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hi can you do a dating Antoine Griezmann would include? Thanks :)

thank u sm for ur request!! i had so much fun writing one of those “dating would include”s for cristiano that i was really excited when i read your request!! 💓aaaaanyway i’m not sure i like the outcome as much as cristiano’s but this one will be split into part 1 and part 2 as well, so the second part i’ll make sure will be better lol. (in my defense, it’s past ten and i have uni tomorrow 😁💀

((again, i haven’t checked for grammar/spelling mistakes yet as i have no time rn, but will do as soon as i can tomorrow. hope there aren’t any 🌙)


Dating Antoine would include …

Walking Hookie. It is only eleven o’clock in the morning but the Spanish sun is already breaming down on you mercilessly, making you feel listless. In addition to that, you hadn’t slept well at all. (Which may have something to do with Antoine and you staying up until five in the morning, watching all the Star Trek movies and then afterwards discussing whether Star Trek or Star Wars is the better franchise.)

Unlike you, though, Antoine doesn’t seem to be tired at all. He has his day off today, walking along beside you and throwing sticks every now and then, Hookie bolting after them. 

His hair is rumpled, just like his shirt. At-home days are Antoine’s I’ll-wear-whatever-I-can-pick-up-from-the-floor-first days. But even so, he looks absolutely enticing. 

“Please shave,” you say when Antoine flings yet another stick. He cocks his eyebrows at you while Hookie runs off again. 


“Your beard,” you remark, raising your hand to point a finger at his face, then lightly tickle his beard with your fingertip. Antoine slaps your hand away gently. 

“Okay.” He grins at you as he throws his arm around your shoulders, pulling you against him and causing your body to bump into his with every step you take. Not that you mind, of course. It’s nice being close to him. It’s even nicer to know that he likes it as well. 

You curl your fingers around his hip, smiling up at him, admiring him. You don’t think you have ever used the word “pretty” to describe a man before, but there is no word more apposite to Antoine. The light blue of his eyes which always seem to hold a twinkle, his sharp jawline, his straight nose, his narrow waist, his prominent cheekbones, his perfectly shaped eyebrows … You could go on and on.  

But he’s not only attractive as hell, he’s also a really good person. A cool, chill guy to have fun with, a little nerdy maybe, very polite, very charming, very sexy, very quick-witted. 

And you’re so, so lucky to have him. 

“Stop staring at me,” he says but there’s a grin tugging at the corners of his lips and a little blush to his cheeks. 

“I can’t help it,” you reply, patting his stomach with your free hand. “You’re too sweet.” 

Antoine laughs, playfully pushing you away from him. “You don’t say that to men.” He runs the tip of his tongue over his bottom lip, smiling down at his feet and scratches his cheek while they rose a little more. 

Playing FIFA. Apparently, Atlético-less at-home days are so awful that Antoine has to get his daily dose of football from somewhere else. Which, in his case, usually means either watching matches or playing FIFA. And since there are no interesting matches scheduled for today, the two of you are now sitting on the couch, searching for clubs to play as. 

“I’m taking Atlético,” you say. Antoine grins at you. But his smile quickly disappears when it’s time to choose which players to bench and which ones to put in — and you bench virtual Antoine. Real Antoine huffs. 

“I’m breaking up with you.” 

You laugh. “No, you’re not. You would miss me too much.” 

His only response is a wheeze. 

Of course, you lose. You always do but it’s not much of a surprise considering Antoine is practically addicted to video games and even plays against his actual teammates at Atlético’s training ground. He’s even getting paid for this. It’s ridiculous, really. 

“And another eight goals for you,” you sigh. “I hate playing FIFA.”

“Yeah, ‘cause you suck.” 

“No, because you’re an asshole who won’t let his girlfriend win.” 

Antoine chuckles. “It wouldn’t be winning if I let you win, though.” 

“That doesn’t matter, Antoine,” you say, shaking your head, “The point is that you’re a lousy boyfriend.” 

He’s still laughing quietly when he turns to face you completely, his arm resting on the couch’s backrest behind you. “Oh, am I? What else am I doing that makes me so 'lousy’?”

Digging your teeth into your bottom lip, you start to ponder your words carefully. Honestly, there isn’t much he’s done that you could complain about. He’s really attentive, funny, relaxed. And he cooks for you. Really well, at that. 

The smirk that’s now plastered on his face tells you that he knows you have absolutely nothing. Until you eventually do come up with something.

“You keep me up at night, so I’m tired in the mornings.” 

However, Antoine’s smirk only widens, his tiny dimples becoming more noticeable. “I do keep you up.”

You roll your eyes but you still can’t suppress the smile. “You’re so annoying, I swear.”

… Cuddling. Madrid is hot, even at night. Antoine’s body is also hot — “hot” as in attractive, and “hot” as in really, really warm. Normally, you really love spooning with him because he is cuddly (which he always is but when he’s sleepy, his cuddliness increases by what feels like six hundred percent) and he kisses your shoulders until you fall asleep. 

But tonight, it is just too warm. You have already kicked the blanket off your body and have gotten out of your pajamas, leaving you in nothing but your panties and a tanktop, and it’s still too warm. It’s annoying and it prevents you from falling asleep. 

Antoine, however, does snore behind you quietly. 

Softly, you kick his shin. No reaction. You let out a heavy breath. 

“Antoine?” you whisper, then wait a few seconds to see if there’s any movement. There isn’t. It figures. 

You turn your head slowly, but Antoine’s is nestled to your neck so there is no chance you can see his face. Curling your fingers around his wrist, you shake his hand carefully. Seriously, how can anyone be that dead to the world? 

Out of the blue, his arm tightens around you, pulling you closer. You’re about to groan when he suddenly speaks up, his voice hoarse and quiet, “Let me sleep.”

“It’s hot,” you whine. “I’m sweating.” 

“That’s fine. I like your skin sweaty. Reminds me of something I like to do with you.” 

“That is disgusting and could you stop talking about sex for once?” 

Antoine chuckles softly. He doesn’t say anything else. Now, you do groan. But now he’s also awake, which means that you don’t have to be careful around him anymore. With one swift movement, you shuffle away from him. 

Antoine follows you, wrapping his arm around you again.

“Are you serious?” you ask exasperatedly. 

When you feel his shoulders and his chest twitch with suppressed laughter, you kick him again. This time, more forcefully. Antoine lets out a guffaw. 

“God, I hate you so much.”

In the dark, you smile into your pillow.  

Feeling Jealous is Not Fun

You were pissed. Actually, that was an understatement. You were beyond pissed. Who the heck did that girl think she was, flirting with your boyfriend? You and Antoine had gone to a party because one of your mutual friends had invited the both of you. As soon as you got there, you friend pulled you away and Antoine went to go join your friend’s boyfriend to speak about whatever it was that men talked about at parties. At first, the both of you were fine being separated. You knew that you would see each other later on when you were heading back home. The feeling soon changed though.

You looked over to see if you could find Antoine in the crowd. You did eventually spot him, but you didn’t like what you saw. There was this girl speaking to Antoine. Speaking was fine, but what made you mad was the fact that she was practically hanging off of his arm. You had the urge to go up to her and pull her off of him. You were not the violent type of person but seeing her trying to flirt with your boyfriend just made you want to hurt her.

You were also appalled at Antoine’s reaction to her. He was making no effort what so ever to pull away from her. In fact, it looked as though he was almost enjoying being with her. That just added to your anger. You were not the clingy type. You knew that in a relationship people needed space. You had always given Antoine his space when he needed it. Just like he had always given it to you. That does not mean, however that you would allow him to cheat on you. You knew that you probably sounded jealous but can’t a girl be jealous when it comes to her boyfriend.

You took long strides and walked up to them. You tried to mask your anger. By the time you reached them, the anger was not present on your face. It was, however raging inside you. You placed an arm around Antoine’s waist to show possession. He seemed surprised by your arrival because he jumped. “You ready to go honey?” You put on your fakest and sweetest smile on your face.

Antoine knew you were mad. The smile maybe present on your face but he could see the rage that was in your eyes. He chuckled nervously. “Yeah let’s go.” You turned to face the girl. At least she had the audacity to look embarrassed by your arrival. “I’ll just steal my boyfriend if you don’t mind.” Without waiting for her reply, you pulled Antoine away from her. You led the both of you towards the outside of the party. When you finally reached outside, you let go of Antoine’s waist. You were going to confront him about it whether he liked it or not. The one thing you couldn’t stand was unfaithfulness.

 “What was that? She was flirting with you and you didn’t even pull away.” Antoine opened his mouth but you cut him off before he could even begin speaking. “Not only did you not pull away, you looked like you were enjoying her flirting with you.” “I was not flirting with her. I won’t say she wasn’t flirting with me because that would be a lie but I can promise you I did not flirt back. I was just trying to be nice. I couldn’t exactly brush her off now could I? Believe me, I have no reason to flirt with her, not when I have you. You are all that I could ever need and more. I love you, you and no one else. I don’t need to flirt with other people. If I need to brush up on my flirting skills, I will be more than happy to use you.” You were speechless by the end of his little rant. You wanted to believe him. You looked into his eyes and the answer lay there.

He was telling the truth. His eyes shined with nothing but light. You didn’t say anything in response to his rant. All you did was cup his cheeks and pull him closer to you so it would be easier to place your lips on his. The kiss was full of passion. He was proving to you he wanted no one else but you. When you pulled away, you had gotten the idea. The kiss had been perfect. “I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have flipped out like that. I guess I got kind of scared. I didn’t want to lose you. I’m sorry for getting jealous.” Antoine simply pulled you into a hug. “You have no reason to apologize. I would have gotten jealous too if you had been with some guy. Your jealousy proves that you love me. I think it’s cute.” You were stunned by his words. You knew that you had found the perfect man.  

-I hope you like it <3