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All right, I’m gonna go ahead and call pre-boarding for all Zabvronians with elite status. Ah… Oh. No, wait. That’s… that’s only me. Suck it, coach trash.

Evil within >> Yugyeom, You (Scenario)

Shout out to my first Yugyeom scenario ever. 

Chills ran down your spins as your boyfriend had a serious face that you had never seen before. Clenching onto the poor guy’s shirt, Yugyeom’s eyes filled with fire as he pinned the guy to the wall.

Tears started to well up as your hands started to tremble in fear.

You knew it all. How your boyfriend, Yugyeom was. You knew the rumors around him, you heard them all, but you only believed what you saw. The sweet side that he had always shown you. You had never seen him like this before, with so much hatred and rage.

You ran all the way as you heard that he got involved in a fight. One of those fights that you had never seen before. Those fights that happened before you knew him, Kim Yugyeom.

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I just want you to know and keep in mind that you’re a beautiful person. It’s not your physical appearance that makes you beautiful, it’s the way you smile, the way you laugh, the way you still look beautiful even when you’re crying, the way you sleep, the way your face looks serious and even the way you make a wacky or funny face. It’s your personality, the way you’re kind and have a good heart. You are beautiful on the inside as much as you are beautiful on the outside. I never want to think that you are not, because that’s not true. Even your flaws make you unique and special and one of a kind. The imperfection you’ll see in your self will likely be my favorite about you. You are the sunshine I feel warming my face when the rain starts pouring. You are the one I can’t wait to introduce to my friends. You are beautiful and a complete sweetheart. You’re smile is a magic, it magically lightens me up. I love all the ugly parts of you you think you have, even though it’s not. You are beautiful for your good deeds, and even your sins. You are a wonderful being, you’re truly special. You have a good soul and a compassionate heart, that makes you even more beautiful. Even when you make mistakes. You’re far beyond beautiful.
And, I’m happy I’ll wake up soon next to my soulmate and fall asleep with every night. You’re the girl I’d always dream of waking up to and the same girl I’d always dream of holding me in her arms. It’s the little things that made me fall for you, even now, I still do. It’s the way you understand everything and everyone in difficult situations, it’s the way you talk to your friends, it’s the way you sing a song, it’s the way you laugh when you’ve done something epic, it’s the way you sneak glances at me when we’re together, it’s the way you hide your smile when I’m not looking, it’s the way you laugh at small things, it’s the way you hold my arm when we’re about to cross the road, it’s the way you walk when you walk me home, it’s the way you look when you don’t want to eat something, it’s the way you seek for positive things in negative outcomes, it’s the way you see through me even when I hide myself as much as possible, it’s the way you continue to be yourself and the list goes on. I just love all these little things about you, what more if I’ve said the great things about you? I often wonder how possible it is for you to be mine, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Because, I am grateful that you are mine. For every second I’ve thought of you, for every tear I’ve shed for you, for every minute I smiled because of you, for every love I gave to you, for every day I’ve spend with you.. I’ve been happy. Most of the days I want to tell you repeatively that I love you in person, so you can imagine how much I really do love you. I could even kiss you infinitely if you would allow me to. My heart is yours to take. I’m willing to cross an ocean for you, for us.
—  S. L // A message #3

“Utterly indifferent?” you asked, your voice still shaking some, arms wrapped around yourself.

“Utterly,” Cas confirmed, impassive. You looked to Sam and Dean who were both smiling gently at you now.

“Yeah, Cas said it a little, well, like Cas,” Dean said, “But it’s not like this changes anything if you were worried about that.”

“You’re just Y/N to us,” Sam added with a small shrug. “No matter what.”

You felt your shoulders relax some as you let out a deep breath, the knot you’d had in your stomach melting away in the wake of their words and acceptance. Still, you waited, feeling like the other shoe was bound to drop, that it couldn’t be this easy. And Dean clapped a hand over your shoulder, his face serious once more.

“But,” he started, and you felt yourself tensing up again. This would be it, the other shoe.

“Yeah?” you asked. 

He looked at you a few long seconds and then to Sam and Cas, his eyebrows raised.

“But why the hell are we still sitting around? Burgers, right?” he asked your small group. “That’s what we decided on for dinner.”

“That’s what you decided on,” Sam said. “We were going to put it to a vote.”

“A vote? Sam, please. Burgers are a crowd pleaser, easy choice. I’ll drive.” 

Dean got up with no more discussion and headed toward the door with Sam trailing him with his protests. Cas came to stand beside you as you watched them, bickering as they were wont to do. And at the door, Dean turned, realizing you weren’t right there with them, and gave you his easy smile, like always.

“Are you coming with us or what?”

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Imagine Coming Out To Team Free Will

More imagines!


Word Count: 1735
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: SO. MUCH. FLUFF.
Summary: Bucky takes you out to find the perfect gift for your birthday
A/N: GO TELL @magic-and-timetravel HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Taylor is the most wonderful soul, you guys. She’s an asolute treasure. INSPIRATION:
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“Put this on,” Bucky demands, handing you one of your scarves.

Ha, yeah right. Like you’re gonna–oh. He’s serious. Your face scrunches in confusion as you take the cloth trying to think of a reason you’d need to be blindfolded.

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BLOCK B REACTION:When they seeing scars on your stomach at sexy time and you telling them you have them since almost dying and being in coma once and they didn't know before

I’m finally here and remember guys, the ask is open!

This is entirely my opinion and assumption about BLOCK B

Zico: Despite seeing your scars he would continue pretending he didn’t see anything. After you finish, he would run his hands through the marks, asking what happened.

He would be shocked and sentimental as he hears your story. Jiho would fall in love harder for you, because of your willing to live and specially for your strength.

Taeil: He’s another one that wouldn’t say anything about it at the moment, but after some days, he would surprise you with the sudden question.

As he sees your serious face, he’d stay quiet, listening carefully your story of when you were just a little girl.

B-bomb: Even if he sees it during your “first steps”, he would ask about it. But even if it was during preliminaries he would notice the unknow marks, trying to hide the surprise while ask about it. But he wouldn’t be prepared to hear your answer, explaining how you almost died years ago.

Jaehyo: seeing the scars, Jaehyo would stop what he was doing, asking for an explnation.

“Omo, my princess passed through such hard times…” He’d say before you finish telling your story.

U-kwon: He’d treat it as if it was nothing during the act. Even after, he’d wait for you to come and talk about it, being surprised by the intense tone of your explanation. Maybe this can change the way he sees you.

Kyung: He would be surprised like everybody else, but wouldn’t hide it. Asking for an explanation at the moment.

Kyung would be impressed as you finish, leaving aside what you were doing and asking questions for long hours.

P.O.: “woah Jagiya? What is this?” He would make a fuss when he sees your scars, being shocked by the facts.


~ADM Cherry~

PT-ENG: ADM Panda (Thanksss Unnie)

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“Dean we have to do this now.” You told your boyfriend while the two of you sat out in the impala, avoiding going into Bobby’s house. 

You had been pregnant for a couple of months and the two of you need to tell your father everything that had been going on between you two.

“I know. Better rip the bandaid off now.” Dean got out of the car finally. You sighed and did the same. 

“Dad, We need to talk to you.” You gave your father a serious face. The three of you had just had a nice little meal together, and you needed to tell him now. Underneath the table you held onto Dean’s hand, he gave you a soft smile and light squeeze of the hand before you continued. 

“I’m pregnant.” 

“What?!” Bobby started to get angry. “What! Y/N, how could this happen? You know this is no life to raise a child in.” 

“Well you see Bob-” Dean started but got cut off quickly. 

“shhh!” Bobby started. “Does the ass of a father know?” 

This is when you look to Dean to say something. But your father sees it now. He instantly knows who the father is.

“NO.” He glares at Dean. “You?” he looks at Dean. “I told you to stay away from her. What good that did.” If it had to be anyone to get you pregnant he was a bit relieved at least someone he knew would stick around.

“Bobby, I’ve been in love with Y/N ever since I met her. We’ve been in a relationship for over a year now. And I love her, I love her so much.” Dean looked for Bobby to you with another soft smile. 

“You better love my daughter.” Bobby sighed taking everything in. It was finally hitting that he was going to be a grandpa. “When’s the due date?” he asked with a light grin.

“Late October.” Dean smiled as relief washed over him and the realization that Bobby wasn’t going to kill him. 

You had to tell them the other little bit of news as well. The thing not even Dean knew about. 

“There’s something else too.” You looked down at your belly before looking up at the men before you. “I’m having twins.”


  • Kise: Hhmmm...
  • Midorima: Kise, what are you thinking so deeply? Those girls are dying because of your serious face.
  • Kise: I can't help it, Midorimacchi.
  • Murasakibara: Are you somewhat thinking of unreasonable situation were you are stuck in a storage room without any snacks then yo-
  • Midorima: Oi, what kind of situation is that? And why would Kise be thinking about that?
  • Murasakibara: Because I thought of that before.
  • Midorima: Seriously?!
  • Murasakibara: So, what are you thinking about, Kise-chin?
  • Kise: Since I've just join the club, I've been thinking if some of us are dating a girl?
  • Midorima & Murasakibara: ....
  • Kise: Am I the only one who's thinking such a thing?
  • Midorima: Your mind is full of weird things. Even with Murasakibara's situation, yours is weird.
  • Kise: Ack!!
  • Murasakibara: If only we are allowed to.
  • Midorima: Hm? Do you want to have a lover, Murasakibara?
  • Murasakibara: Arara, Mido-chin, I'm also a boy. A healthy one who really love to be in a relationship with my maiu-
  • Midorima: Sorry, I asked such a thing. Don't continue.
  • Kise: I bet Aominecchi is dating Momoicchi.
  • Midorima: Impossible. Those two had a sibling relationship. None of them ever thought of dating each other.
  • Kise: Even though they're had been many rumors about them!?
  • Murasakibara: Ask them for yourself~ They only answer with such a terrifying expression.
  • Kise: Then, how about Kurokocchi?!
  • Midorima: Uh... Does he have one, Murasakibara?
  • Murasakibara: Aahh... I don't know.
  • Kise, Midorima, & Murasakibara: ....
  • ----
  • Aomine: So, Tetsu, about Mai-chan's boobs...
  • Kuroko: Boobs, again?
  • Aomine: What else should we talk about? Mai-chan's sexy curves?
  • Kuroko: We can talk about something else other than Mai-chan-san.
  • Aomine: Ouuu, I saw one in the book store Mai-chan's standee!
  • Kuroko: Aomine-kun, you really should stop.
  • Kise: Ah, right timing, Aominecchi! Kurokocchi!!
  • Aomine: Yo, Kise!
  • Kuroko: Hello, Kise-kun, Midorima-kun, Murasakibara-kun.
  • Midorima: What are you guys doing here?
  • Aomine: Talking about boobs.
  • Kise: Eh?!
  • Murasakibara: Mido-chin, is that a snacks?
  • Midorima: Don't ask.
  • Kuroko: Is there something wrong?
  • Kise: Well, um... We were having this kind of conversation and I was wondering if Kurokocchi is dating someone...
  • Everyone: ....
  • Kuroko: Dating? What's that?
  • Midorima: Too dense!
  • Murasakibara: Kuro-chin, do you like someone?
  • Kuroko: Like? I like everyone in the club... except Kise-kun.
  • Kise: So mean!
  • Midorima: Not that kind of 'like' but something along the line of being special.
  • Kuroko: Huh? Ah...
  • Aomine: Ou, Tetsu! You have one?
  • Kuroko: I like Akashi-kun in that way...
  • Everyone: ....
  • Kise: Wait, wait, Akashicchi?! But he's a guy!
  • Midorima: He did said he likes everyone in the club. There's not a single girl in the club. Other than Momoi.
  • Murasakibara: Could it be that Kuro-chin doesn't really care about this?
  • Kuroko: Ah, I care about this. But if you are asking if I want to date someone. That would be Akashi-kun. Like what Midorima-kun's explanation.
  • Midorima: Ignore my explanation, Kuroko.
  • Kuroko: Then... I choose Aomine-kun.
  • Aomine: Me?
  • Midorima: Why?!
  • Kise: You aren't getting everything right, Kurokocchi!!
  • Kuroko: Aomine-kun is special. He's our ace. I like him.
  • Aomine: Ouuu, Tetsu! I like you too!
  • Murasakibara: What a friendship~
  • Midorima: It's no use, Kise. Even if you tell him properly, he's answer is like he's avoiding the question.
  • Kise: Then let's go to Akashicchi.
  • ----
  • Akashi: Pardon?
  • Kise: Well, you see. I was wondering why none of us are dating.
  • Akashi: Well, we are quite busy with the club. Other than that, none of us really thought of that.
  • Kise: We're already at the age were thinking about that!
  • Akashi: You're right. Then, I guess we should start thinking like that.
  • Midorima: That's not what we asked for, anyway.
  • Akashi: I'll start dating someone by tomorrow then.
  • Kise: That fast?!
  • ----
  • The following day....
  • Akashi: Everyone, meet my lover, Tetsuya.
  • Everyone: What the heck?!
  • Midorima: Wait, wait, how did this happened?!
  • Kise: And why Kurokocchi?!
  • Murasakibara: Congrats~
  • Momoi: Tetsu-kuuuuuun!!!
  • Akashi: Ryouta is the one who told me. Date someone I like.
  • Everyone: ....

You were on the BAU jet home after a grueling case, the man tattooed his victims on his body. You don’t know why but this one really disgusted you. ‘Hey sweet cheeks let’s play some poker’ Morgan waved to the seat opposite him, ‘okay but I do play against Reid at home and he has shown me a thing or two’ Morgan rolled his eyes ‘let’s not get ahead of ourselves sweetness’ 

Four rounds later and you won for the fifth time. ‘Alright kido, how are you doing this?’ Morgan was astounded by the fact you won yet again, he wasn’t usually that bad at the game. You gave him your best serious face ‘the best way to lie is to tell the truth, the carefully edited truth and that my dear “sweetness” is the art to bluffing’ you used the nickname Morgan so often called you and with a wink you stood ‘now i’m gonna go get some rest, keep practicing you will get there one day “kido”’. When walking back to your seat you could see a faint smile on Reid’s face and Morgan’s was a picture.