your precious moon


Q: If I were the main lead, who is the prince that I might fall in love with? (amen to all)

I am Sayer.

12 Ærolith-approved songs to help you more fully enjoy your work, increase your productivity and appreciate our helpful, highly advanced, self-aware A.I. SAYER…

001. State of the Art (Rojesku Rework) [Gotye] 002. Static to the Heart [Jukebox the Ghost] 003. Machine [Regina Spektor] 004. Your Precious Moon [Mike Morasky] 005. Seven Nation Army (Glitch Mob Remix) [The White Stripes] 006. Deeper Understanding (Kate Bush Cover) [binary marketing show] 007. Escape 700 [The Chemical Brothers] 008. White Death [Mayhem] 009. Supercomputer [Neva Dinova] 010. Við vorum smá… [Olafur Arnalds] 011. manipulate [freezepop] 012. What the Future Holds [Jack Wall]



“What, are you still alive?! You are joking! You have got to be kidding me! … Oh, brilliant, yeah, take one last look at your precious human moon, because it cannot help you now!”

30 Day Video Game Challenge → Day 27
Most Epic Scene Ever → Shooting for the Moon (Portal 2)

the game had been foreshadowing this all along and yet the moment we looked up, saw the moon, saw the crosshairs on the moon, my heart nearly stopped. was this really happening? it’s really happening. no freaking way


remember when i mashed Bombs For Throwing At You and Your Best Nightmare? i inspired someone to do the same but also add Finale and Your PRecious Moon and GOD they did it so much better pls listen

a mix inspired by the jack ending!

Your Precious Moon - Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory // Kiss the Sky (Mark Pritchard) - Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra // Get Out My Head (Joker) - Redlight // Volatile Times (Mixed) - IAMX // Chip In Your Head - Simon Curtis // Immortals - Fall Out Boy // Unstoppable - Rchetype // Humain à L'eau - Stromae // Brainwash - Simon Curtis // No Light, No Light (Das) - Florence and the Machine // Chandelier (Dustin Que) - Sia // Grande Finale - Studio Killers