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Mr. Patriotism

Steve Rogers x reader

Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 1527

Warnings: I haven’t wrote in a while so it’s kind of shit, swearing

A/N: Wow I actually wrote something! I’m trying to get back into the swing of things, there’s just been a lot going on. Luckily, by writing this imagine I have remembered how much I love writing and how happy it makes me. I’m so sorry that this kinda sucks but oh well! I love you kids and I hope your 4th of July is amazing!!

“Happy 4th of July!” Tony yelled, pulling you into a hug.

“You too! Thanks for inviting me, by the way. I didn’t really think you’d be the type of guy to throw a family friendly barbeque.” You smiled, watching Clint’s children chase after Thor in the big open field next to Avengers HQ.

“Eh, thought it might smooth out all the tension between me and Mr. Patriotism. I mean, it is technically his holiday.” Tony smirked, but you could see a flash of pain in his eyes at the mention of the fight that had split the team in half.

Everyone was obviously trying to make amends with the others, but that didn’t change what had happened. They had turned on each other and it had created lot’s of tension between the team. You had been stuck in the middle of all this tension, refusing to pick Cap or Tony’s side in the fight.

“I’m sure everything will work out between the two of you in the end. For now, you’ll just have to keep working at gaining his friendship again.” You said, placing a reassuring hand on Tony’s shoulder. “Speaking of Steve, where is he?”

“Ah, I see your love for Captain Rogers has not faded.” Tony teased, nudging his shoulder with yours.

“I don’t love him!” You protested, looking around to make sure no one had overheard.

“Don’t worry, everyone already knows. I mean, it’s obvious when you’re constantly swooning over him.” Tony said nonchalantly, now scanning the crowd for Steve.

“Tony…” You whined, an unwanted blush heating up your cheeks.

“I’m not judging, (Y/N). I would fall for him too, if he constantly called me doll.” Tony snickered, as you let out a groan.

“Tony, stooooop.” You cried, covering up your face with your hands.

“Hey Steve!” Tony called, waving him over.

“What are you doing?” You hissed, snapping your head up to see Steve walking over to where you were standing.

“I’m helping you.” Tony said, his eyes not leaving Steve’s approaching figure.

“You are not helping!” You whisper shouted, not wanting Steve to hear your argument as he got closer.

“Hey (Y/N)!” Steve greeted you with a smile causing Tony’s smirk to grow. “You needed me?”

“Yeah, (Y/N) and I just wanted to make sure you were having a good time.” Tony answered, trying to nudge you closer to Steve as he spoke.

“Yeah, the party’s been great so far. It’s been nice to see everyone on good terms again.” Steve nodded, his eyes straying from Tony back to you. “Are you enjoying yourself doll?”

“How could I not be? Tony always throws the best parties.” You smiled, seeing Tony eyes light up with an idea out of the corner of your eye.

“You just missed it. We were talking about how (Y/N) has a crush on-” You elbowed Tony in the stomach, making him bend over in pain.

“Crush on no one.” You laugh awkwardly, wanting to get far away from the conversation you were now stuck in.

“You like someone?” Steve asked, completely ignoring Tony’s groans.

“Um, no.” You shook your head, now trying to avoid Steve’s intense gaze.

“Yes they do. Don’t you just love this holiday (Y/N)? Doesn’t it really remind you of him?” Tony smiled coyly, coming up from his bent over position.

“Tony!” You shouted in shock, sending him glare that would make even the Hulk be terrified.

“I believe this is my cue to leave. I said what I needed to.” Tony then left the two of you in a somewhat tense atmosphere.

“So, who’s the lucky guy?” Steve asked, his jaw clenched as he scanned the crowd for the man that Tony had been talking about.

“Well, you know him.” You shrugged, not really knowing how to approach the subject of your crush now that it had been brought up.

“Okay and he reminds you of Independence Day. Is it Bucky?” Steve’s fists were clenched by his sides. “Sam?”

“Ew, no to both of them. They’re like my brothers.” You scrunched up your nose in disgust.

“Hm, I’m not sure if I know anyone else who would remind you of an American holiday.” Steve said, his eyebrows furrowed with concentration as he thought.

“Wow, I thought you would have put the pieces together by now Mr. Patriotism.” You laughed, Steve turned to you in realization.

“You like me.” Steve stated, his eyes wide in shock.

“Um, surprise.” You said, looking down at the ground.

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting that.” Steve said, still trying to process the new information.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s just a silly little crush.” You blushed, turning around to leave Steve alone. “Just forget it was ever mentioned.”

Before Steve knew it, you were already gone. He had been in too much shock to have said anything to you. He felt terrible, having made you feel as if he didn’t reciprocate the feelings. He had liked you for almost as long as he had known you. Steve had just never suspected that you had liked him back. The thought seemed impossible, but as always you had defied the impossible and actually had feelings for him.

Steve searched the crowd for you and felt his heart sink when he didn’t spot you anywhere. Instead, Steve saw Tony giving him a cold glare from across the lawn. Steve quickly approached Tony, having a feeling that he knew where you had gone.

“You’re an asshole.” Tony spat once Steve was close enough.

“I don’t have time for this. Where’s (Y/N)?” Steve asked.

“Why do you want to know?” Tony questioned back, taking a long sip from the glass in his hand.

“Because I didn’t get to tell them how I felt. I was in too much shock to respond. Where is (Y/N)?” Steve asked the question more firmly now.

“(Y/N) stepped inside for a moment to get away from the party.” Tony paused, letting out a sigh. “Please Steve, do not break their heart.”

“I won’t, I promise.” Steve nodded before heading inside the Avengers HQ in search for you.

Steve found you sitting out on a balcony, watching the sun slowly go down. You were leaning against the railing, completely oblivious to the man behind you.

“This will be a great view for the firework show Tony and Bruce are putting together.” Steve said, moving to stand next to you.

“What do you want Steve?” You asked, not taking your eyes off of the oranges and purples in the sky.

“Well, I mean you didn’t let me respond back there.” Steve bit his lip nervously.

“You did respond Steve. You stared at me in shock and told me that you weren’t expecting me to like you. Like I said before, let’s just forget this ever happened.” You said bitterly. Steve took your hand in his, yanking your attention from the sunset and to him.

“But you didn’t let me finish. I don’t want to forget that this happened! Doll, I really like you. I’ve liked you for basically the entirety of our friendship.” Steve admitted, your stomach erupting with butterflies. “I should have spoke up earlier but, I was still in shock.”

Steve moved his hands to wrap around your waist. He pulled you close, your chests now touching and your faces just inches from each other. His cool breath on your face sent shivers down your spine.

“I’m gonna kiss you now. Is that okay with you?” Steve asked, his eyes staring at you lips as you slowly nodded your head.

He quickly connected his lips with yours, the feeling unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. It was almost dreamlike how perfect the moment felt. Of course though, like every perfect moment, it had to be ended before it even started.

“Ugh, you guys couldn’t have waited for the fireworks? That would have been more romantic.” Tony shook his head in disapproval., leaning against the slide door that lead to the balcony.

“Tony.” Steve growled, pulling away from your kiss to glare at Tony.

“Yes?” Tony grinned mischievously.

“Leave, now.” Steve clenched his jaw, his hold on your hips tightening as he grew more frustrated.

“Ooo, you’re getting angry. I guess I will go now.” Tony started to leave before looking back at you with a smirk. “And remember to wrap it before you tap it. We don’t need anymore kids running around here!”

“Tony!” You yelled, hearing Tony’s laugh as he finally left the two of you alone again.

“He’s right you know?” Steve’s frown turned into a smile.

“To use protection? I’m pretty sure we all know that.” You rolled your eyes.

“No. That this would be much more romantic when the fireworks were going off.” Steve explained.

“Okay, well if you want to wait.” You said, pretending to pull away from Steve.

“I do not want to wait.” Steve hardened his grip on you, pulling you even closer than you ever thought possible. “I do believe that Tony has called this my holiday, so let me fully appreciate it.”

“Of course.” You grinned, pressing your lips to his once again.


Characters: Tim Drake (Red Robin), Reader (You), Zatanna Zatara (Zatanna), Bruce Wayne (Batman). 

 Requested by: Anonymous. 

 Synopsis: Tim Drake x Reader where the reader works with Zatanna and does magic tricks all the time and Tim tries to disprove them. 



Y/N = Your Name. 

Hope you like it! 


 Tags: @lastbeliever


Zatanna Zatara had been teaching you for some time now and you had learnt her backwards magic quickly and you were often commended for your skill and told you would soon be as great as your mentor. Tim didn’t buy it. You’d been doing magic before you two started dating, yet almost everyday he would try and disprove whatever backwards sentence or basic witch spell you had done.

“Raeppa.” You held the snake close as he appeared in your hands, slithering around like he had not just shown up from nowhere. 

Bruce Wayne and Zatanna watched from a distance in the batcave, discussing a supernatural case in Gotham. 

Tim furrowed his eyebrows as he thought hard. “He was in your shirt.” Was his conclusion. 

“You mean to tell me, you think I was stashing a python in a latex corset and pulled it out, so fast, that it looked like it appeared out of thin air." 

"I didn’t give you that much detail, did I?" 

You rolled your eyes. "Can’t you just accept magic?" 

"Everything has logic behind it." 

"Yes. Logic, that magic does exist and there is plenty of evidence to back it up.” Tim leant back in his chair and crossed his arms. “Raeppassid.” The snake vanished. “Zatanna is part of a magical race of humans. I feel like that alone is good enough.” Tim shrugged. “God, you’re irritating.” Tim smirked and stood up, leaning down and placing his hands on the arm rests of your seat, encasing you.

“You love me." 

"Mhm, but your pushing it.” You tilted your head up and met his kiss halfway.

“Tim.” Bruce called as he pulled his cowl up to cover his face. He cocked his head to beckon Tim to the batmobile. 

“Duty calls.” Tim chuckled as he gave you one more kiss before leaving.  


 "Liob.“ The water bubbled in the kettle. You turned to face Tim smugly. He sighed. 

"For all I know, you knew the perfect timing for it to start making noises and trick me into thinking you did it." 

You groaned in frustration. "Come on! It’s magic. Real magic.” You ran your fingers through your hair. “Ugh! What will it take to convince y-” you paused and a smile crept onto your face. 

Tim looked unsettled. “Uh, Y/N?” You took his hand and sprinted outside. “What are you doing, Y/N?" 

"Dnuorg pu.” Tim’s face scrunched up in confusion then his eyes widened as the ground began to rumble and soon on a perfect circle platform holding you and Tim up, you were on your way into the sky. 

Tim screamed as he watched you pass the top of the manor. “Skyscrapers, fine. Dirt mountain, no." 

"Pots.” The platform halted 20 feet above the manor roof. “You have an explanation for that?” Tim’s face was pale as he stared at the ground. He flailed an arm around so you took his hand and pulled him up and his chest was pressed against yours. “Well?”. 

There was muffled yelling from below before Tim could reply and the ground vanished from beneath the two and they were falling. Tim was panicking but you stayed calm as you noticed Zatanna down below with a large sheet stretched out which caught the two and had them bouncing like they were on a trampoline. “Raeppassid.” The sheet vanished and you two slammed onto the ground.

“What were you doing?” Bruce asked, dressed in casual clothes in the daylight.

“Proving the existence of the sun.” I rubbed my ass as I stood and hissed. 

Bruce raised an eyebrow. 

“He doesn’t think my powers are legit, so I’m trying to convince him." 

"By launching him into the sky?” Zatanna pinched the bridge of her nose and shook her head. 

“It was more entertaining that way.” You could’ve sworn you saw Bruce smile at that but it vanished in a flash. 

“There are forces we don’t understand Tim, just accept that.” Bruce walked back towards the door to the manor. 

“What?” Zatanna laughed after him, “you don’t believe in magic either?” Bruce didn’t reply and Zatanna looked back at you and Tim. “What’s the word people say? Muggles?” Zatanna grinned to herself, proudly. You smiled back. 

Tim mumbled to himself as he walked past you two. “Stupid magic. Where’s the science-” You and Zatanna exchanged a look and giggled.

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Smile

When you discover growing feelings for the Jedi master, you’re horrified - are you really going to get kicked out of the Order because of pretty blue eyes and nice hair? No. You won’t let it happen, so you avoid Obi-Wan as much as humanly possible. Until he gets fed up with it and corners you in the library, that is…

Words: 2126

Warnings: none (except a possibly lackluster ending, it was late and I wanted this done)

Notes: This was not the next one on the list. Oh well. It was short and fun and easy to write and it’s been done like a million times. Oh well. It got me writing again, right?

Oh no.
Oh, no, no, Force no.
You lean back against the wall in this corridor of the Jedi temple, chewing on your lip. No. No. This can’t be happening. You - you’re a Jedi and Jedi don’t feel these things. Not even for a such a funny, charming, handsome, sweet….
You risk a glance down the hall after him. Oh god. Why the kriff does his hair have to be so stupidly perfect? Why?
You groan out loud. 

“This can not be happening to me,” you grumble. You close your eyes and massage your temples. Maybe some meditation will get your mind off things…

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heyo its your favorite gay have these super old cool seflies as we celebrate the slow death of summer

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Bam bam lets you apply girly makeup on him and the other members walk in

“Can I please just put some makeup on you?… your face is perfect for it…” you begged of Bambam. “Nooooooooo” he whined. “You wear makeup on stage all the time!!!!” you raised your voice. “That’s just face makeup and eyeliner!!! I don’t want that eyeshadow and lipstick stuff” he said, moving away from you. “Come on, just like really quick! I’ll put it on and then take it off as soon as I’m finished. I just think you’d make a really pretty girl” He just looked at you as you pouted at him. “Ugh fine. But no after pictures” “Okay, deal!” you grinned.

“Gosh, your skin is so perfect, this foundation glides on so well” you mumbled while applying it. You made small talk with Bambam as you started crafting a light smokey eye against his untouched eyelids. You completed his eye makeup look by adding winged eyeliner and mascara. You giggled to yourself as he opened his eyes and glared at you. “Be careful, it’s gonna smudge” you said with a serious expression, making him sigh in annoyance. “Jagi…” he sighed. “What?” you smiled as you grabbed a compact of blush. “Make a fishy face expression” you instructed, and he complied. You added a coral blush to his pale skin, making him appear so girly. You smiled as you applied it, in disbelief he let you do all this. “Almost done!” you sang. He groaned, “finally” as you looked for your pink lip gloss.

Suddenly the door swung open, “Bambam, what’re you—” JB stopped short at the door frame as Bambam looked towards the door. He snorted loudly and forced his laugh down. He just stood there with his eyes closed, hand to his mouth, trying not to laugh. “Is Y/N still here?” Mark asked as he entered the room, pushing passed JB. He took one glance at Bambam and loudly laughed his high-pitched laugh. Jackson entered the room, “Are we going to eat or wh— BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH” he’d practically bellow as he enters the room, collapsing as he sees Bambam. Meanwhile you and him are frozen in your seats in front of the vanity mirror. “Come on, manager hyung got us a reservation. We gotta go… What’s happening in here?” he’d ask looking at JB who was still standing motionless, trying not to laugh, knowing it’d make Bambam feel bad. He glanced at you and Bambam and only smiled slightly, “Ah… our Bambam” he laughed silently as he walked out of the room. Youngjae and Yugyeom came in together, arms wrapped around each other’s necks, “Come on, we’re hungry— WHAT THE HECK” they screeched like hyenas and began laughing.

“Yah… Bambam… why are you so pretty?!” Mark screeched. Jackson was still rolling all over the ground, “Let’s start calling him Bambina!!!!!” “Ah seriously… Bambam… Y/N-ah… you made my day. Woo. Oh my goodness” Yugyeom said as he wiped the tears he shed from laughing. You and Bambam only exchanged looks. Bambam, a glare. You, an apologetic smile and laugh. “I told you you’d make a pretty girl…”