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“You’re thinking of getting involved. You check the temperature out there. People are increasingly suspicious about foreigners…”


“I-I-I just didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know when I’d see you next since graduation and, and my brother’s would tease me. ‘Thea’s such a daddy’s girl you guys. Gotta follow in his footsteps.” 

“Please stop crying Sweetheart, you’re twenty-four for fucks sake and we’re married, so I’m guessing this situation is a bit different than what he may have experienced. I’m truly sorry, that was not the most tactful response. It was admittedly a mite of jealousy slipping through, I didn’t think I’d have to share you so damn soon.” 

“I don’t even know if you want children. How do I not know this shit?” 

“It’s alright, I’m not sure it’s relevant now how I felt before today.”   

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I feel that the United States is more United and tolerable to all races then it has ever been. Also, Trumps comments when heard in context, while strongly opinionated, are not racist but nationalistic. Why are you so insistent about promoting 'old homelands' of our ancestors that most modern Americans have never even visited? Why do all three of you spend so much time and effort advocating for specific races and not for the entire population? Why I should I believe you are not the problem?

Thank you for your sharing your perspective and posing your questions. It is true that tremendous strides have been made in America toward tolerance and acceptance of different races, religions, gender identities, sexual orientations, and other traits.

That said, such tolerance is hardly universal and there continue to be unacceptable inequities in our country. And even when rights and justice are won for those previously denied or discriminated against, it is our duty as Americans to ensure that those rights are maintained and not threatened. I don’t feel that we are promoting ‘old homelands.’ Rather I think our intent is to recognize and celebrate the fact that this nation is made up of all types of people from places all over the world.

The promise of our democracy is that everyone is treated equally and fairly and it is up to each and every one of us to push for the fulfillment of that promise. If and when we appear to be advocating on behalf of one specific group, it is only because they have become visibly and vocally targeted. In fact, though, it is through the defending of individual groups that we do in fact advocate for the entire population. Any group could be next; our goal is eliminate that threat so that we can all respect our differences while recognizing our shared humanity.

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take a front facing video of you just fucking around with your angles and poses and take screenshots. It's way easier and do t have awkward arm shots, you don't get cramps from twisting and breaking your arm. Quality booty pic!

that’s such a good idea!!! boostin this!!!! 

What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.
imagine MC ends up with 707, and she leaves the house one day but leaves her phone

*707 sees the phone an automatically has an idea*
*he goes into your bedroom, and puts on your signature sweater and leggings*
*he pulls a wig that almost exactly resembles your hair*
*he takes your phone, poses, and takes a picture in the mirror and sends it in the group chat*
Zen: I hope this isn’t out of line but,,,,, you look so beautiful MC. Seven is a lucky man.
Jumin: Indeed he is, she is a very elegant lady.
Jaehee: MC, weren’t you supposed to be going out today?
Yoosung: *doesn’t say anything because he KNOWS it’s 707. He’s gotten enough of his girl selfies to know.*
*Seven sends another selfie,, but it’s without the wig and he’s blowing a kiss*
*jumin has left the chat*
*jaehee has left the chat*

////mission accomplished, agent 707 out////

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All the poses I use look stiff, bland and common, how do I make proper poses?

Imagine the human body as blocks, your torso is really just a flexible rectangular prism, but to keep it simple let’s just look at it as a rectangle. Boring poses probably have the “rectangle” looking flat and 2 dimensional, we don’t want that. We want it to look 3D. Stretch them, make the top and bottom lines slanted!

When you want to draw, I think that it’s really really important to know how to draw shapes and 3d prisms because that is what a body is. They are meant to be 3D. 

Notice how the shoulders are SLANTED (top and bottom line of ‘rectangle’). They are not straight lines, unlike the boring pose in the first image.

When you build your pose and body, I recommend starting with drawing a slanted line at the top and bottom, then you can make up a pose that works well. Hope this short explanation is enough to help!