your skin though * *

Every Stardust Crusaders fight

Joseph: Alright, everyone, we’ve made it to Egypt. Don’t act like an idiot, okay? Stick together.

Polnareff: Yeah, yeah, gotcha!

(Polnareff leaves the hotel by himself)

Polnareff, a minute later: Why is it so cold in Egypt? It’s 5 degrees Celsius!

Some dude coming out of an alleyway: HAHAHAHAHA! You’ve met the power of my stand,  「THE WIND」! My stand’s name represents temperature, masturbation, and wind! Its power is controlling air currents and temperature! And if cold air meets with hot air…

(Parts of Polnareff’s chest explode)


Dude: Hahahaha! You’re gonna die now, Polnareff! Lord DIO is gonna pay me a boatload of money!

Polnareff: AVDOL! GIGI! JOTARO! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

(Jotaro comes out of the alleyway where the dude originally was)

Jotaro: やれやれだぜ… Polnareff, stop leaving hotels by yourself. And you, stand man. You’re a fucking dumbass. You had an impressive setup where you used the hotel’s vents to spew cold air. But Kakyoin and I found your stand in the vents and punched it to pieces. That’s why you’re bleeding from every orifice.

Dude, whose name is actually Just N. Bebir: SHIT! Don’t hurt me! I’ll tell you everything you need to know! Except info on Lord DIO’s stand!

Jotaro: Yair Yair Day’s… you really are despicable.

(Just N. gets ORA ORA’d for a while)

Commentator: Just N. Bebir, controller of the stand  「THE WIND」, has retired!

Jotaro: Polnareff, those wounds weren’t even fatal. They barely scratched your skin, even though it had to be censored in the anime version.

Polnareff, lying through his teeth: I’m so sorry, Jotaro! I’ll never run off alone again!

Iggy: *bark*

season 3 of skam was the most authentic, well-written piece of media i’ve seen probably ever. experiencing it in real time was like reading your favourite book, one you didn’t want to put down the first time you read; one you’ve re-read countless times and dog-eared, highlited, and scribbled in so much it’s almost intelligible. 

season 3 taught me what it was like to see myself in someone else’s eyes through mainstream television. being gay is one of the hardest struggles i’ve ever faced, doubled with the burden of being trans. whilst season 3 doesn’t necessarily touch basis on the aforementioned, it sheds light on the lgbtq+ community as a whole, something we can all take from, straight or queer.

being pansexual and seeing straight cis boys discussing my sexuality like it’s not some made up, tumblr bullshit thing is so rewarding. hearing about bipolar disorder and how ugly it can be, how love doesn’t save you but the promise of a future certainly will is so rewarding. how depression isn’t fun or pretty and often leaves a sour taste in your mouth, something your lover will never rescue you from is so rewarding. seeing that, so raw and tender laid out in front of me, is something i’ll never forget, near into the future. mania is scary. mania is awful and ugly and pulses through your veins and bruises your skin. mania is manageable, though, and i never thought i’d see such split open love for queer, mentally ill people.

season 3 of skam was a ride. one that made my stomach sink and my heart twist and bend. one i didn’t want to get off of. the acting was the most phenomenal display of tangible emotion, and i quickly got addicted and sucked into it. 

isak valtersen is one of the most developed characters i’ve had the pleasure of seeing. he’s flawed and ripped at the edges, but he’s also kind and caring and loyal. watching him go from a snotty, slightly misogynistic 15 year old boy blinded by love for his best friend to an out 17 year old living with his boyfriend and tackling the future for himself, his partner, and his friends was a wonderful experience.

gullruten or not, tarjei sandvik moe and his character isak valtersen are everything in my eyes.

The Roommate - BTS - Jimin (Smut/ Fluff) (M)

Summary: Anon – “Hello! Can I request a Jimin smut where you both are roomates and he has the biggest crush on you (who are the innocent type) and one day he accidentally walks in on you naked? And you are embarassed bc no one has ever see you naked? And with dirty talk about how much he wanted you. Btw, I read you Yoongi smut, and if you had not said that it was your first smut I wouldn’t have believed it. I really liked it.”

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 2,647

Genre: Smut/ Fluff

Warning: Contains dirty talk, swearing, supa-sexual content. Basically, tis smut. Yup.

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Ashes Pt. 7 [M]

Genre: Angst, Smut, Vampire!AU

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Length: 5.6k

Warnings: Depictions of violence and gore

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Final

“I don’t want to go downstairs. I don’t want to be social. I just want to lay here with you.” You whined as Hoseok started to straighten himself up. As he shifted you noticed the glint of something gold hanging from his neck.

You sat up, reaching for this neck and he looked at you in confusion. You took the pendant in your hand and thumbed your fingers around the edges. It was a golden sun. And you wondered how you had never seen it before. Even though you weren’t looking at him, you could feel Hoseok smiling at you, waiting for you to ask him about it.

“I never thought you would be a gold person.” You quipped as you set the pendant against his chest. You always thought gold was tacky, but somehow you didn’t mind the color when it was resting against Hoseok’s skin.

“Well, I can’t exactly wear silver.” he chuckled. “I’m not a masochist.”

You dropped your gaze, “Oh yeah, I forgot about that.”

Hoseok reached around his neck, pulling the chain off his body. “I want you to wear it.” He told you as he placed it around you. Your fingers clasping onto to it tight, “I hope it brings you luck.”

“I think we should get married” you spat out before you could stop yourself. Your cheeks getting as hot as a vampire’s cheeks could.

He sighed, running a finger along your collarbone, “We can’t legally get married, Y/N.”

You shook your head, “I don’t care. We’ll make Yoongi be the minister or whatever they’re called.”

“I would rather go back to hell.” You heard him shout from the house. You had forgotten that he had left the door open, leaving your conversation open to the public. “And if you two don’t get down here I’m going to drag you both out by your teeth.”

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Some Things Change. (Theo Raeken Imagine)

This is part two of Why Do You Keep Apologizing!

Okay, this is really long… I’m so sorry!

Requests are Open! (Just bear with me)

I hope you enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Habits change. 

It was the small things you noticed about Theo. His constant day dreaming and fear stricken expression he wore every time he was brought out of his day dream. His constant bickering with Scott and Stiles in the hallways and in classes. His negativity was not a result of his overly sarcastic personality, but because of the darkness in his heart.

But nevertheless, Theo did find himself attached to you. Whether he’d agree to it or not. He was protective. He did not want the one good thing in his life to be taken away, too. He’d constantly look for you whenever you two were separated.

In History, the one class he had with Scott and Stiles but not with you, he and Scott smelt the smoke before the fire alarms even went off. He immediately shot up from his chair, knowing that the smoke burned your lungs almost as bad as cursing molted your wings, and ran to the door, but got called back by the teacher. “You have to stay with the class, Mr. Raeken.” Theo huffed and rolled his shoulders back. 

As the class evacuated, he attempted to catch your scent but couldn’t with the smoke polluting the air. Theo grabbed Scott’s shoulder, making the alpha and his best friend turn to glare at the chimera. “What, Theo?” Scott snapped. 

“Look, I don’t care if I hate you or if you hate me. But (Y/N). She… she can’t breath in the smoke. I can’t catch her scent. Please, Scott.” Theo practically begged. Although Stiles had said hell to the no, Scott agreed not wanting an innocent life to be lost.

The two snuck back into the school and attempted to search for you. Eventually they found you in the cafeteria, the source of the fire, he figured that you were helping the lunch ladies evacuate, forgetting that you would suffocate in the smoke. “God, you’re such an angel… It’s literally going to kill you, (Y/N).” Theo whispered as he scooped up your small body and brought you outside.

As he passed the two outside, he nodded and muttered a “thank you.” He figured that you, being supernatural, might not want to be sent to the hospital so instead he kept you hidden in his truck until you regained consciousness. He watched as you slept, your head slumped to the side, resting on the window. “You’re beautiful.” He whispered, brushing a stray strand of hair out of your face. 

And that’s when he knew that there was a slight possibility that he might actually have fallen for an angel. 

People change. 

You have been driving on a long road to get to the this stop, but it was worth it. You found it hard to show Theo the “right path” for he was so consumed by the darkness of his past. But it wasn’t impossible to get him to face the right direction, towards the light.

“If you’re an angel, you’re going to help that kid if I trip him, right?” Theo pondered, nodding over to Mason and Corey, who were both walking your way.

You tilted your head and began to protest, “please, don’t-” but it was too late, Theo stuck his leg out, tripping Mason.

You sprung into action, reaching out and getting a grip on the teen before he could completely fall on the floor. “Thanks.” He muttered, dusting himself off before taking Mason’s hand and walking off.

“That was graceful.” Theo complimented, a smirk forming on his face.

“And that was rude. You should apologize.” You said, crossing your arms. The two of you stared at each other for a few moments, wordlessly fighting for dominance. You ultimately losing to his stubbornness.

But as weeks flew by, Theo showed less aggression and plain out rudeness.

The two of you were leaned up against the lockers. His words were no longer snarky and challenging. Instead he spoke as though the two of you have been friends for ages.

His arms were crossed as his left shoulder leaned into his locker, his eyebrows raising at something you said about your older sister loving a human.

“Is it bad for an angel to love a non-angel?” He inquired, genuinely curious, wanting to know if his bubbling feelings could ever be reciprocated.

You shrugged, feeling your wings rub against your denim jacket. “It’s not bad, exactly. More like frowned upon. We’d have to give up our wings to be with them. It’s seen as turning your back against your family and God.”

“Good thing I’m an atheist.” Theo joked. His foot was slightly out, causing Liam, who was rushing past to meet with Hayden, to trip over. But Theo acted quickly, reaching over and balancing the beta. “Sorry, man. Didn’t mean it. Honest.” You smiled at his improvement. Maybe you were rubbing off on him after all.

Theo’s fingers interlocked with yours, tugging you towards your next period. You knew it was a friendly gesture but you couldn’t help the heat rising to your face. “C’mon, (Y/N). Angels don’t skip class.” And then you felt your heart beat faster and the blush on your cheeks intensifying 

Feelings change. 

“My sister gave up her wings.” You informed Theo. He raised his eyebrows in surprise. You shared that your sister fell in love with a human but he never knew just how extreme she’d got be with him. 

He carried your books as the two of you walked side by side. To those passing by, you two looked more like a couple than an angel and her ward. “Would you ever do it?” He asked. You glanced over to him. “Give up your wings?” 

You shook your head. “Never. I love being an angel.” 

“Even if you truly loved a non-angel?” He questioned, his brows furrowing. 

“Angels aren’t selfish. We don’t give up our wings because of our own selfish interests. We shouldn’t want both.” You explained. 

“It’s okay to want something for yourself.” He muttered, feeling his heart break a bit as he shoved your books into your hands and walked off. You being left shaken and confused.

But he didn’t know that in your mind, you’ve considered it. You’ve considered the possibility of your wings leaving you, unburdening you. You’ve considered being with Theo, not because you have to but because you’d love to. In the months you’ve spent with each other, you knew one thing for certain. You love Theo Raeken.

You confided in your mother about your conflicted feelings. “I apologize if I disappoint you, mother. I just… I love him… I really do. And I know (Y/S/N) has disappointed you enough, but-”

“Beacon Hills has really taught my girls to bloom. You both found love here. I’d hate for our family and our values to get in the way of that. But (Y/N), love comes with a price. I think you know that. But when that love is as true as can be, a part of your past life as an angel shall remain with you.“ She smiled. You nodded. “So be free my little angel. Fly to where your heart leads you.” 

And that’s exactly what you did. 

“Theo!” You called out, knowing that he’d be in a clearing, past the bridge where they found his sister. You flied past the trees but not too high where you’d get caught. You enjoyed your last flight as an angel, but something told you it wasn’t your last. 

“What are you doing here?” He questioned, his guard up high like it once was. 

“I love you.” You confessed. “I love you, Theo Raeken.” 

“Finally…” Theo muttered as he pulled you close and into a kiss. “I love you, too…”

Some Things Change.” You sighed. “And whether it’s good or bad, I’ll accept change if it means I can be with you.” 

And then you felt your wings sink into your skin. It wasn’t painful, though it was a weird sensation. Your wings had engraved themselves as tattoos of angel wings, covering your shoulder blades and all of your back. You felt as if it wasn’t the last time you’d see those wings because although they were physically gone, you knew you would soar in the sky once more. You knew you didn’t completely give up being an angel just yet.

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(Oh and this is what I was attempting to describe but they aren’t the same wings.)

  • Chiaki: reblog this if you would date a robot. I'm not a robot, I'm just asking for a friend. I have skin.
  • Nagito: is it your skin though? As in, it grew on your body since birth?
  • Chiaki: This skin was grown yes. On a human body. Which is mine. I'm not a robot.
  • Nagito: Alright, I'll believe you. If you can tell me what this says (Shows her a captcha code)
  • Chiaki: I don't need to prove myself to you, how dare you. I love breathing oxygen.
A face so pure and sweet - a glamour spell

This is a mask that my sister gave me the recipe for, she’s in school to become a skin care specialist. I told her I needed a mask to shrink my pores and get rid of my black heads and she sent me this. It’s all natural which is why I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make it into a spell.

Things you‘ll need:

Raw virgin coconut oil (make sure it’s non-gmo)

Raw honey


A lemon

A bowl & a spoon

What to do:

  1. Put 2 tbs. of coconut oil, 1 tbs. of honey, 1 tsp. of lemon juice, and ½ a teaspoon of turmeric into a bowl and mix.
  2. Charge with intent
  3. Apply to face (it gets kind of runny)
  4. Wait 10 minutes or more before washing off

I took a ritual bath with a bath bomb I made and put a spoonful of this into the water. The bath bomb had purification powder in it, and this mask’s ingredients are heavy with purifying properties. My skin feels amazing and I smell pretty amazing also. I don’t know where she got the recipe from, so I’m not claiming to have made it up on my own. I may put instructions for the ritual bath!

I suggest storing it somewhere cool, so the coconut oil stays solid.

I charged the mask with the intent of purification and to draw in a lover (the honey).

This is also a super low-key spell for witches who are in the broom closet.

*EDIT* Lemon is a natural toner / astringent, and it also lightens skin. So if you are darker complected and don’t want your skin to lighten. (though I don’t think that would happen with this) Replace the lemon with something that would appeal more to your skin tone! :)
Undo (2)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10
Epilogue | Epilogue: We Meet Again

Description: You’re wandering aimlessly when you meet him: the tall man who looks like an angel, the bright red hair on top of his head resembling fire. This angel boy tries to help you, but you soon find out more about him that turns your world upside down.

Warnings: age gap, mentions of death, sexual themes

Word Count: 2,114

Pairing: Park Chanyeol x Reader

Author: Admin Xiufairy :D (thank you for such an awesome reaction for part one omg)

That night, it was like your whole world crashed down on you. Memories of the past - the correct past - flashed in and out of your mind, you couldn’t single in on one but you definitely saw a lot of Chanyeol. You heard so many angry voices and crying; you simply couldn’t stand it.

But when Chanyeol put his hand on your shoulder again, everything went away. You attempted to control your breathing, but how could you with all this information being stacked on you at once?

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This has been in the works for months and months. I simply haven’t had the inspiration nor the time to write honestly. It’s not my best writing, but I tried to get myself back into things. I’ve missed writing and you guys

Warning: SMUT

Length: 7,000+ words

               It wasn’t supposed to be like this. He wasn’t supposed to be like this. Those sweet lips of his shouldn’t have been so bitter. Those eyes weren’t supposed to be so dark.

               To be fair, tonight was the one night that everyone could be whoever they wanted to. You had just fallen for his innocent ploy. How were you supposed to know those wings of his were real?

               It was Halloween. The sky was blackened and overcast, consuming the moon’s light. Careful of the brisk cold, you chose a costume that allowed for you to cover up well. Your long white dress dragged against the concrete even though you were wearing high heels. Your friend pulled you along, rushing you as if you were terribly late. There was still plenty of time though. You had all night.

               Someone had rented a club to throw a party. You had no idea who, but apparently they were a friend of a friend and that meant that you had somehow received a gorgeous black invitation with loopy orange lettering. Not one to refuse an opportunity to be someone else for a few hours, you graciously accepted and now you were trying to navigate through the gray fog covering the venue’s floor without stepping on anyone’s feet.

               There were more people here than you had expected and though you had entered holding your friend’s hand, she was suddenly nowhere to be found. The sea of masks made it near impossible to search for her. However, you weren’t too concerned. You would end up crossing paths again at some point.

               You decided to hold the hem of your gown as you strolled to make sure you didn’t trip as the ground was virtually undetectable under the man-made smoke. Hoisting yourself up onto a stool by the bar, you got your bearing as you sat and observed. The club was eerily beautiful with glass chandeliers casting a blue tinted glow on the shimmering onyx walls and floors.

               A tap on your shoulder startled you out of your awe. Spinning in your seat, you came face to face with the bartender. He wore a cape and fake elongated canine teeth for a vampire feel. He wanted to know if you wanted a drink.

               The corners of your lips upturned. In fact, you did. “Could you make something that goes with my costume?” you asked playfully.

               He smiled at your request but his white contact lenses made the expression seem sinister. “Anything for an angel,” he replied flirtily.

               You were grateful that he could tell your intended guise as you weren’t wearing fake wings. But to be fair, you had your back to him earlier, so maybe he has caught sight of the huge black wings tattooed on your skin. Though your white dress had long sleeves and was floor length, it was also totally backless. It exposed your ink well. If your gold halo didn’t give away what you were attempting, a good look at your back would.

               The bartender came back with something bubbling in a wine glass with flecks of gold leaf floating the in honey-colored liquid.

               “What is it?” you inquired as you handed the handsome blood sucker a bill.

               “Unicorn blood,” he answered with a wink.

               You appreciated his cleverness in the choice. Wiggling your fingers in farewell, you stood to leave.

               “Come back for some Hell Fire,” he called after you. You nodded without looking back and made no promises.

               Taking a sip from your glass, you were pleasantly surprised by the taste of passion fruit mixed with champagne. The sweetness cut the bitterness and the carbonation lightened the thickness of the juice. You really were going to have to return for that Hell Fire if it was anything like this.

               A firm hand gripped your elbow and you whipped around so fast that you almost spilled your cocktail. It was your friend, looking sexier than before in her police woman outfit now that she was sweating a little. She had found the dance floor without you and had even found herself a Joker to sway with. Kindly, he accepted you as an adoption to their duo and you danced with your friend as she danced with the both of you.

               Draining your Unicorn’s blood after a few songs, you decided to leave your friend to her criminal and sought out the bar again. There was a line this time and you secured yourself a small section of counter to lean against as you waited. You draped your hair to one side as you could feel the alcohol and dancing warm you from the inside. Not wanting your makeup to melt just yet, you fanned yourself with your hands. The gold bangles that adorned your wrists tinkled musically loud enough to catch the bartender’s attention. He flashed his fangs at you teasingly as he mixed a margarita.

               You were mid-chuckle when you felt a chill crawl up your spine. Goose bumps erupted on your arms and you searched for the cause. Eyes darting around, you caught sight of a tall man dressed in all black staring at you from across the room. He stood completely still even as you locked eyes. You couldn’t read his expression as an elegant mask made of lace obscured half of his face. The fabric was a stunning shade of crimson, which was at complete odds with his charcoal suit. But it did have the benefit of drawing your interest straight to his eyes, which were piercing.

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The heat in my chest travels through my veins
to the skin on my fingertips,
deep in my body the fire you lit
heats me up and burns on my lips.
At the same time you feel distant and cold,
even though your skin feels warm.
Your presence often seems frozen like ice
and your words like a winter storm.
I want to touch you so, so bad,
and I want you to touch me.
But the problem with that is simple,
if you think about it you’ll see;
what happens when fire and frost collide?
There would be nothing left to be felt.
Either the freezing cold kills the flame,
or the heat makes all the ice melt.

Whatever happens we become nothing.


Beginners Luck (Part Two)

Title: Beginners Luck (Part Two)

Read Beginners Luck Part One here: xxxxx

Paring: Jared x Reader

Word Count: 2,640

Warning: This is the fluffiest, sweetest, most gentle fluff I have ever written

Request by @sharonisantisocial: Hi! So I just read all your Jared Imagines and gosh they are so cute! Beginners luck is amazing and I was wondering it there is gonna be a second part to this? I’d love to read something about their first time, like, with the reader being just as dorky and cute as on their first date :)

A/N: Hope you like it!! I totally think Jared would be this tender. Enjoy!!!

Originally posted by wayward--winchesterss

“Hey, um, Jared cou- could I talk to you for a minute?” Jared finished putting away the food from dinner and came and sat by you on the couch.

“Yeah Y/N, what’s up?”

“So I,” you took a deep breath and closed your eyes, “I want to have sex.” When you didn’t get an immediate response you slowly opened your eyes to find Jared studying your face. “Oh god you don’t want to! Oh my god I’m such an idiot! Just, pretend I never said anything.” Just as your head fell into your hands Jared was pulling you into his arms and kissing the top of your head.

“Hey, hey, that’s not it at all! I just wasn’t expecting it, you caught me a little off guard. Of course I want to sleep with you! I’ve wanted to since the first night I met-,” now it was Jared’s turn to be embarrassed, “oh shit now I sound horrible. That’s not what I meant! I just meant, shit I am so sorry Y/N!”

Pulling back from his embrace he started laughing when he saw you were too. “Looks like I’m not the only nervous one here huh?”

Jared gave you a soft kiss before his eyes found yours. “Y/N, I just want to know. Are you doing this because you think I want to? Because if you are then we have to wait. That’s not at all how this should be happening.”

“No, I’ve been thinking about it for a while actually. We’ve been together for over a year now. You’ve been so kind and sweet to take this at a glacial pace with me.” Jared started to get that worried look again. “Oh no! Don’t think this is me trying to reward you are anything! I just, you’re such a good guy. You’re sweet, and gentle, and kind, and I know you won’t hurt me. I’m ready.”

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Youngjae’s acting has been on point lately.. (For a moment I almost believed his face of “This was totally the first time Jackson Hyung kissed me~”) ..Yes of course darling. Of course.

Just Breathe (Markiplier x Reader) One-Shot

Originally posted by crxnkiplier

Requested by an anon: Maybe a story about mark comforting reader after an Anxiety attack?

Requests are still open.

Warnings: Mentions of an Anxiety Attack.


~ ~ ~ 

Mark will forever be thankful for late night convenience stores. Especially since there is hardly any traffic at such hours, to come and go is always as easy as counting to three. It was a quick run, he merely needed to pick up some more drinks and candy for movie night while you make the popcorn at home- you two had an old fashioned popcorn machine, with a cute little crank even! So thankfully for him, it will still be in all of its hot and buttery goodness by the time he gets home.

     And Mark finds himself doing just that right now, his silver sedan pulling into the driveway. He grabs the bag and walks up to the door and despite his hands being full, Mark rings the doorbell and waits patiently. He rocks on the balls of his feet, the chill Los Angeles breeze causes goosebumps to rise on his tan skin. Yet, Mark waits for at least another minute before shrugging, thinking you didn’t hear the bell, and setting a bag on the porch to get his keys. Once in hand, he unlocks and opens the door making sure to grab the bag again before walking into your shared house. “Home,” Mark calls out, his eyes roaming the area in search for your familiar smiling form.

     But he’s only greeted by silence. His chest tightens as worry begins to wash over him, “___? Where are you?” A fast pounding of paws head toward him, Mark sighs but smiles all the same, “Hey Chica.” She barks and bounces a bit further in front of him, her tail frantically waving, looking antsy and unable to stand still. Confused, Mark moves to calm her but she only moves further away all while continuing to bark. He thinks before asking her, “Want me to follow you, Chica?” As if she understood him, she barks in response as she darts towards the hall bathroom. His dark brown brows furrow and Mark follows his golden dog down the hall.

     She stops in front of the door, whines and lies down, her big brown eyes looking up at him like a desperate plea. Confusion still clouds his mind until he hears it. He freezes and holds a hand out to Chica as if to tell her to stay quiet, Mark listens closely and his heart breaks at the realization.   

     You’re crying.

     He sets the bag on the floor and walks up to the door, hearing your broken sobs and raises a hand to knock gingerly on the wooden surface. Not hearing a response, he figures your mind is far too distracted to pay mind to his knocking, a heavy weight hits his chest as his fingers wrap around the doorknob in a futile attempt to see if you had left it unlocked. And much to his surprise, you had.

     While he wishes he could relish in this tiny victory, there’s no time to as he slowly opens the door to the bathroom. It isn’t long until Mark watches your curled up frame shaking, sobbing and breathing rapidly in the corner; your hand holds the wrist of the other which can’t seem to stop twitching. You’re having a panic attack. Sadly, he knows these signs well but he also knows that you’re coming down from one- a bad one at that. Cautiously, Mark moves towards you and kneels beside you- not wanting to startle you- he calls your name gently; both to let you know he’s here as well as to get your attention without touching and possibly scaring you.

     His words cut through the clouds in your mind, instantly, you freeze up. How much time has passed since he left? How long has he been here? Seeing you like this, a mess, a sobbing lunatic that started freaking out over nothing. God, he deserves better than this. Better than you. Better than someone who can’t stop crying and shaking in his hall bathroom after making popcorn. You don’t even know what happened, it just… Came over you. A tightness in the chest, tiny bouts of twitching from your fingers and a sudden panic flooding your mind and ridding it of all other senses. Yet, heightened them all to an overwhelming point that it stole your attention and breath.

     In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. In. In. In. Dammit, why couldn’t you breathe?! Your breath escaped you and you had rushed to the bathroom, trying to cool yourself off by splashing water on your skin. Temporarily, it worked, though the adrenaline still pulsed through your veins which only left you exhausted and miserable. You managed to sink into the corner you find yourself in currently; only now, he’s also here. You wish Mark wasn’t here right now, he wasn’t supposed to see… this.  

     Your doe eyes shift towards his own and he watches as more tears threaten to fall while worry and panic swirl about in your pools. The corners of his lips turning down as his brows knit together, in a strong and steady voice he asks, “What happened?”

     Stands of hair fall in your face as you look down again, curling deeper into yourself, you answer him with a hoarse voice- throat sore from sobbing, “I… I don’t know- it just- I was just making- I… I don’t know, I’m sorry… “

     Mark sighs, “Don’t apologize,” he bites his lip and studies the situation before leaning against the wall beside you. “C’mere,” his arms open and while tentative at first, you eventually give in and hug his torso tightly as if it’s the only thing grounding you to reality.

     His deep voice supplies sweet words of reassurance as he rubs your back soothingly. The rhythmic beating of his heart and aforementioned voice soon enough calm you to the point where they manage to lull you to sleep, the exhaustion finally catching up to you. Mark feels the tension leave your body and listens to the gentle pattern of your breathing, a small smile works its way onto his lips, glad to see you relaxed again. Deciding to stay like this for a bit longer, he quietly sings a slow and mellow lullaby to help keep your sleeping mind at ease.

        You always seemed to love his voice; whenever you would be in his arms and he would just talk to you, you found solace it in. A little piece of heaven on Earth if you will. It never went unnoticed to Mark, and though it may not be the brightest idea, the thought of maybe making you a playlist of him singing soft songs like how he is right now, could be a good one.

     Though, a light chuckle escapes him. 

    Does he dare put an original, super cool and super amazing rap on it too?

Like Limbs and Hearts, Entwined (Part 2)

Summary:  When the woven birch crown appears in the Sacred Grove, the village elders know that The God of Field and Forest, The Lord of the Ancient Wood, has decided to take a Bride.  The most beautiful girl in the village, chosen by him and blessed with his grace, is to perform the marriage rites on the First Summer Moon, thus ensuring a bountiful harvest and continued prosperity for the community…  And you are so very certain and so very thankful that it could never be you!

Warnings: SNEK, future smut

A/N: big thanks to @abovethesmokestacks for giving me so many ideas and letting me babble at her about things


Soon after the ground began to thaw from the last snow, it was time to work on the season’s planting.  One cloudless early morning, your father set out on his daily chore of checking the traps he’d placed in the woods while you went about preparing the garden.  It was not a particularly easy task, but you had never shied away from hard work.  In fact, you were quite fond of this day of the year.  There was something about working the damp earth after a long cold winter, the promise of future harvest, the pride in a job well done.  It made the sweat and mucked up skirts and exhaustion at the end of the day worthwhile.

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Chaos in the Pantheon (Part 2)

((A/N: So sorry about the wait!!! It’s been chaos here as well. I’ve really loved writing this, and now with a full outline I can get the other requests done as well along with Chaos. It’s really starting to flesh out now, so I’m excited. Thanks for everyone who’s been so supportive!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes (Ares) x Reader, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy (side characters)

Word Count: 2.7k

Warnings: So much language.

Catch Up: Part 1 ))

“She’s beautiful…” A voice, a masculine voice, cooed out above you.

“Pietro, don’t. We’re in enough trouble with the Pantheon as it is.” Another voice, a different male voice who was strong yet somehow… soft, rang forth.

The first man scoffed, “I am offended, Sam, that you think that. I’m just pointing out he has good taste. Not a big fan of the mortals, you know. He made an exception for her.”

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a soulmate au where reader writes on their arm and it goes on their soulmates arm - with pre curse prince Adam and then the curse strikes and Adam can't read the messages anymore because he's a beast but they eventually find each other or something like that?

I love this idea!! Thank you so much for requesting it, nonnie! Because I adore it so much and had such a cute AU for this, I decided this is going to be two parts, one focusing on Adam as a young boy, and the other on Reader as a young woman! Oh! And since it’s an AU, Belle won’t be the one to break the curse- obvi. Enjoy!

Word Count: 1026


Adam doodled on his skin with his quill, not bothering to focus on his lessons and wanting someone to talk to. It was common knowledge that you could communicate with your destined one through your skin, though it seemed pointless to most since the masses were illiterate. 

“Can you read?”

He stared at his arm, hoping whoever was on the other end would reply, and soon, he was dreadfully bored. 

“Yes little” was a messy response appearing on his wrist.

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Love you but I’m leaving

Part 1

Michael Gray x reader

Request: A micheal gray x reader where he absolutely adores her (his wife) but polly doesn’t like her and tries to break them up until she realises how happy the reader makes michael?xx

Note: I got so carried away it will be in two parts now!! 

You are woken up by the sun burning through your window creating a frame of light over your fiance. His strong jaw line clenched and unclenched as he dreamed. You traced his chest with your fingers, his soft skin comforting to touch. You watched him as his eyes flickered open adjusting to his settings, smiling when he saw you staring at him.

“What are you looking at?” he smirked, pulling you closer and turning around to face you. You leaned forward pushing your lips against his as he ran his hands down your back and through your hair. You pulled away slightly as your face rested into a more serious expression.

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anonymous asked:

For Shiro prompts: Uliro & some sort of culture shock scenario!

I went more for culture confusion haha. BUT THANK YOU I WANTED A ULIRO PROMPT. 

The lake shimmered, speckles of light catching and twisting in the air. It was an alarming shade of pink, but the rest of the Paladins had stumbled into the waters without a care. Well, Keith hadn’t, but Hunk had just picked him up and carried him into the water anyway. The furious howl turned to snickering giggles as the four Paladins tackled and subsequently tried to drown each other in the lake.

Shiro eyed them all for a moment before rolling over onto his stomach, squirming happily as the sun sizzled down his spine. The breeze was heavy enough to maintain a relatively cool temperature. The umbrella beside him shaded the soles of his feet; his metal arm was tucked under a cool towel, hidden from the prickling rays of the sun. Shiro yawned, closing his eyes. Beyond, he could make out the quiet chatter of Allura and Coran, the shriek as Pidge was hefted up and likely thrown into the lake, Lance’s proclamation that no one could dunk him, and Hunk and Keith’s rebuttal that he was going down.

It was – nice.

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anonymous asked:

I need some advice. My gf desperately wants me to cosplay lance with her, (klance it up man) BUT I'm as white as paper. I've tried to argue with her about it but she insists its fine. I mean I can get tan but not tan enough, yknow? I just don't want to upset someone with my pasty ass cosplaying our bootiful brown boy. Do you have any tips on how to go about cosplaying him, or to be able to get up the courage to not disappoint the fandom? Thank you and ily aaahh qvq

I’m pale as hell and I cosplay him!      I just say go for it!  don’t alter your skin for cosplay though.  If you happen to get tan (because hey man its basically summer now and you can’t help it if you go outside on a sunny day) then that’s fine, but I wouldn’t do its specifically for cosplay. and absolutely do not use makeup to make your skin darker! that ain’t cool. 

honestly, don’t pay attention to the fandom.  do this for yourself. This fandom is really toxic and you shouldn’t look for its approval.   If you love lance then go ahead and cosplay him, show your love for him! because he’s a great character and cosplay is literally for being able to have fun and dress up like your favorite characters, it shouldn’t matter what other people think.