your other audition was good too

How to Cope with Audition Failure

-As a musician, you’re going to fail more times than you succeed. This is inevitable. You will experience a lot more rejection than acceptance. Even professionals get rejected sometimes. There is not a musician alive that has not at some point, been told, “no, sorry.”

-An audition is not always an accurate reflection of you. It is how you sound at one particular time on one particular day. Maybe your reed was less than spectacular. Maybe you were a little sick. Maybe you just got really, really nervous.

-There will be more chances.

-Go home, take care of your instrument. Put it down for a day if you’re feeling too sad to play and that’s how you need to cope. But first, clean it. Clean the dust off of it, make it shiny. Put it away so when you’re ready to play again, it’s waiting for you. You’ll feel better.

-Practice some other things that you know you’re good at the first time you practice again. Re-establish lost confidence. Then dive back into the challenging things.

-One bad audition does not make you a bad musician. A hundred bad auditions do not make you a bad musician.

-I know you really wanted this, but this is not a failure. It’s merely a detour.

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My boyfriend and I just broke up. It was mutual but it was really heartbreaking because we love each other but just can't be together right now. Could you do a little something cute with my bb Jae from Day6, please? Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

im sorry!! here is a cute music majors!au with jae that i hope brightens ur day!!

  • you and jae are both music majors but he’s concentrating on guitar and you’re doing jazz studies
  • which is why you,,,,,,,,,never interact
  • and it’s just chance when you end up walking by the practice rooms, looking to put up posters for a performance of one of your friends when this tall, lanky, frantic looking boy runs up to you and is like
  • “hELP”
  • and youre so startled you drop the stack of flyers you were holding and you’re like holy shit is there a fire or something??? is someone hurt??? why did u yell help??
  • and the boy, glasses perched on the end of his nose, wide eyes looking at you like those of a lost child goes
  • “,,,,,,,,,,my friend ditched me so i have no one to record my audition.” 
  • for a moment you wait for him to continue,,,,,,say something else,,,,,but he doesn’t
  • and you narrow your eyes and go “that,,,,,,,that’s why you yelled help?”
  • he nods, shrugging his guitar case over his shoulder and fixing his glasses, “dowoon canceled on me last minute to go get free food with wonpil,,,,,can you believe that? they call themselves my friends, ugh”
  • for a second you want to laugh but then you just shrug and go “id ditch someone for free food too.”
  • crinkling his nose he goes “really? you just gonna say that to me after i went through this traumatic experience of being abandoned.”
  • “you made me drop my flyers”
  • “if i pick them up, will you help me?”
  • you don’t have anything else planned, plus this guy is pretty funny so why not
  • you nod and the two of you gather the scattered flyers and he leads you toward an empty practice room
  • handing you the handheld camera you look at him and go “why cant i do it on my ph-”
  • “old school is the best school, now get my angle!”
  • you roll your eyes and hold up the camera,,,the guys guitar case is covered in band stickers and scribbles of random things in sharpie
  • he’s wearing relatively plain clothes and his hair is a little messy,,,,,,you dont think it’s a good look for an audition
  • so putting the camera down you walk over and you’re like “hey, whats ur name-” 
  • he tells you it’s jae as he tunes his guitar and settles into the chair
  • you frown, looking him up and down and going “ok jae, let me be real.”
  • “be a real as you want”
  • “you look a mess, take the flannel off and comb your hair”
  • jae pulls his head back in shock, but does shrug off the old looking flannel. as for his hair he runs his hands through it and looks to you for approval
  • shaking your head you go over and tell him to sit still
  • for a minute or two you run your hands through his hair, trying to make it look presentable and less shaggy
  • stepping back you admire your work and give him a thumbs up,,,jae puts his hand up to fix his glasses, simultaneously hiding his oncoming blush from having a cute stranger play with his hair
  •  on the cue you start filming and jae introduce himself with his name, age, and the name of the song he’s going to play
  • you don’t know why but when he starts playing you’re shocked at how good he is,,,,,,,,i mean this is a music major school but still,,,,,,he sounds like a professional
  • doing your best to hold the camera still, you get lost in the sound and the image of jae playing
  • his long body, awkward to the glance at first, looks better with a guitar in his hands 
  • his fingers are long and pretty and then,,,,,,,he starts to sing
  • and it’s a voice like no other and you can’t help yourself - you’re hypnotized
  • you don’t even realize the song is over until jae gets out of his chair and comes over, taking the camera from your hand and pouting because “hey, why are you still recording?”
  • snapping back into reality you go “wow, you’re really good - whats this audition for?” 
  • jae shrugs and mumbles that it’s nothing too crazy,,,but he’s happy you like it
  • grinning he turns to you and goes “thanks for your hardwork, you can really hold a camera well!”
  • you find yourself rolling your eyes again but also whatever - he’s cute
  • you tell him no problem and you turn to gather your flyers and leave when jae goes “ill help you put those up”
  • “you don’t have too-”
  • “nah, you did me a solid so ill help. maybe after,,,,,,,wanna get chicken together?”
  • you smile,,,,,feeling your heart skip a beat 
  • “id like that.”
  • “,,,,,,,,but really a+ filming skill why are you in art school you could TOTALLY be a director”
  • long story short jae makes you laugh the whole time but also when you get food it kinda feels like a date,,,,,maybe????? definitely????
How to Boost Self-Confidence

@proanotherworkgress asked: How do you work on having more self-confidence in yourself as a musician and in your work? Basically how do you prevent yourself from selling yourself short?

Confidence is such a huge and delicate part of being a good musician. Without it, plenty of talented individuals with great potential end up dropping their musical dreams, convinced they’re awful. With too much, other musicians sometimes burn bridges or blow auditions because they don’t prepare as they should or act cocky. The trick is to find the balancing point between selling yourself short and pissing off fellow musicians. With that in mind, here are four tips to help boost your own self-confidence!

Write a list of accomplishments. Literally sit down with a piece of paper and a pen, or potentially your computer laptop and a word doc, and write down every single thing you’re proud of doing ever. This can be just musical achievements, or beyond that, depending on where your self-confidence needs work. If you have trouble thinking of things you’re proud of, just start listing concerts you’ve performed. Include Choir concerts, Ensemble concerts, recitals, and anything else that you can think of. Usually, the listel turn out to be much longer than you anticipated. And if you think of anything that you left off, add it to the list later. Whenever you have a day where you just can’t feel good about your abilities, go back and look at this list. You’ve already done a ton of stuff. You have no reason to feel bad about your abilities!

Practice positive self-talk. Sometimes, we are the biggest enemy of our own self-confidence. We can watch someone else perform, and instead of admiring their abilities, we bash ourselves for not being that good. Whenever you notice yourself starting to talk poorly about yourself in your own head, or even out loud, stop. Take a moment and think about whether you would say that about your best friend. If not, stop saying it! You are your own best friend. Compliment yourself when you do something well, and don’t let that mean voice in the back of your head get away with insulting your real best friend - you.

Set goals and work to achieve them. One of the best self confidence boost is reaching a goal you have set for yourself. If you need help deciding what goal to set, compare the list of achievements you just wrote with those of someone in the position you want to reach. Then set out to achieve those things yourself! You can start small, like improving your scales by 10 bpm. Once you’ve achieved that, I promise you that slightly larger goals will seem easier to reach. This snowballs in the more complex your goals and achievements get!

Ask a trusted mentor for an opinion of your skills. Finally, if nothing else above has helped you out, ask your teacher or another trusted mentor to give you an objective view of your skills. Now, you might argue that your teacher or someone you trust old want to hurt your feelings, which is true. However, they will want what is best for your future more than anything. If they don’t think you’re cut out for your goals, they will tell you. Otherwise, they’ll just tell you what you need to do to improve to reach your dreams. Usually, their opinion of your skills is much higher than your own. (I once had a master class that killed my confidence. Smashed it to pieces. Then immediately afterwards, my advisor walks up to me and starts roundly complimenting me on how well I did and how amazing my aria was. Definitely made me feel better.)

Self-confidence is a tricky beast. The best way to get a self confidence boost is to try to be objective about your skills. If, objectively, they aren’t that great, then you can work to improve! It’s really this improvement that is the creator of self-confidence. You’ve got this!

Now That You Mention It

Prompt:  Write-a-Thon day one- AU day

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Female!Reader

AU: Highschool AU

Word count: 2,763

Warning: None

Summary: Reader tries out for the school’s next theater production, In The Heights, and unexpectedly gets the role of Vanessa. You’ll never guess who plays Usnavi.

A/N: Yep, here it is, Day one, done. Almost three hours later than I was hoping. But at least I got it out. I hope you guys enjoy!

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Interviewer: Did you get to see any of each other's auditions on XF?
  • Camila: I saw Lauren's audition in the preliminary rounds. I remember I saw her and I was like,
  • "Oh my gosh, that girl is literally so beautiful."
  • And then I heard you from the booth singing and I thought,
  • "Damn it! She's good too! She's definitely gonna make it, what am I doing here?"
  • And then you came outside and I was like,
  • "I like your shirt."
roommate!lee daehwi

summary: pretty much how lee daehwi would act and what he would do as a roommate.

hi something short i wrote while procrastinating and supposed to be revising but also i got too bored 

  • daehwi!! im gonna expose myself first and say that he was my produce 101 bias because he was the only one i knew tbh
  • when you came to college you were all deciding roommates
  • you were pretty much hoping for a girl because life would be so much easier
  • and to your luck, you ended up with someone called lee daehwi
  • he gave you a small wave and introduced himself
  • he was pretty cute and u couldnt deny it lmao
  • you thought that he seemed like an aegyo person, he didnt look like he’d pull of sexy
  • when you got more comfortable with him you ended up teasing about how he can’t pull of sexy like his hyungs coughcough daniel
  • so you ended up doing the same and ended up shaking each others hands
  • then a few days later you seemed to have settled in
  • he was a really sociable person and he wasn’t that often shy
  • unless you asked him to get you a pad/tampon from the store
  • and little did you know,,
  • you and daehwi became best friends!!
  • something you found when becoming close to him was that he enjoyed singing
  • before you guys slept, he would always sing
  • he had a really angelic voice too and it comforted you somehow
  • you and daehwi only had one or two classes together bc of different interests, he was more of a musical person
  • he was a really fascinating and talented boy, you had no idea he could speak not only korean, but english, japanese 
  • daehwi was also such a lovely boy and was pretty much the teacher’s pet too
  • he put you before himself, he made sure that you ate breakfast
  • if you were running late he’d leave a jar of fruits or oatmeal on the table with a small note saying: “EAT UP Y/N! - daehwi”
  • and it was extremely cute of him
  • he was pretty much a distraction when studying tbh
  • you loved going through notes with each other, helping each other memorise
  • until you’ve done like 3 hours and he haD TO USE HIS DAMN AEGYO SO YOU COULD EAT SOME ICE CREAM
  • “god dammit, lee daehwi..”
  • “works everytime, doesn’t it?” daehwi winks
  • “yah! this is the last time,”
  • “that’s what you said last time,” daehwi jokes
  • “lEE DAEHWI!”
  • back to that time of the month, daehwi would literally shoWER you with cheap ass chocolate thats still pretty good quality
  • p.s yall live off ramen lmao,, every day every night LOL
  • he got nervous once u asked him to get u tampons/pads
  • then he said, “okay, fine”
  • the type of roommate to tuck you into bed when you dont have ur blanket on or when ur sleeping on the couch or something??
  • idk how daehwi would carry you LAMASDCHCHCHC SORRY DONT ATTAK me but maybe he could you never know
  • like he’d make sure your pillows are adjusted and when its all cold he’d put the blankets over youadchhfvhv
  • also likes to give his left overs to you
  • but u get mad bc ur like
  • eventually daehwi gives in after ur pouting and decides to eat anyways
  • also gives you massages when you’re feeling stressed or sad
  • hugs you 25/8 too
  • fan of hugs 
  • he just likes cuddling too
  • cuddles u on the couch thingie as well
  • he literally acts like a baby 95% of the time and ur always like “daehwi UR ACTING LIKE A BABY!!”
  • you’d probably get never tired of each other
  • yall have way too much fun being roommates
  • he gets all flustered tho when he walks on u in the bathroom on accident lOL
  • he gets all shy
  • L O V E S spa nights n stuff
  • he likes to relax
  • face masks, more massages, bath bombs
  • will spoil tf out of u as well with bath bombs lmao
  • and then ur shook bc like “JESUS THIS IS HOW YOU GET CLEAR SKIN??”
  • you beg him to show you his skin care routine too
  • and he likes no bc its a secret and someone unknown will kill him if he spoils
  • and you ended up clinging onto his leg that day
  • your other best friend will probably be park woojin, a fellow bestie of daehwis
  • and woojin was literally a dork and they always had these inside jokes and they would tease you about it
  • W I LL have a girl group dance competition with you
  • makes a bet on who will win
  • tbh its pretty much daehwi who wins by like 2% 
  • daehwi also likes the dorm aparment idk with pastel colours too
  • you all have pillow fights
  • and sometimes he’ll even call his friends to help
  • you both are really good students too
  • you try and eat lunch together sometimes
  • and you get sad when he says “sorry, i’ll be eating with my friends over there! you can come if you want”
  • and one day he literally forces you to meet them
  • they all have mistaken you both for dating
  • and you and daehwi gasp and you go, “eXcUsE mE WE ARE DORMMATES.”
  • and ong seongwoo snickers and does that spongebob meme and goes “yea right… EXCUSE ME WE ARE DORMMATES”
  • “yah, leave them alone,” yoon jisung, the oldest rolls his eyes
  • then the night after that you both get very awkward around each other
  • daehwi would be such a caring loving roommate and you shoULD APPRECIATE THE THINGS HE DOES FOR YOU!!
  • and then, one day daehwi starts chasing a cat around
  • and you get confused
  • “w-wait! i didn’t adopt this, i promise,” daehwi laughs, “it’s daniel-hyungs.. i have no idea how rooney-”
  • “rooney?” you said, “it’s clearly a girl, daehwi.”
  • “he got confused with the gender okay?!” daehwi says and you laugh
  • “i need to give this back to him,”
  • “and i’ll get breakfast on the way back!” daehwi winks as he finally gets the poor cat in his arms
  • you both develop a really long-lasting friendship
  • and he told you he wants to become an idol and he shows all the songs he’s handwritten
  • you read the lyrics and you end up tearing up
  • because theyre like.. so meaningful!!! 
  • you told him you support him 100%
  • when daehwi thinks you’re not around, he’ll get his guitar out and sing
  • you lean on the doorframe and smile, “you thought i was gone, hwi?”
  • daehwi turns around and blushes, “h-hey! how long have you been standing there?”
  • “i guess, at the start of the song.” you said, “it’s beautiful.. hwi,”
  • “you really think?” daehwi scratches the back of his neck,
  • “you know i support you all the way.”
  • a few weeks later, you find that daehwi isn’t here
  • he’s missing all the classes for two days and you sigh
  • you found a note on the table saying:
  • GOOD MORNING Y/N-IE! :D breakfast is in the fridge, eat up you pig >:) i’ve gone to some auditions with woojin, and i’ve emailed the school and they said it’s fine. i won’t be back for another 2 days okay?? i’m very sorry :( make sure to eat and jihoon and jinyoung will have your back okay! i trust you to send me the homework and some other school stuff, but i’m sure our professors will anyways. I LOVE YOU A LOT AND THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ME! <3
  • the message made you smile, and you text daehwi:
  • to: day-hwee: HEY HWI, thanks so much for the message and letting me know!! i wish you and woojin good luck at your auditions!! i’ll miss you a lot and i love you too hwi!! GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYTHING!
  • that night, you ended up receiving a text from jinyoung, saying “yo y/n, turn the tv on! daehwi’s on it!! it’s the music channel!”
  • you were so proud of daehwi
  • also idk why this suddenly became a story lmao??
  • back to the actual title,
  • daehwi’s also the type to order like 2 boxes of pizza that yall can devour and you probably have quite a few times of takeout despite the budgets 
  • he makes sure that you both have a good few years!!
  • and this one time you were SHOOK
  • because he came home with purple hair and you literally melted inside
  • and then daehwi reveals its a ‘tradition’ with his mates
  • and you roll your eyes, touching the ends of your hair, “maybe i should dye my hair too…
  • summary: you and daehwi r super close friends, you’re like… jealous of his skin and life 24/7 and HE WOULD BE AN AMAZINGROOMMATE BC I MEAN.. THE PIZZA, MASSAGES, THE AEGYO AND HIS SINGING??
  • also daehwi’s a fluff bean if you dare to hurt this baby, fight me.
Pure Chance // Jungkook

Originally posted by squeakjimin

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary//Request: @camillavanilla2029 - You are auditioning for a singing competition and Jungkook is also auditioning for the same thing. You both meet and end up falling for each other~

A/N: I changed the storyline slightly ^^ But I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

You sat at the back of the school bus, almost shaking in your seat with how nervous you were as the rowdy shouting from the rest of the students filled your ears. You took a deep breath, before taking out your iPod and putting your earphones in, trying to forget about all of your worries and the day that lay ahead of you.

Today was the day that a few schools in your area would be auditioning to compete in a local singing competition to create a group to take part in national and international performances. You had been singing all your life, so of course when you seen the audition notice stapled to the wall outside of music class in your all girls school, you had decided to put your name forward – along with 19 other girls who all shared the same dream. You knew that today, you would be competing against your female peers alongside an all boys school who would also be attending the audition. Your music teacher had previously informed you all that out of the 40 boys and girls auditioning today, only 4 would be selected – 2 girls and 2 boys, making you feel both anxious and scared of even auditioning in the first place. But you were confident that you could at least try your best, so you decided to give it your best shot regardless.

You arrived at the audition venue – a modern, grey and white building with large, tall windows along the riverside at the edge of the city which was usually used for theatrical performances. You followed the rest of the students off the bus and into the building – the excited chatter of everyone making your veins course with adrenaline as you knew that soon, you would be standing on an empty stage in front of 4 judges, plus your peers…and 20 boys. And as if right on queue, in walked the boys of Saint Claire’s High school. Maturity was nowhere to be seen as the childish banter between both schools began, it was only natural as the girls never spent any time regularly with boys and vice versa. You however, didn’t care for such juvenile matters as you were only 100% focused on your audition, as you sat back in the chair you were sitting on and went over your audition song in your head, listening to it again and again through your earphones.

“Mind if I sit here?” a boy to your right asked you. Well, you didn’t hear him say it, you just saw him motion to the seat beside you that your bag was currently occupying. You pulled your earphones out quickly, before grabbing your bag off the seat.

“Ah I’m sorry! I didn’t think anyone would sit next to me so I just dumped my bag there, here you go.” You replied, not even looking up to see his face as you nodded your head quickly and hugged you bag in close to your chest.

“That’s okay! What’s your name? I’m Jungkook” he continued to make conversation. You turned your head to face him – his cute, bunny-like smile greeting you as he softened his features. If you were nervous about singing in front of everyone before, you were certainly terrified now.

“Uh, I’m (Y/N), nice to meet you…are you here to audition too?” you asked, immediately scolding yourself internally. “Of course he’s here to audition you idiot, why else would he be here with the rest of his school?”

“Yup! To be honest, I’m really nervous. I’m not as good as the other boys here. But I thought I’d try out anyway. What’s your audition song? If you don’t mind me asking” he smiled at you again, turning his body around to completely face you while slightly fiddling with his fingers. He had told you he was nervous, but something about him oozed calmness, as you basked in his strange, yet relaxing aura.

“Actually, I’m singing something that I wrote myself. I thought it would be cool to showcase one of my own works, so I hope it doesn’t backfire on me” you giggled slightly at him.

“Wow…you write your own songs? Me too! I’m singing one of my originals as well. That’s so cool, I don’t know anyone else my age that does that.” Jungkook replied, looking genuinely impressed with you. You smiled shyly under his wide eyed gaze, both of you smiling at each other at the purely coincidental situation.

“Alright kids. If you could all make your way into the theatre and sit near the front – your names will be called one by one to audition. Please remember your manners and have respect for the person who is auditioning – this way please!” your music teacher called out to you all, as she motioned both schools through the large red doors of the theatre.

You walked beside Jungkook, feeling your heart rate increase as you took in the majestic walls and ceiling, not being able to take your eyes off how big the stage actually was. It seemed as though everyone else began to feel the same thing as for the first time that day, all of the students fell quiet as everyone began to take their seats at the front. You sat down, expecting Jungkook to walk right past you and go and sit with the rest of the boys, but to your surprise, he sat down beside you as if it were no big deal at all.

“Man, I hope I don’t get called up first. I always hate going first” he leaned in close and whispered in your ear. You felt small, cold shivers dance across your neck at how close he was to you, his soft breath ticking the tiny hairs on your skin.

“Me too, but I kind of hope I’m not last either. Somewhere in the-“

“-middle would be great” – you both finished the sentence together. You both looked at each other, trying to keep your giggling to a minimal, as the first person was called - thankfully it was neither you nor Jungkook.

“Phew” Jungkook sighed a breath of relief, his being still comfortably close to yours as you tried to focus on the performances, but failing miserably.

Student after student was called, before finally, it was Jungkook’s turn.

“Good luck” you whispered to him as he left his seat, looking back and smiling at you while giving you thumbs up. He climbed the stairs to the stage, before plugging his iPhone up to the speakers and setting his track.

“This is a song that I wrote and composed myself. It’s called “Taking Chances”. I hope you’ll enjoy it.” He said into the mic, eliciting a bunch of “ooo’s” from the audience. You held your breath as you watched him press play and waited for the music to start. You didn’t know why – because you hadn’t heard him sing yet, but you wanted him to be really good. You wanted him to do well and get a place on the team. He was the first person in a long while to show you such kindness, and for that you were so very grateful.

Jungkook began singing his song. The entire room fell so silent that you could hear a pin drop as everyone took in his soft but husky voice. Chills began travelling up your arms as your hair stood on end. He had told you that he wasn’t the best singer in his school, but from what you had heard so far you began to extremely beg to differ. His voice was beautiful, sweet but with an element of angst from the lyrics he was singing. The music was acoustic, a little piano and guitar for rhythm as he swept all of you away with his melodic voice and a single, hard hitting high note at the end. The whole room erupted in a round of applause – you included as the judges passed knowing glances between themselves and made a few notes on their papers.

“Thank you Jungkook, thank you very much for that. Good job! Okay…next we have…Miss (Y/N)! ” the judge called out as you felt your heart sink into your stomach. Of course you had prepared yourself as much as you could, but you couldn’t help it now after Jungkook’s amazing performance. You didn’t know he would be so breathtaking and spectacular – it completely star struck you.

“Hey, you can do it okay? Good luck up there. I’m cheering you on!” Jungkook whispered to you as you met him halfway up towards the stage. He placed his hand on your shoulder, giving it a small and caring squeeze as he smiled warmly at you. You weren’t sure why, but you started to blush, smiling back and him and thanking him – making a mental note to tell him how amazing his song was after your performance. Just as Jungkook had done seconds before, you set up your music, before taking the mic in your hand.

“Uhm, I am also singing my own song that I wrote. Thank you” you said bashfully into the mic, as you felt everyone’s eyes on you. You pressed play on your iPod, before closing your eyes and waiting for the intro to start. Jungkook sat up on the edge of his seat, watching you with your eyes shut tight as a quiet melody began to echo throughout the room. You opened your mouth and began singing, getting lost in your own world as you gripped the microphone and imagined that you were the only person in the room. Everyone sat with their mouths wide open, Jungkook especially as your voice playfully climbed the different scales and notes of your song, ascending and descending as you sent chills up and down everyone’s body. You didn’t dare open your eyes, as you knew you would fall apart right then and there. Jungkook smiled uncontrollably, gently biting the bottom of his lip as he clasped his hands together, listening to you finish the song. He was the first one to take to his feet as he began to loudly clap and give you a well deserved round of applause, the rest of the room joining in as he did so. You opened your eyes and the first person you saw was Jungkook, grinning from ear to ear as you bowed to the judges and took your iPod with you, walking down the steps to sit back down beside Jungkook.

“(Y/N)…you were amazing! You didn’t tell me you were that good!” Jungkook exclaimed as you sat back down beside him, trying to hide the fact that you were blushing beyond belief at his stream of compliments that were falling from his mouth.

“Well…you told me you weren’t the best singer in your school, but to be honest…out of everyone here today – including me…you’re the best, Jungkook. I’m serious. Your voice gave me shivers” you said without meaning to, making Jungkook giggle softly as he looked anywhere but your eyes. He didn’t know why, but he felt really drawn to you – almost like a magnetic force pulling him closer towards you.

“Alright…maybe I told a little white lie. I could see you were feeling nervous and I wanted to let you know that it’s okay~ Everyone feels nervous and like they are lacking sometimes…even me.” He looked at you intensely, his dark eyes swimming with compassion and understanding. You giggled lightly, filling his ears with your nervous girlish laughter that he had began to enjoy very much.

After everyone had finished their performances, the judges deliberated and whittled the numbers down to 2 boys and 2 girls. You remained beside Jungkook the entire time, him talking to you about anything and everything – completely taking your mind off of the competition, making you relax and open up to him more. You felt strange – you had only known Jungkook for the best part of a few hours; but it felt like you had known him your entire life. He had a familiar smile, one that you were sure you had seen before but you couldn’t quite put your finger on. Maybe from a dream? You didn’t know. But what you did know was that there was a huge chance that after today, you would never speak to Jungkook again. He would go his way, and you would go yours.

“Hey..maybe this is really rude of me to ask you, but…I know we just met today and I don’t want it to seem like I’m being pushy or anything but I think you’re really cool, and - ” Jungkook laughed at you trying to skirt around asking the question.

“(Y/N), you know you can just ask me, right? I was going to ask you after they gave the results anyway. Can we exchange numbers?” he smiled into your face as he pulled his phone out from his back pocket, making you want to hang your head in embarrassment as you felt the familiar glow of pink creep upon your face. You swapped phones, saving each other’s numbers before returning them and watching the judges as they ascended on to the stage to announce the winners of today’s audition.

“We will now announce the 2 girls and 2 boys who have successfully made it through to have a place on the performance group. You all did very well and we commend you highly, but unfortunately we can only pick 4 people. The first two that are going to be on the team are… Jeon Hyemi and Lee KiBeom!”

The entire room began clapping and congratulating Hyemi and KiBeom as they walked up together on stage and shook the judge’s hands one by one. It was then that you felt a large hand placing itself over yours on your lap, causing you to snap your head around to see Jungkook looking at your hands together. You felt like you couldn’t breathe as his touch felt hot, but soothing at the same time.

“Whatever happens, we did all we could. Don’t worry” he said softly, smiling and gently chuckling in an attempt to make the air lighter. For a brief moment, you didn’t care at all about the competition. All you cared about was right in front of you – the pure chance of meeting Jungkook and getting to hear him perform was one of the best moments in your life thus far. You knew now that whatever the outcome of this situation; you would still walk away a winner.

“We have decided to put the next two people together as a duet as well as being in the team performance group because we believe that their voices would really complement each other. Everyone please give a huge round of applause to the last two people, Jungkook and (Y/N)!”


A/N: Hi so um, I wrote a thing. Please tell me if you like the thing. This is loosely based on the musical The Last Five Years, so the timeline jumps around a bit. If you are not familiar with the show it’s okay, it’s not crucial.. Anyways, sorry if this isn’t very good, I tried writing it once before for something else, but I’m liking how this one is turning out way more.

Warnings: none? Some mild drinking and I think there is one swear

word count: 3,284  

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Autumn, Fifth Year

A hand-written letter lay open on the desk before you. There was once a time when you loved coming home to see notes around the apartment, cute little messages or words of encouragement for the day. Now they just served as a sick reminder of what was.

What was, was such a bold and clear statement for what was happening. What was, made it sound like this was a recent discovery, when in fact it was months and months of buildup. No matter how many photos you hung on the wall or how many flaws you tried to cover there was no denying that. Maybe if you had been given one more day together it could have been different. Maybe there could’ve been a compromise when there was no more lies to tell. And maybe, just maybe, you could’ve seen this coming.

It wasn’t certain if it was all supposed to end this way. Though it seemed now there wasn’t much you could do about it. It was not your choice to make, he had decided that for you both. That idea had been locked away the moment something better had presented itself. Someone.

If this was how your story was supposed to end maybe you shouldn’t have started it to begin with. You could have saved yourself from the scars and pain that had been left in his wake. Looking back on everything you don’t know how someone could move on, but it was something you were going to have to do. Something you were going to do alone, in an apartment full of every lie and reminder of why you were broken. The very letter that triggered it all still in front of you, next to it a ring that served only as an empty promise. Crying to yourself silently, because for some reason you couldn’t bring yourself to breakdown like you so desperately wanted. While it hurt to keep it in, you knew it would only hurt yourself more to let everything out. Perhaps that was the easier part in running, you didn’t have to live with it all.


It wasn’t that simple, not for you at least.

Eventually you would stop hurting, but for now you would have to learn to live with it. Now you would have to try and see the new beginning at the end of this sad chapter. If not for yourself, then for the girl you used to be. The girl who was so happy and full of love, the girl Spencer fell in love with.


Just thinking of his name made another wave of tears fall. You didn’t wipe them away; it didn’t matter anymore. It’s not like there was anyone there to see you cry anyways. He wasn’t there, Spencer was gone. There was no clock to turn back, no story to rewrite that was going to change that, you could see that now. But that didn’t stop it from hurting. Somehow, through these tears, you’d find there was something to take from all of this. For now, though, you’d cry. You’d cry, and hurt, and reminisce of the years spent.

Spring, First Year

Parties weren’t normally your thing. It’s not like you completely resented them, they just weren’t at the top of your list on how to spend your weekend. However, your roommate, Penelope, insisted on dragging you along to her friend’s engagement party.

“Y/N could you be any slower?”

You rolled your eyes at your blonde roommate, quickening your pace to join her up the walkway to a very busy house. Penelope was already up the front steps and knocking by the time you had finally reached her. For a girl in five inch heels she could move. You bounced on the balls of your feet, anxiety settling in as you waited for the door to be answered. Should you have gotten a different gift? The bottle of wine you had bought weighing you down and causing you to slightly panic, especially when you saw the personalized His & Her towels Penelope had got. The wine, though pricey, and would definitely be setting you back on next month’s rent, suddenly seemed like a very stupid idea. Penelope had insisted it was fine, that you didn’t need to buy a gift anyways given you had only found out you were coming with her this morning. Your inner monologue was cut short when the door opened, a lean brunette male behind it.

“Will!” Penelope grinned, throwing her arms around him.

Will laughed, returning the eager woman’s bone crushing hug. Something about his expression told you that he still hadn’t become accustomed to Penelope Garcia’s hugs. The two pulled away and Will opened the door further, inviting both of you inside. You followed behind Penelope, thanking Will as you entered the house.

“You remember, Y/N, my roommate” Penelope turned to Will, taking off her jacket as she spoke. You offered him a kind smile, waving your free hand awkwardly. You and Will had only met once or twice, when he and his fiancé, Jennifer, had come over to the apartment. Not much had ever been said, you usually opted to stay in your room or go out with your own friends whenever your roommate had company over.

“It’s nice to see you again” Will returned your smile, then taking Penelope’s jacket from her and hanging it in the hall closet.

“You too.” You said, reaching out to shake Will’s hand. He smiled again, giving your hand a firm shake and you felt your nerves start to ease. Penelope grabbed you by the wrist, telling Will she would catch up with him later, and lead you through the house. You followed along, despite kinda knowing the engaged couple and being here with someone you still felt out of place. Penelope wedged the two of between a pair of men chatting at the end of the hall, you apologized to them as you were dragged along behind her towards another blonde standing at the entrance of the living room.

“Garcia!” the blonde pulled Penelope into a hug, releasing you from her hold.

“JJ!” Penelope was practically bouncing as she hugged her newly engaged friend. She handed JJ the gift bag containing the towels she had gotten for her and Will. JJ thanked her and placed it next to the growing pile of gifts beside the couch. They started talking and you started to feel more out of place than you had before. However, that soon left your mind when JJ turned to you and pulled you into a hug much like the one she gave Penelope.

“Y/N, it’s so good to see you!” You couldn’t help but grin at her greeting. In the few times, you had met, JJ had always been very welcoming and sweet. You hadn’t met a lot of Penelope’s friends, but she was by far your favorite.

“It’s good to see you, Jennifer.” You replied to the kind blonde woman.

“Please, call me JJ” she insisted. You nodded and offered her the bottle of wine you brought. JJ thanked you and took the bottle, raising her eyebrows at the label, looking impressed. You felt relief wash over, glad the fancy wine was a suitable gift.

“Morgan is in the kitchen if you wanted to go say hi” JJ said to Penelope. The woman’s eyes lit up behind her glasses and she thanked JJ, pressing a kiss to her cheek before hurrying off, leaving you with JJ. Trying your best not to make the situation uncomfortable, you made small talk. You asked how the wedding planning was and she said it was going fine and that her and Will were going to test cakes next weekend. She asked you how your career was and if you were still dating that guy from your improv troupe, both of which were negative answers, but she didn’t need to know the full story. Instead, you opted for “it’s going good” and “no, not anymore.” Eventually she was pulled away by some other guests at her party, which was fine since you should probably go find Penelope anyways.

You headed off towards the direction you last saw Penelope go, hoping she hadn’t trailed off too far. Luckily the kitchen wasn’t far from where you were, and you found her standing around the kitchen island, chatting with two other men. She saw you as soon as you entered the room, waving you over to join them. You hurried over, smoothing down your dress as you approached the small group.

“I was wondering where you were!” Penelope said, handing you a drink.

“JJ and I were having polite conversation.” You explained, taking the drink from her and thanking her. Penelope rolled her eyes, lightly nudging her shoulder against yours. You took a small sip from your beverage, a simple vodka soda, knowing it was probably going to be your only drink for the night.

“There’s our next broadway star!” one of the two guys pulled you into a side hug. You laughed, hugging him back with one arm, as your other hand was holding your drink.

“Hi, Derek” you grinned up at dark skinned male. Derek Morgan was one of Penelope’s friends you knew quite well, due to their close friendship. When you had first heard her talk about him you had assumed they were dating, later realizing that calling each other “baby girl” and “chocolate thunder” was just how they were.

“Should I be expecting front row tickets to your next show any day soon?” Morgan asked, clinking his glass to yours and then taking a sip. “I have an audition on Sunday so I’ll let you know then.” You tried to play it off but deep down hoping you hadn’t just jinxed it.

“You’re an actress!” the other guy had chimed in, his words coming off more as a statement than a question. You turned towards him, nodding. Unlike Morgan, you were not familiar with him. He was tall, thin, a mop of light brown curls on his head, and unmistakably attractive.

“Y/N’s too humble to brag, but she’s really good. I took Morgan to go see her play Marian in Music Man last winter and it was amazing!” Penelope said and Morgan nodded in agreement. You blushed at your friend’s words. In all honesty, it was just small little black box production, nothing too special, but Penelope was still supportive. She brought Morgan along, and the two of them had even given you flowers and took you out to eat after. You found yourself smiling fondly at the memory. Morgan cleared his throat, elbowing the curly haired man next to him, who you had now realized had been staring at you. You felt your cheeks heat up and took another sip of your drink. Penelope and Morgan shared a look and just as you were about to ask them what was going on, JJ had entered the room.

“Hey guys, Rossi is a little drunk and giving a lecture about love, just thought you should know.” JJ said, pointing over her shoulder. Both Penelope and Morgan quickly followed, laughing about their drunken friend. Once again you found yourself alone with someone you had hardly knew. Though this time you had realized you didn’t even have a name. You two stood in silence for a while, not knowing who should speak first.

“So bride or groom?” you asked, the quiet getting to you.

“Oh, um, bride I guess.” He said, “I’m Spencer by the way.”


So, that was his name. You smiled and told him your name, even though he probably already knew it. You offered him your hand to shake, and for a moment, Spencer just looked at it. It was like he was trying to figure out if he should take it or not, in the end deciding to take your hand. His hand was warm, his fingers wrapping around yours. You knew that you wouldn’t mind getting the chance to have your hand in his again, but pushed those thoughts away given this was a man you had just met.

“What do you do, Spencer?” you asked when he let go of your hand. “I’m a writer.” He explained, looking at the door where his friends had just left. You wondered if he was debating on leaving, though you probably wouldn’t blame him if he did. He surprised you however, instead relaxing his shoulders and turning his attention fully towards you.

“Working on anything lately?” You reached for some pretzels in a bowl in the island, popping a couple in your mouth.

“I just finished my novel, actually.” Spencer smiled, putting both hands in his pockets, he wasn’t used to talking about himself. You gestured with your hand for him to continue, “it’s a fictional crime novel. Which, did you know that one of the first full length crime fiction stories was published in 1827? However there are actually reports of crime fiction dating back to the tales narrated by Scheherazade, and there is a certain type crime fiction going all the way back to the Ming dynasty.”

Your eyes widened, not expecting the brief history lesson to come from the young man’s mouth. Spencer trailed off, immediately thinking his rambling had scared you off. Though, it was quite the opposite. You found yourself impressed, not just for his knowledge but for how he chose to display it. Spencer easily could’ve taken the opportunity to brag about his novel, hell, you half expected it. Instead, he chose to tell you facts and statistics, a genuine interest to him.

“No, I did not know that.” You said simply and you saw Spencer visibly relax. He broke out into a wide smile and looked down at his feet. “Did you always want to be an actress?”

You shrugged at the question, but answered anyways. You told him about how when you were a little girl you saw your cousin in her school play and immediately fell in love. After months of begging you had convinced your parents to sign you up for an after-school theatre program and had been hooked ever since. After high school, you moved to New York, and although it’s been a struggle, you haven’t looked back since. You asked him about becoming a writer, and he in turn told you about how his mother used to read to him a lot and he had found himself escaping into books at a very young age. Spencer was easy to talk to; his ramblings were adorable and he liked asking you questions about yourself. You found out that the two of you had a lot in common; you both lived in the city, you both had similar tastes in tv and literature. Honestly the more you got to know Spencer, the more attracted you became towards him. To him however, you were easily one of the most exciting people he had ever met. Maybe it was because he had never met someone like, or maybe it was because talking to you felt like talking to some he had been waiting so long for. Yeah, that was the best way to describe it. He had been waiting for someone like you.

Towards the end of the night the two of found yourselves sitting on the back steps of JJ and Will’s house. Spencer was laughing at some story you had told him about an audition you once botched when first moved to the city. His laughter died out when the back door opened. You both turned to see Penelope standing there, hands on her hips, and an accusatorial look on her face.

“Are you aware that I have been looking all over for you two?” She said, speaking to you and Spencer like two children being caught red handed. “Sorry, Pen.” you chucked, standing up and dusting off your pants, “are we going?”

Penelope nodded, making her way down the steps. She hugged Spencer goodbye, explaining that she had work early in the morning. As they talked you looked down at your phone, realizing you had been here for almost five hours now. You hadn’t realized so much time had passed, you hadn’t even planned on staying late because of the long drive back home. Most of the guests were probably gone by now. Penelope and Spencer pulled away, she went to say something else to him but noticed his gaze lingering over her shoulder. The blonde turned to look at you, your eyes still fixed at your phone. A knowing grin crossed her face and she immediately excused herself, “I’ll go warm up the car.”

She gave you a quick thumbs up before hurrying back into the house. Something told you that she wasn’t actually going to the car and was probably gossiping to JJ inside. You looked back at Spencer, not entirely sure what to do next. Do you hug him like Penelope had? Should you give him your number? Although neither seemed like a bad idea, you still went the safe route and reached your hand out.

“Thanks for keeping me company tonight.”

Spencer took your hand in his, smiling, “it was my pleasure.”

You held hands for longer than necessary for a handshake but it didn’t seem like the two of you cared. When you finally had let go, you stepped away first, heading back up the steps to the house. Spencer followed behind, but when you reached the door he stopped you, lightly grabbing your arm.

“Can I call you sometime?” He asked. You nodded, handing him your phone and him doing the same. You punched your number into his contacts, adding a blushing smiley face by your name because why not? Once you each entered your numbers in you handed the other their phone back. He smiled at your name before slipping the phone back into his pocket. You exchanged goodbyes again and hurried through the house and out the front door where, to your surprise, Penelope was waiting with the car running in the driveway.

“Shut up” you blushed, setting into the passenger side and buckling your seat belt.

“I didn’t say anything!” Penelope defended, but her smile told you that there was definitely a lot of things she wanted to say. She pulled out of the driveway and you looked back at the house, smiling fondly. You turned back towards Penelope, opening your mouth to say something. Whatever you were going to say left your mind when your phone started ringing. Confused, you reached for it, not sure who could be calling you right now. Giddy excitement flooded over you seeing the name “Spencer Reid” flashing across the screen.

“Hello?” You answered. There was some shushing in the background, from what you could only assume was Morgan giving Spencer a pep talk.

“Hey, Y/N!” Spencer stuttered out from the other side, he said something to the people around him, quieting them “a-are you doing anything tomorrow night?”

You thought, remembering worked a day shift so you should be good, “no, why?”

“Do you wanna maybe have dinner? With me?” He sounded nervous and you immediately wanted to reassure him that he didn’t have to be

“I’d love too” you heard someone cheer in the background and one again Spencer urged them to be quiet. You covered you mouth with your hand, trying to muffle your laughter because this was too adorable. You told Spencer you’d text him when you got off work tomorrow and he eagerly agreed before hanging up. You bit your lip, smiling down at your phone.

Parties weren’t normally your thing, but this one didn’t seem so bad.

Battling Insecurity

The biggest demon of most musicians is a feeling of insecurity. It’s the creeping (or blatant) suspicion that you are literally the worst musician in the world — or at least nowhere near as good as you “should” be. It can also manifest as the idea that you’re going to: get laughed at by your peers, be a complete failure at everything you ever attempt, be revealed as a fraud, find out everyone is just humoring you, find out that your doubters were right, end up completely destitute and have to live in a cave, or possibly just spontaneously die the next time you have to perform. It turns out that all of these worries are 99.999% of the time completely baseless. No, you are not that 0.001 percent case where these thoughts are accurate. Bassoonist Georg, who has never actually touched a bassoon and likes living in caves, is an outlier adn should not have been counted.

The thing is that everyone feels like this, at least sometimes. I myself have, at the time of writing, complained at two different people a total of four times in the past week that I am going to end up living in a cave in the North Woods because no one will ever want to pay me for anything because I Suck. This is objectively not true. (You bought this book after all.) It may be a cliche, but there is a lot of truth to the thought that we are our own worst critics. There is no one else out there who knows your musical intent. If your trill doesn’t sound the way it did in your head, you are the only person who knows. Everyone else will think approximately this: “Hey, that was a trill. Cool.” If they’re especially persnickety, they might add “That was a little (better/worse) than when (you/someone else) sang a similar trill.” I don’t think there is a person out there who specifically goes to listen to a performance and thinks “This is awful and this performer is awful,” because most people are very nice. You are the only person there who thinks that you suck.

There are ways to battle insecurity, of course. Every performer develops a set of techniques to reaffirm their own self-worth, to calm themselves down, and essentially talk themselves down from the tree their anxiety has them hiding up. However, trial and error can take a long time, and you are going to need your self-esteem shored up a lot in the next year. With that in mind, here are suggestions from performers in college and beyond for how to manage insecurity.
Focus on things you’ve improved in the past year. When you start to worry about how obviously you’re no good and no one will ever want to listen to you etc. etc. etc., take a deep breath, then list three things you’ve improved in your playing in the past year. You have definitely improved at LEAST three, if not eight or nine aspects of your playing. Be as broad or as specific as you wish. This is about you acknowledging that you have grown and gotten better, so you choose the things on which to focus.
Listen to old recordings of yourself. If you absolutely CANNOT think of a SINGLE THING you’ve improved on in the past year (really? Not even your ability to play a single piece?), then go and listen to recordings of yourself from years ago. Find something you performed in when you were a freshman in high school (or, if you’re a freshman, see if you can find stuff from elementary school!). Go and listen to it, as critically as you can. It will probably make you cringe. That’s a good thing. Know why?
It’s because it shows you how much you’ve grown since then. If you fast-forward ten years from now, as long as you have kept playing, I can guarantee that future-you will listen to recordings of current-you with that same kinda cringey feeling. Because, in ten years, you will have improved so much that your current playing will be unrecognizable. And you will be proud.
Remember that the goal is improvement, not perfection. Music is not a race. Music is not a competition. Music is an art for self-fulfillment and self-expression. Perfection is impossible. Being “the best” is also impossible - there are seven billion people on Earth (and six in space (I checked!)). There’s always going to be someone out there who has practiced a little longer, or harder, or started earlier, or whose fingers are just a little closer to the perfect shape for your instrument. Your goal, then, should be to improve your own self - no comparisons to others, nothing like that.
Remember everyone comes from a different background. That person who sits to you in your ensemble, the one you’re envious of? You can’t know everything about their life. Maybe their parents started them on their instrument at age three. Maybe they haven’t gone out on the weekend in a year and a half because they practice then, or because they work to make up for not working during their practice time during the week. They could have a buttload of debt because of outside lessons. There’s no way to know what advantages or tradeoffs they’ve had to get where they are.
Once you’re at a certain point in life, there’s no way to add something to your life without sacrificing something else that you also like. If someone else practices X amount hours more a week then you do, then they spend X amount less doing something valuable to you - work, sleep, other homework, socializing, recharging, etc. They may simply have different priorities than you, and that’s okay.
Shut down the voice that compares people. Comparing yourself to someone else does nothing for you. Really. Unless you’re actively studying someone’s technique for educational purposes, comparing yourself to that 5th year senior, or that incredible freshman, does nothing for you. When you notice yourself doing the comparison thing, just shut it off. Practice rebuffing that voice.
“Sarah plays really well, yes. When I’ve played as long as she as, I’ll be better than I am now, too!”


“That freshman plays really well - I’m glad they had the opportunities they did.”

If all else fails, just look at these other people as motivation. Aspire to be as good as them, and use that to fuel your own practice. Just don’t let it spiral into beating yourself up. You’re worth more than that.
Directors have a vision. If you don’t match that vision, it’s not a personal failing.This is specifically in regards to auditions or chair seatings. Every musician has a different style and different technical abilities, and that’s okay. Sometimes your skill in a certain area may be amazing, but your tone just doesn’t match the rest of an ensemble. Or your sight-reading is great, but the director prefers someone else’s musical interpretation. That’s okay. There are ensembles where sight-reading is super important, and where your tone matches perfectly. You just have to find them, and you will eventually.
Make sure to take care of yourself. You can’t practice as efficiently if you’re sick. You can’t improve as much when you’re always exhausted. Trust me - due to an immune system that works about as well as a mall cop, I’ve spent on average eight weeks a school year feeling absolutely gross. I had to take an incomplete with my private teacher the first semester of my senior year of college, because I was so ill I could barely phonate (mono is a big ball of suck).
I’ve been better overall, however, since I started scheduling my sleep and food and socialization times. My calendar has nine hours of sleep scheduled in every night, I have phone calls and coffee dates with my best friends penciled in every week, and food is as regular as clockwork. Why? Because it prevents that nauseous, exhausted feeling of sleepwalking through a ten hour day. Hard days still happen, of course. However, I don’t spend nearly as much time cajoling myself to just keep putting one foot in front of the other anymore. Instead, I’m awake, engaged, and able to complain about things other than how tired I am. Progress!
Read up on Impostor Syndrome. Impostor Syndrome is when your brain’s resident jerkwad is constantly suggesting everyone you know is about to find out you’re a fraud. Who cares about any auditions you’ve successfully done. Who cares how good a grade you got last week. The jerkwad yells that you’re faking everything you’ve ever done, and people are going to figure that out, and then you’re going to end up living under a bridge and charging people tolls to cross it, and then they’ll figure out you aren’t even really a troll, and then you’re going to have join me in the cave in the North Woods and eat beetles and moss.
That jerkwad is a liar. Even I haven’t ended up in the North Woods yet, and I’m pretty sure I should list “Can BS Real Well” on my resume under Skills. You are a real musician - after all, you play music! That’s it. That’s all that’s required to call yourself a musician. I promise.

crush! daniel

member: kang daniel

summary: you have a crush on daniel and he, too, has a crush on you. but you both never confessed. and one day you see daniel as a new idol in a group called wanne one. 

genre: angst (a bit…….)

a/n: thank you at the anon who requested this plot for crush! daniel, i’ll mix a bit of mine with yours! :) (p/s after finishing this, i realized my daniel aus are really lacking….idek why but i am sorry….)

  • where do you start with kang daniel tbh
  • firstly, he is your crush 
  • and it’s funny because you both never actually had a proper talk with each other most of the time
  • it was always just a ‘hello’ or ‘see you around?’ 
  • and that was because you both are really shy when the talk gets deeper
  • so you just eventually make an ending where daniel couldn’t continue anything to the talk
  • daniel was fine by it though,,,, like at least he got to talk with his crush
  • which led to people thinking
  • “when are they going to date??”
  • but you both are too oblivious over the fact that you both have mutual feelings
  • but tbh you always think daniel is just friendly to you because he is….that friendly to everyone
  • and people really like him alot
  • even though he laughs at everything….sometimes at inappropriate times
  • but you like that about him
  • because he’s the definition of carefree
  • something that you want to have
  • daniel is also a man with dreams 
  • his dream to be able to showcase his dance and rapping is really inspiring to you
  • and seeing him do what he loves to do make you feel warm and happy
  • one time he asked you to watch him dance
  • and you got shy over his suggestion
  • but daniel was smiling widely and his bunny teeth just appears in your sight and you have this fluttering feeling in your heart 
  • so you said sure to his asking 
  • and you were definitely still oblivious over daniel’s crush on you
  • it was frustrating in other people’s eyes tbh
  • but you both were dumb to realized it
  • so when daniel danced to the music
  • you knew how much passion daniel had for dancing and rapping
  • his talent was at a peak where he belongs on the stage
  • and you told him:
  • “you should try auditioning to be an idol”
  • “idol?”
  • “yeah, you know, you have the talent and all, that shouldn’t get wasted”
  • “really?”
  • you saw daniel’s smile brightened up and you just…love it
  • “yes, really. plus you have good looks too– wait, i mean–”
  • “g-good looks?”
  • you looked at daniel and he seemed embarrassed but his smile never left his face
  • honestly after that you both just got a lot shy with each other
  • and just like that
  • daniel began to move on with his dream 
  • “hello, i am wanna one’s kang daniel”
  • you smile at the tv, seeing daniel introducing with his group for the first time
  • before your eyes laid on the phone and your fingers just fiddle with it 
  • breathes
  • you dial daniel’s number and it wasn’t even a second for another beep but daniel picks it up
  • “y/n?”
  • “daniel– you still have my number?”
  • “well yes,,, our friend gave it to me”
  • “…oh”
  • “uh, so what’s up?”
  • “i just want to congratulate you, for debuting”
  • “ah, thank you! it’s all thanks to you anyway, you were the one that made me think of going to audition”
  • “i-i was just suggesting, i didn’t think you would actually follow along”
  • “that’s because i like–”
  • and suddenly it’s silence
  • and your heart feels nervous over the sentence daniel just said
  • disappointment? sadness? you’re feeling those right now and it’s confusing you because you should be happy for daniel
  • “daniel?”
  • “sorry, i was just thinking about something”
  • “about what?”
  • “about you”
  • “me?”
  • “yeah, and about your dream… you never told me about your dream”
  • “i don’t have any dreams”
  • you feel a huge lump on your throat and you just want to end the phone call
  • “everyone has dreams–”
  • “um hey, daniel? i have to go…. i just remembered i have this errand to do”
  • “… oh okay, we’ll talk again, right–”
  • and you just hangs up on him
  • your eyes begin to water and your heart feels heavy
  • your dream?
  • your dream was to be with daniel, as silly as it may sound
  • but it isn’t
  • daniel makes you happy
  • like how daniel is happy when he’s dancing
  • it’s a dream you wished it would come true
  • “y/n… why didn’t you just confess to him…why didn’t you get your dream like how you made daniel get his….”
  • you hate how you’re suffering from it and daniel doesn’t even know
  • and daniel…. doesn’t know you’re going through the same thing as him
  • his frustration sigh echoes in the empty practice room
  • thinking that he never gotten his first dream
  • the dream to be with you

Yes! It’s finally here! The oh so talented Caterina Primrose is finally starting her own theatre troupe! (I haven’t decided 100% on a name yet.)

Posts have been made previously about this, and with the growing excitement, I was inspired to quickly make it happen. I have so many ideas in mind.

This is NOT a guild, so you don’t have to leave one thing you love to go to another, you know? 

When are auditions being held? Saturday, February 18th and Sunday, February 19th at 5:00 pm server (on both days)


OOCLY - The City Hall in the Cathedral Square 

ICLY - Since it’s not really plausible for her to rent the City Hall (it is the CITY hall), it’ll just be in a building somewhere else in the city, due to the fact the city is much bigger in reality than game mechanics allow it to be.

Audition requirements: 

  1. One monologue that your character has memorized (You can obviously just pull it up online)
  2. Your character is required to bring a prepared little piece of music to either play or sing (if you were doing it in real life it’d be no more than a minute). If your character can’t sing, DON’T worry! The troupe won’t be doing too much singing unless we all decide to do a musical. It’s just helpful to know who can and cannot bust out them vocal chords when we do need it. So if the monologue is good, they’ll likely be admitted in!

What sort of things would we be doing?

If your character is accepted to be part of the troupe, we’d choose a play, hold auditions, cast, have little rehearsals every few days, figure out venues, perform at other guild’s events (if we can), perform our own shows, and when we don’t have a major production going on or want to role-play something more than rehearsal - we’ll do fun skits and street improvisation! 

What if my character wouldn’t perform but I’d still like to be involved?

We need Directors. This will enable your character to get their creative side rolling and portray the story how they perceived it with their artistic vision in mind. If we don’t have directors, I’ll be directing all the shows, I’d love to see other people give it a try though!

We could use Playwrights. Original work would be SO cool. 

As a theatre major I can tell you that we need a LOT more than just actors. We need costume designers - yes! If you’re good at those mogs and would like to help, contact me please, omg! 

We also need stage hands, people who can help us fulfill the visual special effects and help with set designing/locations. Stage hands also just generally help the actors backstage. If they need a quick change, or someone to do their makeup/hair for them, stage hands help.

We need ushers! People who will escort and interact with the audience before the show, during intermission, and after! This means you might be collecting the money at the ticket box, or relax at the concession stand as well.

If your character would want to sit back and let someone else take the reigns while they observe and learn, they can audition for the troupe as an understudy! 

If your character wouldn’t be involved at all but supports it, come see the shows, sponsor them, donate clothing for costumes! It’s something that has a place for everyone in the community, and I hope to see you all there. 

Sincerely, the mun, Cam. <3 


In Good Time, the actor proves once again the extent of his game. And he enjoys seeing people surprised by his talent! Very frank interview. 

Robert Pattinson laughs a great deal. We did not expect it. Like everyone else, we thought he would be melancholic, distant, taciturn - in short, like the vampire Edward Cullen who made him famous in Twilight. Of course, it’s been five years since then, five years that he’s had several spectacular performances with prestigious directors: David Cronenberg in 2012 and in 2014, James Gray this year … one would believe that by this stage, his reputation would be made. But no. As he emphasizes so joyously–every new film, amazement, everyone realizes that Robert Pattinson is a good actor. And ultra-friendly, moreover. 

The phenomenon has not failed to recur with his latest metamorphosis, Good Time, in French theaters this Wednesday. Selected to be in competition at the last Cannes Film Festival, this thriller was inspired by Pattinson, working with brothers Joshua and Benny Safdie, a promising duo that Martin Scorsese himself took under his wing (he will produce their next film).

Pattinson is playing Connie, a nice boy capable of the worst. To prevent his brother Nick, who suffers from a mental handicap, from being interned in a specialized institution, he drags him into a bank robbery. The money, he says, will be used to buy a farm. Except that Nick is caught and imprisoned. And that, to make him escape, Connie will make all the possible wrong decisions - including dyeing his hair peroxide blonde! Add to that a face streaked with acne scars and a dull beard and you will get a Robert Pattinson so unrecognizable that he could walk the streets of New York without anyone stopping him for an autograph.

Interview with the Le Point: Your performance in Good Time was unanimously well received. What’s funny is that people seems to discover that you are a good actor with every new film …

Robert Pattinson: I wonder how much people think I’m a bad actor to be so surprised by each of my films. Do you think that in ten years they will still say: “Woah, he’s not that bad!”? (He bursts into laughter.) But that’s pretty good, isn’t it? It’s great to be able to surprise people, it gives you a lot of energy. It puts pressure on me in a positive way.

LP: Is it possible for an actor to get rid of the audience’s prejudices? Of the perception it has of you?

RP: I always thought that you had to accept the fact that people who saw you in a role will have a certain idea about you, some expectations. But I think we have more control than we think. It just takes time and work. It’s clear that after five movies in the same vampire role, we can’t expect that people won’t identify him to me. But it would be the same for any role.

LP: People may underestimate you because of Twilight, but it seems that you yourself tend to think you are bad!

RP: Absolutely. (Laughs) I don’t know why. For example, for this film, even if I love it and it was selected in Cannes, my brain couldn’t  help but whisper to me: “It’s going to be a disaster, maybe this film is shitty.” And, as I arrived in Cannes, I was in a terrible mood, ready to fight with everybody. The day before the public screening, I felt pathetic and I was so angry that I was arguing with people about nothing. I don’t know why this happens to me, it’s a strange kind of stress.

LP: Lots of actors avoid reading the reviews about them so as not to feel depressed. You, on the contrary, you devour them …

RP: Yes, and when they are good, I look for the bad ones! (Laughs.) Some reviews are really interesting: they don’t just give an opinion, they are well written and make you think. Besides, I stole quotes from critics several times to bring them out in interviews! (Laughter.)

LP” Today, these reviews say you are at your best, that Good Time is your best role so far. Is it your feeling too?

RP: I don’t know. It’s such a strange industry because it totally depends on what others do. We can only be good to the extent of the opportunities we are offered. With each film, I expect it to be my last one.

LP: You hate doing auditions …

RP: I’m awful during auditions. I really can’t do them. Before Twilight, I had 10,000 auditions and I only got nine jobs. I even lost my agent several times because I was so bad. It’s an anxiety problem. And then I don’t like the balance of power in these auditions: 20 people in front of you who judge you, it’s very humiliating, how can you not feel terribly bad?

LP: Fortunately, today you no longer need this: almost all the directors would be delighted to have you in one of their films, right? Your name is synonymous with fame, fans …

RP: If someone hires me thinking that I’m going to bring an audience with me, it makes me nervous. I can’t guarantee it, nobody can. But I think the people who hire me no longer think about it, so they can’t be disappointed in the end! I should do romantic movies again so that could work! (Laughter.)

LP: You should do a romantic comedy!

RP: I love rom-coms! The other day, I was watching ‘You Got Mail,’ it’s a really great movie, but nobody writes like that any more…

LP: Do you get a lot of offers? How do you choose your projects?

RP: I’m very pro-active. You go crazy if you just wait for something to happen. I try to find directors or screenwriters who are not too well known yet. I set up my Twitter account to follow many journalists who specialize in cinema and I literally spend my days reading reviews and watching movies. For the Safdie brothers, I came across a still from one of their films. I asked my agent if she knew them, but apparently no one had ever heard of them. So I rushed to my phone to ask them for a role, whatever it was!

LP: Are there directors with whom you still dream to work with?

RP: It’s strange because there are a lot of French directors who interest me. I would really like to work with Maïwenn, I think her last film incredible. And Maren Ade! Toni Erdmann is so great. I would like to play in a comedy too …

LP:   It’s so uncommon that a “Hollywood” actor is so attract by European cinema!

RP:  It’s just that I get bored very easily. I don’t like to watch predictable movies. I find it crazy that many actors never watch movies. How can you enjoy being an actor and not enjoy movies? I can honestly say that’s the only thing that interests me!  

My translation of the LePointe interview

You’re an 10-13 year old trainee/soon to debut and he’s in charge of you(BLOCK B)

Zico: -he made you call him brother since day one which you never said no to. He was very proud to be in charge of a 13 year old. You just were entering your teens and causing a stir in the industry by your looks alone. You were adorable but a fierce rapper. He often questioned if people had even heard you perform before because they saw an innocent child instead of rapper- “you might want to check who you’re talking about. My sister is going to surprise you”

Originally posted by ukwno

Jaehyo: -you were 10 and a very quiet kid. You wouldn’t talk to him and only seemed to be able to interact with Jihoon and Kyung. It wasn’t something he was happy with especially since he was in charge of you- “you and I will have to have a real talk at some point kid. Hope you know that”

Originally posted by jihoongi

P.O: -he thought the 11 year old you had so much potential. He guessed they asked him to watch you because your similar personalities. He was told he would be able to tell who you were when you two would meet. Boy were they right because he became the big brother you never had after that- “you and I kid are gonna be great together. We’re gonna show the world your amazing rapping skills don’t worry”

Originally posted by pyojamas

B-Bomb: -you were dropped by a big company and had been taken in by their’s very fast. But he was told you were 12, caused fights, and didn’t want to work with anyone which he could guessed was the reason why you were dropped in the first place. When he met you he realized you were still really cute and innocent and questioned why he was told all of that- “why did they drop her? She’s such a talented and kind kid”

Originally posted by vip-bbc

Taeil: -he realized you knew a lot more than the 11 year old appearance put on. Especially when you rapped, it became very clear when you knew most of Zico’s Eureka without having to look up the lyrics. He even asked you if you knew what you were rapping and when the yes came out he became very protective- “you’re should be telling me no. You’re too young to be rapping such a dirty song. Pick a better song okay? Or we’re gonna have major problems”

Originally posted by alittlebitblockbbias

U-Kwon: -he had no idea why the company wanted a 10 year old til he watched and listened to your audition video. You had a voice of an angel and had to be scooped up early on so no other company would get you. He was worried if he would be able to even help you- “why am I needed she’s already so good? I mean I can tell she’s going places”

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

Kyung: -he was mainly put in charge of a 12 year old for the lack of Korean you could speak. You knew conversational stuff but past that you were struggling. But he wasn’t gonna let anyone teach you anything inappropriate and he let the boys know that pretty early on- “you teach Y/N any bad words or anything bad in general. I will kill you in your sleep. She’s gonna be the cleanest rapper Korea has ever seen”

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Juilliard -Part Two-


1118 words

The something different tour is how it all happened, they’d be coming to New York soon and you knew you’d want to see him but you ignored him for two months so what were the chances that he’d want to see you. You couldn’t help but miss Daniel and everything about him, though you tried to not let it affect you it did.

“Y/N….stop.” You looked up at your teacher, removing your hands from the piano. “Vladimir Ashkenazy, now this sounds beautiful…you were great at it but I need you to challenge yourself…I think you’re working yourself too hard, it’s only been two months since school started. Come back when class picks up next week and I want you to have challenged yourself.” She said. You nodded as you grabbed your bag exiting the empty classroom. 

You had prided yourself in your music which is why you were here because Juilliard was your dream school and you couldn’t screw it up. 

“I didn’t think I’d see you leaving that room anytime soon.” Jonathan Stanton said, he was a friend of yours, he was always the one you asked to listen in on sessions. 

“Yeah…I was told to take a break and challenge myself.” You started, “Which I thought I was doing but it turns out I was overworking myself.”

“If you want to challenge yourself maybe you should try again with a different instrument. You play Piano, Violin, Harp, and Cello, try something with strings instead of keys.”

“A piano still has strings, they’re just made with wire instead.” You told him with a smile as you two walked out of the building. “But I think I’m going to take a day or two to myself and then I’m going to figure out how to change it up and challenge myself.”

“Or we could go see the hot boyband that you act like you don’t care about yet you have their post notifications on and I see you smiling when a certain one of them posts.” He said talking a mile a minute, you rolled your eyes looking at them.

:“They’re called Why Don’t We not hot boy band but yes they’re all really attractive so I’ll give you credit for that one.” You started, “And the tour has been sold out so good luck- you bought tickets didn’t you?”

“I got us VIP passes because I know that Daniel is your inspiration and maybe seeing him will help you get ready for what you need to bring in and wow the teachers and our mentors,” Jonathan stated. 

“I haven’t talked to Daniel since this school year started, what if he doesn’t even want to see me or let alone talk to me? I just show up to his meet and greet, what does that look like?”

“But what if he’s been dying to talk to you? What if he wants his girlfriend back? (Y/N) listen to me. I understand that he upset you because he didn’t tell you how he felt about you following your dream instead of you following his in L.A but there’s one thing you need to know about boys. We’re idiots, we don’t know what we want and we mess up all the time…we’re humans and sometimes with a little push from an outside helper we can be pretty smart." 

That was all it took, Jonathan had convinced you to go to the boy’s show and you were nervous, it wasn’t like this was your first concert, you had been to plenty before you got accepted to Juilliard. A few people realized who you were seeing as you were the girl Daniel had always been posting pictures with. You guys never spoke of the break up with fans, most of them just assumed you were calming down with pictures as you had gotten into a prestigious music school. 

"Loosen up,” Jonathan whispered in his ear as they let you all into the meet and greet area.  You scoffed a bit looking over at him.

“I am, I’m chill, I’m so chill that if I blew the air there would be the the cold breathe thing that happens when it’s freezing outside.” You said realizing that what you were saying didn’t make much sense.

“Yep, you’re so cold.” He said with a small snort as you guys started to get lined up. “So what are you going to say when you see him?" 

"I didn’t think about that….I kind of was hoping you’d do all the talking and I’d just be there in the back and nobody would notice me because you’re a bigger fan. I’ve already met the boys so why would I take you, mom-”

“(Y/N)! Stop for five seconds. This is what I meant when I said that you need to relax. You think too much and sometimes it’s a good thing but when you auditioned for Juilliard were you thinking a lot or did you let the music just speak to you?”

“I let the music tell me what to do, but I had practiced with Daniel multiple times and he helped me perfect it because he’s really good at piano and any other instrument that he touches.”

“Yeah well, this isn’t about Daniel right now. This is about you, you got into Juilliard, you’re talented and you are quick at thinking under pressure but this isn’t classes. This is your reality and what you make out of it okay? Just don’t think about it too much.” He told you, you nodded taking a deep breath as you guys took a few steps forward. The line felt like forever but you were okay with waiting.

“Next.” The guy in charge of the line said. Jonathan went forward going straight to Jonah which made you smile a bit. Jonah was his man crush though he had a girlfriend he stated he would leave her in a heartbeat for Jonah. He continued his hugs before finally getting in between Jack and Zach so they could take their picture. it was your turn and you felt like you were stuck in glue. You moved slowly seeing them all talking to each other catching Corbyn’s attention first. His smile caused everyone else to turn around to greet the new face, they all looked happy but that didn’t ease the pit you felt in your stomach. 

Daniel wrapped his arms around you made you come back to reality, normally it was a quick hug and a picture but he wasn’t letting go, you would be lying if you said you didn’t miss this, but you did and you’d do anything to get this back.

cinnamonskull  asked:

"That is one hell of a mess.” and "I think you missed your calling" ererijean, if you're feeling it : )

A continuation of this.


“Shit. Uh. Sorry.” He ducked his head and made for his cart.

“Dude, it’s fine,” Jean said. “You’re really good.”

He just looked like he wanted to get out of there, which, okay, they’d caught him playing on an instrument that wasn’t his, but he hadn’t hurt it or anything.

“Thanks,” he muttered, putting the bag of trash from the studio in the bin on his cart and starting to push it towards the door.

“Hey, no wait!” Eren said, stepping in front of him.

“I don’t want to lose my job,” he said flatly, looking from one to the other with a closed, wary gaze.

“We want to give you a job,” Eren said. “I mean, we do, don’t we?” he glanced at Jean.

“Hell yes. We just lost our guitarist.”

“And you know what you’re doing,” Eren said.

“So you pick the first guy who comes along?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, if he’s as good as you,” Jean said. “We’re a real band, we’ve got a contract and everything. I mean, you might have to audition to make it official but you’re gonna kill it. Especially if you wear something other than that.”

“Kid, I am far too old to be in your band. And how do you know I’d even fit?”

“Good point,” Eren said. “Come here, we’ll play.”

“I have a whole building to clean-”

“You had time to play earlier,” Jean pointed out. “What are you? Scared.”

“That sort of juvenile attitude is not enthusing me.”

“Please?” Eren said. “Aren’t you even curious? If we suck, you get to tell us to our faces.”

He paused. “Alright, kid. That’s fair.”

“My name is Eren. And he’s Jean.”

“Levi. Now make some noise.”

He had to have been a professional once, Eren thought, as he watched them play. Despite the fact that they’d spent most of the day hanging out in this room, with Levi’s eyes on him he felt like he could play all night. Jean was equally enthusiastic, thrashing the drums hard enough to raise a sheen of sweat on his skin.

When the song concluded, silence fell as they waited for Levi’s reaction.

“Not bad,” he said, and Eren grinned like he’d just won a Grammy.

“So you’ll play with us?” Jean asked, and it would have been fine if he hadn’t tripped over adding. “Music, I mean, of course.” Because he was as subtle as a brick.



“You can’t possibly prefer to be a janitor,” Eren said. “If you do I think you’ve missed your calling.”

“Maybe, but I don’t want to play with you.”

“Oh.” Eren stared at his toes.

“Why not?” Jean asked indignantly.

“Because you left a huge fucking mess!” Levi snapped. “This room was disgusting. I had to clean soda off the goddamn wall, and I am not sharing studios, hotel rooms, bathrooms, anything, with you after that.”

“Yeah, that. The soda was Eren’s fault,” Jean said.

“Jean!” Eren hissed.

“Well, it was nice meeting you boys. Good luck out there.”

“Wait!” Jean called. “What if we promised not to make a mess?”

“Or we’ll clean it up ourselves if we do make one!” Eren said eagerly. “If we don’t you can always leave.”

Jean nodded vigorously. “Yeah, c’mon, we gotta be worth a try.”

Levi still looked wary, but he unfolded his arms. “I guess if you’re serious I could give you my number. I have to get back to work though.”

“We’ll call you,” Eren promised, as Levi pushed the cart out.

“We have to get him out of those overalls,” Jean drawled, once the door had swung shut behind him.

“Yeah,” Eren said, agreeing regardless of how Jean meant it.


Prompts are still open.

BTS Reaction to hearing you sing for the first time

Jungkook: Honestly Jungkook couldn’t be happier to hear you sing. You both would be doing the weekly facetime date you guys would have while he is on tour and hear you humming to the song that was playing in the background. He’d say something like “Sing for me.” or ask if you’d like to sing, once accepting his offer you’d see that he had the biggest smile on his face and soon would bring the phone to his ear so he could hear you and you’d start singing one of your guys’ favorite songs making the distance between you two a little more bearable.  

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V: Just like Jungkook you and V would have set up little facetime/skypeing dates while he was away on tour. Your dates consisted of you eating food while on facetime and just talking about each others day. One day V asked you if you could would you want to become an idol and you said yes. Shocked by your answer he asked you to sing assuming that’s what you meant. You immediately shook your head as you saw other bandmates in the background. “Wh-Why! If you’d want to be an idol you’d have to sing in front of others!” V exclaimed, a big smile on his face.  

“Too bad, I’m not an idol so I don’t have to.” You stick out your tongue laughing at the expression on his face.

“Well what if they leave? Will you sing for just me then?” You nod at his reply as you see him shoo out Yoongi & Namjoon as they were the ones behind him. “Okay sing, Jagiya.” 

You soon begin to sing but not even a minute in you hear a loud scream and out pops J-Hope’s head from beside your boyfriend. 

“You’re so good! We should get you an audition! Don’t you think so?” J-Hope jumps up and down beside V as your eyes widen and face starts to burn up from the sudden embarrassment from someone other than your boyfriend hear you sing. 

“I’m hanging up now.” You state as you bring your finger to the end call button.

“No Jagiya, wait-”

“Never again.” You thought.

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Jimin: “Happy Birthday to Jimin. Happy Birthday to you, blow out your candles!” You yell as you saw wax now dripping from the candles. This was now the second year you got to spend Jimin’s birthday with him and you wanted to make it special.

“Wow (Y/N), I didn’t know you could sing like that.” Jimin said with a big goofy smile.

“Like that? What do you mean?” You asked while keeping your eyes on the candles while the cake was balanced in Jimin’s hands.

“Oh you a dying seal.” Laughter was brought out from Jimin but was soon silenced as the cake in his hands was shoved into his face.

“I did want this birthday to be special.” You mumble before wiping some of the icing off of his cheek.

Originally posted by bangtanshityeondan

J-Hope: Honestly Hoseok would be so used to hearing you sing that it would soon be annoying to him as you sang around him more than he would ever around you. You of course knew he’d get annoyed so you’d have to sing ten times more, obviously. You’d sing obnoxiously loud, off key, and sometimes just downright terrible where you felt like you’d ruin your vocal chords. 

“Ah Jagiya, I love you and everything but if you could please SHUT UP.” Hoseok would yell from the living room to the kitchen, throwing a pillow at you just so you’d get a slight hint. You of course sang all the way to the bedroom getting an over dramatic eye roll from Hoseok.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Rap Monster: Namjoon would be utterly surprised at first as he had never even knew of the fact that you could sing. He of course wouldn’t let you know that he knew of your secret talent but would just admire you from the doorframe as you were singing out loud with your headphones in. 

Originally posted by kimnamboobs

Suga: “So why didn’t you ever tell me you could sing?” Suga would blurt out as the elevator doors shut.

“What? I can’t-” 

“(Y/N), you can sing, cut the crap.” Suga stared at you with a straight face but soon cracked a smile.

“Who told you?” You narrowed your eyes wondering how on earth your boyfriend knew since you had never mentioned it or ever sang in front of him.

“Who tells me everything you don’t tell me?” Suga replied as if it was obvious, it was.

“J-Hope. Really?” You sigh as you bring your head back against the elevator wall.

“Your brother is quite reliable when it comes to your secrets.”

Originally posted by 2soak

Jin: Jin would be surprised as you were more on the shy side, when you would be singing to one of BTS’s latest tracks and saw Jin standing there, biggest smile you’ve ever seen and him stepping back a big because he couldn’t just stand still your face automatically had gotten a dark shade of pink as you couldn’t have been more embarrassed.

“Wha, my Jagiya can sing! My Jagiya can sing!” Jin would cheer as loud as he could to no one in particular. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

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tabris00  asked:

What makes a piece a generally good audition piece?

Fantastic question. Here are some things you should look for:

  1. A good 16-bar cut, and secondarily, a good 32-bar cut.  In professional auditions, you’re far more likely to sing a 16 bars than 32 bars, so that’s a must.  You can find phenomenal songs, but if you can’t get good cuts out of it, it’s worthless.  (And keep in mind, if the perfect cut is 18 bars, that’s alright.  Just don’t get too far out of the guidelines.)
  2. Something that is not too difficult to play.  There’s no easy test for this, you really just need to show an accompanist.  (Hint: I’m an accompanist, I can tell you if your piece is too hard to sight read.)  Stay away from six flats or sharps, stay away from multiple key changes, stay away from Sondheim, LaChiusa, and Jason Robert Brown.
  3. Something age appropriate.  There are some phenomenal songs I’d love to sing for auditions, but they’re just not in my age range.  We can push this slightly in auditions, but you don’t want to be singing something that is meant for a middle aged woman when you’re 16.  Mostly it makes the director think you don’t know the context of the show.
  4. Something that shows you off.  I have a belt piece and a legit piece that both show off those specific styles.
  5. But something that isn’t a stretch.  That is, you don’t need to pull out your high C for an audition, even if it’s for Christine or Cosette.  Just show your legit voice. Same with belt. You don’t need to show off your high G belt.   They’ll ask for that if they want it, or they’ll ask for it i the callback.
  6. Something you feel phenomenal singing.  
  7. Something you can sing even when you’re feeling under the weather.   There will be times you don’t feel well, so you don’t want something that is too difficult to sing if you’re feeling under the weather.  If you find the perfect song, but you can’t sing it because of an illness, always have back-ups that are more accessible when your voice is compromised.
  8. Something that is obscure enough that five other people won’t sing it that day, but well known enough that the director will recognize it.  There’s nothing I love more than going into an audition and singing a Kurt Weill song, and having the directors go, “Man, I haven’t heard that song in ages, what a great choice.  Thank you.”  Seriously, I’ve had directors thank me for picking such a refreshing song. It makes you memorable.
  9. Nothing too shocking.  It obviously depends on the audition, but it’s generally a good idea to stay away from songs referencing gratuitous sex, or that used lots of swearing to get the point across.
  10. A solo piece.  There are exceptions to this, but it’s generally a bad idea to pull the solo part out of a duet or group piece, because you can end up screwed if they ask for the entire piece.
  11. Something that’s not from the show your auditioning for.  Theatres will specify if you can sing from the show, but take it as a general rule that you cannot.
  12. Something that tells a great story.  If you can’t act it and make it compelling, it’s probably going to fall flat.  A pretty song is great, but a pretty song that is actable is much better!

Perhaps you find a piece that matches 8/12 of these—that’s great!  You may not have found the perfect piece that fits all eleven of these criteria, but this is what you want to strive for in an audition piece!

I’ll Be Okay

Requested by @x3xarianax3x. Sorry it took a billion years to write. I hope it’s what you expected. :)

Author: @totallysupernaturaloneshots

Word Count: 1,898

Characters: Jensen x Jared x Misha x Richard x Reader

Warnings: There’s self harm in this one shot, so reader be aware. If you suffer from self harm and don’t think you’ll be able to read this, please don’t. It’s very triggering.

Your name: submit What is this?

Summary: You’re a new actress on Supernatural and everything goes well until something triggers you to start self harming. Jensen, Jared, Misha, and Richard notice you becoming distant and when Jensen notices your self harm scars, he urges the guys to have a talk with you to turn you away from self harming.

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A Helping Hand

Title: A Helping Hand 

Summary: Trying new things can be challenging.  But luckily for you, there is a very helpful janitor at your college.  And he is just what you need to succeed 

Warnings: None?   

Tags:  @grace-for-sale, @lucifer-in-leather

Let me know if you want on the forever/character tag list! :D


You stood in the empty kitchen as you washed the dishes.  It was your campus job, working in the cafeteria.  Unfortunately, being a freshman meant you got the jobs no one else wanted, like staying an extra hour and a half to wash all of the dishes. You couldn’t complain too much, seeing as it gave you a good chance to practice for the musical.

The Musical. Everyone comes to college with different goals in mind.  Some want to graduate at the top of their class, others want to party, you…you wanted to try new things.  Luckily for you, though, you had a very outgoing roommate who was more than happy to have you tag along when she went somewhere knew.  

That was how you found yourself at the auditions for the school musical.  They did one every year, according to your friend, and the theater was filled every night.  You weren’t exactly the most outgoing person, but you wanted to try something new, and this was something new.  You didn’t get a solo part, thank god, but you did get into the chorus.  

So now you were working Tuesdays and Thursdays and at practice on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  For the most part, being in theater was fun, but admittedly, you were struggling a bit. Some of the dances were pretty complex and you were having issues learning them.  Your dance partner had made the comment to you the night before that if you didn’t improve in the next couple days, he would request someone else.

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Exo Scenario: Cheating! Kai and Idol! You

hello!! can I request a kai scenario where he cheats on you and a few months later you become an idol (rapper like hyuna) and debut with a song like roll deep idk if this made sense but thank you!! 💘

I’m actually kind of excited about writing this one. I mean, I don’t like the whole cheating part of it because I feel like none of the boys would cheat on their girlfriend(s), but the whole jealousy thing is definitely my cup of tea :) Let me know what you think and I hope you like it!

It had been about four months since you found out that Kai was cheating on you. And maybe he hadn’t meant for it to happen - had certainly not meant for you to find out, that was for sure - but it didn’t matter now. You had moved on to bigger and better things. 

For one, your girl group was debuting and you had just wrapped the music video shoot for your first single. You smiled knowing that you looked sexy in the video, knew that if Kai ever saw it or you ever preformed it live while he was in the audience, he would know exactly what he had given up when he decided to cheat on you. 

You didn’t usually like making people jealous, but you hadn’t really had the chance to get back at him yet. This was your chance. You just hoped the other girl was looking too…

Standing behind the stage, your heart was beating too fast in your chest. Why had SM decided to give you this kind of song for your first single? You realized that they just wanted to make money - you had known that about SM before you had auditioned and then become a rookie - but this type of stuff was grade for Hyuna. You remember listening to her most recent song Roll Deep only last week and you wondered if you would ever get to that level of good. Hyuna was on a different level altogether. And you certainly couldn’t compare in the “sexy” department. 

But you still wanted to make Kai jealous and you knew that the short skirt you were wearing for the live performance would do just that.

The other four members of your group were obviously nervous too, and while you were distracted, trying to replay the lyrics to your song in your head, voices ahead of you interrupted your thoughts. Your other members bowed to the new additions backstage and that’s when you realized that it was EXO. The boys smiled kindly at you, wishing you all luck in your first live performance. The other girls thanked the boys, but you just snuck glances at Kai the entire time. 

You felt a little smug when he caught your eyes and looked guilty. He nodded his head at you to speak to you in private, but you just crossed your arms over your chest - which only made your boobs look better - and jutted your chin out, telling him to say whatever it was he needed to say right then and there. With a loud huff, he took your arm and pulled you to the side. The stage manager called five minutes until your performance.

“What do you want, Jongin?” you asked, using his birth name rather than his stage name to poke at him a little more. He had always loved it when you had called him Jongin rather than Kai and now you could see that it ate at him.

“I wanted to apologize.” but before he said something else, you held up a finger, your chin set high as if you could look down on him. Unfortunately, you were still a few inches shorter than he was. But you tried to look intimidating. It was kind of hard with your low cut top and short skirt, but you tried.

“Is it because I look like this,” and you gestured to your outfit, “Or because you’re genuinely sorry that you cheated on me?”

He flinches at your words, but you don’t care. He deserves this after what he did to you. 

“I really am sorry. I didn’t mean for any of that to happen, and I love you.” the stage manager called two minutes and the other girls in your group called your name. You were supposed to be the first one out because you were the leader.

“You didn’t mean to get caught, is what you really mean.” you say, a little aggravated, but flipping you hair back and turning around so that he can get a good look at how good you look in your outfit. His eyes trail lazily up your body, but you don’t give him the satisfaction of looking any longer as you reach for his chin, making him stare into your eyes, “Be sure to get a good look while I’m out there, because that’s about as close as you’re ever going to get to this again.” and then you’re heading back to your group, going on stage in the next minute.

You smile a little wider and laugh a little more while you’re on stage performing and maybe it’s because from the corner of your eye you can see that Kai isn’t taking his eyes off of you.

And you know that you slayed that performance.