your science for today

  • aries: I know this is a hard time for you, aries, but remember: 'tis better to have loved and lost. it’s really great, just the best.
  • taurus: step on a crack, break your mother’s back. pick up the phone, break your mother’s tailbone. take your coffee with creamer, break your mother’s femur. the wizard’s spell has gone terribly wrong, and you must not move at all until it is reversed.
  • gemini: you will meet a tall, handsome stranger. he will introduce himself, you will come to know him well, and he will know you well. he will grow older. his skin will sag and thin. he will no longer be handsome. he will no longer be a stranger. he will no longer be most of the things he once was. he will be a close friend, an old friend, one you’ve known for years, and with whom you are settling down into that final stretch of life. but he will always be tall. so tall. very, very tall.
  • cancer: I’m not saying this is bad news, but the stars just say “aaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!” I mean, maybe that’s a good sign, right? right? it’s a very inexact science.
  • leo: today is your lucky day! which is good news, because tonight is your unlucky night. but enjoy this lucky day until the sun goes down. until the very second the sun goes down. and then…and then
  • virgo: you should check under your bed before you go to sleep. that way the thing hiding in your closet will think you haven’t realized where it is yet.
  • libra: all eyes are on you. gross! give them back!
  • scorpio: mars is intersecting with Mercury, which means your head is weirdly big for your body, and no one wants to tell you because they don’t want you to have the grace of self awareness. ugh! scorpios.
  • sagittarius: you worry too much about earthquakes and plane crashes. you’re going to die of heart disease or cancer, just like everybody else.
  • capricorn: stop throwing your money away on expensive cars and nice clothes. the owners of those cars and outfits do not appreciate the crumpled dollar bills you keep throwing on them! and anyway, if you want to throw something away, that’s what garbage cans are for.
  • aquarius: you’ve been so stressed lately. why not just sit outside tonight, relax, look up at the stars, and know basically nothing about the world you live in.
  • pisces: scorpions are not as dangerous as everyone thinks. try to concentrate on that. it’ll help you feel a little calmer tomorrow. (welcome to night vale ep75)
The Impossible(Peter Parker x Reader) Part 1 (Pun intended)

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“Okay class. Settle down now.” Your science teacher commanded.

“Today we will be doing a lab involving different chemicals and how they react to each other.“You rolled your eyes and let out a frustrated sigh. You had already done this lab a million times and it was Getting boring and repetitive. 

“For this lab you will be needing a partner. Whoever is sitting next to you will be working with you today”.

You thanked god that no one was sitting next to you and you could work alone. Usually you were paired with someone who you did all the work for and they did absolutely nothing.
The norm for you. The upsetting norm. They never let you protest and immediately put in their headphones to block you out.

As every table was getting their racks of test tubes and droppers the door to the classroom flew open and in ran Peter Parker. The tardy guy as you liked to call him. And the weird, staring, blushy guy too.

“Ah , Mr.Parker. Glad you could join us. Go and take a seat” peter nodded and made his way over to an empty seat.

 Your eyes went around the room at every table, scanning the room for any other empty seat other than the one right next to you. There wasn’t any other empty seat. . He was gonna be your lab Partner. 

 Even though peter is weird to you and you don’t really want anything to do with him other than friendship, there was always something in the way of you staying true to those words. He is undeniably sweet. And that makes it hard to not form a slight crush on him. You weren’t ever going to let anyone know that. But he still made you mad sometimes. 

He took a seat next to you and let out a shaky breath. “ Hey Y/N”

“Hey peter”You mumbled, barley looking at him. But when you did look at him , you gazed into his brown orbs. You recognized his stare. While you guys had almost every class together, he spent half the period staring at you before Ned had to tell him “dude stop staring. Shes gonna get scared.” He was wrong. You were already scared.

“Sorry that i’m late again. You would’ve been partnerless and working alone.” There’s his sweetness that I was talking about.

”I’m not going to make you do everything Y/N, don’t worry. I promise.”He smiled. You had to try and fight back a smile of your own. That was the sweetest thing ever. 

He picked up two out of the four test tubes and placed them on your side of the rack. Then he took one dropper full of the purple-ish chemical and put it in the beaker.

“Peter what are you doing? She didn’t give instructions yet.” you barked.

 “ssshhhhhh Y/N , I know what I’m doing.” He argued. Then he mixed in something under the table and a whole bunch of white substance splashed all over you and peter. 

You let out a shriek of disgust as the mystery concoction dripped down your face to the floor. You got up to go over to the cleaning station and slipped on the substance on the floor, landing on your back forcefully. 

“Y/N!!!!!!” Peter gasped as he got up to try and help you up but failed miserably. He was now on top of you on the floor. Your head was spinning not only because you hit it when you fell but the classes loud laughter. Then you heard a click.

 You shoved peter off of you and got up off the floor to come face to face with Ned and his phone out. You gave them both a look of disgust while grabbing your bag and bolting out of the room. Sweetness ruined.

“Ms. Y/L/N!!!!!” Your science teacher hissed.  But you ignored her and made your way to the bathroom. Ned couldn’t of made it more obvious that peter likes you with what just happened, and everything peter has been doing.

This day has to be the worst you’ve ever had. You couldn’t wait to go home. Aside from what happened 3rd period, you failed your Spanish test with a 60, you got your lunch knocked out of your hands and you got humiliated in gym by flash. And nobody even cared. Not Ned, Michelle or even peter. That brought you down, more than it should’ve, but it happens. 

You sighed in relief as you finally exited Midtown High. 8 long hours of boredom and humiliation. Today felt longer than any other day. You hated it, but it was over. 

“Y/N!! Wait!!” you heard a female voice call from behind you. You whipped your head around to hear who was calling you. It was Michelle. You turned your head back around and rolled your eyes, you did not want to talk to her right now. 

“Y/N please!!” she pleaded as she turned you around. “What Michelle?” 

“I’m so sorry about what happened in gym today. I freaked out” You turned your head to the side to hide the tears that wanted to cascade down your face. You took in a deep breath. “So you just freaked Out? That’s your excuse? Really? Come back to me when you actually mean it Michelle.” With that you turned back around and headed to the train station. 

The ride home was boring. Peter used to always take the train with you but it stopped a while ago. Today was the day that you were glad he wasn’t taking it with you anymore, mean, but he really embarrassed you. 

-At Home-

  “I’m serious mom, Its like they all had a plan to ruin my day or something. Like they were all in on it.” you sighed. Your mom looked at with her usual soft gaze and put her hands on your face.

“Mija, it was just a bad day. Don’t think about it, okay? I promise you everything is gonna be fine by tomorrow.” You smiled at your mom. She could be right. Maybe you were overthinking things way too much. It was just a bad day.

You closed the door to your room and shrugged your book-bag off of your shoulder a clicked the TV on. “Today at approximatley 7:30 A.M the crime fighting spider Stopped a well planned heist from reaching its turning point.”You perked your ears up at this sudden blast of new information. “the vigilante ridded the men of all of their weapons and freed 4 hostages under their control. This spider guy was amazing. He saved those people and many more by stopping those guys. Who knows what would’ve happened if he didn’t swing in.

Lately the news was always about him, and every new piece of news added to your amazement. Spider guy was amazing.

- A few weeks Later-

“No no no, please no” Peter pleaded. The vulture has figured out who he is and just threatened to kill everyone he loves. When it came to those people, peter was the most vulnerable. They were his soft spots in his heart and couldn’t bear to see them hurt.

Peter was swinging from building to building , trying to get home as fast as he could to Aunt May. If the Vulture was going to target the ones he loved, the first person that he would go to is his aunt. After Uncle Ben’s death Aunt may and peter’s bond was so very unbreakable. Even though she now knows what peter does when he sneaks out, she still loves him. As does he. 

Peter mounted onto the side of his bedroom window and flew it open. Hopping inside peter called out for his aunt many times, tears flowing out of his eyes. “Aunt May!”peter chirped , seeing her small figure leaning against the kitchen counter. She had a suprised look on her face at the sudden burst of peter’s distraught voice and look.

“Has anyone been here”Peter asked engulfing her in a hug.”yeah, the yearbook comitee. They said they needed pictures and I let them look in your room.” She beamed. She wasn’t catching on to what was going on.”Nooooooo aunt may. Why would you let two older guys convince you that they were yearbook comitee?” peter sighed walking back to his bedroom, Aunt may on his tail. “You really have to stop being so nice to everyone. I love it about you , but not everyone is nice”

“They weren’t two older guys Peter. There were at least 4 high school students that came to the door. One of them was even Y/N” Peters eyes went wide at his thrown around room. “Wait Y/N? Y/N Y/L/N?”peter questioned. “Yes peter, Y/N. You didn’t know she was in the yearbook comitee?”. “No. Shes not in it Aunt may.That was not a real club.” Peter sighed. 

Aunt may had a look of confusion on her face.”Then what were they peter?” She challenged. Peters eyes went to his desk and he arched his brow.”Somethings missing” he said. “What?”

“The picture of me and Y/N” Tears pricked in his eyes.

Human DNA: A history

DNA is an important part of modern crime evidence, but it is important to know when DNA is actually used in history, and the experiments it took to actually get DNA to be the robust science it is today. Hopefully this is helpful for your writing needs!

DNA Timeline

1866 – Gregor Mendel determines the principles of genetic inheritance

1902 – Sir Archibald Edward Garrod associated Mendel’s theories with human disease alkaptonuria (black urine or black bone disease, genetic disorder where the body cannot process the amino acids phenylalanine and tyrosine)

1944 – Oswald Avery, working with MacLeod and McCarty determines DNA as the “transforming principle”, while working with Streptococcus pneumoniae (bacteria causing pneumonia), it was determined that dead/heat-killed S-strain (which is lethal) can “transform” living R-strain (which is non-lethal) into lethal bacteria

1950 - Chargaff’s rules was developed by Edwin Chargaff, it basically states that there is a 1:1 ratio of pyrimidine and purine bases, that adenine = thymine, and guanine = cytosine, an important rule for base pairings and the DNA double helix structure

1952 – Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase experimented with T2 phage and elemental isotopes; phosphorus-32 labelled DNA while sulfur-35 labelled the proteins; the progeny infected unlabelled bacteria, and since phosphorus-32 showed up, it confirmed that DNA is the genetic material

1952 – Rosalind Franklin uses X-ray crystallography to photograph DNA fibres

1953 – James Watson and Francis Crick uses Franklin’s crystallography and previous research material to determine the double helix structure of DNA

1959 – an extra chromosome 21 is linked to Down’s syndrome

1965 – Marshall Nirenberg worked with E.coli bacteria cells to determine how DNA is involved with RNA and protein expressions, he helped decipher the codons of the genetic code

1977 – Frederick Sanger develops a technique for rapid DNA sequencing, the Sanger sequencing is also known as chain termination method based on selectively incorporating chain-terminating dideoxynucleotides (ddNTPs)

1984 – Sir Alec Jeffreys developed the multi-locus RFLP probes, a method to compare the variations in DNA of different individuals, leading way to genetic fingerprinting

1986 – The first use of DNA testing in a forensic case, using Jeffreys’ multi-locus RFLP probes for DNA typing to catch Colin Pitchfork, who sexually assaulted and murdered Lunda Mann in 1983 and Dawn Ashworth in 1986

1990 – the Human Genome Project begins, with the goal of mapping all of the 3.3 billion bases of the human genome, and the genome of other organisms, this project costed about $2.7 billion (this amount wasn’t calculated for inflation) and took almost 15 years to complete, compare that to now where it will take about $1000 to sequence the human genome and it will take about a day to do so

2013 – it was discovered that identical (monozygotic) twins actually have differences in their genetic make-up, with differences/mutations called Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNPs)



saltyclams: 5 and 1 tom holland/ Spider-Man

 Can you do 5 with Peter Parker?

number 5 with peter parker pls. damn you’re such a good writer 

#1. Your hotness is distracting me

 #5. Stop looking at me like that it’s making me horny 

A/n: some of you wanted 5 but I put both 5 and 1 together. I hope it’s ok? enjoy. 

warning: shirtless Peter, smut-ish

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It was a hot summer day. You and your boyfriend were spending it at home doing homework. Romantic right? 

Peter wanted to finish your science project today so you didn’t have to do it last minute which you usually did. You agreed and decided that you would meet up at his place and do it over the weekend since May wasn’t going to be home. 

“bye, kiddos I’m going out with some friends. I just ordered a pizza so it will come in an hour or so ” May was standing outside Peter’s room putting on her earrings. “Ok May you can leave now,” Peter said.  May rolled her eyes at Peters annoyance. You hit Peter’s arms playfully “ May you look great, now go have some fun” you winked at her. She laughed knowing that you guys wanted her to leave. 

“ok ok ok I’m leaving” she put her hands up in the air with an exaggerated sigh. She gave you a stern look “ Now while I’m gone I don’t want you to be fooling around” she pointed at each one of you. 

“what fooling around? and Moi never” you put your hand on your heart dramatically pretending to be hurt. 

After a good 20 minutes of studying you have up, well you gave up 10 minutes ago but you were really done now. And the heat wasn’t helping at all. It was getting hotter and hotter by the second. 

Peter took off his shirt 5 minutes ago because of the heat and he looked hot. The sun was shining on his abs in the right places, his hair was messy from him going through it and it only made him look even hotter. 

Now you were hot and horny which wasn’t a good combination. 

“Peeeeterrrr" you whined and poked your boyfriend’s arm “ can we do this some other time? It too hot for this” Peter smiled at your silliness " I know babe but we’re almost done". He tried to reason with you “5 more minutes ok? then we can do whatever you want” he placed a hand on your thigh and kissed your temple. 

You sighed and gave in. You tried to concentrate, you really did but your eyes keep going on Peter’s shirtless torso “babe your starring” you started to blush “ Your hotness is distracting me”. It was his turn to blush. 

Peter continued to do his work and you keep staring at him. You loved watching him work or do anything. You loved the concentrated look he had when he would be doing something important. 

You were distracted from your thoughts when you heard a growl. “ Stop looking at me like that it’s making me horny” Peter moved his books and pulled you on his lap so you were straddling him. 

You smirked and kissed him hard on the lips the kiss wasn’t sweet or innocent like it usually was it was needy and passionate. 

You wrapped your hands around his neck and played with the ends of his hair. He pulled away only for him to suck and bite down your neck and collarbones. Once he found your sweet spot he sucked on it. You were sure that it would a leave mark, you started to grind on his already hard member. Soft moans filled the room. 

Just as things started to get heated, someone rang the doorbell. Both of you pulled away and Peter growled in annoyance. You saw Peter’s hard member and giggled, you were glad that you able to make him feel that way. 

It was the pizza delivery guy, Peter hurried and paid as fast he could. He tried to hide his raging boner from the delivery guy. 

“where were we?” Peter spoke in a husky tone, his eyes filled with lust and desire as he walked back. 

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The Sun Was Going & The World Was Wrong

“What were you doing during the eclipse of ‘79, Scully?”

She’d been drowsing next to him in bed for the last quarter hour. He knows she’s almost awake — she snoozed her alarm a few minutes ago. His first words of the day to her come without preamble. He’s like that; picks up the conversation they fell asleep having the night before as though they were never interrupted by, ideally (for her at least), seven hours of rest.

She frowns against her pillow, curled up on her side, angled toward her phone on the nightstand — which, even in sleep, she’s poised to grab and silence. He was awake before it this morning. She can tell by the way his voice is clear and the cool feel of the air. He’s gotten up at least once, let the cocoon of warmth dissipate. His breathing next to her is fully present and waiting. She stretches her eyes open and rolls over onto her back, unsurprised that when she opens them he’s above her, endeared to her.

“When was it?” she mumbled, “1979 – ?” Her eyelids fluttered closed against her still sleep-sallow cheeks. She feels his cool hand brush against her forehead, coaxing her back to him.

A smile tugs at her lips, at how he misses her in sleep; how tangible his disappointment that they have yet to meet in a shared dreamscape.

“I was in high school,” she yawns as he nuzzles the velvety spot behind her ear with the tip of his nose. “It was a few days after my birthday. Bill and I made viewers out of a month’s worth of cereal boxes.”

“You didn’t have eclipse glasses?”

She chuckled, “That would have been too easy.”

“Did it work?”

“Mhm,” she sighed, rolling toward him, tucking her fists beneath her chin and pressing her forehead against his chest. She was slightly disappointed to realize he’d put a tee shirt on at some point. “But I got in trouble because I skipped school to go to Mission Trails Regional Park — which had actually just been finished, I think. I remember the city had a contest to pick the name.”

“And that’s what they picked —?”

She snorted, “Anyway, it was a great spot. The conditions for viewing weren’t ideal, but we could see it.”


“I made Missy drive me.”

“Somehow I find it hard to believe you had a hard time convincing her.”

“This was before she got into all the new age stuff,” she stiffened in his arms as the memory returned to her, weighted by her sister’s ghost. “She had something else she wanted to do. Go off with a boyfriend, more than likely. She thought it was just geeky kid sister stuff and …I remember her leaning up against the car smoking a cigarette and saying to me, “It’s not like it’s the only chance I’ll ever have to see one, Day.”

He refrained from stating the obvious; that it had been. That youth blinds us to the more unfortunate, but entirely possible, permutations of our lives. 

“I felt like I had to see it,” Scully said softly, turning her face toward him as she spoke, “It felt essential, somehow. I guess maybe I didn’t believe that I’d have another chance. Or maybe I did, but I couldn’t help but think — what if this is the only chance I’ll ever have?”

He kissed the top of her hair, “Was it worth the punishment for truancy?”

She smiled, reaching up to pluck a downy feather from their pillows from his mop of bedraggled hair. “Yeah. It was.”

He leaned down to kiss her, “Wanna relive the delinquent-for-science ways of your younger years today? Wanna call in sick and watch the sun disappear?”

“You can’t look straight at it, Mulder.”

“I know,” he said, giving her a look that she recognized as one worn by a man with a plan. Or, more accurately, a scheme. “I’ve prepared.”

He threw back the covers and turned away from her long enough to dig into the drawer of his bedside table. When he turned back, flopping against the pillows, he brandished two pairs of eclipse glasses.

“Mulder, how much did you pay for those?” she sighed as she sat up, taking one pair from him and inspecting them with her half-asleep, but no less skeptical, gaze. A task which, in the poorly lit bedroom of their farmhouse, reminded her that she really could no longer forgo reading glasses.

“Not one penny. You’ll recall that I have at my disposal purveyors of such semi-occasional gizmos.”  

She blinked, “The Gunmen—?”

He grinned, donning his glasses with a flourish, “Who else? Are they not the Fathers of the Far Out?” 

“I’m tempted to suggest that we not miss work, because part of me supposes that to have seen one total solar eclipse is to have seen them all…” Scully began, scooting to the edge of the bed until her legs were dangling over the edge of it. “But I get the sneaking suspicion that your particular brand of helical enthusiasm comes from a place not of reverence or nostalgia — but inexperience.”

She turned to look over her shoulder at him. From behind his paper goggles a blush spread across his cheeks. He grinned — or maybe grimaced, she wasn’t sure — giving her a slight, stalling, heh.

Scully padded around to his side of the bed. Standing before him, she leaned down and plucked the glasses from his face, setting them on the night stand.

“What, pray tell, were you doing during the eclipse of 1979, Mulder?” She folded her arms, raised her eyebrow expectantly, and simply waited.

“Not a matter of what but, uh, who —” he admitted with a slight wince. 

Her eyebrow hiked itself up a bit in intrigue. 

“It was the last semester of my senior year,” he said, “I’d already been accepted to Oxford. I was kind of dating this girl, thought it would be romantic to take her to the bluffs on the Vineyard for the eclipse. We weren’t really on its path, but uh, it didn’t really matter because — you know, we did drive out to the bluffs but we were … engaged in a non-astronomical kind of syzygy.”

She smirked, “By definition that would be the alignment of three celestial bodies, not two.”

“Well, her mother was the head of the Edgartown Liturgical Arts Center, so we did try to leave room for Jesus.”

He could feel her roll her eyes even though she’d turned away, toward the connecting bathroom door, as soon as he’d opened his mouth to respond.

“Hey,” he said softly. She paused as she reached the threshold, looking back at him, heavy-lidded with the remnants of sleep and the ever-present heft of love. “I did miss it. The eclipse. But I’m kind of glad I did.”

She sighed, leaning up against the doorjamb, watching as he rose from the bed, grabbing the glasses from the night table as he did. When he was standing in front of her — and above her, as they were both barefoot — he settled them on top of her head, then let his hand come to rest against her cheek, his thumb stroking her earlobe.

“Mary-Lee Skiff was a very nice girl,” he said, “But she wasn’t the woman I’d want beside me when the sun goes out.”

She sighed, looping her arms around his waist. “The light comes back, you know.”

“Well, if it doesn’t, you’re the only person I’d want to watch the world end with, Scully.” He said, resting his chin atop the soft crown of her hair.

They stood there suspended in complete alignment. Having spent half their lives together in places light had forsaken, they were unafraid. They had always, somehow, been able to find each other in the dark.

The title is from Annie Dillard’s beautiful essay about the ‘79 eclipse.

Daddy’s Little Girl - Part 2

Title: Daddy’s Little Girl - Part 2

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: You used to be a nude cam model. Negan was your favorite customer. What are the chances that you’d see him again now that the dead’s taken over the world?

Warnings: NSFW, smut, smut, daddy kink, smut

Note: Here’s part 2. And oh, there will be a part 3. *wink wink*


“Daddy, I’m home.”

Negan turned around at the sound of your sultry voice and saw you leaning against the doorway of his bathroom, clad in the skimpy school girl outfit he provided you. The lace trim of the push-up bra you were wearing was slightly peeking out from your knotted top, teasing Negan with what was yet to come. Your top reached beneath your breasts, revealing your belly button piercing that Negan extremely loved. The outfit that Negan gave you included a short, pleated skirt that barely covered your ass, a pair of white knee-high socks and some high-heeled Mary Janes. Why Negan has these things was still a mystery to you but they definitely came in handy. You were definitely not complaining.

The look on Negan’s face when he saw you remained the same, he always looked excited and giddy every single time you put on a show for him. It always felt like the first time and you honestly enjoyed that.

“Shit. Fuck. Getting right into it, huh?” Negan remarked with amusement as he stroked his chin with his hand.

He nodded with a smile and leaned back, twirling his hand in a circular motion as he scanned you from top to bottom. “Spin around for daddy, would ya?” he asked and bit his lip in anticipation.

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“Did you guys see that?” One of your friends asked as something whizzed through the sky over head.

“What was it?” You called, grabbing the little pots of soil samples as the rest of your friends hurried out of the wooded area in time to watch something huge fall from the sky with a resounding boom.

The group looked at each other before packing up your kit and slowly making your way to an abandoned building that was in the thick of the woods. Everyone froze when the huge green lump curled on the grip moved and roared at you, naturally the entire group screamed until it was obvious that you’d both scared each other.

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Peter Parker Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: can you write a peter parker imagine where you two are enemies in school, you two hate eachother and you see him everyday in and out of school because his parents are best friends with your parents. one day when you get home they call you and peter in and force you to two to go on a date, you just suck it up and go on it. as you went on the date, you two actually had a lot in common and at the end you two liked eachother. thanks! love ur writing ♥

A/N: thanks nonny! ♥

Warning: None

The teacher was blabbering about his usual lesson, it sometimes felt like it was the same lesson over and over everyday. You sat there, scribbling on the desk with your pencil, you were bored out of your mind, there was absolutely nothing to do. You were always bored as usual, mostly in science class, your least favorite place to be. And the subject wasn’t the reason you hated that class, it was your enemy, Peter Parker. As you were scribbling on the desk you suddenly feel something get shot at your head, and it was sticky.

You turn around, soon seeing a smirking Peter with a straw placed in his hand. You got out the thing in your hair, it a spitball. You were absolutely disgusted that you just touched something that came out of Peter’s mouth. Ew.

“Stop it.” you scowled, turning back around.

A few minutes passed, than another spitball came flying into your hair again.

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Rick and Morty: The Experience

What you think you’re getting when you start watching Rick and Morty:

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What you actually get:

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Quick tips for starting AS levels
  • be prepared! you have seriously got to be organised and prepared every day; make sure you have all the equipment/books/folders you need for each day as some teachers may just send you away from a lesson if you don’t have the right notes/books.
  • use your frees!!! i cannot stress this enough! it’s absolutely fine to use your frees to chill with friends from time to time but most of the time you should be doing homework/extra reading/improving notes. use them whilst you can otherwise during exam season you’ll have major regrets.
  • use your school/college’s resources! if your school has access to subject-specific magazines (eg. biological sciences review, history today, new scientist) then you’d be stupid not to use them! also if they have sixth-form only study rooms then use them too! make the most of the kid-free silence and get some work done.
  • go the extra mile!! it’s seriously worth going over things after/before lessons, making extra notes on topics you don’t understand, etc. you don’t have to do these things every day, but from time to time or when needed they can really make a difference. you could also do extra research, print out some notes from online, watch related videos on youtube, etc. just to get some more depth in topics. my geography teacher went on and on about finding our own facts/stats to use in exams and he was so right- examiners get sick of reading the same data in each kid’s essays as they know it just means everyone’s memorised the same revision guide. instead show some flair and dedication in your subject by researching your own relevant statistics/examples.
  • you don’t have to be certain about anything! you really don’t need to have a solid plan for your future- during year 11 I wasn’t even considering doing A level biology but now I want to study it at uni! things change so much so don’t make any solid plans as its unlikely they’ll stick and remember it’s ok to not have a clue what you want to do- you’ll figure it out along the way!
  • try new things! sixth form is an amazing time to make new friends, try new clubs/activities, etc. so try to make the most of it!! do try to get involved with your school as you could really make a difference and this will give you something to write about in your personal statement; helping at a club for younger students, mentoring gcse students, etc. are all excellent ways to help out and learn new skills.
  • make good notes!!!!! try to make good notes throughout the year so you’re not having to make masses and masses of notes from textbooks near to exams. spending a little time most days over the whole year is definitely better than lots of time at the end when you’re already stressed. it’s also worth checking your notes against a revision guide/exam board specification as you go along as teachers can miss things out sometimes.
  • use your teachers! seriously do this! if your teacher forgets to email you a powerpoint- email them about it, remind them when you see them. if they have extra sheets- take them. if you miss a lesson- let your teacher know beforehand and chase up any sheets/notes you missed. if they offer revision sessions- make sure you go. if you don’t understand something- find them and ask! make the most of them whilst you can!!!
  • keep a beautiful folder!! try to take pride in your work and maintain an organised folder/file for each subject. maybe designate 5 minutes every day after school for organising your folder (i find dividers and page tabs to be very useful) as this will save your life when looking for that one sheet during revision, and will also impress your teachers- remember they’ll be the ones summarising your character/strengths when it comes to ucas references so be sure to show interest and dedication.

I know I’ve made enough of these compilation videos, but just one more, I swear.

I like to call this one “History of the Society for Arcane Sciences”.

(the audio fluctuates just so you know)


  1. That’s Your Horoscope for Today - Weird Al Yankovic (yes I had another idea)
  2. history of japan - Bill Wurtz
  3. Set Fire To The Rain - Adele
  4. Little Too Close - WRLD feat. Veronika Redd
  5. Misses Glass - Leona Lewis
  6. Careless Whisper - George Michael
Being parents: Namjin
  • <p> <b>Namjin:</b> *Gets called into school for their "children" and their "disturbances"*<p/><b>Principle:</b> Thank you for coming today. Let me start by saying, you have lovely kids.<p/><b>Jin:</b> Oh, well thank yo-<p/><b>Principle:</b> But,<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> Aw shit, here we go...<p/><b>Jin:</b> *swats Namjoon on the shoulder* Namjoon!<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> Shit, sorry.<p/><b>Principle:</b> *Side eyes Namjoon* Anyway, They seem to be causing quite a few issues.<p/><b>Jin:</b> Like?<p/><b>Principle:</b> Well, your second oldest ran from science today screaming like a mad man. He was to dissect a frog for class, but when the "nasty, clammy son of a bitch" touched him, he kindly removed himself from the building.<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> .....<p/><b>Jin:</b> Uh. Hobi, H-he's kind of a scary guy. He fears his own shadow if it comes from weird angle. 😅<p/><b>Principle:</b> 😒. Uh huh. Well the youngest seems to be having a hard time concentrating in math class. He seem very disinterested and overly tired. Everytime someone wakes him from his little impromptu naps, he startles, screaming nonsense about widowmakers and ranking systems.<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> Ha....Overwatch.<p/><b>Principle:</b> What?<p/><b>Jin:</b> Im going to kill him 💢<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> Calm down Jinnie 😓. Its a game he plays. And he has been told by Jin here to stop playing so late, but apparently he hasn't listened 😅<p/><b>Principle:</b> I'd say. He doesn't have the best example either. Your oldest seems to enjoy in class snooze sessions also. Actually took one today during a quiz. When the teacher went to wake him and explain that tests are important, he responded with *clears throat* And I qoute " I don't give a shit, I don't give a fuck. Tests are lame, who needs them when you are a billboard artist. Swag" and went back to sleep.<p/><b>Jin:</b> 😲<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> *Mutters under breath* Thats my boy 😢<p/><b>Principle:</b> 😐. Anyway thats somehow slightly better than the middle child.<p/><b>Jin:</b> Oh god...<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> Woah woah woah. Wait. Jimin?<p/><b>Principle:</b> Yes.<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> What could my sweet little mochi possibly do wrong?<p/><b>Jin:</b> *rolls eyes*<p/><b>Principle:</b> Well, today was show and tell in his class, and when called for his turn, he proceeded to tear his shirt off and pour baby oil down his chest.<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> He wh-<p/><b>Principle:</b> *Holds up hand* He then dropped down onto the floor, and ground into it while singing in a whiny tone about "taking it down"?<p/><b>Jin:</b> Yeah, that sounds like him.<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> *glares at Jin* W-well, what about the other one?! Tae is in his class, what did he do?<p/><b>Jin:</b> Absolutely nothing! Taehyung is an angel.<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> *mumbles* In disguise...<p/><b>Jin:</b> *glares at Namjoon*<p/><b>Principle:</b> *looks at the two bicker like children* Well, Tae-<p/><b>Jin:</b> Yeah, tell me about Taehyungie, how did his presentation for show and tell go?<p/><b>Principle:</b> I would tell you, but he didn't do one.<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> Ha!<p/><b>Jin:</b> *elbows Namjoon* What do you mean he didn't do one? we talked about this last night, I even let him bring in my 400.00 ring he likes so much 😔<p/><b>Principle:</b> You mean the ring he boasted about all morning, along with some apparently pretty pricy sunglasses? He disturbed instruction time greatly. Then when he was called for his turn for show and tell, his wrist watch, which he insisted on telling me was a Rolex, went off and he dashed out of class. When I chased after him and asked just where he thought he was going, he just kept running while yelling "SALE" and "GUCCI, CANT MISS IT"<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> *Smugly* Yeah, that sounds like him.<p/><b>Principle:</b> *Sighs* Anyway, we called to ask you to pick them up. Well, everyone except Taehyung, he hasn't returned...<p/><b>Jin:</b> We'll get him. I know where he is 😑<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> Uh, well. Thanks for letting us know *holds out hand*<p/><b>Principle:</b> *Takes hand and shakes it* Thank you for coming. I really hope we see a change Mr. Kims<p/><b>Namjin:</b> We are really sorry, you will see a change immediately *leaves office*<p/><b>Principle:</b> *hears Jin shouting at the boys outside the office*<p/><b>Jin:</b> Yah! Why are you all like this! I raised you all since I wa-<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> Babe, calm-Ow!<p/><b>Principle:</b> 😕 What an odd bunch...<p/></p>
Bad Luck ~Part 2

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Here is part two, enjoy your reading :D


-2 412 words

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi

Genre: High school AU

~You go the library with Yoongi.~

prologue, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8 , part 9, part 10

It had been a couple of days and you hadn’t spoken to Yoongi about your project yet. You didn’t want to and you were pushing back the day you would have to talk to him the furthest you could. You had seen him in history but you did your best to ignore him, he didn’t even seem to realise that you were there, and that was fine by you. Every time you saw his face all you seemed to remember was your lips surrounding his throbbing cock and his low moans as he tugged your hair and you would blush straight away. Today you had science, you thought about pretending to be sick but you would have to face him one day or another so you decided to be brave and you went. You were one of the last ones in the classroom and there he was, he was already sat down talking to the girls behind you. He had a smug grin on his face and the girls he was talking to looked ridiculous, they were desperate and didn’t even try to hide it. You sat down in disgust of the sight laid before your eyes and got your stuff out. The teacher came in and Yoongi finally turned around, you were surprised he didn’t even talk to you or tease you like last time. You felt like you were completely invisible and it kind of hurt your ego, you were the one ignoring him not the other way around. The lesson went on without any incidents and when the bell rang he got up and left as if nothing ever happened. You didn’t quite understand his change of attitude but after all last time you were both drunk you didn’t really know what you were expecting. Instead of getting all worked up you brushed it off and went back to see Hoseok.

You were both eating. You still hadn’t told him about this whole situation you were too embarrassed about what had happened. You were supposed to be Hoseoks innocent and shy friend you couldn’t just tell him out of the blue that you had sucked someone off last time. It wasn’t just any someone too, it was Yoongi one of the fuckboys, and apparently also Hobi’s friend which only made this situation 10 times worse. You were happily eating your lunch with Hobi and a few other friends and suddenly Yoongi came up to you.

“Hey, you know we have to work on that project at on point.”

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One of the photos of my graduation from The University of Edinburgh Hogwarts.

Star Trek: Age of Wonder by RobinsGirlWonder

A Romulan warbird scrapples with the Enterprise during a routine survey of a mysteriously untraceable planet. When the captain leads an away team to the surface and is shot down, he finds himself face to face with no less than an angel. An angel who knows his face, but not his name.

Read the Teaser to Episode One: The Champion of Themyscira

On AO3 HERE (will eventually go to M)

On HERE (T rated chapters only) 

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Cover art by @wife-shaped-husband

And also included in the CUT BELOW

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Jealousy - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Request: Hi can I please have a stiles imagine where the reader and stiles have been dating for 2 years now and he starts ignoring her and she doesn’t know why. But then they have a fight because he is jealous of her and Theo doing a science project together but the reader hates Theo. She reassures stiles in many ways that she loves him. (Btw little character trait that reader has is her heart flutters every time stiles mentioned that he is her boyfriend)

A/N: I don’t know how I feel about this one, I’ve kinda had writers block lately but I’m hoping it’s gone for now? Anyway I hope you like it!

“Hey Stiles,” you breathe out into your phone “It’s me again, jus-just call me back ok?” You hung up the phone and headed back over to the table where Theo was sitting. 

“Trouble in paradise?” Theo laughed, twirling his pen in his hand. You ignored him and sat down in your seat at the dining table. “C’mon Y/N, I can make you feel better” Theo’s arm slipped around your shoulders. You quickly removed his arm and turned to look at him.

“Theo, I will never want to do anything with you. The only reason we are doing this project together is because I couldn’t swap partners. So you are gonna put in an effort and we are going to finish this on time and I can only hope we get a B. Are we clear?” Your voice was stern and Theo held your gaze for a moment before he turned to the table and started writing. You smiled at a defeated Theo and began to work on your presentation for your class.

It had been two weeks since you started your science project with Theo and it was due today. You had both been working together every day, even weekends, and honestly you were sick of him. But the worst part of the whole thing was that you had barely seen or spoke to Stiles for the past 2 weeks. He wouldn’t return your calls or texts and out of nowhere Scott and Stiles had disappeared for a few days.

You were just about to head to your science class when you saw Stiles at his locker at the end of the hall. You quickly rushed over to him and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Hey, where have you been?” Stiles turned to face you. You were kind of annoyed at him because he had basically ghosted you for the past few weeks but you were mainly worried about him.

“We were just away dealing with some pack stuff,” he mumbled and turned back to his locker to grab some books. 

“You kinda went off the grid Stiles, I was worried” you placed your hand on his shoulder. “I’ve missed you, it’s been boring without you.” You gave him a soft smile.

“I’m sure you’ve been busy with Theo.” He closed his locker and began walking down the hall.

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Partnered (Stark!Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Word Count: 1263

Summary: The reader and Pietro have a very love-hate relationship that continues to keep them guessing as time goes on. And now, the two have been deemed partners for a new mission.

A/N: (okay let’s do this again) SO I love this and there will definitely be a part two because I can’t stop and I won’t stop! I hope you all enjoy!

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*INTP talking to ESFJ about being emotional*

ESFJ: It’s really hard, you know? I love my family. Even if they don’t love me as much. And…I’ve learnt not to hold hope for them.

INTP: Okay….and that’s bad?

ESFJ: Yes! Because if I don’t have hope, so that means I don’t have expectations to be disappointed about. But if I don’t, then they can’t make me feel happy!

INTP: But….you’re exempt from disappointment permanently for one part of your life. You can find happiness somewhere else along the way, somewhere in your life, in another time and place.

ESFJ: Yeah, but – *frustrated and looks like she’s about to cry* – I love them. I don’t want to shut the door on them like that.

INTP: Don’t think it as shutting the door then. Think of it as locking it, and they can ask you for the key whenever you’re ready and whenever they are as well.

ESFJ: Logic doesn’t help me here! Just….let me complain for a bit. I know that sounds unreasonable, but only for a while.

INTP: *extremely confused about why would ESFJ come to INTP to ramble if she didn’t expect or wanted advice*

INTP: *feel frustrated and in a rare momennt, is affected by ESFJs sadness*

ESFJ: *continues to ramble on about her family problems*

INTP: *tunes out ESFJ*

INTP: *kind of wants to cry but can’t*

INTP: *ends up suppressing emotions until she becomes not a good friend by being sarcastic and dry….basically her default state as a friend, while ESFJ glares and tells her to be quiet*

INTP, thinking: (Oh fuck, this is insensitive. Why am I like this. ESFJ needs me to be nice. Oh shit. Stop making pickup lines in your head, idiot. No, we don’t have science today. Stop thinking about that. And. Focus.)

ESFJ: *ends rambling* ….and yeah. That’s it. What do you think? Am I exaggerating about my cousin?

INTP: (What the fuck? When did she go into cousins?)

INTP: *under a fit of pressure and stupidity laughs untuk her stomach hurts*

INTP: *softly, to herself as she stops laughing* I want to die.