your other little lady is getting jealous...

Note: Mafia!aus have some kind of weird appeal so I understand you haha :D I have had a good day, thank you. The sun is shining, it`s warm and I am currently sitting on the beach writing this so it couldn`t be better. How was your day? :)


He wasn`t happy with this. Not one bit. When he came home and you were gone he`d stay calm though. You woudn`t get far. He sent his men after you and within 3 hours you were back in your shared apartment. He`d calmly be sitting on a chair. When you tried to explain yourself he`d quickly shut you up with a harsh “sshh” from his lips, before walking up to you. Tilting your head up to meet his cold gaze he`d say:

“Be grateful you`re still standing darling. Next time you disrespect me like this you won`t be walking out of this room.”


Minhyuk used this opportunity to play with you a little. He wouldn`t be happy with your try to escape of course but he might as well make the best out of this situation and also use it as an opportunity to teach you a lesson. So with a bit of help from his many contacts around the city he`d make your week a living hell, by that leaving you no choice but to come back to him.

“Back so soon babe? Aw.. but the fun just started. Maybe this will teach you a lesson for next time.”


He`d actually be watching you leaving. Of course without your knowledge. He`d calmly follow after you on your journey to escape him. Arriving at the airport he`d let you buy your ticket and check in before shutting down the whole place with one swift phonecall. Fear is a wonderful tool for power. Making his way to you he`d sit infront of you, his men positioned on several posts around the room. Knowing your temper he knew you`d rather die than follow him so he made a different plan, one your good heart wouldn`t ever let happen.

“You have two options now. Either you make your way out of this building with me or you leave alone, but with the weight of all of these peoples lifes on your shoulder.”


He had a hard day already and now this. After destroying several things in his close proximity he`d be screaming for his men to get the car. He knew you weren`t stupid and that you`d take the fastest way out of the country so his way was clear. And as expected he found you getting out of a cab at the airport. A car would roll up next to you before you`d have time to walk anywhere else and a window would roll down revealing a very pissed I.M.

“My patience is wearing thin little girl. So don`t make me help you into this car.”


The party Wonho had taken you to was loud and crowded. A lot of people were drunk and barely paid attantion to anyone but themself. In other words the perfect place for your escape. As several women surrounded him, catching his attention you used your maybe only opportunity to slip from the group and make your way to the exit. Once outside you were about to make for it when your back hit a wall and he stood infront of you.

“Aw, is my little lady jealous of these other women? Is that why you are trying to escape me? Don`t worry darling, I only have eyes for you.”


He thought you were smarter than this, but coming home and finding the place empty he drew the conclusion that you are either really stupid or you just love getting chased and making him angry. Knowing basically everyone important in the city he found your hiding spot in less than 3 calls. He made his way to the motel you had checked in earlier that day, strutting into your room without a care in the world he`d find you come out of the bathroom after a shower. 

“Is our shower broken or why do you come all this way here to take one? Hm? Your answer better be good beause if not you will be walking home naked.”


He had taken you to a rather fancy dinner party with a lot of high rank mafia bosses and politicians. Excusing yourself saying you had to visit the toilet you used the opportunity to sneak through the crowd and out of the big hall. Your heels made an echo where they clicked on the marble floor down the hallway in the direction of the doors, but a hand grabbing yours would stop your movements abruptly. Hyungwons voice would be calm but with a very much present predatory like undertone.

“The toilet is in the other direction darling. I`m guessing the fact why you are walking this way is because you couldn`t find it and not because you thought of disrespecting me infront of my guests.”

anonymous asked:

Since there has been some hate on WinterBoneless, how do you think the boys and reader would react to someone hating on their poly relationship? Like they're out and about, all holding hands and someone comes up to them and just rants

“So… you’re saying you’re taken?”

Ivar makes a face like he’s talking to an unruly child. If you and Bucky could move a little faster bringing around the drinks, it’d be much appreciated. 

“Yes - I am certain I have already pointed out my girlfriend.” He did. About ten minutes ago.

The lady trying to make a pass at him leans closer to his seat on the bar stool; he reflexively leans back.

“You’re too cute to be kept by some skank,” she mutters. “Let me buy you a drink.”

“Excuse me?” Ivar snaps, stuck on the skank part. His eyebrows nearly disappear into his hairline as he glares at this woman. 

“She’s all over some dude at the bar.” She clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth, as if just busting someone amid committing a crime. “You deserve better, honey.”

“That is my boyfriend,” Ivar insists, though he’s certain she won’t understand the concept. 

She doesn’t. “…What?”

Ivar loses patience, cups the lady’s face as she insists on encroaching his personal space. He turns her head, points at his lovers as they receive the new order of drinks. “My girlfriend,” he says, pointing at you. “My boyfriend,” his finger moves to Bucky. 

“What, you just pass each other off like a bunch’a freaks or something?” 

He releases her with a growl. “Look, woman, if you do not mind fucking off -”

“How does that even work? Are you, like, gay or bi?”

He’s about to cuss at her again when you and Bucky finally arrive at the table. You scoot onto the stool next to him, completely oblivious to his irritation as you kiss his cheek and slide his drink over.

“That bar is fucking packed, it took forever -”

“I know,” Ivar grits out through his teeth. Your eyes finally land on the woman next to him and you cock a brow.

“Who’s this?” You ask.

Instead of getting an answer, she’s already eyeing Bucky. “So are you, like, gay or what? How does this work?”

Bucky sends Ivar a pointed look. “What’s this about?”

“It just seems a little slutty,” she goes on. She sizes you up from across the table, raking her eyes up and down the length of you until you start feeling defensive. 

“Can I remove her?” You ask.

Please.” Ivar pleads.

“Look, lady, if you could just -” Bucky starts when she interrupts again.

“I just don’t understand how this could work! You all sleep with each other? Who passes who off? Don’t you get jealous? Does she fuck other men or is it just -”

“Hey!” You snap, slamming your palm on the table. “Why don’t you go back to whatever shit-den you came from?” 

Bucky runs a soothing hand over your thigh beneath the table. The lady’s mouth bobs open and closed like a fish. “Take it easy, Doll.” But he’s better at this than you, stays calmer. You’re already annoyed that Ivar is feeling this upset. You’re not sure how you didn’t notice at first; he’s seething with anger.

“I just wanna know!” She’s one persistent fucker. “How does it feel when your ‘boyfriend’ -” she literally air quotes with her fingers. “- fucks other women?”

“The only woman he fucks is me,” you sneer, hand itching to clench into a fist. “Now, fuck off before you get what’s coming to you.”

“Whatever.” She finally says, throws her hands in the air as she stalks off.

Your eyes are still following her when you feel Ivar’s lips on your neck. 

“Have I told you how sexy you look when you threaten people?” 

The anger dissipates within almost as quickly as it filled you. You grin at him while squeezing Bucky’s hand on your thigh. 

Bucky tuts at the pair of you. “Sexy, but one night without a fight would be nice.”

Ivar scoffs and you’re already sputtering in defense when Bucky finally bursts with laughter, shaking his head in mock disapproval. 

20 more Danny Phantom asks

Dash: Have you ever seriously watched a soap opera?

Paulina: Do you have a celebrity crush?

Kwan: Have you ever judged someone too quickly or harshly?

Star: Are you the decision maker in your friend group?

Telstaff: Are you a competitive person?

Aunt Alicia: Would you rather be alone or with others? 

Freakshow: Do you get jealous easily?

Guys in White: Are you a neat freak or a little messy?

Lance Thunder: Would you live in Amity Park?

Elliot: Have you ever pretended to be someone else to befriend someone?

Technus: Do you like to play games?

The Lunch Lady: What’s your favorite type of food?

Amorpho: Are you a prankster?

Wulf: Do you speak any other languages?

Spectra: Are you good at reading people?

Youngblood: Are you more of a childish person or a serious person?

Clockwork: Do you believe people deserve a second chance?

Ghostwriter: Do you have a creative outlet?

Undergrowth: Are you more comfortable in nature or in the city?

Frostbite: Have you ever helped someone improve a skill?

Delivery - Morgan Rielly Imagine

“i’m a pizza delivery person and i got stuck in this elevator with you trying to deliver my last pizza and i’m so hungry and we shouldn’t but i’m game if you are, god i love pepperoni pizza” au with anyone you want, I just want to read how you write it

I hope this was interesting and not too boring lol. I liked this one and it was quite the interesting au prompt! Thanks for reading you guys, I love you all! -Accius

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Some Klunk Headcanons

Lance making Hunk carry hum everywhere because he’s “too lazy to walk” when really he just loves it when Hunk carries him

Hunk is the only one that can successfully calm Keith down other than Shiro

Hunk is the only person Keith actually really enjoys hugging

Hunk literally having to pick his boyfriends up to kiss them

Keith and Lance try to cook him breakfast in bed one day and they actually do a really good job cause Lance surely knows how to cook really well too

Hunk and Lance sharing cooking tips and stories

Belly kisses for Hunk! Because let’s face it that is an adorable idea! He’s got so much belly to kiss all over!

Lance and always cuddling Hunk for warmth but Keith doesn’t like cuddling sometimes, so he often lays across his boyfriends’ laps, laying his head on Hunk’s soft belly and his feet over Lance. Sometimes he refuses to get up because he’s “too comfy” and they just, push him off after a while. He pouts.

Keith trying to help his boyfriends cook but let’s face it this kid’s diet was probably just cups of Ramen so he’s just, lost. They try to let him help and he’s not very good at it, but he does try and they like having him around.

Lance and Hunk learning what textures Keith doesn’t like eating (Keith is autistic.) Keith tries not to complain about textures cause he doesn’t want to worry whoever cooks but they notice and start subtly avoiding those textures when cooking.

Lance and Keith bonding over stim toys.

Hunk making them Stim toys since they left theirs on earth.

Hunk doesn’t really make out much but instead he loves giving lots of little gentle smooches everywhere.

Lance and Hunk asking Keith every day what level of touching he feels comfortable with that day cause it varies.

Hunk is polyamorous and pan as hell. He can have other significant others, but his main two are Lance and Keith since he sees them every day and is their teammate. And he always makes sure they are comfortable with him having other significant others.
-Lance is just like jealous because why does Hunk get ladies and guys and enbys so easily??? Teach me your ways sensei damn.
-Keith didn’t really like it at first but he eventually came around seeing how happy Hunk was when talking about any of his significant others and Keith realized Hunk probably talks so sweetly and happily about him to his other SO’s. So he came around.

Hunk talking to Lance and Keith about science stuff and Keith gets kind of lost halfway in because he doesn’t understand but so much, whereas Lance gets lost even though he understands because ADHD.

Keith finding special interests and infodumping the fuck out of Lance and Hunk and they’re always so happy for him and do their best to listen and support him.

Imagine the flirting. So much blushing.

Whenever Keith gets confused about a joke or something Lance does, Hunk understands and explains.

Jealousy - Shawn Mendes

WORDS: 1.863


A/N: Sorry for any faults. Like i already said it’s not my mother language. I love you guys!

Originally posted by hotashellcelebmen

Shawn brought you to one of Island Records Christmas Party. You decided to wear some elegant black dress. It was tight and showed off your curves perfectly but still was appropriate.

When you and Shawn got there you were welcomed by a lot of people you hadn’t met yet. Shawn and you were together for 8 months now which isn’t too long. Some people came to talk to you when you suddenly saw Nick Jonas. You always had a thing from him since you were little so you squeaked a little when he came towards you.

“Hey man.” Nick greeted Shawn.

“Hey Nick.” They pulled back from their manly hug and Nicks turned to you.

“Well who is this beautiful lady?” He said making you blush.

“I-I’m Y/N.” You managed to mumble as he took your hand and placed a soft kiss on it. You looked at Shawn who furrowed his eyebrows.

“She’s my girlfriend.” Shawn couldn’t help but get jealous at the sight of you blushing because of another man.

Nicks eyes hadn’t left yours even after Shawn’s statement. “Maybe we see each other later.” Nick said finally letting go of your hand. You nodded shyly as he walked away.

You looked at Shawn who had his hands balled to fists and his jaws clenched. He didn’t even say anything just walked to James where you followed. After a while you got bored from their talk so you walked to the bar to get a bottle of water.

You ordered when you saw in the corner of your eye that someone sat down next to you. You looked up from your phone to see Nick smiling at you.

“What is such a beautiful girl like you doing on her phone all alone?” He said and ordered something to drink for him.

“Oh.” You pointed over to Shawn and James who were still talking. “I couldn’t really follow the topic so I decided to get some water.” You said smiling at him.

“I don’t understand Shawn how he can leave you alone.” He said scooting closer to you with his chair.

You shook your head. “No no it’s okay. He hasn’t seen James for a long time so I understand that they have to catch up a bit.” You took a sip from your water.

Nick suddenly placed his hand on your thigh drawing small circles on it. “I think it’s very dangerous for him to leave you alone. Maybe someone will steal you from him.”

Just as you were about to say something you felt a strong arm wrap around your shoulder. “I won’t let that happen, Nick.” Shawn bit at him. Nick quickly pulled away his hand from your thigh.

“We are leaving.” Shawn spoke harshly into your ear and helped you off the chair. He shot one last glare at Nick before guiding you outside to the cars. You got inside and Shawn told the driver were to go.

“What were you thinking?” Shawn saird as he pushed me against the door of hotel room. He had both his hands next to myhead.

“I-I didn’t do anything Shawn.” Iwhispered.

“Oh you didn’t? Well then tell me who was flirting with Nick? It wasn’t me.” He almost yelled but instantly calmed down. “Sorry.” He mumbled and walked away from me towards the closet.

I stood still on the door when he unbuttoned his shirt. I watched his muscles flex at every move he made. When he tossed the shirt down on the floor I couldn’t control myself anymore. I walked over to placing delicate kisses on his back while my hands wandered up and down his chest. I softly let my fingertips run over the hem of his boxers.

“W-what are you doing Y/N?” He gulped.

“Making it up to you.” I breathed against his skin leaving goosebumps. I turned him around and turned around myself so your back was facing him. I put my hair aside.

“Can you please open my dress?” I asked blinking at him innocently. He licked his lips as his hands wandered to the zipper of my dress. He slowly pulled it down, his fingers softly brushing over my skin. He gently stripped the straps from my dress down and it fell to the ground.

Shawn’s hand lingered on my shoulders and his lips connected with my neck. He found my sweet spot and started sucking at it lightly making me moan in pleasure.

I grabbed his hand and guided him over to the big hotel bed gently pushing him down to it. I opened his pants and pulled them down. Then I placed myself on top of him slowly grinding on his crotch earning a moan from him. His hands found their way to my waist. I leaned down and hungrily smashed my mouth to his, in a quick fiery embrace between our lips. One of Shawn’s big hands made their way up to my bra and he opened it up in one quick movement. His hands instantly cupped my breasts softly massaging them. I pulled back from our kiss and threw my head back. I rested my hands on his thighs as he continued to work on my boobs. I started grinding on his lips again.

“Y/N .. P-Please .. “ Shawn plead. I stopped grinding and started kissing his chest. Once in a while leaving a mark on his perfect skin until I reached the hem of his boxers where you could already see a bulge.

I pulled them down grasping his shaft in my hand my tongue sliding over the tip.

“Holy f-fuck.” Shawn moaned, his hands tangled into my hair. I started bobbing up and down on his cock ever so often sliding my tongue over his dick.

“I-I’m already c-close.” Shawn murmured and I hollowed out my cheeks so he feels more. His sweet moans filled the air and I felt the wetness between my legs growing. I looked up at him as he released on my chest looking as beautiful as ever. His cheeks were lightly flushed, a few sweat drops on his forehead, his lips bright red and lightly parted, his eyes shut and his hair messy because he ran his hands through them.

After he rid out his orgasm he got up and guided me into the bathroom. He pulled my panties down leaving sweet kisses on my stomach then inner thighs and finally where I needed him the most. My hands found their way to his hair and I softly tugged at it.

“Shawn. Please stop being such a tease.” I whimpered when his tongue finally licked over my core. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest but when he stopped I just felt the cold air hitting me. I watched him as he got in the shower and let the hot water run over his muscular body.

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” He signalized me to come inside and so I did. He let me under the water and was now behind me my back facing him. He softly started sucking on my neck making me whimper. He grabbed some shower gel and rubbed it on my breasts cleaning away what he had left there. I moaned as he ran his fingers over my nipples softly squeezing them. One of his hands wandered down to where I needed him the most. His fingers gently brushed over my core but not as much as I needed him.

“Shawn. I fucking nee-“ I screamed in pleasure as Shawn pushed two of his fingers inside me. I couldn’t stop from moaning his name uncontrollably.

“Oh fuck. Don’t stop!” I moaned as my head fell back on his chest, my hand around his neck holding tight. He kept pushing his finger inside and out of me leaving me breathless.

“You are mine, you understand that?”

I nodded unable to form any words.

“Say it!” Shawn demanded.

“I-I’m yours Shawn. I’m fucking yours!”

“Good girl.” He murmured into my ear sending shivers down my body.

“I-i’m close.” I dig my nails into his neck.

“Come for me babygirl.” Shawn whispered into my ear and gently nibbled at my neck. A few more moments and I let my orgasm wash over me. He let me ride out my orgasm and when we both were finished I was breathless. We washed ourselves and then got out of the shower. We both couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves and as soon as we were dry our lips were smashed together hungrily. Shawn picked me up and walked me to the bed hovering over me. He was about to grab a condom when I stopped him.

“You sure?” He looked at me, his eyes full of lust and love for me and I nodded.

He lowered himself to me and gently ran his tip over my centre. I could feel the heat coming from him as he slowly pushed inside me. I grabbed the sheets as he completely filled me up. Our moans filled the air as Shawn buried his face in the crook of my neck.

“Fuck.” He cursed. “You are so tight.” I could feel every vein on his shaft which I never felt. This felt a lot more intense.

Shawn slowly started to grind into me my soft moans getting caught by his mouth as he smashed his lips on mine.

He put a strand of hair behind my ear. “You look so gorgeous.” He whispered pressing a kiss to my cheek. “And I love you so much.” He looked me in the eye as he softly continued to thrust into me.

“I love you too Shawn.” I caressed his red cheek with my fingertips a few water drops fell from his hair and onto my breasts. Shawn watched them running down my boob biting his lower lip. I could feel his thrusts becoming stronger as our moans became louder.

“You feel so good around me babygirl. I don’t think I can last any longer.” He breathed against my neck.

“I’m also close.” I dig my nails into his back, wrapping my legs around his waist so he was closer to me.

Our soft moans became stronger by each of his thrusts. I could feel the heat in my stomach becoming stronger and we reached our orgasm together. Shawn moaning my name is one of the sexiest things ever. (JUST IMAGINE!!!!!) He released himself into me and then fell on the bed beside me, sweat drops on his forehead, hair messy, his plump lips red from all the kissing, his chest rising and falling back down.

“You are the love of my life.” I whispered as I admired him beside me.

“I’m never going to lose you!” He pressed a kiss on my forehead and pulled the covers over us when I laid my head on his chest drawing small hearts on his muscular stomach while he brushed through my hair. Note to myself: Thank god everyday for this beautiful, amazing human being. And with that I drifted off to sleep.


Request: Yo can you do a bf!jun?

A/N: I feel like this is really bad I’m sorry… Also sorry this is super late i’ve been hella busy with school recently but here is bf!jun!

  • Had a crush on you for a while before you actually started dating, but was secretly worried that you wouldn’t like him back (he asked minghao about a thousand times if he was sure that you liked him)
  • When you said yes though, he acted like he knew that you would and that it was so clear that you would love him (you didn’t comment on how you could tell he was wiping off his hands on his pants and how nervous he was when he confessed)
  • Lots of fun dates, doesn’t really feel like it’s a date unless you go out and do something (picnics, amusement parks, adventurous stuff in general)
  • Likes to touch you a lot, especially playing with your hair or fingers (also high key likes to touch ur butt a lot ok jun is an ass man and you cannot convince me otherwise)
  • Wouldn’t like over the top couple items but would like a couple ring or bracelet
  • A huge fan of the humble brag when talking about you, will constantly talk about how pretty you are and how awesome it is to be dating you and the other members are like OK WE GET IT YOU LOVE HER LET US LIVE
  • Gets jealous really easily, will literally step in-between you and a guy your talking to if he thinks the guy is hitting you because HEY THIS LADY IS MINE BACK OFF
  • Loves to back-hug you when you’re doing stuff, sometimes picking you up if he wants to bother you a little bit
  • He absolutely loves kissing you, especially in public because everyone should know that you’re together because you guys are GOALS and people should be JEALOUS
  • Doesn’t tell you when he’s upset, but you can always tell because he stops being so greasy and distances himself, doesn’t talk to you all that much
  • When you’re upset though he’s panicking, doesn’t really know what to do and looks to minghao for help, and he usually just tries to stay by you because he knows that he’s not the best with words and might accidentally say something that’ll make you more upset
  • Definitely the type to take your phone and make your lock screen a picture of him
  • Probably has a picture of you sleeping or something as his home screen and you get mad for a bit because that is NOT a flattering angle but he thinks it’s cute and you look so relaxed and adorable and so when you put it like that…
  • Whispers in your ear a lot and it always makes you flustered, and sometimes he bites your earlobe just to see you blush really hard…
  • Jun is loyal af and would be a super fun boyfriend basically
Edmund x Reader: I Don’t Completely Hate You

Hey can you do one where the reader and Edmund are super competitive with each other and have feelings for each other but they won’t admit it cause they’re stubborn so Peter and the reader’s sister come up with a plan for Peter to flirt with the reader and the sister flirts with Edmund to make them jealous and to help them admit their feelings.

hey friend! can you do a Edmund x Reader where the reader is Queen of another country and she and Ed are like competing or something… idk just do what you want with it… also you’re an amazing writer!!

Hi can you do one where you and Edmund are always competing with each other but won’t admit your feelings so the other pevensie siblings are making a plan and using your competitiveness to get you together?


A/N: (Y/S/N) = Your sister’s name


Edmund would have never thought he would be sitting in a library, doing research in the middle of a beautiful afternoon, but here he was–for the sake of his pride. (Y/n) had claimed to be able to find information that could solve the growing rift in the trade agreements between Galma, Narnia, and Archenland, but Edmund opened his big mouth and claimed he could do so faster. So, here he was. Stuck with her, no less.

She glared at him distastefully. “I understand that you’re incompetent, but is there really a reason why Peter is here?”

“Look, you can insult me all you want, but you don’t have to bring my brother into our–whatever it is between us,” Edmund said, pointing an accusatory finger. He was surprised Peter hadn’t chimed in yet. But he was too mesmerized with (Y/n)’s sister, (Y/S/N).

Edmund leaned over and reached for a pen but so did (Y/n), which caused their hands to briefly touch. “Er–”

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Shutter (Yoongi Smut)


Thanks again for the request, dear! I hope you like it!

- Bub ♥

Originally posted by monchims

You clenched your hands into a fist for the umpteenth time today as you watched the scene before you. Crumbles of the cracker you had just pulverised fell onto your lap. A shame really, as they were actually quite appetising and you were sure Jin would be upset and tell you to treat food with respect but you couldn’t care less at this moment. All you could care about was the distance -rather, lack thereof- between your boyfriend and the girl he was posing with in front of the camera. With every flash of the camera you could see the girl inching closer to Yoongi, her hand on his shoulder but slowly making its way to his chest before she flashed a bright smile at the photographer. When the photographer told Yoongi to put his arm around her, you were sure the entire photo studio had heard your irritated huff. Your significant other eyed you curiously before grinning, obviously finding the way you impatiently tapped your foot on the ground while glaring daggers at the girl rather amusing to watch.

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Santa Kellin (Kellin Quinn) (Sleeping With Sirens)

Word Count: 640


It was yours and Kellin’s daughters first Christmas and he wanted to make it super special for her. You tried to tell him that she was only one and wouldn’t remember this Christmas but he was insistent on surprising both her and you. You sometimes wondered what went through your husband’s head, how could he surprise both of you on Christmas Eve?

You’d just put your daughter back to bed after she woke up around 1am with an upset stomach when you walked back into your bedroom and noticed Kellin was no longer in bed. You tried the bathroom and walk in wardrobe but there was no sight of him anywhere. You were about to call his name when a crash and a curse came from downstairs and you assumed that it was Kellin.

Being careful not to make any noise on the stairs you got halfway down before you crouched to look through the wooden railings. You covered your mouth to block the laugh at the sight of Kellin in a full Santa costume beard and all. This moment was priceless and you knew a certain little girl who would be excited to see Santa Claus in her living room.

You woke your daughter up and told her to be quiet because there was a special guest downstairs. The two of you make your way downstairs quietly, you holding your daughter on your waist. Kellin has his back to you placing presents under the tree when your daughter lets out a small squeal making him jump. You laughed and tickled her stomach.

“Look baby it’s Santa Claus.”

Kellin turned around wide eyed before composing himself.

“Ho ho ho lovely ladies. What are you two doing up? Were you spying on Santa Claus?”

Kellin was cracking you up with his fake Santa accent but you had to keep a straight face for your daughter who pointed an accusing finger at you. Kellin shook his head.

“I guess your mummy is on the bad list now little princess while you get to stay on the good list.”

You fake gasp and your daughter claps her hands together. Kellin closes the gap between you.

“Can you keep this secret little princess? I don’t want the other children getting jealous.”

Your daughter nodded before burying her face into your shoulder. You shot Kellin a looked and mouthed ‘oh my god’.

“Well Santa I’m going to put this little princess back to bed and let you continue putting presents under the tree. Say goodbye to Santa love.”

“Bye Santa.”

Your daughter mumbled and both you and Kellin awed. Kellin waved at the two of you as you retreated back upstairs. Your daughter fell asleep the instant her head hit the pillow leaving you to deal with Santa Kellin downstairs.

Kellin was waiting for you in the living room and you quirked an eyebrow before smirking.

“Is there any way I can get off Santa’s naughty list?”

Kellin gulped as you closed the gap and pulled down his beard. You were only wearing one of his oversized tanks and a pair of underwear.

“I can think of a few things to get you off the naughty list.”

The two of you lean in and kiss each other; it was safe to say that kissing Santa was never on your bucket list. You pull back and rest your head on his chest.

“I think you’ve made her first Christmas very special Kellin. You’re a great father.”

He strokes your hair.

“We’re both great parents. Now off to bed with you missy or no presents off Santa.”

You turn around and start walking out of the living room when Kellin slaps your bum playfully; you turn and glare over your shoulder before breaking into a run up the stairs with Santa Kellin quick on your heels.

Being Tig’s Old Lady Would Include:

Author: Johannah

Originally posted by vedderman

✦ Having about ten different leather jackets in your wardrobe

✧ Always looking incredible

✦ You and Tig having a weird kind of relationship. One minute you’re all over each other, the next you’re flirting with other people to make each other jealous

✧ You and Gemma being good friends

✦ You probably being a pin-up girl or a show girl or something

✧ Getting into infamously explosive fights together

✦ You being just a little bit crazy, but that’s just what Tig likes about you

✧ Him smashing a guy’s face in for grabbing your ass at a bar

✦ Wrapping your arms around him from behind as you ride on the back of his Harley

✧ Adopting rescue pitbulls together (You’re both big softies when it comes to dogs)

✦ You practically having the entire contents of the Ann Summers store in your closet: Lingerie, sexy outfits, toys - Anything and everything you can think of

✧ Settling arguments by fucking

✦ Public sex

✧ Being each other’s confidants

✦ Tig knowing you can kick another girl’s (and probably a guy’s) ass in a fist fight

✧ (Tig being not so secretly turned on whenever you get into fist fights)

✦ Going to visit him while he’s inside and him laughing his ass off because you basically know every inmate in the prison visiting room

✧ Tara being a little bit terrified of you

✦ You having a Harley of your own (An anniversary present from Tig)

✧ Getting arrested together

✦ Bringing him breakfast in bed when he’s hungover

✧ Bailing him out of jail

✦ Him absolutely adoring you, and not being afraid to say it

Tig: You’re incredible. You know that, Y/N? You’re so fuckin’ gorgeous, I don’t even know how I got you to marry me.

You: Because I chose you, idiot

Tig: Yeah, but I’m your idot

beyonce song asks
  • crazy in love: do you think you've ever experienced love?
  • ring the alarm: do you get jealous easily?
  • irreplaceable: do you know any people who you wish you didn't?
  • upgrade u: have you ever dated anyone even a little famous?
  • halo: have you ever met someone who changed your life dramatically?
  • single ladies: have you ever tried to break up a relationship between other people? why? did it work?
  • love on top: do you like the idea of meaning the world to someone?
  • run the world (girls): what's the greatest amount of power you've had at once?
  • dance for you: do you like dancing? can you do it in public?
  • best thing i never had: was there something that meant a lot to you in the past, but now you feel indifferent to?
  • countdown: what is your favorite activity for a date?
  • end of time: what's the longest amount of time you've been attracted to a person?
  • i was here: what's the greatest impact you've made so far?
  • drunk in love: what's the shortest amount of time you've been attracted to someone?
  • partition: have you ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time?
  • ***flawless: what part(s) of your body do you like the most?
  • xo: when did you feel the strongest attraction to someone? will you say who?
  • haunted: is there someone you can't get out of your mind?
  • grown woman: do you like having dominance in a relationship?
Gray and Cana are dating!

As requested by Violetfairy12

Mirajane: They always have been close; I wonder how I didn’t pick up on this…?

Erza: You were probably distracted with having to deal with Macao or Wakaba’s drinking.

Mirajane: Yes you do raise a good point.

Macao: Aw come on Erza.

Wakaba: Yeah, is it really fair to blame us for this?

Erza: Maybe not, but we’re going to do it anyway.

Macao and Wakaba: Awww.

Gildarts: …Do I kill him or not?

Lyon: I may not know you very well, but I’d appreciate if you didn’t hurt Gray.

Gildarts: Well seeing as I don’t really know you, I guess it’s fine for me to ignore what you say.

Lyon: I suppose; fine then, ignore me, kill him and I’ll come and visit when they throw you in jail.

Lyon: In jail where you are far away from your precious daughter and unable to protect her.


Lyon: So if you don’t kill him, you can just easily show up and interrupt when things might be getting too intense between them.

Gildarts: …He lives for now.

Gray: Thanks, I think?

Lyon: Don’t think about it, I’d rather you didn’t do anything with her too. I’m sure she’s a lovely young lady but…

Cana: You’re a jealous little man who doesn’t like Gray being in a relationship with someone other than you?

Lyon: I will deny ‘little’.

Gray: But nothing else?!

Lucy: Good for both of you! Gray’s pretty awesome, and you said you wanted a boyfriend Cana.

Cana: About eight years ago, but I did say it.

Cana: So Gray’s ‘pretty awesome’ huh?

Lucy: D-don’t go getting at anything!

Juvia: Juvia is very pleased for you Gray-sama.

Gray: Really?

Juvia: Yes, if Gray-sama’s happy, Juvia is happy.

Cana: Can we get past the talking and go to the drinking now? I’m thirsty!

Gray: That’s my girl.

Juvia: …J-Juvia is happy…

anonymous asked:

how would react each lord in a jealousy situation?

I will give you the answer based on what would they say when they are jealous. Bcoz I dun have any idea how would they react when they got jealous. I’m sorry, Anon. *bow*

  • Nobunaga - “Don’t you ever talk to me. Pack your things and get out from my castle.”
  • Mitsuhide -  “I’m sure she has her own reason. But seeing her getting friendly with other men, my heart feel pain…”
  • Yukimura - “You make my heart ache. Please don’t give your full attention to other man but me..” 
  • Saizo - “I hate you, little lady. I’m not a jealous person. I’m just a man that would love to kill every man that gives you a second look.”
  • Kojuro - “I’m sorry I get jealous sometimes seeing you with another man. I guess it’s my insecurities acting up.”
  • Masamune - “I wonder what they are talking about. She looks so happy chatting with Shigezane. I never see that smile when we are alone. I know I’m not good when it comes to love but this is hurt…
  • Mitsunari - “I really hate flat-chested woman like you. Get out of my sight.”
  • Inuchiyo - “I am sorry for being jealous. It’s just that I’m afraid of losing you to another man..”

- Admin Ayumi

Natsu Reads & Reacts: The Ladybugs and the Bees Chapter 20 ( chatthoughts gave me the inspiration to do this, blame him. )

“GET DUNKED ON!” Alya, who are you?? Sans?? Are you actually a skeleton??

They all owe heR $20 BECAUSE OF LADYNOIR. That’s my kind of bet.

Adrien you smug little-


Really close partners my ASS, they were grinding on each other just last chapter.

‘Nothing like watching your girlfriend make out with you from dozens of different angles’

he has an eye for gift giving.. Adrien you are truly my son, fanon or not.

Lady bug has zero chill, give her the god damn present already.

Imagine the tumblr of that universe making LadyNoir memes.
‘When girls swoon over your pubescent heartthrob figure so ladybug gets jealous and starts making out with you’

I have a feeling the gift is a Bra.


Reason #20990 why you don’t send bra pictures to your pubescent 16 year old boyfriend.

Ladybug. You sly little minx

You guys are on top of a church, chill.