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57 with Seth :)

Prompt: “Just get home as soon as possible, okay?!” 

Seth had been on tour for around 5 months and neither of you had enough time off to see one another, it’s safe to say it was bumming you out. Some of your friends from work had noticed so decided to invite you out on a girls night.

“Come on (Y/N)! It’ll be fun! Help get your mind off things.” Your best friend was trying to convinse you as you left work.

“I don’t know I just wanna go home and skype with him really.” You shrugged not realy seeing the big deal in heading out.

“Oh come on (Y/N)! When was the last time we had a girls night?” She smirked poking your sides playfully. Laughing you push her hands off you.

“Okkaaayyyy fine! but only for a little while.” You bargened with her not really feeling like heading out, but knowing if you didn’t she’d never let you forget it.

Looking in the full length mirror you admire your reflection, smoothing out the form fitting black dress you smiled to yourself, you had to admit you looked really hot. An idea came to mind, grabbing your phone you posed and took a picture of your reflection sending it to Seth.

Y -What do you think? ;)

S -Damn babe. You look hot. What’s the occation?

Y - Just a night out with the girls :3

S - Looks a lot sexier for just a night out with the girls ;)

Y - I think it looks fine ;)

Twisiting slightly you you take a profile shot and make sure your ass is excentuated.

S - Urggg your killing me here babe

Just as you were about to reply your friend text you to let you know she outside waiting.

Y - I gotta go honey, I’ll see you later ;)

Locking your phone and putting it into your clutch bag you quickly touch up your hair and head out.

“Damn girl you are looking fine.” Your friend winks at you pulling away heading to the club. About 12 shots later and 4 pints of beer it’s safe to say you were pretty drunk and your short stay turned into 3 hours. Your friends were all over some random guys so you decided to head out and walk home. Walking back you decided to phone Seth, the phone seemed to ring for ages before a sleepy Seth answered.

“Babe? Isn’t it like 2am back home?” Seth answerd suddenly more awake.

“Sethhiiieeeeee. How arree yoouuu?” You giggley slurred at him.

“Are you drunk?” Seth chuckled

“Nooooooo. You’re drunk”

“I can ensure you I’m not drunk babe. Are you friends around?” He asks sounding concerned.

“No. They were too busy sucking face with some strangers so I decided to walk.” You chirpped, sounding pleased with your choice.

“What?!” The sudden change in volume made you jump. “It’s 2am and you’re walking home alone! Are you out of your mind?” You pouted at his words not realising he couldn’t see you.

“I thought it was better than staying at the club where some creep could try and hit on me.”

“Babe some creep could try and hit on you and abduct you outside the club. At least in the club there would have been loads of people.” You paused your face falling, in your drunk state you hadn’t realised how reckless you’d been. The realisation quickly sobered you up.

“Seth…. I…… I’m scared.” You heard Seth sigh on the other end, and some rustling like he’d moved off the bed.

“I know honey just….Just get home as soon as possible, okay?!”

“Okay.” Quickly you head in the direction of home, holding the phone as tight to your ear as possible.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay honey. I know you were trying to do the right thing. I just freaked out because you hear so many horror stories about girls walking home by themselves at night and I’m not there to protect you.”

“Yeah. This is the last time I go out with the girls.” You chuckled hopping to distract you both. Seth let out a small chuckle but you culd tell he was still anxious. It only took you another 10 minutes to reach your house, stepping inside you lock the door and lean against it.

“I’m home now.” You speak softer, suddenly feeling drained. Seth relaxed a little on the other end and stopped pacing around his hotel room.

“Get some sleep honey. You’ve had quite the night.” Seth sounded just as exahusted as you but you were still a little anxious.

“I know it’s late but can I skype you once I’m in bed?” you asked making yur way up to your shared room, taking off your heels as you went.

“Sure thing babe. I’ll be waiting.” You could hear the smile and tired strain in his voice but you both know a skype call would help you both rest easy tonight. You quickly take off your makeup and dress, slipping one of Seth’s shirts on and climb into bed. Just as you got under the covers skype started ringing on your laptop, placing it on the bedside table you turn on yourside and answer.

“Jesus woman you take forever!” He giggled down the line.

“I do not!” you acted hurt, felling better now you could smell Seth’s collogne from his shirt and see his face. You both settle into a comfortable silence and for a second you thought maybe he had gone to sleep.

“I love you (Y/N) more than you can ever know.”

Smiling wide you peel your eyes open to look at him. “I love you too honey. So God damn much.”

“In case I fall asleep on you I’ll say goonight babe.” You snuggled futher down into the duvet, nodding.

“Goodnight princess.”

“G’night my prince.” Seth grinned at the nickname and watched you drift off to sleep. His racing heart now calmed knowing you were home and safe.

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Cookies & Cream - a Kristanna Harvest Fest Fic

I come bearing a fluffy coffeeshop AU! Hopefully this will compensate for the pain I caused yesterday (and I really am very, sincerely sorry to anyone who found that fic upsetting, if you usually read my stuff and needed to skip it I totally understand <3). I promise that this is pure fluff! 

This is another story that started life as an anonymous inbox fic but was never finished, and it’s dedicated to @snowfjord​! I kept meaning to come back to it, but it never happened, and I meant to try to finish it as a regular fic for you birthday, and THAT never happened, but here it is now and happy belated birthday! I hope it’s worth the wait <3

The incredible @sargar3000​ contributed the beautiful artwork, because she is amazing <3 <3 <3 Please heap praise upon her!

  • Cookies & Cream
  • Rated G
  • Words: 5031
  • Prompt: Rain
  • Art by @sargar3000

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tagged by; @vampbin  thank you for the tag!! I love your blog and you!! 💞💞💞 (ik you typed that sentence, but it’s true for you so I left it XD also your profile pic kills me bless)

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uhhhh yeah idk I give up just do it if you want okay? ^-^

A: Age | 18

B: Birthplace | Michigan

C: Current Time | currently 11:18pm ahhh

D: Drink you had last | coca-cola yessss

E: Easiest person to talk to | hmmmmmm, idk. myself? my mom? or are we talking tumblr people?? I mean, it’s also really easy to talk to @bangtanboysaddicted since I can talk to her irl ya feel? & anyone in the aroha gc (you know who you are/I don't feel like tagging y’all sorry) is really easy to talk to as well~ <3

F: Favorite song | oh god how can you pick?? uh, anything Owl City or Astro. done.

G: Grossest memory | OKAY SO in my neighborhood we have a little gang of stray cats that flit about & recently they have taken to hunting the neighborhood squirrels?? so I can say without a doubt that the grossest memory I currently have is coming home from work, going to walk up my front porch steps & seeing a freshly decapitated squirrel just chillin’ under my steps. (i almost threw up it was horrifying) 

H: Hogwarts house | right so I haven’t read HP but according to online quizzes I’m hufflepuff/my combo house is hufflepuff/slytherin

I: In love? | *cough* yes. also yes, with rocky and friends/family/food/music/astro  & the list goes on XD

J: Jealous of people | ehhhhh, not usually.

K: Killed someone | no. also, even if I did, why would I admit that on a tumblr post??

L: Love at first sight or should I walk by again? | okay right so I’m a love at first sight but it’s going to take me like 4 years to realize that what I feel is love. (wow okay that’s a strangely deep answer. I’m tired.)

M: Middle name | Jean ayoo

N: Number of siblings | 2 older brothers & in another day I’ll have 2 sister-in-laws!

O: One wish | I don’t know, there’s a lot to wish for? more wishes lol, classic move <<<i’m connecting with this answer on a spiritual level so I’m just leaving it.

P: Person you called last | my mom XD

Q: Question you are always asked | “How many fingers am I holding up???” every time I take off my glasses.

R: Reason to smile | ASTRO?!?

S: Song you last sang | uhhh I think it was like some random 80′s song that I don’t know the name of & only know the chorus so I just sing that over & over :P

T: Time you woke up | 8am hahah

U: Underwear color | I think they’re black? Who knows.

V: Vacation destination | hmmm. Either Israel or Japan!

W: Worst habit | I RAMBLE, SO MUCH. Also I lick my lips way too much & also run my hands through my hair too much. It’s a nervous tick.

X: X-rays | on my ankle like years ago :O

Y: Your favorite food | PIZZA uhhhhh yeah idk. I mean like whatever. I’ll eat it. The only things I don’t like for sure are beans & seafood. Although there are exceptions to both of those XD

Z: Zodiac sign | pisces :D