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Beach City, Delmarva

A little over a year ago I had the chance to make a canonical map of Beach City, featuring lots of locations seen in the show and a few we’ve never been to! 

There’s a few Beach City locations not shown here– the abandoned warehouse is up north across Rehoboth Bay, the docks and the Crab Shack are behind the water tower hill, and the barn is in the countryside a few miles inland.

If you’d like to get your touch stumps on a physical copy, the map will be printed in the Best Buds Together Fun quiz book, coming Summer 2016!

More prints like this at Sincerely By Nicole’s Etsy Shop!

//excerpt from a story yet to be written//

“Um.. who is that?” you whisper, eyes trained on the gorgeous motherfucker who just walked into your pool party with a shirt unbuttoned damn near to his navel, a chest full of tattoos and a hell of a dick print poking through those tight ass jeans.

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2017 Pep Talk Calendar PDF Download

You can now download a PDF version of the 2017 pep talk calendar!!!!!!

This was very highly requested by my international followers so hopefully this will bring daily positivity to lots of people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to buy a physical copy x

The PDF version allows you to print the calendar all at once, print each calendar page monthly, or simply keep it on your desktop for monthly motivation.

Best printed 2-sided, but can be modified per your printer specifications and paper size. You can print the entire calendar all at once or modify page orientations to print individual pages out monthly.

Includes a PDF of the full 2017 Pep Talk Calendar, including 12 hand-drawn pep talks for every month of the year, monthly calendar pages ft. fun holidays, motivation, moon phases, and astronomical events + an additional section of extras including a motivational coloring page and space for notes!!!

Please let me know if you have questions!

p.s. you can also gift the PDF!!!


CHALK DREAMS _(:3 」∠ )_

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I've been searching for ages, and can never come across an answer for this. Are there printers that are willing to do more adult prints? (X rating)

@kiriska: There probably are, but your best bet is to ask artists who do adult work, or to directly ask printers. Some chain print shops like FedEx and Office Depot may have varying policies depending on the manager and employees that work there. Others may have a very strict policy. You may consider simply investing in a printer to print at home. 

I have no personal experience with this, but followers feel free to chime in? :o

Redecorating with Him - Jackson Whittemore Imagine

Redecorating with Him – TW Imagine

Prompt: Your mom finally let you redecorate your old room, seeing as know you’ve grown up and have no interest in pink fairies and purple leopard prints anymore. You called one of your best friends, Jackson, to help you shop and move some things in.

A/N: Yay, first Jackson imagine! I took in your votes and he was one of the most voted characters you wanted to read more of! I hope this was okay, pretty short but I think that’s okay. I’m just eager to start this new project I’m thinking of ;) (PS MY WRITING IS SO BAD NOW IDK WHY) x

Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Word Count: 1272

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Your POV

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” You squealed, jumping up and down in front of your crossed armed mom. She rolled her eyes, “Okay now, settle down. Go shopping for some furniture later before I change my mind.” She giggled, pulling you into a hug. You gladly returned it, you haven’t felt this happy since forever.

You were finally getting the chance to redecorate your room after 7 years of being surrounded by pink fairy stickers covering the walls of your room and purple leopard print bed sheets. Now you were in your junior year, and you were in serious need of changing everything. First things first, to call Jackson to help you decide on the decorations and furniture. You managed to convince him to meet you at Target, only because you begged which was something you rarely did – and he knew that too. He was your best friend, and you knew he would make the whole trip much more fun.

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where do you get your favorite bullet journal stickers, washi tapes and photos from? any recommendations for cheap sources?

As for Washi tapes, amazon and craft stores (like Michaels) are good. As for pictures and stickers, it’s best to print your own!!! :)

Zodiac aesthetics

Aries: loud voices, burning embers, champagne, echoes, being in charge, speeding down the highway, eye contact.

Taurus: warm summer air, the sunrise, homemade food, soft hands, craft beer, family gatherings, sleeping late.

Gemini: controversial debates, windy days, vodka on the rocks, festivals, meeting strangers, a new deck of cards, long road trips.

Cancer: youth, giggles, whispering when you don’t really need to, nostalgia, thrift stores, blushing, falling in love for the first time.

Leo: getting wine drunk, gossip, all-nighters, deep conversations, poetry readings, the sunset, hangovers.

Virgo: the smell of old books, trembling hands, dandelions, wine-stained lips, waking up while it’s still dark, strong coffee, acing an exam.

Libra: flirting with strangers, clinking glasses, irony, kissing your best friend, indie pop, laissez faire, lipstick prints.

Scorpio: piercing eyes, sarcasm, bottled up emotions, lip biting, bonfires, moonshine, cigarette smoke.

Sagittarius: summer vacation, laughter, old photographs, finishing a novel, sunscreen, rosy cheeks, pretending to hate reality TV.

Capricorn: smirking, long work days, cashing a check, pride, dark liquor, live music, driving with the windows down.

Aquarius: philosophy, strobe lights, rhetorical questions, independence, forming a protest, radio static, the perfect comeback.

Pisces: ripples on a lake, fantasy novels, giving advice, happy endings, choking back tears, peppermint tea, foggy mornings.

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Do you have any tips on selling your artwork, like prints and stuff? Best sites to use, prices etc. Would love some advice :)

(Sorry for taking so long to answer, I have this thing a lot where I see a message during the day and go “yep I’ll answer that later” and then a narrator voice happens saying ‘and she never did’ so…)

One of the easiest ways to start would be to use a site like RedBubble or Society6, which produce all the items for you so all you have to do is sign up, set up pieces, and determine your cut of the sales. I utilize RedBubble for phone cases since that’s something I haven’t figured out how to produce on my own, but generally it’s a safe way to start. No investment from you, you don’t have to fulfill orders, easy enough.

The huge downside of those types of site is that the artist’s cut is very small and so something that sells for like, 30 dollars, you’re only making a few bucks off of. While you can adjust the sliding scale and get a bigger cut,that makes your item more expensive, and you’re at this point where you’re like “would anyone buy this for 25 when other people on this site are selling it for 20″. Again, the huge advantage is that you’re not responsible for the actual production and if you’re starting out or don’t have the means to produce items, those sites are certainly what I would advise.

If you have the means to produce what you sell - prints are typically easiest because all you need is a decent printer - then there’s a few options. Storeenvy is sort of popular as an alternative to Etsy, and it doesn’t charge you any listing fees or anything. But to participate in their “market” - aka, to participate in a way that they MIGHT drive traffic to your store - you gotta pay. It’s excellent if you need an independent store front and are going to be the sole driver of traffic to the page, but if you’re hoping to get some help…

…then Etsy is still your best bet. You pay a listing fee for each item you put up, and each sale has a small fee as well, but honestly I still prefer that than having to foot all the traffic to my store front. You know why? They have a search. People search Etsy. People can find my store completely independent of me and that’s good. Lots of people have Etsy accounts, or in the very least, a lot of people KNOW Etsy and are fine with trusting it to shop at.

Which, if anyone wants to sign up for Etsy, use this link because you get free listings and I get free listings so everyone wins. \oAo/

As far as pricing, that is something you have to research to determine what works for you. You absolutely need to take into account the cost of materials and the labor you are going to put into putting together an order (the “handling” part of “shipping and handling”). I looked at several different Etsy stores to see where I felt comfortable placing my prices. You have to find a balance between being competitive but also taking some pride in your work and sticking to your guns.

Lastly, a HUUUUUGE thing that a lot of people mess up on in the beginning is shipping. Shipping is a pain in the ass and can get really expensive very quickly if you’re not careful. Don’t go out and buy the 100 pack of ULINE envelopes if you’re not going to use them. Go to the store and pick up a 5-pack of bubble envelopes (the USPS now puts out a 6x9 envelope that is plastic and bubble-lined which is awesome because it’s waterproof and cushy and it’s like $2 for 5) to start off with, or something similar. Don’t go crazy with the packaging unless you have to, because people really don’t care so much about how stuff looks, they just want their merch safely. Number one priority is getting people their stuff in one safe and un-damaged piece.

(Side note: research postal pricing like holy crap. Rates went up AGAIN this year and are an annual thorn in my side. Also, do not use Etsy to buy international postage, they rip you off because they do not allow you to buy First Class International envelope rates, just package rates, which is almost always excessive when you’re in the print business. I use Paypal for all my non-US packages that fall into the weight limit of First Class envelope mailing because Paypal does allow that. It is the difference between the UK having to owe me $13 in shipping versus $6. I can’t control postal rates, but I can do my best to get people a fair price.)


hey everybody!! i know the holidays are coming up so i thought it would be a good time to update my shop. there are some cool graphic tees (like these here ones) and a lot of new stickers, plus some phone cases and prints and other cool goodies. thank you for your support!! you are the best (you right there specifically. YOU are the best. but shh, don’t let anyone else know)

you can take a gander here!

Must-Have Footwear: Leopard Print Ankle Boots

Make a statement in animal print booties

Most girls have a love-hate for leopard print. Either you see it as chic (on the right piece, of course!) or you instantly relate it to trashy. If you’re looking for a way to start incorporating animal print into your wardrobe, one of the best (and classy) ways to do so, is with a leopard print ankle boots. Spruce up your black and brown boot collection with something a bit more fun. From haircalf and pony hair to buckles and slip-ons, shop 12 of our favorite leopard ankle boots below!

Man Repeller blogger Leandra Medina wearing leopard boots.


Barlow Haircalf Booties

Report Signature Toby Leopard Mid Heeled Ankle Boots

Kelsi Dagger Siberia Leopard Print Leather Boots

Sport Leopard Booties

Leopard pony hair boots

Stormy Rain Booties


Buckled Leopard Ankle Boots

SAINT LAURENT leopard boots

Classic Newbury Calf Hair Bootie, Leopard

Shadow leopard-print calf hair ankle boots

Tounoir leopard-print calf hair ankle boots

Pony Hair Boots in Leopard