your shirt is super cute

@confessions-haikyuu idk i just. i did these really fast lol *throws them in your general direction*

  • shorts can be swapped for spandex at the players wish and all the tracksuits are hella comfy
  • that little gold thing below leopards is whats on the back of their tracksuit along with their school name and it’s dope
  • bears have their school name on the back as well
  • robins have their school and prefecture on the back. for their practice jerseys you get a feather on your shirt for every year you played
  • otters have that super cute logo fangirl made on their practice jerseys and the back of their warmups
  • wolf has a crewneck sweatshirt instead of a jacket because they gotta be different
  • foxes have their logo on the back of their warmups
  • raccoons are made out of pajama material because why not
  • i love the color for lynx and idk what that symbol is but it felt right
  • their pennies (the training camp jersey things–we always called them pennies) are all swapped colors for added fun (robin got to keep theirs because they won the championships before everything got redesigned)

zoom in at your own risk it’s a mess

“You In The Yellow Shirt!” *Steve Rogers x Reader*

Summary: Prompt  Can you write something with this, you accidentally took my bag instead of yours and i don’t know your name so i yelled “YOU IN THE YELLOW SHIRT” but you didn’t respond so i yelled “HEY ASSHOLE” when i finally caught up with you… and apparently your shirt is blue??
Warnings: Swearing, Steve being cute & you being super nerdy over him
Admins Note: We do have a request WAYYY down for a Pietro one, I decided I wanted to see this as Steve, although I WILL write the Pietro version; I just need to find the right gifs… just stay with me, it will be written as Pietro x reader soon. 

You stand as you waited for your bag to come around the conveyor belt, you had just landed in New York and now you had to wait for your luggage, along with a massive crowd of pissed off people. You tapped your foot as you looked for the deep grey case, you hadn’t taken a lot with you on your business trip but enough to take a medium sized case with you, the torture of not just taking carry-on luggage; you had to stand next to snooty business executives as you waited. 

A small sigh escapes pass your lips as you see the grey case rounds the corner, you push to the front and ignore the grunts of displeasure as you heave the case of the belt and onto the white marble floor, rolling the case away. 

Checking the label you frown, it didn’t have your name or even the person it belonged to, which means someone else had your luggage and that irked you a little; doesn’t anyone check the labels anymore? You stand up and shift your eyes around the crowd, not seeing anyone with the suitcase, you drift your eyes to a tall man pulling the suit case away from the conveyor belt on the other side, looks like you’ll be running after him. 

You run around people pulling the case with you, chasing after the retreating man and you were cursing him in your head as you ran, the thick crowd making it impossible for you to get a clear view of him. And people began tutting, cursing you our or glaring at you, you couldn’t careless some weirdo was taking your stuff. 

“HEY” You yell and a few people look at you “YOU IN THE YELLOW SHIRT” a man from the sidelines looks at you, standing in a mustard yellow and you mentally kick yourself “not you!” you scold and keep running after the man, you looked like an utter maniac as you screamed “YELLOW SHIRT” at him and you could see his concealed golden hair bobbing slightly above the crowd, man he is hella tall, you think. 

Deciding you were passed being polite, in fact, you were livid that he hadn’t turned around, you hadn’t seen anyone - besides that other guy- in a yellow shirt and you weren’t exactly using an inside voice either. Everyone could hear you, the place echoed your voice, the loudness of everyone did nothing to conceal your shouting. 

You pushed through a thick layer of the crowd, you were now only a group of people behind this man, he was close to the exit and you bet he had a car waiting outside judging by his fast pace. It was now or never to get this guy attention otherwise; say goodbye to your luggage. 

“HEY ASSHOLE” You finally yell, it was a second before he looked behind himself and you waved dramatically at him, he frowned and stopped walking as you pushed through some bystanders and stood in front of him with a frown also; he was wearing deep blue, not yellow, what an idiot! 

“Excuse me, ma’am?” he asked, he seemed shocked at your behaviour and you were a little too but he had your stuff.

“You took my case, I’ve been chasing after you, yelling at you,I” you tell him and he raised his eyebrows at you, it formed into amusement as he thought back to the yelling but disregarded it since he wasn’t wearing yellow. 

“Wait” he held up a hand “you were yelling at me?” he asked and you nodded sheepishly “I’m wearing blue” he states and you roll your (E/C) eyes at him. 

“Yah, I see that” you sass “I didn’t have enough time to look at my thief’s clothing choice, just that he was stealing my stuff!” he chuckles and hands you the case, you hand him his.

“I’m a thief now?” he questioned and you nodded “I guess the Avengers should lock me up with all the other crooks” he chuckled, it then kicked in, you just called Captain America an asshole… out loud… in public! 

“I am so sorry” you begin to blabber “I had no idea, it was a long flight and just- when someone takes your things you go a little insane- I am so sorry, this is so embarrassing, please stop me” he laughed loudly, shrugging as smiled.
“I should be apologising, normally I am good at this stuff but like you said, long flight and I just wanted out of that crowd that I left with the wrong case” he sighed and you nodded. 

“Well, I guess if I were to have anyone steal my stuff I’d want it to be you, at least then I know it will be safe hands; lord knows who could have took my stuff with them” you grin and he nodded “I’ll leave you now, you probably have better things to do than stand in an airport” you chuckle, waving as you begin to drag your luggage out the airport doors. 

“Hey” Steve calls “Lady in (Y/F/C)” you laugh as you turn, New York breeze blowing your (H/C) hair in the wind, you raise your eyebrows at him “Wanna get coffee? I know a great place plus I have a driver, saves getting a taxi” he smiled nervously and you begin to think. 

“Sure, by the way it’s (Y/N)” you muse as he grins, repeating your name as if he was testing it out and he nodded, appreciating the way he said it himself and you chuckled at his oddity. 

“Do you usually call people assholes?” he asked as placed your luggage in the trunk, telling the driver where to go as you both got in the back, you barked out a laugh.

“No, only superhero’s apparently” he chuckled at you “do you usually steal women’s suitcases as a ploy to ask them out?” you joked, he sarcastically laughed at you.

“No, but when I do they say yes” he smirked at you, you chuckled and nudged him. slightly glad that he stole your suitcase. 

(Remember you can request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie. - Rosalee)

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your eyes are gorgeous!!!!! and your t-shirt is super super cute!! :)

thank you !! haha its actually a nighty dress thing? fjflksldjf i got it for like $2 at walmart a couple months ago but i love it a lot LOL

First Aid Kit

Request:  Hey can I do a request where reader is spying on theo in woods but then random werewolf comes running out slamming her to the ground where she cuts her stomach and chest and theo hears so he comes and he’s trying to help her but he’s like I got to take your shirt off to treat the wounds and it’s super intimate and gentle but cute because he likes her and she thought he was cute but after how he took care of her, she had a crush on him so u can choose end! If u can do this thank you so much!¡

*I don’t own the gif; credit goes to the wonderful maker/owner* 

Originally posted by coloursong

Note: This may be really awkward. Sorry lol. Also this was quickly typed on my sisters’ laptop, so if there are mistakes or if it sucks, I am deeply sorry! My brain is dead and I am typing very fast and I don’t have time to go back and edit I’m so sORRY

Warning: sensual first aid-ing?

It was no secret that Stiles had sucky plans. His intentions were good, but as far as the execution goes… well, that wasn’t so great.

Need an example? Well, take now, for instance. Stiles had decided to lug a hot-headed werewolf and a wimpy human with him into the forest to spy on a shady new werewolf in town that may or may not be our pack’s enemy. If you need further proof, it’s night time and the rest of the pack has no clue where we are.

I know. Not exactly an Eisenhower-worthy battle strategy. Stiles has a hard head though, and is incredibly difficult to reason with, so I didn’t even bother trying. I just went with it to make him happy.

But now I was really regretting it. Mainly because my short legs couldn’t keep up with the other boys and, as a result, I got lost.

Part of me saw no need to panic- Liam was a talking bloodhound; he could find me with ease. The other part let my mind wander. What if they don’t even notice that I’m gone? I’d been extremely quiet the entire time. They wouldn’t find it strange that I hadn’t said anything for a while. What if Liam never finds me? What if Theo is exactly how Stiles has labeled him, and he finds me first?

As I stumbled over a tree root in the dark, scraping my palms on the tree beside me as I fought to maintain my balance, I heard voices up ahead. I could distinctly make out Stiles’s sassy tone. I wondered what set him off this time.

Swatting aside a tree limb, I came upon the scene: Stiles and Liam had their backs to me, arms crossed as they glared at Theo. At my arrival, Theo’s attention turned to me with interest. Liam turned as well. Stiles didn’t do anything. He mustn’t have noticed that I was back.

Letting out a sigh of relief, I began to walk over towards them- only to trip yet again and tumble to the ground, knocking Stiles on top of me. With a yelp, he struggled to push himself up, but his arm slipped, and our tangle of limbs toppled down the small slope of the little hill.

“Hey Y/N.” Stiles panted, clutching at his ankle. “Glad you finally found us.”

Groaning, I pressed my palm against my ribs, feeling a slight burn. “Yeah, I’m glad you guys went at a pace that we could all keep up with.”

Stiles scoffed slightly. “Alright, listen, I know that you’re in pain and all, but sarcasm is my thing, okay?”

“Are you guys okay?” Liam asked suddenly as he jogged over to us, Theo hot on his heels. Suddenly uneasy at the sight of the boy in my English class, I pushed myself into a proper sitting position, ignoring the stinging in my side and in my palms.

“I’m fine.” I claimed.

“No you’re not.” Liam immediately said with wide blue eyes. “You’re bleeding.” He was right. The left side of my shirt was soaked with blood, and my wrists were coated in red that was steadily flowing from my hands.

“Oh,” Stiles’s brow furrowed. “Damn, she is. We need to get her to the hospital.”

“That’s not necessary.” Confused, I glanced at Theo warily. He wasn’t looking at me, though. He was addressing Stiles with a serious tone. “I’ve had some Red Cross training. I can help her here- if you have a First Aid kit in your car.”

Liam spoke up. “Stiles has one. It’s in the back seat of the Jeep. I can go grab it real quick-” He stopped talking instantly when he caught the angry glare Stiles shot Liam’s way. It was obvious that he didn’t trust Theo to take care of me. I was with him on that.

“I think we should take her to the hospital.” Stiles stated, firm. “She’s bleeding a lot.” There was no room for discussion in his voice, but somehow Theo managed it.

“I couldn’t agree more.” He promised. “But at least let me patch her up and try to stop the bleeding first. I’d hate for Y/N to bleed out in your back seat.”

Liam snorted and muttered, “She’d bleed out in the front seat. I’m never allowed to ride shot-gun.”

Stiles ignored the snide comment- or maybe he didn’t hear it. Either way, he was too focused on giving Theo the evil eye. “Yeah, I’m sure you’d hate that.” He sneered. His hazel eyes flickered over to me; I could see the amount of caution they held in the dark. “Y/N, are you okay with this?”

I chewed my lip and shrugged.

The grass prickled the bare skin of my thighs as I sat across from Theo. His legs were crossed like mine, but in his lap was the First Aid kit, which he was rifling through with a vengeance. Biting my lip, I looked away from his messy brown hair to the windshield of the Jeep several feet away. Stiles had his phone pressed tightly to his ear; he was talking very rapidly and his arms were moving around. Liam was in the back seat with his chin propped on the passenger seat shoulder. His earphones were in, but he was watching me like a hawk.

“Give me your hand.” Theo spoke, causing me to jump. The corner of his mouth perked up. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Well you did.” I said sternly, thrusting my arm forward and avoiding his eyes. I knew it was the safest thing to do. Theo was very attractive. I didn’t want his good looks to influence my opinions of him and my actions around him.

With a surprising tenderness, Theo turned my hand over. He cradled it close to him as he swept a wipe across the inflamed, pulsing flesh. Continuing down my arm, he softly scrubbed the blood away, leaving my skin clean and slightly cold.

“Other one.” He said, softer this time, like he was trying not to frighten me again.

As I extended my other arm, I cocked my head to the side slightly. “You said that you had Red Cross training?”

“Yes,” I made the mistake of glancing up to see his smirk. Jaw slacking slightly, I watched his face as he gave the same treatment to my right arm that he had to my left. “I took it over the summer. I thought it would come in handy sometime.”

He didn’t ask this time; I held out my left hand and he applied some ointment and secured a bandage around it. “There’s different courses you can take.” He informed me as he switched to the other palm, dabbing on the cold cream. “You have your Wilderness training, your Pet classes… they have it for everything.”

“That’s interesting.” I nodded, straining to keep my voice from shaking as one of his fingers grazed a sensitive area on my wrist. “Really.” I cleared my throat, shivering slightly when he peered into my eyes. It was almost hypnotizing, how rich his eyes were, and how rosy his cheeks were…

“I’m going to need you to take off your shirt.”

I blinked, instantly snapping out of my goofy thoughts. “I’m sorry, what?”

“You’re bleeding.” Theo pointed to my shirt. “In order for me to patch you up, I need you to take it off.”

Stiles poked his head out the window. “The hell she is! Y/N, don’t you dare! You leave that shirt on or I swear to God I will murder you both!”

It was like Stiles had never said anything. Theo stared at me with pleading eyes. “Please,” he said softly. “I just want to help you.”

Damn Theo and his good looks and his persuasive voice. Damn him to hell.

Sucking in a deep breath, I gripped the end of my top, prepared to chuck it over my head, but the burning of my side prevented me from doing that. “Here, I got it.” Theo’s fingers slowly pulled my shirt over my head. He folded it up and plopped it in my lap. Embarrassed and with a thumping heart, I crossed my arms over my chest.

Theo gently moved my arms. “Not doing you any good. I need to be able to see the wound.”

“Right,” I muttered, quickly turning to stare in the woods, doing my best to keep from Theo’s hot gaze.

Stiles piped up again. “Hey, I thought you were going to patch her up, not check her out!”

Sighing, Theo sent Stiles a bland glance before turning back to me. “Alright, it looks like you just scraped yourself falling. I’m just going to clean it up and put a light bandage on it.” Lowering his voice slightly, he leaned closer to me with the hint of a smile playing at his lips, like he was going to share all his dirty little secrets. “I don’t think you need to go to the hospital. I’m all you need.”

“I can’t tell if that was you hitting on me or not.” I confessed.

Theo placed one large, warm hand on my hip and started to clean my scrape. “Do you want me to hit on you?”

I didn’t say anything, but my heart skipped a few beats, giving me away. Theo smiled to himself; there was a mischievous glint in his eyes that thrilled me, oddly.

The mar stretched from the bottom of my left rib cage to the edge of my bra. “Do you want to get that part?” He murmured, gesturing to the area just below my breast.

“Yeah, thanks.” I mumbled, gratefully accepting the wipe and quickly scrubbing  away.

“Not so hard.” He playfully scolded. Theo placed his hand on top of mine and went slower, with more care. Breathing a bit hard, I yanked my hand away.

Theo watched me with careful eyes as he sealed the Band Aid on. Air was still a little hard to come by as I said, “Thanks.”

“You don’t have to thank me.” He helped me tug my shirt over my head. “Maybe you can help me out in English some time.”

“Yeah, maybe.” I nodded, hesitantly taking his hand and allowing him to help me on my feet. Theo was going to say something else, but before he could even get a word out, Stiles was honking the horn. I glanced back at the Jeep before giving Theo a sympathetic smile. “I think I better go. Thanks again.”

“Anything for you.” He came closer; my heart pounded. What was he doing?

Soft lips brushed my cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Right.” I stammered, eyes downcast as I stepped out of his warm embrace and made my way to the Jeep. As soon as I got in, shoving the First Aid kit under the front seat, I was being hammered with questions. I could barely hear them over the thunder of my own heartbeat in my ears.

As we started to drive away, I glanced out the window, expecting to see a black hoodie being illuminated by the headlights. But Theo was gone.

Supporting Him at the Football Game.

Your boyfriend Jack was the star quarterback of your high school’s football team and the the big game between you and your rival school was coming up. There have been various spirit themes for the week leading up to the big game.
Friday was spirit day for the game that night and you made jersey style tshirts for you and Jack. “GILINSKY 31” and you added “My Boyfriend” underneath the numbers on your shirt.

“We look so cute baby.” You say to him at lunch.

“We do. Can’t wait for the game tonight.” He says. You make your way to your lunch table with some other football players.

“Sooo, are you guys all ready for the game tonight?” You ask as you sit down.

“Of course we are. We’ve won every year for the past four years and we aren’t gonna let the LumberJERKS take this from us.” One of the football boys says. You listen to all the boys as they talk about how they’re gonna win the game and everything else. After 5th period, there was a big pep rally in the gym, and being on the yearbook committee, you went in before everyone else and got to hang out with Jack before everything started.

“You know, I’m so glad that I have such an awesome, beautiful, smart, talented, girlfriend here to experience this with me.” He says to you as he hugs you tight.

“Well, I’m glad that I have a super cute, athletic, strong, smart boyfriend to be able to experience this with too.” You say. You kiss him and make your way back to the band before the rally starts. After the pep rally, you make your way to Jack’s car to meet up with him before he had to go to practice.

“So, do you want me to wear your practice jersey, or my super cute t-shirt?” You ask.

“Well, I do like the way ny jersey looks on you, buuuut, I like the way this shirt looks on you better.” He says.

“Good. Because I don’t want to change.” You say sarcastically. He laughs.

“GILINSKY LETS GO.” His coach yells from the locker room.

“Guess that’s my cue. I’ll see you later babe.” He says.

“I’ll be in the stands with a big blown up picture of your face.” You say.

“I’m be on the look out for it.” He laughs. He kisses you and jogs off to the locker room. You make your way to your car and back home. At the game, you meet up with your friends.

“Hey girl.” Your best friend says when she sees you.

“Hey guys.” You say. The boys are warming up on the field and you see Jack. He finds you and waves to you. You wave back and blow him a kiss. As the game starts, you pull out your big blown up picture of Jack’s face and cheer him on. During the first half, the team scores 4 touch downs and are leading as they go into half time. After half time, you move closer to the field and find Jack on the sideline. He sees you and sneaks away.

“Hey baby.” He says as he gives you a sweaty kiss.

“Yummy, boy sweat.” You say as you wipe your face. “You look so cute in your uniform.” You smile.

“Thanks, I try. Hey, nice face.” He says pointing to your sign.

“You like it? You can’t have it.” You say.

“Awe man. Well can I at least get one of you?” He asks.

“I’ll see what I can do.” You say.

“Good. Well, I gotta go.” He says as he kisses you on the cheek.

“Make me proud baby.” You say. He laughs and joins the team back on the bench. During the second half, he scores 5 more touchdowns, bringing the team to a victory. After the buzzer sounds, everyone storms the field and crowds around the team with screams and cheers and hugging. You find Jack in the center.

“Jack! You did it baby. I’m so proud of you.” You say as he pulls you unto his arms.

“I’m so glad you’re here to celebrate with me.” He says.

“Anything for you baby.” You say. He pulls you close and kisses you.

“After party at my house. You coming?” He asks.

“I’ll be there.” You say. The football boys make their way to the locker room as the band plays the fight song and the alma mater and you make your way to Jack’s house for the after party.

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help i want to commit suicide what do i do

please don’t i love you so much.. there’s so much to live for. i asked a friend for things that make her happy and also things that make me happy and i’m going to tell them to you. fuzzy socks. raw cookie dough. netflix. making brownies for yourself and eating all of them. cheesy pickup lines. tie dyeing your t shirts. polka dots. NUTELLA. ice skating and the cute clothes that come with it. huge flannel shirts that make you feel super cute. meeting your idol, the person who changed your entire life and being able to tell them everything. reading picture books even if you’re too old for them. sucking the helium out of balloons and making yourself laugh like a complete idiot. pillow fights. faiRY LIGHTS that make everything look pretty. chicken nuggets (especially the shaped ones). really really comfortable sweat pants. the last day of school. disney movies. hugging someone you’ve missed. the taste of chocolate melting in your mouth. meeting internet friends!!!! and having dramatic hugs with them. cute sunglasses that make you feel v v cute. looking through old yearbooks and laughing at people you don’t like. sTUFFED ANIMALS. tumblr. falling in love for the first time. yummy flavored chapstick. staying up late on the internet when you know you should be sleeping. good hair days. buying that one clothing item that you know you’ll be wearing all the time because you’re so in love with it. scented candles. getting a new phone. TRXYE. looking at cute baby animals. hearing a song that changes your life. midnight snacks that you know you’ll regret in the morning but are so good that you don’t care. trying new foods. traveling and learning about different cultures that you didn’t even know existed. onesies!!! watching your favorite movie over and over again just because it makes you happy. eating so many sour patch kids that your tongue hurts. bubble baths that smell v v good. dancing in the rain and honestly not giving a shit about anything else. sunrises/sunsets!!!! being awake for sunrises. smiles. making someone smile/laugh. super duper soft blankets. layering clothes on top of clothes and having your outfit be super cute because of it. stickers!!! especially those 3d ones. hand sanitizer that smells really good. laughing so hard that your stomach hurts and your tears are everywhere. singing in the shower. those random boosts of confidence you get that make you feel more confident than anything. finally learning to love yourself. dyeing your hair. finally getting that tattoo/piercing you’ve been wanting. making lifelong friends. finally buying that one thing you’ve been saving up for. going to concerts. having your first kiss!!!! having your crush like you back. having a super fluffy animal fall asleep on your lap. life. everything.

i love you so much literally there are so, so many things to be happy about in life and sometimes you just have to stop and look around you in order to realize that. please stay. we need you here.