your shorts

[Cordelia]: Evelyn?? Evelyn!! Wh-Where are you?!

[Joelle]: Maybe we’re trying to find it wherever Missy’s taking us! Come on, Cordelia!

[Cordelia]: I-I’m not leaving without it! Evelyn!! EVELYN!!

[Joelle]: Cordelia!! You’re keeping everyone else waiting!

[Cordelia]: EVELYN?! EVELYN!! WHERE– [SHRIEK] L-Let go of me!!

[Joelle]: Cordelia. We’re going.

[Asha]: …

Art of kidnapping

I dont understand why the hell kidnappers have to be so extra? Like using chloroform and getting so physical and wearing all black and driving in a van. Like dude . All you gotta do is bribe me with a book and lock me up in a hugeeee library and feed me. That’s it. Easy pesy. Best part? I wouldn’t struggle a bit. You need my soul? No problem. Here have it. Just remember to bring me snickers.


The snow was pretty heavy last weekend (New York) *o*
Here is a quick sketchy comic ♥

Taemin Han AU (JuminxMC After End)

Also – Jumin with his hair slicked back mmMMMmMM
Don’t ignore your child you lovebirds HAHAHA


Not sure what this is, but Adult Swim just posted it today. For those wondering, it is Morty in the video…DISCUSS


Honestly, if and when the gang rescues Matt I want him and Pidge to have the kind of sibling relationship where Voltron help you if you hurt one of them because the other can and will hand your ass to you on a silver platter, but get them in the right mood and they can bicker to the point where it makes Lance and Keith’s arguing sound like amicable conversations (Allura gets concerned but Shiro reassures her that this is normal).

Pidge gets far more creative with the nicknames (Matt, you really should know what happens if you attack your sister’s height one too many times), you cannot dissuade me on this.

Everyone has more to them than what meets the eye, so why would you love someone at first sight?
—  Coral-vellichor

You don’t need another person to make you feel better about yourself, espcially not a boy.

You don’t need another person to appreciate you, especially not a boy.

You don’t need another person to tell you you’re beautiful, especially not a boy.

You just need a strong inner voice to tell you that you’re better than you were yesterday, that you’re gorgeous and nothing can pull you down and that if no one appreciates you, to hell with the world.

—  to all the girls who are dating guys so they feel better about themselves, appreciated and maybe beautiful every once in a while.
Listen to your mother. She is the kindest, wisest, and the bravest soul that you’ll ever know. She has been through so much in life yet she is still strong, bestowing all her energy to comfort and care for you. She will have the best advice for everything because she knows you the best.
—  listen, and listen carefully