your smile is everything

I’m handing you all the broken
Parts of me,
And your making me
A new
We never had the bliss
Of sweet innocence
The first night?
We fucked till sun
Light rose
And the roses you gave me
There in my room still
And the Hickys you leave
Look like marks of love to me
Nothing compares
To gasping for air caught
Round your name
And this feeling of
Thirsty fingers snared
In my raspberry hair
And when you sleep
I think of years spent in
Your arms
And I’m drownding
In the chocolate see of your
Eyes so its great
That I have a sweet tooth
Love, I know you
The curves of your body
And the hair pin crooked smile
You know I your my everything
And I can only hope love
That we have a love without end
Because I need you so
Your my smile
So lets let this love

"People think I’m a miserable bastard, but it’s just the way me face falls."


i love you. do you understand? y e s .


"We are quite unalike. Dean Winchester is a typical hero, always running into battle first, a very distinctive personality. I am a very peaceful person on the other hand. I don’t like adventures, not that I’m afraid of losing, but I think my life is really good right now. I don’t feel the need to change anything about it now. In real life, I’m very gentle and a go-with-the-flow person." 
Happy 37th Birthday Jensen Ackles  ♥
March 1st 1978

The 0.1 cm I love the most in this whole entire universe ಥ_ಥ 


jemma simmons week - day six
• elizabeth appreciation

I love Loki as a character, I’d love to take him on because I would love just to sit him down and being like ‘okay, c’mon this father issue here, this identity stuff going on… let’s just talk about it, let’s have a cup of tea and talk about it’.


"Es un gusto finalmente conocerte."

6 years with SHINee