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hey sorry if this is a rude question. I have seen that tozette is gone and some people have said she didn't want to be on tumblr anymore, but it wasn't explained and I don't really understand why?

This test is comprised of 5 true or fix the false questions and 4 short answer questions. You have TWO HOURS to complete it. Please write your name AND your student number on the front. Write your answers in the booklet. Answers on the question sheet WILL NOT be counted. The test is out of 50 points.

TRUE OR FIX THE FALSE (2 points each):

1. I have acknowledged that Tozette is gone and still insist on inquiring about the whereabouts of a stranger online even though it’s ultimately none of my business.
A. True.
B. False. I’m just concerned and am just trying to be nice, even though I am blatantly disregarding the fact that she wants her privacy as evidenced by her deleting her blog.

2. I am aware that some people have already provided an explanation on what happened to Tozette.
A. True.
B. False. I don’t think “she didn’t want to be on tumblr” constitutes as a sufficient explanation because it doesn’t include sources and was not peer reviewed.

3. This question asks for information that I shouldn’t feel entitled to.
A. True.
B. False. I am, in fact, entitled to a detailed account of the situations of strangers on the internet despite the fact that answers on their situation has already been provided.

4. This is a rude question.
A. True.
B. False. I still feel entitled to a specific reason as to why a stranger online has chosen to delete her account even though other sources have already provided sufficient answers.

5. I should probably really think about whether or not I should ask yet another person this exact question when it’s already been asked and answered by several other people.
A. True.
B. False. No. I must persevere until someone caves and reveals to me the forbidden Tozette.

SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS (10 points each):

Pick FOUR of the following explanations as to why Tozette is gone and explain why you think this is the most plausible. Remember to support your answers with the course material!

1. She is playing an elaborate game of hide and go seek because it’s her turn to do the dishes.

2. Toz is now only available to premium subscribers. Start your free trial today!

3. Deleting blogs is her kink.

4. She has retreated to a secluded cabin in the woods and can only be contacted through an elaborate display of fireworks.

5. Toz died and has been elevated to the status of Goddess. She is now the deity of the sound your spacebar makes when you type too hard in rage.

6. This is all just an elaborate ruse to distract you from Trump’s administration.

Enjoy your break! :)

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help i have a crush and i'm a grown-ass woman and this is the first crush i've ever had and he's sweet and gives great hugs and has a rly cute smile and we have the same sense of humor and he's staying with my family because of reasons so he's going to be at thanksgiving dinner and i dON'T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THIS

How to Deal with “Awkward Thanksgiving Relationship Situations™”  
By Darcy Lewis and @loki-god-of-memes

(when he gets around to it)

- Don’t panic. If you do panic, try to find a way to excuse yourself and calm down.
Do not flip the table in an attempt to break free from the ATRS™, because there will be lots of food on the table and lots of people sitting around it and it’s just… a highly ill-advised tactic all around.

- If he asks you to pass an item, pass it around like a normal human being/Jotun hybrid/etc.
Do not throw it at his head while pterodactyl screeching about wanting to have his babies.

- Offer to introduce him to family members that haven’t met him yet.
Do not introduce him as your future husband; also, try to avoid over-reacting near relatives that nag about your relationship status, as it could make you feel even more uncomfortable about the situation.

(Also maybe warn him if your family has any issues with certain topics so he knows to avoid bringing them up)

…That’s really all I can think of. Sorry I can’t help you more, I’ll try nagging Loki to add his two cents, he’s the tactful advice giver in our relationship.

Reasons why I have so many blogs and won’t delete them unless it is absolute necessary to:

  1. I love these characters.
  2. I know there’s still so much I could do in terms of interacting with others on them
  3. I know I will go back there to write some more on there, no matter how slow I maybe.
  4. I will never allow myself to get stressed out by any of them, and will take my time to carefully shape and mould each and every one of them.
  5. When I choose to stop writing one day, I will get to happily look back on the work I have put into each and everyone of them.

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Can I ask for two? From Stay “I thought about you a great deal on the return train from Palermo. I did not know what I would find when I arrived at the station,” he says. Bedelia’s eyes shift watchfully in the mirror. “You found me at the station.”“I did.” “You did not expect to,” she says, phrasing it as a statement, not as a question." This story is the missing scene that should have happened so I'm curious about all the back scenes about it ^^

So yes, my main inspiration for this fic was this scene that is briefly included here, the scene where Hannibal finds Bedelia waiting for him at the station after Palermo. As much as I’m just plain sad we didn’t get even a few minutes more bedannibal and the scene was cut to allow for more images of …idk snails mating…I started to wonder about why the scene was included in the first place. And I think there was supposed to be some kind of dramatic tension there. Remember, bedannibal are not in a good place the last time we saw them in “Antipasto.” It’s as close as these two cool headed types will ever come to an outright argument. 

And so Hannibal leaves, giving Bedelia enough space to leave him if she chooses. It makes you wonder. Did he do it purposefully as a kind of test? Or because he wanted to give her the space to leave, just like he gives her a pretty wide margin to leave back in “Sakizuke”–it’s a few days between her office visit and him appearing in her home. I think he got on that train not expecting to find her when he returned. And then when you combine that with Gillian’s insight “she stayed and he let her stay,” it really adds up to Bedelia making a deliberate choice to remain in Florence. There are A LOT of people who would have skipped town after the events in “Antipasto.” But Bedelia’s choice to remain tells us a lot about her and her feelings for Hannibal. It also tells us that she thinks she can handle herself. And I think it’s her decision to stay that gives Hannibal a renewed respect for her and leads to their relationship being much warmer in episodes 303-306.. 

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What's your opinion of the Prince of Egypt movie?

i sent a pestilence a plague into your house into your bed into your streams into your streets into your drink into your bread! upon your cattle, on your sheep upon your oxen, in your field into your dreams into your sleep until you break until you yield! I - sent - the - swarm - I - sent - the - hoard - thu'saieth the looooord 

once i called you brother, once i thought the chance to make you laugh, was all i ever wanted (ISENTHEFIREFROMTHESKYISENTTHEFIRERAININGDOWN.) and even now, i wish that god had chose another, serving as your foe on his behalf, is the last thing that i wanteeeeeeeeeed (I SENT A HAIL OF BURNING ICE ON EVERY FIELD ON EVERY TOWN!) THIS was my home, all this pain and devastation, how it tortures me inside, all the innocent who suffer, from your STUBBORNNESS AND PRIIIIIIIIIIDE (I SENT THE LOCUSTS ON THE WIND SUCH AS THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN FROM EVERY LEAF ON EVERY STALK UNTIL THERE’S NOTHING LEFT BUT GREEN!I - sent - my - scourge - I - sent - my - sword - thu'saieth the looooord you who i call brother, why must you call down another blow, is this what you wanteeeeeeeed  I - sent - my - scourge - I - sent - my - swoooooooord LET MY PEOPLE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (THUS SAITH THE LORD) THUS SAITH THE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORD 

you who i called brother, how could you have come to hate me so, is this what you wanted  I - sent - the - swarm - I - sent - the - hoard - then let my heart be hardened, and never mind how high the cost may grow, this will still be so. i will never let. yoooour peeeeeeeopleeeeeee go. (THUS SAITH THE LORD) thus saith the looooooooooord i will not let. (let) your- (my people) gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Do you ever do complete tank cleans where you have to take Noodle out of the tank? If so, how do you catch her?

Normally I wouldn’t take noodle out of the tank for a cleaning. It stresses her out a lot and she’s really jumpy. (even if i had to do like a 90% waterchange for some reason i would probably leave her in there)

I have had to move her between tanks though and that involves a lot of trouble! (all of these pics were taken last time we moved)

firstly we have to get the eel out in the open. (noodle is almost always at least 70% hidden in a pipe or under a rock at anytime.)

basically, i have to take all of her pipes out of the tank. This is pretty simple until i get to the last pipe (the one she’s hiding in)

now to get her to leave that pipe i have to kinda scare her out. she will never leave it normally and trying to tempt her with food just makes her more bitey (plus i wouldn’t want to feed her before putting her in a bucket for a long car ride)

so i kinda pick the pipe up (eel inside) and take half of it out of the water and then gently shake it. This usually freaks her out enough that she swims out.

so now we have freaked out eel in a bare tank. 

so now’s time for the fun part. 

Left hand on that Large Fish Net

Right hand in that Eel Glove

and then we catch anger eel in the net and we hold her in the tank for a second

now we grab the net part above where the slimey angry squirmy spaghetti is. 

as shown here with this stock image of a person holding a bag of oranges. pretend the oranges are black and white and long and slimey and moving and have a vengeance.

*this step was added after the great carpet surf of ‘15

next, with the eel glove hand, we grab the oranges eel from the outside of the net and turn the net inside out to shove her through the smaller opening in the top of the bait bucket before she even gets to think about jumping. 

this is similar to the bait bucket i use. once the eel is in i tape the lid shut because she really likes to jump. if the journey is long i feed an air bubbler down through one of the holes to give her more oxygen. As a final touch i write 


all around the sides and top of the bucket. 

and that’s how you move an eel!

  1. Had your Inquisitor ever been in love before being sent to the conclave?
  2. Where does your Inquisitor go when they need a break from everything?
  3. What is your Inquisitor’s worst memory?
  4. What is your Inquisitor’s most treasured possession?
  5. What makes your Inquisitor laugh?
  6. Does your Inquisitor have any siblings?
  7. Who is the Inquisitor’s closest friend?
  8. Does your Inquisitor need a plan or are they happy to wing it?
  9. How much care does your Inquisitor take with their appearance?
  10. Where did your Inquisitor learn most of their skills and abilities?

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If Harry uses hair ties, does he always lose them like the rest of us? And, do you think someone came up with the idea to just "accio hair ties" and is bombarded with years worth of Harry's missing hair ties?

I just had this image of Harry getting really stressful on work and a very brave young female auror asks “is everything alright sir?” And he just goes “i lost something” with a grumpy face. suddenly he sees it.
“Where did you find this hair tie?”
“Er… Why, Mr. Potter?”
“It’s pink”
“Sir? I’ve found it on the floor during training today. Sorry, but i don’t understand”
“Please leave.”

Later at home
“Gin, honey. So remember that lucky charm of yours”
“The symbol of our love that you decided to use during my important matches so you can send me good luck, yes I remember quite well. it was the most romantic thing you have ever done to me.”
“I lost it”
“Have you tried accio?”
“It’s not that simple.”
“How’s not that simple? It’s a hair tie”
“It’s with another… woman. Accidentally. But I will get it back, I just need a plan.”
“It’s ok sweetie, i trust you.”

Ginny never calls him “sweetie”.

Next morning someone enters his office. It’s Ginny. Harry jumps with a what the fuck omg it’s my wife, I’m dead again face. she wants to know if he got the hair tie back because that thing was really fucking important to her. The female auror appears on her sight. Ginny sees her old hair tie on that blonde hair.

Harry knows his wife very well.

“You won’t do this. Gin you shouldn’t be here- shit”

“Excuse me. Hi. I’m Ginn”
“Omg you’re Ginny Potter!! I’m such a fan! Would you mind signing my shirt?? And can I ask for an advice…”

Later that night at bed
“You’re right, it’s not that simple”
“I told you.”

and they discuss plans to get the hair tie back during all night harry can’t even concentrate to have sex and I’ve just written the first episode of How I Hexed Your Father, the name will be The One With The Hair Tie

send me a color and i’ll tell you:

white: a song that describes me/my life

black: a song I listen to when i’m in a bad mood

brown: a song that makes me feel nostalgic

red: a song that gives me energy

orange: a song i hate

yellow: favorite summer song

green: a song that inspires me

blue: a song i listen to when i’m sad

violet: favorite song of the moment

pink: favorite love song

purple: a song to listen on full volume

grey: my top 5 music artists/bands

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Based on what you've come to know as a fan of BTS, if you had to guess - what do you think they each have for possible kinks? 🤔

I read these “kink lists” or MTL <insert kink here> all the time and I almost always think differently from what others put down on their lists.  Which is fine, because none of us have the slightest clue what the boys are really into.  And, to be honest, if I had written my list a month ago, it would probably look different than the one I’ve written below.  I can’t ever make up my mind.

Also, because I can’t ever do things simply or just follow instructions, it’s not really a list of kinks as much as it is ramblings about sex categorized by member.


Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

Jin: Total slut who is down for most anything as long as he gets laid in the process.  Tie him up? Sure! Tie you up? Okay! Sex in an alley? Bring it on! Threeways, orgies, or totally generic missionary style? Yes, please!  Not into hardcore BDSM.  Would rather not have anything stuck in his butt, but could be convinced if horny enough.  Not a dom, not a sub – just wants to put his penis in your vagina and willing to do what it takes to make that happen.  Body types don’t generally matter to him. Fat, skinny, tall, short, whatever – he will want to fuck you… but I do think he’s got a special thing for chubby chicks.

Originally posted by jungsooneul

Yoongi:  My absolute bias, therefore I believe he’s mostly into the same things I’m into.  Don’t fight me on this – it’s my list and I get to choose my delusions.  Long, slow build up into sex.  Lots of teasing, nipple sucking, shallow fucking – won’t start pounding you hard until you are absolutely begging him for it.  Everything is a competition in his head, so he needs to make you cum first in order to “win” at sex.  Not a big moaner.  Loves to dirty talk – like really, super obscene, sometimes bordering on demeaning but never goes too far.  Wakes up in the middle of the night and wants sex.  Likes morning sex too. Prefers sex in a bed because he likes to be comfortable. Sadly, he’s not into public sex, but will totally finger bang you at the bar when he’s drunk.

Originally posted by ultranicolet

Hoseok: Likes to keep things private.  Prefers monogamous relationships where you build trust over time. Pretty standard sex life at first but once he trusts you, he starts pushing the boundaries and letting you in on what he really likes.  Into sensory deprivation – blindfolds and earplugs, so he can’t see or hear you coming. Not a traditional sub – he’s not into being obedient to you or anyone, but he does like it when you take the lead sexually.  Wants to get pegged by you, especially if he’s getting a hand job at the same time. Actually, really enjoys hand jobs in general.  Likes occasional orgasm denial or ruined orgasms because it makes him cum harder when he gets to orgasm for real the next time.

Originally posted by bangtangirl-cutennes-v

Namjoon:  His intellectual curiosity transfers over to his sex life as well.  Has read a ton of books and magazine articles on sex. Watches a shit-load of porn.  Extremely open minded.  Wants to try everything at least once.  Always checking in on you during sex to make sure you’re still into whatever is going on. Asks for a lot of feedback – wants to know if you prefer he go fast or slow, long strokes or short, up or down… he’s like a sexual investigator.  Is an awkward dom, but working on getting better at it.  Willing sub, but can’t do it all the time.  Into MFF threesomes… a lot!  Wants to fuck you in the butt.  Totally turned on by all body types, but is the most easily distracted by big boobs.

Originally posted by jiminios

Jimin:  Slightly dom leaning during sex but not life.  Gets off on being seen as manly, so wants to take the lead on pleasuring you – but not interested in being overly demanding or punitive.  Has an extremely strong desire to be needed by you.  Wants your praise desperately.  Gets off on hearing you moan and works hard to make that happen. Tiny exhibitionist streak in him and likes it when you feel him up in public, but not into full blown public sex.   Likes to hear you dirty talk to him.  Wants to fuck you in front of a mirror so he can see everything that is going on. Wants you to strip and lap dance for him, eager to do the same in return.  Into sexting and mutual masturbation.

Originally posted by we--are--bulletproof

Taehyung: Most likely to categorize girls into “girls you fuck” and “girls you marry”.  Respectful to both, but can’t quite reconcile that you can be both. He’ll outgrow it eventually.  In the meantime, he’s focused on the “girls you fuck” category.  Fascinated by strong and dominant women, so willing to be a sub in bed to them, but not interested in being a life-style sub.  Thinks he has to try to get all his sexual needs satisfied now before he settles down with the proverbial good girl, so he’s not thinking much about long term relationships at the moment.  Wants variety.  Into one-night-stands and friends-with-benefits situations. Totally up for threesomes, MFF or MMF – he doesn’t care.  Really wants you to sit on his face.

Originally posted by bane-niki

Jungkook: Thinks he needs to change sex positions every few minutes.  Likes to challenge himself (and you) into athletic sexual positions, like standing 69. Wants to work his way through all the positions in the Kamasutra.  Likes sex outdoors, in the woods, on the beach, in the backseat of the car parked along a country road.  Enjoys occasional quickies, but prides himself on endurance sex.  Excellent orgasm control so he can go for a long time. Not happy unless you’ve had multiple orgasms.  Recovers quickly, so able to have sex multiple times a day.  Totally into biting, scratching and hair pulling. Will happily spank you at your request.

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Hi! Your art is really cool! Loving the Ts ones but what happened to Virgil in your second one? Did he pass out because of the height?

either that or he’s just flopping out of thomas’ hands to mess with roman jhasdgsdj

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