your shit makes no sense

  • Isaac: What the hell is that?!
  • Derek confused, looking down at his bags: I went to the farmer’s market....
  • Erica, smirking: I don’t think we can all eat that.
  • Derek: ...
  • Boyd: You weren’t supposed to bring back the farmer.
  • Stiles, looking at his plaid shirt, pointing at the pack while walking away: I’m putting you all up for adoption!

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It seems like you know a lot about spies, so what do you suggest for us who want to learn more?

Hot dang.  I’m a little wine-buzzed, so it’s very possible that the answer to this question is going to be a much more ambitious one than you wanted, but let me tell you how I learned all my spy stuff and how you can learn a whole bunch of spy stuff, too.  Here we go:

Sarah’s List of (Not Really) Secret Spy Stuff

OKAY.  Let’s start with a few key texts:

  • Ultimate Spy - H. Keith Melton This is a really great place to start because it gives you a beginner’s guide to a lot of terminology and also a really basic overview of espionage history on the grand scheme.  Plus, Melton owns so many espionage artifacts. Like, so many.  And he’s a nerd who took a bunch of pictures of it all and put it in a book, for your reading convenience.
  • The Official CIA Manual of Deception and Trickery - H. Keith Melton and Bob Wallace is also a really good starting point if you’re interested in, like, the overall cleverness of human beings.  This one talks about how, in the early days of recent espionage, magicians were recruited in order to design the art of spycraft which is ACTUALLY THE COOLEST THING EVER.  You might have to google some stuff as you read, but it’s pretty simple overall.  Very well written.  Amazing subject matter.  Plus!  Melton and Wallace list all their sources in this one, which makes it a really good launching point for further learning.  If there’s something in this book that interests you, there’s a really good chance that there’s another book you can find on the matter, listed right in the bibliography.
  • OSS Special Weapons and Equipment: Spy Devices of WWII - H. Keith Melton I have not actually been able to get my hands on this one yet, so I can’t speak to how easy it is to understand as a layman, but!  This was the first text to come out that really divulged the secrets of espionage technology to the general public.  It is on my to-read list, and it should probably be on yours, too.
  • Perhaps you’ve spotted a theme.
  • Basically, anything with the name Melton on the cover is going to be excellent.  He’s kind of a Big Deal™️ in the world of espionage history.
  • The Master of Disguise - Tony Mendez is also a very good read, if you’re looking for a non-Melton book.  The great thing about Tony Mendez is that he’s an insider.  He served with the CIA for decades—and he’s kind of the guy when it comes to the Office of Technical Services.  Sometimes he gets a little artsy and the writing gets, like, a little cheesy, but it’s Tony freakin’ Mendez, he can write however he wants and I’d still be totally enraptured.  You’ve seen Argo?  This is the crazy son of a gun who actually did the real Argo mission. He could write his books in Latin and I’d still find a way to read them.
  • The Codebreakers - David Kahn  This one is… hard.  I’ll give it to you straight, this one is not an easy read.  It’s about three inches thick, and the font is tiny, and the language is really hard to digest if you’re not already well down the espionage rabbit hole.  Imagine reading Order of the Pheonix, except you didn’t read the first four Harry Potter books first.  That’s what this book feels like. I still have a pretty hard time with this one.  HOWEVER.  If you get to the point where you’re really getting into it, and you think you’re willing to devote a good couple of weeks to this single book, then The Codebreakers is widely considered to be the foremost book on all things cryptography.  And it is really fascinating, if you can actually get yourself to read it.

Let’s say, though, that you can’t afford any of these books and/or find them at your local library (ask your local library to order them—they usually have money put aside for patron requests.  Yay, libraries!).  There’s a whole lot of online resources to learn about spies, too!

This list will likely continue to grow.  There is always more to learn about espionage, and I wish you all the luck on your espionage adventures!


AhRo is everything to me. Not because I want or need her. She is the reason I’m still alive and breathing.

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To be fair its steves set and his performance and louis is just a guest so it understandable why they showed steve more, doesnt mean i like it tho. But whats more important is that he did amazing and so many people watched him and danced with him. Im very proud.

?????? sorry but when an edm artist has only a few special guests, the cameramen should DEFINITELY show them more than they did with louis here….they showed the crowd just as much as they showed steve if not more so they could have replaced some of that crowd time by showing the person singing. nobody expects them to replace steve time with louis but they could have replaced some of the pans to the crowd ??? seems reasonable to me soz

I am sick to fucking death of trans activists acting as though we want them all to die like go fuel your victim complex elsewhere not everything is a personal death wish on you lmao. The only people who want anyone to die or suffer or get raped over opposing political views is you you fucking demons. You’re so obsessed with yourselves that you think radical feminism’s sole intent is to “eradicate” trans people just because we don’t believe in your gender identity shit because it makes so little sense that you can’t even define it. 

I seriously don’t understand when “fans” be hating on Non-Korean artists when they’re showing love and support to their favs like ?????

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“Omg I should read this! They can be right!
Why should I trust in Naruto’s creator? The haters speech worth more!

Obviously the haters can understand Kishimoto’s work better than him!

He just created Naruto! This is so insignificant! I’m gonna believe in those haters and care about this post they’re putting on SS tag, even though they complain when someone uses their tag!”

What bother more about the haters, is that they think that they have more authority about Kishimoto’s work than him! Who’s THE NARUTO’S CREATOR!

I wonder if they’d like to write a story, and somebody else say “Hey! Change this part here because i didn’t like it and because I think that your logic for your own story is a shit and doesn’t make any sense" They would change it? Or they would say “ well, if you don’t understand my logic, if you don’t like it, go read another thing”

They disrespect Kishimoto’s work, who doesn’t has any obligation in changing what his believe to be the right thing for the story that HE CREATED just to pleasure those people

If you don’t agree about what Kishimoto did with HIS STORY, great, that’s your problem, not his problem, not our problem. The haters spread their hate in us, as if we had fault about the end of Naruto don’t pleasure them! We’re just enjoying and having fun with the story that we love, and we’re not going to change

The haters that are always distorting the facts of Kishimoto’s story to have reasons to complain about the things didn’t happen the way they wanted, and WE ARE stupid for following the same logic of NARUTO’S CREATOR?? These people have the right to not agree with his logic, but they don’t have the right to spread their hate in us and in Kishimoto, go read other thing if you don’t like Naruto!! Leave us in peace

//So my original plan fell through (as expected really, but points for trying) buuuuuut as you can see dearies, I AM BACK ONLINE AT LONG FUCKIN’ LAST.

I shall be hitting the inbox since old memes are lurking there & following that, taking a look at drafts/replies. Checking messages. Might do a fresh starter call for new followers. In the meantime I just wanted to do a very smol bias list; I’ve hit another amazing milestone & though methinks all of you got lost & really shouldn’t be here, you are. So thank you all so much & I love youuuuuse.

Okay, bias list commencing in no particular order - these precious amazing lil’ freakie-deakies are my forever loves & y’all seriously need to follow them right now. Quality right here, no joke. Here are my usual suspects, the ones I always come back to cuz they’re my babies. If I’ve forgotten anyone, blame me being too excited to be back on here to think straight atm

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Shou is not a team player he just uses people until they’re not helpful to him anymore. He finds a person’s weakness and uses it against them so he can get some kind gain from them, we’ve seen him do this twice with Mob. He keeps strong people around him in order to help him and make him stronger and its exactly what Touichirou does, but Shou probably doesn’t even realize that. Shou just mimics his father’s tactics.

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ur blog title's hilarious considering how obviously u're frothing at the mouth while trying to sound intellectual and cool; sadly 4 u, cheap (btw,do u steal all ur arguments from opposing sides,then hit 'project'? the nh fandom came up with 'clique' and 'Sak the self-insert' YEARS ago,lmao),vulgar trash still smells and looks the part no matter how hard u try to mask it-haven't u learned that from looking in th mirror? u rly are a great reflection of ur toxic, abusive otp. stay pathetic,bye : )

Can a mother fucker learn how to type properly and use the space bar when they decide to bring their nasty unwashed ass into my asks? My blog title is a reference to harry styles dumbass. I’m not trying to sound like anything but if you caught cool and intellectual then thanks im almost flattered since I still don’t want to hear it from a person who can’t read a children’s comic properly. Good for you, England, you once had the world until people became woke. Maybe the better side just took over, it’s called development, not that I expect a naruhina to know anything about it. Maybe they are fandom terms that my ass has been seeing in the 1d fandom since 2011 because bitch you ain’t shit, your boring ass, makes no sense otp should tell you that already. I am a great reflection. tbh I like how I look and that’s not a sin is it, I don’t expect insecure self inserters who felt the need to send this message to feel the same however. 

My otp? you mean this?

Thanks man!

anyways guys, don’t you love this scene 

Look at her go wow she is OUT there. My favourite naruhina moment is when naruto did not ask her if she was okay and ignored her confession for years. 

I also love how she was stuck here for 7+ years

and is still stuck here years into her marriage 

before insulting me over your shitty otp and crappy fav, try to remember they both ain’t shit. 

That being said, here is the narusaku hug scene, naruto’s first ever hug. 

And, here is a page from the databook to get on your tit

The Mystery

When you spend hours staring out the window on long car trips, when you zone out listening to classmates’ speeches, when there’s a blackout and nothing to do, and right before you go to bed, what do you Sensor types think about?

It’s not waking up as a young version of yourself and remaking all significant decisions. It’s not imagining fictional world’s of your own making or otherwise. It’s not watching imaginary beings act out conversations for your own amusement like a god. It’s not contemplating the details of the non-worldly to make the senseless make sense.

What do you think about? I will never understand it.

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headcannon for what happens what sam does when you're hurt and what dean does when you're hurt. like separately if that makes sense:)

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- Screaming your name “Y/N!” 

- “Shit, shit, shit, shit.”

- Him taking a deep breath. Trying to calm, distancing himself a bit from his fear just for the moment. He needs to stay focused to be able to help you.

- Going into denial. Telling himself that you’re going to be just fine.

- Telling you the same thing. “Here’s how it’s going to go; I’m getting you out of here, and then we’re going to the hospital. You’re going to be just fine, sister.”

- But you’ve already slipped into unconsciousness.

- “You’re not leaving me, Y/N. Not today.”

- Refusing to leave your side once at the hospital.

- Later, he does everything to nurture you back to health. Cooking you food, making sure you stay comfortable, just generally checking on you all the time. Even though you keep reassuring him that you’re fine.

- “Oh god, Y/N. No, no, no, no.”

- Rushing up to you and crashing down by your side.

- Freaking out, but does his very best to gather himself, and succeeds. 

- Placing a hand on your cheek, looking into your eyes. “I’m here, Y/N/N.”

- Him tearing up.

- “Stay with me, please.”

- Him picking you up, apologizing when you wince, and then he hurries back to the car. 

- He drives to the hospital and nervously waits for the verdict from the doctors.

- When you are released, he drives you back to the motel, more relieved than you’ve ever seen him.

- But from now on, his eyes are always watching you, filled with anxiety. He looks like a sad puppy, scared that something is going to happen to you, and he’s going to lose you for real this time.

I wanted to point out that jonsa shippers don’t know what they’re talking about. ur ship is shit, it doesn’t make sense, it has the potential to be abusive in every way because sansa is always a bitch to him and jon, for some reason, takes it, and sansa is weak.

Dany knows how to command armies, save slaves, ride dragons, and is bigger than life. she cares about people, she loves her friends more than anything, and to top it off she didn’t sell her own father out to Cersei so she could marry some bitch boy.

Jonsa has no chance in becoming anything. there is literally no proof for it to ever happen. none whatsoever. i’ve had more than twenty other shippers agree with me. they all see what you don’t. just because your looking through your shipping goggles doesn’t mean everyone else is too. thats not how this works.

not only is sansa selfish, she doesn’t have bravery, she whines, and doesn’t do anything for the readers to feel compassion for her. she doesn’t care about jon, they’ve never shared an emotional connection, and neither feel for each other. they only do now because they believe their the last ones left of the stark family. sansa was created to make a divide in the stark family. shes going to die anyways. and shes not his type.

dany is a savior, she is the fire to his ice, they are literally the song! its in the title ffs. I’m so done with this ship. it makes no sense. your metas don’t prove shit. the books do. and thats where all the proof is, especially for jonerys.

can’t wait for my ship to become canon in less than a month!

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Imagine Steve being overbearing............

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“How many times do I have to tell you I really just don’t want to talk!”You erupted, the sound of your voice echoing through the empty halls of the tower, quickly followed by the slam of a door. 

Outside in the hall stood the most patriotic male specimen in New York, Steve Rogers, who at the moment felt as though he was the world’s worst boyfriend.

He had noticed you were just upset most of the week, he would walk in on you crying, he noticed how you were always applying makeup to try and conceal your reddened cheeks or the bags under your eyes, or the redness of them. He also noticed that you hadn’t been sleeping in his room like you normally did, even before you both were officially together you were always in the super soldier’s sheets. You were distant with everyone, even Tony who was your best friend and the whole reason you even met Steve.

All Steve wanted to do was talk to you, make sure that you were okay and knew that he was always there if you wanted to open up, however his constant reminders of this must have made you feel overwhelmed because you finally just snapped…. and left him out in the abandoned hallway. He heard your back hit the door, and the slight thump of your bottom hitting the floor. He heard your muffled sobs and could feel his own heart breaking while they leaked underneath the crack of the door, and he felt it shatter as he slowly backed away, and walked toward the rest of the group, who all looked at him with sympathy.

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“I just don’t know what to do Buck? I mean back in our day….”

“Dude, you just made it sound like the both of us are ancient.” Bucky interrupted as he lifted the mug of coffee to his face as Steve just gave him a knowing look.

“Dude last time either of us had a dame was in 1945. So yes as far as the dating world is concerned we might as well be dust in the ground. I just don’t get why it is that she is so upset for me caring about her well being.”

“Yeah well you must admit that you were a bit overbearing. I mean you told her five times yesterday while she was sipping one small cup of coffee that you were there to talk, not to mention that you told her as soon as she left the kitchen, in annoyance, you screamed after her that you are always there for her.”

“Maybe I was, but she…” 

“Hey Steve, can I talk to you?” Your soft voice filled the space, causing both Bucky’s and Steve’s eyes to meet your red rimmed eyes. You looked like a beautiful wreck, for your hair was thrown into a messy bun, which had fly aways falling out of it, You had a rare moment of no makeup, and your frame was covered with both Steve’s sweatpants and his own Captain America shirt. 

“Of course baby.” He answered as he pushed up quickly from his seat, shooting a quick glance at Bucky and then looking back to see that you had already left the doorway. 

Once inside the safety of your room you looked at the man before you, his blue eyes looking at you with nothing but the concern you had seen in them for the last few days, “Guess I should start with an apology, huh?” 

“No Doll. What did ya wanna talk about?” You sat down on the edge of the bed in the small room, your hands in your lap along with your glare. A deep sigh collected in your throat and slowly exited through your lips. 

It was here that you let all the shit on your mind ramble out. Some of it didn’t make total sense, some was covered with tears, others laughs as Steve tried so hard to make you laugh. By the end of it, your head was on his broad shoulder, silence filling the space you both were contained in as your fingers entwined.

“I’m sorry too if I made you feel overwhelmed.” Steve finally broke the silence, “I was just so worried when I noticed you retreating within yourself and I remember you telling me all about….”

You cut him off by turning his head towards you, your soft lips meeting his. After seconds you pulled away and all you could whisper was, “Thank you.”

Which caused you to go back to the comfortable silence, knowing that you were cared about.


A/N: I am sorry this is trash

Maggie’s First Tumblr Post is a Bunch of Different Voltron Fandom Rants Randomly Interrupting Each Other Because She’ll Chill When Hell Freezes Over: a Novel

Okay so hi. I’ve never posted to this and I’ve reblogged like one thing but I got my hat on backwards and it’s time to fuckin party

Note: The first part of this rant is based mostly on my own personal experience with the Voltron fandom that I have only been in roughly 2 or 3 months, so it is very personalized to what I have seen, which may be different than what you have seen. If you disagree with something I have said about the fandom or want to LEGITIMATELY fact check me, please bring it to me PRIVATELY.

I’ve noticed on Tumblr and Instagram people just love to talk about how Klance is an unhealthy relationship, platonic or no, and that it is a very dominate and toxic part of the community because of its mass following and how it has become essentially the default ship of people who are being introduced by others, it’s basically what people define Voltron with (if you are someone who was not in the fandom in its infancy and you say you did not often match fanart to the show using Lance and Keith, you are probably lying). No, this is not a hate post for anything, as I am a Klance and Shallura shipper by default, and was introduced to Voltron by a group of online friends over Skype, whose literal words were, if I remember correctly, ‘if you want to be left alone, you ship Klance and Shallura. Ship Klance and Shallura, stay in your lane, when fights start keep quiet.’ When I started to object, she interrupted me, saying, 'No, Maggie, listen to me. If you are looking for a show with a non confrontational fandom, you are in the wrong place. If you join this fandom you have to stay in your lane, or you will be ripped apart’. The rest of the ladies on the call murmured in agreement. They said this before they even got to explaining the plotline, or what exactly Klance and Shallura were.

They felt it completely necessary to tell me the fandom is acting like they swallowed a lemon and I should be careful and afraid to speak up before anything else.

I was essentially scared to even try shipping anything but Klance, and made the switch on my fan to a Voltron theme as a jumpy, trigger happy, and overall slightly terrified Klance shipper. But as it turns out, most of the climbing the ranks Voltron accounts on Instagram are kind, loving, no nonsense girls and boys that are unafraid to ship what they want, when they want, where they want, and express that, shutting down antis quickly and flawlessly and praising those who made it clear they were supportive of any and all ships. I quickly introduced myself to such people, making many friends. After a while, I started to ask myself:

Where in the hell are all the people my old friends seemed so scared of? The Voltron fandom so far was no nonsense and friendly, and commenters were tolerating of all ships, even if they did flaunt their favorites unashamed.

What I’ve realized is that the big accounts are big accounts because they are charitable and accepting. The poisonous antis are, in most areas, few and far in between, but they can be extremely influential to new viewers and fans, and I’ve even been witness to a few instances in which a non fan took interest in the show because of a ship and/or theory that the account owner did not agree with, and very literally being aggressively attacked by several people to the point the person turns tail and runs, losing interest because a Klance Shipper couldn’t sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up because a Miraculous Ladybug fan thought Shiro and Keith looked good together and wanted to learn more. They literally tore someone down and greeted them to our little family with a slap in the face just because they may have become a Sheith shipper had they begun watching the show.

What the fuck?

An outsider’s very first interaction with our fandom was a group of about half a dozen people banding together against them and going on the fucking defensive because ‘No, Lance and Keith look good together, and you should be ashamed and feel like you are not welcome here for thinking otherwise.’

What the fuck?

Is this honest to God what we want people’s first impressions of this fandom to be? Because the nature of any form of entertainment’s fanbase almost directly reflects onto the entertainment itself, the people involved in its creation, and the company that sponsors it.

I don’t know about you guys but I don’t want Jeremy Shada or Josh Keaton or anyone else on the team to look in any way bad. They don’t deserve that.

And don’t get me wrong, not all Klance shippers are pushy and demanding and ugly, many of them are playful teasers and dawdle in Shaladin and Kallura and Allurance (one of my personal favorite bromance ships lmao), but as they say, one rotten apple spoils the barrel. Klance is the dominant part of our fandom, and to have its following be chock full of some of the most bitchy people I have ever met online is a reflection onto all of us.

Dare I say it, it almost makes me ashamed to be a pureblood Klance shipper (three cheers for terms people outside of my group of friends that invented them will find weird and slightly irrelevant). It makes me afraid, because I am automatically grouped into a large circle of the poisonous, ratty, downright awful Klance shippers, and have to continuously prove myself to new followers. You get really fucking tired of it after about instance number 3, honestly.

And no, it isn’t just Klance shippers that make this fandom what it is-a challenge to be in, even if most other shipping groups are galaxies away from being as salty as Klance shippers (I’m looking at you, Hance and Heith shippers, you sweethearts, you). And we all know when Sheith and Klance shippers clash, the saltiest of salty Voltron pairing communities, hell is empty and all the devils are here. A message from the non poisonous fans: you all need to get your shit together and find some common ground and you need to do it now.

I’ve talked to Hannah (another round of cheers if you know this sweetheart voltron instagram account owner by name) a bit about this one, and she’s done some stuff about it herself. If Keith turns out straight and has a female love interest and you sick fucking twats bash her and turn a cold shoulder on Keith’s heterosexuality and/or the show as a whole, I swear to all God’s angels I will fucking boot you out of the fandom myself.

‘I just want Keith to be happy!’ You cry as you swear that if he is straight and/or does not fall in love with a boy that you will no longer watch the show and will go cold turkey on liking Keith as a person at all, because apparently him possibly being gay or bi is the only reason he is a worthwhile character to become invested in.

‘Klance/Sheith is canon, Keith is sooooooo gay’, you exclaim, using this as a defense mechanism when picking fights with other shippers, when nothing sexuality or relationship wise has ever been confirmed by anyone, only jokingly hinted at by some people on the cast and crew, as Keith seems heavily emotionally invested in both men, even if it is in the most heterosexual and platonic way, and would most likely be extremely upset if they had lost Lance in place of Shiro, if not maybe slightly less, as it does make sense that he would be more upset at the loss of Shiro, as Keith has known him and been on good terms with him longer.

(You all also appear to become upset at the prospect of Keith being anything but gay, as apparently pan, bi, demi, etc are completely out of the question, although they all still allow Keith to be with anyone on the team, which makes no fucking sense, get your fucking shit together)

‘Keith and Lance still hate each other, their relationship hasn’t grown at all and probably never will,’ You scoff, while Lance and Keith appear to have a bond going on, however platonic and fragile, and are a seemingly unstoppable force when they put their differences aside for a hot minute and work as a team, let alone even bear to work together, stand side by side often, sit next to each other on the couch and at the dining table even when there are plenty of other seats at their disposal, fight much less (although fighting still is a prominent part of day to day interactions, but it seems far more harmless these days), tease each other over the coms, have each other’s backs, and can actually be friendly, when back in the first few episodes their relationship was so terribly balanced all of that was impossible enough to audibly scoff at. The two have found common ground despite everything going against them and we should be looking upon their bond, whether we want it to be romantic or not, with pride.

Writing Klance as a relationship in which the two can hardly stand to even be in the same room together is not a correct way to write Klance. While it isn’t the most bestie-bestie everything’s perfect between us friendship out there (this is not the correct way to write any relationship in anything, for that matter), it is no longer unhealthy, per say, although it undeniably started out that way. I usually write them more like how I would write two brothers, with a dash of salty comments and stormy natured scuffles thrown in. It isn’t the perfect way to frame their relationship, but it works and people seem to like the way it plays out. But if you want to write them so that they look like they’ve just swallowed a lemon every time they make eye contact post episode, like, seven, then that’s perfectly fine.

And another thing. Some people don’t find Klance appealing as they believe it is cliche, or boring, or just too mainstream, and find something far more exciting to them in more explorative, or some may even say exotic, ships, and want to be unique in their shipping tastes.




And who are you to say it isn’t? Who are you to think you have the authority to say that Heith, or Pance, or Kallura is not okay to ship? What makes it any less legit than Klance or Shallura or Sheith? ‘Not many people ship it’ okay? Hance isn’t the biggest ship in the community and I heard they’re doing just dandy without your approval, because who asked for it? Certainly not them, and certainly not anyone else. You input your thoughts on someone else’s choices when they and they alone ask for them.

Especially when it comes to something as fickle as which bundle of pixels they ship with which.

These characters are not real. The show is fake, created by humans to appease other humans and to support the lives of the people making it. The plotline and the relationships ultimately, in our adult lives, will no longer matter. Who any of the characters end up with would not be our business in real life, so why is it our business now?

Basically, dearest Voltron fandom, if you are not using your opinion online to defend someone else from someone who has scrambled eggs for brains, you sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up, because your thoughts on why Sheith is better than Klance and Shaladin needs to die make you look bad and has a butterfly effect all the way up to the top.