your puppy dog eyes are killing me


2,500 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “You might not be aware but staring at my tits is unprofessional.”

Characters: detective!Dean x cop!Reader

Requested: @maraisabellegrey

“I don’t love this idea, Y/N.”

“Did you see the cool lipstick they gave me? There’s actually a knife in there. It’s awesome.”


“Sammy! Shut up. This is happening whether you like it or not. I got this.” You snap back, furiously pacing in your insanely high heels.


“The bastard has killed five girls so far, dude. If this is what it takes to bring the fucker down then so be it.” You declare dramatically, trying to avoid the worry in his puppy dog eyes.

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dating sirius black would include...

Originally posted by inoverdosedilui


- literally begging him to let you play with his hair
- “i dunno, love. my hair is very precious to me.”
- “please, sirius. please.”
- you give him the puppy eyes and pout your bottom lip
- “no, no. stop that, please, sweetheart.”
- he gives in pretty quickly after that
- braiding his hair, putting it in a top knot, making him flower crowns, so many things with his hair
- so much jealousy
- “mine.”
- him showing off in animagus form for you
- james and remus roll their eyes
- you just giggle and happily pet him bc dogs
- piggyback rides between classes
- wearing his leather jacket
- him being very very proud 
- “that’s my girl.”
- you literally wear his clothes all the time after that 
- so many inside jokes
- “such a good girl for daddy, right sweetheart?” fUCK
- having an infatuation with his hands
- “they’re so huge!”
- smirks. “my hands aren’t the only things that’re huge, love.”
- you facepalm. “oh merlin.”
- he’s such a gentleman like all the time
- pulls out your chair, holds every single door open for you, etc etc
- he’s so fussy over you and wants to cater to you 25/7
- “i’m thirsty.”
- “you want water? i’ll get you some, love, stay here.”
- always holding hands
- kissing the top of your head
- you hugging him from behind and rest your head on his back while he talks to friends
- he can’t stop grinning as he talks 
- him teasing you in public 25/7 because he’s horny every second of every day
- you start teasing him as payback
- daddy sirius punishing you for teasing him ;)
- becoming the fifth marauder
- remus is like your best friend
- james is a brother figure to you
- you make sirius a softie
- like he gushes about you to the boys
- “i’ve never felt this way about a girl before. she’s just- bloody hell, i love her.”
- you’re his rock when it comes to his family problems
- and vice versa 
- so much love and fluff and cuteness ugh

When The Clock Strikes 12 [Lafayette/Reader]

Woo! First fic for @hamwriters write-a-thon down! This idea came to me after searching for a ton of different AUs to work with. Now to finish up my GWash/Trans!Reader fic, then work on my femslash fic for the write-a-thon! Please enjoy!

Thank you to my wonderful amazing tumblr budbuds that inspired me to do a good job and inspire me in general! @musicalmiranda @love-doesnt-discriminate @hamilficsfordays @gunsandfics @boss-headcanons @diggs4life @imagineham @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou @secretschuylersister and @tempfixeliza <3 You’re all so kind and amazing and even if I don’t interact with you or chat with you, what you do and how funny/cute/relatable/sweet you all are makes me smile and makes me realize that the Hamilton (more specifically writing) community is such an incredible place to be!

Warnings: Alcohol, some swearing at the end, Lafayette’s full name (like w o a h), and New Years in case anyone has bad experiences with New Years!

Word count: 1514

Grabbing your third glass of cold, cheap champagne for the night, you laugh at a joke that Hercules had just told that wasn’t even funny. He seemed so enthusiastic about it that you couldn’t help it, but even sober, you couldn’t comprehend the punchline or how it was supposed to work out to be as funny as everyone made it sound like it was. You take a sip and walk off, trying to find the person who had dragged you here in the first place, Lafayette. 

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Purple Jewels (M) | 02

Word Count: 6,730
Member: Jimin x Reader x Jungkook
Genre: Smut, Supernatural, Fluff & Slight angst

Genie!Jimin ⇢ Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Ongoing

When you fall in love with Jungkook and he isn’t there to catch you, a sudden surprise shows up to give you a little bit of help. 


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Loki Laufeyson Drabble 2

Requested By: Anonymous

Prompts: “STOP INTERRUPTING ME!” “I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.” “You can only suffer through my whining for so long until you get up and make me a sandwich.”

Originally posted by damnyouhiddles

“Loki-no, that’s wrong,” You say as you reach over your boyfriend, Loki, to grab the piece of furniture in his hand.

“No, it’s right,” He mumbled to himself as he looked at the instructions in his hand. Glancing at the instructions in his hand, you face palm yourself.

“Loki, you’re holding the instructions upside down,”

“No, I’m not,” He protested. Reaching over him once more, you flip the instructions over in his hand, righting them. “Ohhhh….”

“Yeah. That’s what I thought,” You smirked as you sat back on the floor. Taking your own pieces of furniture in your hands, you try to glance at the instructions while trying to put the table together.

“I do not understand how this is a fun activity that Midgardian couples do,” Loki grumbled to himself before throwing down his pieces in frustration.

“It’s so that the couple can bond, Loki,” You mumbled as you were scanning over the paper.

“We are plenty bonded,” He mumbled to himself.

“Will you hand me-” You started, but was soon cut off.

“Who even created this?”

“IKEA. Now, will you hand me-”

“Well, obviously. But where is this IKEA from?”

“Sweden. Now will you please hand me-”

“Oh! Sweden! My ancestors visited Sweden! It is a beautiful place, I-”

“STOP INTERRUPTING ME!” You shouted, glaring at your boyfriend. Finding him now silent, you continue. “Will you please hand me the screwdriver?”

Nodding at your command, he hands you the screwdriver as you continue working by yourself. “You could help me, you know.”

“I would, but you are doing such a marvelous job, Love,” Loki charmed as he sat back and watched you. Rolling your eyes at him, you continue building your table.

“Ughhh,” You groaned, holding your hand. “My hand is killing me.”

Loki, who was now spread out on the couch reading a magazine, looked over at you. “Are you alright, my Love?”

“I will be,” You grumbled as you cracked your knuckles. Feeling your stomach growl, you look up at your boyfriend. “Would you make me a sandwich, please?”

“Can’t you do it?” Loki asked, returning to his magazine.

“Pleeeeeaaaassseeeee!” You whined, giving him the puppy dog eyes.

“But I am so comfy,” He mumbled, trying to ignore your pleading eyes.

“You can only suffer through my whining for so long until you get up and make me a sandwich.” You state as you quirk up an eyebrow at Loki.

“Fine.” He mumbled as he made his way to the kitchen.

“Thank you!” You called out as you went back to work.

Three hours and one sandwich later, your table was finally completed. Standing before it with Loki, you admired your craftsmanship.

“I’m not buying IKEA furniture again,” Loki breathed out, catching your attention. “That was way too hard.”

“OH, WAS IT NOW?!” You shouted at your boyfriend, a tad bit angry that you built it all by yourself.

Sheepishly looking at you, he gives you a small grin. “I love you?”

“Uh-huh,” You say with a small smile. “Sure you do. Since you didn’t help in building it, you can clean it up.”

Groaning at your words, Loki nodded his head in defeat. Smiling brightly at him, you place a quick kiss to his cheek before you leave.

Waltzing into the room, Thor notices his brother on the floor cleaning up a mess. Taking notice of the scattered papers and pieces of wood strewn across the room, Thor knows immediately what it was.

“IKEA?” Thor asked in sympathy.

Looking up from his dustpan, Loki nodded. “How did you know?”

“Jane made me build furniture with her. It was horrible. She ended up doing everything and I cleaned up,”

Nodding his head at his brother’s words, Loki went back to work. What is it with Midgardian girls and building furniture?

A Year

Seth Rollins x reader

(y/n) managed the Shield the whole time they were together and saw their wild antics with women so when Seth comes to her a year after the Shield split, she’s hesitant to believe it when he says he loves her. So he has to convince (y/n) that she’s the only one for him.

Originally posted by vaniwin

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Spider-Boyfriend and Iron-Dad

Request: I just read your imagine of “Spider-boy” and was wondering if you could do a part 2 where Y/N of course, dates Peter anyway and Tony isn’t happy about it and she takes a stand for her relationship knowing Peter is too scared to do so?? Can it also be fluffy.

A/N: Ugh I love fluff, I love writing fluff, I love reading fluff, I just love soft fluffy stuff. Also this is really long my bad.

Part 1

“Meet you at eight then,” you confirmed with a giddy smile on your face. Ever since you started dating Peter your smile had yet to fade. He was just so sweet, and adorable. You were aware what boys your age could be like and after years of being hit on by the sons of your dad’s investors it felt good to just have an honest down to earth boy at your side.

“Who are you meeting at eight?” your dad’s voice startled you out of your thoughts.

“A friend,” you shrugged.

“What friend?”

“Mr. Stark, are you prying into your daughter’s personal life,” you said with mock surprise. Honestly, the only thing you were surprised about was that he hadn’t put it together that you were dating Peter. In his defense, he had been busy lately, but either way, old age was making him dull.

“I know it’s a boy.”

“Do you know that?” you countered.

“Of course it’s a boy, you’ve been walking around here grinning for a month. If it’s not a boy then I need you to give me what ever drug you’re taking. I could use it.”

“How do you know it’s a boy? It could be a girl.”

“Touche. Is it?”

“I’ll never tell. Besides, we’re just meeting to go see a movie. That’s it Dad. I’ll be home before you even pull out the hard liquor.”

“Ha ha. When am I going to meet this person?”

“If I can help it, never.”

His phone rang saving you from the rest of this conversation. You sighed and looked at your phone with small smile. Peter had texted you the address to the little restaurant the two of you were meeting at. Another notification on your phone alerted you to a Stark Expo happening soon… which meant having to deal with Tony’s investors. You huffed a sigh, if only Tony wasn’t so opposed to you dating Peter, you would gladly bring him along. Peter made every situation bearable. You’d go to a million expos, and galas if Peter was there with you.

“Dad!” you called as you got out of bed, if you were really lucky, you’d be able to weasel out of the expo. He was still on the phone of course so you waited, all the while thinking about what to wear tonight. There was no need to be super put together, Peter didn’t seem to care either way, and when you dressed your best it only made him more flustered, and while that was adorable to watch you figured he deserved a break.

“Okay, squirt, so tell me about this date of yours,” Tony demanded as he hung up. You ignored his demand and continued with your own agenda.

“I have a test to study for tomorrow, I can’t go to the Expo,” you lied, you did have things to study for but nothing that couldn’t be put off.

“Well if your test is that important then you should study for it tonight and go to the Expo tomorrow.”

“I have plans tonight.”

“And we have plans tomorrow, i.e. the expo.”

“Your investors always bring their creepy ass sons, and honestly you’re worried about my date but those boys have no respect for women.”

“And your date does?”

“He’s my date isn’t he.”

“Oh so it is a boy.”

“Crap,” you hissed, having realized your mistake, “Listen, I’ve had this date planned for a week.”

“Study, tonight, bring your date to the Expo.”


“Unless there’s no test… then go out tonight, and still bring your date to the Expo,” Tony gave you a sly smirk. He knew he had won this battle.  You sighed and thought it over, it seemed like this was kind of inevitable.

“Fine,” you pouted, “but you have to promise to be nice.”

“I will not make a promise I can’t keep.”

“You are such a pest,” you rolled your eyes, and looked at your phone to check the clock, “You’re late for a meeting.”

“Shit, we’ll talk about this more later.”

“Sure thing,” you responded dryly going back to your room. Well whether Peter wanted to tell your father yet or not it was happening, and there was nothing either of you could do to stop it. With that in mind you decided upon dressing nice, innocent enough to get past your father, but sexy enough that it would fluster Peter, perhaps making it easier for your to get your way.

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Undisclosed Desires (part 11)

Words: 3.6k

Summary: You and Castiel discuss where your relationship stands.

Warnings: Probably spoilers here… smut (dom/Sub elements, oral sex on female, multiple orgasms, Enochian handcuffs, ) lots of feels.

A/N: Enochian translations at the end. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. If you’d like to be added to my master tag list, send me an ask or DM.


You woke up slowly in the dark motel room, you must have been asleep for hours. When you started to stretch, you felt your blanket twitch.

You heard a deep chuckle next to you. “It’s not a blanket.”

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Fairy Tale Beginnings- Prince Niall AU

“The 50th birthday ball for the king will be a grand event, Everyone in the kingdom has been invited. Having the whole kingdom involved says a lot about the king, it shows he really does think of us as family …” the tv went into a dull silence, as I continue to do the dishes.

Our king was turning 50 so he wanted to throw an event the whole day, in the day would be a festival in his honor and at night is more of a party scene. At the moment the whole town was getting ready for the festival you could feel the excitement in the air.  I whipped my hands down with a rag and turned off the tv and continues to my room so I also can get ready. The royal family has been good to us; no war, no poverty so in short terms we have been the best we can be.

While I was walking up to my room, I was my little siblings getting ready as well, I smiled and went to help my mom with them.

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Request List.

Comprised of multiple lists I have seen before, a few are originals.

  1. “If you’re not nice I won’t let you in my blanket fort”
  2. “I love you and your pretty voice but I just want to sleep right now.”
  3. “This has got to be the stupidest plan you’ve ever come up with.  Of course, I’m in!”
  4. “I have a date with destiny.”
  5. “If you don’t stop talking I’m going to have to kiss you.”
  6. “Okay so I lied. People lie all the time.  My parents lied to me about Santa Claus.”
  7. “I have twenty pages left in my book and if you don’t shut up I will do one of the follow: scream, cry, or throw my book at you.”
  8. “You would make a terrible spy.”
  9. “You know I’m starting to see why people say we’re an old married couple.”
  10. “Do you know that was the first time you ever told me you love me?”
  11. “I may have accidentally said something and now my whole family kind of thinks we’re dating. Oops.”
  12. “I don’t see why you’re worried, my family likes you more than me.  I’m not kidding, they told me that.”
  13. “It’s three am, why are you singing pop songs into a hairbrush?”
  14. “You are my teddy bear, so deal with it.”
  15. “Is there any part of you that isn’t bruised?”
  16. “Okay so who do I have to murder?”
  17. “Who is crazier the crazy person or the one who loves them?”
  18. “If anything explodes, I’m leaving.”
  19. “I am not cleaning this up.”
  20. “Stop with the puppy dog eyes, that’s cheating.”
  21. “A wedding?”
  22. “do you want me to leave?”
  23. “I swear it won’t happen again.”
  24. “I’m not jealous.”
  25. “you can’t keep doing this.”
  26. “I’m going to take care of you, okay?”
  27. “you can’t die. please don’t die.”
  28. “you did what?!”
  29. “were you ever going to tell me?”
  30. “don’t ask me that.”
  31. “I might have had a few shots.”
  32. “what’s with the box?”
  33. “say it!”
  34. “I could kiss you right now!”
  35. “are you done with that?”
  36. “are you still awake…?”
  37. “excuse you?”
  38. “this is all your fault!”
  39. “I shouldn’t be in love with you.”
  40. “I could kill you right now!”
  41. “just admit I’m right.”
  42. “that doesn’t even make sense.”
  43. “that’s irrational.”
  44. “just pretend to be my date.”
  45. “are you really going to leave without asking me the question you’ve been dying to ask me?”
  46. “when you love someone, you don’t just stop. ever. even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. especially then!”
  47. “I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again.”
  48. “I’m not going to apologize for this. not anymore.”
  49. “that’s almost exactly the opposite of what I meant.”
  50. “it must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”
  51. “can I sit here? the other tables are full.”
  52. “you weren’t supposed to laugh!”
  53. “this is, by far, the dumbest thing you’ve ever done.”
  54. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”
  55. “these stars are nothing compared to the ones I’ve seen in your eyes.”
  56. “before I do this, i need you to know that i have always loved you.”
  57. “did i say that out loud?”
  58. “do you think they could have loved me?”
  59. “everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”
  60. “how long have you been standing there?”
  61. “have I ever lied to you?”
  62. “have you lost your fucking mind?”
  63. “his ego is so visible; I can almost watch it grow.”
  64. “i am not losing you again!”
  65. “i don’t know why i’m crying.”
  66. “i had a nightmare about you and i just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”
  67. “i just need to be alone right now.”
  68. “when i picture myself happy… it’s with you.”
  69. “i made a mistake.”
  70. “i may be an idiot, but i’m your idiot.”
  71. “i need you to forgive me.”
  72. “i see the way you look at me when you think i’m not looking.”
  73. “i think i’m in love with you and that scares me half to death.”
  74. “i’m flirting with you.”
  75. “i’m not good enough for you.”
  76. “i fell in love with my best friend.”
  77. “i’m sorry, what? i keep getting lost in your eyes.”
  78. “i’m up to the challenge.”
  79. “i’ve been in love with you my entire life. ever since the day i first met you.”
  80. “i’m yours.”
  81. “if i didn’t know any better, i’d say you were trying to seduce me.”
  82. “if you go anywhere near them, you’ll have to deal with me!”
  83. “it’s okay to cry…”
  84. “what do you mean? It’s exciting!”
  85. “talk to me.”
  86. “look at me—just breathe, okay?”
  87. “look, i don’t have much time, but i wanted to say i love you.”
  88. “oh my god! you’re in love with them!”
  89. “well, this is where i live.”
  90. “we finish it the same way we started—together.”
  91. “what are you afraid of?”
  92. “you are the single best thing that has ever happened to me.”
  93. “you deserve so much better.”
  94. “you don’t have to stay.”
  95. “you don’t know you the way i do.”
  96. “you fainted, straight into my arms. you know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”
  97. “you need to wake up because i can’t do this without you.”
  98. “you shouldn’t have even been there!”
  99. “you weren’t supposed to hear that.”
  100. “you’re safe now. i’ve got you.”
  101. “teach me?”
  102. “we’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you want to stop and feel the rain?”
  103. “looks like we’ll be stuck here for a while.”
  104. “just once.”
  105. “i can’t believe you talked me into this.”
  106. “it’s not what it looks like.”
  107. “i got you a present.”
  108. “hey! i was gonna eat that!”
  109. “see, now, what that so bad?”.”
  110. “you’re the best part of me.”
  111. “i don’t want to think about what i’d be like without you.”
  112. “can i hold your hand?”
  113. “let’s move in together.”
  114. “it’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion.”
  115. “what time is it?”
  116. “just wait a second.”
  117. “here, let me.”
  118. “you’re so cute when you pout like that.”
  119. “hold me back!’
  120. “i don’t care what they said, it doesn’t mean shit!”
  121. “i adore you.”
  122. “You must not blame yourself for this.”
  123. “This is my mess to clean up, not yours”
  124. “Yeah no, that sounds awful.”
  125. “You’re awful. I love it.
  126. “Who are you? Where am I? What is this? What the hell is going on!?”
  127. “I can’t do this anymore.”
  128. “You think you can beat me? That’s cute.”
  129. “Is this is a joke? This is a joke right? You’re joking.”
  130. “The washing machine broke, I lost my keys, my car is dented, and a wasp got into my bedroom and hijacked it for four days. Four. Days.”
  131. “Raise those eyebrows any higher and you’ll lose them?”
  132. “I wanna go home. I’m tired of being in this place, it makes me feel unwanted.”
  133. “Did you do the homework.” “Yeah, want answers?” “Yes please!”
  134. “I’m standing on my own two feet. You don’t get to come back just to sweep me off them.”
  135. “I locked my memories for a good reason.”
  136. “You’re not short you wouldn’t understand.”
  137. “Over my dead body.”
  138. “My brain is hectic.”
  139. “Look at the stars!” “huh?” “Look! There’s orion, pegasus. The big dipper!”
  140. “Stop. just please stop.”
  141. “Don’t say that…”
  142. “I’m not a queen. I’m not a saint. I’m not an angel.”
  143. “Sometimes I’m wrong.”
  144. “I thought you were different.”
  145. “I don’t want to do this, not without her.”
Keep Me Safe

Oh my gosh. Okay finally here it is! This is a request from an anon: 

“will you write one where reader is afraid of thunderstorms and the joker tells her to get over it at first, but then feels bad and comforts her? make it fluffy please :)”

I’m so so so sorry it took so long guys, i’ve just been crazy busy with work and school and it’s just been ridiculous but winter break is coming up so I’ll be writing a ton to make up for lost time! haha. Hope you guys like it and to the one that requested it, I know you didn’t request smut but I was kinda feeling it.. sorry if you dont like it!!! 


Another crash caused you to jump and then squirm even further under the covers. Thunderstorms were your weakness, your achilles heel if you must. They terrified the living daylights out of you. The light cracked through the window and before you knew it another crash boomed throughout the bedroom making you shake. You kept yourself wrapped in blankets to attempt to block out the loud sounds coming from outside. You reached for your phone hoping to maybe distract yourself from the horror going on outside your window. 

As you unlocked the screen you saw that you had a text from J saying that work had held him back but he would be home soon. You smiled to yourself as you realized that this would help you calm down a bit. You heard the front door slam and J rustling his keys before his heavy footsteps sounded up the stairs. 

“J come here please!” You yelled loud enough for him to hear down the hall. He pushed the door open and looked at you in disbelief. 

“Are you kidding me Y/N? You’ve completely wrapped yourself in all of the covers. Why?” He just stared at you unsure of what to say.

 “Well… It’s  thundering out and I got kinda scared and I don’t know… I just sorta thought it’d be better if I hid? I don’t know J. Can you please just get in bed so I can sleep?” You gave him your best puppy dog eyes look and hoped it would get him in bed. He blinked, not emotion on his pale white face. 

“Fine. But give me a couple minutes to clean myself up. Work got a little messy,” he said with a smirk. You knew that meant that he had killed some poor sucker. You loved him to bits but people were so stupid to try and make deals with him. He’s a merciless killer, there’s not a chance he would spare some sad man’s life. When you looked closer you noticed that the burgundy shirt ha had on had some darker spots, no doubt blood. 

“Okay good, no blood on the bed!” you giggled as he turned around and gave you an ‘are you serious right now?’ kind of look. He grunted and nodded his head once as he stalked into the bathroom. Another boom shook the house and you let out a small squeak. Why did this have to happen? Why couldn’t it be all sunshine always? You leaned back against the headboard and waited for J to come to bed. 

“J how much longer are you gonna be?” you shouted from the bed. 

“Y/N come on. I’ll be there soon, can’t you just go to sleep? You’re being ridiculous Y/N it’s just thunder,” he replied. 

“J you know damn well that I can’t sleep! You know damn well how scared I am of thunder.” He groaned at the absurdity of it. You were his partner in crime, you were bad ass, ruthless, fearless. But not when it came to thunder. It terrified you and you had no clue why. You felt the bed dip as you looked out the window. His strong arms wrapped around your frame and he pulled you close to his chest. His hot breath fanned the back of your neck, his presence alone relaxing your tense body. You leaned back into his warm chest and sighed, closing your eyes and smiling a little bit. He was always so warm, the man just radiated heat. It was ridiculous but you weren’t complaining. He was the best to share a bed with, who needs a blanket when your boyfriend is always a million degrees?

“That better baby girl? Daddy making you feel safe?” You didn’t need to turn around to know that he had a smirk plastered on his bright red lips. To answer him you pushed back even further, making sure that you wiggled your bum around as you moved back. You heard his low purr in your ear and smiled to yourself, he would soon be melting in your hands. 

“Daddy I’m cold, can you keep me warm?” you asked wiggling your body so he would pull you flush against him. He wasn’t stupid, he knew what your end game was and he was more than willing to play along. His arms circled tighter around you, giving you all the warmth you needed. To be honest, you weren’t even very cold at all, you just wanted to get a reaction out of him, and so far, it was working. 

“Mmm baby girl, I think you have other ideas on how to stay warm don’t you?” You giggled at his statement, knowing full well what he had in mind. His hand slid down your front to casually fondle and play with the hem of your pink lacy panties. Your head fell back onto his shoulder and you gasped as he slid his hand down directly over your wet hole. “My pretty little girls wet for Daddy already hm? This is what you wanted anyways isn’t princess?” He was definitely playing along. You nodded and pushed your hips up into his hand to try and gain some pressure on your most sensitive areas. He pulled his hand away, teasing you, denying you what you needed most. 

“J please,” you begged.

“Who?” He replied with a tinge of darkness and lust to his voice. You smirked and gave him what he wanted. 

“Daddy pretty please.” He couldn’t see your face but he assumed that you had a cocky smile on your face, thinking you hand him in the palm of your hand, but oh how wrong you were. He growled in your ear, sending shivers down your spine. He once again slid his hand down your stomach, dipping into the waistband of your panties. 

You two were connected on a different level. He knew every inch of your body like the back of his hand, and you knew his. He knew everything that sent you into a frenzy. His skilled fingers immediately found your desperate clit. You groaned and gripped his wrist letting you know how good he was making you feel. You loved when he touched you, he never failed to make you scream and moan for him. You were so lost in the feeling of his finger toying with your clit that you hadn’t really noticed that he had slid further down, the tip of his index finger pressing lightly against your dripping core. You groaned, letting him know that you wanted more, you wanted to feel him inside of you. 

“Beg baby girl. Beg daddy to finger your tight little pussy baby,” he urged you. 

“Oh god, please Daddy, pretty, pretty please I wanna cum, I need to cum Daddy. Please make me cum,” you said in a hushed, out of breath tone. He chuckled behind you and pressed a single finger in to you. You gasped as he entered you and started pumping his finger in and out slowly. You couldn’t control your moans. “Daddy I’m so close I’m gonna cum please keep going.” He reached around and applied pressure to your clit as he mercilessly finger fucked your pussy. Your moans grew louder and you could feel yourself slipping over the edge. Soon enough your high came and you screamed out for him. 

“Is that better princess? Are you still scared?” You shook your head and turned around to face him. 

“Thank you,” you mumbled, looking up at him with a smile. He leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to your lips. “You’re so warm,” you said into his chest as you nuzzled into him. He made a noise of acknowledgement and pulled you in closer to him. Thunder rumbled outside again and you tensed up. 

“Sshh baby it’s okay. I’m here, you’re okay. Daddy’s here to protect you,” he cooed. You smiled at his caring tone and your body relaxed. “You need to sleep baby. Close your eyes doll, I’m right here.” You nodded and closed your eyes and exhaled deeply. His hand trailed up and down your back creating a relaxing rhythm. With your ear pressed against his firm chest you paid close attention to his steady heartbeat, eventually lulling you to sleep.

“I love you J,” you mumbled right before you slipped into a deep slumber. 

“I know Y/N, I know. You’re mine,” he whispered to you as you drifted into a peaceful state of dreaming. Deep down he knew he loved you back but he could just never find the right time or way to say it so he just didn’t. “I love you too my precious.”

Back to the Beginning {TVD 1x01 Review}

OK! So we’re starting from the beginning, every Friday between 9pm and 10. Considering that I haven’t like sat down to watch a full episode of the past seasons of TVD in a few years and my memory might not be the greatest I think I will start with my usual disclaimer: I will write my thoughts in real time so if I make a mistake at the beginning of this post, it will be corrected by the end. There will be anti-Damon and anti-Delena sentiments (I’m only mentioning these two because it’s the beginning of the series), I will probably bring up other shows and call attention to misogynoir, racism, anti-blackness etc. Gotta admit, I’m a little excited to start from the beginning, it’s been a really long time. Ready? Let’s go. 1. OK Stefan’s voiceover over the foggy woods is still HELLA campy though. I remember I saw this and was like, Fadi (my friend), are you really making me watch this? YES. She was so fucking insistent. 2. Yeah the foggy night and dark road, it’s very horror movie, very cinematic. 3. Them hitting Damon is reminiscent of “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” They even gave Damon a growling noise when he feeds. 4. Listening to the score for season 1, really emphasizes how much they misused the cues in season 8. The scary cue works here because people are running, getting snatched up on a dark foggy night, it isn’t just walking through the Salvatore house. 5. Jenna is legit a mess, like, right away, Elena is like drinking coffee and really chill, like do you not have a presentation today? Go. 6. Damon sending the crow to hit Bonnie’s car is like … Literally from the minute he’s introduced, he’s terrorizing her. 7. Also Kat is a stronger actress than Nina, even the way Bonnie says, “And I was like put this woman in a HOME already”, she has more presence than Nina. 8. “She looks a hot … can I say tranny mess?” “No that’s over.” And totally inappropriate. I completely missed that before. 9. LOL Elena’s “No comment, I’m not going to say anything” when Caroline walks away is delivered really well, yo you two secretly hate each other and that should’ve been explored more. 10. Stefan’s jeans actually look a little ridiculous in the pilot, though. Like they don’t look like they fit well. When Bonnie and Elena sees him in the office. 11. Jeremy is legit like a drug dealer though. That’s kind of a big deal. 12. “You need to chill yourself” …. … … Did KW and JP like consult any teens when they wrote this script? 13. And her fight with Jeremy is actually pretty muted. I’m an only child but my closest friends are older siblings and they’ve told me of times when their younger siblings were fucking up and they would like literally BE there all the time, they would walk them to class, sit with them at lunch, be like, so where are we going today? Elena threatens to do that but never really follows through and it always bothered me that no one held an intervention for Jeremy or set up a meeting with a counsellor. 14. It is still the cutest thing ever when Stefan catches Elena staring at him in class. 15. I do like that in season 1 they dress like they’re teenagers though. 16. “Shoo, that’s what I thought.” Yeah, Elena, stand up to that bird. 17. No, seriously, from a purely objective point of view I can see why the cemetery scene would be the scene that made KW and Bob Levi and JP go ecstatic because when the scene begins Nina seems a little nervous, which I get, it’s the pilot, but when the scene goes on and the dialogue keeps going, she and Paul just have that energy, the way she smiles, the way they stare at each other, there’s legit chemistry there. 18. Yeah, those jeans need to go. And Paul I love you, but your pilot haircut is nooooooooot working. 19. Like you look like a hedgehog, honey. The diary entries actually make this REALLY angsty. 20. LOL Vicki is actually pretty mean to Jeremy though. “I don’t want to announce to the world that I deflowered Elena’s kid brother” and Jeremy has these puppy dog eyes when he says, “And deflowered and deflowered” and it’s like awwwwwwww, you’re way too young for this. 21. “I’m meeting Bonnie at The Grill”, it’s not even Bonnie and Caroline though. 22. These Stelena stares are KILLING me. It’s different seeing it within the episode than clips. 23. The way Matt says, “I feel weird calling her … She broke up with me” all of them are so YOUNG and have these really innocent faces and it just makes everything seem so MEAN. 24. “Any siblings” “None that I talk to” so when Elena tells Damon in the next episode, “Stefan never mentioned he had a brother” I mean he didn’t say that he didn’t either, he admits to having siblings. I feel like I’m going to keep a tally of all the times the show forgets its own script to propel DE. 25. Yoooooooooooo I didn’t remember we get a shot of Stefan topless in the pilot when he’s putting on his shirt. *sigh* so gratuitous. I love it. 26. Those jeans are terrible though. 27. OK but really, WHO IS ZACH AGAIN? He says “Uncle Stefan” so like how does that work? 28. Stefan being blamed for Damon’s shit from DAY ONE. 29. Paul’s intense gaze is damn. 30. I also like how in history class they never discuss enslavement. Mmkay. 31. “You’re upset about something.” “No it’s just Bonnie, she’s … You know what, never mind. You’re here.” And from Day One Bonnie’s issues are ignored. 32. Paul and Nina look really good walking next to each other. 33. Tyler legitimately treats Vicki like shit. 34. “Jeremy. Is that you?” Yes, Vicki, Jeremy can create fog now. 35. Also Damon is so fucking extra with that fog. It’s unnecessary. 36. “I just want to let you know that I still believe in us and I’m not giving up on you” oh Matty, it was never you. Don’t worry though, you get a bench. 37. So Vicki is on the ground with blood on her neck and Jeremy is like “It’s Vicki” and Elena is like “oh my God” and NO ONE is taking out their phones to call 9-11.They just stand there until she opens her eyes. I mean, I guess. 38. Ian’s hair is RIDICULOUS. 39. I don’t understand how Damon got such a following, I find him thoroughly uncharming. Like he just talks SO MUCH. 40. “Damon, after all this time, after all these years can’t we just give it a rest??” “I promised you an eternity of misery.” How fucking petty ARE you Damon? 41. Ian isn’t menacing. 42. “How come the guys I want never go for me?” “I’m not touching that.” Bonnie is hilarious though. Like oh hell no, do not drag me into your messy shit. 43. Vicki and her black nail polish. So high school. 44. Matt’s eyes are actually really blue in the pilot. 45. I am so fucking glad the diary voiceovers disappear eventually. It’s just, it’s too much. 46. And Stefan and Elena overlap. Omg. No. 47. Damon looks creepy as fuck staring at Caroline. 48. I won’t lie though, Stefan constantly coming to Elena’s house, if it were me I’d be like sooooo are you just going to keep showing up? Like she isn’t a little bit weirded out that this guy keeps just showing up at her house? 49. And she can just invite boys into her house at how late at night? OK so my review is over! I’m definitely excited to be doing these every Friday. It’s funny though because pilots are meant to establish what the show is going to be about and what’s centered in the pilot is Stefan and Elena and their desire to get through their respective dark times. The supernatural element is secondary. It’s first and foremost an SE story. Until next week!

*NOTE* To avoid confusion: I’m not saying what Stefan did is comparable to Damon, Damon was terrorizing Elena for kicks, I’m just saying that Stefan comes across as intense in the pilot and I would be like dude you are at my house a lot but it makes sense because Stefan isn’t acting completely human because he isn’t one, throughout the episode he’s trying to train himself to be more human.
— kisses of carmine | pt. 1 (M)

Genre: Smut + Angst ➝ Vampire AU

Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Kim Taehyung x Reader.

Plot: The era of the Crimson Killers isn’t quite over yet.

Warnings: Daddy kink, girl on girl action, blood and gore, the “C” word, fingering.

Notes: Welcoming back everybody’s favourite vampires. Part 2 will be out sometime in the future, but please don’t bother me for it! Give me time. Thanks!

➝ Sequel to The Crimson Killer (part of the Merlot Murders series).

August 27th, 1956.
3 days after the death of Y/N L/N.

Chicago lies in pools of red.

It’s almost as if the sunny state of Illinois has been put under strict curfew- it involves rushing around in the safe, broad daylight with the uncertain safety that city cops have to provide, and then locking doors and shutting curtains on starswept evenings all in the fear of what remains unleashed in the shadows.

It’s been a full week since the mass murder on the city church. A show of crimson puddles and torn necks, eyes lifeless and bodies mangled in the nave and chancel of the large, rustic framed church. The stained glass can no longer offer a light as it lies in a shroud of melancholy and regret. America, a place of freedom and power, confined to curfews from 6am to 7pm- all at the hands of the Crimson Killers.

Newspapers eventually stopped writing articles for them. The news begins to get unhyped when it’s a new killing for every front page.

In Bates Manor, a large and neatly designed mansion located in the sparse green of the Black Forest near the outskirts of Chicago, Kim Taehyung paces back and forth with his hands in a knot behind his back. His mind is cloudy, thoughtless, empty.

“Pacing isn’t going to find her.”

At the brisk, bitter sound of his lovers voice, Taehyung opens his discoloured red eyes to briefly stare at the other boy, sitting with his legs outstretched towards a dancing fire, ankles hooked over each other silently thinking and breathing. He makes not a single noise in the haunting silence of the house.

“I’m working on it,” Taehyung replies. “Don’t rush me.”

“She could be out of Chicago for all we know,” Hoseok barks a laugh sarcastically. “And ‘ain’t that a bitch. I’m just wondering…whose fault might that be?”

His words are suggestive but Taehyung need not think hard. The results of what happened three nights before, with red stained bedsheets and broken furniture pieces- not to forget the discarded carcass of whatever loser he had emptied in the stale bathroom moments earlier-, had been disastrous. When Jung Hoseok, official superior mate of the younger, more naive vampire Kim Taehyung, had stepped into the scene with a heavy sense of burden on his beautiful expressions, Taehyung was restless. No blood, no love, no sex- his mate was resentful.

It all comes back to you- the beauty for the beast.

And, despite being your now mate, which only rarely happens, Kim Taehyung has not the smallest clue on your whereabouts.

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Crowley gives the reader a hell hound puppy. Thanks @love-kittykat21 for the idea!!!

Pairings: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count:834


Crowley strolled down the hall with the tiny runt hell hound under his arm, rolling his eyes with every step. You had been begging him for months for a dog and he had grown tired of your whining. Since the one he held was a runt and would never be able to be sent out for souls anyways he figured giving you this hell would kill two birds with one stone. You would have your dog and he would know you were protected. How could this possibly go wrong?

“Darling, close your eyes for me.” He said as he walked into your room and without asking questions, you sat up on the couch with your eyes closed. After a moment you felt what you assumed was a warm blanket land on you followed by a warm breath blowing in your face. “Ok darling. Open them.” Your eyes flew open and you came face to snout with a tiny little puppy with bright red eyes.

“Ahhh!!!” you squealed as you grabbed the tiny hell hound out of Crowley’s large hands and the puppy attacked your face with kisses. “Baby is he mine?!” you asked as you looked up at your boyfriend. He nodded.

“She. Now you can quit bugging me about getting a dog.” He said with a smile as he leaned down to kiss your forehead. “Now, I must return to work. Enjoy the little runt.” He said as he walked out of the room his face breaking into a smile when he heard you start to baby talk to the puppy in your lap.


A few months later, you were lying on your bedroom floor playing fetch with Tinkerbell, your runt hellhound that was the size of full grown bullmastiff. You tossed the ball as hard as you could and it bounced precariously of the wall before coming back toward you. Tinkerbell thundered across the room in a flurry of paws and legs after but when the ball bounced back, she tried to stop unsuccessfully and slammed into the wall. The impact caused the doors and windows in your room to rattle and you burst into a fit of giggles as your clumsy puppy trotted back over with the ball.

“What in the bloody hell is going on?” Crowley shouted as he stormed into the room and you rolled back on to your stomach to look at your boyfriend.

“Sorry baby. We were just playing fetch.” He looked at you like you had just slapped him across the face.

“Fetch? You don’t play fetch with a hellhound!” he said and you sat up in your excitement, waving your hands in front of him.

“Wait, wait! Watch baby.” You snapped your fingers at Tinkerbell to get her attention and held your fingers toward her in the shape of a gun. “Tinkerbell, bang!” you said and your dog reared up on her hind legs for half a second before falling to her side, her tongue lolled out of her mouth. You looked up at your boyfriend, your face alight with your excitement and it fell slightly when you saw your boyfriends face.

“You taught. A hellhound. To play dead.” He said, his frustration obvious in his tone. You snapped at Tinkerbell to bring her to your side as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Well… yea?” you said a slight quiver in your voice. “I’m sorry baby. I just…” Crowley shook his head, the silencing you.

“Darling, first of all she is a hellhound. Naming her Tinkerbell was a pill I had to swallow but she is meant to protect you not play games.” He said and you sat up when you realized what he meant.

“Bring me a demon.” You said and he looked at you, his eyebrow raised. “Trust me.” You said as you stood up next to Tinkerbell. With a snap, a confused looking demon was standing in the middle of your room. You looked at Crowley with a smile. “You might want to stand over here.” As he walked toward you, a look of confusion on his face you bent down next to your puppy.

“Tinkerbell, fly.” The words hadn’t fully left your mouth before the demon that had been standing in front of you was knocked to the ground and your room was filled with screams and growls as Tinkerbell ripped him to shreds to protect her mama. You looked over at Crowley with a smirk as he stared at the scene before him. “Oklahoma.” You said and in a second, Tinkerbell stopped her attack and stood between the demon and her mama, a growl still low in her throat. You smiled sweetly at your boyfriend. “You were saying?” you said as you ran your fingers through Tinkerbells hair.

“You’re impossible.” Crowley said as he walked out of the room with a snap, cleaning the bloody mess off the floor.

“Wait, baby you didn’t watch her roll over!” you called after him as he walked out of the room.


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maflojo  asked:

6,8,37. All Pietro please

6.“I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks.”- Pietro

“Piet, Piet, wake up!” You whispered, shaking the speedster’s shoulder. “Y/N, what time is it?” He grunted rubbing his eyes and yawning. “Doesn’t matter.” You grinned, pulling him up to a sitting position, “I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks and lets go!” You exclaimed pulling at his hands to propel him forwards. Running from the room you quickly felt the gust of wind that followed Pietro wherever he went. “Come on slowpoke.” He smirked scooping you up into his arms and running towards the hall and your handiwork. Minutes later the two of you were madly sliding about the room, creating chaos in your wake, with tables and chairs falling as you crashed into them. The high pitched sound of the speaker system turned on caused both of you to crashing to the floor with your hands over your ears. “If you two don’t shut the hell up I’ll be running your asses around the training tracks for the next month!” The Captain’s voice boomed across the sound system, slightly scratchy from sleep. “Language!” You and Pietro both exclaimed before bursting out laughing. 

8.“We accidentally got married in Vegas oops”- Pietro

Waking up with a pounding headache and nauseous feeling in your stomach was not your idea of a good time. Rushing to the toilet you spilled the contents of your stomach and leaned your clammy forehead against the porcelain. Lifting your head slightly you noticed the glint of light flashing from your left hand, diverting your eyes to the flashy diamond ring that now sat there. “Oh god! Oh god… what did I do?” You exclaimed moving your hand round, trying to make it disappear. Walking back into the lavish room you now saw the muscular man that was spread on the bed, sheets wrapped around him haphazardly and silver hair fanned out on the cotton pillows. Covering your mouth with your hands you sank to the floor as tears sprung to your eyes. Seconds later the man that had previously been asleep on the bed was by your side. “Are you okay?” He asked, accent clear in his voice. “Do you remember what happened last night?” You croaked out, looking up into his blue eyes. “Um…no…” He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck as his brow furrowed. “We… we uh…” You stuttered before showing him your hand. “Right…” He murmured, running his hand through his curls. “I know someone who can help, no need to worry.” He comforted you, cupping your face in his hands and wiping your tears away with the pad of his thumb. Pulling out a mobile he quickly dialled in a number as he pulled you closer. “Stark, we have a problem.” He murmured into the receiver. ‘Yes well there’s this girl…” He said smiling at you slightly. “No Stark.” He snapped suddenly glaring at the wall. “See here’s the thing…We accidentally got married in Vegas, oops.” He said with a nervous chuckle. “Thanks, yes, yes. No don’t you dare tell my sister, yes I know it would be very funny to watch her kill me.” He growled out slightly, sighing, before hanging up. “It’s alright, I’ve got it sorted.” He said kissing your forehead slightly.

37.“A boy needs his father.”- Pietro

“Alex, you stop that right now!” You exclaimed, grabbing the young boy around his waist and hoisting him into the air. “But Mummy I just want to be as fast as Daddy, maybe then I can go with him next time.” He said pouting slightly and giving you the puppy dogs eyes. “Oh sweetheart.” You sighed sitting down with him on your lap. “You know Daddy would never leave you if he had a choice, but he has to go and save the world and keep us safe.” You said, smiling sadly as you ruffled his brown curls. “I just miss him.” Your young son grimaced, wrapping his small arms around your neck and burying his face in your shoulder. “Me too.” You whispered, stroking his back comfortingly. “Come on, Uncle Steve brought you that train set, don’y you wanna play with that?” You smiled at your son as he scrambled from your lap to play with his toys.

A few hours later, after you’d put your son to bed, you were curled up on the sofa, not wanting to go to your empty bed. Closing your eyes you heard the click of the door lock and heavy footsteps walking towards you. “Y/N?” A quiet voice whispered in your ear. Eyes fluttering open you quickly jumped up and into their arms. “Oh Piet, I missed you so much.” You whispered, throwing your arms around his neck and burying your head in the nook of his shoulder. “I missed you too dragă.” He murmured into your hair. “How’s my little boy?” He asked pulling away from you slightly, worry clear in his eyes. “A boy needs his father.” You whispered, stroking his cheek gently. “I know, last mission, I promise.” He smiled sadly, before snaking his arms around your waist. “Better be.” You murmured kissing his lips sweetly.


Some summary required


Our cannibal copes with the loss of his great love the same way men do.

He buys himself a big motorcycle.

But this is not a pleasure trip.

Hannibal is following his next victim; so he’s tired, hungry, thirsty and he doesn’t want to be annoyed.

Unfortunately, Dimmond doesn’t feel the same way. Among a few hundred people at the party, he spots exactly the cannibal in the room, and he goes boldly meet his destiny.

Dimmond is safe for now. Hannibal has his dinner to prepare.

Hannibal kills Fell and his wife to take their identities.

Hannibal and Bedelia are in Italy now. People are really rude and killable, so nothing new. But, let’s face it, the real problem is that Hannibal is upset because he can’t see Will.

And he won’t see Will for a very long time so brace yourselves, killings are coming.

Also Dimmond is in Italy.

Dimmond is invited for dinner, so Bedelia can meet him.

At one point, when it’s clear that Dimmond is aware of too many things about them, when it’s clear to Bedelia that it’s not that kind of party, when it’s clear that Dimmond doesn’t smell of dogs and cheap aftershave, when it’s clear that Hannibal is not amused anymore… And it’s Sunday…

Hannibal takes Dimmond to Palermo.

And arranges him like a heart for Will.


They found this note on the heart.

My Cute Little Ortolan, is your wound healed yet? How many more months does it take to come here? You’re taking your time… I’m bored. Nobody makes cannibal jokes here, nobody sends maniacs to kill me and there’s no one who makes puppy eyes like you do.

You’re mad at me, I know.

Is it because I said Winston smelled? I take it back.

Is it because I didn’t want to come to that kennel with you?

I frankly can’t think about other reasons behind your grudge.

I love you.

See you soon.


peraltuki  asked:

Honestly you would be perfect for seven, I mean I read all you wrote and damn the memes, I highkey love you now. What about the rfa guys + unknown *bae* when mc REALLY REALLY wants a puppy like REALLY LOVES THEM AND SHE'S OBSESSED WITH THEm

I thought people hated my “jokes”
I will treasure you.
Anyway, thank you for the support and for the request!
I hope you like it

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me

My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request.


  • Why? You have him!YOUR PUPPY!
  • When you told Yoosung that you wanted a puppy with all your enthusiasm
  • He just can’t say no to you!
  • And he’s really, really excited about all of this! It’s like having a baby…You two can prepare for the future?
  • Are you serious?
  • He wouldn’t get a super cute puppy, he wants to be the “cute” in the house! But at the same time, he doesn’t want to be cute anymore, like, Yoosung, decide.
  • You two will be with a big smile on your faces when you two finally get your puppy
  • You and Yoosung will give to this energetic fellow a lot of love!
  • He just loves animals and looks like you love them too!
  • Especially, if it’s puppies


  • He gets a little reluctant about taking care of a dog, a puppy
  • But the happiness that was with you when you told him HOW MUCH you wanted a puppy… He just can’t ignore that…
  • And besides, the hugs and the kisses you give to him when he said that you two would get a puppy
  • Makes everything worth it, he just loves it!
  • Zen wanted a dog that would be really big, but would not have so much space, so a puppy, need a small dog, would be perfect
  • For now.
  • Sometimes he’s angry at the puppy, for ruining his paper needs to go to the rehearsals!
  • Zen grabbed the dog and look at the puppy’s eyes, but when he’s lecturing the puppy about how a bad puppy, he was being, the puppy licks his face.
  • He laughs and forgets that he was angry.
  • Looks like you and that puppy have some spell on him.


  • “You want a puppy? I don’t think this is a good idea…” Jaehee doesn’t like it.
  • A pet would be troublesome, she doesn’t understand why to pick one.
  • You have to try really hard at convincing her when she says yes, it’s just to see you smile again.
  • When you were seeing those pets, she suggests “A dog that doesn’t get too big MC” Ok, this is what the two of you do.
  • In the beginning, Jaehee is angry at the dog or doesn’t care at all by his presence.
  • But after some time, she likes his company, he always realizes when she’s feeling down, and he always cheers her up!
  • She understands why you love puppies that much.


  • Do you want what?
  • Are you kidding me MC? Are you really serious? You have a wonderful cat here, why you want a damn puppy?
  • You keep telling how much you wanted a puppy and he’s always saying that you two wouldn’t get one “Stop think about it MC”
  • Until you tell him that if you can’t adopt a puppy, you’ll get out of that house with the puppy because he doesn’t want it in his penthouse.
  • You’ll get a puppy now, he rather this than you are going away.
  • He hates it, and he’s afraid that Elizabeth might get hurt or scared by this… Thing.
  • But she loves it, is: you love it, only the stubborn kid doesn’t. But the secret is: He starts to like it.
  • One day when you arrived home, you see Jumin and the puppy playing, he was so happy and the puppy was happy too!
  • When you call him, he says he was only “Seeing if his paw was good.”
  • You laugh and kissed him “It’s okay to like a puppy”
  • “It’s ok to not talk about it too…”
  • He would never admit it.


  • He wanted a cat…But you’re so excited just to think about a puppy, he can’t help but smile at you.
  • “You’ll have to make your best puppy eye to get a puppy.” Is he joking? But you try it. “SO CUTE! DEAL!”
  • The two of you went to pick one puppy, you get 2 puppies.
  • Seven sees one opportunity in getting a puppy, he has a use to the internet jokes, the best part!
  • “SAERAN, what is it called when a cat wins a dog show?”
  • “Please kill me…Not this again”
  • Sometimes he and the puppy make so much mess that you want to cry about it.
  • You thought that he was responsible for the puppy, but this is wrong.
  • The puppy’s responsible for Seven.


  • “What is the use of a dog anyway?”
  • Bite your grumpy face and eat all this ice cream you dork.
  • Saeran don’t see why to get a puppy, but he doesn’t care
  • Does he care about something?
  • He cares about you being happy, and you’re so excited to just think about getting a puppy, he doesn’t refuse it.
  • When the puppy arrived, he looks at Saeran, with that cute face, and Saeran looked at him, with his grumpy face.
  • It’s cute but useless.
  • Just like you Saeran lol sorry
  • But he finds a thing that a puppy can do… Be a lethal weapon.
  • He would bite Seven’s hoodie, steals his things, especially those chips, bites Seven’s leg, other things.
  • Every time he comes to make an awful joke about dogs, the puppy bites him.
  • Thank god
  • Now Saeran has a new friend.
Treat You Better

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader, Reader x abusive boyfriend :( 

Summary: if you know the song Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes, you know the plot

Warnings: abusive situations, violence, swearing, story completely in Rob’s POV, name-calling 

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Dating James Potter Would Include:

Originally posted by your-harry-potter-imagines

  • His persistence about everything
  • His ability to turn everything into a pun
  • “C’mon deer”
  • “James I will kill you, don’t test me”
  • The way he likes to show you off 
  • He treats you like a queen
  • The way he always seems to know what to do when you’re feelings stressed or sad
  • The witty banter that goes one between you two
  • “God that shirt is gastly”
  • “Oh really? I picked it up to match yours”
  • “Picked it up from where? The bin outside?”
  • That little smirk he does 
  • He knows it drives you insane, so he purposely does it to get out of trouble
  • On the other hand your puppy dog eyes can get you out of anything
  • He hasn’t met a rule he wasn’t willing to break for you
  • “Jamy I can’t sleep, can I just stay in here tonight?”
  • “Course love”
  • The precious moments away from the prying eyes of the others boys
  • He’s really just a big softie 
  • The way he pulls you closer when he thinks you’re in danger
  • The way you start to worry when he shows up later
  • Loving the way he always takes care of Remus
  • His parents adore you
  • The whole school hates that you’re a couple
  • Constant PDA
  • Love, dear, sweetheart, beautiful, you name it he has probably called you it at some point
  • He’s always coming up with new nicknames for you
  • His bravery