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Knight in Shining Armor (Lafayette x Reader)

Words: 999999999-999998361

Request: I think I requested a medieval au laf x reader (reader saves laf) @psychiclianna

A/N: i took way too long on this and i apologize, this was hecka lot of fun to write tho, ty for the request! i did barely any research on knights and medieval times, so bear with me plz 

special thanks to @sorry-but-no-sorry for the french translation! 

You grabbed your sword off the ground, placing it in the pocket on your back. You walked ahead, looking for any signs of danger. Fortunately, you were in neutral territory, away from all the violence between the two empires.

There was a war for land going on between the French and the English. You belonged to neither, a rogue knight as many say. This has caused a warrant out for your arrest, the kings of both nations wanting your head on a stick. So whenever a knight stumbled upon you, they would try to kill you (due to the fact that you were neglecting both nations). Seeing as you were still walking today with little injury, killing you was not an easy thing. Still, many tried.

You heard shuffling in the woods ahead, and immediately ducked behind some greenery. You peeked through, seeing two knights fighting each other. Most of their armor was off, leaving them in plain clothing. Usually, you would turn around and run, avoiding the unnecessary conflict, but it seemed like the man pinned to the ground was losing.

His face was beaten badly, blood coming out from a slice on his cheek. You bit your lip, debating on whether you should leave. But, the other man on top of him, was wearing the same outfit as him. You raised your eyebrows in shock, confused as to why two fellow knights were fighting. The sword got closer to the man’s neck on the ground, seconds from cutting through. Immediately, you jumped out of the bushes, kicking off the man that was on top of the other. He tried to get back up again, but you pressed your metal foot against his chest, forcing him back to the ground. The two of them gasped in shock, and you pointed the sword down to the man’s neck, threatening him.

“Who the hell are you?” He yelled, and you pressed the tip closer to his neck.

“I’m the one with the sword. Now, before I change my mind. Leave.” He began to speak again, and you cut his skin slightly, the blood leaking out. He nodded quickly, and you allowed him to get up, removing your foot from his chest. He tried reaching for the sword on the ground, but you waved yours in the air, preventing him from doing so. He gave one last look at you, then ran, leaving his weapons and armor behind. You sighed, putting your sword back on the side of you.

You turned to the man on the ground, and he was gone, leaving only a pool of blood in his wake. “You’re welcome.” You mumbled, turning back. A sword was pointed at you, the man staring at you. The blood was still flowing down his face, his curly hair pulled back into a bun. He was rather tall, a giant compared to you. You rolled your eyes at him, but of course, he couldn’t see, since you had your helmet on.

“So this is the thanks I get from saving you?” You grumbled. He said nothing, reaching over to pull off your helmet. You let him. He revealed your face, and you smiled at him, winking. “Hey there.”

“Who are you?” He asked, and you noticed a slight French accent to his words. You were puzzled. He wore English armor and clothing, but he was French? Seems like an interesting story to tell.

“Does it really matter? I’m just trying to get out of the country before you guys destroy it all.” He pointed the sword closer to your face. You could easily move it away, but you were entertained, wanting to know what else he had up his sleeve. “Whoa, easy there boy, no need to get riled up.”

“You did not answer my question.” He spat back.

“My name is Y/N.” He widened his eyes, immediately moving his sword away from you. You lowered your hands slowly, more perplexed than before. “Um…”

J’suis chauve! (I can’t believe it) You’re the rogue knight, the knight everyone is hunting.” He replied, placing his sword on his side. You wondered why his first instinct wasn’t to kill you, but you shrugged, grabbing yours off the ground. “Why are they looking for you? Did you assassinate someone?” So many questions.

“I’m sorry, but I did not hear a thank you come out of your mouth yet.” You replied, grabbing your helmet off the ground. You didn’t put it on yet, curious as to what this fake Englishman had to say. He smiled at you, and you rolled your eyes, hiding your smile.

“Thank you, sir Y/N.” You cringed at the knight surname, and shook your head.

“No problem, but please, drop the sir. I hate being called that, my name is just fine by it’s lonesome.” You did not mean to sound so harsh, and you glanced at the man. He was still smiling.

“Of course, Y/N.” He said back, the happiness never leaving his face. Why was he so happy? He was still bleeding profusely, limping. You knew it was unwise to help anyone involved in the war, but he was helpless. He seemed like a pretty decent guy, and you could not just leave him behind. Someone would come and kill him minutes after you leave. You sighed, looking at him.

“If I help tend to your wounds, would you promise not to tell anyone that you saw me? Pretend like I never existed?”

Oui, anything for the one who saved me.” He joked, struggling to walk over to you. You ran over to him quickly, putting his arm around your shoulder. He smiled down at you.

“What’s your name?” You asked, helping him along. The closest place you could go without anyone spotting you is a local town an hour or so away. You promised them that you wouldn’t come back, but it seemed inevitable, he needed to be treated as soon as possible.

“Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette. But you can just call me Lafayette.” He replied, looking at you. You blinked. Who the hell has a name as long as that?

“Um, okay, Lafayette. Tell me about yourself, since it is going to take us a while to get there.”

The two of you conversed, him telling you about his journey on rejecting the French ideals and deciding to fight for the English instead. The conversation went like this for a while, until finally, you made it to the small town. The people glared at you as you walked in, and you gave them sheepish smiles, carrying Lafayette over to the medical tent. Your friend was the doctor, and he frowned as you walked in carrying Lafayette.

“Y/N, I told you you cannot come back here, you know-“

“I know, I know. Lafayette just needed to be treated. Here, I’ll give you the money.” Lafayette protested at you handing him the cash, but you ignored his pleas, giving the doctor the money. Your friend sighed, but took it anyway, going over to examine Lafayette. You took this as your cue to leave, walking back. You heard Lafayette call to you, and you turned back, looking at him. He had a small smile on his face.

“Thank you, Y/N. You are much kinder than you make yourself out to be.” You gave him a closed-lipped smile, nodding. “Are we going to see each other again?”

“Take care of yourself, Lafayette.” You winked at him, then left quickly, leaving an awe-struck Lafayette behind. The doctor chucked at Lafayette reaction, cleaning off his wounds. Lafayette looked at the doctor.

“Is Y/N always this mysterious?” The doctor nodded, placing cream on Lafayette’s leg.

“Yes, they are. Still, I never saw Y/N risk their life to save another. You must be special.” Lafayette groaned at the stitching the doctor began, looking back towards the entrance. A small part of him hoped that he would run across this Y/N again.

Large fries and a Coca Cola

Lmao I just wanted this au to exist

Kuroo checked his phone again then closed opened it then closed it. He sighed impatiently as he waited in line. How long does it take for someone to order something at McDonald’s anyway? He sighed again. His boss would yell at him for being late and make him work the night shift. Pain in the ass night shift. No way in hell he was gonna deal with crazy customers at the dead of night.

Just as he was about to check his phone again the line had finally moved. Sighing in relief Kuroo stepped forward to the register only to feel his heart skip.

“Hi what can I get for you.” Said with a voice of an angel. Kuroo gawked at the beautiful blond cashier before him. Tall blond and beautiful watched Kuroo slightly frowning waiting for an answer. “Sir?”

“Fuck me.” He quietly said.

Beautiful golden eyes behind black frames grew wide as pink appeared in pale cheeks.

“I’m sorry?”

Kuroo blushed as he started to stutter looking up to the menu and back at the blond. “I-uh um I,” he felt his neck start to turn red. “Um c-can I get a spicy chicken with l-large fries and a cola?”

“A McChicken with large fries and a cola okay,” he quickly punched in the numbers avoiding eye contact, “that’ll be $5.99 will that be all today sir?”

“Y-yeah,” he smiled blushingly as he slid his card.

“Here’s your receipt.” He hand over his number and quickly greeted the next customer.

Kuroo found himself gawking again as the person behind him pushed him out the way. Snapping back to reality Kuroo quickly moved out the way and made his way to a table. What was that? Sure he’s ran into some pretty hot people and get all giddy and blushingly, the thing is, he was drunk those times. This time he’s sober, wide awake and blushing more than a school girl talking to her crush.

Jolting from the sudden vibration on his leg Kuroo pulled out his phone to see a anger text from his boss and Bokuto telling him he was gonna get his ass chewed and to bring him some nuggets. Kuroo groaned a bit texting fuck you to Bokuto when he heard his angel call his number. Taking in a deep breath Kuroo finally put on his game face. He made his way to the counter and smirked at the blond.

“Here’s your order sir.” He smiled handing the bag over.

Kuroo’s grin grew as he took the bag checking inside. He nods his head and smiles at the blond.

“Is there something wrong sir?” He hands his coke.

“Yeah,” he laughs, “I’m missing something in my order.”

“And that is?” He looks in the bag.


The blond again blushes in surprise but that quickly turns into a frown. “Sir I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

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Swept Off My Feet (Part 4)

Misha x Reader 

Word Count: 1.1k

Warnings: mild language, kissing (memory), the very mildest of angst? but not really.

A/N: This wasn’t anywhere in my outline. It just kind of… happened. So, here it is. Ta da! Also, if you would like to be tagged in this series, please shoot me an ask or a message. Please do not ask in the comments, because Tumblr doesn’t like to behave and doesn’t notify me every time someone comments. Boo.

Swept Off My Feet Master List

Y/F/N Y/L/N to the front office, please. Y/F/N Y/L/N to the front office.

You rolled your eyes as you heard your name called over the intercom at the shelter. It was Saturday, the busiest day for adoptions. So, naturally, you were able to get nothing done without being summoned to various parts of the building. But, as Lead Adoption Coordinator, that was your job.

It had been three weeks since your “date” with Misha, and you hadn’t heard from him since. Probably for the best, you thought. He was, after all, a major celebrity. An incredibly handsome, smart, funny, sweet celebrity. He was almost perfect. Scratch that, he was perfect. He could have any woman he wanted at the curl of his lips. Those lips.

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Rick’s sister (Daryl Dixon x Reader) Part 2

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Imagine being Rick’s little sister. He thinks you’re dead but you survived somehow to find him and his group at the farm months after the outbreak. Now you live with the group and Shane decides to be a ‘jerk’ to you. 

Part 1 

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Your eyes fluttered open as a ray of sunshine warmed up your skin. You sighed softly and stretched your arms, making your rugged blanket fall off your body. You sat there, a small smile on your lips as your eyes adjusted to the dim morning light. It must have been early in the morning because you could still hear the soft sound of Daryl snoring on his cot next to yours. You chuckled silently and turned your head to the side to look at him. Your cots were at two opposite sides of his tent but you were still slightly flustered by the approximate closeness the tent provided. Your eyes trailed up to his face, he had his right arm over his eyes and the left one gripped his pillow. He looked peaceful, and for once, he didn’t seem pissed off or sad. You shook your head slightly and sat up in your makeshift bed, your head still disoriented and your stomach aching from the lack of food.

It has been three days now that Daryl found you in the woods and brought you back to your brother but you were still too weak to go out and help finding Sophia, even if you desperately wanted to help. You could see how much it meant for the group, Carol was hardly eating or even living. The poor woman was already grieving the loss of her little girl and any trace of hope had already left her heart. Rick couldn’t help but blame himself for what had happened. Even if he tried to stay strong for everyone, you knew your brother. You knew that he had to find her in order to forgive himself. Then, there was Daryl. Your redneck savior was the one who seemed to care the most, even though he wouldn’t admit it out loud, Daryl was out into the woods every single day to find the lost girl.

You closed your eyes for a second then took a last glance at Daryl’s sleeping form and got out of the tent with new clothes and your knife. You were too scared of changing into the tent and taking the risk of Daryl seeing you. As long as you could remember, you had always been modest and shy around people, especially men. As you exited the tent and zipped it back up, you looked over the camp. Everybody was still asleep except from Shane who was on watch on RV’s rooftop. The man looked down at you and smiled, his eyes roaming your body in a way that made you gag. You turned your eyes away and started to walk toward the farm house. You’ve become good friends with Maggie and Beth over the past few days and Hershel gave you the authorization to use their bathroom to change and clean up. You climbed up the small set of stairs before the pavilion house, looking back over the camp to see Shane now standing on the rooftop and looking in your direction. You turned away again and knocked on the wooden door, waiting for the authorization to enter the house. Soft footsteps approached the door quickly and you looked up to be met by Hershel’s squinted eyes. You smiled and the old man opened the door, returning your smile.

“Good morning, sir.” You greeted your host, the old man smiled at you and stepped aside to let you in.

“Good morning (Y/N), you’re up early today.” Hershel said, his voice filled with kindness. You didn’t know why the old man was that nice to you, you knew that he was a good man but Rick had told you that he wanted you gone when Carl would be healed and ready to travel. You suspected that Maggie had something to do with the old man’s behavior towards you.

“Yes, I’m used to wake up early. When I was alone I couldn’t sleep that much.” You answer sheepishly as Hershel closed the door and walked into the kitchen.

“I understand.” He simply answered. “Maggie is already awake if you want to go see her in her room.” He added, already distracted with a book. You nodded your head and thanked the man before quickly making your way upstairs and knocked on Maggie’s door.

“Come in!” You heard her voice say. You smiled and open the door to see her looking out the window toward your camp. You chuckled as you sat on her bed with your new clothes still in your arms.

“Trying to have a good look at Glenn?” You teased her with a mischievous grin, making her groan and turned around to look at you.

“Will you stop?” She said and rolled her eyes as she walked in your direction and sat on the bed.

“Never!” You answered in a chuckle, loving to tease the two love birds. Maggie tried to convince herself that what she felt for Glenn was nothing more than a crush but you knew better. You saw how she was looking at him and, more importantly, you saw how Glenn was looking at her. The young man was completely in love with the farmer’s daughter, it was obvious.

“Look who’s talking, you’re sleeping in the tent of mister crossbow over there. I know how you feel about him, you can’t stop looking at that flower he gave you.” Maggie said and it was your turn to roll your eyes and try to hide your flushed cheeks.

“Please Maggie, he’s way older than me. I’m sure he doesn’t care about me as much as you think he does.”

“Keep telling yourself that, (Y/N) but I’m telling you. This man has feelings for you.” She smirked knowingly.

“It’s only been three days, Maggie!” You argued but Maggie shook her head.

“And so what? He saved you, he brought you back to your brother, he looks after you, he gives you flowers!” Maggie tried to convince you but you shook your head.

“Because he wanted to apologize for being an asshole to me before that, not because he wanted to make a love declaration.” As the words left your lips, Maggie groaned in exasperation.

“You’re so stubborn in the Grimes family, I swear!” The southern girl said as she slapped the palm of her hand on her forehead.

You laughed at her antics and so did she, after several more minutes talking with Maggie you decided to use their bathroom and take a quick shower before changing into clean clothes. You told Maggie that she could ask for you if she needed any help with the chores she had to do and went back to your camp. It was still early but some people were already awake, including Dale, Glenn and Rick. You smiled brightly and hugged your big brother from behind, wrapping your arms roughly around his shoulders and jumped on his back. Rick groaned but quickly grabbed your legs as if he was carrying you on his back.

“Morning brother!” You said as you laughed at his grumpy face. You jumped down and he turned around with a small smirk on his lips.

“Good morning sister, you’re already up?” He asked you and kissed your cheek in a brotherly way. You smiled and nodded.

“Yes, I went to talk to Maggie while waiting for your lazy ass to wake up.” You teased him, making him shove your shoulder slightly. Glenn and Dale laughed and you stepped aside to greet them.

Dale had started the fire back and T-Dog was cooking eggs as Carol made her way towards the man to help him. You were chatting with Glenn when suddenly, Daryl emerged from his tent, his eyes wide open and quickly putting his crossbow over his shoulders. He seemed agitated and worried as his eyes looked over the camp in search of something. Then, his eyes landed on you and he seemed to calm down. You smiled at him as he exited the tent more at ease and made his way over the log you were sitting on with Glenn.

“Good morning Daryl.” You greeted him with a nice smile. You didn’t know that but your smile always made his heart skip a beat.

“Mornin’.“ He grumbled out in his morning voice, making you blush unintentionally. “Where were ya?”  He asked as Glenn passed him a plate of eggs and squirrel.

“I went to have a little chat with Maggie.” You answered with a raised eyebrow, taken aback by his concern.

Daryl nodded his head and grumble something before making his way behind his tent to God knows where. You turned your head towards Glenn who was looking at Daryl’s direction as if he had just seen a ghost then his eyes shifted to look at you.

“Well… that was weird.” Your friend said making you giggle and nod your head in agreement.

Daryl came back after a few minutes and sat on a camping chair next to Glenn, his eyes shifting from his food to you as you finished your small share of eggs. You knew that Daryl was suspicious about you giving your food to Carl sometimes but he had never said anything about it… until now.

“Here…” You heard Daryl’s voice say, making you look up at him. He was extending his plate in your direction, his nodded his head towards the plate gesturing for you to take it. You shook your head and tried to decline the offer, Glenn looking from Daryl to you as you answered the hunter.

“No, that’s your share Daryl. You have to eat, I already had mine.” You tried to lie with a smile on your lips. Daryl groaned then grabbed your plate and shoved half of his food into it. You sighed and glanced at Glenn who was smirking at you. Daryl set the plate on your lap and groaned again.

“Eat.” He said sternly making you scoff but eat anyway. Glenn let out a chuckle at your pouting face, making Daryl and you glare at him.

Your eyes met Daryl’s, his stare made you blush but you nodded your head at him and mouthed a small “thank you”. Daryl’s lips tugged slightly into a small smile then he looked down at his plate. You smiled softly and started to eat the food Daryl had gave you, hopefully this interaction would go unnoticed by the rest of the group but it was without taking Shane into account.

“Well, well, well!” You heard Shane’s loud voice from the other side of the fire, your heart stopped as you knew what he was about to do. “Look at that! The stone-cold redneck seems to have a little crush on my best friend’s little sister, huh!” His voice was so loud that everyone stopped talking and looked at Daryl then at you.

“What the hell man?!” Daryl quickly said in a pissed off voice, glaring at Shane in a way that made you shiver. Daryl could really be intimidating.

“I saw you give half of your food to (Y/N), man.” Shane said as if he had seen something forbidden. You looked at Daryl to see him clenched his fists and glared even more at Shane. Glenn shifted on his seat beside you, clearly feeling uncomfortable about the situation.

“And so what?” You stepped in, trying to defend Daryl. “What’s your problem Shane?” You glared at him then looked at Rick who seemed really tired about Shane’s mess.

“My problem? I don’t have a problem. I just think it’s funny to see a man like him trying to get to a girl like you.” He said and you saw Daryl’s shoulders tensed. Your face flushed in anger, knowing how Daryl felt about his origins.

“Shut up Shane! It’s not because you have your freaking little heart broken that you have to be a jerk like that. I’m not stupid Shane, I know what you did.” You said in threatening voice, making Shane tensed up and glared at you.

“You know nothing, little girl.” He seethed getting ready to get up but Rick stepped before you.

“Okay, that’s enough!” Your brother told Shane in an authoritative voice. Shane sat back down and everyone looked at Daryl and you.

You felt so shy and embarrassed about what had happened that you looked down and stared at your plate. You felt Glenn’s hand on your shoulder and this simple kind gesture made you feel intently better. Suddenly, Daryl shove his plate to the ground and got up before storming away towards the RV. Rick followed him and several people gathered around a car talking about the searching plan for today. You were still pissed off about what had happened with Shane even if you saw Rick lecture him about it, it wasn’t enough. In addition, you knew that because of that Daryl would push you away.

You were hanging clothes with Carol when you saw the group separate from the car and going in different directions. Your eyes searched for Daryl and you saw him walk towards the stable. You quickly excused yourself to Carol and tried to catch up to him. The man entered the stable as you finally caught up and called his name.

“Daryl! Wait up!” You said as you tried to catch your breath. Daryl stopped and turned around, his face only showing annoyance.

“What do ya want?” He asked harshly, making you sighed.

“I wanted to know if you were alright. You know, after what Shane said…” You mumbled shyly.

“I don’t give a shit about what he said. It wasn’t true anyway…” He answered as if he didn’t care at all. You looked up at him but he was already walking away towards one of Hershel’s horse.

“But… I mean, he’s an asshole you know. It’s not personal, it’s…” You tried again but Daryl turned around and his anger took you aback.

“I said I didn’t care! I don’t care about ya! I don’t care about what he said! I could never love a girl like ya! Love is stupid and if ya think that I was giving ya my food because I care then ya’re stupid too!” Daryl shouted at you, almost getting in your face.

You took a step back out of instinct and looked at him with slight fear and sadness. Your eyes dropped to the ground trying to hide your tears as they trailed down your cheeks without your consent. You didn’t want to cry before him but you couldn’t help it. You took a shaky breath in, on order to calm down.

“Well… You made it pretty clear now. Good luck out there.” You said before turning around and almost running out of the stable, tears now running down your cheeks freely.

You ran away from the camp and from Carol who tried to call your name but you couldn’t face her right now. You felt so exposed and stupid as you ran behind the farm house to hide from everyone. You lent your back against the wooden walls and slid down until you sat on the ground and buried your face into your knees. You stayed there, sat in the dirt, crying your eyes out in shame. You didn’t know why Daryl’s words pained you that much, after all, you had met the man only three days ago. You knew that a friendship couldn’t develop in this short period of time but his words still stabbed your heart. Maybe it was because you cared about him when he didn’t care about you in return? You sighed and tried to calm down, a few sobs escaping your lips before you harshly wiped under your eyes and got up at the same time as Maggie walked out of her house by the back door.

“(Y/N)?” She asked in surprise, seeing the miserable state you were in. “What happened?” She seemed worried as she took you into her arms and hugged you close. You tried to talk but your throat felt soar so you simply shook your head as she pulled away.

“It’s Daryl, isn’t it?” She asked in an annoyed voice. You looked up at her briefly then shrugged your shoulders before nodding your head ‘yes’. Maggie sighed and took your hand to lead you into the house. “Don’t worry, whatever he said, he doesn’t mean it.”

“I highly doubt that.” You said just above a whisper, making Maggie look at you with sad eyes.

“Come on, you’ll help us with dinner. It will make you think about something else.” Maggie said as she took you with her into the house and made you help her, Carol, Beth, Patricia and Lori.

Daryl was laying in the dirt, his head and side hurt but he could only focus on the voice of his brother. He couldn’t believe that he let this happen, the horse he had took to search for Sophia sent him down a cliff and he was now hurt with one of his own arrows piercing though his side. Even if it hurt as hell Daryl couldn’t help but think that he deserved it. He could still see your pained eyes, your tears trailing down your cheeks as your heart broke in pieces. Seeing you hurt was the most horrible thing for him, and knowing that he had caused you so much pain made him hate himself more than anything.

“What did you think, man! You’re not good enough for a sweet girl like her! Nobody will ever care about you lil’ brother, except for me.” Merle said and Daryl groaned in exasperation.

“Shut up man!” Daryl said as strong as he could. “Ya don’t know what ya’re talking about.”

“Oh, but because you do?” Merle laughed, making Daryl close his eyes as he tried to stay awake. Merle shoved Daryl’s feet, making his little brother open his eyes once again.

“Hey man stay awake! You have to make it out of here or I’ll go back to your camp again and shot officer friendly in the head then take care of your sweet girl for you!” Merle laughed again, making Daryl groan in anger and opened his eyes widely.

“Don’t ya dare hurt her, man!” Daryl searched for Merle around him, ready to beat him to the ground even with an arrow through his side.

“Why did you say you didn’t care about her if you do, man?” Merle asked and kneeled before his little brother. Daryl felt suddenly too dizzy to even keep his eyes open.

“I… I don’t know man… I don’t know…” Was all Daryl could say before he passed out, hearing his brother laugh at his answer. All he could think about was if he would ever see (Y/N) Grimes again.

“I’m sorry angle.” He thought before falling into darkness.

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Coffee Shop;Taeil

Genre: Fluff/Comedy (?) , idk there’s not really a genre for this ?? im sorry haha

Request: Could you write a scenario where you’re working in a coffee shop and taeil always comes with a completely blank face so you decide to write some awful pick up lines on his cup just to see his reaction?

A/N: This was really fun to write and hope you enjoy it !


Chatters, talking , light sounds of the ceramic cups hitting the table and laughter filled the small shop that was located down the street . It was fairly new and you all had a few regulars .

The sound of the bell at the door rang loudly , in came a young and handsome looking man , his facial expressions showing nothing else but a blank face .

“ Welcome ! ” you and your co workers greeted politely with a smile to the young man .

Slowly , he made his way to the counter . His eyes looked up to scheme the menu above , before saying to you , “ May i have a cup of cappuccino please , less sugar . Thank you ”

You gave him your brightest smile , “ Yes sure sir , anything else ? ”

He furrowed his eyebrows , shook his head and replied a simple no .

“ That’d be $4.50 , what’s your name ? ”

He kept a straight face , no reaction to your smile .

“ Taeil , Moon Taeil ”


The lad came in more often until he became a regular , he always ordered the same drink and always had the same expression - it seemed as though he was always thinking deeply of something , unaware of what was happening around him .

You spent your spare time to stare at him , following his every actions and movements , hoping that you’d catch him smile at least once .

But he didn’t .

Everytime he’d stare into blank space , lifting his cup in one hand to take a sip in it while the other was tapping the table , to the music that was playing in the background if the shop .

His looks attracted you , but his actions and blank face attracted you more . He seemed interesting to you and everyday he came in to the shop , your curiousity just grew .


“ Good morning Taeil , the regular ? ” you asked cheerfully to him , like you always did . But every single time he’d just nod his head and paid for his drink , then blankly walking to his seat .

You sighed to yourself knowing that yet another day is going to past like that , without you knowing more about him or getting to talk to him .

Before you wrote down his name , an idea strucked you and you smirked to yourself . You quickly grabbed the marker and wrote down .

“ You already look good but you know what would be better ? If you wore a smile more often ;)) ”

“ Also , if i had to rate you from 1-10 i’d give you a 9 because you’re missing something and that’s a smile ”

You smiled to yourself as you stared at your masterpiece proudly , confident that Taeil would at the very least , give you the reaction you wanted .

You made your way to his table , the cup in your hand . You bowed to him slightly and offered him the cup with your two hands .

“ Hope you enjoy your drink , have a great day ”

Standing behind the counter , you wiped it a cloth while you peeked your head out to look at him , like you always did .

He put down his phone and reached forward to get paper cup . He took a sip out of it and placed it back down again , not noticing the writings at the side .

You let out a sigh , continuing doing your usual work because you knew your plan to get his attention failed .

His movements caught your attention once again , when he took another sip , this time his eyes was on the cup .

As you bit your lips nervously , you saw him turn the cup and read the writings . He shook his head slightly and looked over to you , his straight and blank face still on .

Flustered , you looked away quickly , pretending to talk to your co worker . When you were sure he wasn’t staring at you anymore , you gave him one last glance - he was back to himself again , staring into blank space , as though nothing ever happened .

“ Have a great day too ” he said to you while placing a small tip and a piece of paper , before walking out of the shop calmly , without waiting for you reply .

It was the first time he had ever said that to you and you couldn’t help but smile to yourself , as you kept the tip he left , lifting the paper up to read it .

“ You look better even without a smile and you need more lessons on how to pick people up - with those two previous phrases people certainly wouldn’t fall for you . But i’m different and i think i already did the first day i saw you , 1800-xxxx-xxxx :) ”

Authority Issues (drabble)

Professor Barnes x reader

Notes: smut, fluff, swearing

A little something I hope you’ll all enjoy. Throwback to professor Barnes. A small window into their life in Oxford. 

Authority Issues series Masterlist

“James Buchanan Barnes!”

Bucky’s eyes shot up as his whole body jolted at the sound of your voice. He’d been preparing for tomorrow’s class, completely swallowed up in his work; until you scared him shitless. You marched down the stairs of the lecture hall, expression unreadable, and he wondered what he’d done wrong.

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If Four and Tris were together during her initiation years, do you think Eric should have an affair with the students too? ;)


You see that girl from Abnegation who jumped first. Afterwards, you raise your hand to go next.

“No need to raise your hand, Nose”, says one of the Dauntless-born initiates.

“At least the Stiff had the guts to go first than you Dauntless born”, you say. You immediately walk in front, bypass the two leaders, one who had introduced himself as Eric and the red head guy  next to him before taking a dive into Dauntless.

Apparently, your act earlier earned the interest of Eric. Eric is an ass with everyone else, including your instructor Four, but not with you. His name sounds quite familiar too.

The first day go on smoothly. You managed to shoot straight and not to miss. That earned you extra points and according to the chart, you’re not that far behind from ex-Candor Peter.

As you lay in your cot, your head begin to remember who Eric is. His face, minus the piercings, is really familiar until you remember who he was back in school.

He was your senior by a few years. He was one of the genius until rumors spread that he defected his faction - Erudite. You remembered seeing him at the library often, sometimes you thought he always sleep there. You also remembered the huge crush you have on him.

During the rest of the initiation, Eric helps you out - perfecting your fight moves, how to throw a knife straight to the center and so on. Everyone whispers on how it is inappropriate a relationship between a student and a teacher, but seeing it’s Eric, no one dares to question why he favours you.

One day, Eric pairs you up with Peter. Between you and Peter, no hard feelings, but he’s very competitive. The two of you fight hard. Peter dislocates your arm (which you painfully pop back in), cracks a few ribs and gives you a broken ankle while you break his nose, crack his jaw and break his leg with your now broken ankle. Eric finally stops the fight, seeing that none of you want to stop.

The doctor’s advice didn’t stop you or Peter from joining the party at The Pit that same day, later that evening. Peter is already drinking and dancing, despite his broken leg. After your third shot, you wobbly make way to the tattoo parlour.

Tori smirks as you approach her. “Wow, still walking…”, she says.

You get a few piercings - one loop at the bottom lip, a few studs on each ear and one on the left eyebrow, opposite of Eric’s right eyebrow. Then, you go on and get a tattoo - a blue dragon curling along your left arm.

The next day, Eric summons you to his office. He raises his eyebrow seeing your piercings, especially the eyebrow one. He scans through his tablet before standing up and leaning by his desk.

“You did a great job, (y/n)”, Eric is not the one who always express or complement people on how they did a great job.

“Thank you, sir”, you say. This is getting very awkward when the two of you just stand there, avoiding eye contact.

“I’m surprised you picked Dauntless”, says Eric.

“With all due respect, sir, I want to proof to people that I’m not just a nerd. I want to be strong…”, you say.

“Here I thought your day of stalking me at the library was over the day I left”, says Eric, chuckling. You look up, blushing.

“Sir…, I…, what I was doing…”, you stutter and Eric cuts you off.

“Let me be a little Candor, (y/n). I don’t know how to be nice, even when I want to. Don’t expect us to turn out like Number Boy and that Stiff”, says Eric, crossing his arms. You look down, hiding your smile.

“Don’t worry, sir, your secret is safe with me”, you say. Eric approaches you and he towers you as your back hit the door.

“I quite like when you call me ‘sir’”, he says, smiling with mischief. You close the distance, but you didn’t kiss him.

“If I pass initiation, what do I get…, sir?”, your tone is filled with seduction.

“Keep yourself on the top…, and I’ll make sure you get to top”, he says, winking at you.

Surely, you and Eric’s relationship are kept quiet and you make your way to the top 10. Eric looks at you and nods. You then are summoned to Max’s office who offers you the leadership program, after reading Eric’s recommendation.

“You know, this is the first time Eric has ever written one of these. You must’ve done pretty good, despite your ranking”, says Max.

“With all due respect sir, there are others who deserve this position, but seeing how I got it, I can’t say no to such opportunity”, you say and Max chuckles at your response.

“You sound like Eric”, he says before letting you head off to the graduation party at The Pit.

You found Eric has started the drinking. You sit beside him and he hands you a shot.

“Trust me, you need to loosen up for what I have in mind for tonight”, he whispers, causing you to shiver with anticipation.

After a few drinks and minor touching, Eric immediately drags you back to his place. The minute he kicks the door close, all the sexual frustrations the two of you kept hidden so well are released there and then. Clothes are scattered all over the floor and Eric picks you up, taking you to his bed.

He isn’t all that sweet and romantic, but he tries to be gentle. As promise, he let you top. His hands are at your hips and he guides you as you ride him. At first, you go slow and when the pleasure builds up, you ride him faster.

You come first, moaning his name and collapsing on his chest. Eric makes a few more thrusts before you could feel his warm cum inside you. Eric rolls you over and his pillow is quite comfy as his chest.

“You know, back then at the library, I was fighting my urge to just pounce on you”, you confess.

“Yeah? That skirt you always wear was too provocative for me”, he says and the two of you laugh. Eric holds you close and his heartbeat lulls you to sleep in his arms.

[PS: not my best one shot though…]

( Favorite Screencaps From AWE: 001/??? )

UPDATED MASTERLIST - Happy New Year to you all!

Imagine Masterlist - 



Old imagines


New imagines


New Year with your loved one

Eddie Redmayne

Eddie spotting you in a crowd

Jude Law

Ruining his chances

Dwayne Johnson

Travelling with DJ

Peter Dinklage

Imagine Peter being cute

Coming to Peter’s rescue


Imagine Chris saying this

Eric Dane

Admitting he’d fallen for you

Patrick Dempsey

Having a meal with Patrick

Mark Wahlberg

Hooking up with young MW

Tom Hardy

Hardy smut

The Joker

Joker picking you

Joker asking permission

Reassuring The Joker

Thinking you can escape

Filling his wall with photos

Jealous Joker

Johnny Depp

In love with Johnny  

Performing with Alice

Sam Heughan

Sam gives you the look

Sam invites you to a premiere

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

JDM being a perfect partner

Playing with JDM’s beard

There being an age gap

JDM being proud to call you his wife

Scott Eastwood

Posting a pic of Scott on insta

Sebastian Stan

Being matched with Seb by Chris

Dan Howell / danisnotonfire

Dan drawing cat whiskers on you

Dan’s video about

Dan’s cute tweet

Trying to embarrass Dan

Photoshoot with Dan

Truth or Dare with Dan

Tom Ellis

Tom falling for you

Jack O'Connell

Dating Jack

Prince Harry

Harry’s secret girlfriend

Harry looking at you

Yours and Harry’s engagement interview

Jared Leto

Jared Leto Interview

Jared’s expression when you

Jai Courtney

On set with Jai Courtney

Premiere with Jai

Ryan Gosling

Meeting Ryan Gosling

Telling Ryan ‘ILY’

Seth Macfarlane

Seth Macfarlane Interview

Interviewing your boyfriend, Seth

Being married to Seth

The way Seth looks at you

Seth stating he loves you in an interview

Seth’s response to hecklers

Seth’s tweet to you…

Long distance tweet

Meeting Seth in a bar

Seth tweets/engagement/movieprem

Seth dedicating a song to you

10 year anniversary

About your smile & laugh

Tom Hiddleston / Sir Thomas Sharpe

Tom & Benedict imagine

Tom Dancing

Tom wearing glasses

Tom surprising you

Paint war with Tom

Tom talking dirty in public

Heart to heart with Tom

Tom Anniversary

Tom Truth or Dare

Making a scrapbook with Tom

Tom asking to meet you again

Being on Tom’s mind during a panel

Meeting Thomas Sharpe in the park

Tom proposes to you

Interviewing Tom and he looks at you like…

Tom scared of your dad

Dinner with Tom

Listening to Billy Idol with Tom

Tom coming home from working to find you in hospital

Dropping by to see Tom at work

Tom and Stan Lee

Lucky photographer

Tom likes you back

Tom being your tc

Tom’s face when ordering food

You zipline into MTV Movie awards

Tom’s face when you buy dogs

How Tom looks at you when you announce your pregnancy

Tom’s tweet about your baby girl

Tom’s Disney tweet  

You play Sigyn and…

Tom gazing at you as you walk down the aisle

Tom being jealous of you & RDJ

Tom wanting to tell everyone about you

Thomas Sharpe’s ghost

Thomas Sharpe realizing he loves you

Tom still loving you

Tom being your PT

Benedict Cumberbatch

Ben asks you out on a date

Tom & Benedict imagine

Imagine playing Irene Adler in Sherlock & Ben falls in love with you

Having a spot of tea w/ Ben

DR Strange turning up at your door

Sons Of Anarchy

Jax comforting Juice

Tig smut

Imagine Jax saying this to you…

Chibs smut

You & Jax annoy Bobby

Jax’s Birthday

Going to Disneyland with Samcro

Chibs smiling for once

Date night with Chibs

Jax informing Chibs you’d been killed

Friends wedding with Chibs

Hooking up with Chibs

Hooking up with Tig

Chibs bragging about you to the sons

Interviewing cast of SOA

Chibs finding you dead

Chibs seeing you after 7 years

Being Mrs Telford

Christmas with Jax

Tig hitting on Chib’s old lady

Jax glancing at you

Chibs watching from a distance

Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam falling for you

Going on holiday with Charlie

A intense makeout session with Charlie

Jensen Ackles

Telling Jensen you have feelings for him

Jensen treating you right

Catching Jensen staring at you

Waking up to Jensen

Jensen realising you’re insecure

IJ/ Brian Quinn

Telling Q you love him

Hitting it off with Q

Visiting zoos with Q

Q’s zoo tweet

Theo Rossi

Theo Rossi Interview

Bill Hader

Rom com with Bill

Taylor Kinney

Waking up on your wedding morning…

Matthew McConaughey

Being with Matthew for 10 days

Lee Evans

Being BFF with Lee

Channing Tatum

Being on set with Channing

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