your reality is your choice

A Touch of Magic

Pairing: Young!John x Reader

Request: Can you do a Reader x young!john but the reader has magic/is a witch and doesn’t know how to tell John so she talks to an angel and John is upset because he can feel something is wrong/she doesn’t talk to him as much? Thanks!! Hope you have a good day x

Warnings: A touch of fluff, ANGST, major character death.

Word Count: 1,147

A/N: I’m so sorry this is garbage writing. And to the anon who requested it I apologize I highly doubt this is what you wanted. I feel bad, and almost deleted this thing but here it is.

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Magic was going to be your undoing. It had never been your choice in all reality. You had the unfortunate mishap of being born with magic. You had never necessarily embraced it but you also didn’t turn your back on it either. And now it was going to ruin your one shot at happiness. You had finally found a man that loved you and you loved in return. And for any normal person that wouldn’t be a problem, but you weren’t normal. John Winchester knew nothing of magic or the supernatural world. Therefor he didn’t know about your secret.

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You create your own reality. You know one self, better than any other individual. You teach people, how to treat you. What you will, or will not tolerate. When it is all said and done, people learn from you, how to treat you. You have to own your power, to be nothing less, than whom you aspire to be. Your authentic self. You walk, with the confidence and strength that God has given. Allow your intellect to be a powerful, undeniable, potent weapon. It will set your standard, to create your own reality. Fear must become a choice, which you are unwilling to accept. Allowance of anything less, than you desire, is giving your power away! Not the taking of but freely given.
—  My Mother (Valerie Stallworth Stephens)