your shipping is gross to me


Collection of stuff…. older drawings and drawing gifts for my twitter mutuals and friends!!
(please do not take or modify thank you, they are here for your viewing pleasure ;;)

Random swapfell papyrus icon, you may use if you wish I do not mind… mostly style study/inspiration like??? (oh.. i made this cute puppy so gross.. ;;)
I do custom icons like this for 15USD  。・゚・(ノ∀`)・゚・。

I am also creating double-sided keychains for purchasing in the future!!
(9 variants so far of different skeleton brothers)
(Maybe add other original UT Characters [?]… as I am hoping to sell at a convention this year near me..!! Everything is undetermined… ㅠㅠ)


hey babs! ♡ ♡ i just wanted to remind you that it’s totally okay to BE HONEST ABOUT YOUR TRIGGERS. it doesn’t make you a bad roleplay partner if you have to stop in the middle of an rp and say ‘hey this just isn’t working out for me anymore.’ you might have even agreed to it beforehand. maybe you had no idea it was a trigger until the plot got underway. maybe halfway through the rp you started feeling anxious about continuing. *takes your face in hands* listen up real good.(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ THAT’S OKAY. the very moment a roleplay starts making you feel gross, depressed, anxious, or generally bad—– don’t hesitate to drop it, and explain your feelings to your partner. your mental health is more important than your ships, storylines, plots, and your roleplay partner’s expectations. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. xoxo

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of course the "it's just a ship uwuwu" person likes killing stalking ew gross

I… really don’t care for your opinion. I know you think you’re hurting me, but really it’s not having any affect on me :P I know you might probably have a problem at home and you want to make someone feel bad about themselves so you feel better but it’s not working and you should find a new hobby

And if that’s not the case then well you need to check yourself because there’s something seriously wrong with you.

You’re upset over a fictional story when there are real problems in the world.

Instead of being an asshole and trying to degrade people for liking a piece of fiction, why don’t you take that time to look in the mirror. Think about why you care so much about characters that don’t exist, and what drives you to openly harass others for liking fictional work.

Because that is more fucked up than anything Killing Stalking does.

I like dark fiction. Killing stalking, Game of Thrones, Stephen King, Attack On Titan, Any Psychological anime, and many other things that are probably much worse than Killing Stalking.

You want to complain? Fine, go ahead.

But don’t waste your time on someone who gives no fucks about you or your shitty opinion.


Something that’s bothered me for years, in all of the various fandoms I’ve been in, is how the mostly female fanbases tend to decide that one character in their male/male ship is definitely, unarguably the ‘bottom’ for really gross, stereotypical, heteronormative reasons, so I’m here as everyone’s favorite nagging grandma to remind you that - 

Things that determine whether someone is a bottom:

  • if they enjoy being a bottom 

Things that don’t determine whether someone is a bottom:

  • age
  • personality
  • sexual history (virgins don’t always have to bottom the first time just because they’re inexperienced???)
  • physical appearance
  • whether they’re more traditionally feminine 
  • sexuality (bisexual men can be very happy bottoms …)
  • height / physical stature
  • literally anything you can possibly think of, other than that they enjoy being a bottom 

like my art??? wanna help a trans gay asian boy and his mom move away from an abusive dad?? commission me! 

          i’ll draw:

  • your ocs
  • SFW ship art
  • furries
  • animals
  • body horror/gore
  • real people (with their explicit permission)
  • pretty much anything that’s not on the list below (just ask me and ill tell you whether or not ill draw it basically)

          i won’t draw:

  • NSFW
  • complicated machines/mecha 
  • anything bigoted or not morally upstanding
  • just like anything really gross

my paypal is ! ALL of the prices are negotiable if you want a chibi, the design is really simple, etc

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Serious kudos to the SwanQuenn fandom. It was the first time in a poll final where we didn't have any fights, gross behaviour, "Lexa is dead", "I'll rather vote for mine than a dead ship" etc. You guys were A+ and gave your best without resorting to that behaviour even in the final hour when it was clear we would win . Mad respect for you. You guys are awesome. It's so good to compete with a mature fandom that understands part of what we've gone through with the producers. Kudos.

It was pretty decent so yeah, much thanks to the SQ shippers and all the best in your future endeavors.

May we meet again!

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Just girly things

Aight straight girls let’s you and me get on the same fucking level.
Fetishizing and shipping mlm relationships is incredibly homophobic and makes you no better than straight men who jerk it to lesbian porn.
I’ll say it again just for good measure
Fetishizing and shipping mlm relationships is incredibly homophobic and makes you no better than straight men who jerk it to lesbian porn
Like wise calling your mlm ships ‘sin’ or any other title thereof is also homophobic and makes you no better than straight men who jerk it to lesbian porn

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go fuck yourself for shipping chlonette stop with this "x is mean to y so that must mean they have a crush on them" it's so fucking gross why ship someone with somebody who makes them feel like shit that's not healthy or good

holy shit…… i think this is my first anon hate for chlonette

oh my god

wait wait wait, this is so cool, this is like a milestone. 

holy crap i have to screenshot this, i’m so excited. ah man, i didn’t think this would happen. dude….

thanks for helping me cross something off my bucket list, anon. now fuck off. 

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more-hopeless-than-romantic replied to your photo: I’m gonna barf wtf of course Miles “Blaire was the…


like the cosplayers are good I’ll admit that but really? that pose? that ship? the in your face fan service? reducing two of the most potentially badass characters (who never got to reach their potential) into sex appeal fan service? I’m not made at the cosplayers they can do what they want. but for M&K to cheer it on just seems extremely gross to me.

Ship-ping/ get off my ship
  • Me: *see's someone has gone overboard and helps them aboard*
  • Person: Thank you, I was on another ship and found some content I hated.
  • Me: Well I hope your not scared. Anyway welcome to our ship! Everyones pretty nice here and would be happy to show you around.
  • Person: *Looks around and see's *enter ship/OTP* and looks disgusted.* WHAT THE HELL IS THIS.....(Says angry and hateful stuff about how our ship is wrong and gross.)
  • Me: *Stares at the hater for a long time and calmly says*
  • Get off my ship.

I hate the daddy thing. Why would you sexualize this word? I mean it’s supposed to be for your parent and not for an idol. How did people even come up with that? It’s just gross and disgusting to me. Ik that I can’t stop people from saying that word, but don’t go to idols and ask them if they know what daddy means, please don’t be like this one girl on Twitter. Idols AREN’T toys, the are humans. I mean how would you feel about it? Do you want random people to call you daddy?  The same thing about shipping. Would you like it if people would ship you with your best friend? Or with people you don’t even know?

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It's pretty pathetic to be hard core anti-whatever ship. Btw lydia loves stiles and 'i think i loved him' establishes that and was a good line and if you genuinely ship marrish then that's gross because he had wet hallucinations of lydia which he didn't try to stop he would have had sex with a high school girl if he could

I’ts pretty pathetic to come here as an anon with hate, at least have the balls to come with your user, you know? And sweetheart, can you show me where did I ask for your opinion about that line of if snake martin loves mieciu? 

And Finally, I don’t ship marrish. Do I think they’re cute and Lydia deserves someone better than all the boyfriends she had? Hell yes. But one think you should know it’s that the one who had those hallucinations was the hellhound and not Jordan, and that hallucinations can’t be control when, where or about what happens.

Please keep coming, I’m bored :))