your plants


Each contestant also gets 1 hour to interact autonomously with Marigold, after a chat initiated by Marigold. This includes the two winners.

Marigold- I felt kind of bad using all that water for that bobbing contest…
Alouette- You can always leave it out, like a bird bath. Or it’d be fine to water your plants with. 
Marigold- I suppose that’s true! Almost every day I think of something new I could be doing to help this planet.
Alouette- That’s wonderful, Marigold! I, myself, am looking into how to read as much as I do without encouraging the use of trees for paper.
Marigold- Oh, there’s been a lot of advancement with that.
Alouette- Definitely, but I’m wondering if a tablet might be a better option. 
Marigold- Hm, maybe. I wonder how we’ll read books in the future…

Marigold- Chat
Alouette- Talk About Flowers
Marigold- Talk About Going Green

Humans don’t know how to listen, do they?
You tell them when you die,
you’d love honeysuckle vines
planted on your wilting organs
so that when everything
that’s left of you are ruins,
they’d creep and crawl
into the well-lived anatomy
you once were.

But instead they rip your chest open,
and grow gardens of roses and lilies
inside your sinking frame.
They do it so effortlessly they’d
make you wish you just told them
you never wanted to smell
like a fucking funeral home.

anonymous asked:

Continue? When he does cum you do exactly as he asked happily swallowing it down with a moan and playfully opening up your mouth to show him 'god, youre such a good girl for me. Been such a little angel tonight think its time daddy made you feel good' hed get you up on the bed on your back and position himself between your thighs planting kisses on your lower belly and softly rubbing his fingers over your folds 'Such a pretty little cunt princess. So wet for me. Daddy cant wait to have a taste'

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hi! i was wondering if you could do an exo reaction maybe?🙈 to their s/o hugging them from behind and whispering "i love you" with their head on his back/shoulder (it depends😹) -this is so soft😭- thank you!

this is so fluffy I LOVE IT (ps soooo sorry for the late reply)

Xiumin/Minseok: He’ll grab your hands and kiss them, “I know, Jagiya, me too.”

Suho/Junmyeon: He’ll turn around and give you a forehead kiss and say “I love you, too.”

Lay/Yixing: He’ll bite his lip and grab your hands, before saying “I love you, eoo.”

Baekhyun: He’ll turn his head and do that big adorable BBH smile.

Chen/Jongdae: He’ll just smile and say “I love you, too.”

Chanyeol: He’ll turn around, put his hands on your face and plant a big kiss on your lips.

D.O./Kyungsoo: He’ll just stand there awkwardly because he hates skinship, but because he loves you, he’ll still deal with it.

Kai/Jongin: He’ll smile widely and grab the arm of yours that’s wrapped around his stomach.

Sehun: “YEHET”

Want to witch but not sure what to witch?


  • Paint your nails with color magic
  • Check on your plant babies
  • Tea/Coffee spells
  • Try a new tarot spread in a reading
  • Go for a walk and observe the world around you
  • Bath/shower spells
  • Go make your bed and cleanse it 
  • Tech or emoji spells
  • phone cleansing
  • Doodle some new sigils
  • Pray/offer things to your deities 
  • Clean something physically and spiritually 
  • Baking or other kitchen witchery
  • Exercise for strength and flowing movement 

If you’re stuck, that’s a start!