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I threw myself at her feet and begged her to yield to my desires at once; but she ordered me to hold fire until we were in bed.

“I do not want” she said laughing “to have to worry that your quintessence will fall on the rug. You shall see!“

—  from Giacomo Casanova’s (1725-1798) memoir ; he is recounting a particularly passionate and amorous time with a nun (he loved nuns). ‘Quintessence,’ in this context, means exactly what you think it means.

dysgeusiarecords  asked:

Whats the wisest line you've ever heard in a martial arts film off the top of your head sir?

For wisdom and meaningful content you came to the wrong place my friend. I’m all about bloodshed and vengeance…So one of my favorite quotes is from Shogun Assassin:

‘They will pay… with rivers of blood!’


@linmanuel This is a bit late but I had to find a second to draw up something for my golden boy’s b-day.(1/16/17)
Keep on keeping on Lin, you’ve inspired so much passion in me that I didn’t even knew I had and took me out of a bad apathetic nothing motivated me rut. You were there when I needed this most and you deserve only the best ahead of you, onto your next year sir, keep up the amazing work!


i knew it was jungkook before he bent down

  • The World Was Wide Enough Monologue
  • Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

The World Was Wide Enough Monologues, with other songs from the show mixed in (song order under the cut)

Use headphones

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someone suggested smooches and another cuddles sooooo

friend: *can’t find me in a crowd*

friend: shit we lost her again


me: *screams, knocks over several people, jumps up and down on the ground* SOUTHERN MOTHERFUCKING DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS

George Washington is going home

Happy birthday to America’s first president! And Christopher Jackson puts up such an amazing performance day after day, he really brought him to life for me. So this is only fitting :)

Enjoy! And thanks @makingyourmascarableed for the wonderful idea!

National Library of Ireland on The Commons


The banner was intended to celebrate the marriage of Sir William Henry Mahon (Baronet) to Edith Augusta Dillon (daughter of Lord Clonbrock and Lady Augusta Crofton/Dillon). 

Date: 25 January 1905