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Taller Than You

Request: I love Dan Howell so much so could you please do an imagine where he is taller than you and when you are cuddling he starts to joke about it but then see’s you getting upset and in the end just cuddles you even more? Could the reader also be 5ft 3 as that’s my height please? By the way I love your imagines and along with the other girl on here would love you to start a dan and Phil series!❤❤

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Aweh! Thank you! And I will definitely try.

Pairing: Dan x Reader

Warning: none. teasing?

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“You’re so short.” Dan commented and you had to resist the urge to roll your eyes. Sighing, you shifted your body so you were slightly away from Dan. All he or anyone else ever did was comment on your shortness. Honestly now it was just annoying. At first it had been fine, you’d never been ashamed of your height and thought it made you cute, but now after that being all you hear, you hated it. You were 5′3, you were shorter than all your friends and family. It sucked.

It was hard enough being the girlfriend of like one of the tallest guys ever and always feeling so childish next to prettier, thinner, taller girls. But when Dan himself commented on it, it hurt.

“Y/N?” He questioned, making you turn your head towards him. He bobbed you on the nose. “how are you so short?” You sighed, even more annoyed. You turned away from him, crossing your arms and shifting out of his arms. he immediately reacted, sitting up to stare at you in concern. 

“Everything okay?” He asked, already kind of knowing the issue.

“Fine.” You said, voice cold. His arms wound around you again and you tried to push him away but he only tightened his grip. Pressing you against his chest, he snuggled up to you and pressed a kiss against your forehead.

“You know I love your shortness.”

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Out of all the Shakespeare tragedies, why did you specifically choose Lear, R and J, Macbeth, and Caesar for your book?

The short answer is because the themes of those four plays were the most relevant to the story I was telling. (Hamlet is more about insular family drama–and also just dreadfully overdone, nobody needs another book about Hamlet; Antony and Cleopatra is more about politics and the crises of middle age; Othello is more about race and marriage; Timon of Athens is more about greed–and also just not that great a play; Troilus and Cressida is more about war; etc., and a lot of that didn’t really apply to the group of people I was writing about.) But it’s sort of a chicken-or-the-egg question, because a lot of the story came from the themes of the four plays featured in the book: ambition, envy, guilt, fear, love against all odds. Ultimately it was partly a question of thematic relevance and partly just a question which plays I as a writer was most passionate about.

Mind Games pt.6

Requested by me: You thought your life was cut short but two pretty little clowns come to your rescue

Pairing: The Joker x Reader x Harley (poly)

A/N - Its that rare time of the month where I actually post something instead of hiding behind the draft option on Wattpad. This is super short compared to the other parts but I wanted to get something out there. The entire thing is trash. As always I appreciate feedback 💕

⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ - Drowning and sexual references. Tis all

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

The was a distant light that was oddly blinding. My body felt light but as my lungs filled with oxygen I suddenly felt myself again. The light was closer now and I blinked myself back into reality. J looked down on me, his arms wrapped firmly around my smaller frame. There was a weird ringing in my ear and my head hurt like hell. As did my lungs; They were burning. It was more intense than the burning on my skin. I stared at J, his blue eyes entrancing. I was alive? He connected our lips, they felt slimy amongst the liquid but I still reached up to pull him closer in an attempt to intensify the kiss. The man pulled back.

“You really are useless.” I hurt too much to speak but he laughed. A loud, long, signature laugh. I looked away. Noticing Harley. Why were they here? I squirmed as best I could to remove myself from his grip. Wincing as I attempted to ignoring the pain. But as he finally let go, I realised I couldn’t support my weight. I went under. The liquid once again cutting of my airways. How come those two could stay afloat? Harley came to my rescue this time. I coughed as I was pulled back to the surface. My body trying to take in as much oxygen as possible.

“Thanks.” I uttered softly and Harley smiled. She pulled me to the edge, I assume so I could support myself. I placed an arm over the side of the metal vat, looking over at the Joker. He didn’t seem amused.

“Still can’t do anything by yourself, heck I had to jump in here to stop you from dying.”

“I…I didn’t,” my head shook, as I tried to catch my breath. My voice croaking. “Ask for that.”

“So you would have preferred to drown then? go ahead. I don’t care.”

I sighed. “If you didn’t care, why did you jump in after me?”

The Joker didn’t respond, instead he made his way to the metal stairs and climbed out.

“Don’t die on me now Y/N.” Harley commented. Following after Joker. I remained in the chemicals. The burning had mostly stopped, at least on the outside. I slowly pulled myself around the edge. Thinking about all that had just happened. I blacked out, probably from the lack of oxygen. I didn’t think he’d save me though and I’m not sure I actually wanted him to. Everything would have been easier if I had been left to drown. It was hurting my head to think. Made me wonder if this was why the others acted before thinking or was this pain temporary? I climbed out. Looking over my now - wait- I was naked? The chemicals burnt my clothes, leaving threads of fabric draped over my limbs. I glanced at Harley and the Joker. I was blushing slightly; I don’t know why. It wasn’t like I hadn’t seen them naked before.

“Probably should have told you to bring a change of clothes, sorry Puddin. You look good though.”

Harley smirked, she’d somehow remembered her own change of clothes. I watched them both get ready. Taking in each and every tattoo that decorated their perfectly pale skin. Now fully clothed, the man walked over to me. He had a shirt in his hand. I shivered in the cold, hoping he was going to be nice and give me the item. Instead, he tossed it to Harley. I watched it go, frowning. He circled me, his eyes descending over my bare skin. It was more intimidating than anything.

“Good is an understatement. I’d say…exquisite.” He inched closer, his hands sliding down to my hips and slipping around to my ass. He gently squeezed, pulling me as close as possible. I placed my hands on his pecks. Harley pressed up against me from behind. Her hands making their way to my stomach, I helped by pushing away from J. The shirt hung between us. This all felt slimy and weird, I was still dripping from the chemicals.

“I want to play too.” She whispered, planting a kiss just below my ear. I let my head fall back to the girl’s shoulders. J kissed my neck, rather intensely. He nipped the skin softly and for a moment I got lost in it. I let out a lustful sigh. It had been a while since I hadn’t felt like just a good fuck to him. And he seemed so soft and gentle. I didn’t want it to end if I was being honest.

“Lets see if we can make this kitty purr.” The electricity that now coursed through my veins at just their touch, made it seem like my body was betraying me. I wanted this but I wasn’t letting him off so easily. It took a lot for me to make them stop. I pushed J away from me.

“Don’t touch me.” I whispered and J just chuckled. Harley, however, remained firmly attached. And that I didn’t have an issue with. I did however yank the shirt from her grip. I quickly put it on.

“What’s got into you?” The Joker asked with a smirk. It was a knowing smirk, like he had expected this all along.

“You threw me in there.”

“It’s what you wanted.” He shrugged.

“I said No, J. I’m starting to think you don’t know the meaning of that word.”

“Trust me, I know the meaning. There are just….times I find best to ignore it. You think I would have gotten this far in life if I listened when people told me no. Batman tells me no all the time.” He seemed to find the whole situation amusing. But I should have expected that. He was known for his sick sense of humour. Not that I’d necessarily say that was a bad thing. My issue was that there is a time and a place for it.

“Well I’m not just anyone, am I?” I was angry and not just about this. It was about everything. I guess the anger had built up with every shitty thing he did. Harley’s grip tightened around me. As if trying to comfort me, she placed her head against my back.

“You’re no different than Harley here or anyone for that matter. What makes you think you’re better than any other bright eyed girl who walks along the street every single day, huh? What makes you so special?”

“I-” I started but I was somewhat unsure of how to answer. “Nothing, makes me special. I guess I’m just like every other stupid girl who falls for your lies. What makes me different though is that you’re supposed to like me. You’re supposed to want to be with me the way I do with you but you don’t. I’m just trying to make you happy, J. Everything I do seems to be for you and I don’t -” I stopped when I felt tears start to descend down my cheeks. Crying in front of him was probably the worst thing I could have done. He kept his eyes on me. His smile yet to fade. Reaching up, his thumb swiped across my skin to stop the tears.

“Dry those tears, my precious porcelain doll.” I went to slap his hand away but instead found myself placing my hand against his on my cheek. “It’s a shame to see you so sad.”

“Don’t do that!” I tightened my grip, dragging his hand away. I wasn’t going to fall for this again.

“Vicious little kitty.” He chuckled. “Harley let go of her.”

His voice was firm and she simply did as instructed. Then proceeded to walk over to stand beside J. Her eyes seemed sad and I wondered if it was because of me. I stared at her until her head dropped.

“You see Y/N, I know you’re not stupid enough to pick a fight with me after I just saved your life.”

“Just because you saved my life doesn’t give you the right to treat me this way. You’re the one who nearly killed me in the first place. I still don’t understand why you saved me.” I argued.

“You’re right it doesn’t give me the right. What does, is all the times you swore by my side. You didn’t forget did you? The things I’ve made you do. You back out now and god only knows what would happen? Will my little princess risk it all?” He seemed so self assured. Probably because he’s right for the most part. “Keep in mind…I own you and I’m free to play with my toys however I want” The Joker planted a kiss on my forehead. I just smiled. A bright, perfectly fake smile. As he pulled. back he returned it but his seemed more devilish in comparison. He held his hand out before me. I frowned but took it anyway. Seemed uncharacteristically nice. Then again so was him saving me. I still didn’t understand why? What made him jump in? He led me out, I held my free hand out for Harley but she shook her head. She didn’t even smile. Just followed slowly behind. Her head down. I kept my Y/E/C eyes on her waiting for her to suddenly perk up or cartwheel out. It didn’t happen. Something was definitely off, I just didn’t know what? And I wasn’t sure I wanted to

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And yet your upright nature is probably the first thing people notice about you, isn't it Glow? Well, short of your discolouration there. I mean, silver is not really a normal colour for your kind. What will they find when they start looking past your oddities? Is there even anything to find there?

the origin behind her appearance is something rather personal to her, so it is wise to stay out of this topic for she is trying her best to forget about it.


One Word Descriptions
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1. Where is your phone? Hand
2. Your hair? Short
3. Your dad? Asshole
4. Your other half? Snuggly
5. Your favorite food? PASTA
6. Your dream last night? KREM!!!!
7. Your favorite drink? Tea
8. Fear? Anglerfish
9. Favorite Shoes? Boots
10. Favorite way to relax? Books
11. Your mood? Ow.
12. I love? Friends
13. Where were you last night? Renfaire
14. Something that you aren’t? Tall
15. Muffins? YES
16. Wish list item? bookcase
17. Where you grew up? California
18. Last thing you did? Eat
19. What are you wearing right now? Grey
20. Something you hate? Trump
21. Your pets? PEEGS
22. Friends? Missed
23. Life? Bleh.
24. Regrets? BLEH!
25. Missing someone? FRIENDS!

I tag @shanoniusrex @theeviloutthere @wayfarers-all-221 @korino21 I think everyone else has already been tagged at this point???

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Hi i just wanted to say i think knight academy is a good name already for your story. Short and fitting for a good anecdote and all

Originally posted by mobpsycho100

Hey! Thanks! Idk I just put that in the tags as a place holder. But when the story plays out, that name might not come to be appropriate (not to give anything away). But I’m gonna keep thinking on it. We’ll see if I can find something better or not.


The snow was pretty heavy last weekend (New York) *o*
Here is a quick sketchy comic ♥

Taemin Han AU (JuminxMC After End)

Also – Jumin with his hair slicked back mmMMMmMM
Don’t ignore your child you lovebirds HAHAHA


Not sure what this is, but Adult Swim just posted it today. For those wondering, it is Morty in the video…DISCUSS


Honestly, if and when the gang rescues Matt I want him and Pidge to have the kind of sibling relationship where Voltron help you if you hurt one of them because the other can and will hand your ass to you on a silver platter, but get them in the right mood and they can bicker to the point where it makes Lance and Keith’s arguing sound like amicable conversations (Allura gets concerned but Shiro reassures her that this is normal).

Pidge gets far more creative with the nicknames (Matt, you really should know what happens if you attack your sister’s height one too many times), you cannot dissuade me on this.

Everyone has more to them than what meets the eye, so why would you love someone at first sight?
—  Coral-vellichor

You don’t need another person to make you feel better about yourself, espcially not a boy.

You don’t need another person to appreciate you, especially not a boy.

You don’t need another person to tell you you’re beautiful, especially not a boy.

You just need a strong inner voice to tell you that you’re better than you were yesterday, that you’re gorgeous and nothing can pull you down and that if no one appreciates you, to hell with the world.

—  to all the girls who are dating guys so they feel better about themselves, appreciated and maybe beautiful every once in a while.