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Personal accounts, artwork, poetry, critical essays, or other pieces on the topic of “How right wing religious fundamentalism helps create the conditions which lead to dis-identification with the female sex.” Priority will be given largely or exclusively to pieces by those who have experienced this directly. Open to submissions from anyone born female and/or born with an intersex condition and raised as a girl, regardless of gender identity or lack of gender identity.

-You may submit up to 5 pieces
-Each piece should be a maximum of 3 pages long
-Deadline: January 1, 2018

Send submissions to autotomouswomynspress at–note, that word is autoTomous, not autonomous. Autotomous, as in, creatures that regenerate their limbs after a trauma.

Thank you!

Question Of Mortality

Edward Cullen imagine requested by anon! “Yo what up… could you pretty please write an imagine where the reader decides not to turn, Edward wasn’t pressuring her at all, but she concludes that she’s happy with this one life. And he completely supports her and promises to love her till she dies. Literally. And it’s just so fluffy, with lots of kisses and the most gentlemanly Edward. But like a little angst cuz that’s like a huge decision. Basically I’d like for her to remain human,but still love Edward more than anything. Thanks babe!” Hope you like it!

WARNING: This imagine alludes briefly (and mostly in vague reference) to Edward’s Volterra plans in the fashion of the first chapters of New Moon.

It wasn’t presented as a question, the lack or presence of your fragile mortality; Edward had been very careful with his wording when the subject was brought to your attention. With his hands in his lap, slender fingers toying with a fraying strand of denim that had separated from the edge of a tear at your crossed knee, he had spoken of your upcoming birthday. His butterscotch eyes had remained on the fabric, feigning unfathomable intrigue as he casually inquired as to what you might be wanting on such a spectacular occasion as the anniversary of your birth. It was unlike him to avoid your eye when he spoke; he was very much in love with your eyes, and continuously brought up their otherworldly beauty, sounding very much the Romeo type as he sang their praises. He exaggerated frequently. Still, he voiced his supposedly absentminded (though he rarely ever acted without first thinking) reminder of your aging body, without once meeting your eye, and allowed his simple words to begin their workings within your head. When you were quiet, he lifted his gaze, his golden eyes wandering over your face before finally locking on yours. His face was nearly empty of all emotion, vulnerable in the simplicity of his expression, waiting for you to set the mood. When he spoke, he spoke with a voice just supported enough to reach your ears, his velvet tone carried to your heart on a whisper, his lips curling in a sideways grin.

“Don’t even try to tell me you don’t want a present. You ought to be celebrated. Another year alive, especially considering the company you keep, is no small feat.” You dropped your gaze, watching as Edwards hand slipped seamlessly to your palm, his fingers lacing with yours. His temperature was noticeably cooler than your own, glinting dimly as the evening sunlight shone through the glass that stood as his fourth wall. You traced your fingertips along the backside of his hand, running over bone that had calcified and strengthened a century ago, over skin that was impenetrable by any means other than the teeth of his immortal enemies. You flipped his hand over, detaching yourself from him save the contact you kept with your fingers, tracing along the smooth lines of his palm, winding down to his wrist, and pausing briefly where his pulse ought to be. You found no such beating, no telltale thrumming of life… and yet he sat before you as mobile and lively as any regular man. Edward’s perceptive eyes, amplified by the venom that coursed through his system, caught your hesitation, noting the location your fingertips had lingered just a second longer than they had the rest of his hand. He pursed his lips, his eyes calling out for your own and receiving no reaction. “Still don’t have one, I’m afraid,” he whispered, speaking cautiously. When next you spoke, you spoke without hesitation, a burning question on your mind screaming with all intensity to be heard aloud.

“Do you want me to be turned?” He froze, as only a vampire could, his hand resting in your palm more like a fragmented statue than a man. Your eyes found his, finding his face unchanged, remaining blank to avoid pushing you in one direction or the other. He was as neutral as they came, Switzerland in the flesh, his snowy skin and frigid temperature further proof. Your silence clung to the air like dewdrops on grass, your words hanging in uncharted territory, untouched by man, beast, and everything in between. Your breath polluted the air like carbon, lingering heavily, suffocatingly, in the space between your chests. “Edward, do you want me to become a vampire?” You repeated, your choice words allowing no misinterpretation. He thawed slightly at the word, but he didn’t move to speak. Again, you tried for an answer, hoping your insistence would provoke a response. “Edward, do you want me to become a vampire?” He shifted some before you, turning your hand in his until your roles were reversed, his icy fingertip tracing the grooves of your palm, his lips parting as he prepared to speak.

“I only want you to be happy, Y/n. The choice is yours. I host no preferences other than remaining by your side,” his eyes bored into yours, his golden irises gleaming like polishes copper. “As long as you’ll have me, of course.” You rolled your eyes at his unbiased reply, pulling your hand easily from his hold, though you knew he could have kept you there without so much as flexing a muscle.

“That’s not what I asked you, Edward. I didn’t ask if you wanted me happy or unhappy, or if you thought for a second that I might send you away on a whim. This is quite possibly the worst time you could have selected to beat around the bush. I asked you, very specifically I might add, if you wanted me to become a vampire. The answer is a lot simpler than you’re making it seem.” Edward paused, his eyes searching quickly for open routes through which to approach the conversation without so much as hinting at his partiality to specific outcomes and opinions.

“It’s not about what I want, Y/n. It’s your mortality we’re discussing, not mine. And before you make another dig about how I haven’t answered your question properly… if I had the choice, Y/n, I can honestly tell you that I don’t have a preference. In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to change for me. We would both grow old together, get married and have children like regular people, we’d be buried by those children side by side, our bones would torn to dust and we’d be forgotten… but I do not have the luxury of such a choice. I know what this… life,” he chose the word tentatively, hyper-aware of the impact his words would have on your ability to decide, “has to offer. I know the upsides and the struggles rather well. I also remember my human life, the joys and memories, the process of aging. It is not my decision whether or not you remain human. I don’t ever want to see you go through the pain of transformation, nor do I want to rob you of a naturally progressing human life. If that means I live by your side in the public eye as a boyfriend, a husband, a brother, a son, a grandson even, I’m more than happy to do it. I signed up for you, for every variation of you, every stage of your life. If you don’t want that life for us, if you wish to be a part of this family in a more… permanent sense, I have my conditions.” You pursed your lips, your brain hardly working beyond the sense to comprehend the words as they flew from Edward’s rosy lips.

“Which would be?” you questioned, eager to keep your mind off of the conclusion you could feel drawing up from deep within your chest. Edward grinned, leaning forward to press his lips to your cheekbone, his lips hovering just beside your ear. He breathed his response, his cool breath raising the hairs along the back of your neck.

“I’d like to marry you, first. You’d be a Cullen before you were a Cullen, if you catch my drift. Also, I hear matrimony is an excellent method of testing whether or not you’re content to be forever tied to another person. It seems… a natural approach in my mind. I’d also get to buy you something for your birthday, or the anniversary of your birthday after you stop aging, and you wouldn’t be allowed to complain.” You lifted your eyebrow, wordlessly asking whether or not he had the nerve to continue. He beamed at you, but his smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. He was holding something back from you. You held his gaze, waiting for him to speak his mind, daring him to remain quiet. Edward inhaled slowly, his expression falling a fraction of an inch. “You wouldn’t be able to have children, of course. Either route you choose, if you decide to stay with me, your genetic line will disintegrate. Your parents won’t see your grandchildren. That is, of course, a hazard of this relationship… but if you were to change, you wouldn’t be able to carry a child. When the body is frozen in this way, never changing, it becomes impossible. At least, as a human, you could… conceive… just not with me.” You perked up in your seat, your hand on his shoulder both steadying yourself and pushing him away.

“How is that even a thought? You think I’d throw everything away to have a kid? That I’d want a child, someone else’s child? Edward, I’d only want a child, or… children, if you were the father. It’s not enough that they’d be mine. How can you even think-” Edward spoke up, cutting you off.

“You’d be surprised. If Rosalie found out that she could have a child, but that Emmett wouldn’t be the father, I’m almost certain she’d jump at the opportunity. Ideally, the child would be hers and Emmett’s, genetically at least, but she may even bend for Emmett to have a child without her. I’m not sure the mother would live long afterwards, what with Rose’s theatrics and her paranoia, but… it might surprise you, Y/n, and I’d rather you thought about it now and weighed your options than see you mourn children you’re unable to bring into the world fifty years from now.” You were finding it difficult to speak as the reality of your choice polluted your mind. You were thankful, at least for now, that Edward had sworn-off reading your mind completely, that you had made such a fuss of his habits that he would be beside himself with guilt if he so much as peeked inside your mind.

“Edward… what would you do if… if I decided to stay human, hypothetically… what would you do when I died?” He spoke so quickly that it startled you, his words flowing completely void of hesitation.

“I suppose I would travel to Volterra, lift a car over my head, and wait for the Volturi to descend. I might provoke a nomad or two. Maybe Rosalie would put me out of my misery if I tore a chunk out of her hair.” A steady hiss sounded from the floor below you, a threatening reminder that the vampire in question could hear your every word. Edward rolled his eyes, smirking in your direction. “I’m sure you’ll convince me otherwise with some sort of deathbed promise, which I would be duty-bound to obey. In truth, Carlisle would never let me do anything of the sort. I suppose I’d be stuck here, miserable, until I crumbled to pieces,” his playful expression faded immediately when he saw the depth behind your eyes.

“I… I think I want to stay human. I don’t know if I can… I’m not sure I could risk, I don’t know, killing someone, or staying inside when it’s light out. I don’t know, Edward, I just… I’m going to have to bury my parents either way, I know, but to be unable to attend their funeral because I had to fake my own death? Or watching my family grow old from a distance, being unable to reach out and touch them because I might snap their neck? And, God, don’t you ever wonder what you would’ve looked like at twenty? Thirty, forty, seventy? And the children… I know it isn’t possible for us, Edward, but who says we can’t adopt, have it be ours in a little way, not just mine and… some stranger from a sperm bank? Would it be so bad to have one lifetime together?” He smiled dimly, content for the moment to see you preserve your human life but internally at war with your decision.

“I’d love you either way. There’s nothing you could do to sway my affections in a negative manner, nothing you could say to me that would send me away. Until your dying breath, I will love each and every part of you, each line and wrinkle that creases your skin, every step and breath you take. I’m yours until the very end, Y/n. The amount of time we have together is limitless either way. Esme will be distraught, though, so don’t go telling her just yet. She might like pretending to be your sister down the road.” You smiled warmly, watching his butterscotch eyes pool with love as he looked upon your face. You crawled forward into his arms, your lips meeting fluidly with his own, your hands winding around his solid, unchanging neck as you melted into his embrace. Edward’s lips traveled down your neck, along your jawline, over the edges of your cheekbones and over your eyelids, his hands ravishing your waist as he moved to your forehead and dropped swiftly back to your mouth. When finally you parted, your breath rushing in like water from a broken floodgate, your heart hammering within your chest, you found enough space to mutter a few words before Edward had descended on your lips once more.

“When I die, I need you alive to write every single memory we shared down, Edward. I don’t care if it’s a thousand pages or ten thousand pages. You’re not going anywhere until you’ve got journals stacked to the ceilings and our story is finished. Ten years, twenty years, or two years after my death, Edward Cullen, I want you to be so happy looking back on those memories that you forget you ever thought about provoking Rosalie Hale-” his lips crashed against yours, his smile present even with his mouth pressed so firmly against your own, his whispered oath of “I love you, I love you,” spoken at every opportunity, stolen between breaths, your heart as alive in your chest as his was not. Hopefully, you thought, you would remain this way for your small slice of forever.

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tbh tho, i blame most of Aang's character towards Katara on those bryke assholes. Like if Ehasz had continued to writer at the front of everything then i bet SO MUCH WOULDVE BEEN BETTER ugh

Well, of course— you can’t ‘blame’ Aang for his behavior as his behavior is the product of the creators and writers. However, for the sake of critiquing ATLA (or any media), it only makes sense to pinpoint character actions, rather than washing your hands of negative behaviors portrayed in a relationship and chalking it up to bad writing. The reason for critiquing is to create better writing in the future— and thereby create better characters who properly display respect for one each other.

That’s not to say I don’t agree with your comment, however. Based on various analyses I’ve read, I dare say Bryke were largely in control of Aang and were extremely adverse to any development that hinted at a separation between Aang and Katara. To them, Katara was a prize for Aang’s feats as the Avatar,. This was clearly illustrated by the many advances Aang made towards her, his efforts growing particularly aggressive before monumental battles.

Even more so, Bryke’s opinion of Katara as a mere reward was further demonstrated by her lack of voice on the matter of Kataang. Every interaction between Aang and Katara was overwhelmingly told through his eyes. From beginning, Aang looked at her through rose-colored lenses. He put her on a pedestal, believed she was perfect, and thereby only saw perfection in her. She was not free to be herself around him, unless the version of herself being portrayed was that of a nurturing mother. Any romantic connection between them was never voiced by her and rarely made evident, but for the few and far between blushes that came in Season One (The Fortune Teller, and The Headband). Other than these instances, most advances made by Aang were either rejected (which he chose to ignore and kiss her anyways— Ember Island Players, or he lashed out violently— Love Is A Battlefield) or Katara moved on without a second thought (The Cave of Two Lovers) or looked aside with a downcast grimace (The Day of Black Sun & Ember Island Players).

For me, the evidence of Bryke’s distaste for any opinions from Katara was made abundantly clear in The Fortune Teller. Aang receives an ambiguous fortune of a great struggle, of his tremendous destiny, and is prominently displayed as the hero of the entire episode, despite it being Sokka’s wit that saved the village.

On the flip side, Katara has her entire life laid out before her, from how many children she will have, to when she will pass away. Additionally, she is told she will marry a ‘very powerful bender.’ At a glance, this could be loose enough— a powerful bender could mean anyone, from Haru to Aang to Zuko. Even Toph and Azula fit into this prediction!

However, the final comment from Sokka, after Aang’s amazing display of airbending and his saving of the day—

Sokka, appearing amazed: “Wow, that kid is one powerful bender”
Katara, looking shocked: “What did you say?”
Sokka, shrugging: “Nothing. Aang’s just a really powerful bender.”
Katara, blushing and looking amazed: “I suppose he is.”

—sealed the deal regarding Bryke’s view of Katara.

In a show centered around shaping your world, finding your destiny, and creating a better reality, Katara was given no choice in her future whatsoever. There was no mention of her future as a master at fourteen. There was no promise of her destiny as the greatest waterbender, bloodbender, and healer. Her aid in training the Oh So Powerful Bender, her victory over Azula, her saving of the world’s only hope at a decent Fire Lord— not mentioned. She was to marry Aang, she was to be amazed by him, and she was to have three children, then die from old age. And if LOK is any indication, without other writers in the picture, Katara may as well have been a side note in ATLA, too.

Another side note: Even Sokka’s fortune is ambiguous and vague (He will face a lot of misfortune or whatever, as most of it is his own doing—- nothing different from what we all already expected given his development at that point in the story and Meng’s destiny is simply to marry a man with big ears. This showed an extreme preference for males having more say in their destiny over females. Males were to do great things, romantics aside. Females were simply to marry, all their value coming from their spouse.

Meanwhile the Ehasz couple had a large hand in Zuko’s characterization and Aaron Ehasz was responsible for the development of Katara into a WOC feminist icon (not to mention, the existence of Toph and Azula). Had Aaron been allowed complete control, or at least, enough to affect the shipping, we would’ve seen a slightly more pronounced development of Zutara and the natural rifts that appeared in Kataang would’ve been expanded. Furthermore, Season Three would not have been such a jumbled mess of will they or won’t they between Aang and Katara.

Aaron had respect for all the characters affected by his writing— unlike Bryke. He did not godmod one character, put down the rest to further pronounce one character’s heroics, and he not force a pairing together with little to no say from one side of said pairing. His respect for the characters can be demonstrated in a similar fashion that I illustrated Bryke’s disrespect: by referring to the Ehasz’s preferred ship and the interactions between both parties.

For the sake of keeping this concise, let’s ignore Katara and Zuko’s time as mutually respected and challenging enemies, and skip straight to their conversation below Ba Sing Se.

It was what, five minutes? Five minutes of Katara yelling and raging and Zuko sitting there in silence. It took five minutes for the viewer to gain the background story of the necklace, her mother’s death, and her anger towards the Fire Nation. I don’t want to say it was because she felt safe with Zuko, but I will say it was because she felt he would understand her anger. If nothing else, he was just someone who would listen to her, unlike everyone else in her life at that point.

Surprisingly, Zuko sympathized with her and opened up about his own background. Of everyone who knew, or I assumed knew, it was Zuko— her enemy— that said “Hey, I get it, and I’m sorry.”  He listened. He responded. He understood.

Wasn’t it Ehasz himself who said no one got katara like Zuko, and vice versa?

It can be argued that Aang understood her loss— he lost his entire culture, I would hope he understood Katara’s feelings— but how much can one know if he never asks?

From the very beginning, so much of the dynamic between Katara and Aang was her sheltering him from the reality and the pain of the world’s current state. She softly hinted that the airbenders had disappeared. She tried to hide evidence of the Fire Nation at the Southern Temple. She coddled him in the desert and held the group together as he fell apart. After every loss and every battle, she uplifted him, helped him, and focused solely on what he was feeling and what they needed to do moving forward.

Never once did Aang return the favor. Yes, he was kind. Yes, he was thoughtful. He did make her a replacement necklace. He did happily surprise her with the regained betrothal necklace. He did make an effort to help her learn waterbending in the North Pole. But the things that mattered, the deep things, the burning things…

Hey Katara, I know you lost your necklace. What did it mean to you?
Hey Katara, I know you lost your mother. Tell me about her.
Hey Katara, I know you’re upset with your father. What’s wrong?
Hey Katara, I know you’re afraid of losing me. Does it hurt you when I fly off?
Hey Katara, I know your father is imprisoned. Is there anything I can do?
Hey Katara, I know this man caused you deep pain. Tell me why hunting him down will help you.
Hey Katara, you know you mean something to me. What do I mean to you?

Tell me, did he ask her any of these questions? Even once? I’m afraid the answer is no. Aang wanted Katara to care for him and be there for him, but he did not return the same sentiment towards her.

But you know who did? Zuko. In the Crystal Catacombs, and multiple times following.

When her father was taken by the Fire Nation, he not only showed concern for her (indirectly), he showed concern for Sokka. He paid attention to the emotions of those around him and offered his aid. And when the family was reunited, the happiness on his face was unbridled. I don’t remember Aang asking or even mentioning Hakoda’s name following the Day of Black sun.

In the Southern Raiders episode, Zuko quickly picked up on Katara’s lingering anger and made every effort to understand her emotions, earn her forgiveness, and promote her own personal healing. He stood behind her in silent support during their journey. He backed her in front of Aang and Sokka. He did not try to voice his own opinions. I remember Aang telling her over and over and over again that she was wrong and ‘acting like Jet.’

In the finale, Zuko opened up to Katara about his Uncle, but instead of it being a one-sided type of thing (where she’s constantly checking up on him, but never receiving support of her own), the conversation was mutual and friendly. It was obvious they were close. It was obvious he respected her. It was obvious that Katara did not have to mother him to make him feel better.

Do you need any cheek kisses, Zuko, to make all your boo-boos better?

Additionally, Zuko looked to Katara as an equally capable bender, the only one he wanted by his side in that final fight. He sought to defend her and he valued her life above his own.

The connection between them was blatant. We didn’t need cheap episodes of dancing and contrived blushing to know what either side was feeling because Zuko and Katara asked each other. There was a mutual support, a mutual uplifting of the other. Katara was permitted a voice in her relationship with Zuko. She was permitted to be powerful and outspoken and she was respected.

Ehasz didn’t view her as a reward, therefore, through his writing, she wasn’t treated as such. And had his shipping preferences been endgame, had there been a fourth book as he envisioned, I’d venture a guess that you’re correct— the treatment of Katara, the progression of Zutara and digression of Kataang, and the development of Aang would’ve been handled beautifully. The viewers would have been offered the closure we lacked (the closure the comics are mutilating) and the characters would have been given the ending they all deserved.

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Hi, sorry to ask something completely unrelated to your blog, but after I saw the previous one, I just knew I had to ask, so bear with me. So my family is pressuring me into start thibking about my future and at the moment I have been getting my AAS in Digital Media, but I am still unsure on whoch field to go to. I see that you are a visual artist, but how did you get there? Did you go into graphic design? Conceptual art? (1/2)


I’m not sure if I’ll be much of a help because I’m from Brazil, and Brazil has a different education system. But let me tell you how I ended up working with visual arts. When I was in high school, my family freaked out. They wanted the best university and the best course available. They are awesome folks, really, but, at that time, they were also inflexible on what I could choose. Here in Brazil, the best university is USP. It’s free, but you go through an entrance exam called Fuvest. And Fuvest is hell.

I wanted art, but my parents were against it, so I studied for a whole year and tried Advertising. And I made it. 

Truth is, I hated every minute of advertising, cried almost every day, but because the course was free and high-level, I graduated. After finishing college, I had no idea what to do. Worked in a museum for a semester, but I was unhappy. During that semester, I wrote a book. And I managed to publish that book. In publishing, I met a lot of authors and editors. 

Talking to a writer, he told me he wanted a concept art for his main character. I offered my work out of the blue. After that, I published more books and got more freelances in illustration. Still, I haven’t figured out what to do in life. I think we never really do. Writing is what gets me out of bed every morning. So, maybe, I’m more writer than visual artist. The more I write, the more I want to write. This is the path that makes me happy.

Here go some pieces of advice:

- It’s okay to be lost. At such a young age, you can’t simply guess your passion in life. And It’s okay to make mistakes. My father is 58, he just resigned from his job and is currently looking for a new career. Not a new job… a new career. 

- Don’t listen to your parents. This is a hard one, I know. They want the best for us, but the best, in their eyes, is what they once dreamed of being or doing. My parents dreamed of USP, they were super excited when I got in, but I hated that place with a passion. USP wasn’t for me. Advertising wasn’t for me. And years after I graduated, my mother said she regretted not letting me pursue art. They both changed their minds. 

- Try freelancing. If you are unsure on what to do, try getting some freelance jobs here and there. You see, I once thought that advertising would make me the happiest woman I could be, but I was so wrong. Before investing your money and time, try facing the reality of your career of choice.

- Don’t rely on school and university for knowledge. In five years, all I remember is the kitsch design… and the gestalt. Everything else is just one cloudy memory. My knowledge on writing and painting comes from practice and observation.

- You will find your way. Out of fifty classmates, only two indeed got jobs in advertising. A few went to photography, others became bloggers, illustrators, church ministers (I’m not kidding), a friend of mine opened an online perfume business and this one girl became a patissier. You will find your way. 

I hope I helped somehow. :D    


Request: Hello! First - I love the blog! Your writing is so nice and it’s adorable! Second - may I request a S/O who wanders into the Lost Woods without thinking and gets lost somehow? Maybe BOTW!Link has to go find her in hopes that nothing bad happens? Thank you! <3

For: @briqhtskye

Word count: 3325

Fr tho what’s with me and knocking S/O out? Also I had way too much fun writing this, rip my wrists.

The pale light of the morning sun woke you up, cascading over your slumbering form that had been leaning against your goods for the night, underneath a rock to shelter from the rain. Your fire had dwindled down to ash, and your skin had a gentle coating of dew. The air felt warm, heat emanating from the volcano active behind you. The day was beginning, and you were off to travel to sell your wares once again.

You had actually just gotten back from a stable, where the Legendary hero Link had sold you out of all your wares. Luckily, you were able to collect more materials to make arrows as well as ingredients; it helped that he sold you his own materials. A smile danced across your lips as you thought of the handsome young man, smiling at you as he paid for his supplies. You couldn’t help but blush at the thought that he always came to you, rather than Beedle or any of the other traveling merchants. You scratched the back of your head laughing, before standing up and pulling your stuff on your back.

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Open letter to Sam Cait Shippers

I’m so disappointed in Sam for playing all these games. He’s turned out to be such a phony!”

I said I wasn’t going to go down this road, and I was going to close this account and stop worrying about foolish shippers, but this popped up in my feed, and I am just flabbergasted by the foolishness that certain shippers continue to participate in.  

 Common sense would dictate that if you don’t like where Sam Heughan is leading you - to weddings with his GIRLFRIEND - then quit following him!!! Just Stop!!!

Being an asshat by bullying Mackenzie isn’t going to get you what you want, it just makes you look like a miserable vindictive shrew. We see you over there hating on Sam’s girlfriend, and you really do look pathetic. 

So you made a mistake.  Clinging so desperately to a mistake that you have to lie to yourself and be hateful and mean doesn’t undo the mistake, it just makes you contemptible and sad. 

Sam isn’t playing games, he is living his life, spending time with his girlfriend, which is what real people do.

Quit objectifying Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe by turning them into your own little personal Ken and Barbie dolls.  They are real people, not toys to be manipulated or trifled with. They have feelings, they make choices, and they live their own lives - and you have no say in the matter.      

I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings, but how long are you going drink poison before you realize how foolish you have been? 

You have ignored every statement, every photo, every interview Sam and Cait have ever made about not being a couple, and now you want to be butt hurt because you think he is phony. The only person to blame here is yourself.  Stop lying to yourself and all these inconvenient “problems” will disappear.

The only thing phony here is your foolish “ship” fantasy.  

Maybe it is easier to live a delusional existence to escape from whatever you have going on in your own life, but there comes a time when you have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and stop whining, crying, and pissing and moaning and realize that people are pointing out that you live in a delusional world because you do, and you choose not to open your eyes to see reality. Own your life, your choices, your mistakes. 

Only you have the ability to change things, by accepting that Sam and Cait aren’t together, that they have significant others and they appear to be happy. 

Go take a good long look in the mirror  and decide what kind of person you want to be, because if you want to celebrate love and light - that ship sailed a long time ago, and all that’s left is behavior that supports lies, hate, bitterness, and spite.  Find something worthy of your time and effort…   

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I think this whole discussion comes down to one rule of being a fan or/and a shipper. Fantasize all you want. Create all you want for your fantasy but never forget that it's all that is, a fantasy. You can create whole new world in your head, just don't lash out on people you based your dream on for not playing along. It's in your head. It ain't real.


And when these men go out and date whoever they want and it’s not according to the fantasy you had of them, TOUGH. It may hurt, may make you uncomfortable, may make you feel sad. That’s honestly normal when you’re attached to someone. But accept that it’s not your life, not your reality, not your choice, that if you care about them you’ll still be a fan and still happy for them, and move on. The woman here isn’t existing to hurt you, she’s not there to attack you or make you feel insecure. Only you can control that in yourself. These men cannot live their lives for you and you will be perpetually disappointed and heartbroken if you ever believe that a man is gonna be like that if you are a fan of other things throughout your life.

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Please don’t pay attention to the nasty things others are saying. A lot of them just want you to give them hope and you deciding to stay out of it is pissing them off cause then they are left with reality. This is your blog and it’s your choice to do whatever! 💗 And to the anon who brought up the argument that she is a Shawn blog, no it’s her blog. She can post whatever she wants, if you don’t like her posts or are looking for something else tumblr is a huge site you have options! Love you cam

I love you so very much ❤️❤️ don’t have the words to explain but people like you makes my heart so happy

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hello i have a question. i try my best to make my stories as diverse as possible but ive seen posts talking about making sure poc characters r written with their color in mind like make sure their pov is one of a person of color but im not really sure how to do that? like im a white american and my charas r american (and not like first or second generation immigrants, theyve been in america for a long time) and im just wondering how to do that?

Accurately Portraying POC and Culture

Have people in your story react to your character’s skin tone/culture/etc. Not all the time, but now and then. Maybe 2-4 times in your book. Pick your choice. I know it’s always a reality call for me when that happens…

But seriously….you could think about their culture, which will probably play some kind of role. Think about micro-aggressions, prejudice, stereotypes, racism, etc. Maybe look through our other tags as well. 

~ Mod Alice

There’s really no need to have a hyper-focus on their race in mind, as someone being Latinx, Japanese, whatever they may be, adds some cultural aspects and as Alice mentioned, facing a certain brand of racism and micro-aggressions depending on if you’re including that in your story, but does not define them.

Get too focused on making them adhere to what you think x race acts like and you’re in danger of creating a caricature as opposed to an individual.

What you really need to determine is how much they’re submerged in their family’s culture vs. the mainstream culture of their region. There’s likely an uneven balance of the two.

What cultural holidays & practices do they engage in, in relation to their race, religion? What about American holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween? Are they bilingual? What is the dominant culture of their region? How involved in it are they?

What family dynamics do they have? Does their family structure run in a more “Americanized” style, a way more specific to their home culture, a mixture of both? Determine this, then research, research, research, as we always say. First-hand media (fiction, non-fiction, vlogs, etc) by the peoples you’re writing about is best.

More Reading:

~ Mod Colette

[PT.1] My NEW theories on the BTS Prologue - 151120

I have been absorbed by this idea the prologue might or might not implying since after it came out, never really make a post but now i think it should be.

As you know besides from the snippets of their new songs for the album pt.2 there are 2 other instrumental audio in the prologue:
• House of Cards (listed in credits) - BH remixed ver of original JE NE REGRETTE REIN
• Clair de Lune - Debussy (unlisted)

Let’s talk first on House of Cards:
I got caught into the outro song “House of cards”, after looking it up it turned out to be the song that they use for the kicks in dreams from Inception (the movie) and it got me to rewatch the whole thing.
The original is a bit different cause bighit did a remix, ok. Now to me it is indeed very odd to put the song right there before the Jin-scene at the end since how this song was used in Inception.

For those who don’t know, it’s like this: In the movie, performing the act of “inception” is: planting an idea in a person’s subconscious, via going into a person’s deepest layer/level of dreaming where we have our subconscious and also origin of an idea (i’ll get back to this idea thing later).
In the movie, Dom’s has a team to do this and at each level in the layered dreaming, the person generating the dream stays behind to set up a “kick” that will be used to awaken the other sleeping team members who have entered another dream layer deeper. While death in a dream would, under normal circumstances, cause the dreamer to wake up, and to perform inception the team would be using sedatives (in real life) to stabilize the dreams would not allow that. Thus, death during the mission will result in entering “Limbo”, an expanse of infinite raw subconscious from which it is very difficult to escape.

Again, the song was what they used for the kick.

Feeling deep yet? Here’s what i think: Jin is kind of trapped in his mind by the idea that the others are still alive, and with the song at the end it might be the kick to “help” him snap out of the dream and get back to the reality. Which is that he is all that’s left now (maybe), explaining how he’s looking odd in numerous scenes and even recent teasers.
The scene where they’re all campfiring is when i think he’s all alone, and going to the beach is just an excuse to go back to the good days, and him in the end was cont of that scene.
I’ll let you guys fonder with this edit i found on Youtube with the title “Jin’s nightmare”

Back to the “idea” definition, from Inception, an idea came from one’s subconscious is one that is uttermost simplest and is contagious like a virus. Once it is planted or started to form itself it is impossible to keep it not growing. One could be easily obsessed by a very simple idea is what i can tell.

Next, Clair de Lune
For some reasons BH didn’t listed it out but ARMYs know ab it anyways. It was the song at the beginning where Tae was on the floor with blood.
For this song i don’t think i have enough reasons to back it up but it is just my personal opinion on how i’m viewing it being used in the prologue.
From JRE’s reaction to it, he mentioned it was from an OST of a horror game, pretty famous back in 2014 under the name of: The Evil Within. Now since i’m curious i dug into this gameplay and watch the movie clips cut from the gameplays and also gameplays by Markiplier and such (it is a VERY long gameplay so i recommend watching fan edit game movie if you wanna find out)
In this Youtube preview on the game ( they mentioned about how Clair de Lune was used as a sign of you moving closer to a safe place in the game. That being said putting it in the prologue particularly that scene it is very much sounds alike bc of Tae after waking up calling someone on the phone, but i cannot state 100% if Tae is alive or not.

Small conclusions on the prologue before i go deeper with how i think ab this album might be:
The possibilities are endless of how you might wanna think of it. Jin is alive and suffering all alone (but might just be doing sth to himself later, and i mean like not a good way if he cannot over come or wake up from it), the rest are gone like i said, he was remembering them when they were alive. And yes, very much, needed to wake up from his dream. Next, and i believe this is something might just be new since everyone was like “Jin’s alive” BUT what if, what if Jin is long dead before I NEED U? and in this prologue he is living a parallel world remembering the good days before and now sadly the rest are following his path passing away too. This might explain some what of INU, he might be the passed away group’s mascot and twas a guardian angel for the rest? If Jin was long dead, every portrayed image of him with the group is all happy and is all was when he was still alive with them, and when he’s gone they lost their way? I don’t know bc this is getting into my mind too much now, what do you guys think?

And now to the bonus mindtwisting part on how i think of this album.
Going back a bit to The Evil Within: The creator said that Inception was the inspiration of how the game’s way of telling the story. This game in summary (spoiler ahead) imo, main character was accidentally involve and twas test subject for this machine that connects ppl to it. This came in of how it is similar to Inception but the fact it’s more gore that he has to kill the machine’s brain mastercontrol (literally a brain of a dead super crazy-smartass who created the machine, twisted i said) inside the subconscious in order to get out from what i can see here in the game that they put subjects (including main character) in almost infinite limbo (but controllable) to test the machine. Now this, because you are playing as the main character it’s not clear to you from the start of what you are doing or why, you’re just gonna go and kill a lot of weird things (and i mean gory fcking weird). Solely the main gameplay, after you wake up from killing the main brain owner (in the “dream”), waking up seems very odd and unreal in somewhat aspects. Now this plus with Inception the movie’s ending of how Dom’s wife’s spinning totem as an open ending depicts that you are the reality you choose. It doesn’t matter what it is, if it seems real enough to you and you wanna live with it, it’s your reality of choice. Or in other ways: Make your dream the reality you’ve chosen, even if it’s a dream.

So with that i don’t really think it matters of who is living and who isn’t in the series of HYYH albums, it’s about facing your deep holes and rise above it with your dreams and passion. It’s all metaphoric images, but really, Jin is a really fine touch that makes us fonder a lot. The conclusion right now might just be up to us. Jin from just the prologue i see is very lonely, wether he’s in real world alive or just the other side, thing is that he shouldn’t be longing too much about the past and should wake up to reality. But what is that reality we are talking about?

That’s the end of my 1st part theory/opinions/interpretation on this prologue/HYYH pt.2
Tell me what you think | by @Mi_0702

[PT.2] :

Q: “Any tips for how to stay in Resonance when physical reality is information-rich and demands constant attention?”

1: Consistently do what you love to do.

2: Remember that you are a non-physical, limitless, endlessly abundant consciousness who creates the physical experience to play with, learn from and enjoy.

3: Take one small break (30-45 minutes) per day during waking time where you are totally by yourself with no other energy-dynamics going on, and take one bigger break once a week (4 hours or more) so that you allow yourself to naturally settle within your own authentic energy.

4: Define everything that occurs in the most abundant, bold, ballsy, confident, grateful and inspiring way possible. See only the vibration that you prefer, in other words.

5: Don’t take your circumstances’ answer for anything. Dominate your reality with your in-alignment choice of being. Be a god, not a beggar. Be a ruler, not a slave. Be a creator, not a victim. Be the change, don’t wait for one.

6: Feel infinite.

7: Fuck everything else (nothing else matters).

- Bentinho Massaro

The Reality Check

                                        Hana al-Junubiyya (pen name)

A friend of mine recently went through the unexpected break-up. It was an emotional explosion because she and the boy had finally made it to the comfortable realm of “Islamic” dating, and the relationship had worked its way to the cliff point of marriage (it’s a plunge, and you gotta have the right company for that trip). Families got involved, and we all know what that means: Nikkah on the horizon. And then it ended–abruptly, unexpectedly–and left an emotional wreck.

“It’s over,” she said.

But is it really?

We all know the story doesn’t end here. We are talking about emotions, people. Emails, phone calls, Instagram stalking–that itching tendency to be there when he needs you.

Our lives are like stories. And, as with any good novel, the turning point of “It’s Over” isn’t the actual end. There is also the denouement (look it up, it’s the term your 11th grade English teacher should have taught you). It’s the dragging of the storyline and what happens after the climax. From here on out, there are no surprises but we know we’re not at the actual end, either. We’re just coasting to the inevitable.

The same thing happens with our relationships. We still have the continuation of “you and me” after the “It’s Over.” They stay with you somehow. He still texts her. She still messages him. There is that gravitational pull to each other at parties. You feel that kick when you see a picture of them with someone else (or multiple elses). And, of course that sense of validation when they confirm your existence through a social media-ed “like” or comment.

But if I asked you the reality of TODAY, what would you say?

“No, we are not together.”

And that, my friends, is the key. It’s about the Reality Check–that brutal kick forcing you to face the facts. It’s the question you ask yourself (“What’s the reality of TODAY?”) that reminds you of how things truly stand. You might write the answer on a post-it note, doodle it on the margins of your notes, or just mutter it under your breath walking home. Basically, the Reality Check is your weapon of choice to crush that overly heated imagination. It grounds you to: “What are we really?” Employed at the start of a relationship, it keeps you from jumping ten steps into the future when you’re actually only at the third. Or, if “It’s Over,” the Reality Check anchors you from flying into some alternate universe.

When it comes to the denouement, we each have our setbacks and individual timelines on how to move on. We might manage to keep our emotions at bay and practice our emotional planks (link to Adham’s article) but then there are those moments. You know what I’m talking about. It’s that slip up: When we sneak into that private joke, share a song you know she’s going to love, or send him that selfie because heck, you’re having a freakin’ awesome hair day. All those things that are friendly-borderline-flirtatious but no-there-was-a-relationship-so-really-it-ALWAYS-means-more. Yeah. Those moments suck because there’s that flicker of, well, emotions. And it’s fine to feel what you feel. Just realize that whatever (remaining) attachment you have to this person is residue. It’s the leftover primer from that “once upon a time” relationship you’re scraping off the walls.

In those moments, it’s important to remember that you are not a loser. Don’t erupt into agony the next time you call her because you feel like she’s the only person who ever really truly understood you. Why wouldn’t you? If it was (at some point) a good relationship, then you depended on each other. So it’s natural to reach out to the person who said: “Hey, I’ll be here for you when you need me.” (Sike.) Yeah, you really shouldn’t have made that call but hell. Whatever. You did. And that’s ok. Just ask yourself:

What’s the reality of TODAY?

“We are not together.”

There. Hold that. Because the key to moving forward is to not pretend some alternate reality of a non-existent relationship. And if you don’t know how things stand–well, then it’s time to communicate.

Aside from the denouement, let’s face it–we’re also really good at ruining things from the get-go. We miscommunicate (or just don’t bother to get the facts straight) right from the start. We function off of assumptions, one-sided conversations that sound pretty rationale in our heads, and cultural bullsh*t that we’ve internalized because hell we’re slightly f*ked. In these moments, the Reality Check could work wonders.

Take, for example, the story of Quirky Boy (QB) and Sassy Girl (SG). Sparks fly (why wouldn’t they–quirk and sass go hand-in-hand). They go out (hang out/whatever you do that you do) a few times and then QB starts thinking (…great). May be the girl lives in another state, works crazy hours, or fantasizes about going back to school.

“Well,” QB says to himself, “that’s problematic. How can we have a relationship if she decides to do a rotation far, far away? How can we ever really be together when she lives across state lines? What if she chooses a school or career that keeps her busy all the time?”

So QB twists his mind over these questions and situations of impossibility. At this point, SG (completely unaware of QB’s frenzied thoughts) is more occupied with: “I wonder if he likes me enough to ask me out next week?”

The next phone call is scripted something like this:

(SG picks up the phone, excited.)

QB: It’s over because it can never work out.

This scene (based on a collection of actual tales) is the classic (and all too repetitive) mistake of building assumptions and treating them as facts. It’s also a scenario that might have been avoided (or untangled) by asking: What’s the reality of the situation? Where are you TODAY?


In this case, if QB* had Reality Checked-it, he would have realized that he actually doesn’t know shit. He has no idea of how SG prioritizes her values. He doesn’t know SG well enough to assume the outcome of her decision-making process. He shouldn’t make assumptions because, as human beings, we are blessed with Free Will and independent minds. For QB to leap to any conclusion about SG (without her input, mind you) is disrespectful and a major cockblock to his potential happiness. You are your worst enemy, sometimes.

Fact: Relationships are complicated. Living in our heads makes it even more of a clusterf*ck. So let’s stop having one-sided conversations in our minds. Check the reality of the situation and function from on-the-ground facts instead of these man-made assumptions. A relationship is a journey. Don’t leave the other person behind when you’re deciding on the future.

And if you’re one of those making your way through the denouement, then God speed. It’s a rough path but an emotional course we all (or will) experience. Relationships end–whether through a breakup, divorce, a dissolved friendship, or even death. Let’s face it: sadness and loss are part of the human experience. I’ve only recently come to terms with this myself, and it all goes back to faith. Last fall, I was reading a book about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s life and came across the story of how emotional he became on seeing Khadijah’s jewelry after her death. She was the first love of his life. Our emotions are a part of our humanity, which also makes them a part of our Muslim experience. So feel what you feel but stay grounded in the present. Check in and function off of the reality of the situation. I know. It can be hard to face your self sometimes (and the truth of it all) but this is only the starting point. Happiness (with yourself) is a continual work in progress (just like with any relationship). When you’re ready, there’s a sweetness to that next beginning. Amen.

*Let it be known that the author isn’t ragging on the male sex here. We’re all pretty screwed up and prone to fall prey to cultural pressures, familial expectations and this whack timeline of where you should be that sometimes bleeds into our thought processes. Reality check yourself, my friends (of all sexes).