your sacrifice is so big

My Dearest Sister,

Bethany writes a letter to her sister hoping to explain her feelings.

Another rewrite of something old into something kinda new! 

Canon material mixed with headcanon because I always sort of wished Bethany wrote more when she sends you that letter. Happy Reading~

My Dearest Sister,

I hope this letter finds you well. Our family name still holds weight in Kirkwall, I suspect it’s the only reason the Templars allow me to write–others aren’t so fortunate.

My time in the Circle has been bearable, even after the Templar made a point of putting me through the Harrowing as soon as I arrived. They thought I was at risk of possession or running away like Father. Glad it’s over with.

It feels good to stop running.

I still think about the day I left, the day you came home and saw the Templars waiting for me; you were so scared.  

The fear took all the color from your face and it reminded me of the day I’d lost you at the Marketplace. Do you remember that? It wasn’t your fault. You were holding my hand so I wouldn’t get lost in the crowd, it was me who you go. Maker, that was a mistake. I couldn’t see you over all the people, everything was so loud and unfamiliar to me, but I wasn’t afraid; I knew you’d come for me.

It’s been your job to protect me since the day Carver and I were born, you’ve always been so brave so I didn’t have to be.

But I can’t hold your hand forever Big Sister; you’ve made so many sacrifices, you’ve done so many horrible things to protect me. I had to stop you. I know you’d have fought but I couldn’t watch you ruin your life for me, not again.

You didn’t want me to find out, I know that, so I pretended not to know what you were doing. But all that blood? It’s on my hands too. All those people, all the friends you could have had, the normal life you could have lived, it was all sacrificed for me.

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Carrie Underwood lyrics for Star Signs

Aries:  I don’t wanna spend my life jaded, waiting

Taurus: Here I am just staring at this candle burning out

Gemini:  Play on ‘cause you’re gonna make mistakes, it’s always worth the sacrifice

Cancer:  The world’s so big, it can break your heart, and you just want to help, not sure where to start

Leo: Lock up all your love and go and throw away the key

Virgo: Even I’m surprised how easy sweet revenge rolls off my lips

Libra:  We claimed the brightest star and we, we came so far

Scorpio:  There’s a lot of wonder left inside of me and you, thank God even crazy dreams come true

Sagittarius:  If we leave tonight and drive fast enough, all of our troubles will be just like us, long gone

Capricorn:  Thank God for hometowns, first kisses and touchdowns

Aquarius:  I’m thankful, for every break in my heart, I’m grateful, for every scar

Pisces:  You shine like a diamond, glitter like gold