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Anonymous said: could you write a Cora Hale x female reader imagine where they are cuddlig and the pack walk in on the but they have fallen asleep

A/N: Heya, lovely! Of course I can do this one for you! I really love Cora Hale, so this was really enjoyable for me to write! Please enjoy what I have come up with, and thanks so so sooo much for your request! - Admin Kat 💟

Imagine: Cuddling with Cora Hale and falling asleep, only for the pack to walk in to find the pair of you curled up together.

 All of your awareness had been gulped up ferociously by the warm strong arms that encased you comfortably. The duo’s breathing was sweetly tranquil, growing more soothed by the moment as you both drifted off to a slumber so peaceful, it was almost unheard of. Untrue.
 The pack shuffled in, one by one, as boisterous as ever; However, there was nothing in all of reality that could disturb the pair of you, snuggled on the couch in Derek’s loft. “Whoa!” Isaac interrupts the blabbering of the pack; and his stillness, silence, is mimicked by each member of the pack.
 Derek’s brows perked up with true interest at his little sister snuggled next to your peaceful being, arms wrapped around you like her long-lost teddy-bear from her infant years. A sneaky simper drew across his face as he lifted up his phone, snapping a picture.
 "What’re you doing?“ Stiles hissed at Derek, in fear of Cora’s wrath.
 "Getting my black mail material.” Derek grinned ruthlessly.

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pipermccloud  asked:

So, how did you think Ash and Undertaker met?

….oh my god whoops I have had this in here a week and forgot to answer it :’(

I see a few ways they could meet, actually, but probably the most likely is either during nobility business (Undy’s been part of the Villainous Nobles for ages, implying that he’s nobility of some kind, and therefore might attend some of the same events that you’d see Ash–the queen’s spokesman, of a sort–at). The second is through Ciel, on one of his cases.

I can possibly see the Queen sending Ash to get some kind of information out of Undy, and Ash (who… really has no sense of humor) having to keep coming back to try to get a laugh out of Undy. Eventually he just… comes back to see Undy.

He’s a bit horrified that he finds this weird man attractive.

anonymous asked:

This question is a little outside of the blog's purview, but I was curious about something. What are some "unnoticed" fics (maybe by your favorite authors) that you think more people should read? (I'd appreciate if you could go light on the Sterek on this one.)

No worries bb, your request is well within our scope!  Anastasia and I (as well as a few other peeps) have made a list of fics which we all like, but somehow never caught on with the masses.  Enjoy!  -Emmy

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Firmly Clasped by ya3ani 

(2,817 I Explicit I Complete)  *Boyd/Stiles/Derek

Boyd and Derek facefuck Stiles.

Stiles loves it, suffice to say.

Killing Me Softly by foxesandowls 

(3,837 I Explicit I Complete)  *Steter

Stiles had been at it for a while, and he’d tried a few different things, but so far, nothing had worked, and Peter was still alive. This is problem for Stiles, because in the grand scheme of things, Peter needed to die.

A Fever Moon by morphosyntactic 

(4,649 I Explicit I Complete)  *Stiles/Danny

Danny has only ever been human, and he’s pretty sure there’s meant to be some kind of rule, an unwritten moral code of the gay scene: you are not obligated to be every straight boy’s experiment, you should leave them to work through their confusion alone. The thing is, though, Danny is one of just two guys who are out and proud in the whole school. Beacon Hills is a small town.

Baby It’s Cold Outside by startwithsparks 

(5,919 I Explicit I Complete)  *Steter

Peter has been trying to get Stiles alone again for a while, and after a pack dinner, he gets the perfect opportunity to finally have what he wants.

You Were There And So Was I by magneticwave 

(8,683 I Teen I Complete)  *Argent twins Stiles and Allison

For their tenth birthday, Stiles had gotten Allison a mug from a kiosk at the mall with AREN’T YOU GLAD WE EVOLVED OUT OF NEIGHBORING CELLS on one side and a picture from their school trip to the zoo, the one where Allison was hitting a goat trying to eat Stiles’ shirt, on the other. It’s such a metaphor for their entire existence that Allison puts it on the mantle of every subsequent house that they live in, next to their parents’ wedding portrait.

Victory Rush by Boy_On_Strings 

(10,246 I Explicit I Complete)  *Scott/Stiles/Jackson

On the bus on the way back from an away game Jackson starts something that quickly gets out of hand.

The Check List (Series) by Rrrowr 

(10,467 I Explicit I Series WIP)   *Steter

Peter and Stiles develop a friends with benefits kind of relationship where Peter helps Stiles experience a series of firsts, one by one.

Thousands of Others Like You by Llama 

(10,951 I Explicit I Complete)  *Steter

It wasn’t a big deal. Stiles would just have this thing with Peter so he wasn’t heading off to college completely inexperienced, and then when they weren’t thrown together all the time it’d be over. Simple.

Vocational Hazards by MostFacinorous 

(15,783 I Explicit I Complete)  *Sterek, but it’s PRIESTS WOOO

Priests-in-training AU

Stiles and Derek are enrolled in the seminary that Father Peter runs.

The Customer by ToyBoxOfSuz 

(16,986 I Explicit I Complete)  *Steter

Stiles works as an ‘unofficial escort’ and he has a pain in the ass customer Peter Hale.

Subjunctive by LizaPod 

(24,335 I Explicit I WIP)  *Harris/Stiles, Derek/Stiles

And then Stiles.

Stiles fucking Stilinski walks back into Adrian’s classroom on the second day of his sophomore year and it’s as though a veil has been lifted from Adrian’s eyes and wrapped around his throat to throttle him instead. He’d barely noticed the loud-mouthed twerp last year, except to grudgingly acknowledge that the kid had good grades and potential if he’d ever sit the fuck down and stop trying to drag his moron of a friend along with him. And now he is the incarnation of all of Adrian’s repressed ephebephilic desires, from sarcastic, beautiful mouth to fingers that are as jittery and animated as his sharp little mind.

The Familiar Chronicles by ToyBoxOfSuz 

(42,927 I Explicit I Complete)   *Steter

Magic is real. Peter is an awful familiar. Stiles is a beginner in magic and casts a life threatening spell…