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Can’t Hold Your Liquor

Originally posted by ijensenackles

Summary: After a nasty hunt involving demons, Dean decides to solve a problem by getting you drunk… and then gets in trouble for it.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,800

Warnings: Swearing, implied heavy drinking, implied smut, hangovers, deception, yelling, mild violence

A/N: This is my submission for @kas-not-cas 2.5K dialogue challenge. Congratulations on the followers, darling! That’s amazing and you deserve so many more! They’re not due until July, but inspiration hit me pretty hard with this one, and for once, things just sort of flowed. Hope you guys like it!

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Going to Kingston with Tom (Tom Holland Headcannon #1)

-you travel all day and all night because of a damn delay at the airport
-and when you get to Tom’s parent’s place, you’re exhausted
-you’re excited to meet his family but you’re also acutely aware that you probably look disgusting
-after a quick shower, you scarf down the fettuccine alfredo Nikki was kind enough to make because Tom had told her that it was your favourite
-Tom excused himself, saying he needed to take a shower and that he’d be back to eat
-but after almost an hour of waiting
-you excuse yourself to check up on him
-he’s fast asleep on the bed in his old room
-you sigh, watching him for a minute before squeezing in under the covers beside him
-feeling just a slightest bit guilty for not returning back to Tom’s family like you said you were going to
-Tom shifts to let you in beside him
-he wraps his arms around your waist and snuggles closer to you
-his head is level with your chest
-so you can hold him closer
-and your legs are wrapped around each other’s
-and you’re so exhausted that that’s how Tom’s family finds you the next day at 12 in the afternoon
-“they’re cute.”
-“they’re disgusting.” Notes Harry.
-“I’m taking a picture so I can embarrass them later.” Adds Dom.
-“Can I get my blow-horn, mum?” Asks Paddy.
-“It would be funny, you have to admit”, says Sam.
-you wake up to see them
-Tom hears chuckles and opens his eyes to see his family.
-embarrassed, he nestles his face into your neck
-“Sorry, love.”
-“you’re sorry? I’ve got drool marks everywhere! I’ve got drool marks on you!”
-they all laugh, Nikki offering her reassurances that you hadn’t embarrassed yourself
-because all of the Hollands actually found your self deprecating humour and honesty, endearing
-“Breakfast is ready. You know, if you guys eat that sort of thing.”
-Nikki says, the last one to leave
-“Be down in minute, mum.”
-you kiss Tom’s forehead before rushing into his bathroom and almost yelping at your own appearance
-“Oh Jesus Christ! I look like the Wicked Witch of the West. Tom! Can you hand me my toothbrush please? UGH FUCK HOW DO I UNTANGLE THIS HAIR? HOW ? TOM!!!”

a/n: just so you know, this is part 1 of a series of headcannons.


BACKGROUND: You were the make up artist assigned to design and apply the scars on Taehyung’s back for their MAMA performance. Then things get a little heated.

AUTHORS NOTE: This picture just nearly killed me along with that damn performance. So I said I’d write a fic about it and now here it is! I know it’s nothing much but it got my feelings out for Tae quite a bit. I’ll do better next time ;) enjoy! 

Not my greatest work, but oh well :)

You force yourself to calm down, to hide the shaking of your fingers, to slow down the beat of your heart, and to bite back your unnecessary panting. Your fingers lightly press against the skin on his lower back and you immediately hear the hiss that escapes his mouth.

“Your fingers are cold.” He immediately comments. You nod your head as you dab the last few finishing touches, praying to the heavens that your ears weren’t as red as they felt. 

 "Woah, it looks so real.“ You hear Jungkook mutter behind you and you bite back a smile as you continue to work, motivated by the compliment. 

“Don’t excite me!” Taehyung whines as he angles his head to look at you. 

“Are you almost done?" 

"Yup.” You nod, doing your best to avoid his gaze. Taehyung was in colored lens again today and somehow that always seemed to stir something in you when he looked at you so intensely. 

Once you were pleased with your work, you drop your hands against your lap and study your design quietly. The scars had looked better than you had expected them to. The intricate curves had made them look like they were really a place where beautiful wings once laid on. You don’t know what had came over you or why you even did it, but you lifted your hand and traced a single line against Taehyung’s spine, fascinated by the sculptured form of his back. 

A shiver immediately runs down the boy’s body and he snaps his head back to look at you, eyes wide. Once you realized what you had done, your own eyes widen in return as you clutch your hand against your chest. 

“I’m sorry, I was just-” You bite your lower lip, feeling your cheeks flame in embarrassment “I was just checking if it was dry." 

You mentally slap yourself, knowing your lie was the most idiotic thing you could have said. The make up was on his shoulder blades yet you had your hands running down his spine. 

"Is it? Dry, I mean?” Taehyung asks, his voice deeper than usual. You swallow the lump stuck in your throat and nod, desperately searching for someone to save you from your own embarrassment. 

As if hearing your plea, Taehyung’s stylist immediately steps towards him, handing him his dress shirt and coat for the performance. 

“You should get ready.” You mumble, standing up and grabbing your equipment.

 "But Y/N, How am I gonna get this off later?“ Taehyung asks as he puts on his dress shirt, eyes trained on you. It takes all your will power to keep your eyes on his face, doing your best not to glance at his abdomen as you spoke.

"I’ll be here later, I’ll help you get the make up off.” You answer and Taehyung’s answering smile was so blinding that you had to clench your fists together to calm yourself down.

“That’s great. Thanks.” He nods and before you could humiliate yourself even more, you spin around and head for the doors, your heart slamming against your chest while your head swam with another wave of embarrassing imaginations all because of a certain

 Kim Taehyung. 

You let out a smile as you watch the last of the stylists make their ways out of the room, a fresh wave of tears streaming down their faces.

“Y/N, we’re going to place everything in the car, I think Taehyung’s the only one who hasn’t gotten dressed yet.” One stylist had told you.

“Yeah, Jimin said Taehyung & Jin are still out greeting other people.” You nod, praying to the heaven’s that they’d change their decision and say that they’d wait with you. 

 "Well, we’ll go ahead. We cant have ourselves looking this horrible for the after party. Will you be okay handling him on your own?“ 

Jesus, no. 

"Sure, you guys go ahead.” You nod, hands running through your hair as you bite back the urge to beg them to stay. Fuck your kind heart. 

Once they had shut the doors, you let out a sigh of frustration before scanning around the room. The only things left were your own equipment plus Taehyung and Jin’s things. The two boys were apparently still out talking to the other idols they had shared the stage with. 

You glance at yourself through the mirror, letting out a chuckle at the sight of your swollen eyes. When they had announced BTS as the winner, the whole waiting room had practically burst out in tears as you all watched the boys cry on stage. You remember biting back a huge smile as tears streamed down your cheeks at just how proud you were seeing them accepting the award they had long deserved. 

The sudden bang of the door has you jumping in shock as you snap your head back, finding Jin smiling apologetically at you. 

“Did we make you wait?” He mumbles, scurrying to grab his clothes from the couch. You shake your head and smile back at him.

“No, it’s fine. I was just cleaning up." 

You watch as Taehyung enters with their manager, a wide smile on his face as he rubs his hands together. 

"I kind off got carried away talking to them.”

“Of course you did.” Their manager smiles before turning to look at you “Y/N, could you stay here and help out Taehyung first? I need to help Jin find his phone. He lost it again. " 

You look back at Jin who was already shrugging on his sweater and throwing his backpack over his back. 

"I swear I had it with me earlier.” Jin frowns, waving at you before he’s jogging out of the doors. You watch in silent desperation as their manager shuffles after the oldest member, shutting the door and leaving you to your own doom.

You grit your teeth and shut your eyes before a clearing of throat has you jumping in shock. You turn to look at Taehyung who stood awkwardly by the mirrors, his eyes dancing around the room.

“So, how do I get this scar off of me?” He asks and you do your best to steady your voice as you reach for your pouch. 

“I’ll do it, turn around.” You thank the heaven’s for the fact that your voice had not cracked as you pull out wet wipes and make up removers.

Taehyung turns around obediently and you curse yourself mentally when you hear him dropping his coat and slowly unbuttoning his shirt. You force yourself to push back the unwanted thoughts that lingered at the back of your mind, knowing that you had to be professional to get your job done. All this fantasizing about Kim Taehyung was going to get you nowhere and could have even cost you your job. 

“Did you cry?” His sudden question causes you to glance up at the mirror, eyes locking with his through the reflection.

“A bit.” You smile “You guys made a lot of us cry”

“I cried a bit too.” He smiles in return, hands rubbing his arms awkwardly.

“I forgot to congratulate you though.” You mumble, head bobbing to the side “Congratulations BTS!”

Taehyung purses his lips as he bites back a smile and nods “Thank you.”

When his hands run down his abdomen, you decide it was time for you to look away unless you wanted another wave of dirty thoughts to cross your mind again. You gingerly place your hands against his lower back, not noticing the sudden clench of Taehyung’s jaws as his skin tightened under your hold. 

You start chanting “I love my job” over and over again in your head, doing your best to avoid having your mind wander as you worked. 

Once you were just about to finish, a small red dot against Taehyung’s skin has you frowning as you do your best to wipe it away. You frown at the fact that no matter how much you wiped it, the dot had stayed glued against his skin. You bite your lower lip in concentration before you use your nails to gently rake against his back, hoping it would wipe away the nuisance against his skin. 

 "Stop!“ Taehyung’s command has your hands stopping in mid air as you lift your head up to look at him through the mirror. The air leaves your lungs once your eyes lock with the boy in front of you. His gaze was dark, a slight shine of sweat running down his chest as his veins strained against his skin while his fingers clutched his legs painfully.

"Did-Did it hurt? I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-”

“Stop biting your lips and looking at my back like that, its driving me mental.” The crack in Taehyung’s voice has a sudden wave of heat traveling down through you. You spare yourself a glance at the mirror and almost choke back a gasp when you see how hooded your eyes had become, your cheeks were red in embarrassment while your lips had become swollen and pink after being bitten on for too long. 

 "I- oh god. I’m sorry.“ You mumble nervously and before you could say anything else, Taehyung spins on his heels, grabbing your wrist and pulling you up and towards him. 

You let out a yelp as your face comes inches away from his, your heart slamming against your chest so strong and loud you were sure he could hear it. 

"And stop saying you’re sorry when I’m more than flattered to have you gawking at me like I’m fucking meal.” He smirks, head bobbing to the side. The breath that leaves your lips has your knees shaking, ready to give up on you. Taehyung immediately steadys you by placing his hands against your hips, as his eyes twinkle with mischief.

 "I’m gonna need you to say something, Y/N. Cause if I’m wrong then I just sounded like one hell of a cocky bastard just now.“ 

You were dreaming.

Of course you were, there was no way in hell Kim Taehyung was flirting with you. That just was’t humanly possible. To prove your point, you pinch your arm and suddenly let out a sound of pain at the sting. You stare at your arm wide eyed then turn to Taehyung as he takes the hurt arm from you. 

"What did you do that for?” He frowns, thumb rubbing gently against the reddening area. 

“Checking to see if this was a dream.” You mumble thoughtlessly. Taehyung lets out a low chuckle before leaning his head closer to you, his nose crinkling as he shook his head. 

“I’ll be damned if this was a dream. It’s taken me so long to actually have the balls to finally corner you like this.” He mutters, his breath dancing against your skin due to the close proximity. Your eyes unconsciously wander to his lips, watching as his tongue glides teasingly over the plump portion of his lip before it retreats back into his mouth. Your lips part in need and when you lift your eyes to lock with Taehyung’s, his lips are suddenly on yours. 

So this is what heaven tastes like. 

His grip against your waists tightens as he pulls you closer against him, his other hand placing itself on the back of your neck, as if restricting your from pulling back. You place your hands on his bare arms, lips moving perfectly in sync with his, as if he was a breath of fresh air to your lungs. 

Taehyung pulls back, gently tugging on your lower lip with his teeth as he places his forehead against yours. 

“Shit, I should have done that a long time ago.” The breathlessness of his voice has you leaning against him, arm wrapping around his neck for support as you felt your knees shaking. 

“You didn’t even know I existed back then.” You mutter, remembering the lack of conversation between the two of you ever since you had start working for BTS. 

Taehyung shakes his head, a smile forming against his lips as his fingers drum dangerously close to the hem of your shirt. “You came in that day in a red turtleneck dress paired with black boots, Y/N. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you. Yet every time I tried talking to you, you looked so damn scared to talk to me I thought you had hated me or something." 

"I didn’t” You shake your head, eyes widening at Taehyung’s words. Hated him? Far from it. You had adored Taehyung since you had laid eyes on him. The moment you had saw him smiling and laughing with Jimin, you knew you were hooked. But you knew you were nothing more than a make up artist to him and having any sort of feelings for him could have also risked your job. 

“I know.” He smiled, pushing back a strand of your hair as his thumb swiped back and forth against your chin “I discovered that when-" 

"When?” You gulp, watching him lean forward as he places a soft kiss against your chin. 

“You were asleep in one of the changing rooms last month” Another kiss lands against your throat and you angle your head back, heart hammering against your rib cage.

“I’d forgotten my phone and just as I was about to reach for it, you had moaned something so delicious to hear." 

Your mouth falls open when Taehyung bites your skin only to swipe his tongue against it apologetically. 

"And do you know how many nights I had to go off on my own, reliving you moaning my name the way you had that night?” His hands squeeze your ass and you let out a responding moan as you back arches against him. 

“That’s my girl.” Taehyung smiles against your skin “Will I be hearing more of that tonight or should I stop?" 

Always the gentleman, Kim Taehyung. 

You run your hands through his hair, your eyebrow quirking upwards before your tugging on his hair, causing Taehyung’s mouth to open in shock as a low groan escapes his mouth. If you were going to hell, then you might as well have abused it. 

Wanna hear me scream it this time?“ You had no idea where this surge of confidence had come from and you had no time to let the embarrassment of it consume you because right after two beats, Taehyung’s mouth is on yours yet again. Then after another blink of an eye, he suddenly he has your legs wrapped around him as he walks towards the long couch situated in the middle of the room.

Your lips danced against each other in a sloppy desperate kiss, wanting to devour each other as your hands roamed each others body. Taehyung takes a seat against the couch and you immediately straddle him, your hips having a mind of their own as they start rocking against him for friction. Taehyung lets out a moan so low and so delicious that you bite down on his lower lip before swiping your tongue against it. The responding groan this time has you smiling against his lips in triumph. Oh how you were going to milk out every sound out of him tonight. 

"Don’t test me, babe. You have no idea what I plan to do to you just to hear every sound that can come out from the pretty little mouth of yours.” Taehyung mumbles as he’s lifting your shirt just above your chest before pulling down your bra to release your breasts to him. 

“But they’ll be waiting for us so-” A light pinch against one of your nipples has you mewling as your body jerks in response “-that’ll have to be another time.”

He doesnt even give you the chance to respond as he takes your nipple into his mouth, his hands pinching the other bud as a loud moan escapes you and you’re arching against him. 

“Tae, please.” The sound of his name against your lips sends a flash of white against Taehyung’s eyes and he’s swiping his tongue over you before sucking again with full force. A list of profanities leave your mouth as the busy boy drops his hands before unbuckling your jeans. 

“Of all the days you chose to wear jeans, why today sweetheart." 

"I didn’t expect anybody to be fucking me today” You answer and Taehyung is growling as he pushes your jeans down along with your underwear before placing you back onto his lap, your heat landing perfectly against his clothed crotch. 

“I’m the only who’ll be fucking you ever.” He growls hands suddenly in your hair and tugging you closer to him “You understand?" 

Your lips quirk up in a smirk as your nails run lightly over his chest as you grind your hips against him, pleased to see the look of pleasure that crosses his face. 

"That depends on how you perform, Tae Tae." 

“Is that a challenge, babe? You know how much I love those.”

You had not noticed where Taehyung’s hands had traveled until you felt the light squeeze against the inside of your thigh. 

"I always wondered what you’d taste like against my mouth, i’ll just have to find out another time too.” He mumbles, fingers suddenly so close to your core that you bite on your lower lip in anticipation. 

Taehyung slides his fingers against your clit and you throw your head back, gripping his shoulders tighter, urging him to go on. The young boy smiles up at your state, fingers now sliding against your folds. Before you could even react to the slight sensation, he slips a finger inside of you, curling it before he’s pulling out only to slam back inside. 

“Fuck!” You scream, hips moving on their own accord, riding his finger as it pumped in and out of you. “You’re already so wet, babe. You’re taking my finger in so well.” Taehyung breaths, placing a chaste kiss against your open mouth, your moans filling the room. He adds another finger and you end up squeezing your eyes shut as you lean against him, your chest pressing against his. A familiar heat was pooling in your stomach as you ran your hands through Taehyung’s hair. 

 ”Tae, stop. I’m close.“ You mutter, the movement of your hips contrary to your words. 

“Now why on earth would I do that?” Taehyung places another chaste kiss against your shoulder before his hands pump in and out of you faster. You moan out his name mixed with a string of profanities as you felt the pleasure taking over you. A sudden smack against your backside has you choking out a moan as you shake your head back and forth, the pleasure becoming too intense to handle. Taehyung’s thumb starts rubbing circles against your bud and that’s when you had lost it. You scream out his name, your orgasm raking through you as Taehyung continued pumping his fingers in you, helping you ride out your orgasm till you were shivering from the over sensitivity. 

Fuck, Tae.” You breath as he pulls his fingers out of you. He lifts the two digits close to his face, his eyes suddenly twinkling at the sight of your juices coated around him. You watch in silent awe as he brings the two digits into his mouth, tongue dancing around the taste of you. You bite back another moan, the sight already enough to send you back over the edge. 

“I knew you tasted good.” He growls before his lips are on yours again, giving you a taste of yourself. You smile against him as you rake your fingers down his chest then towards his abdomen, appreciating every curve of muscle he had. Once you had felt his belt, you unbuckle the leather material immediately then pop open the button of his slacks, his hard on finally able to breath as you slowly drag the zipper over him. 

Taehyung moans against your mouth and you bite down on his lower lip as you palm him through his boxers. The beautiful boy throws his head back, eyes screwing shut as he does his best to control himself. You study the outline of veins running along his neck, fascinated by the way they strained against his skin. You dip your head down, fingers slipping past the band of his boxers and wrapping around his length as you swipe your tongue against the outline of the vein on his neck. Taehyung lets out a loud moan, his hips bucking against your hand as he runs a hand through his own hair. 

“Jesus, Y/N. How the fuck are you doing this?” He groans and you smile against his skin, pumping up and down on his length faster then suddenly flicking your thumb over the head causing Taehyung to buck harder into your hand, another string of curses dancing out of his mouth. His eyes had become so dark and hooded, devouring you with his gaze alone. You tease him by swiping your tongue against your lips causing a low growl to vibrate against the back of his throat. You were about to pump him faster but before you could even blink, Taehyung had grabbed your hands, twisting you till he was suddenly standing behind you and pushing his pants and boxers down his legs. You angle your head back to look at him, eyes widening when you see him pumping himself as he licked his lips at the sight of your behind spread out for him. He spares you one glance before a smirk graces his lips. 

“You’re dripping for me, babe.” He hums, his free hand palming your behind, the tip of his fingers running against your folds. You let out another moan, head getting lost at the amount of pleasure running through you. Never in your wildest dreams had you thought this would be happening with Taehyung. 

“Do I have to wear a condom? I really wanna feel you around me, Y/N.  I bet you’d feel fucking fantastic.” Taehyung grits his teeth, his own self control cracking at the sight of you. 

“I’m on the pill.” You immediately quip “Hurry the fuck up." 

Your eagerness made Taehyung want to tease you more. Yet he knew that as much fun at that had sound, the boy just couldn’t last a second any longer. He grabs your hips, positioning himself against your entrance, head flying back in pleasure at how your heat was already wrapping around the head of his cock. 

Taehyung!“ You all but scream and the boy did not have to be told twice as he slams into you, hilt deep. Your lewd moans echo around the room and you have you place your hand against you mouth, scared that someone was going to hear you. Taehyung throws his head back, his hand lightly running against your back, while his other hand gripped onto your hips for dear life, assuring you that you’d be bruised tomorrow. 

Move” You growl, annoyed that Taehyung was making no attempt of moving. You were about to scream at him again but the words die down in your mouth at the sudden slam of his hips against yours. You fly face first against the couch, eyes rolling to the back of your head as Taehyung keeps a steady pace. 

“Fuck, Y/n. You’re so fucking tight.” Taehyung says through gritted teeth, his eyes watching in silent awe as he slipped in and out of you perfectly. Suddenly, the distance between you two wasn’t enough and Taehyung tugs onto your hand, pulling you up as he pressed his chest against your back. Your mouth hangs open, the angle suddenly becoming all too much as he dug into you deeper each time. 

“Feel good, baby?” He hums against your ears, lips placing soft kisses against your jaw line. His fingers then make their way to your chest, massaging your breast and doubling the amount of pleasure vibrating through you. When you hadn’t answered his question, Taehyung’s hips stop moving as he smiles against you neck, your whines of protest caressing his ears. 

“Answer me, and I’ll move.“ 

What was his question again? Fuck, how was he even expecting you to be in the right mind with everything he was doing to you. 

"Yes?” You answer, unsure. Taehyung bobs his head to the side, one hand suddenly trailing down your stomach and stopping right above your heat. 

“Not sure?” He hums “Guess, I’ll have to show you how good this can get then." 

His hips slam so hard into you that you all but scream his name as his thumb starts rubbing slow circles against your clit, his other hand massaging your breast while his lips worked on marking your skin. You were seeing stars and the tightening of your stomach was becoming so intense that you knew your second orgasm was just a few moments away. 

Tae~“ You mewl and Taehyung just smiles against your skin, swiping his tongue against the purple bruise he’d just created. 

"Let go, sweetheart.” He mutters, his fingers moving faster against your bud as his pace speeds up even more. 

You had lost it.

Your mind had gone blank as a haze of white covered your eyes. Your body was shaking and your moans were already too incoherent as you dug your nails into the leather of the couch. Taehyung bites back a moan at the feel of your juices coating him, the heat and tightness of your orgasm wrapping around him. 

“I’m fuck- holy shit, Y/N.” Taehyung mutters, as he pumps into you, riding out your high. You were a mess, hair covering your face as sweat dripped down your body, your legs about ready to give up on you as you continued to moan out Taehyung’s name. The said boy, screws his eyes shut, suddenly pulling out of you as his own orgasm erupts, spilling his seeds on your back as he groans out your name. 

You all but collapse onto the couch, eyes shut as you listened to the silent rustle of Taehyung as he moved around the room. You open your eyes gingerly, chest still heaving when you suddenly feel a wet cloth rubbing against your back. You angle your head back, watching silently as Taehyung cleaned you up with the pack of wet wipes you had prepared earlier. When he catches your gaze, his signature box like grin beams up at you and as usual, you cant help your answering smile. When he was done, he lightly taps your behind and you immediately drop to the couch, body still recovering. 

 "You okay?“ Taehyung smiles, slipping on his jeans and shirt while his eyes studied your figure in appreciation. 

"Fine, just a little winded.” You mumble, reaching for your underwear and slipping it on. 

Just as the elastic band slaps against your skin, you lift your head up only to have your lips against Taehyung’s once more. The tall boy was hovering over you as he blindly reaches for your jeans, his lips never leaving yours. Just as you were about to go breathless, he pulls back and bobs his head to the side playfully. 

“I’m getting all kinds of awards today, arent I?" 

You shove him back as you laugh, slipping on your jeans as you bit back the urge to feel too ecstatic about his words. 

You watch as he slips on his coat, grabbing his phone from the table, smiling at himself before he’s turning to look back at you. 

"You look beautiful, Y/N." 

You had not expected those words to exit his mouth. In fact you had never even expected him to say that to you at all. 


"Don’t joke around like that, it’s not funny.” You playfully narrow your eyes at him as you grab you bag and swing it over your shoulders. You reach for your phone and just as you were about to stuff it in your back pocket, Taehyung is angling your head up to look at him. 

“Why in the world would I ever joke about that?” He mutters, voice deep as he arches an eyebrow. 

“I-I dont know.” You stutter, your nerves getting the best of you. 

“Hmm, maybe I need to teach you a lesson or two about just how beautiful you are.” He smiles, head leaning down as his lips hover close to your ears 

“Just you wait til the after party’s over. I’m gonna ravage the hell out of my award tonight.”

a/n: I suck at ending shit. Sorry ;( but yey, smutty Taehyung was fun.

Rescue You

Originally posted by gunesibeklerkn

Pairing: Clay Jensen x Reader

Request: “I need Clay Jensen imagines please! Maybe first fight or smth?”

Word count: 839

Posted: 23rd of April 2017

A/N: Here’s another Clay imagine! I feel guilty whenever he has discussions with the reader so it finished in that way.
I am expecting other imagine requests, so send them in!

P.S.: I am so flattered because my Jeff Atkins x Reader imagine reached more than 300 notes. Thank you.

- G. x

It’s been a while that you were noticing Clay depressed and down, but you never bothered to ask him about it because of the fear of fighting with him. You never fought in the past, even though you were already together for months.

You heard that he went to talk to some people, first, with Justin Foley, then Jessica Davis and Alex Standall, and blamed them for being the reasons of why Hannah, a former friend of yours, killed herself.

You honestly didn’t know why she took her life in that way but you heard people talking behind her back and you felt disappointed for yourself because you never did anything to stand up for your own friend. What a shame!

“Lainie? Matt?” You called out as you knocked harder on the Jensen’s door, hoping they heard you before Clay did.

“(Y/N)!” Lainie exclaimed as she quickly hugged you once the door hung open. “Thank you.” She was grateful, because you finally came to rescue Clay from the depression that has been devouring him.

“It’s not a problem, Lainie.” You assured her as you wrapped your arms around her to hug her back.

“He’s upstairs,” You both broke the hug and she let you in. “I have no idea what he’s into, so can you please try talking to him?” She pleaded.

“Of course.” You flashed her a weak smile as you started to go upstairs. You knocked on Clay’s door before entering and he didn’t seem so happy to see you like always.

“What are you doing here?” Clay’s deep voice scared you but you took your courage out as you wanted to confront him about his attitude lately.

“What’s happening, Clay?” You straightforwardly asked as you sat on the opposite side of where he was. You didn’t expect him to be like this and it saddened you because he didn’t even bother to give you a hug or something.

“Nothing’s happening!” He snapped at you and looked at you like he was about to eat you. You were scared, of course, because you didn’t think that you’ve done something wrong. “Mind your own fucking business.”

“Jesus Christ, I am trying to talk to you in a calm way Jensen!” You blurted out, running out of the patience you had in store.

“No one ever said that you should pry over my problems, right?” He shot you a death glare and he stood up from his bed. “No one will ever understand what I am feeling right now, not my mum, not my dad, neither will you!”

“Fuck you, Jensen!” You stood up from your sit and you decided to walk out of the room. It was the first discussion you had with him and you could say that it wasn’t a nice feeling. You didn’t like it and your eyes started to water.

“(Y/N),” He suddenly shouted and followed you. “I’m sorry.” He gripped on your forearm to stop you from walking, but you wanted to push him away. In the end, you stopped in the middle of the hall, you were facing the bathroom door and giving him your back.

You came there to help him and you had a kind heart to help someone who didn’t want your help. Yes, you couldn’t obligate him to want your help, but you expected to receive a little bit of respect, mostly from your boyfriend.

“I’m really sorry.” You suddenly felt two strong arms around your waist and a warm body pressed on your back. “I know that you are my girlfriend and that you are a keeper, but I am not ready to tell anything about it.”

“You could’ve said it in a nicer way, Clay.” Some teardrops started to stain your dark coloured shirt. You were puzzled and upset at the same time.

“I know, I am really really sorry babe.” He rested his chin on your shoulder as he tried to apologize for something that he has done.

“I’m sorry too, because I was being nosey.” You hiccupped and wiped the tears on your cheeks.

“Hey, stop crying.” He spun you to face him and he quickly wiped your tears. You saw in his eyes that he was sorry and sadness was seen on his face. “You shouldn’t apologize, everything is my fault. Okay? Stop crying and apologizing.”

“Okay.” You shortly responded, emotionlessly.

“I promise that I will tell you things when I am ready. I really promise, love.” You knew that he was sincere and you nodded in response.

“Thank you.” You hugged him tightly as you needed some comfort and Clay perfectly knew how to cheer you up.

“No,” he hugged you even tighter. “thank you.”

“I love you, Clay.” You honestly said as you swallowed your pride. “A lot.”

“I love you too, (Y/N).” Those words came from his pure heart. “More than you can imagine.” He left a sweet kiss on your temple as you both remained standing there, hugging each other and repairing the fragments of the two of you.

tired of whenever people say “stop fetishizing gay men” someones like “well lesbians have it worse so…” like yeah but tumblr, for the most part, knows that. but all the teenage girls who say “omg im sinning so bad im going to hell” when they take about their “gay otps” dont realize theyre being fucking disgusting. they think its ok because yall keep waving it off like its no big deal. yeah, its not as harmful as what lesbians have to deal with, but that doesnt mean it doesnt matter.

Good Boy

Ok so I got inspired and wrote some subby Brendon for you guys, have fun and I hope you enjoy <3

With a loud groan Brendon slumps back in the large, dark red office chair, staring after the now closed door that his associates just left through, discussing ‘business’ is extremely tiresome, especially with so little relief from his frustrations at the moment. He met you six months ago, and for the past three months he hasn’t been sleeping around, more chasing after you, but parties and drinks out always end in heated kisses and touches and promises that never materialise. He’s thought about whether to just get one of the many girls in his contacts to come over, but he keeps telling himself you’re worth it, he’s never met anyone like you, you’re the daughter of a wealthy businessman, but by no means are you some spoilt daddy-buys-me-everything girl. You’re headstrong and independent, you own your own company and have your own life, own house, your own everything really and jesus he’s like a little puppy dog for you.

Just as he’s about to get up and get a coffee the intercom in his office buzzes, “Mr Urie, a Miss YLN is here asking to see you,” His secretary speaks softly, his ears prick at your last name.

“I’m coming, send her over,” He chirps instantly, jumping up out of his chair and dashing over to the door to open it for you, sure enough it’s you dressed in a tight fitted black pencil skirt, a blue blouse buttoned tightly over your cleavage and black high heels giving you a little more height, a very expensive looking Yves Saint Laurent purse hanging from your arm. Your hair is tied up in a bun that’s messy in the best way and your makeup simple and flattering.

“Hey darlin’, haven’t seen you in a few days, thought I’d come over to say hi,” You smile, striding confidently into his office straight past him, giving very little attention to him, you confidently toss your purse onto his desk and drop down into his office chair, propping both feet on his desk to the side of you.

“Oh yeah? Couldn’t stay away from me sweetie,” His eyebrow quirks up as he follows, perching on the desk next to your feet, shamelessly staring at the way that tight skirt looks on your legs.

“More like I knew you’re probably desperate for some attention,” You grin widely, twirling a little bit of loose hair around your finger, watching his eyes trail over you.

“Well I have been a bit of a mess since your promise of coming back to my place never materialised, tell me, how long are you going to keep this up?” He grumbles and gives in, stepping away from the desk and leaning over you, hands either side of you on the arms of the chair, he presses his face close to yours.

“Keep what up?” Your tone is so teasing he groans, ghosting his lips over yours and slipping a hand down to your hip.

“I’ve half a mind to throw you over my knee, you know that?” He growls a little but it doesn’t seem to register the usual response of shuddering and weak knees from his ex’s, instead you wrap your perfectly manicured black fingernails around his tie, gripping and moving your legs from the desk, resting the toe of your heels against the top of his thigh, dangerously close to his crotch. With a dark smirk you press your toes down, forcing him to sink to his knees, keeping your grip on his tie so he stays close.

“Down boy,” You scold, leaning forward to it’s you leaning over him now, he pouts and tries to push up, kissing your briefly before you nip his bottom lip and force him back with your foot, “Ah ah, that’s not how we get what we want, is it?”

“Fuck, will you just give me SOMETHING, you’re such a fucking tease, god I’ve been horny for weeks because of you,” He grumbles, pouting a little as he complies and stays down in front of you.

“Impatient,” You comment, pressing your lips forward against his, giving in and kissing him slow and deep, hearing a little whine escape him you pull away, leaving him trying to follow for more.

“God pleeeease,” He whines again, pouting even bigger when you push him away to stand, “What? You’re seriously gonna come in here, get me fucking hard then leave?” He huffs, you can’t help but smirk.

“Oh you’re such a pouty boy, baby,” You muse as you reach into your purse, pulling out a little card, you turn back to him and grip his tie again, “I’d quite like to make you beg.” You drop your voice low and feel him shudder, tugging him in to kiss him again offering him your tongue, he’s caught off guard when you totally dominate the kiss, pulling back and pressing the card between his open lips, pushing up his jaw with your hand so he bites it.

“Come and see me later baby, we’ll see what we can do about how frustrated you’ve been.” You wink don’t say another word, grabbing your purse and striding out of the room, he would have come back with some snarky remark, but truthfully he’s too flustered, watching you waltz out like nothing happened, jesus he may have got himself into more than he’s realized.

He stares after you, pulling the card from between his teeth, it’s a business card with your home address on it.

The rest of his day is positively torture, he doesn’t WANT to be here, he wants to get in his car and drive over to your place right now, if you’re finally going to deliver on promises of ‘the best he’ll ever have’ he sure as hell doesn’t want to miss the opportunity, but you’re sure as hell going to be a lot trickier to get control of than he anticipated. He clock watches for the last four hours of the day, tapping his fingers impatiently through meetings and conferences, barely paying any attention to phone calls, he just wants out and he wants out NOW.

Finally, 6pm comes, he can leave, no more meetings, no more phone calls or conferences, he’s off for the whole weekend now, he skips out of his office and down to the parking garage to his car, tossing his jacket in the passenger seat, he uses the navigation in his car to find your address. If anyone can match up to his extravagant personality, it’s certainly you, the house he pulls up at is gorgeous, but not too overstated, it’s nothing more than you’d need, can’t be more than 4 or 5 bedrooms. He’s nervous, why the fuck is nervous, you’ve been dating, if you can call it that, for 3 months, he should not be nervous. He opts for parking his car on your driveway, stepping up to your front door and knocking, he really hopes you haven’t stitched him up. He breathes a sigh of relief when you open the door, still dressed in the same outfit as before, heels included.

“Knew you couldn’t resist,” You smirk and take his hand, pulling him in and closing the door, his heart speeds a little when you pull him straight to your bedroom, his eyes scan the room, namely the huge king sized bed with black and red bedsheets.

“Can’t wait any longer for me baby?” His hands come around your hips, spinning you and pressing forward so the backs of your legs hit the bed, you let him indulge, pressing his lips down against yours, down against yours and pushing you back harder against the bed. His hands resting either side of you, you moan against his lips, he’s an amazing kisser, he’ll definitely be fun to play with, you can’t help but muse to yourself about what else that tongue can do, oh you’ll definitely have to find out, “Wear anything special under that for me?” He groans, lifting his hands to pop the first button on your blouse open, you decide then that enough is enough, slapping his hand back and gripping both his wrists, he hisses and glares back.

“You’ll find out when I say you’ll find out,” You scold again, stepping forward so he’s pushed back, his eyes darken as he pulls his wrists out of your hands, gripping your hips in both hands and pushing you back onto the bed.

“C’mon, let me show you a good time babe, I can make you feel so good,” He purrs, kissing and suckling softly on your neck, you let yourself enjoy the feeling, he has gorgeous, thick lips and damn he knows how to use them, you slip your hands up into his hair, tangling your fingers in it, letting him think he’s won. You drop your head back, moaning softly as he starts to nibble your skin, his hands heavy on your thighs, you stand again, taking his wrists in yours and spinning you, pushing him down on the bed.

“Why don’t you let ME show you a good time,” You purrr back, sliding your knee up between his legs, toying with the tie between your fingers and very slowly pulling it undone, “Relax baby, and be patient, I promise it’ll be worth it.” Tugging the tie undone, you watch him smirk and lick his lips, leaning back on his hands a little to watch you, smirking as you slowly unbutton the first few buttons on his shirt.

“What do I get out of it?” He teases as you lip the tie out from his collar painfully slow, toying with it in your fingers, you slowly drag it down to his wrists.

“Trust me, baby boy, I could make you feel better than any of those silly little girls you’ve been with, make you shudder and shake and whimper for me, just give it a shot,” You whisper, letting your lips brush his ear, slowly wrapping the tie around his wrists as you speak, he tenses a little but very hesitantly allows you to fasten his wrists together.

“I’m not a sub,” He insists, lifting his tied wrists up to touch you, but you scold him and slap them back down.

“Don’t touch until you’re told, you’re so so impatient pretty boy, I think I should teach you a little something about patience. Lay down.” Your words come simple as an order, he smirks and shakes his head.

“I don’t follow orders.” He goes to stand but you press a firm hand to his chest, pressing your knee down right in front of his cock, which you can already feel straining at the material of his suit pants.

“Lay. Down.” You repeat, pushing his chest hard enough to lay him down, with a little smirk and you nudge his thigh, “Move up the bed, head by the pillows, don’t make me ask twice,” He shudders involuntarily at your tone, shuffling up the bed as you asked, settling his head on the pillows, his eyes widen when you straddle his lap, the heels you’re wearing pressing either side of his thighs, you trail your fingertips down the exposed parts of his chest, “I promise, darlin’, that I’ll make you beg and you’ll fucking love it.”

“Fuck…” He gasps softly when you push his arms above his head, using the loose ends of the tie to fasten his wrists to the headboard, leaning down to press your lips against his neck, gently nipping and sucking his skin as he writhes, pressing his hips up, “God… Y/N… please I need more,” He pants, gasping and pushing his hips into yours.

“Oh baby, you’re so hard already, how badly would you like me to help with that?” You purr, leaning up and popping the rest of the buttons on his shirt open and pulling it so his whole torso is exposed, “Awwh, no need to look like such a frightened puppy, I promise you’ll like what I do.”

“I want to touch you, please, you look so good,” He lets out a low whimper, his eyes moving up and down you, your hair is a little messier now, your cheeks flushed as you grind into his crotch, skirt ridden up almost all the way over your ass.

“Beg.” Your words come as a simple order but he shakes his head.

“NO! I won’t beg for shit, I said please isn’t that enough!” He snaps back, you growl again, leaning down and gripping his hair, pulling his head back, and leaning over him, smirking when he whimpers.

“Then I’ll teach you to.” You say simply, climbing out of his lap and unzipping his pants, tugging them down his legs and tossing them aside so he’s left in just his boxers, the outline of his cock straining through the material, “You are gorgeous baby,” You purr, climbing off of the bed and stripping down to your lacey bra and panties, he can’t help but stare once you’re down to just lingerie and heels, “Like what you see huh?”

“Yes,” He breathes, watching as you move over to the bedside table, pulling open the drawer, his eyes widen when you pull out a black riding crop, holding it in both hands.

“You’re gonna learn about patience, and if you’re good you’ll be rewarded,” You smile sweetly letting out a devious chuckle as you trail the riding crop along his stomach, gently stroking the skin and watching it tense and relax, “You don’t get to give orders, that doesn’t get you what you want, you get what you want by asking nicely.” He stares as you speak, the cool leather stroking over his skin.

“Stop teasing,” He huffs, you smirk and flick your wrist, bring it down on his skin just above his navel with a little crack sound, his stomach tenses under it and he sucks in a harsh breath, his head dropping back and turning away.

“What did I say about patience?” You tease again, moving it up to his cheek and guiding him round to look at you, his pupils are blown, breathing ragged as you drag the crop down his neck and onto his chest, “Answer me.”

“To ask n-nicely for what I w-waaant…” He gasps throwing his head back when you drag the crop up the underside of his cock, his hips bucking up against it, you can see him twitching, “I want you to touch me,” He moans, gasping when you bring the crop down on his stomach twice more, watching the little red mark is leaves behind, he hisses but you can see in the way he screws his eyes shut and bites his lip that he enjoys the feeling, “Just give me something, fucking anything.”

“Ask again.” You scold, giving him three more harsh licks, his stomach tensing as each one gets a little lower, the last just above the waistband of his boxers, “Now, you get a chance to ask me nicely for what you want.”

“Please, can you touch me, I want to feel your hands on me,” He whimpers softly, arms straining a little as he wriggles, you can’t help but grin, dropping the riding crop down on the bed and climbing onto it, you hook your fingers on his boxers and pull them down, tossing them aside and shifting so your knees rest in between your yours, making sure to press some gentle kisses over the little red marks on his stomach.

“You’re certainly very lucky,” You wink and tease, reaching down to wrap your hand around his cock, he moans softly and you have to admit you’re pretty impressed by what you see, he’s got to be the biggest guy you’ve been with. He shudders as you stroke your hand up his cock, a low, breathy moan slipping out when you lean down to wrap your lips around his head, slowly swirling your tongue around it.

“Ho-holy f-fuuuuck,” He gasps, throwing his head back with his eyes screwed shut, you knew it wouldn’t take much to have him a total mess for you, but you didn’t think it would be as simple as blowing him. You hum in content at his little whimpers, pushing your mouth down further around him, deciding to have a little fun with him and pulling off, dragging your tongue up the underside of his cock from the base to the tip, you see him lift his head to watch you, lip pulled firmly between his teeth, “Oh god please,” He whimpers softly, letting his head fall back into the pillows again, his usually perfect hair messy under him, you comply to his little plea and sink your lips down around him again, slowly starting to bob your head and move your lips up and down him.

You let yourself get a steady rhythm, keeping it relatively slow, you’re surprised by how much he’s really enjoying it slow, listening to his ragged breathing above you and you can feel his hips shifting every so often, soft whimpery little moans filling the room as you take him a little deeper, using your hand to stroke the rest of him.

“You’re so g-good at this,” He gasps, writhing more, you allow yourself to let out another hum of content pushing your lips down further on him, dragging your tongue up the underside of his cock with a sudden jolt he gasps again, “Oh god… I’m close… I’m s-so c-close,” You take that as your signal and pull off, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand.

“Not yet, pretty boy, there’s so much more fun to have,” You tease, tilting your head to the side, “Tell me what you want.”

“Please, baby, please I want to touch you, I want to fuck you, I’ll do anything you want, I’m… I’m begging you please.” His hips back again and you smile triumphantly at the desperate look on his face, his pupils blown.

“Good boy,” You purr, climbing up the bed, “Now, I’m gonna untie you, and you’re going to go down on me, make me feel good, then I’ll give you what you want, can I trust you?” You ask, kneeling on the bed next to him, he nods frantically as you reach up to untie his wrists from the headboard, leaving them tied together in front of him, once they’re untied to settle yourself back on the bed. He scrambles up and goes to hook his fingers on your panties, you press the toe of your heel against his shoulder, holding him back, he pauses.

“Please, I wanna make you feel good,” He whimpers, with a grin you move your foot away from his shoulder, letting him come forward and pull the panties down your legs, “Fuck you’re so sexy,” He gasps, moving forward to press breathy little kisses up your thighs, nipping insides of them, he wastes no time in pressing his lips over your clit, his tongue flicking out against you, just as you thought he’s damn good with his tongue. He moans as he swirls his tongue over you, suckling and lapping at you desperately, his little moans music to your ears.

“Oh-Uhh, Brendon, baby,” You sigh, letting your head drop back against the pillows, reaching down to tease your nails along his scalp and toy with his hair, he’s panting and gasping as he laps over your clit, bringing his hand up to tease his fingers at your opening.

“My hands… can I have them back? Please?” He whimpers softly and you smile, seeing him hold his hands out, staring at you all doe eyed.

“Maybe later, make it work like this for now,” You tease, to your surprise he doesn’t argue this time, he just nods obediently and goes back to swirling his tongue over you, closing his mouth over your clit and sucking softly, you can’t stop yourself from gasping and tugging his hair, tangling the other hand in the sheets.

“Oh god…” You breathe more to yourself, he doesn’t stop once, suckling your clit and dragging his tongue over your hungrily, you can hear him moaning, especially when you tug his hair again, he really is VERY good at this, you can already feel yourself starting to get close, your thighs trembling a little as his fingers start to tease a little, two just pressing at the opening.

“Does it feel good?” He mumbles against you, slowly pushing two fingers into you, having to wiggle his arms into a more comfortable position due to still being tied up.

“So good baby, you’re so good at this,” You praise, stroking his hair as you say it, he shudders as you do, curling his fingers and starting to pump them in and out, catching that spot repeatedly, “Oh god B… I’m close,” You choke, throwing your head back and gasping, giving his hair another tug as your stomach tightens almost unbearable tight. He moans into you, desperately swirling his tongue and fucking you with his fingers, it all gets too much, “Oh my god Brendon… that’s it… fuck don’t stop baby,” You whine yourself this time, feeling yourself release around his fingers, it washes over your quickly, rendering you unable to think for a moment, just tugging his hair and whining his name over and over.

He doesn’t stop until you’re almost shaking and trying to push him off, as soon as you tug him away he complies and looks up at you, lips a little puffy and red, all wet and glistening, he looks so sweet like this. You stroke your fingertips over his cheek gently, smiling when he leans into your touch, he’s clearly just loving your attention.

“Lay down on the bed baby, you’ve been so good, you deserve a reward.” You purr and he shudders, quickly shuffling up the bed and laying down near the pillows again, you strip out of your bra and kick your heels off, helping him shuffle his boxers down and off before you climb into his lap, gently taking ahold of his tied wrists to push them above his head.

“Please… I want to feel you, want to make you feel good some more,” He’s practically panting, keeping his arms above his head like you instruct, you reach between you and tease the head of his cock between your folds, he whimpers a little when he feels how wet you are, he breathes another little, “Please,” Before you slowly sink your hips down. You try to keep composure but it’s hard, the way he fills you feels so so good and you can’t help but shudder and you push your hips all the way down until your hips are pressed flush to his, he lets out a pained whimper and grips the pillows by his head to fight the urge to hold onto you.

“You feel so good, fuck Y/N,” He whimpers, fighting the urge to move, you can’t help but smile that he’s totally given in and submitted but it’s overtaken by how full you feel, you comply and start to rock your hips up, pulling almost all the way up before sinking down agonisingly slow, it’s killing you to go this slow, even you’re fighting every urge to let yourself go and ride him fast and hard, you want to feel all of him but you’re holding out.

“Oh Breeeen,” You sigh, leaning down so you’re close to his face, resting one hand on his chest and the other next to his head, his stomach quivers and dips under you as you move, you kiss him, slow and soft, tongues touching tentatively as you ride him, his moans are positively beautiful like this.

“Please, please can I have my hands back, I want to touch you, want to feel your body, please, I haven’t yet,” He whimpers so soft and sweet against your lips, you smile and decide that he’s had enough teasing, he’s practically been an angel for you so you sit up, pulling his wrists forward and making sure to keep rolling your hips as you gently untie his wrists. Tossing the tie aside you bring his hands up, kissing over the very slight marks left on his wrists gently before guiding his hands to your hips.

“Are there rules?” He asks sweetly, smiling when he finally feels your skin under his fingers, stroking so soft like he’s savouring the feeling.

“No baby, no rules, just enjoy how it feels,” You shake your head and close your eyes, he doesn’t waste any time, his hands trailing over you as you begin to speed your movements up, bouncing in his lap a little faster as his warm hands stroke and cup your body.

“Yo-you’re so fucking p-perfect.” He sighs, closing his eyes as his fingertips glide over your lower back, stroking your spine and leaving little goosebumps in their path, you can’t help but moan and sigh back, fighting the blush threatening to take over you. He pulls you back down, tangling a hand in your hair so he can kiss you more, moaning softly into your mouth and wrapping his other arm tight around you, “I don’t think I’m gonna last much longer…” He pants, blushing all over as he says it.

“Don’t hold back, just let it go baby” You reassure him, finally feeling him start to give back, his hips pushing up to meet yours, causing him to move inside you faster and a little harder, you’re already sensitive so his base grinding into your clit is enough to make you shudder and gasp out loudly. Deciding that fuck it, you’ve kept up the act long enough, you let yourself go, whimpering his name into his mouth softly, meeting his hips with more desperation, desperate to make yourself come, you moan in content as the knot in your stomach starts to reform, getting dangerously tight so so fast.

“M’ close…” He gasps, hugging onto you so tight with his arms, burying his face in your shoulder and kissing open mouthed down your neck, he’s moving his hips much faster now, basically holding you still and fucking you like this, but you’re too gone to care, “So c-close… I’m gonna…”

“Come inside me baby,” You pant, feeling your insides starting to clench down on him, he starts to twitch and that’s all it takes for you, “Oh god Brendon!” You cry out, kissing him desperately as you release on him, your stomach fluttering as you start to quiver.

“Holy shit, Y/N!” He groans out low, only thrusting up a couple more times before he stops dead, his muscles quivering as he comes, panting to desperately, your muscles give out and you collapse on his chest panting. Both of you are sweating and clinging onto each other like you’ll float away, his fingertips starting to trace up your spine, making you shudder again.

“Are you ok? You enjoyed that, right?” You smile, leaning up to kiss his nose, a big grin forms on his lips.

“That was fucking incredible, you’re fucking incredible,” He manages through ragged breaths, reaching up to brush your hair away from your face, slowly you lift your hips and fall next to him, both too content to say anything. Eventually he manages to speak, “So are you like… exclusively dominant?” He asks timidly, trailing his fingertips over your back, you giggle shuffling closer to him, laying your head on his chest.

“I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that I’m a switch,” You glance up to see him smirking, his eyebrows raised in a curious look.

“Oh are you now?” He teases, stroking his fingers up your back and smirking when you shudder, “Oh we’ll have to have some fun with that as soon as we get our breaths back.”

anonymous asked:

Hey I was wondering if you can do a prompt where Jughead left Betty for the serpents so Betty soon joins them but she acts like he doesn't exist because she is to heartbroken over the terrible break up. And the other serpents fall head over heels for her (that was long I'm sorry :( )

That’s awesome! I’ll do a quick one shot before I knock out!

The bags under his eyes were heavy and he Tasted blood in his mouth, tearing his teeth from inside his cheek, he shifted in his leather jacket and stared blankly at the pages of his book. It had been about a month since he had joined the Serpents, a month since he had broken things off with Betty, he could still remember that day so vividly.

“I don’t want to be with you? Don’t you get it?! Stay out of my life. I don’t have time for some spoiled princess to worry about me. Figure your own life out. Jesus Christ Betty, atleast try and get a life.” He had shouted, swallowing the sick that was threatening to rise in his throat, he hadn’t meant any of the things he said but he had no choice, he knew Betty and he knew she wouldn’t give up, not unless he crossed the line, not unless he broke her heart. It was too dangerous for her to be a part of this lifestyle and he had to do what he had to do. The image of her tear stained face and bloody palms still imprinted in his brain.

“Yo jones, you gonna get over here and welcome the new member? it was you not so long ago.” An older man smiled at him, smacking an arm to his shoulder and dragging him towards the pool table, the new members back was to Jughead but he could tell she was girl, the long blonde curls hanging down the familiar leather jacket were a dead give away. His heart nearly gave out when she turned around, bright green eyes and a heartbreakingly beautiful smile.

It was Betty Cooper. Betty Cooper was standing before about 40 men and women carrying guns and wearing leather jackets. Had he stepped into the twilight zone? Betty’s eyes caught his and they turned cold, she quickly turned her face back to the newest leader Viper and smiled up at him.

“This little lady is none other than Alice Coopers daughter. You may remember her as being one of the most badass Serpents to grace the grounds, unfortunately she got caught up in trying to live the upper class riverdale lifestyle. Fortunately for us though, our very own Mini Cooper has decided she’s sick of living that boring, stuck up lie. I want everyone to treat her with the utmost respect, after all she is a Serpent now.” He squeezed her shoulder as the bar erupted in cheers.

Jughead couldn’t get her alone, it seemed everyone was head over heels in love with Betty. She lit up the dirty old bar and her laughter was contagious leaving anyone she spoke to in good spirits. He finally got his chance at the end of the night when he caught her waving to an older woman as she headed outside.

“Betty!” He called after her, watching as her shoulders tightened but she continued walking, she was fast but he was faster, he gripped her arm gently, swinging her towards him.

“What do you want Jughead?” She asked stoically.

“What are you doing here Betty, what were they talking about in there? This isn’t your home, you have to..” he was cut off by her sharp words

“You don’t know me. You don’t know anything about me, maybe you don’t remember but you broke up with me, you left me standing alone in a booth at Pops Diner. I can make my own choices and I’m choosing this. We don’t even have to interact. I’ll go my way, you go yours. And hey.. stay out of my life” she hissed angrily, tearing her arm from Jugheads grasp, herblong legs practically running to a trailer as he stared after her in shock.

Oh Betty, what happened?

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have yall heard about a couple buying a private street rich folks had in SF? The article is fucking hilarious theyre being crybabies

Oh my GOD.


It turns out the homeowners association for Presidio Terrace failed to pay a $14-a-year property tax, something that owners of all 181 private streets in San Francisco must do, the Chronicle reported.

So the city’s tax office put the property up for sale at the cost of $994 in an online auction to regain unpaid back taxes, penalties and interest. The couple eventually won the street with a $90,100 bid in an April 2015 auction.

Scott Emblidge, the attorney for the Presidio Homeowners Association, said in a letter to the city that the owners failed to pay because the tax bill was mistakenly being sent to the address of an accountant who hadn’t worked for the homeowners association since the 1980s, the Chronicle reported.

Imagine being this unaware of your own fucking finances, jesus CHRIST.

Nothing Personal - Smut

Originally posted by teen-wolf63

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader, mention of Stiles/Malia
Words: 2595
Requested by Anon: can you do a imagine where stiles and the reader are best friends and she likes him and he’s dating someone else and accidentally says the readers name during sex and realizes he’s actually in love with her. and she tells the reader and the reader confronts stiles and they confess their love for each other and you know you could add some smutty at the end if you want.
AN: This got funny. Also thanks to @toppunks for help with the title and the usual Scruffy Hoes for the banter at the end and in the middle. Enjoy!

Malia stalked up to you in the hallway, leaning against the locker next to yours, a sour look on her face, which was a normal expression for her.

“What’s up, buttercup?” You asked, shoving your books in your bag and slamming the door shut.

“Broke up with Stiles.” She glanced down at her cuticles, a look of disinterest on her face.

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Your Savior - 36

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Any chapter in this fic may contain purposeful content by the writer to induce: emotional distress, anxiety, and all of the feels! It is NEVER my intent to cause vomiting! ;)   (Seriously, could be one of my fav convos ever!)

Any chapter may also contain: swearing, Negan being Negan, violence/gore, angst (see above), mentions of death, mentions of past sexual assault, PG adult contact, or smut (This is to avoid spoilers in future chapters. I guess read at your own risk.)

Your Savior Masterlist

Chapter 36

Waking up in Negan’s arms filled you with a sense of happiness and comfort that you hadn’t felt in nearly a year. You knew things were complicated between the two of you, and probably always would be, but you knew you belonged together. 

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Listen, stay alert, stand tall in the faith, be courageous, and be strong. -1 Corinthians 16:13
It’s not always easy to stay alert, stand tall in the faith, and to be courageous and strong, but through Christ, it is possible, and it is worth it. The courage you need to get through the many things you’re dealing with on a daily basis can only be found in Christ Jesus, so seek Him daily. Even when it comes to romantic relationships, and navigating through friendships and other relationships, you are not alone in the things you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing. There might be some days where you don’t feel that you’re up to the task of being courageous and strong, but when you’re feeling this, remember that God is not asking you to try and be brave on your own. Through Jesus Christ, He will give you the strength to be:
(For single women)
-Brave enough to spend the day not worried about who might finally text or message you back
-Brave enough to trust God to open the door for the relationship that is right, realizing that you don’t have to keep rereading texts and constantly looking into every interact with a guy, wondering if he’s “the one"
-Brave enough to not give someone your heart when you know he isn’t ready
-Brave enough to end that “situationship” that has been going on for months with someone doesn’t want to commit, yet wants to tug your heart along at the same time.
-Brave enough to fully embrace what God is doing right now in this very moment and not worried about tomorrow, next week or next year.
(For women in relationships)
-Brave enough to forgive even when it’s hard
-Brave enough to be completely focused on God this week despite your worries about where the relationship stands
-Brave enough to believe that there is hope or what your significant other is going
-Brave enough be afraid to ask God to heal your heart from those that hurt you when you’re finding that it’s affecting your current relationship
If you try to be brave on your own, you will only make it so far. Let God be the One who gives you the strength to make it through whatever fear, doubts, and worries you have!
Written by @morganhnichols for #QWCDevos