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Today is #NationalScavengerHuntDay! We at gishwheswould be remiss if we didn’t celebrate this revered holiday, so we’ve concocted a bit of diabolical fun.

Get ready, Gishers… time for a #gishwhes NATIONAL SCAVENGER HUNT DAY MINIHUNT!

1. Post your submissions on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or Facebook*, tagged #gishwhes & #NationalScavengerHuntDay.
2. You have until 11:59 PM PDT May 27 to submit your Items.
3. No photoshopping (unless we’ve explicitly told you to Photoshop.)
4. Anyone can play. You don’t have to be registered for gishwhes to participate. (Though we recommend it for a better life, stronger nails, and a shinier complexion.)
5. Yes, there will be prizes!

*Please make sure your posts are publicly visible so we can find your precious works of remarkability.


1. IMAGE: Office Art 2: The Revenge. They say the sequel is never as good as the original. Grab your highlighters & paperclips and prove them wrong! Take time out of your busy work (or school) day to create a beautiful, museum-worthy sculpture or mixed-media art piece in your cubic comprised entirely of office supplies. All items submitted must include a yellow didactic panel with the name of the piece & artist’s intent.

2. VIDEO: Boxing Video. We’ve all seen Unboxing videos on the Internet, right? Let’s reverse the trend with Boxing Videos! Pack a box with either shelf-stable dry goods or donations for your local food bank or homeless shelter, explaining each item as you go. However, there’s one catch: As you fill your box, everything you do must appear as though you were running an unboxing video backwards - backwards speech, backwards movements… you get the idea. At the end, it’s time to move forward… to your local shelter or food bank to donate the goods!

3. VIDEO: As all Gishers know, Medieval Knights were often depicted battling snails and nobody knows why… except you. YOU know. Show us a historical re-enactment that adequately explains this centuries-old rivalry.

4. VIDEO: A serious dramatic reading of an excerpt of “Streetcar Named Desire”, “Long Day’s Journey into Night” or “Death of A Salesman” … as performed by “chin face” thespians.

5. IMAGE/VIDEO: What do dogs dream of? Show us what happened in your pet’s REM cycle last night.


6. VIDEO: A YouTube “Get Ready with Me” video, but instead of a girl, it features a long haired dog. We want to see it all… Waking up, breakfast, the whole glam routine— complete with first-person voiceover from the dog’s perspective.

All right Gishers… GO!

anonymous asked:

hello!! I was curious if you had any recommendations for fabrics I could use for the Harvest Goddess from Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility!! I've been wanting to do her outfit for so long but I'm still such a beginning when it comes to choosing fabrics and knowing what will work best for the character, thank you for your time!!!

Hello there!

I’m so glad that someone is asking about Harvest Moon haha

My first thought for something like this is “dip-dyed chiffon would be GORGEOUS.” That’s my top pick.

Anything that flows and drapes would be good. You either want a very flowy fabric for the skirt and a separate but matching fabric for the top, or you want the same for both, but with additional structure underneath the bodice. Unfortunately, nothing that I’d recommend for this would be super beginner-friendly in terms of sewing, so hopefully it’s just choosing fabrics that you are new to and not sewing with formalwear fabrics.

This is something that needs a liquid drape but can also take some amount of structure (probably in combination with other fabrics). It appears to have at least some sheen to it, especially in the in-game image.

Chiffon would be my top pick. You can get the really flowy, draped skirt with all those beautiful ruffles, and for the top, you can overlay it onto a matching lining and then layer that on top of a more structured material (I’d have four layers here – chiffon, opacity layer, interlining, lining, and I’d use a princess seam bodice pattern and add boning to the interlining strength layer). The skirt would be cut as at least a full circle skirt, though I’d personally go for a double circle skirt (with a fitted waist, so use half your waist measurement when patterning and cut enough panels to make two skirts) if you can get that much fabric.

My second pick would be charmeuse. This is a very buttery, satin-like fabric with a very liquid drape. I’d still use an interlining strength layer in the bodice with this. A lightweight satin or crepe-back satin would give a similar effect.

If you want something a bit easier to sew, a cotton or cotton blend sateen might work, though it’ll be more structured through the skirt, so get a lightweight one. A knit could work for the skirt, but the bodice might be difficult to get structured like that when working with a stretch material.

Many of your options from this post could work as well.

When sewing with this materials, use new sharp or microtex needles. A walking foot may help prevent the fabric from sliding all over the place when sewing. 

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

Don’t. Move. || Demon!Jimin x Reader

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smutty smut smut, and Demon!Au
Word Count: 2,806
Warnings: Dirty stuff, choking, tootching, Demon, blah blah blah
Author: Admin Vis

Summary: Your friend convinces you to go out on Friday the 13th to an abandoned house, her friends have the idea to try “Summoning” something…that something happens to be incredibly attractive, and finds you particularly interesting.

Admin Notes: I know I promised to write a full version of This Drabble two months ago, but it’s been some busy ass times, SO IT’S FINALLY HERE. Enjoyyyyyy. Plus I’ve been constantly thinking about Demon!BTS recently and god kill me.

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

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A/N; just finished Jumin’s route, and I love him so much! Anyway, this idea came along.  Hope you enjoy.

No plot. Just 2682 words of mostly smut. 

Everything that happened before you walked down the aisle was a blur. You remember thinking about how Jumin had certainly outdone himself for this event. Then nothing clear until the music was playing and you were walking down the aisle. You had to focus on his clear gray eyes in order to keep your pace steady and keep the tears of joy from pouring down your face.

The reception whizzed by, and suddenly it was time to get out of your wedding gown and into the clothes you were going to wear on the plane.  You weren’t even sure where you were heading for your honeymoon. You had asked Jumin once, and he’d just raised an eyebrow at you, wearing his teasing smirk.  

“Oh, come on. I at least need to know what climate to pack for,” you’d pouted up at him.

“Hmmm… that is a valid point. Very well. Pack for a tropical climate.” He leaned down, kissing the tip of your nose and nipping your pouting lip. “You won’t need to pack much,” he whispered in that husky voice that betrayed his arousal.

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Our next AU was one that my friend and I actually talked about a lot and it wasn’t requested but we were just like it needs to be a thing it h a s to be so now after such a long wait, I’m finally doing it, our lil marshmallow Min Yoongi I love him so so much so without further ado, here is CEO!Yoongi

  • Okay but before I delve into the personality part, I would just like to discuss the looks for a moment
  • Bc da mn
  • First of all, all I need to say is three words for the beautiful picture to be painted in your head
  • Yoongi in suits
  • That’s it, it’s amazing it’s all I need but I will add onto it bc this AU is honestly so nice ?? like I need more of this why isn’t there more of this
  • I feel like mint green hair would be a thing here
  • But also black hair bc have you ever seen Yoongi with black hair
  • But the mint hair would be the most common bc his daughter loved the green the most
  • Also throwing in father!yoongi bc why not (all of the father related posts are here)
  • But when he was picking out a new color to dye it after getting tired of being blonde, he had taken her with him
  • She pointed the color out, since “mint” was one of the words in her vocabulary lesson from school and she was so proud of herself like did you hear that dad I can read it and know what it means
  • He’s so smitten that he doesn’t even think twice when she asked if he’s okay with that color
  • Turns out, mint green looks a m a zing on him so he keeps it plus his lil bby girl gets so happy when she sees it
  • He tends to go for a classic suit, black jacket, pants and tie with a white shirt
  • Head canon that his office is beautiful though
  • Like he’d have huge panel windows and everything is really clean and nothing’s too flashy
  • Like the desk is simple, there are a few chairs, maybe a bookshelf filled with his favorite books
  • And of course, he has pictures of his family on his desk
  • There’s one of you and bby girl, one of both of you alone and one of his parents and your lil family together during a recent holiday
  • Whenever he feels really stressed out and highkey just wants to take a nap right then and there, he looks over at the pictures and it reminds him why he’s working so hard
  • On top of this being his dream, he has his family to think about and even though you have your own job, he still likes to have enough in the bank to not have to worry ever
  • He would run a recording label
  • He wouldn’t manage the actual musicians but he would help scout them and give them advice and just make sure they were still feeling passionate and happy
  • They would all love him
  • Bc even though he isn’t really openly emotional all the time, they have their moments with him
  • Like when it’s late at night and they just can’t get that one singular line right and they’re so so frustrated and just want to quit, he comes in
  • He gets them to relax again, gives them some hot chocolate or coffee or tea, anything to let them take a moment to regain their thoughts
  • He lets them talk it out with him for as long as they need to
  • They really do appreciate everything he does for them
  • Bc the thing about Yoongi is he doesn’t seem like the person to do huge grand things like buying people cars and expensive jewelry
  • He does things that are more caring and thoughtful and from the heart
  • Which is why sometimes I think people can forget he’s such a sweetheart bc he’s not as obvious with his way of caring for others
  • Like he’s more about simple things like making sure you have food, that you’re warm in the middle of the night, that you have something to drink
  • He would be a lil bit tough on the musicians purely bc he knows they can do amazing things
  • So if he knows they half assed something and didn’t put their heart and soul into it he’s gonna turn it away and tell them to start over
  • He would never be mean but he would be honest about his thoughts
  • He understands that everyone has a different style of music so he tries to listen to the demos with an open mind rather than a biased one
  • He’s not just put his name on anything, it has to be a certain quality
  • He would be s o proud of them though
  • His musicians always end up at the top of the charts and he honestly cries the first time they get a number one
  • Bby girl is freaking out bc oh my god he’s crying what do I do what do I do dad don’t cry I’ll kiss it better where does it hurt
  • CEO!Yoongi would be slightly tough but fair and just v v in touch with his musicians bc he understands everything they’re going through and he helps them as much as he can but he never ever forgets to come home to you and bby girl bc that’s where he’s his happiest
  • ((Request for inuwritercor-976)
  • *Genos stands patiently outside of the dressing room door of a store*
  • Saitama: this is stupid
  • Genos: what is, sensei? The dress?
  • Saitama: No, having to get dressed up for this stupid hero banquet. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like not having to wear pants as much as the next person but...
  • Genos: *tilts head* but what, sensei?
  • Saitama: I just don't think I'm built for these froofy dresses
  • Genos: may I see to evaluate and give feedback? *tries to peek under door*
  • Genos: *stands straight* Sorry!
  • *the dressing room door clicks open as Saitama steps out wearing a yellow dress with white panels along the sides and a red belt around the waist*
  • Saitama: *stares at floor* my arms and legs look too big in it, don't they?
  • Genos: *stares wide eyes with his mouth hanging open*
  • Saitama: ...You're being weird, say something!
  • Genos: Oh! I don't think you look odd at all, sensei. May I explain? *Saitama wrinkles her nose as Genos leads her to the mirror* your strong arms are a very unique and beautiful balance to the flare of the dress' skirt, giving a strong confident posture. Your sides also display the white panels very boldly which help to accentuate you're powerful form. Though I believe you would look beautiful in any dress you choose, sensei. Because you hold yourself in an admirable confidence like no other even if you don't realize it.
  • Saitama: .../////
  • Genos: ....Did I talk too long?
  • Saitama: *hugs him and lifts him up* No
  • Genos: *smiles*
Red Rants: Dear, OTP,








Author’s Note: I decided to feature my dog, Castiel in a Jensen fic. I really like this one and hope you all do, too! As always, requests are open at the moment and if you would like to be a forever tag, Jensen tag or Dean tag, send me an ask! 

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,780

Warnings: Shy!Jensen (Is that a thing?)

Song Inspirations: “Like Mariah” by Fifth Harmony and “Ritual” by Marshmello 

Tagging some people I feel would like this: @chaos-and-the-calm67 @deathtonormalcy56 @notnaturalanahi

Originally posted by spn-spam

You didn’t know how you had gotten to this point, standing on stage in front of hundreds of people, but there was no turning back now. Matt Cohen handed you a microphone and you smiled nervously…how had your friends convinced you to sing at Supernatural Karaoke? You’ll never know, but you were forced to grow a pair and start singing. You picked a Fifth Harmony song hoping the the crowd would just start dancing instead of judging your singing. VanCon was your dream come true; you had been saving up for almost a year so you would be able to go and meet your heroes. It was already a dream come true that you were dancing on stage with Matt.

“Here goes nothing,” You chuckled nervously as the familiar tune filled your ears. You started swaying your hips to the beat of the music, then you brought the mic up to your lips and took a deep breath. “Love it when you call me baby, when you lighting up my phone. Makes me want you like I’m crazy, I’m running home, I’m running home.”

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I mean, after MONTHS of waiting, MY BOYS ARE FINALLY BACK!!!

WE GOT UI (last seen chapter 67)

He finally defeated the stairs, so proud! :’) So beautiful, so majestic!




I love how Shousei is still concerned over Naki’s spelling while Hooguro looks so done with life (can’t blame him; Dove ruined his hair, face and probably makeup).

Also, I’d like to talk a little about the death flag those two have especially since chapter 77. As much as I’d like to keep to my theory about Hooguro’s seven (hey, Naki is still alive, and he’s been hinted to be with Nishiki and Tsukiyama in the future thanks to that bonus illustration, so my theory slightly is true), I do have a feeling at least one of them will die. And unless that’s a red herring, in terms of damage, Shousei has the bigger chance… (look at him, he’s bleeding and has more scars on his face now, while Hooguro looks more like he’s bruised and beaten up). But on a more serious note, if they were to die, I’d like to finally see their kagune in battle (I don’t recall ever seeing them in the story just the calendar), see more of their backstory and forgive me God, but if Hooguro dies and we don’t see his full face, I’ll flip a table!

And please Ishida, give me at least ONE panel of THIS:

Rogue melancholic scarfy Hooguro amazing beautiful Hooguro 

Uh *cough cough* anyway back to the main topic!

AFTER 84 YEARS SHITTY NISHIKI IS BACK!!! (last seen chapter 42, also seen in chapter 65 in Shachi’s flashback)

THANK YOU NISHIKI FOR KAGUNE SLAPPING KANOU! It’s your time to throw the trash! Though I am worried why Kanou knows your name… also the reason you’re here… hmm..

KURAMOTO, BUJIN AND FURA IN THE SAME PANEL (last seen in chapters 58, 59 and 42 respectively)

Kuramoto, welcome back man! I missed you! Fura is like “okay, that’s sounds fake but okay” and it’s hilarious. And I don’t know if it’s just this panel, but Takeomi’s eyebrows look FINE.


FOUR GEM LIONS PART 2 CONFIRMED!!! Wow, my opinion on this guy really changed for the better throughout this series! I wonder who are the the two hooded guys with Tsukiyama though… hmm…



100 chapters and still has the “Missing” status… Great…. I stg this guy will drop a huge bombshell when he comes back just get him some more time!

#267 Because of beauty pageants.

Though beauty pageants can be a way for young women to access academic scholarships and that extra bit of cash which is always needed as a young adult, is this really the right way of offering these opportunities? “A panel of judges will make the decision of whether or not you can go into further education based on your physical beauty.” Really?

Also, how is there even such a thing as a beauty competition?

How bad can a good girl get?(Losers part II)


{A/N} I was gonna make everything happy and shit at the end but then I realized that that’s not realistic so get your tissues and get your hand ready to type shit because some of you might be pissed or you might be shocked idk. Now guys the shit is about to get real as fuck so hold on to your devices.

(Y/H/C) = You hair color

“Y/N!!!” You heard Michael’s voice yell, but you didn’t stop walking; you were pissed.
Rage and hurt filled your now purple veins, and you swear you might have literally been emitting smoke out of your ears.
As you pushed past people in the crowded hall you thought back to the fact that you had just left class before it started, which may or may not affect your grade and or reputation with teachers; but you honestly didn’t care.
You made a left turn for the girls bathroom and locked the door behind you.
You stared into the dirty bathroom mirror and looked at your reflection.
Your normal (Y/H/C) had now fallen to a flat state down by your shoulders, and you eyes carried tears that threatened to spill; but you sucked them up.
You knew crying would do nothing especially when your tears wouldn’t fix the situation.
You leaned on the counter so you could get a better look of your face.
‘Crying is pathetic when it’s for boy’ You tried to remember, that was something your mom had always told you, she also said it would 'Save water for your body’ Or something like that.
Once you were fully composed you pulled your hair into a bun and walked to your next class, which just so happened to be with Michael.
You pushed the heavy door open to the class open, your new found spark of confidence showing slightly. But that even that was easily taken from you when everyone in the class decided to stare at you like an animal in a circus.
“What’s everyone looking at?” You snapped.
'Did I really just do that?’ You asked yourself as you took a seat at the closet desk.
“Perhaps their looking at you because your almost 20 minutes late to my class?”
Mrs. Gonzales asked sarcastically.
“Please.” She started “Get up and tell the class why you weren’t here.”
You whipped your head up to look at her; annoyed.
“I was taking a leek.” You spoke, causing a few people in the class to laugh
The teacher looked at you with a look of shock, probably not use to that kind of time with you.
“Alright Y/N, maybe you’ll have time to think of a better response while your siting in detention.”
Any other time you might have begged the teacher for mercy, you might have even fallen to the floor and cried being that you’d you never even been to detention before, but now you couldn’t even care.
You gave the teacher a glance over before she continued teaching.

After that long class and an even longer rant from your teacher you had finally been dismissed from class, and there was still no sign of Michael.
You were sitting at your locker, waiting for your mom to pick you up when that guy from earlier (Who you knew as Calum) was heading toward you.
“Hey. Y/N, right?” He asked, holding his hand out for you to shake it.
You looked down at it and snarled.
“Yeah.” You spoke, slamming your locker. “What’d you need?” You asked.
“I just, I wanted to see if you were okay.. Michael was pretty rude earlier. I saw you crying.” You looked at him side ways, shocked that he wasn’t acting like Michael.
“Oh. I’m okay, thanks for asking!!” You spoke happily.
“If you ever wanna get back at him let hit me up.” He spoke before starting away, and you were confused at his comment.
“Wait!!” You spoke, and he turned around.
“What do you mean 'get back at him?’ You asked, and he smirked.
“Well. I mean it’s no secret, Mikey’s an ass.” He stated flatly flatly as he leaned against a locker.
“Sometimes I just wanna punch the shit out of him, give him a taste of his own medicine
and for a pretty little thing like yourself I’d be willing to help.”
“Well what do you have in mind?” You asked with a laugh.
“Hmm, how about this. Have you ever heard the sing how to be a heart breaker?”
“Yeah. But I don’t see-” You were cut off when you saw Michael walking down the hall, obviously looking for you.
“Quick Calum kiss me!!” You whispered and he looked at you with shock.
“What? Why do you want me to kiss you?”
“Calum just come down here and kiss me” You spoke, referencing to his height
“Oh my god your acting stupid.”
“No I’m not why do you want me to kiss you? Is this how you wanna get to Michael?”
“Michael is right behind you you dipshit!” You spoke and he smiled.
“I like how you think Y/N.” He nodded, brining his face down to yours.
At first, you expected the kiss to be awkward, but it wasn’t.
Calum’s lips were soft, yet plump, giving the kiss a great amount of depth.
He grabbed the back of your head with one hand while the other rested on the small of your back, pulling you closer to him. Every so often he would pull your bottom lip between his teeth. Something Michael never did; and you liked it.
“Get a room.” You heard a voice speak jokingly. 'Michael’ You thought, and your heart started to pound loudly.
Calum, took his large hands and grabbed your face, shielding it from Michael’s vision as he kept his lips connect to yours.
“Is he still there?” You asked, but Calum didn’t look back.
“I’m not sure.” He spoke into the kiss.
“But I’d love to kiss you all day, s'nice” He spoke, and you pulled away slowly, looking both ways before slapping his chest; trying not to blush.
“So… What’s the next step of this… plan?” You asked.
“There’s a party tonight, at my place of course. And Michael should be there, so get out your most risqué outfit because your my date.”
“Risqué?” You asked. “I barely own anything that’s shorter that what I have on now.” You sighed looking down at your jean shorts.
“You’ll just borrow something from someone else now won’t you pumpkin.”
Once you got home you ran straight up stairs, not even bothering to say 'Hi’ to your mum.
Calum had told you the party started at 9, but that he’d pick you up earlier so that you could talk over your 'Plan’.
You had some how managed to get Y/F/N to let you borrow on of her dresses, in return you tell her the address of where the party was being held so she could 'Turn up.” So the only thing you had to worry about now was your makeup.
“Is that you Y/N?” You mom called out. “Yes.” You answered.
“Im going out with Regina. Don’t leave without telling me first.” She spoke before you heard the front door slam shut.
“Love you too mom” You spoke sarcastically to yourself.
After a quick shower you realized it was almost 8, so you slipped a towel around your waist and begun doing your hair and make up.
You threw your hair into a quick messy bun to get it out of your face while you applied your foundation.
Next you gave your cheeks a quick swipe with some blush the you did a simple smokey eye.
You started to apply your eyeliner when there was knock at your door.
You looked down at your phone, realizing it was only 6:30.
You slipped out of your bedroom and down the stairs. Looking through the peep hole to reveal an anxious looking Calum.
(Did yall think it was Michael?)
You swung the door open and Calum’s eyes immediately darted to your almost naked frame.
“Calum it’s only 6:30.” You sighed.
“Well I was going to ask if you wanted to get frozen yogurt. But I'f your occupied I can leave.” He spoke, grinning widely.
Your face immediately turned beet red as you realized what you had done.
“Just. Just come in and sit on the couch.” You dashed back up the stairs.
“You know, I think you should go to the ice cream parlor dressed like that.” He yelled up the stairs as you slipped your towel off and your dress on.
“Of course you would.” You yelled back.
Sometime during getting dressed your phone had started to buzz, but you ignored it, figuring you’d get it later. (Maybe you have picked that up)
“It’s very lonely down here!!” Calum spoke, and you laughed.
“You can come up here.” Yelled, and he darted up the stairs.
“There are too many rooms up here. Which one are you in?” He asked, and you told him.
A few seconds later he came busting though the door.
He looked you up and down as you stood there.
The dress you had borrowed was simple, it was red with a few peekaboo slits in the side, styled with a black pair of pumps.
“You look, beautiful.” He spoke, and you smile at him.
“Thanks you.” You smiled, and Calum went towards the large three panel windows.
You started to look through your make up bag trying to find your red lipstick, thinking of all the places you could’ve had it when Calum’s voice pulled from your thoughts.
“Uh, Y/N?” He asked.
“If your hungry there’s food in-”
“I’m not hungry Y/N, Michael’s in the drive way.”
“What?” You asked thinking he was kidding.
“ Michael. Clifford. Is. In. Your. Drive. Way.” He said again, and you stared to the window to see for yourself.
There he was. A red heart shaped box in his hand, along with one of those over sided teddy bear that you’d always wanted.
“I think he’s come to apologize.” Calum said, almost as if he where upset.
“Calum what do I do? What about the plan?”
Calum ran a hand through his hair as he let out a sigh.
“You’ve gotta do what’s best for you my friend.” He spoke, putting an odd amount of emphasis on 'Friend’
Before you could ask another question Michael’s heavy hands were knocking on the door and you froze.
“Y/N you have to go get the door.” Calum reminded you. And you smiled.
Slowly but surely you made your way down the stairs, thinking unnecessarily negative things as you did.
'What if he didn’t mean it?’
'But what if he did?’
'What If he really does love you?’
'What If he doesn’t?’
You grabbed the handle of the door tightly holding your breath as you opened it.
Once your opened it, Michael looked at you intently, as if he were searching for something.

“I’m so fucking sorry.” He started. “And before you say anything, I want you to know that you have every right to hate me, I was an ass, and I talked down to you, you didn’t deserve to be called a quick fuck or any of the other shit I said about you. I was trying to make it seem like I was cool, but it didn’t mean I had to talk down to you or make you feel bad for having sex with me, when you shouldn’t have. I made you feel like an object and your not, your a beautiful girl who deserves more that what a guy like me can offer, so if I were you, I would brake up with me. Im a piece of shit and I know it.” You were surprised. He actually just apologized, for the first time in as long as you’ve known him he actually owned up to doing something wrong, and you have to admit it takes a lot of balls, especially when you know your wrong.

But was it enough?





(So there will be more writing and I’ll delete all this) SO LET ME HEAR YALL!! LETS GET YOUR BLOOD PUMPING OKAY GO VOTE BYYYEEEEE

I felt like sharing some Karneval, but since I didn’t draw anything new, here are two panels from my Yogi x Gareki doujinshi “Beautiful Thing”, which I don’t think I’ll ever reprint (I don’t think I can sell enough with a second run).

I leave it up to your imagination what Yogi is talking about ʅ(´◔౪◔)ʃ  …Though if you have the book you already know.

Felt like drawing other characters than usual -mostly inspired by people around me or people I saw on Internet and all, the common thing being that they all have “flaws” (I don’t think these are “flaws” tho but ??? Sorry for failing at drawing different body types and thingies, especially stretch marks ∩˙~˙∩) 

I started writing a bunch of words about who mostly inspired what in these characters but I thought they’d be too long to read here, so you can read them under cut if you want ❀

Bonus :

Sometimes (often), people may not be as kind as on the Internet, as it can happen the other way as well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Of course, this does not mean that you’re worth any less ! If you feel comfortable in your body, don’t let anyone tell you what to do with it, especially if it’s just for “beauty” or for other people’s thoughts, or if it just doesn’t have anything to do with health or for important things like that ! As long as you feel fine and healthy in your body, no one should say anything about your body unless you directly ask them for ☆


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{Gif source}

Imagine: Your first kiss with Han Solo

–For @courageousdreamer16

“Han said what?!” you yell, wheeling to look at Luke, who went a little sheepish under your suddenly fierce gaze.

“I- ah…” he looked down at the checkered table he was sitting at with C3-PO “He came waltzing in here before you and Chewie got back with the supplies. He said you admitted your feelings for him and threw yourself at him.”

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Sephora is teaming up with socially minded beauty entrepreneurs to make the world a more beautiful place.

At Sephora, changing the lives of women one lipstick tube at a time is all in a day’s work. But that’s not the extent of our empowerment efforts—not even a little bit. Through Sephora Accelerate, our newly launched program, we’re uniting with women entrepreneurs to help foster their businesses and the social impacts tied to their innovative ideas. From a makeup line that helps fund cancer treatments with every purchase to skincare that enriches the lives of women in Ghana, Sephora Accelerate has found real-life women making real-world change. The Sephora Glossy picked the brain of Sephora’s Head of Social Impact, Corrie Conrad, to get insight on why it’s important to foster women in business, how big names in the biz are getting involved, and how beauty can be used to make a difference. JESSICA VELEZ

How did Sephora Accelerate come to be, and what’s the overall goal for the program?

“With our Sephora Stands social impact programs, we seek to use the strengths of Sephora for even greater good in our world. One of the first things that struck me upon joining Sephora last year was our unique history of working with entrepreneurs. We have a strength there.

“In the late ’90s, when Sephora got its start in the US, many of the big beauty brands known at the time didn’t want to be sold in Sephora. Our innovative teams sought out new brands—often start-ups that no one had yet heard of—and worked with the entrepreneurs to grow those businesses. It helped them and it helped us. The model worked.

“With Sephora Accelerate, we aim to use that strength for even greater good by focusing specifically on female founders leading early-stage beauty businesses with a social impact. The goal of Sephora Accelerate is to build an ecosystem of support for more than 50 female founders of beauty businesses with a social impact by 2020. We’re dedicated to building a community of innovative female founders designing the future of beauty.”

Why does the program focus primarily on women?

“Prior to Sephora, I was working in tech, where women are very under-represented in leadership and at all other levels. That’s not the case here at Sephora, and it was a refreshing change. However, I soon realized it wasn’t the case across the beauty industry. Even in beauty, where most of the clients are women, female founders are still underrepresented. We have a unique opportunity to draw from our history of working with entrepreneurs to build a supportive community that can help change that by inspiring confidence and fearlessness among female founders.”

What’s the biggest struggle beauty entrepreneurs face, and how does Sephora Accelerate counter it?

“There’s been some great research done on the gender inequality—there are more men than women who are entrepreneurs. It’s hard to be an entrepreneur no matter what (I know, I’m married to one!), but the data shows it’s even harder for women entrepreneurs.

“Some of this could be due to what some researchers have called a ‘confidence gap,’ where studies have shown that women and men with similar qualifications will have very different levels of confidence in their abilities. The men will tend to be much more confident in their abilities than the women will be in theirs, even though they have comparable experience. Additionally, access to networks, mentorship, and funding all rise to the top as struggles that are even harder for women, since most of the existing channels are male dominated. Imagine pitching a beauty business idea to a panel of male venture capitalists who have never even been in a Sephora.

“To address these challenges, Sephora Accelerate is working to inspire confidence and build a community of support for female founders through hands-on learning, mentorship, and access to funding.”

Sephora Accelerate is under a bigger initiative called Sephora Stands. What’s your role with Sephora Stands, and what do you love about it?

“That’s right! Sephora Stands is the umbrella for all of our social impact work, including Sephora Accelerate. Specifically, through Sephora Stands, we aim to use the strengths of Sephora for even greater good by supporting women entrepreneurs, our communities, and our employees.

“I’m the Head of Social Impact for Sephora and I lead Sephora Stands. Right now, what I’m really enjoying is seeing the vision become a reality as all of our Sephora Stands programs are really getting going this year. I also love hearing the personal stories of how our work is helping people and touching lives both within and beyond Sephora. Several of our entrepreneurs shared that Sephora Accelerate is life-changing for them, and with our Classes for Confidence, we’re regularly hearing from colleagues in our stores that ‘This is why we do what we do.’ To me this reflects that using our strengths for great good not only helps others, but is also very motivating and inspiring internally.”

What were you pleasantly surprised to see unfold with this first Sephora Accelerate program?

“One of my hopes for the Sephora Accelerate boot camp was that it would mark the beginning of a special community. Each of these women is a founder and leader. They are visionaries and doers. They know best the many challenges they each face as entrepreneurs, and sometimes those challenges may seem insurmountable. I wanted them to know they were not alone, and to see them emerge with greater confidence in their own abilities. Over the course of the week, I was thrilled to see that community forming and confidence growing. It takes a lot of courage to be open and vulnerable, and these women are the bravest.”

The entrepreneurs each have their own social impact. How are they using beauty to make the world a better place?

“I truly believe we can change the world for the better through our work. We can build a supportive community for incredible entrepreneurs seeking to use their company’s strengths for even greater good. We can create a world where women lead as many businesses as men, where supply chains are transparent and all people earn a living wage, and where our planet is protected for future generations. Our Sephora Accelerate cohort of entrepreneurs shares this vision, and yes, each of their businesses has its own social impact.

 “Eu’Genia Shea (@EuGenia_Shea) makes high-quality shea-based products with at least 95% pure shea content. Its fully transparent supply chain empowers women and their families in Ghana.

GlossGenius (@glossgenius) is an innovative digital personal assistant for independent beauticians. Its mission is to empower the next generation of independent entrepreneurs in the beauty industry with powerful business management, client engagement, and marketing tools.

Laxmi (@ByLaxmi) is a luxury skincare brand dedicated to prioritizing humanity. They formulate with pure, rare, and effective botanicals that work on your skin, and provide work for women around the world to end global poverty.

Myavana (@MyavanaHair) is a data-driven social platform that offers personalized hair analysis, consultations, and product recommendations. Its social impact mission is to advance women in STEM fields through beauty with its STEM Hair Care Academy.

One Love Organics (@OneLoveOrganics) creates certified organic and environmentally friendly skincare of the highest quality. It manufactures its own products and is one of only 10 ECOCERT-licensed manufacturers for natural and organic cosmetics in the US.

Sahajan (@SahajanSkincare) creates ayurvedic-inspired, organic skincare—marrying the ancient traditions of Ayurveda with modern science. It’s exploring ways to promote wellness and mindfulness through Return to Ritual events. 

Stylerz (@StylerzMX) allows you to discover top beauty salons, spas, and barbers in Mexico, so you can book an appointment when and where you want from your smartphone or PC. It provides free courses to salon owners to learn the basics of digital marketing tools and works with salons to donate hair to cancer organizations.

Thrive Causemetics (@ThriveCause) is beauty with a purpose, creating high-performance, vegan luxury cosmetics. For every product purchased, one is donated to a woman going through cancer treatment.”

How do the entrepreneurs embody fearlessness, a trait that’s part of the Sephora ethos?

“I’m inspired by each of these women. They each have an incredible story of courage as they stepped out to create their companies. As we sat around a table and shared some of our personal journey stories, I was struck by the common theme of perseverance in the face of adversity. These women have grit, determination, and passion. They may not always feel fearless, but they take bold steps forward in the face of their fears.”

What happens during the boot camp part of the program?

“During the boot camp we held a series of sessions, panels, and hands-on workshops. The cohort of entrepreneurs learned from Sephora’s experts, and we brought in OpenIDEO, the social innovation team at IDEO, to help design the boot camp content.

“One of my favorite parts of the week was having Pamela Baxter, former President and CEO of Dior and LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics, as our expert in residence. The cohort lived together in a historic San Francisco mansion for the week, and Pamela stayed there with us. It was a blast.

“To see more of the fun from that week, check out our @SephoraStands Twitter and Instagram feeds, and follow the entrepreneurs, too!”

What comes after that?

“For the next few months the Sephora Accelerate cohort of entrepreneurs will have monthly check-ins with their mentors and a series of virtual sessions leading up to the Demo Day, which happens at the end of August. For Demo Day, all the entrepreneurs will return to San Francisco and present their progress to Sephora leadership for feedback.”


frosthsea  asked:

Just wanna say that your redraw of the victory panel is perfect!!! Every face is different and characterized and with personality.. Lucy is truly glad and beautiful, Wendy seem so young and adorable while Erza eyes are fierce! I love Juvia's face!! It is my favourite and Gray has those sexy eyes while Natsu has totally the leader appeal, you are not only good you are another level!! Seriously!!

This is honestly one of the most lovely comments I ever received! Thank you so much!! It’s my personal goal to picture specific emotions and typical features on different characters/ faces, while maintaining one art style and though I love manga/ anime style, I wanna combine it a little with realism. And you’ve just said everytrhing i tried to deliver…! I am all like:


So I’ve wanted to say important stuff to him for a while but due to being super nervous each time and rude staff at the Australian con refused to let him talk to anyone at autographs, I’ve never had the chance. anyway.

I walked up and said hi and he said “hi how are you?” and I said “I’m really good, I just need to say something really quick, because I was talking myself out of it as I was lining up and getting closer to the front and I’ve come all the way from Australia to make sure I dont chicken out.”  [laugh nervously]. And he just looked up with sincere eyes and waited for me to continue.

“I started gishwhes 2 years ago in 2013 and honestly it changed my life and helped me find out who I am, it helped me with my social anxiety issues, my self confidence and when i had no friends or people i could call family, it gave me that. you and gishwhes got me out of a really dark, bad place in my life and I cant thank you enough for continuing to be my role model and continuing to make me strive to make a difference.”

I let out a huge shaky breath and i was shaking and slightly watery eyed but happy with myself that i’d done it. i finally got to tell him everything. Misha smiled empathetic at me and said “Kate, I’d get up and hug you but I’m not meant to because its running past their schedule but come here” and I stepped closer to the table and he grabbed my hands and rubbed them with his thumbs because I was shaking so much and said “thank you for telling me that, its one of the reason why I started gishwhes, i’m so glad you here" 

"I was hoping, and I know you talked a bit about this stuff in your panel, but if I could get something tattooed? Its okay if you arent comfortable to do it though” and I let go of one of his hands and slid the back of my silver pass to him.

He went “holy shit um sure! What should I do?!” and I didnt know because I didnt expect him to say yes oops, so I said “umm I dont know, your name or whatever you like, its up to you” and he looked at me wide eyed with his beautiful blue eyes and let go of my other hand and sat there thinking for a bit going hmmmmmm and did this!

i thanked him and said “um i’ll get this done back in australia…” and misha was like “what!? you should get it tonight!” and i said “oh um, i cant because its the louden swain gig tonight an-” and THEN HE  lauGHED AND DID THAT BIG GUMMY GRIN LAUGH and said “i’m only joking, its okay kate” and i cringed at myself  and said “oh oops” and he said “it was lovely to see you kate” and winked and i thanked him again and we waved goodbye.

then i sat in a corner and cried for 10 mins before molly met back up with me and i cried for another 5 mins and didnt stop shaking for ages.

i owe misha so much, and he’s always so humble and shocked when people say he is their role model or they aspire to be like him , and i think he will always feel like that.  wish i could put into words how i could thank him for everything, but i got close. 

i will post when i get this tattoo done of course and i cant wait to show misha.

please dont repost this, usually i’m pretty chill with using it as long as you credit back, but since this something quite personal i really didnt want it used anywhere else, thank you!