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“During your reign… your strength, your ruthlessness, your callous disregard for life…it was a terrifying and majestic sight to behold. In the face of that back then, even the Goddesses could do nothing but cower, crippled by your presence. Everyone accepted and acknowledged you as the most worthy successor to the demon king.” - Estarossa, chapter 176

Evil demon Meliodas gives me so much life. x’D ♥

Another Aphrodite Worship tip

she’s okay if you don’t have enough energy to make offerings on a schedule. she doesn’t need consistency, and she is okay if you can’t give much. she is fine with prayer as offering, too. literally just saying “hey aphrodite thank you for your presence i hope you’re doing great” is acceptable. it’s okay.

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I don't even know if you're still doing these but if you don't mind could i have a ship? My name is Liz, I'm 5'4 with dirty blonde hair and i'm also straight. The best things in life to me are cuddles, naps, and chinese takeout. I hope this isn't too much trouble, thank you so much!

G’Day, Liz! Thanks so much for the request!

I ship you with Bruce Banner! The first time you two met was… interesting. You were drunk and it was your first night at the compound. You had mixed up your room with Bruce’s. When he went back into his room he saw you passed out in his bed. He was too awkward to wake you up so he just kind of accepted your presence. He woke up the next morning to you spooning him. He also kind of noticed you flirting with him the night before. He attempted to flirt back sometimes but it’s Bruce so it just came off as friendly. So the two of you ended up staying in bed all day and talking. You ordered Chinese food for dinner but that day you two got even closer. The two of you now spend a lot of time together cuddling, napping, and enjoying each other’s presence. You really calm him down and make him feel like himself again.

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Your best friends are Scott Lang and Sam Wilson. The three of you are a sub-squad outside of the Avengers. The three of you love driving around together and acting foolish. You also have a group chat in which, during every Avengers meeting, the three of you text each other memes, inside jokes, Snapchats, and the three of you roast each other. Steve is starting to catch on and he’s starting to become annoyed. The three of you make each other feel normal again after a mission. There’s never a dull moment when you’re with your squad.

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Thanks again! Hope you like it!

(P.S. Chinese takeout is so damn glorious omg)

David Guetta accepts your presence - well, accept was certainly right, in that the correspondent tolerated Franck’s presence. They could stand together without trouble, and when they left the mansion to head over to Belgium proper he seemed unbothered by the idea of sitting next to Franck for the ride, but he did take them aside just before they left to whisper in their ear: “I don’t care what Sebastian said, child, not even the real Sebastian; all you’ll be doing is reporting back to me like the other whippersnappers out there, as long as I am the Belgian correspondent for the state - which, I hope, will be forever!”

No, Franck wasn’t surprised at the treatment. Just exasperated.
Was there no shortage of those kinds of people in their life?

The morning was bright and lovely as they drove on. The guards followed them more closely now, lending them the visuals of a proper procession, as was quite likely the intent. Xavier put on his coat again and pulled on a pair of sunglasses, leaning back on his seat with his back perfectly straight so that what little that could be seen of him through the tinted windows passed as Sebastian himself. Important, later, for the border guards.

Franck was silent for most of this much-shorter ride, though this was because they were paying attention to their new instructions. Anything to avoid having to talk to the correspondent without being prepared beforehand.
They had departed Paris about fifteen hours early because of a change in plans from David Guetta’s end (the man smirked and glanced out of the window as this was mentioned); because of this, and because no one had rested all that much during this journey, Xavier predicted that the whole day’s business would have ended for Franck by the time they’d have departed for Belgium via plane as originally intended. “I must attend dinner with members of the Belgian parliament around six o’clock, the work certainly doesn’t end for me,” he said, and folded his hands on his lap. “but once you are settled in, Franck Rivoire, you will be free for the day. Explore the city as you wish, but I’d suggest not being tempted to go too far.”

“I understand.”

Xavier nodded. “The correspondent is in charge of you. In the center of Brussels he has several studio apartments, of which one of them will be your residence for the next three weeks. You are to shadow him during assignments or else to do the tasks that he requests of you.”

Here the correspondent interjected: “Earn your chops, in other words. If you can even make it a week.”

Monsieur,” Xavier warned, the glint of steel in his voice, before he turned back to Franck. “you will report back to one of us every day, of course. Inform us briefly of the happenings you’ve witnessed, any emergencies or situations that we would be interested in as representatives of the new France, whether you are being treated well, all of those things. You will have to make time for this, but you were not a journalist because you had no time management skills, I dare assume. Have I been understood?”

Franck nodded firmly. Xavier looked satisfied, and glanced towards the side. “Gaspard. Is the border in sight?”

Gaspard craned his head around the corner. “I believe so, Sebastian. We should reach the checkpoint soon enough.”

“Excellent. Have all your ID cards at the ready.”

my therapist asks if i ever think about you and i swallow back the lumps of bile that your name brings into my throat, your name continues to burn my throat just as much as your presence did. i contemplate an acceptable answer and she retracts one from my silence. her sympathetic eyes make my chest hurt. she asks what i assosciate with your name and i think of all the clichés; sadness, anger, betryal. the way you left me alone. but most of all, i feel suffocated by the non clichés, the associated feelings that you don’t find in poetry or books or angsty gif sets. with your name, i feel a sense of shame. i tell her i relate our relationship to a flower locked in a shed with no windows - you stunted my growth and i withered under your watch. you wanted to watch me fail. she asks if the break up changed that - ‘did he leave the shed door open when he left?’ i sigh. yes, he left it open, but i am not worthy of the sunlight anymore.


“Barry, please. Leave me alone.”

“No, Y/N, I’m not going to leave you by yourself if you’re feeling this way.” You looked through your eyelashes and your tears to look at Barry. He stood at the doorway, with a sympathetic look on his face.

“I want to be alone.”

“You don’t mean that.”

“Yes I do, please go away.”

“You may feel alone,” Barry said walking through the door way and sitting down beside you in the abandoned room at STAR Labs, “But I want you to know you’re not alone. Not ever. You always have me. And Cisco, and Caitlin, and Iris, and even Joe.”

The tears streamed down my face as I listened to him. “You don’t have to talk about it until you’re ready, but just know that I will always be here.” Barry brought his knees to his chest. You moved your head softly on his shoulder, accepting his presence.

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You sat next to Spencer, who looked so sad it hurt your heart. He wasn’t having easiest time of his life but you wanted him to know that he wasn’t alone. You took his warm hand in yours and just sat there quietly with him, offering your support. If he wanted to talk or needed anything, you would be there for Spencer. He squeezed your hand a little, accepting your presence with that little gesture.

Dear Tsukki

“Dear Tsukki,” the note read, “Today, I realized no one really cares about my happiness. They only care if I make them happy.”

He was starting to ball his hands into fists, crumpling the side of the paper, did Tadashi really feel like that? Had he messed up that bad?

“Now, let me ask you: what is happiness?” Being with you, he thought, your smile, your presence.

“Is it ignoring me when I was feeling down? Is it accepting all my love, yet never giving any of it back? Is it leaving me for someone you just met two weeks ago? Is it ignoring my cries when I gathered up all my strength and begged for you to come back? Is it not saying even a simple “thank you” when I was there to cheer you up when he didn’t?”

Kei felt his heart shatter, if you were watching, you would have been able to pinpoint the moment it did. For the first time in years, he was starting to cry. He wanted to burn the note, but he read on.

“To me, happiness is being there for someone, even if they don’t love you back. Happiness is seeing someone else’s happiness, even if they don’t care about yours.”

He did care about Tadashi’s happiness, but was he really so scared to share his emotions that it hurt others, especially his best friend, the one he loved?

“But true happiness is something unobtainable, non-existent and so far away from me, I am but a mere star who watches on as others obtain the thing I desire. –Yamaguchi.”

He could barely see by the end of it, his glasses were covered in his tears. He let out a small cry, ripping the note into pieces. He had never felt worse, he couldn’t believe he had just made Tadashi feel like he was nothing, like he was nothing but a pillar of happiness for others. This wouldn’t be an easy thing to fix, but he sure as hell was going to try his hardest.

He threw open the curtain to see it was still raining, but was him staying dry really more important? No, it wasn’t, so he got up from his place on the floor and cleaned his glasses. He grabbed the closest jumper and pulled it over his head before running outside. Tadashi’s house was only a few blocks away, it shouldn’t take too long. He was so frantic to get there he almost got hit by a car then a bicycle, but that didn’t stop him. He went around to the back of the house and walked in, the Yamaguchi household always had their back door open and they had said he was allowed in any time. He kicked his shoes off before looking around, the bathroom light was on so someone must have been home. He ran to the front of the house to go up the stairs. He was greeted by the long hallway, the one that used to be so cold when he first stayed here, but then go so warm and welcoming, just like how Tadashi’s first impression had been on him. Other than being a cry baby, but that’s a different story. He took his first step in the hallway, but it didn’t feel warm or comforting, it felt cold and unwanting. He knew this was his fault. He continued on through the hallway, coming up to a room right near the back on the left. You could only hear it when you walked up to the door, a faint sobbing coming from inside. He swung the door open to be greeted by a crying Tadashi in the corner of his bed. The light from the room felt like it was fading, getting darker every second. Tadashi’s head slowly lifted to look at the figure, which only caused more tears when he knew it was him, the one that killed him inside.


Kei had never once in his life called him that, it had always been Yamaguchi, just like everyone else.

“What do you want?” He choked on a sob, putting his head back down.

“I’m sorry Tadashi. I’m sorry for treating you like you were nothing. I’m sorry for treating you like you were just the stars that made the moon shine brighter. I know sorry doesn’t cut it, but I want to make it up to you, I want to show you that I really do care for you, that I really do love you.”

“Do you really love me? Or do you just feel bad?”

The words were like poison that was slowly seeping in.

“Or do you just need me to cheer you up again?”

What was the point of poison if you could just have a knife stabbed right through your heart?

“I- Tadashi.” He took in a large breath, “I do want you to cheer me up, but-“

“Get out,” Tadashi had interrupted him, “I’m not for your personal use Tsukishima.”

Another jab to the heart, it was always Tsukki, always. Not Tsukishima.

“But I want you to make me happy by making yourself happy.”

He looked up at him. It hurt Kei to see Tadashi like this, a tear stained face. His freckles were a lot clearer since his face was pale. The tips of his ears and nose were red, he looked sick. He started to take small steps over to the bed in the far corner, which then became bigger before he was on it, crawling towards him.

“You being happy is what makes me happy, your happiness is so important to me. I’m sorry for shutting you out, but I was scared.”

“Scared of what?” Tadashi spat back at him, “Scared that you would have no one left? Because it sure seemed like everyone wants to hang out with you, you don’t need me, there are others that can do what I do but better, I’m replaceable.” Another jab.

“I was scared of losing you Tadashi, I was scared that if I was to show my true colours, my real emotions, you wouldn’t want to be with me.”

There was a pain in his cheek before he realized he wasn’t looking at Tadashi anymore, he had just been slapped by him.

“Not showing me your emotions made me feel like I was weak! And when you did show emotion it was sadness so of course I had to help you, but you never helped back! Whenever I was sad was when you showed them least! It made me feel like I wasn’t enough for you, like I wasn’t enough for anyone. You were the only one that would stay with me, it hurt to see you go, it really did.”

He held his cheek and looked back at the boy, “I’m sorry,” he choked on his sob. He saw Tadashi’s face soften, was Tadashi about to put his happiness first? Again? He quickly wrapped his arms around him and pulled him close.

“Let me love you Tadashi. Let me try again, let me show you how I truly feel.”

“And how’s that?”

Kei looked down to see Tadashi looking up at him.

“Like this.”

Kei cupped his cheeks in his hands and pulled his face up, also going down to make their lips meet for a kiss. One with true emotion and meaning.

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And finally, for crying out loud, being ace does influence your life outside of the bed.

It means you question whether your partner will accept the lack of / little presence of sex. 

It means you keep thinking your allo-partner deserves better, deserves a relationship where they DO have the sex they’d like.

It means you shut up when people make jokes about the sex in your relationship, or assume that there is any. 

It means you sit there and listen to society tell you that without sex, your relationship isn’t complete, and you take it in and wonder what’s wrong, that you don’t want this oh-so-special thing.

Being ace in this freaking world means a lot of moment of just shutting up, because you don’t know how to break the silence – heck for most of your life you thought you were the only one thinking these things, and who wants to be singled out as the weird person who doesn’t understand sex? No one.

So just — *rage*