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Old friends (5/?)

Summary: y/n and Sam Wilson have been neighbors since she moved to NewYork . When Sam started being an avenger they drifted, just random texts or calls . That was until the events between Steve, Bucky and Tony.  Things are all cleared now, everyone is back at the tower and/or avengers facility, including Bucky. But what happens when the reader shows up at the facility looking for Sam?

Pairings: Sam Wilson x reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, Avengers x reader

Warnings: a little kissing  swearing, drama, angst.

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 You wake up to beeping, and something squeezing your hand.

  “Y/n, wake up. Please. I don’t know if you can hear me….” You recognize the voice within 2 seconds. Sam’s such a sap. You mentally roll your eyes. He keeps talking, while you wait for the perfect moment to to say something. “You’re the sister I-” Your eyes are open now but Sam has his head laying on the hospital bed. Seriously? What else could he possibly say? You slowly move your other hand up, removing the oxygen mask on your face. Finally, Sam pauses, giving you the perfect opportunity. You yell or at least try to.

  “Sam!” It comes out raspy and you feel like you sound like an angry old man. He nearly falls out of his seat.

   “Dammit, Y/n! What the hell!” You attempt to laugh, but immediately regret it. Your entire body feels like it got hit by a bus. Trying to yell sends a wave of pain through you that you’ve never experienced before. At that moment, it all comes back to you; the fire, the hydra agent, Josh, everything. You’re eyes go wide and you feel like you can’t get enough air in your lungs. You can hear Sam repeating your name, and then yelling for the Doctor.

Ross is hydra. That’s the only explanation, right?

  “Hello y/n, I’m Dr. Cho, but you can call me Helen. It’s great to finally meet you.” You try to come back to your senses and reply to her. “Same here, Helen. How bad is the damage?” Here we go.

   “Nothing life threatening or permanent. Two severely bruised ribs, a mild concussion, and a black eye. You inhaled a dangerous amount of smoke, so I’ve had you on oxygen since they brought you over from the other hospital. Your lungs should be mostly clear within a day or two, but as you heard already your voice may not be back to full strength right away.”

  “How long have I been out?” you only get a whisper out.

  “About 10 hours. You spent two hours at another hospital until we got you transferred here.” Am I at the tower? Where is ‘here’?

“Am I at the tower?” You ask in a quiet voice. She nods and tells you that you’re on the medical level. Huh, I never even knew this was here. Cool.

  “The team has been in and out, but I prefer only one person in here with you at a time, that’s why Sam stayed.” You look over at Sam but he’s staring at his hands. Helen leaves you alone with Sam, and you’re just waiting for him to pitch a fit. But when the moment doesn’t come, you turn to him.

  “On a scale of 1-10, how mad are you?” There’s no humor in your voice. You barely register that it’s your own. You just want an honest answer and for him to get the lecture over with.

  “Five. I would have done the same damn thing, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay, Y/n.“ He sounds worn out, and you feel bad. The pocket knife, oh my God I need to tell Sam everything NOW. You go to sit up but your ribs stop you.

  "Fuck! This hurts like hell.”

  “If bruised ribs are anything like broken ribs, you’re going to have a hell of time moving around.”

  “Thanks, that’s exactly what I want to fucking hear.” You roll your eyes and continue, “Listen Sammy, I have to tell you what happened.” He looks at you confused, but he pours you a cup of water and waits for you to be able to continue. You drink the water slowly, and it feels ridiculously soothing going down your throat. After your finish it, you take a deep breath and prepare yourself. “I went into the building to get Joshua, ya know, one of the Duncan’s kids. When I entered the apartment, there was a man. That’s where all the injuries mostly came from. He threw me around like a fucking ragdoll. I knocked him over, something flew out of his pocket. Go in my pants pocket, I picked it up when I was trying to get away.” Sam moves to the dresser next to the hospital bed and pulls out your pants. He sticks his hands in all the pockets until he finds the knife. He takes it out and sees the symbol on it.

 "You’ve got to be kidding.“

 "Just wait, it gets better. He was an inhuman, or experiment, I’m not too sure. He had fire coming out of his hands, and the fire around him wasn’t phasing him. When he thought I was down for good, he said 'you should be careful whose toes you step on, you never know who their friends are’. He made a call and said I was taken care of.”

You can see the anger in Sam’s eyes as he pieces together everything. You look around the room now that you have a chance. It’s plain, but nicer than most hospital rooms. I just want to be home. As soon as that thought crosses your mind, you realize your home just burned to the ground. Everything you owned was gone. You feel tears spilling over onto your cheeks.

  “Sammy, whatever you had left there is gone. All my stuff is gone. What’s going to happen?”

 Sam moves to your side and kisses the top of your head. “It’s going to be okay. You can stay here with us. It will all work out, Y/n.” You nod trying to calm yourself down. Sam leaves to make a phone call, and when he comes back Helen is with him.

  “Well first, you are going to need help for a while. Bruised ribs take a little while to completely heal, so you may need help doing basic things, like sitting, showering, or changing.” You look over to Sam and wink and he just shakes his head. She chuckles and continues, "Second, your eye will heal quicker, but it will still hurt and your vision may be blurry for a while, so there’s no driving until it’s completely healed.”

 "Yes Ma'am. Does that mean I can leave this damn bed now?“ I just want to be in a normal bed.

 "Yes, but I need to check your lungs in a couple days. If you feel any discomfort, whether it’s when you try to sleep or during the day, let me know and I can give you pain medication.” You nod and as you try to get up on your own, Helen holds a finger up to signal you to hold on and rushes out of the room. She comes back with a smile and a wheelchair.

  “Oh hell no, I am not getting in that thing! I’m not 90. I can walk on my own.” Sam and Helen share a knowing look, but keep quiet. You get yourself on your feet but when you go to take a step, your leg gives out and your body heads straight for the floor. Sam thankfully catches you. He places you in the chair and smirks at you. You roll your eyes and mumble a thank you to Helen.

 "Can’t you push this thing any faster, Wilson? My Grandma has more speed than this.“ You know you sound like a brat but you can’t help it.

 "Alright crabby, calm down.” He rolls you into the elevator and presses the communal floor button. Fucking finally. Crap. I’m not ready for the lectures, especially Steve. I love the man, he really has a sick habit of mothering though. “You know, Barnes has been driving everyone insane since he found out.” You don’t say anything and just stare at your hands in your lap. “The fire was all over the news. It was a big deal, y/n. So was the mysterious woman that saved a child. ” OH. Well…

 "Great. How is everyone else?“ I hope everyone isn’t mad about this.

  "You’re the one that’s wrapped in bandages and you’re worried about everyone else? No one’s mad at you, Y/n, you just gave us a heart attack. Everyone is fine though. I haven’t really seen Tony. Banner said he hasn’t left the lab since the meeting.” This is what I didn’t want to happen. He feels guilty about Ross.

  You sigh. “Sam, he’s beating himself up over the Ross thing. I know it. Hasn’t anyone tried to talk to him?“

 "Steve tried but got nowhere. Bruce said he’ll only discuss projects with him.”

Mental note : Take care of Tony after you deal with everyone when you get home.

 You ditch the wheelchair in the elevator, ignoring Sam’s pleas to just suck it up and use it. Taking three steps off the elevator, you already have Natasha and Wanda right in front of you.

 "Y/n, we’re so happy you’re okay!“ Wanda goes to hug you but stops. She must have remembered your ribs. Spreading your arms as open as you can, you wiggle your fingers while looking at the girls.

 "You two better fucking hug me. I’m not a piece of glass; I won’t break.” They smile, gently hugging you. When they let you go, you see Steve behind them. And it begins…

 "Alright Steve, lay it on me. I’m ready for the ‘don’t be a hero speech’.“ You try to cross your arms but realize it’s an awful idea. Everyone sees you struggle and gives you sympathetic looks. "Don’t look at me like that! I’m fine! Give me the damn speech, Rogers.” Your attitude was on full display now.

  “ Does everyone think I’m going to lecture them about everything?” Steve throws his arms in the air. You let out a quiet laugh and step towards him. You snake your arms around his tiny waist, giving him a light hug, as he kisses the top of your head.

 "What you did was brave, but don’t ever do that again, Y/n.“

  You look up at him and beam a smile at him, "Yes Captain!” He rolls his eyes while everyone else laughs. You hear Bucky’s laugh somewhere in the room but you don’t see him.

  “Barnes, are you hiding from me?” You ask playfully. You hear his laugh again and he appears from behind Steve.

  “No, kitten. I just don’t know if I can be gentle with you.” He winks and you instantly blush.

  “Oh sweetheart, who says I want it gentle?” You hear Sam start coughing. You snort as a response, trying not to laugh so you don’t stress your throat.

 "Alright, can we not do this right now? Keep your dirty talk between you two. Damn.“ Buck rolls his eyes while you stifle a giggle. You can hear Nat and Wanda laugh and see Steve smirk.

  "On a different note, I think we need a family meeting.” You say. All you get in returned are questioning looks. “Oh, I’m sorry, did that sound like a suggestion? Because it really wasn’t. Living room in 15 minutes.” No one expects that much sass to come out of you, but you’re tired and in pain.

  “I doubt we’ll get Stark out of the lab, Y/n,” Nat says as she walks towards the kitchen. You follow, grabbing a cup of coffee with a plate of donuts from the counter.

 "Don’t worry about Tony, I’ll get him. Just make sure everyone else is there.“ Time to help Tony.

                  When you get to the lab you see Tony tinkering with his iron man mask.

  "You can’t change perfection, Tony.” He looks up and grins at you. You set the coffee and donuts down in front of him.

“Glad to see you’re still in one piece, darling. But you kinda sound like you belong in an elderly center.” He walks over and kisses your cheek. You push the coffee towards him.

  “How long have you been hiding in your lab? ” He doesn’t answer, just drinks the coffee and sets it back down. You decide to try a different tactic. “What Ross did wasn’t you fault. You didn’t know, so stop blaming yourself. I was bluffing when I said about the kid’s family and how the kid died. It was just a feeling I had. I didn’t even know his name, but I had a feeling Ross went all 9 yards when he lied to you and a made fake social media for the kid and everything. And I was right. Instead of staying in your lab and drowning in guilt all alone, why don’t you do something about it? You see these injuries? They were a  thank you gift from Ross and his friends at Hydra for what I revealed in the meeting.” That Got Tony’s attention real quick.

  “What are you-” You cut him off.

  “Come with me, please.” You turn and make you way out of the lab with Tony following you back to the communal floor. You walk in together and everyone is already there. All eyes are on you now, but you let Sam tell the story you told him in the hospital. Talking only makes everything worse right now. Fuck this.  You slowly sit on the couch with Wanda and Natasha, listening to Sam tell them about the hydra agent and what he said. Everyone was silent, which kind of scares you.

 You stand up and try to clear your throat. “We have no real proof that he is Hydra. All we have is an assumption based on what the agent said, and that he lied to Tony to push him for the accords. You guys can’t do anything until we have more. You know he’ll probably try something again if he finds out I’m alive, but until then we have to let this go.”

 Everyone looks at you like you have eight heads. Bucky is the first one to speak.

  “Look at what he did to you! You expect us to just sit and be quiet about it? Have you lost your mind?” You wince at the tone and volume of his voice. You can feel the prick of tears in your eyes but try to push them back. Sam moves to your side, but you step away.

 "Yeah Barnes, that’s exactly what I expect. Because you are not going to put yourself in danger until it is absolutely fucking necessary. Do you understand me?“ You move so you’re standing directly in front of him. No one else dares to say anything.

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Barnes stands up straighter and glares at you. "You do not get to give me orders. You aren’t a part of this team, you don’t have a fucking say.” Ouch. Everyone is silent and in shock.

  You turn and starting to walk towards the elevator. I don’t have to stay and listen to this. You step into the elevator and are about to close the doors when Tony steps in.  He takes your hand in his and hits the button for the roof.

  “Why are we going to the roof?” You ask quietly, tears starting to run down your face.

  “It’s quiet up there. I think we both need it right now.” You stay silent for the rest of the elevator ride. You follow behind Tony as he leads you to a sitting area on the roof. As you sit down next to him, you realize you haven’t been up here yet.

. “You know, Barnes is right. You aren’t an Avenger. But you are very important to everyone on the team. Did you know that Sergeant Freezer Burn was going crazy when we saw you on the news? He tried to go to the hospital before we got you transferred here. You are just as much a part of this team as any of us. Minus all the cool stuff we get to do.”

  You roll your eyes. You know Tony’s right, you care about everyone on the team and they all seem to care for you.

 “I’ll make you a deal, T. I’ll keep myself out of danger, if you promise not to keep punishing yourself for things that you have no control over.“

  Tony takes a minute to answer, but eventually nods his head in agreement.You sit together a little while longer before Tony kisses your forehead and heads back inside. You lay back on the lounger and stare up at the night sky. You hear footsteps approaching and you turn your head to see your visitor.

  "How come no one told me how nice it is up here, Steve?” You turn your gaze back to the sky. You hear him laugh and feel the chair dip next to you.

  “I thought you knew. Listen, Y/n, about what Bucky said… He’s not wrong.” You turn your head to Steve, but before you can even say anything, he covers your mouth with his hand. You raise one of your eyebrows at him, waiting for him to continue.

  “He also wasn’t right. He was a little harsh. I don’t blame him for it though. None of us want to see you get stuck in the crossfire here. We haven’t known you very long, but somehow you managed to snake your way into all of our lives in one way or another. Especially Buck’s. When he first came back from Wakanda, he didn’t speak to anyone besides me. It took him months to adjust to the team, even then he was still cautious of how he acted or what he said in front of them. Then all the sudden you came walking through these doors. The day we met you was the first time I saw a glimpse of the old Bucky I knew. The ladies man, you know he use to be very smooth with the dames back in our day.” By now, Steve removed his hand and you were both smiling.

  “You are the only girl I’ve seen him be that way with. Hell, he’s getting closer to you than he is with most of the team, Y/n. So just don’t be mad at him for protecting you. He just spoke what all of us were thinking. And frankly, you’re getting real bossy, Y/n.” He smiles and laughs as you elbow him in the side.

  “Yeah well, someone’s got to keep you idiots in line. I’m sorry for overstepping like that, Steve, but you know I’m right about having to wait it out.”

  “Yeah, I guess you were. Just let Buck off easy, alright? He means well.” You nod and Steve disappears back inside. You turn back to look at the stars and find yourself drifting off.

You wake up to someone rubbing your shoulder. You open your eyes to see Bucky standing above you with a smirk on his face.

  “I could get use to you being underneath me.” Are you serious right now? Wait am I still on the roof?

  You ignore him and sit slowly sit up to look around. Yup, still on the roof. You start to stand up and Bucky goes to help you up, but you shake him off. You begin trudging towards the elevators when Bucky speaks up.

 "You know, they took everything from me before; Steve, my arm, my memories, my freedom. Now, they almost took you too.“ You stop dead in your tracks and whirl around.

 "I know, Barnes. I can’t even begin to understand what you went through.” You take one of his hands in yours. “But I can’t let you throw yourself in danger to get back at them for a couple of bruised ribs and a black eye.” He stands up in front of you and gently traces around the black circle over your eye. You’re looking anywhere but into his eyes. “I can’t lose you, Buck. Any of you.”

  He nods. “Let’s get you to bed; it’s late.” He stands up, still holding onto your hand.

  “I’m going to stay in the infirmary tonight,” you say regretfully. “I think I need Helen to give me something for my ribs and see if there’s anything she can do about my throat.” He has a somber look on his face . You wrap your arms around his waist and nuzzle your face against his chest.

  “We’ll get him eventually, Buck.” He walks you to the elevator and you get off at the hospital floor. The nurse on duty hooks you up to an IV with morphine to help with the pain and you eventually doze off into a peaceful sleep.

 For the first couple days, Helen has you attached to the IV meds to help with the pain.Your throat is still tender, but your voice is getting closer to normal. After the second day, you’re getting sick of staying in the medical bay. You try to get out of the bed, but the drugs are making you feel a little light headed and loopy. You giggle to yourself when you finally make it out of bed, wheeling the IV stand with you to the elevator. In the elevator, you press the button for the communal level and you look to the doors where you see your reflection. Your hair’s a mess, and the black eye is still apparent. You pull up Sam’s giant shirt and tie it below your chest. You traced your hands over the bruises on your ribs, and then over your eye. They weren’t as dark anymore, but they were still pretty bad. I look like a hobo. These sweats are so baggy, I’m surprised they haven’t fallen off yet.

 When the doors open, you make your way to the couch. Your vision was slightly blurry either from the black eye, drugs, or both. But you safely made your way onto the couch without falling off or over, so that was an accomplishment. You hear the elevator doors open and let out an annoyed sigh.

 Before you can tell who it is you speak up, slightly slurred, "I am not going back to the medical wing, so don’t waste your breathe!” It comes out sassier than you intended, and you sound slightly drunk.

 You hear a deep laugh and turn your head and see Tony. He actually kept to the deal? Good man stark, good man. He plops down next to you and grabs the remote for the TV.

“I’m not going to make you go back, I can only imagine how boring it was there.” How does anyone not like Tony?

  “I see you’re out of your lab of self pity. Does that mean you’re coming up with a plan, Iron Ass?”

  He laughs and continues flipping through the channels. “I’m working on it, kiddo.” You sit silently, watching whatever movie he turns on. You can’t really focus on it too much; whatever painkillers Helen gave you are hitting you hard. You hear the elevator doors open again but don’t bother to look and see who it is.

 "Why aren’t you in the infirmary, y/n?“ BUCKY! YAY!

 You look at Bucky and start giggling. "Tony says I don’t have to go back!” You stick your tongue out at Bucky and turn back to the TV.

 "For the record, I never said that.I said that I don’t blame her for ditching the med level. It’s awful there.“ Bucky glares at him and Tony puts his hands up in surrender. He places the remote next to you, and pats your leg.

 "Good luck dealing with Robocop, dear.” Tony leaves for the elevator and Bucky stands directly in front of you, glaring at you .Good God, how can he be attractive all the damn time. Get ugly Barnes.

 "Uh Buck, I’m trying to watch tv but your beautiful body is blocking it.“ You smile up at him. You can see his glare start to fade.

 "What the hell is Helen giving you, Doll?” You giggle and shrug your shoulders, pointing to the IV connected to you arm.

 "I have no clue, but I like it.“ You giggle again and hear him chuckle.

 "Don’t ya think you should be in bed with all those drugs running through you? How did you even make it up here, Kitten?” Damn, I fucking love when he calls me that.

 "Well, take me to bed, Sergeant,“ you practically purr at him. You can see a shift in his eyes, but he doesn’t say anything. He kneels next you the couch and looks are you. You just stare into his eyes.

"Come on, let’s go, Y/n.” Your eyes widen. No way, he’s not taking me to bed. This is great!

 A big grin make its way to your face and you go to stand up.You get halfway up, but suddenly feel dizzy. You fall back onto the couch, groaning. You close your eyes and feel Bucky cup your cheek with his metal hand. You lean into it.

 "What’s wrong, y/n? Does something hurt? Should I call Helen?“ You feel like he’s bombarding you with a million questions, but in reality it was only three.

 "No no, I’m okay.” Your speech is getting slurred again. “Just a little light headed, sweetheart.” Bucky’s eyebrows raise at the petname you let slip. You giggle again and gaze at him.

 "Don’t look so surprised, Barnes. I know that you know that I know how I feel about you.” Your sentence sounds jumbled,and not very clear, but Bucky is too entertained to stop you.

 "What is it that you think I know, Doll?”

 "That I like you, duh. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is why you haven’t done anything about it, Sergeant Cockblock.“ You snort at yourself. Bucky is trying not to laugh. He’s also trying to figure out if you’re telling the truth or if it’s the drugs. He always just assumed your relationship would go as far as flirting. Neither of you ever brought up the almost kisses or the sexual tension. You just went with the flow.

 When he looks back at you, you are already looking at him "Well? Are you ever going to kiss me, or just keep playing with me Barnes?” You may be a little doped out, well maybe more than a little, but this has been going through your head since the night on the balcony. Is he ever going to tell me? I better fucking remember this. I wonder if giraffes ever cuddle.

  Before he can answer, you blurt out your last thought. "James, do you think giraffes cuddle?” He lets out a loud laugh. God I love that sound.

 "Alright pretty girl, I think it’s time for a nap.“ He grabs a pillow and blanket from the other couch and when he turns back, you’re already asleep. He lays you down on the couch and covers you up. Leaning over, he kisses your forehead. As he pulls away. you turn and look at him.

"When I’m not doped out, I’m coming for you, Sergeant.” You wink, then slowly close your eyes. He smiles, praying you stick to your word.

You wake up on the couch with Helen in front of you.

“Well I see you escaped the med level, Y/n.” You smiled shyly, moving to stretch. You let out a loud screech when you feel a sharp pain. Fuck I how did I forget? You put your hands on your ribs, feeling tears rolling down your puffy cheeks. Helen sends you a sad smile while disconnecting you from the IV.

 "I suggest we take you off the IV during the day, stick to tylenol for now. We’ll use it at night so you can sleep without discomfort.“ You nod, the tears still flowing. "It will heal soon, Y/n. I know it’s stressful to feel vulnerable. From what I can see, everyone here is ready to help you at any minute of they day. Don’t underestimate how much your friends care for you.” You let Helen’s words sink in as she leaves you on the couch.

  “FRIDAY, where is everyone and how long was I asleep?”

  “Good evening miss Y/n, it’s 6:38 p.m. You’ve been asleep for about 15 hours. The team was called to an important conference about 13 hours ago. They are due back before tomorrow.”

 "Holy fuck.“ I slept 15 fucking hours. Why didn’t anyone wake me when they left? Rude. "Did they leave any notes for me?” Doubt it.

 "Agent Romanoff wanted me to remind you that you cannot change, or shower, without help, and not to even try because there will be consequences. If you need help, I can call Dr. Cho. Do not put any stress on your ribs or abdomen for the time being.“

 You sit and stare at the ceiling for awhile. You have Friday call Helen to help you out of your clothes and she suggests putting a robe on, that way you and slide it on and off. You go into Sam’s room and find long red robe. As you sit in Sam’s room, being happy you don’t sound like 90 year old smoker anymore, you start to remember bits and pieces of the conversation between you and Bucky. "When I’m not doped out, I’m coming for you Sergeant” Real smooth, y/n. Maybe you should actually do something about it this time.

 "FRIDAY, tell me when the team is 10 minutes out, please.“ She agrees. You spend the rest of the night sleeping and waiting.

A couple hours later, FRIDAY alerts you that the team is 10 minutes out. You throw some pants on under Sam’s robe and make your way to the hangar. When the jet lands, the door opens and everyone strolls out. Some of the team look aggravated, some just look exhausted. You give everyone hello hugs, until you got to Bucky. Nut up or shut up, Y/n.

  You walk up to him with a sly smirk across your face. "Welcome home, Barnes.” He smiles and goes to put his arms around your waist. You stop him with a hand to his chest. You fist your hands in the low part of his jacket and yank it down so he’s almost your height. His eyes grow wide and your smirk gets bigger. You take the last step, closing any distance between your bodies, and place your lips against his. How are his lips so soft? You feel his hands on your waist as his lips melt with yours. He laces one of his hands in your hair, pulling you deeper into the kiss. You part your lips to let out a gasp and he uses that moment to bite your bottom lip between his.

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  You can hear the team yelling a mix of  "finally", whistling, and then there’s Sam who is fake gagging very loudly. You pull away to catch your breath and see the blissful smile on Bucky’s face. Your cheeks are tinted pink and so are his.

 "Well hello to you too, Kitten.” You roll your eyes and push away from him.

 "Don’t get use to this, Buck!“ you yell over your shoulder as you make your way over to the team. Everyone has smirks on the faces and Sam is the first one to speak.

  "How come you don’t welcome me home like that Y/n? I thought we were cool!” If you roll your eyes any harder they’ll permanently be in the back of your head. You wiggle your finger at Sam signaling him to bend to your height, and place a kiss on his cheek.

 "You happy now you big baby?“ Everyone laughs and continues on there way to the communal level.

"So what was this big meeting about guys. You were gone for awhile.” You ask as you sit next to Bucky on the couch. He throws his arm over your shoulders and keeps smirking at you.

  You lean up and whisper in his ear, “Behave yourself soldier.” You nip his ear and turn back to the team, waiting for an answer.  You see everyone sharing concerned looks.

  You raise your eyebrows. “Don’t all talk at once.”

Steve was the one to speak up. “We had a meeting with Fury, concerning Ross. He had new information on Hydra.”

  “Okay…And are you going to share it with me or keep taking dramatic pauses, Rogers?” You’re getting irritated, but you thought this Ross thing was going to be on the back burner for the time being.

  “That’s classified, Y/n, but we are going after Ross. Soon.” You’ve hit your tipping point.

 "Did any of you consider the fucking outcome of going after him this early, with so little information?  Unless Furry gave you golden fucking information, you are putting yourselves in unnecessary danger. Ross will try something again when he realizes I’m not fucking dead, so why rush?!“ You’re yelling at this point, with your finger pointed at Steve. No one dares to comment. You expect Bucky to, but he won’t even look at you right now.

   Steve tries again. "Y/n, you don’t understand. They-”

  “They what, Steve? What could they possibly have that’s going to make this okay?”
  “They know you’re still alive. Hydra put a hit out on you. You have a fucking target on your back. Your safety is jeopardized because of being friends with us.”  

Oh…Shit… I didn’t see that coming.

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Teardrops On My Guitar - Peter Parker X Reader

Not a request, but if you want to request, you should check out my preferred format! It’s not a necessity, but it will help ensure that you get the best oneshot possible!

You’ve probably heard Taylor Swift’s “Teardrops On My Guitar” before. I actually kinda dislike Taylor Swift, but this is a good song and I was inspired to write this. Can be read as No Powers!AU, but that’s not really what I was going for. Him being Spidey just doesn’t really have anything to do with the story, as it’s you-centric. I imagined Tom’s Peter, but it can be read as Andrew. WARNING FOR LANGUAGE. YOUR FRIEND SWEARS. 

Y/N - Your Name!

Y/F/N - Your Name!

Reader is gender neutral this time around, go me! <3

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Be Close to Me

Summary: Sam is afraid to be close to the Reader. She finds out why.

Characters: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1300ish

Warnings: Sexual Content

A/N: Sam with angst, sweetness, and sex.

Sam lays his head back on the pillow. He’s still breathing hard. The sex had been great. He had loved you with his mouth on every part of your body, claiming you gently, tenderly, urgently, and almost desperately at times. The memory of his hands and the way they had touched you was still fresh in your mind. His caresses were so soft and deliberate, almost like he was afraid you would break.

You are lying on your back next to him. You can feel the warmth of his leg against yours. His breathing has slowed, but he still hasn’t caught his breath completely. So, you are surprised when he leans up suddenly. He is propping himself on his elbow and looking down into your face.

His eyes are beautiful, soulful. He tells you so much with his eyes. Right now, you can see the love in them, the desire to protect you, but there’s also a plea there. A need you don’t understand. The two of you were just so close. You gave him what he needed; you’re sure of it.

You reach your hand up and rest it against his cheek. He turns his head toward your hand and closes his eyes.

“Sam, what is it?” You whisper to him softly. He slowly opens his eyes. Seconds go by as he looks at you. Finally, he says, “ I don’t want to lose you.”

Your instinct is to immediately tell him he won’t, but that seems like maybe too easy an answer. “Why do you think you’re going to lose me?” He puts his hand on top of yours and continues to stare at you like he’s memorizing you.

“What if I can’t keep you safe?” He let’s go of your hand then and sits up. You sit up too and put your arm across his back. You may not be able to envelop him the way he can you, but you want him to feel it there. You want him to feel you close. You stroke his back with your hand for a minute or two without saying anything. Then you stop and just let your hand rest against his back. With your other hand you reach for his face again and slowly turn it so he’s looking at you.“Sam, why do you think you’ll lose me?”

It was then the words started flowing out of him. “Jess died because of me. She died because of who I am, what I am. I couldn’t stop it. I couldn’t save her. I didn’t let myself get close to anyone after that. I told myself I loved Amelia, but I didn’t. Nothing bad would happen because I didn’t love her. When I love someone, bad things happen.” There was a long pause. As Sam had talked, tears had filled his eyes. Now the tears slid down his cheeks as he finished what he had to say. “I love you, Y/N.”

You knew it. You had known for a long time. The way he smiled at you told you. The way he brushed his fingers across the back of your hand told you. The way he looked at you when you were wearing one of his shirts told you. The way he made you hot chocolate and put tiny marshmallows in it because he knew you liked them told you. Now, here we’re the words.

You took a deep breath and then rose up on your knees so you could look down at him. You placed your hands on his shoulders as you started to speak. “Sam Winchester, your love is not going to hurt me.” You felt the smile spread across your face as your tears too started to fall. You continued.

“It is the most perfect thing I have ever known, more perfect than anything I ever hoped to have.” You wiped the tears from his face as you kept talking. “You make me feel safe, Sam. I’ve never felt safe in my entire life, but you can do that. You give that to me. You make me feel like I can do anything. You taught me how to protect myself. I’m someone I never knew I could be because I’m with you.”

You leaned down and kissed his forehead, then you sat back down beside him. You reached out and put your arms around his neck and pulled him back down in the bed with you. You put your mouth next to his ear and told him, “Sam, I love you. Let me show you how good that can be. Let me take your pain away.” His lips were on yours again. Needy. Through his kisses he kept saying, “I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to hurt you.”

The kisses grew deeper; you put your hands in his hair. “It’s okay, Sam. It’s okay. It’s okay to be close to me. Love me, Sam. Let me love you.” He flipped you underneath him. He trailed hot kisses down your neck, across your breasts, and up the other side of your neck. All the while he was saying, “Don’t leave me. Please don’t leave me.”

You felt your heart clench. He was so hurt, so scared. He was scared because he loved you. You brought his lips to yours and slipped your tongue inside his mouth. You moved it slowly, tasting him, calming him. “I’m not Jessica. This won’t end that way. Trust me.” It was like those words ignited something within him. He was kissing you deeply and you felt his erection growing against your thigh. “I need you, Sam.”

He slipped two fingers inside you moving them in and out. Slowly at first, then increasing the pace and keeping the rhythm steady. You were wet, and he could feel it. He removed his fingers and pushed into you. You were ready for him, and his thrusts were deep.

Tiny moans escaped your lips. His thrusts got harder and faster. He was losing it; he was close. Then with each thrust, he was saying, “I love you” over and over “I love you. I love you. I love you.” The sound of his voice, the pure, raw emotion. You were coming, coming hard, clenching around him. He thrust even deeper. With a final “I. Love. You.” he was spurting inside you. You felt his body tense as he moved through his release and gave you everything he had. Then you felt him relax.

He rolled off of you and pulled you into his arms. You rested your head against his shoulder and traced slow circles on his chest with your finger. He had a handful of your hair. You lay together like that for a long time. When he finally spoke, his voice was soft.

“I’ve never let go like that before, Y/N.”. You stopped moving your finger. “I know.” You felt him swallow.

“I mean ever.” You closed your eyes and bit your bottom lip. “I love you, Sam. It’s going to be okay.”

He kissed the top of your head. “I believe you.”

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Can you do a one shot where the reader is in ravenclaw and she's really quite and dating George. And it's the holidays and lots of fluff

Me and George have been together for almost two years now. Dating George is a bit different than many people imagine it would be. People think it’s just pranking and doing other grazy things all the time but there was a softer side of him. Well.. He’s human after all. Of course he wants to cuddle and just have good and relaxing time just like any other. I went to winter holidays at Weasleys because we wanted to spend the holiday together. It has been our fifth year and it was pretty calm thinking last year there was a huge big ass snake going around school. Luckily this year hasn’t been AS wild. People were really surprised that we were together since i’m really quiet and shy and don’t really go around joking like them. Basically we are really different as people and we were the last two people expected to get together.

We were at the burrow by the fireplace just cuddling together in silence his nose in my hair sniffing it quietly. He was rubbing my other arm and our eyes are closed. I don’t know how long we have been there but it feels like forever and there isn’t any other place i rather be. He suddenly stops rubbing my arm and pretty much after that i can hear weak snoring behind me, his nose still in my hair. I don’t even bother opening my eyes and just let myself fall asleep as well. I woke up early in the morning due the uncomfortablenss of the couch and noticed George being awake too. “Were you staring at me?” I ask him. “Well you looked so cute while sleeping i couldn’t help myself but stare.” I chuckled to that and asked how long he’s been awake “Not long just enough time to look at your cute face for awhile before you wake up” He chuckled to that and placed a kiss on my forehead. “Also i might have been awake long enough to make you some breakfast.” I looked him in disbelief. “I thought you couldn’t cook that well?” I asked. He gets shy (Which he doesn’t do really often) “Yea well i’m really bad at it and trutfully.. I burned the food i was about to make so i have some toast instead..I was sure i could handle that but looks like i’m worse than i thought i was.” He looks kinda down after saying the last part. This is not the first time he’s down about being a bad cook. “Hey. You might not be the perfect cook but i still love you. Your imperfections are perfect for me.” I say trying to make him feel better. His face lights up straight away. “Really? You think i’m perfect?” “Perfect for me.” He places a soft kiss on my lips and whispers “You are perfect. I love you.” And gives me another kiss. “I love you too.”

Where you belong

“I feel the blood rushin’ throughout ya body
You see the scars painted over my skin
I’m always numb to the topic of loving
I fell in love with the subject of sin”
You’re anxious, a bit nervous, your body is hot and ready. I’m damaged, broken, new to loving you because I’ve never felt this before.

“I don’t have to remind you.
It’s my need to confine you.
I see your face every time I’m with somebody else
Can’t you see that I want you? (Put your feelings behind you)
I don’t have to remind you. ”
You already know why I came here. I trust you with my all. And Everytime I’m with someone else I think of you. Why can’t you understand that you’re perfect for me? You’re perfect. You know that you belong here. I don’t have to tell you.

“I’m in control, when you give me your body, yeah
I feel our souls burnin’ up when I’m, inside of you and I
I'ma leave a mark, just to remind you, where you belong.
Give me your all, scream as loud as you want”
Once you’ve given yourself to me, you’re mine. This flame ignites inside us both and its scorning me. I want you now more Han ever and I’m so selfish that I don’t want anyone else to have you. So when others see you, they’ll see the marks that I’ve left on you and they’ll know that it’s me that makes you scream

Harry Styles Daughter Imagine

[Harry with kids is my absolute favorite. UGH]

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Could you do a blurb where you joked about Harry in front of your friends and he gets mad at you because it's something he's insecure about?

Rating: PG ( i srsly need help with this)
Warnings: None really. Really casual.
Category: fluff comfort.
Word Count: 1,692
Request: yessss (so thank youuuu)

Note: Good lord why would he be insecure about anything? But then again, self-awareness and insecurity are two chips installed in the human brain. And he’s human.

04. Skinny Jeans.

Oi!” was the first thing you heard when the lads arrived. Niall bursting through the front door and heading straight to the kitchen, where you were currently munching on all of the snacks displayed on the counter.
“ Hi Nialler” you say as he swallows you in a hug, and you know that he’s downed at least 1 beer before he arrived.
“Yeh ‘re drinking with me tonight, eh?” He says still crushing you in his bear hug and you let out a laugh.
“Let ‘er breathe mate.” you hear Liam say as he comes inside to wave hello, followed by Louis, Nick (grimshaw), and all their respective couples.

After a lot of hugs and jokes and chattering around the kitchen counter, Harry comes downstairs and you all get ready for your usual camp-out in the backyard. You light up the small campfire while Harry brings out tables and sets the bowls of snacks on top. It was sort of a tradition to, every month or two, get together and have this semi-camp out at yours and Harry’s place, because you had the campfire and the pretty open space in your backyard that gave the feeling of actually camping in a clear in the woods. It was a night to tell stories, look back on memories and make new ones, to joke and poke fun at each other, and to make the friendship between all of you a lot tighter.

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anonymous asked:

A written request on how the boys would cheer you up when you're feeling insecure about yourself? {Thank you and I'm sorry if this has been requested before ^^;} -Andy

Here you go Andy!

Jin would talk to you about it and continuously reassure you that you have nothing to be insecure about. He wouldn’t be hella cuddly but would make sure he at least had his arm around you, or your hand in his at all times.

Suga would make you feel a little bit bad for being insecure. He’d give you a light scolding, asking you why you would even start to think that. His skinship to make you feel better (after your scolding anyway) would just be a hug from behind while he was burying his face in your neck. Afterwards he’d probably write a song about it, determined to let you know how perfect you are in his eyes Suga writes a shitton of songs about his jagi… you know he will

J-Hope would feel a little heartbroken. “No no no no no no jagi.” Would be all he says. As soon as you tell him he just engulfs you in his arms and sways the two of you a little bit, still quietly whispering to you “No no no no no no no.”

Rap Monster wouldn’t really say much. He’d just look at you and give you a little hug. Like pulling you in, then lightly putting his arms around you. Then being the little shit goofball he is, he’d lean down and whisper into your ear “You’re perfect baby.”

Jimin would be very understanding. He’s had to deal with insecurities before so he knows how you feel. He’d tell you about his experiences, hoping that they would help you in some way. It’d be a very calm conversation. After all his stories (and yours) he’d wrap you in a protective hug and tell you sweet things. “You’re perfect to me. Don’t feel that way okay? Listen to me when I tell you… you are the most perfect thing ever.” After his long list of sweet nothings he’d pull back and give you the greasiest smile. Like smiling-so-big-my-face-looks-like-it’s-gonna-tear smile.

V would try to distract you from your insecurities. Insecure about the way your body looks? He’ll take you on a date to a movie, instead of shopping or to a beach. Insecure about your face without makeup? He’d take you to one of their photo shoots and ask the stylist noona to do your makeup. Once he had succeeded in making you feel happy and comfortable, he’d try to talk you into doing what you felt insecure about. If you felt insecure about your body, he’d take you shopping. You two would start off shopping just for him, so he could show you how much fun it would be. Then, he’d take you shopping for flowy clothing like summer dresses and everything. If you were insecure about your bare face, he’d slowly convince you to wear less and less makeup everyday. Once he had made sure you knew that you had nothing to worry about he would reward you with lots of cuddles and cute things.

Jungkook wouldn’t really know what to do. He wouldn’t want his s/o to feel bad about themselves, but he also wouldn’t know how to deal with it. He’d complain and ask his hyungs for suggestions. Most of it would be complaining. Saying that he didn’t know why you felt this way, and that it was really frustrating him. That he didn’t know what to do, but he knew he had to do something. He wanted to let you know how special you were and how it was almost stupid of you to feel that way. Of course once he notices you standing in the doorway, listening, he would go quiet and realize that he didn’t need to say anymore. and then his hyungs would laugh and make fun of him for that moment talking about how it was so cute and that it had played out like a drama or something

~Admin Red

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Love and War | Oneshot

Yoongi x Reader | Oneshot

Request:  Hola I wanted to have a scenario where suga is married but has a double life selling drug so she find out

Genre: Fluff and Angst

Words:  4,829 words

A/N: Here’s a big shout out to my co-admin Eli who edited this and kinda hated me at the end, but ya know, heavy angst does that to you. And btw requester, this is not what you expected >:)

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We’re Just Lost Stars

Pairing: Yoonmin
Genre: Canon!fic, Romance, Fluff
Rating: R
Summary: It’s hard growing up, seeing your imperfections and having to face that you’re in the spotlight 24/7, for Jimin it’s even harder when you’re falling in love with the only person who makes you feel perfect. Someone that probably just sees you as a kid anyways. (or, that one where Jimin grows up, Yoongi takes notice, and basically all of bangtan ship yoonmin)

Admin’s Notes: this fic nearly killed me with its perfection. there’s such an incredible slow-build that gives you that will-they-won’t-they vibe alongside them growing up together as trainees and then idols. it’s a really insightful piece and a totally believable romance story especially if you’re yoonmin trash like me.

Link: AO3

Don’t forget to leave kudos & comments ^^
- Admin Janelle xo

You GOIN’ AWAY Fer GOOD This TIME, Ain’t YA?

Wish it would have never came to this

With a farewell you’re well aware you’ll be missed

Feel so dissed

Couldn’t just say it just let me feel dismissed

no more perfect kisses locking on those lips

no more pulling you to my face and licking on that clit

no more slapping it against your pussy and giving you this dick

no more laying up making a perfect puzzle piece with those hips

will miss the eye locking and the pillow talk

the confidence i felt holding hands slaying while we walked

no more grabbing that neck while we fuck

no more locking eyes while i give you my fingers to suck

making you look back star struck

while i pound that ass out until i give you this nut

you couldn’t shut the fuck up when your legs were shaking

but still It was more then just the intense love making

barely fucked lately

heart was still your’s for the taking

but instead it was consistently breaking

but I’ve honestly had enough

always making me feel like i do to much

all because a nigga wanted some love

never on your ass well aware you were on your grind

all i needed was a text once a day to let me know i was on your mind

instead cold as fuck forcing me to accept the signs

things grew way too one sided can no longer take this

I’m way better then this

fly as fuck with a pure heart

bright future, good style, and smart

one day ill forget about this

will find a fly ass bitch

going to fuck her like i love this bitch

make her cum so hard she’s going to love this dick

then when I’m where I’m supposed to be everyone will be sick

remember the good and it’ll be something you miss

from my life you’re dismissed

-Jorge Z

AN: Today has been a pretty sucky day, so I am sorry if my writing doesn’t seem the same as it normally is. Thank you to the anon that requested this cute af request, I hope you like it! *The gif is not mine, found on google. (But can we all just take a moment to appreciate the beautiful man known as Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the gif)….. anyways, please ignore my fangirling and also my sucky spelling. 

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader ((And slight Steve X Reader bc why not))

Prompt: Ah! Love your work! And happy you are taking requests again! Could you do a PietroxReader where the reader and Wanda are training to get better with their powers (can be anything you want) but keep getting interrupted by Pietro and the reader chases him with the help of Thor? Hope this isn’t too much to ask

((NOTE: the reader has the power to shoot fire from their hands))


“Catch Me If You Can”

“You need to stand up straighter.” Steve said, placing a hand on your back and shoulders, slowly aligning them. “The straighter your posture, the easier it will be for your powers to flow and the more impact they will give.”

You looked up at him questioningly, “How do you know?”

“I had Tony and Bruce observe some of our training sessions and compaire them to your performance during battles to see what could help strengthen your attacks.” Steve explained. “They noticed that when your posture is tense or straight, your powers work with a 48 percent more firepower than when your back is curved or relaxed. They told me that after looking into it a bit, they could see that the actual distribution of the energy you use for your powers flows better throughout your body with a straight back.”

You nodded, soaking in all of the information. It was amazing that in the short amount of time that you had spent with the Avengers how much you had learned about yourself.

You set your shoulders back and straightened your spine, then cast your hands out in front of you. You waited for Steve’s cue to begin.

“See that target?” Steve pointed a finger up at a target that was hanging from the ceiling on the other side of the gym. “I want you to shoot for the center. Keep the flow of your energy consistent throughout your body and concentrate it all together, then you should be able to narrow your shot down enough to hit the center. Understood?”

You looked at Wanda, your training partner, in the side lines of the gym. She gave you a reassuring grin.

You focused your attention back on the target. “Loud and clear, Captain.”

“You got this, kid.” Steve said as he ruffled your hair and took a step back, giving you some space.

You took him heavy breaths and channeled all of your energy to your hands. You felt the flow of energy through your veins, slowly making their way down you arms. When you felt enough power had congregated in your hands you put them together and aimed them at the target. A large burst of fire shot out of your hands, nearly knocking your off your feet. You tightened your posture and spread your legs apart in an attempt to stop you from sliding back too much on the smooth gym floor. You narrowed your eyes and worked to make the stream of flames smaller, eventually hitting them straight in the middle of the target.

You let the fire fall from your fingers and disappear, leaving the target and your skin smoking.

“That was great!” Steve praised. “You got it!”

“Yeah, but I almost lost control in the beginning.” You growled in annoyance at yourself. “Like always.”

“That’s why you’re training, kid.” Steve said kindly. “You are working on your control, and you’re improving. That’s all that matters.”

“You are better at controlling your powers than I am, Y/N.” Wanda said, patting you on the back. “We can work on it together.”

“Oh! That’s a great idea.” Steve said with an excited glint in his eyes. “You and Wanda can work together for a few minutes, I have to go up and brief Tony and Bruce on the improvements in your power stability.”

You nodded, liking the idea of having some quality training time with Wanda. She was, after all, practically your best friend. At least she was the closest thing you had to one.

Wanda’s crimson lips curled around to make a smile. “You ready, Y/N?”

You nodded and smiled back at her. You both began to spar, going for the more physical fight and leaving out the powers. You had both silently agreed that any amount of fight with their powers unsupervised was too risky.

You were about to roundhouse kick her when you felt a breeze pass you by.

Wind in the gym?

Catching you off guard, Wanda took the opportunity to kick you in the legs, knocking you onto the ground.

Grumbling, you jumped back up to your feet and got in a defensive position once more, focusing back on Wanda.

Another breeze came, and Wanda seemed to shoved lightly to the side, giving you the perfect opportunity to strike. You mirrored the move she had used before and swept the floor with your leg, knocking her onto her butt.

That was when you saw it; a silver and blue streak zipping past you to the other side of the room.

“Pietro!” You shouted, annoyed.

He appeared next to you in a split second, his elbow resting on your shoulder and a smirk spread across his face. “You called?”

“Brother, why are you interrupting our fight?” Wanda asked sharply.

“Honestly?” Pietro said, rolling his eyes as if he expected his twin to just read his mind instead of asking. “I was bored out of my skull.”

“Then read a book.” You suggested.

“A book?” He snorted. “How about you just skip this dumb training and hang out with me instead? It sounds fun, no?”

You shook your head. Pietro was a good person (in fact you may or may not have been harboring a small crush for him), but was also very cocky and had little patience. “It sounds fun, but I can’t right now, I have to train.”

You sighed, reaching into your pocked and puling out your cell phone, scrolling through your messages to see if Fury had tried to reach out to you. He had been asking you for updates on how your were improving with your powers.

“Ooh, what is this?” Pietro quickly plucked the phone out of your hands and began to scroll through your messages. “Messages with Fury about your training? And Steve about rescheduling your gym hours? You really don’t have a life.”

Your cheeks flamed red as you tried to snatch your phone back, but, of course, he was too fast.

“Pietro give that back, or else I–”

“Or what?” Pietro teased.

Pietro had the camera of your phone on and facing him, and the next thing you knew he had zoomed next to you and snapped a photo of the two of you.

Pietro!” You hissed, purposefully ignoring Wanda’s snickering in the background.

“Oh, my god! This is perfect!” Pietro flipped the screen to show your the picture, and you could feel your blush begin to intensify. Pietro’s face (like always) was glowing and perfect, and you were next to him your eyes twisted shut and hands shoving Pietro away. Your hair was a mess from training and your skin was coated in sweat. It was, by far, the most unflattering picture you had ever had taken of you.

“Pietro, you better give that phone back to me.” You said, your tone dark and very serious. “Now.”

Catch me if you can!”

He just chuckled and zoomed out of the training gym, his voice fading down the hallway as he ran. “I’m sending this to everyone on your contact list!”

Your eyes widened and you took off after him. He absolutely could not send that to Fury, or any of the Avengers. They would never take you seriously again.

You ran down the hallway as fast as your feet could carry you, but it was still nothing compared to Pietro’s speed.

You were focused so much on catching Pietro that you hadn’t even seen Thor, causing you to completely collide with the god.

Thor began to open his mouth and presumably ask what was wrong, but you cut him off. “Do you think that hammer of yours could catch a certain white-haired idiot that just took off down the hall?”

Thor smiled, and being the amazing and loyal friend he was, joined you in your chase to catch Quicksilver.

((Sorry if it was short, I hope you liked it though!))

“Wedding Night Jitters” Xiumin/You  Anon Request

God this took me forever, this anon wanted me to die–making me imagine getting married to Kim Minseok,shame on you–but it’s finally finally done. i hope you like it, satan.

scenario: you put a freeze on Minseok until your wedding night with unintended consequences..

rating: R as per anon’s request.

“Can’t it wait?” Minseok sounds like ZiZi or Sehun when theywhine at each other. You wonder if he’s pouting.

He feels it when you lean against the door, you can hear hisfeet shuffle from the other side. He pauses though, sighs, when you don’t immediately come out. “I have groom things I need to do too,” and your breathing hitches at his tone, the intent. “Things that a certain bride has put off until my wedding night.”

God, you roll your eyes at yourself, at the awful feeling in your gut. “Okay,” you say shakily. “But don’t—I need to say something first, so don’t go all—“ liquid eyes, burning tongue. Just keep it in your pants for a second. And please, please have a shirt on.

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Seventeen Reaction to You Being Insecure

guess who’s back! anyone miss me? probably not. anyhow, here’s a reaction. [ gifs do NOT belong to me ]

S.Coups (ignore Seungkwan) “Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re beautiful the way you are jagi.”

Jeonghan “I don’t understand why you’re hard on yourself, no one is perfect.”

Originally posted by blondemaknae

Joshua “There’s no reason for you to be so insecure. I love you for being you. You’re beautiful inside and out.”

Jun He’ll give you many kisses as he tells you all the reasons why he loves you.

Originally posted by americanhyung

Hoshi “Now let me explain why you’re absolutely perfect to me.”

Wonwoo “Jagi, don’t be hard on yourself. How can I convince you you’re beautiful the way you are?”

Originally posted by 17sucks

Woozi He’d definitely would want to sing a song for you hoping to make you feel better about yourself.

Originally posted by w-ozi

DK “Don’t be ridiculous, look how cute your face is.” 

Originally posted by camera-seventeen

Mingyu He’d try his best to convince you you’re perfect the way you are. “I love you no matter what.”

Originally posted by camera-seventeen

The8 He’d want to compliment you hoping you’ll start to love yourself as much as he loves you.

Originally posted by itseventeen

Seungkwan “Don’t talk like that. There’s no reason for you to be insecure when you’re already so amazing.”

Originally posted by svennteen

Vernon  “That makes me upset knowing you aren’t confident in yourself. How can I make you believe you’re beautiful?”

Originally posted by v-ollet

Dino “Don’t feel that way! I love you, [Y/N]-ah. You’re perfect in my eyes.”

Originally posted by camera-seventeen

Heaven and Hell - Part 2

Word Count: 3554

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, implied smut (but with who? I know some of you were dying to know)

A/N: Thanks to @nichelle-my-belle for beta’ing this mess

Series Rewrite Masterlist 

“I’m an angel.” The words rang through your head but you weren’t sure you comprehended them completely at the time. Your body moved almost of its own accord and you stormed out of the panic room, running up the stairs and into the library. Everyone else was close behind, Dean leading the pack. “Don’t be afraid.” Anna said, standing in the doorway to the library. “I’m not like the others.”

“I don’t find that very reassuring.” Ruby said, standing next to you at the table and crossing her arms. Pamela sat down on the table and shook her head.

“Neither do I.” Anna agreed.

“Excuse me if I’m not really behind the whole angel thing, but one of them did just try to murder me.” Your hand went instinctively to your throat, rubbing it and swallowing the fear. You could tell by the way Anna looked at you that she wouldn’t hurt you, but you kept your guard up regardless.

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Baekhyun - Workplace Punishment


You were almost falling asleep at your computer screen; or going mental. You hadn’t sleep for three days because of all the speech writing, documents, phone calls, you were head over heels at this stage. Baekhyun your head manager just kept sending for you to do work. You hadn’t noticed till earlier today that you were the only one with so much work. You also wondered why he had chosen you. You had never done anything wrong for the past 2 years you had been working at this law corporation. You had never even been late to work, so why the sudden pickiness? Why you?

“Miss ____, Mr Byun would like to see you in his office.” His secretary had made her way over to your desk, nodding at you as she spoke.


“In about five minutes or so.” And then she left. Your heart left out of you, racing away on fear. Have I done something wrong? Oh no, I’m going to be in so much trouble for staying her overnight aren’t I? Shit. You sat on you your seat staring directly at you computer screen completely scared of what lied in the future of Mr Byun’s hands.

“Good luck.” A work mate from behind you nodded towards you with a genuine and sympathetic smile. All you could do was smile back; there was no words forming at all.

Once time had pasted, Mr Byun’s secretary came back and escorted you to his enclosed office which nobody could see through. You were really sure why he was always so reserved, but he was handsome enough to catch you instant and undivided attention.

“Miss ____,” he growled, not looking up from his paperwork. It was terrible that you had been very so turned on by his voice.

“Yes?” You managed to squeak.

“I was considering giving you a pay rise until this happened.” He still didn’t bother to make eye contact with you, so he held up a newspaper article from the 7th page from the newspaper this morning. Oh no. How did I forget?

“T-That’s not me…”

“Don’t lie. It doesn’t help the situation you’re in right now.” He slams the paper down beside him, making you flinch in fear. That’s when he made eye contact with you.

“I can explain-.”

“You better explain, this is an issue we needed to cover up now.” Last night you had been pulled out of the office by your friend to go partying - bad idea. You were tired as it was but you found your body kicking in the adrenaline as you arrived as a club with your friend. You had been drinking, one thing lead to another and you were caught making out with the officials your agency had been competing with.

“DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO HE IS?” He yells loud enough for the entire floor to hear. He stand up and begins to walk over to you.

“Yes and I’m very sorry. It will never happen again I promise Mr Byun.”

“I have the power to get rid of you just like that!” He snaps and clicks his finger at your face frightening you slightly.
“I’m so sorry Mr Byun. I will do anything to make up for it. Please don’t fire me.” You found tears appearing in your eyes slightly, his face right up in yours.

“Get on my desk.” Your eyes widen, not sure if you heard correctly.


“I said get on my desk. I’m going to punish you.” His eyes were fierce but you weren’t afraid. You walked over towards his desk and lean against it with your hands clenching the edge.

You hear the door click and that’s when you knew you were going to be locked in here for quite some time.

“Mr. Byun-.”

“It’s Baekhyun, okay?” You nod your head watching him walk towards you and forcefully let’s his lips collide directly with you. It rough and you can taste a sweet lust lingering as he unbuttons your white blouse.

“Strip me.” He murmurs into the kiss, smirking as he feels your hands oblige and begin to remove the buckle of his belt. Your unbuckle it then unzip his trouser pants, letting them fall to pool at his feet.

“Get on your knees.” He demands in a whisper. You drop to your knees systematically and pull off his briefs and let them join his pants. His erection stands directly at you, twitching as it almost was touching your lips. It’s red and eager to be pleasured; you find yourself becoming wetter by the second.

You move one hand to the base of his large member and wrap you lips around the tip of him and lip the slit with your tongue. He grunts at every little thing you did, making you feel slightly in control.

You continue to engulf him, his moans continuing to echo in his office and you bob your head, sucking hard on his thick self as he thrusts in and out of your mouth.
“Ah fuck.” He grabs a hold of your hair and thrusts gently into your mouth so there is little chance for you to choke forcefully.

You feel drops of precum being released into you mouth giving off a sweet yet bitter taste.

Baekhyun groans and murmurs words freely. You try to keep eye contact just incase he were to tell you to stop or something; but you lost it all when you moved your other hand down into your panties and began to rub your swollen clit in circular motion slowly. This is when you began to moan, sending in depth vibrations through Baekhyun’s large figure.

“Ahhh! Keep going; I’m almost there.” He was beginning to become impatient, wanting to reach his climax that was nearly awaiting him. He thrusts deeper and slightly faster into your mouth. You tighten your lips applying more pressure and that’s when Baekhyun felt his high point.

“I’m cumming!” He closes his eyes and let’s his body shudder at your very touch. You feel his cum leaking into your mouth and you suddenly pull away, jerking your hand up against his shaft and you let his cum spray upon your right check and onto your chest.

He look down at you as you bite you lip and the general mess the two of you had made.

“Time or you real punishment.” He pulls you up from the ground and gropes one of your mounds pushing you onto the desk, spreading your legs. “Too bad I don’t have my toys with me.” Baekhyun mentions with a smirk on his face, letting his lips again linger against yours. He pulls off your skirt and panties and you kick them off to the side.

“Already wet for me?”

You feel his member already rubbing up onto your clit; yet he give no warning when he pushes into your. You moan grateful that he has now done so; you were almost going to beg for him.
Baekhyun gives you no time to adjust to him, he just begins to thrust fast and deep into you causing you the shriek.

“Oh shit,” he says, “you’re so tight!”

“Baekhyun, please keep going.” Minus the pain, you were living a fantasy basically. You have always found Baekhyun so attractive and have occasionally thought about this and now it’s actually happening and it feels so much better than you could ever expect.

Baekhyun thrusted harder, pounding your g-spot consistently which indeed made you squirm on the desk with high pitched moans fulfilling the room with his.

“Fuck-k Baekhyun! I’m cumming!” You pant, looking into his eyes hazily. He doesn’t stop for a second especially when he watches your body shudder from beneath him as you reach your climax. You release your fluids out onto him lustful self and find yourself a panting mess.

“Ah yes, ____!” It didn’t take long for him to release one more time. He grunted with his last thrust as let both fluids drip together in a pool on the floor.

“Have you learnt your lesson?” He whispers as he pulls his leaking member from you. He bends over and pulls his trousers up, zipping them up and buckling up the belt again.

“Yes, Mr. Byun.”

“Good.” He smirks at you, kissing the cheek he had let himself get too carried away on. “You have a little something…” He says, pointing to the mess on your other cheek. You blush and pick up at tissue from his desk and wipe your cheek and the rest that had been displayed on your chest.
You throw it in the bin after perfecting your work clothes again and turn to him, “Do you want any more from me?”

“No, that’s all. You’re forgiven.” He says, sitting back down at his desk, fixing up the things you had pushed over.

You nod and move towards the door but stop when you hear him speak again, “Unless…” You turn back to face him, his eyes looking directly at you, “Unless you want to come back tonight?

Whenever you feel between eight and eleven would be perfect.” He gives a little wink. You blush. Everything he did made you blush.

“I’ll think about it.” You say sweetly before unlocking the door and leaving his office.
Once you return to your desk, you see one of your work mates approach you, “What was that all about? You were in there for quite some time.”

“Uh, just more paperwork.” You roll your eyes like she’d understand you’d already had too much.

“Ugh, Mr. Byun makes you work so hard. He’s an asshole.” She walks off holding her papers to her chest.

You smile to yourself, thinking. I don’t need to think about tonight, I’ll be there eight o'clock on the dot.

5 Days Left to Chicon!

This is the seventh in a silly, smutty little series of drabbles written for my @oriona75 as we count down to Chicon. It’s a single!Jared and single!Ori au and is totally just for fun.

12 Days    11 Days   10 Days 9 Days 8 Days 7 Days 6 Days

Ori can feel Jared pulling at the layers of fabric under her dress. The petticoat gives it that perfect, vintage pin-up feel, but it’s not exactly easy to navigate. Jared pops back out a few seconds later, laughing, making Ori laugh too. “I feel like a virgin again. How do I get through your dress?”

Ori stares down at him, hands running up her bare calves, cheeks flushed, hair in his face, looking equal parts adorable and dangerously sexy. God, he’s perfect.

In a moment of boldness that comes from nowhere other than the fact that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, she stands up turns her back to Jared.

“Unzip me.”

He does, and Ori lets the dress fall to the floor before turning around, stripping out of all the layers underneath. It’s just her now, in her bra and panties, and she manages to keep looking him in the eye despite how badly she wants to blush.

Jared opens his mouth to speak, then decides against it, choosing instead to saunter over to her, bare feet padding across the soft carpet. His hand is so big that it cradles the entire back of her head when he kisses her again, the other hand easily opening the clasp of her bra. It falls to the ground, and Ori wraps her arms around his neck, lets him pull her back to the bed where she falls down.

He has no more trouble getting her naked, sliding her panties off quickly, then pausing to take his own t-shirt off. Ori stares up at him blankly, struck dumb for a moment by the sight of him.

He really is a Greek god, she thinks to herself, fingers itching to touch all that tan skin. But Jared has other plans, and his tongue, that long, perfect tongue, is running up her thigh. Her legs fall open, and she’s gone, lost in the way he’s teasing her, licking and kissing everywhere but where she really needs him to.

She tries to be good, tries to wait him out, tries to enjoy the build because it’s so good, but eventually she can’t take it. She needs more. Grabbing a fistful of his hair, she tries to move him, but one of his large hands clamps down around her wrist.

“Don’t be greedy,” he smirks, and there’s a new hardness in his voice now that sends a shiver through her.

Fuck, she thinks. She’s not going to survive him.


PART 1 || Part 2 || PART 3

Michael noticed the way your (h/c) hair covered your face, as soon as you finished explaining why you didn’t want to find your soulmate. You didn’t want to break your heart? How would never break your heart. You were his soulmate, and he was yours, you two were perfect for each other, he would never break your heart, in fact you were slightly breaking his by pushing him away, but he wouldn’t ever break yours.

“I would never break your heart (Y/N), your my soulmate, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I ever hurt you in any way”, he whispered, tucking a few loose strands from your hair away, letting him look at your face.

You turned to look at him, your eyes shocked with what he said. He could tell that he was breaking down the walls of your heart, that somehow he was making you care. But as your walls were crumbling down, he could see that you were broken inside, your eyes clearly reflecting it.

Michael instantly regretted anything he did. This was the last thing that he ever wanted to do, he was your soulmate, he was supposed to make you happy, smile every day, yet right now he was the one that was making you close to crying.

“would you stop, you’re making it harder to push away when you say things like that”, you said your voice wavering a bit, letting your voice show that you were close to crying.

“I don’t want you to push me away (Y/N), I want to get to know you (Y/N). I want to learn the colors with you. I want to make you happy. I want to make you smile each and every day. I want to show you that I can love you each and every day”, he admitted.

You clenched your teeth, this wasn’t something that you wanted to hear, you really thought that he would leave you alone, “why do you say things like that, it just makes things more difficult”, your hands gripping the rails of the swing harder.

“Then explain why you can’t be with me”, he said wanting to know why you wouldn’t want a soulmate.

“It sounds stupid” you whispered, your face heating up a bit.

“It’s not stupid if you feel this strongly about it, I promise I’ll listen”, he said just wanting you to open up to him.

“You promise?” you said slightly tilting your head to face him.

“I promise, and soulmates don’t break their promise”, he said giving you a warm smile, one that made you heart slightly quicken and make your face heat up a bit more.

You looked at him, wondering what color his eyes are, because to you they looked so beautiful right now, you wanted to look at your recently bought crayon box, but you knew that no color could compare to that shade. You just wanted to get lost in his eyes, wanted to hold him, maybe this was the bond between soulmates, everything about them, just drawing you in like a moth to light, no…like fire, because you knew that being close could hurt you, much like fire, but yet you still couldn’t pull yourself away from the light.

“My neighbors, they’re the reason I don’t want a soulmate”, you whispered out, feeling your heart clench at the faint memory, that still hurt to think about it.

Michael was confused; you didn’t want a soulmate because of your neighbors. He knew that there was more to the story; he remained silent wanting you to continue. You looked over at Michael, his full attention on you, needing to understand what happened.

“They were soulmates, you didn’t even need to ask, you could tell just by the way that they looked at one another”, you said, remembering their smiles.

Michael knew the feeling, his own parents being the exact same way. Even before he knew about soulmates, as a child he could remember thinking to himself that his parents were perfect for each other. He then remembered Scott, his cashier at the store, the way he smiled down at his tattoo, loving the person who wore the same mark. Michael wondered if you would one day look at him the way he looks at you, like you’re his one and only.

“They had been married for a few years, they were in their mid-twenties, and still so in love with one another, they sometimes took care of me, they were like my second parents, always ready to help me and support me. I could never imagine a more mismatched people, Isaac being very calm and collected, and Brooke, so wild and carefree, yet they were perfect together. He kept her grounded, and she kept his heart young, they were just perfect”, you said with a smile on your face at remembering them.

Michael had a soft smile on his face too, thinking that maybe you would think that the two of you were perfect for each other too, because he already did. Michael’s smile slightly faded when he noticed a shimmering streak run down your cheek, you were shedding tears.

“but one day”, your voice clenched in your throat, “Brooke got into an accident…she was coming home from work, we all thought she was going to make it, since she was already going into surgery, but unfortunately…she didn’t make it. We were all devastated, her carefree spirit finding a way into all our hearts, but none of our pain compared to what Isaac felt, he was destroyed”, you said remembering that fateful week.

The wet streaks were running down your face, glimmering in the light of the fading twilight. He wanted to reach out to hold you, not wanting to see you like this, but he needed to know the rest of the story. Michael stretched out his hand, the back of his fingers wiping a few tears, which you gladly appreciated.

“He was never the same again. The smile he once had is broken; it’s like he forgot what happiness was. He tried dating afterwards, but he said no one could ever compare to Brooke, no one came close at all. He knew that Brooke wouldn’t like him sulking ever her, but when she passed away, so did a part of him. He told me that nothing would ever compare to losing your soulmate, his life no longer had that bright glow to it, sure he could be happy with someone else, and he really is trying, but it’s not the same. He said that it was forcing a puzzle piece from a different puzzle to complete yours, sure it may fit, but it isn’t the right piece, and it never will be” you said remembering his words, your tears never ceasing.

Michael couldn’t handle your crying, you were not meant to cry. He had to make you smile and happy, he felt like he was failing you. He got up from the swing, and crouched down to be at eye level with you, and wrapped his arms around you. Your eyes widened in shock, but soon were back to their teary eyed state. You buried your face into his neck your arms hugging him in return, clutching onto his shirt at you cried. Michael pulled you out of your swing, resting on the soft ground as he held you close to him. Holding you tight, hoping that he was helping. He rubbed your back, letting you know that you were fine.

“I promised that I would never find my soulmate, that I wouldn’t ever go through that pain myself. That loving someone was not worth the pain they would leave behind. I know you wouldn’t ever hurt me Michael, but trust me, I’m doing us both a favor, I’m saving us from a heart break that will literally tear you apart”, you said burying yourself in the crevice of his neck.

“That is stupid”, he said with a smile on his face.

You put a space between you and him, staring at him with a blank look on your face, still streaked by the tears that you had shed. Your jaw tightened, wanting to understand why Michael thought that. How can it be stupid, you were saving you and him from a heartbreak that will literally destroy you, how can that be stupid by thinking ahead.

“No it isn’t, you just don’t want to see it”, you said your face finally showing a bit of emotion, anger.

“Yes it is”, he said with an amused smile on his face, “you’re basing your whole happiness on that, you’re willing to give up your completeness, because one day one of us may not be here. You said so yourself they were perfect for each other, they were happy, they were everything that soulmates are supposed to be. Don’t you want that? Don’t you want to be with the person that will love you, when you feel that you can’t love yourself? Because I don’t think I can ever find someone like you, someone who I know is perfect for me like the way you would be, and I don’t want to”, he said with a smile, wiping a few tears off your face, “don’t you feel something between us?”

Your face heated up, Michael was right. You did feel something for him, from the moment you actually spoke to him; there was something that drew you to him. The way that he was persistent but kind, he was a bit stubborn, but it made you smile. Even the way he held you felt nice, soulmates were crafted for one another, and right now it felt that way, because as you were held by him, you felt safe and complete, nothing no other person did for you.

“Yea, I do, but still…I don’t want to hurt you”, you softly admitted.

“You’ll hurt me more if you leave”, he said his nose tracing up your neck.

“You say that now”, you responded, leaning your head back, letting him have more access.

“No I’m serious (Y/N), I would rather have a day with you as my soulmate, making you happy, and laugh, and just be silly together, then spend a lifetime without you. what happened with Isaac, was sad, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t regret ever meeting Brooke, if he could go back in time to save himself the heartbreak, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t, because he loved her. He knew what true happiness was with her. I don’t care what you think (Y/N), but I will fall in love with you, and even if you push me away”, he said letting you see his smile that you knew he wanted you to return.

Michael will fall in love with you, regardless of you pushing him away or not. Your heart raced. You really didn’t deserve someone as kind as Michael, you really lucked out with him. Deep down, you knew that you could fall in love with him easily too, he was just that easy to love. He was right, he was meant for you and you were meant for him, and you see it.

“But if you really want me to stop, at least give me one thing”, he said to you, his voice coming out like a whisper.

“What?” your own voice coming out like a whisper.

“A kiss”, he said with a smirk.

“A kiss?” your face heating up even more, and you didn’t think it could get any hotter.

“yep, a kiss, I’ll leave you alone if you want me to, but at least let me know what it feels like to kiss my soulmate, at least once”, he said his voice laced with sadness that was strong that you felt like it was tangible.

Michael can finally be out of your way, you just have to give him a kiss and that would be that. You would be free of the heartache that he one day may bring, but why did knowing that he was leaving make your heart already ache, a part of you not wanting to let him go at all.

“Just one kiss”, you said, your gaze looking anywhere but his eyes.

He nodded.

You looked back at him, your gaze shifting from his eyes to his soft lips. Michael licked his lips, making them look more appealing to you. This was it, just one small kiss. You leaned close, feeling his breath fan your lips. You lightly bit your lips. Michael leaned forward a bit, letting his lips softly graze over yours, but not kissing you, he wanted you to kiss him first. His lips already felt so soft, as they briefly ghosted yours.

“Kiss me (Y/N)”, each syllable feathering your lips.

Your hands rose up to cup his face, feeling the soft warm skin. You lifted your face and closed the small space between your faces. His lips molded perfected against yours. You didn’t think that kissing Michael would feel like this. They felt perfect against yours, no other kiss compared to this one. The skin beneath your lips felt like fire, his kisses fueling you to continue. Your hands traveled up, to his hair, lightly playing it as he continued kissing you, loving how each kiss was perfect. His hands trailed to your back, holding you closer to his body, your bodies molding perfectly together. Michael slightly tilted his face to better kiss you. Your body tingled with excitement. This was what kissing your soulmate felt like, everything about them just feeling perfect to you. Your soul inside cried out with excitement, loving how finally they found its other half. Your body already loving that you were with Michael, happy that they will always be with its soulmate.

You needed air, but at the same time you wanted more of Michael. You broke the kiss, your lips tingling, begging for more, for more of Michael. You were breathless, your chest heaving wanting to supply it with much needed oxygen. You looked over at Michael, his face tinted with color, pink, you remembered that color. Your hands now rested on his chest, feeling his heart hammering under your palm, beating so fast from kissing you, did he really love you this much.

You wanted more, but you knew that if you kissed him more, you wouldn’t be able to resist him any longer. He was completely right; no one would be able to make you feel like he would. Everything would be dull without him, without him, it would feel like you were back to seeing black and white, the world no longer bright and vivid like the way you were starting to feel around Michael. maybe that’s the reason why some people saw black and white and only see color when they meet their soulmate is because with them things aren’t dull but just the exact opposite.  

“Kiss me”, you whispered out.

Michael was surprised; he really thought that you would just be done with him once you kissed him. He still felt the tingles running up his body, begging him to hold you tighter against him. He wanted to never let you go, and just hold you in his arms. He could finally see why his parents talked about, you were amazing.

He smiled and kissed your lips again, no longer shy about anything. He let his growing affection for you out with one kiss, letting you if you wanted to; he could kiss you like this every day, make you feel like this happy everyday…if you gave him the chance. But still he needed to let out his feelings, because this could be the last with you. His lips were urgent against yours, holding you close, his body warming you up, relaxing you further into him. He wasn’t sure how he would never be able to kiss someone else and love it like the way he does when he kisses you.

“Don’t leave me”, he said once he broke the kiss, “please don’t”

You were not sure of what to do, before this whole thing started you wanted to run away from this…but now you weren’t so sure if you could. You just wanted him; Michael can be everything you needed and more. You didn’t want to leave him at all. You looked up, seeing his eyes display how pained he was thinking that you really would leave him. It wasn’t fair to him, to you, he was your soulmate, and you were his.

You thought about Isaac, seeing him so broken after Brooke passed away. Seeing him spending days just lost, looking like the sun will never be able to melt his iced heart. You didn’t ever want to put either yourself, or Michael in that position, he was just to kind of a soul for him to ever put through that pain. But then you remembered of all the happiness he had with Brooke, the smiles that they shared. The way they would talk strolls, holding hands everywhere they went, stealing kisses from her whenever he could. You remembered going over to their house, and treating you like their own child, Isaac teasing Brooke, by holding things over her head, making her try to reach for them, but was never tall enough to take them back, she only got things back if she gave him a kiss, which she didn’t mind at all.

They were the definition of happiness; you remember growing up that you wanted the same thing as them. And now you could, he was right in front of you, with a pained look in his beautiful colored eyes, a color that you wanted to know the name of…with him.

“Michael…I”, you started.

“Please (Y/N), I will make you happy, I promise I-“

You silenced him with a kiss. You kept kissing him, letting him know that you were fine with him, that he had nothing to prove to you. You knew that you would love kissing him, that you could be content with his kisses, with him, that he will forever make you happy.

“I know you will Michael, and I promise to make you happy too”, you said with a smile.

“So this”, he says gesturing between you and him, “is real, you aren’t going to push me away?”

“No, you’re right, how about we start by learning the new colors”, you said gesturing to the forgotten crayon box, “I want to know what shade of color your eyes are”, you said with a warm smile on your face which he easily returned.

“Alright, then we figure out the color of the sky, since I already learned the color of your eyes”, he said kissing your eyelid, “your hair”, kissing the top of your head, “your skin”, kissing your cheek, “you lips”, sealing the last kiss right on your lips.

“I’m glad you’re my soulmate”, you said stealing a kiss from him.

“I’m glad too”, he said reaching for the crayon box, looking at the many new colors he would have to learn, but at least now he would learn them with you.

Michael had finally found his soulmate, and he couldn’t have asked for anyone better.




So yea….



WELL BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other masterlist

Do you have to go already?

“Do you have to go already?” I whine to Niall as he gets dressed.
“Yeah, it starts at three but I want to be there early so I can meet a few of them and say hi to the fans.” He answers. It’s answers like that that keep me from telling him how I feel about this. His entire break has been filled with charity work and sports events. I miss him, he’s always tired when he comes home so I don’t really get to spend a lot of time with him. I’m so proud of everything he’s doing and he does so much for his fans and for charities. That’s why I never say anything, but it’s really starting to take its toll on me.
“Okay.” I whisper and get up from the bed to go downstairs and make him something to eat. Niall seems to notice my shift in mood though and he calls after me.
“Y/n?” He asks as he follows me down the stairs while he pulls his shirt over his head. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah I’m fine.” I answer while I grab the bread.
“No you’re not.” He says and when I turn to him I see he’s frowning. “Come here princess.” He opens his arms for me.
I hesitate for a second and I see a look of hurt pass Niall’s face. I always run straight into his arms when he opens them for me. I place the bread down and walk towards him. I wrap my arms around him as I place my head on his chest. He wraps his arms around me, holding me tighter than usual.
“What’s wrong?” He mutters into my hair. “Is it me? Did I do something?” As he says this his arms wrap even tighter around me.
“No.” I shake my head slightly against him before I move back a little so I can look at his face. “You’re perfect, a little too perfect.” I say as I place one of my hands on his cheek.
“What do you mean?” He looks confused.
“You’re on a break, but you’re so busy. And you’re being so perfect; working with charities and going to sport event that love and giving back to your fans.” I explain. “And I just feel so selfish that I have to admit that I want you home more.” I add as I look down.
“Babe.” He sighs as he puts his hands on my cheeks and crouches down a little so he’s at eyelevel with me. “You should’ve said something. You can always say everything to me, you know that right?”
I blush under his intense gaze and nod. “I know, I just felt stupid.”
“How you feel is never stupid princess.” He stands up straight again and presses a kiss to my forehead. “You can always come to me.”
We stand there in each other’s arms for a while until I decide to break the silence.
“Shouldn’t you get going? I don’t want you to be late.”
He shakes his head. “No, like I said; it doesn’t start until three. I have plenty of time.”