seemed to be able to stay out of baby clothing stores. They made so many cute little dresses and outfits. Harry had surprised you one night when you came home, he’d secretly been carving out a closet in the nursery for weeks. You were completely surprised, he’d never even let on that he was doing it. It was a gorgeous half-sized walk-in and you soon had it nearly filled with all the cute clothes you were buying. Your mother and Harry’s mother both sent beautiful clothes for the baby, and all the boys’ and their girlfriends also brought about beautiful decorations for the nursery or toys for the little Styles. “Best dressed baby in the whole world,” Harry mumbles to you one night as you are hanging up new clothes in Baby Girl’s closet. 

Louis: “Tomlinson’s Lady Love: Out and About in Paris–Home Goods Shopping!” [Y/N] [Y/L/N] was spotted looking stylish to a fault while shopping for homewares in Paris on Thursday. The international supermodel is in town for fashion week fittings this week for the festival starting next week on Monday with her stint in the Lanvin show. She managed to squeeze in time at some of Paris’ most famous antique shops and home goodie stores, even picking up a couple of knick knacks for her and Louis’ new LA mansion. Our sources tell us that [Y/N] even picked out a 100 year old hand-painted grandfather clock. “She has a very good eye, I love all the pieces she picked out.” The store manager says.

Zayn: “This store is gorgeous!” Your Mom whispers through the slats as you try on your fifteenth dress of the afternoon. You were at the chicest bridal boutique in London and you absolutely adored all the dresses available. But none of them were exactly perfect for your wedding to Zayn. You knew the perfect dress had to be out there, and if you didn’t find it here you’d find it somewhere else. Eventually your appointment time at the salon ends and you leave without a dress. “Let’s just walk huh?” You ask your Mom and Trisha, who you also invited. They try to keep the topics light when they notice you’re feeling down but your sudden gasp startles even them. “Oh my god….THAT’S MY DRESS!” You pull them both inside a vintage shop and immediately ask to try on the wedding gown in the window. You know it’s your dress. You can feel it. 

Niall: “This room is just so sad Ni!” You complain as the nurse preps you for another round of chemo treatment. Niall kisses your forehead tenderly as they wheel you off to the radiation center, but as he sits in his usual chair by your bed to wait for your long treatment to be over, your words bite at him. He calls Jennie, the band’s assistant. “Hey J…Listen, can you find some really good decorating-type places around here?” He rushes to set everything up by the time you come back, and when you’re wheeled back into the room you immediately well up with tears (and not just because of the immense pain). “You did this for me?” You whisper to him, your voice weak. Treatment always exhausted you. “Just for you Princess….” He whispers back, tears in his eyes as well. You fall asleep with a smile on your face, the first smile Niall’s seen in a long time. 

Liam: [@liam_is_my_BAE] “OH MY GOD JUST MET LIAM PAYNE IN A STORE. HE WAS IN THE JEWELRY SECTION OHMYGOD” Liam hasn’t ever been happier than when he is with you. Just thinking about you brings the biggest, dopiest smile to his face. Every. Time. He knows he’s in love. He absolutely knows you are the one he was going to spend the rest of his life with. And so….Liam decided to propose. He’d been secretly ring hunting for weeks but had found nothing he considered special enough for you. Then one night he’s Skyping with his Mom, the first and only person he told his plans to, and she suggests looking at his Grandmother’s antique ring. As soon as Karen says it, Liam knows she’s absolutely right. He’s found your ring! Now he just has to figure out how to pop the most important question of his life, to the most important person in it….

We are rapidly coming to a close now! :( The Model Series will be over soon….