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Obi-Wan Kenobi - Smile

When you discover growing feelings for the Jedi master, you’re horrified - are you really going to get kicked out of the Order because of pretty blue eyes and nice hair? No. You won’t let it happen, so you avoid Obi-Wan as much as humanly possible. Until he gets fed up with it and corners you in the library, that is…

Words: 2126

Warnings: none (except a possibly lackluster ending, it was late and I wanted this done)

Notes: This was not the next one on the list. Oh well. It was short and fun and easy to write and it’s been done like a million times. Oh well. It got me writing again, right?

Oh no.
Oh, no, no, Force no.
You lean back against the wall in this corridor of the Jedi temple, chewing on your lip. No. No. This can’t be happening. You - you’re a Jedi and Jedi don’t feel these things. Not even for a such a funny, charming, handsome, sweet….
You risk a glance down the hall after him. Oh god. Why the kriff does his hair have to be so stupidly perfect? Why?
You groan out loud. 

“This can not be happening to me,” you grumble. You close your eyes and massage your temples. Maybe some meditation will get your mind off things…

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Bam bam lets you apply girly makeup on him and the other members walk in

“Can I please just put some makeup on you?… your face is perfect for it…” you begged of Bambam. “Nooooooooo” he whined. “You wear makeup on stage all the time!!!!” you raised your voice. “That’s just face makeup and eyeliner!!! I don’t want that eyeshadow and lipstick stuff” he said, moving away from you. “Come on, just like really quick! I’ll put it on and then take it off as soon as I’m finished. I just think you’d make a really pretty girl” He just looked at you as you pouted at him. “Ugh fine. But no after pictures” “Okay, deal!” you grinned.

“Gosh, your skin is so perfect, this foundation glides on so well” you mumbled while applying it. You made small talk with Bambam as you started crafting a light smokey eye against his untouched eyelids. You completed his eye makeup look by adding winged eyeliner and mascara. You giggled to yourself as he opened his eyes and glared at you. “Be careful, it’s gonna smudge” you said with a serious expression, making him sigh in annoyance. “Jagi…” he sighed. “What?” you smiled as you grabbed a compact of blush. “Make a fishy face expression” you instructed, and he complied. You added a coral blush to his pale skin, making him appear so girly. You smiled as you applied it, in disbelief he let you do all this. “Almost done!” you sang. He groaned, “finally” as you looked for your pink lip gloss.

Suddenly the door swung open, “Bambam, what’re you—” JB stopped short at the door frame as Bambam looked towards the door. He snorted loudly and forced his laugh down. He just stood there with his eyes closed, hand to his mouth, trying not to laugh. “Is Y/N still here?” Mark asked as he entered the room, pushing passed JB. He took one glance at Bambam and loudly laughed his high-pitched laugh. Jackson entered the room, “Are we going to eat or wh— BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH” he’d practically bellow as he enters the room, collapsing as he sees Bambam. Meanwhile you and him are frozen in your seats in front of the vanity mirror. “Come on, manager hyung got us a reservation. We gotta go… What’s happening in here?” he’d ask looking at JB who was still standing motionless, trying not to laugh, knowing it’d make Bambam feel bad. He glanced at you and Bambam and only smiled slightly, “Ah… our Bambam” he laughed silently as he walked out of the room. Youngjae and Yugyeom came in together, arms wrapped around each other’s necks, “Come on, we’re hungry— WHAT THE HECK” they screeched like hyenas and began laughing.

“Yah… Bambam… why are you so pretty?!” Mark screeched. Jackson was still rolling all over the ground, “Let’s start calling him Bambina!!!!!” “Ah seriously… Bambam… Y/N-ah… you made my day. Woo. Oh my goodness” Yugyeom said as he wiped the tears he shed from laughing. You and Bambam only exchanged looks. Bambam, a glare. You, an apologetic smile and laugh. “I told you you’d make a pretty girl…”