your opinion matters to him

Comfort Sentence Starters, Part II

“Hey, it’s all right. Everybody argues sometimes.”
“Just because you didn’t agree doesn’t mean it’s over.”
“The fact that you fought means s/he cares enough to want to change your opinion.”
“Come on, you know that doesn’t really matter to her/him.”
“No, don’t say that. You’re going to be okay.”
“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.”
“It isn’t anyone’s fault. Sometimes love just changes.”
“You gave it your best shot, that’s all anyone could ask of you.”
“I’m here and I love you.”
“ I don’t care if you need to stay up crying all night long, I will stay with you.”
“Love is never a waste and you know that.”
“We don’t have to talk about it right now, but I’m here if/when you want to.”
“Just because it happened once doesn’t mean it’ll happen again.”
“You are beautiful and capable and strong. You’ll overcome this.”
“I’m sorry you’re hurting so much.”
“You’re not alone in this. I’m here for you.”
“You are important and you matter.”
“When all this is over, I’ll still be here and so will you.”
“I can’t really understand what you are feeling, but I can offer my compassion.”
“You won’t drive me away. I’m not going to leave you or abandon you.”

Dating Yongguk would include:
  • dating Yongguk means you are a mom to the rest 
  • like they will literally call you both parents 
  • even if you are younger than one of them they will still call you mom
  • Yongguk would be sometimes annoyed because he wanted to spend some time with you but guess who’s with you ;-)
  • other girls being jealous, cause he chose you
  • i don’t think Yongguk would be very jealous because he knows you love him and you’re not going to leave him
  • calls you ‘dearest’ ‘my queen’ and ‘my darling’ 
  • he has the money and wants to spoil you all the damn time
  • whenever you get upsed or mad at him he would come to you and ask “CHANNEL? PRADA? GUCCI? what do you want??” 
  • then he smiles and ask “of course me, right?”
  • calling him your suggar daddy
  • he says he don’t like it at all but he lowkey love it
  • he gives you a lot of tight hugs when you need him
  • actually i think Yongguk would love to hug you or kiss you or just to be in touch with you
  • he would support you no matter what and vice versa
  • he likes to slow dance with you
  • imagine its like 2 am in the morning and you two are snuggle with each other and slowly moving to daddy issues by the neighbourhood
  • if he could he woould spend hours kissing you
  • soft kisses on your neck 
  • during intimate moments i think Yongguk would be pretty rough but also gentle with you and only for you
  • lots of lazy mornings when he has free days
  • long walks
  • him always taking care of you
  • running your fingers through his hair
  • he never hide anything from you, he tells you everything up front and expects you to do the same
  • leaving adorable notes all around the house
  • wearing his clothes ofc
  • drinking with him wine or champagne
  • you would be a l w a y s the first person who hears his new music and he would ask you what you think because your opinion matters to him the most
  • writing a lot some songs about you
  • because you are his inspiration
  • holding you really close to him
  • when you guys are out on a date or something and he sees some guy is staring at you Yongguk would kiss you and smirk at this guy
  • “look at this beauty, i bet you’re jealous.”
  • he would touch your ass whenever he can 
  • having dinner with each other’s families
  • his family adores you!!!
  • you would be best friends with his sister
  • he tells you he loves you every night before sleep


// zoey xoxo

I Thought You Hated Me - Part 1

Request from @brieflybigwonderland​: Hi! Not sure if it is too soon to be asking for requests with you just starting this blog but you did an amazing job with the one I sent to your primary blog so I know you will with this one 😀 I’m thinking that reader works with The Avengers and she gets along with them all….apart from Bucky. They seem to hate each other and one night end up being the only ones in the gym, insults soon get thrown into the mix but then something changes and the situation gets more….hot? ❤ haha!

Note: So this is my first time writing any kind of smut so I hope I have done this request some kind of justice. I stopped before it got too long so if anyone wants more just let me know…I rather enjoyed writing this <3 I hope this isn’t too terrible!

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1721

Warning: Smut and slight dub-con.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

It had been a couple of years since you started working with S.H.I.E.L.D and The Avengers and you couldn’t have been happier. Each member of the team had become like your family and given that you had grown up without one for the majority of your childhood this meant a lot to you; there wasn’t a single person that you couldn’t confide in, spill your secrets to, even Tony Stark was occasionally a good listener….even if the conversation soon turned to him.

But then he wouldn’t be Tony if he didn’t boost his own ego.

Life couldn’t have been any better really. But then James ‘Bucky’ Barnes came along and it wasn’t long before things started to turn sour. Before you had spoken so much as a single word to him he had decided he didn’t like you – that much was clear by the death glare his sharp blue eyes had thrown in your direction the moment he stepped into the lobby of the building.

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Dating- Jackson Wang

(for @luna208 )

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-so there’s not an exact definition of “perfect boyfriend”.

-but jackson wang somehow found a way to be that exact definition.

-is your number one fan in everything you do.

-loves you unconditionally and supports every decision you make.

-is always busy due to his crazy schedule but tries his hardest to make sure you know that he’s there for you no matter what.

-buys you gifts upon gifts upon gifts.

-is a HUGE fan of cringey couple apparel.

-reluctantly shows you songs that he’s writing for fear of you thinking it’s not good enough.

-you always have to assure him that he’s an incredible song writer and producer.

-your opinion matters the most to him.

-loves it SO much when you wear got7 or #team wang merch.

-his camera roll is filled with nothing but pictures of you and him.

-you bet your ass your his home screen AND lock screen.

-freaks out so badly when he sees you crying for any reason.

-will stop at nothing to make you happy and loved again.

-is really just the best fucking boyfriend in the world and deserves straight up love and support from any person he dates. 

im feeling so romantically frustrated aaa

Boyfriend: Jongin | Headcanons

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Okay, where do I even start?

First of all,

  • Jongin would always reassure you how much you mattered to him because he’d always be seeking your opinion on everything
  • “Babe, can I show you a move really quick? I wanna know if it looks good, Taemin hyung said something about it being too sharp…”
  • He knows you can’t honestly correct his dancing because he understands much more than you do, but he takes your words as those of the general public
  • He’s also such a sensitive little bear, too
  • Like don’t be sarcastic to him when it comes to his dancing, cuz even though he knows you’re joking, he feels like you don’t care about him enough to spare a single joke just for the laugh
  • and then he’s mad and pretending he’s not mad and just saying he’s tired
  • Rare fights
  • Like RARE
  • Jongin texting you straight after practice to get ice cream or chicken
  • Usually chicken
  • Occasionally occompanied by Soo when he comes to meet you
  • Soo loves you
  • He’s so happy his friend has a loving girlfriend
  • Also because he doesn’t have to be the one getting up at six in the morning to make him soup when Jongin’s sick
  • and he’s always begging for food and warm cuddles
  • and when he gets you sick, he feels so bad
  • like he doesn’t pull the blame card
  • he’s not like, “well, babe, i told you not to kiss me”
  • he starts getting mad at himself and even goes late to practice to take care of you
  • And you’re like “Jongin, no, I’m okay”
  • So he literally sends Soo and Sehun to come and pamper you
  • And Sehun’s a bit annoyed, but he grows onto you a bit
  • And Jongin’s calling like every hour checking if you took your medicine
  • And when you get better he’s like so excited
  • He litters you with kisses and warm hugs
  • Happy that he can finally touch you without hesitation again
  • which he really wasn’t hesitant before
  • he was really mad that he couldn’t kiss you
  • so he would kiss your forehead, trying to make himself feel better
  • and it never worked
  • he’s really pouty when you get sick because of this honestly
  • he’s more upset THAT YOU ARE SICK, but still bummed he can’t shower you with the more physical doings of love and affection
  • he never gets over that part
  • Post-performance sex
  • Post-rehearsal sex
  • Sometimes even secret stage sex when the lights are off during rehearsal and Chanyeol’s practicing his solo stage
  • Morning sex
  • Lots of it
  • But like the soft and cuddly kind
  • Cuz bear Jongin is cute and gentle even with a boner
  • Jongin teaching you dance moves
  • And being so happy watching you try and get them right
  • Cuz he knows it’s a cute way for you two to bond
  • Texting you when he’s at the airport
  • Sending you pictures when you two are apart during the winter season when he’s bundled up and pulls the whole, “I’m so cold without you” pun
  • recommending you books cuz he wants you to think about him when he’s gone
  • which you do
  • a lot
  • and he does too
  • Soo never stops talking about how he endlessly talks about your dorky antics when they’re all sitting during award shows
  • is probably good friends with your friends
  • not necessarily “friends”, but like he’s super nice to them and buys them ice cream or chicken if they come around to hang with you two
  • super chill about hanging with you and your friends
  • he doesn’t mind when you two aren’t completely alone
  • constantly asks the members for advice of any kind in regards to keeping you happy
  • tells you he loves you 2,567 times per day
  • and if he doesn’t reach that amount, he feels like he’s forgotten something all day
  • even if he says it like 2,564 times
  • “Babe…how about you come with me on tour sometime?”
  • asks this like every day
  • cute pillow talk sessions after sex
  • where he just spills his feelings and is super smiley
  • yeah, all in all, Kim Jongin is THE BAE

“No. You did it to save your life. An now, thanks to you, the generals and our brothers are in greater danger. If their mission fails, this entire campaign was for nothing.”

Dating Park Chanyeol Would Include

Note: Is Chanyeol your bias? Do you like reading fan fiction? if yes to both, why don’t you check out my new Park Chanyeol fan fiction? You can find it here -> Taming the Virus. 

Huang Zitao/ Tao| Kim Jongdae/ Chen| Park Chanyeol| Kim Junmyeon/ Suho| Kim Minseok/ Xiumin| Oh Sehun| Kim Jongin/ Kai| Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.| Byun Baekhyun| Zhang Yixing/ Lay| Lu Han| Wu Yifan/ Kris| Mafia!EXO|

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

In the Daytime

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  • Him being the best boyfriend in the world world.
  • But before asking you out he would be the flirtiest and kindest man.
  • Always bringing you hot drinks whenever he comes over to your house from the local cafe he passes every time he comes to see you.
  • Him giving you cute nicknames.
  • “Princess? No… hm, maybe honey? No, that makes us sound like an old married couple. Oh! I know, I’m going to call you love! Actually no, that’ll make me sound like your grandma. Uh… I know, I’m going to call you sweetheart!”
  • Him always offering to help you even though you’re trying to convince him not to. Like, you could be arguing over this for ages and he isn’t going to let up.
  • “Come on {y/n} just open the door for me. Let me carry the washing just this once”
  • “Fine.”
  • “Thank god you finally agreed, my triceps are killing me.”
  • Him hugging you
  • All the time
  • And will use any excuse for PDA
  • “Hold my hand {y/n} I don’t want to lose you in the crowd!”
  • “There’s like ten people, Chanyeol.”
  • You having to share Chanyeol with Baekhyun and Kyungsoo the majority of the time.
  • Kyungsoo coming over to cook for you and Chanyeol because he fears both of your safety if Chanyeol is let near the oven.
  • Chanyeol teasing you on a day to day basis because he can.
  • But teasing you in more ways than one ;)
  • Feeling you up underneath the table in public places while you blush and tell him to stop.
  • Him being warned by management on multiple occasions because he finds it really hard to keep your relationship on the down low.
  • Chanyeol talking about you
  • All the time
  • “{y/n} can do that, you know.”
  • “Yeah chanyeol, you’ve only reminded us eight thousand times.”
  • Chanyeol being the happy virus in your life and gives you a reason to smile every single day even on your worst days.
  • But he has his bad days sometimes,
  • And he loves having you around to comfort him.
  • Unless you two have had a fight
  • He’ll sit in his music studio room and make music until he falls asleep in the most uncomfortable positions.
  • “Aish, how does he sleep like this?” *puts a blanket over him before leaving him there*
  • Fighting with you is his literal worst nightmares brought to life
  • He hates it
  • So it’s a good job it doesn’t happen often.
  • Chanyeol is pretty chilled back when it comes to a lot of things.
  • But hates being away from you for a long time
  • On tour he turns into a puppy
  • Looking at photos of you on his phone when he’s lonely, and if it’s not a stupid time to call then he will.
  • The sound of your voice will soothe him and make him feel so safe in more ways than you’ll ever know.
  • Him reminding you that he loves you every single day.
  • He loves cuddling you on the couch
  • Especially when he’s lying with his head in your lap and you’re running your fingers through your hair
  • Or he’s leaning with his head on your chest
  • Not in a dirty way, just in one of those comforting ways
  • But he also loves holding you close into his chest too
  • He can’t get enough of cuddling
  • He always talks about the future with you, and always has big ideas for how he wants to live with you even after his contract ends with EXO.
  • “I want a red front door to our house. And a pretty garden where I can write songs on hot days. And I want a big bedroom for us, we can cover it in photos. Ah I can’t wait to buy our house, we’re going to make so many memories.”
  • “Hold your horses, Chanyeol. We’ve still got a few years yet.”
  • Him falling in love with you more and more every single day
  • Him writing songs for you all the time
  • Him wanting you to listen to his songs before anyone else because your opinion matters to him the most.
  • So many kisses
  • Him kissing you on he forehead and cheeks all the time
  • Pecks on the mouth
  • Or full on make out sessions
  • There isn’t much in between
  • Chanyeol being in love with you and showing that every single day

At nighttime

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  • Him always looking after you afterwards every time.
  • Him constantly wanting to be the big spoon because he’s tall and you’re smol and he loves that about you
  • He also just loves the feeling of you in his arms where he can hold you and protect you from harm
  • After a long day of working he’s probably going to be tired
  • But that isn’t going to stop him from getting physical
  • Lazy sex
  • Unless he’s really in the mood
  • In which case, be careful
  • This man may look cute but he is basically the embodiment of a sex god
  • Him being dominant
  • Even when you’re on top, you and he both know who is really in charge
  • Round two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Him not really being very kinky but is up to try anything that you want to try
  • Him doing it basically anywhere in the bedroom
  • Skinship
  • Neck kisses
  • Love marks in discrete places
  • Him not caring that the stylists and makeup artists constantly tell him off for receiving all these marks because it just feels so good getting them
  • Him being rough
  • But always passionate 
once again

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words: 5k+
rated: angst/fluff
a/n: i just had this overwhelming urge to write a daniel fic, okay? don’t kill me. i still love jihoon, lol. also, i’m sorry for making sungwoon the bad guy in here, lmaoo also i didn’t proofread this since its midnight and im tired and i have class tomorrow so oops

warnings: inappropriate language, bullying(??)
summary: The most cliche stories of all stories - falling in love with your best friend

You had grown up with Kang Daniel since you both were babies. Your mother and his mother were also best friends and just so happened to be pregnant at the same time with you both, so they thought it would be a wonderful idea if the both of you became best of friends as well. There were cons and pros of growing up with the boy, though. He always teased you over the littlest of things and fought with you, but at the end of the day, you knew you could always count on him.

You started to notice a difference in Daniel when you both entered high school. He was no longer the playful boy you used to know. He hung out with the older kids, did more “grown up” things, and started dating a lot. No doubt, he still hung out with you from time to time, but things felt different and it hurt.

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i’ve seen people saying that they’ll still be friends with people who support johnny depp and i’m just gonna be blunt and say that i won’t. 

if you will still support him, still watch fantastic beasts, still protect him, then i don’t want anything to do with you. the fact that people can sit here and say ‘do what you want’ with regards to supporting an abuser does not stick with me. 

please unfollow me if being a convicted abuser isn’t enough for you to stop supporting johnny depp.

dating hoseok

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dating hoseok would include:

  • lots of fun and laughter
  • i mean
  • have you seen the guy???
  • he’s the epitome of happiness
  • it’s hard for you not to smile or laugh when you’re around him
  • that’s what attracted you to him in the first place
  • you always thought his personality is too much for you, you’re not that happy or energetic or just excited about anything in general, not as much as he is
  • but you’d slowly fall in love with the way he talks and the way he laughs and the sound of his laughter and you’d realize that you’re becoming more excited about everything just by socializing with him
  • and then one day you’d get into a fight with someone very close and you wouldn’t want to talk about it
  • but he’d notice something’s wrong with you, because he always notices those things
  • he tells himself it’s just because you’re his friend, but deep down, he knows he fell for you a long time ago but he thinks there’s no way someone like you would be interested in him, especially because you’re friends
  • so he’d be content with just being your friend and being around you
  • but then you’d get so sad and he’d just want to make you talk about what’s bothering you so that he could help you
  • but you wouldn’t want to talk about it
  • so he’d crack jokes and get a tiny smile out of you and when he’d see that it’s working, he’d try a lot harder, and that’s when you’d admit to yourself that he’s the only guy who can make you feel that way
  • his energy just pulls everyone in and it’s contagious
  • even when you feel like shit, he manages to make you laugh or at least crack a smile
  • he does dumb things to make you laugh like coming up with funny dance moves or rap lines or songs or he imitates other members dancing until you’re crying from laughter holding your stomach
  • there wouldn’t be that many quiet and chill moments with him
  • but when that would happen, you’d be blissful
  • because hoseok is above all really caring and passionate
  • lying around the sofa with his head resting on your chest as you read your book and he takes a nap was what you would live for while he was away
  • he’d never let a day go by without asking you how your day went, even if he was on another continent busy with work and promos and shoots and practice, he would never forget about you
  • he cares about dancing so much and it pays off, he’s amazing at what he does
  • but hobi always tries to be better
  • so when he comes up with new stuff, he sends you a video to brag or to ask for your opinion
  • because your opinion matters to him, even on things he knows a lot more about than you do
  • he secretly lives for your compliments
  • he’s literal sunshine and all that but he’s a bit insecure
  • he feels like he doesn’t get as much love and attention from the audience, and a lot of times he gets sad thinking about it
  • because he works so hard and he tries so hard to outdo himself, to put on the best performance he ever did, just to make people happy
  • but he feels like he doesn’t manage to do that often
  • that’s the thing that gets him down - he’s always so happy and energetic and playful and he’s trying to make other people happy, too, but he feels like he doesn’t manage to do that
  • he often feels like he’s in his friends’ shadows, but not in an envious way
  • oh no, he loves his friends and he loves the fact they are praised for their hard work and talent
  • and you know all that and it breaks your heart when you see someone disrespecting him or saying mean things about him or doubting his talent
  • you never get why someone would do that, he’s the best person ever ??? he’s everything you ever wanted in a guy and more and you’d hate seeing him insecure
  • seeing hoseok cry would break your heart because it’s so different from what he really is and you’d know he must be really hurt if he were crying and you’d just want to protect him from whatever is making him feel that way, and you’d always end up crying when he cried just because you’d be so angry that somebody made him feel bad about himself when he’s the best person you know
  • god forbid someone said something like that to you in person, you’re usually calm and collected, but all hell would break loose if you heard someone talking shit about your hobi
  • he doesn’t let a day go by without asking about your day, and you don’t let a day go by without telling him how much you love him for what he really is
  • not for what jung hoseok aka jhope, bts member is, but for what he is as a person
  • a smart, funny, talented, beautiful, caring, hardworking individual !!!! who appreciates everyone for what they are and what they do !!!! and always tries to make everyone feel better !!!
  • you praise him all the time and he always gets shy when you do and he tells you to stop as he blushes and giggles nervously and makes dumb jokes, but you know he secretly loves it and that your compliments make his day
  • when you compliment him, he says things like
  • “are you saying that just to get me in bed? cause it’s working”
  • “thanks, but you’re still not getting free tour tickets”
  • he tries to laugh it off, but he’s actually enjoying it so much
  • he feels like you’re the only person that really gets him and appreciates him
  • but you know that’s not true because literally everyone he knows loves him
  • and also millions of people he has never met adore him
  • but since he’s so positive and outgoing, it breaks his heart to see even one hateful comment, he can’t understand why someone would say such a thing, because he would never in a million years treat someone like that
  • but you’d love your hobi so much that he’d just know it, and he’d gain a lot more confidence because he had you, he wouldn’t feel like he’s in anyone’s shadow
  • spending time away from you would kill him
  • but you’d always find ways to talk to him, even if it only meant texting, and he’d always make time for that
  • “i think i did so well today, i can’t wait for you to see what we filmed !!”
  • “taehyung got fucking lost, can you believe what an idiot he is… i felt so sorry for him, though”
  • “did you see the reaction to yoongi’s mixtape??!?!?! i’m so proud of him”
  • “oh and i love you”
  • “i thought about you all day today, i can’t wait to finally see you”
  • “don’t make plans for friday night, i have everything planned”
  • “wow, that picture………………… let’s just say its HARD not to think about it”
  • “what did i ever do to deserve you !?”
  • “good luck with your exam today, you’re the smartest person i know, there’s no doubt in my mind you’ll pass”
  • “and if you fail, i’ll be home waiting with food”
  • “i was sad today, but then you texted and i remembered i’m the luckiest guy on this planet”
  • i think life with hoseok would be so much fun because he’s so energetic
  • he’s the type of guy who’d burst out in laughter during sex and you’d be all concerned as to why he’s laughing and it would be something stupid like 
  • “i just saw the face I was making in the mirror, how do you not laugh at me while we do this, it’s beyond me”
  • but he’s also very loving and caring, so you’d just be happy all the time
  • and even if you weren’t, his presence would make everything better
  • just seeing him would make your heart beat faster, let alone hearing his laughter
  • with time, you’d just keep falling more and more in love with hoseok
  • and you’d thank god every day for having such a sweet nice guy in your life
  • brb still crying about his flower costume thing today

The Potential Boyfriend 

Protective Best Friend Shawn miniseries 

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“What if you don’t like him?” You ask Shawn the question that has been on your mind for a few days now. 

Shawn looks up from his phone, studying you for a second, “You like him, right?” He questions instead of answering your original question. You nod in response, and he says, “Then I’ll like him. And if I don’t then I’ll pretend to.” He shrugs like its that simple.

You give him a look that tells him you’re not satisfied with his answer because you want him to like the guy that you like, actually like him. 

Shawn shrugs off the look you gave him and says, “but if he breaks your heart, I’ll fucking kill him.”

“Alright,” you say, because this isn’t the first time Shawn has said something like this.

“And I’ll tell him. I’ll make sure he knows that whether I like him or not. He’s dead if he hurts you.” Shawn says, immediately jumping into that protective role.

“Maybe that’s like a second meeting thing to say.” You suggest. 

“That’s definitely a within first five minutes of the first meeting type of thing to say.” Shawn replies, and you roll your eyes still a little nervous about the whole situation of your best friend meeting your potential boyfriend. Shawn’s your best friend, so his opinion matters to you. Of course you want him to like the boy you’re interested in. “Y/n, it’s gonna be fine. As long as he’s not an asshole and he treats you right, then it’s all good.” 

“So you’re going to be nice to him?” 

“Yes, y/n. I’ll be nice.” He reassures you honestly. You stand up from the couch when the doorbell rings. You’re about to leave the room to open the door, but you quickly stop, turning back to Shawn one last time, “Behave, please.” You tell him.

He nods, a cheeky smile on his face, “I always behave.” You just shake your head at his response and go to open the door. 

Dating Mafia!EXO Would Include.

Yessss I live for mafia!exo and you write so wonderfully, thank you! If you had time/it was something you wanted to do, do you think you might do a “dating mafia!exo” for the members? Hope you have a great day!

Note: I hope you have a great day too! I have made this a little differently than the others but I still hope that you will love it anyway! Fighting~

Huang Zitao/ Tao| Kim Jongdae/ Chen| Park Chanyeol| Kim Junmyeon/ Suho| Kim Minseok/ Xiumin| Oh Sehun| Kim Jongin/ Kai| Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.| Byun Baekhyun| Zhang Yixing/ Lay| Lu Han| Wu Yifan/ Kris| Mafia!EXO|

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

I also wanted to make a quick note (since I’m getting a lot of mafia requests at the moment) that some of the themes I am writing about are wrong, and you should always remember that while mafia AU can be fun to write fictitiously about, is NOT morally right in real life, it is equal to terrorism. I just wanted to make a quick reminder, and that I hope you are all living safely. Okay, moving onto the reaction!~

Park Chanyeol

  • This man is going to be the motivator of the mafia. He’s the most optimistic of the group of men, and acts almost like the glue, keeping them all together, this is going to be apparent when he is around you as well.
  • Dating as much as he can.
  • Even if it’s a five minute meal in a fast food restaurant
  • Or three hours exploring an art museum
  • He’s going to do his best for you.
  • He knows how difficult it is to be in the mafia and the cost of what each action he makes is which is why you’re always his first priority.
  • Even though he is tough in his job, he’ll always be much softer and sweeter with you.
  • His life in the mafia is going to stop him from living a normal life, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to try his best and bring as much normality into it as he possibly can
  • Dating Chanyeol is going to be difficult, there’s no sugar coating that, but it’l be worth it if you’re prepared to take the ride with him.

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

  • Kyungsoo is a damaged man, as you can imagine.
  • Everything he’s seen, everything he’s done, and it’s highly unlikely that he’ll ever fully be able to clean the blood off his hands.
  • But he is always going to be sincere to you, even if he does have his issues.
  • He will more than likely be very worried about you a lot of the time because he knows how dangerous it is to fall in love in such a cruel business.
  • He will try and bring normality into you life by cooking meals for you whenever he can.
  • You’ll be the only person that he’ll open his emotions to, so sometimes he’ll come home after a job and just burst into tears in your arms. And though he rarely tells you what actually happened (to protect your innocent mind from his disturbed jobs) he will still lean on you emotionally.
  • Him giving you your first shot gun to protect yourself.
  • Him being proud of you when you beat Baekhyun in your first ever hand to hand combat training.
  • Him falling in love with you further and further every day.

Byun Baekhyun

  • Baekhyun takes his work very seriously, but when he’s around you he feels as though he can let out his less serious and more fun side.
  • Like Kyungsoo, he’s likely to lean on you when it comes to emotional support, and will like to have a lot of fun with you to distract his disturbed mind and traumas.
  • He likes to call you ‘Jagi’ or ‘Jagiya’ because it gives him some kind of security and makes him feel as though his life is normal, even if it is only for a little while.
  • His first gift to you on your first birthday being with him is a knife with your name engraved on it, he tells you to carry it around with you for protection as he worries endlessly about you.
  • Baekhyun can have the tendency to be very stubborn and set in his ways, and sometimes you’re the only one that can bring him back.
  • Him leaving notes over the house with ‘you can call me monster’ because he knows it makes you smile.
  • Him wearing clothes that you like because your opinion matters the most to him, even if the other members tease him for it.
  • If your relationship ever progressed (pregnancy, or marriage level) he would do everything in his power to get you and himself away from the mafia business.
  • His main goal now he’s with you is to make you happy and to provide for you in the best way he can. Even if it isn’t always clean.

Oh Sehun

  • Him being infatuated with you and loving to do things that involve you both doing ‘normal’ couple things because it makes him feel safe and secure.
  • Him getting really pissed off when he finds out that you’ve been meddling in his job.
  • “Am I protecting you for nothing?! You could have died!”
  • He can be harsh, but it’s because he cares about you the most, you’re all he has.
  • Him opening up to you about his feelings and emotions when he becomes more close with you and finally begins to trust you.
  • You finding his job kind of sexy and him never hesitating to boast about how manly he can be.
  • “Want me to show you how strong these hips really are, Jagi?”
  • Him giving you weapons training so you can protect yourself if you ever need to.
  • But it always turns into cuddles and fluff or passionate, open mouthed kisses that lead to you both making the surface of the weapons table impure.

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

  • Yixing is one of the more dangerous members, without a doubt.
  • With origins from China, he also knows a lot of dangerous people across Asia, all of which he is never going to introduce you to.
  • Because he knows how dangerous it would be, and he simply can’t lose you.
  • He finds himself confiding in you a lot about his work - something the others wouldn’t do. He does leave out some of the gory details, but he will admit to his wrong doing.
  • Unexpectedly, Yixing can get rather emotional and has been known to cry in front of you.
  • But it’s simply because he trusts you the most and he hates the idea of hiding anything from you. Sure, he’s in the mafia, but he still cares about you more than anything else in the world.
  • He’s teach you tricks that he has learnt being in the mafia, for example, cracking online codes or how to use a gun properly - his arms wrapped around you from behind as he helps you aim the gun towards the perfect point of the target.
  • “That was a perfect shot, baobei.”
  • Him living to the promise that he’ll take you away one day and you’ll both have a normal life.

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

  • Jongdae is a trusted worker, so he gets a lot of the more intense jobs.
  • Which can put a strain on his mental state, even when he’s with you - but that’s always solvable, and he’ll never do anything to hurt you.
  • Him being the protective kind of boyfriend.
  • And will not tolerate anyone trying to touch you or flirt with you whenever the two of you go out. Last time someone attempted that they earned a black eye and a bloody nose.
  • Even though he is against the law, he does have a sense of morality about him.
  • He knows what he’s doing is wrong, but that’s just the way his life is and he accepts that. What he wants now more than anything is to keep you safe.
  • “Stay with me, Jagi.”
  • He’ll be very insistent on taking you out on dates, especially to calming places like the beach where he can let out all of his frustrations and get everything off his chest.
  • Him treating you as much as he can because he knows how hard it must be for you to date someone in such a dangerous industry.

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

  • When you and Minseok started dating, no one expected him to be serious about it.
  • It turned out that you were the most real thing he’d ever had in his life and he would give absolutely anything without hesitation to keep you safe.
  • He spent most of his career working alone but now he has you, he feels so much more secure even if you aren’t on missions with him.
  • “I only pretended like I was cool, I wasn’t - I cried alone, and I was depressed as hell. Now I have you, everything seems… okay.”
  • Him not being the best at opening up but soon learns to trust you.
  • The two of you being teased by the other members for the “activities” you get up to in the dorm bedrooms
  • But that’s only going encourage Minseok to do it more.
  • His “punk” style being incredibly sexy, and his hair is a different colour every few months. God bless the pink.
  • Him keeping close tabs on you to ensure you’re safe.

Huang Zitao/ Tao

  • Tao is the martial artist within the group and has the most experience when it comes to combat fighting
  • So be prepared for him to be incredibly strong
  • He is literally going to pin you down with a smirk because god knows you’re never going to get up unless Tao lets you.
  • “I’ve got you baobei~”
  • Even though he is a mafia worker, he is incredibly childlike and sweet around you - his mentality isn’t in a great state, but that doesn’t stop him from loving you.
  • He will buy you a lot of things, especially cuddly toys, somewhat for his benefit, but he loves the way your eyes light up as he offers you a stuffed animal.
  • “It’s cute”
  • “It reminded me of you.”
  • Him being the most sweet and caring man in the world but if anyone tried to hurt you he would beat their asses.

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

  • Junmyeon is the leader of the mafia and therefore isn’t necessarily the best when it comes to stress levels and maintaining it.
  • Which is why he loves being around you - because you help him forget about all the worries he has.
  • “Did I ever tell you that you’re amazing jagi?”
  • He will keep you away from his job at all costs and doesn’t reveal much of what happens under his control
  • He wants to keep you safe more than anything.
  • You’re the reason he’s still sane, even with all the issues in his head - he’ll treasure you more than anything in his life and spend as much time with you as he can
  • Him giving you the phone number of him and all the members in his mafia in case something happens along with your personalised gun to protect you
  • Him being insistent on taking you out on expensive dates
  • But nothing beats the two of you lying in the comfort of the bedroom holding each other in your arms.


  • Even with a baby face he’s as lethal as they come and incredibly skilled at what he does
  • Dating him is going to be like a fast movie with spontaneous enemy fights, long desirable kisses and sex in the back of expensive cars.
  • Since his job is not so pure, it’s known that he has a lot of money - something he will use with you.
  • He will love to go out on dates and show you off, even in the casinos where he plays poker and drinks a large beer
  • But he’ll admire you the most when you’re alone together where he can talk to you about the smallest thing to the deepest secrets in his mind - and that’s what he loves the most about you.
  • The thought of losing you is his worst nightmare, so be prepared for him to be very protective of you.
  • “Just take the knife jagi, it will make me feel better.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

  • Jongin is a very loyal worker in the mafia which means he has a lot of involvement in jobs.
  • But that doesn’t mean that he isn’t going to put time apart to spend with you and to make sure you’re his first priority
  • He doesn’t want you to suffer the same way that he has
  • So he makes sure that you look after yourself and your health the most because it means a lot to him that you have a healthy body and a healthy mind.
  • Him taking for you on dancing dates/ lessons because it helps him to relax
  • He also loves the way you look when you’re swaying in his arms and smiling at him with your beautiful lips.
  • “You’re more beautiful than anything on this planet, Jagiya.”
  • Him always kissing you goodbye before he leaves because really, who knows if he’s actually going to make it home later that night?
  • Him loving you wholly.

Wu Yifan/ Kris

  • He is the leader of a smaller group of the mafia, which is like what Jumnyeon does but with a smaller group of people
  • He has the tendency to get stressed easily
  • Which is where you come in very usefully to help him de-stress. He loves it when you hold him, or even if it is a simple kiss, it makes him feel safer and happier.
  • Even though he won’t show it, you mean more than everything to him
  • He will more than likely jokingly dismiss you as you tell him that he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you.
  • “Ah you’re just being kind. You’re adorable.”
  • Alone time with you is what he lives for, even if it’s simply cooking a meal, or moaning into the sheets of a bed
  • He just loves you more than life.
  • And treasures you a lot more than you’ll ever know. 
some Yixing headcanons
  • our Chinese king everyone’s a yixing stan don’t lie
  • so let’s get through this and hope I won’t start cryin amen hallelujah god bless
  •  so I feel like he’d worry about you even more than you worry about him
  • esp when he’s away 
  • he’s always texting you on his whereabouts letting you know what he’s up to
  • bc this angel can’t stand the thought of you stressin over him esp little things
  • also like he’s such a gentleman
  • won’t even go a day without complimenting your head off
  • and making sure you know that he feels lucky just to be w/ you and have you deal w/ him even when it’s so hard to see each other sometimes
  • but tbh he makes it work
  • skyping every night/day
  • sending you the absolute cutest snaps of him w/ the cutest filters
  • “thinking of u bb I want u here ;((”
  • “ily baby make sure to eat all your lunch today”
  • “guess what bb, I can be home by tomorrow :o I was gonna surprise u but I’m too excited y/n!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • what a man
  • and AND AND yixing sends you hella recorded videos of him practicing aka the death of you
  • acts like he just sent it to show you what he’s doing but low key he’s begging for you to praise him bc he lives for that shit and your opinion is the one that matters the most to him oml
  • he’s wild when he wants to get you a present tbfh
  • might even have people create a special perfume for you or even name a star after you idk man it’s yixing you’re stuck w/ him now get used to this
  • also I know I’ve said this hella times before but he’s such husband material bruh wife him asap
  • even makes you breakfast sometimes and he loves nothing more than seeing your sleepy face smiling up at him in gratitude
  • he gets so excited like
  • “bb I’d do this for u everyday if I could I always want you w/ me :((((”
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yixing pls//////
  • take you on hella trips to China bc you know he’d be an emo mess without you for too long
  • and shows you around everywhere 
  • while he points at everything all excitedly and smiles at you so big you think his heart is going to burst from all the love
  • plus hella red carpet events w/ him lookin like a whole snacc in a black suit you’re welcome
  • wants to show you off and tbh you should let him
  • high key treats you like royalty wherever yall go and he makes sure everyone knows you’re his
  • but yixing is hella hilarious too I mean
  • he always tries to make fun of you and tease you but tbh it always backfires bc he ends up being the one who’s flustered
  • like he can’t stop laughing sometimes he’s so weird
  • idk what’s going through his mind but his random fits of laughter must be recorded on your phone bc you’d be missing out I’m telling u
  • did I mention he always coaxes you into dancing w/ him sometimes
  • and it’d end up in him literally grinding on you and you ain’t even sure if it’s a part of the routine but tbh………..imma leave it up to your imagination it’s lit
  • anyways
  • he’s a king so always treat him like one pls I’m begging you 💙

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Taehyung Scenario: We Remain.

Request: I was wondering if I could request an angst/fluff scenario with Taehyung where him and y/n get into a fight and y/n drives away to cool down. However, he thinks that she left him for good and breaks down. When she comes back a few hours later, she finds him outside their house sobbing and she goes to apologize and take care of him.             

Genre: Fluff / Drama

Mornings at your home were always special and unique, mostly because Taehyung made it all bright no matter the hour with his light demeanor and humor, so much that you, a self declared no morning person, started to anticipate what was he waking you up that day with, what kind of silliness he’d come up to at breakfast, which kind of morning you’d have. This time though, you couldn’t have imagined a morning so dull and tense, happening in the same kitchen where you’d shared a thousand laughs, you couldn’t have expected your house with Tae to feel so suddenly asphyxiating and unsure.

-Y/N, baby… you haven’t looked at me since we woke up…- Taehyung’s voice was soft, coming to you from the other side of the kitchen.

You were standing next to the coffee maker, certainly avoiding his eyes. Your heart was unease, your head was throbbing and you hadn’t looked at him because you were trying to stay calm, to stay in your right mind and knew that with just a look at the man you loved, you could just lose it because you were hurt and mad, which wasn’t a good combination to start the day at all. Silence hovered over you two once again, the house seemed ready to shatter at any moment if you spoke.

-Y/N, I’m talking to you - Taehyung approached you from behind and you nodded.

-I heard you, you should have talked to me yesterday too before you took that decision, don’t you think Taehyung? - you snapped, hating the recrimination on his tone for your silence. Turning around to face him you found Taehyung’s eyes fixed on the ground, his hands clenched into fists.

-This opportunity can change our lives for good…. not just mine, I just thought…- Taehyung took a deep breath. -I didn’t want to risk losing it Y/N-

-But you didn’t think about me, this is only for you Taehyung! - you raised your voice so it was quite noticeable when it broke. -If you’d thought about me then you’d have waited to talk to me before accepting a job offer in a complete different city, seven hours away from here, did you mind about all the changes we have to do with that deal? -

-I was thinking about us, a better life for us don’t you see it? I’ll be less hours away from home and we can live better, I thought you trusted my judgement enough, I thought you trusted me! - Taehyung’s voice hardened with the last phrase and he groaned frustrated.

-We had to talk about this beforehand! it’s not something you can decide on your own- you felt the tears stinging in your eyes while you faced him. -I just got promoted Taehyung, you know how hard I worked for that, you know it…- it felt hard to feel left out in such a way for him, this was an important decision, it meant you moving, leaving your house, your city, your families and friends and you’d tried to explain it to him but it felt as if he wasn’t quite ready to understand how big of a change this was, how many things you would have to give up. The tension was swallowing you two since last night when he dropped the bomb of this new job, how he so willingly offered himself for it without consulting it with you and now you were against the wall. -This is our life, we’re two Taehyung, it’s not fair to leave me out of something like this-

-I was thinking about a better life for us Y/N! you wouldn’t have to work so much, I thought you wanted me to spend more time at home and now that I can find a way to do it you react this way? I can’t understand you- he huffed and you hated the annoyed expression on his face.

-It’s not about your chance to be more at home, this is about you being an egoist! - the words blurted out of your lips and the tears soaked your cheeks.

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My Dragon

Okay, so, sorry to the person who requested this! I know I took an extra few days to post it up. I was busy this 4th of July weekend. I finished it! I don’t know if you would consider this fluff but I do apologize the lack of smut. I might make a part two if I feel up to it. (I sometimes don’t like writing smut, it’s a bit tedious, lol)

Imagine: Being in love with Viserys (female reader)

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“Your brother has invited me to go hunting tomorrow,” Viserys almost excitedly told you as he entered your tent late that evening.

You had been reading some books that Jorah was kind enough to give you—your name day had passed some days ago. They weren’t books of any value except your amusement. They were books for mere children. You set down the book and gazed at your lover with a pleased smile, “I know, he had told me earlier this morning of his plans.” You speak very slow and kindly.

Viserys came to stand in front of you and squatted down onto his knees so, he was face to face with you. His violet eyes were so tender and soft—very different from the first time you had met him. If you thought about it, it felt like such a lifetime ago.

Khal Drogo was your older brother. He had been proposed with a new wife from across the Dead Sea and was intrigued. He had asked you to join him in seeing this woman. Your opinion mattered greatly to the Khal and he wanted to know your thoughts on the woman that could be his new wife.

Dany was lovely with her almost white skin and silver-white hair. She and her brother, Viserys, were diamonds in the dirt. You felt an connection with Dany and her brother. You told this to Khal as he stood in front of the young Dany. Your words had sealed Dany to your brother. Young she was, she would be well cared for.

Viserys had been full of anger and greed—that much you saw when you first laid eyes on him. He stood tall and proud as if he had been the Lord of the manor. His silvery hair swept deliciously at his jaw-line and his odd colored eyes drew you in at first glance.

But behind those eyes was a story of struggle and hunger.

You had been determined to comfort in Dany. She was terrified and it was easy to understand—well, at least to you. Viserys had been cruel to his sister back then and to you but you were not a woman to hold her tongue.

You were the sister of a great Khal. Your brother was overly protective of you as your late father was. Drogo did his best to teach you to stand up for yourself and to be the fiercest warrior. Just like your brother, you were undefeated in battles but your hair was kept short because that is how you liked it.

You often spat words at Viserys and he would simply glare at you before grabbing Dany and storming off. Dany eventually told you the tale of her family. Viserys only acted in such a way because he was angry at the world and was hungry to gain back the crown he thought he deserved.

Titles were earned here on this side of the world but you dared not tell Viserys back then.

You had pitied Viserys at first, he had no real friends. You believed his loneliness fueled his anger. You suddenly made it your duty to befriend him and make him understand that life was too precious to fret over some crown that he wouldn’t get for years. Drogo wouldn’t go to war or cross the dead sea so soon after getting married. Viserys had acted like his crown would fall upon his lap along with boats and an army to cross the dead see but no, such an operation took years to accomplish.

Viserys slowly fell into your lovely trap. You found him rather fond of his sister despite what Dany told you. He admitted that his hot temper got the best of him at times; it made him say words to Dany that he didn’t mean. You understood because Drogo was the same.

The friendship began to blossom into something beautiful. You began to teach him the ways of your people—the Dothraki. Viserys looked down upon your people but you taught him so much that he held your people in respect now.

You taught him how to ride a horse—that was something very important to your people. Riding a horse was the signal of a child becoming a man. Only young children, elderly, and disabled people rode in carts but not capable, strong men.

You taught him how to hunt well enough to join hunting parties—even though many Dothraki men sneered at Viserys. Viserys had slowly chanced and it was noted by many especially Dany and Drogo.

Of course Drogo wasn’t happy. He didn’t find Viserys worthy of you and perhaps he was right but you didn’t care. You had fallen in love with the white-haired man and nothing could ever change that.

Viserys greed for an army and crown began to recede and so did his cruelty to Dany. There wasn’t a day that didn’t pass that you didn’t hear Viserys apologizing to Dany for the way he treated her.

To hear that Drogo and his riders would like to hunt with Viserys was a sure sign of Viserys being accepted by your people and your brother. It was a sign that Viserys had changed and for the better.

You gazed tenderly at Viserys who was in between your legs and burying his face into your stomach and his arms wrapped around you. You ran your fingers through his silky hair and found knots ensnaring your fingers, “You need to bathe, my love, your hair is in terrible condition.” You mused softly working through the knots.

He chuckled, “I care not for my hair at this moment, my love, I am overjoyed by your brother’s offer. Does this mean your people accept me as they have with Dany?” He questioned looking like a small child wanting to please his parents.

A beautiful smile touched your lips as he looked up at you. You caressed his cheeks softly, “Yes, my Dragon, my people have accepted you. My brother has accepted you. You are now Dothraki.” You murmured seeing the shining in his violet eyes glow brightly.

“I would not be so filled with mirth had it not been for you, Y/N,” Viserys commented sincerely looking at you as if you were the sun in his sky, “You have changed me into a real man and taught me so much. I cannot bear to think what would’ve become of me had you not been born.” He says quietly.

You chuckle quietly and kiss his lips sweetly, “Do not think such thoughts, my Dragon, simply think of today and what you do have.” You say to him.

He drinks in your words—he holds you in such high regards.

He brings you in for another longer kiss and it leaves you breathless, “Join me by the river for some bathing after I return from the hunt?” Viserys suggests with a twinkle in his eyes.

You giggle and tut, “You are truly insatiable!” You cry with a smile, “You worked me so much last night, have I not deserve some rest?” You bring your nose to his and look into his bright eyes.

He grins widely and kisses your nose, “You’ve had most of the day to rest, my love, I would like to think that you enjoyed yourself from all the sounds you were making,” He teases leaving a soft blush on your heavenly cheeks, “I am surprised your brother did not barge in and kill me for how loud you were.”

Your cheeks were now red but you were laughing at his words. Viserys watched with adoration and love as you gave the world such a lovely sound.

“You jest too much, my Dragon,” You giggle sweetly as he gets up to cuddle with you on the bed, “Would you read to me?” You ask him holding up the children book. You loved it when he read to you. He always spoke to you in such a regal way.

He smiles and gently takes the book from your small hands, “Nothing would give me more pleasure, moon of my life.” He whispers in your ear before encasing your lips with his.  

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Boyfriend Series: Bokuto Koutarou

  • Bokuto…is a good boyfriend, as long as you know how to handle him, you shouldn’t be worried about anything going wrong 
  • He is a very emotional soul who wears his heart on his sleeve. When he is with you, it’s so obvious he’s in love and just on top of the world. He’s always blushing, smiling, or staring at you with adoration in his eyes. It’s really just too cute. He also is not one to hide his feelings away from you, and will mean whatever he says. (He likes to compliment you a lot of tell you he loves you).
  •  His good mood and easygoing aura are pretty contagious. Bokuto is the kind of person that radiates life and energy. You’ll most likely start to adopt a few of his personality traits (confidence, speaking up for yourself, becoming more expressive or empathetic, etc.) 
  • He’s so keen on affection it’s crazy. He doesn’t mind keeping it low on the PDA (though he can’t resist throwing an arm around you or holding your hand in public), but in private, expect cuddling and touchiness. Whenever you two sleep together, he wraps an arm around your waist and snuggles against your back. He’ll press a few soft kisses on the back of your neck and murmur an “I love you” before he falls asleep. Then you’ll be lulled to sleep by his heartbeat and the soft, warm breaths he makes against the back of your neck.!You’ll likely be woken up by a flurry of kisses on your face more than once. He’s mature enough to leave you alone when you want, but he needs at least a little love daily. 
  • Usually date nights will be spent at either of you two’s houses playing video games or watching dumb movies/YouTube videos while eating take out. He’s very adventurous and would like to go out at least every week to do something cool locally (like attending a festival, going to local restaurants/cafes, landmarks or historical sites near you, and even volunteer work at animal shelters). 
  • He will come to you first as soon as he’s faced with any huge issue or decision. You are the number one person he trusts the most and your opinion really matters to him. He intently listens to your advice and takes it to heart. He will also do his best to give you advice when you need it as well. However, most of his advice is very idealistic and revolves around “following your heart”. 
  •  Something you’ll have to be good at is comfort. Bokuto’s bad moods are like an avalanche. One small thing can set him off, issuing a wave of depression on him. However, he’s very resilient and can bounce back after a little rant and some encouragement from you. To be honest, you don’t really have to be good at comfort (but it’s easier if you are), you can just stroke his ego a bit and he’ll get better. When the problem is something serious and not just a blocked ball or a bad grade, Bokuto gets very unnaturally silent and upset. In these moments, it’s just better to let him lay his head on your stomach and pet his hair until he’s ready to talk about it. 
  • It takes a lot to get him legitimately angry over something. Although he may get annoyed at some things, he has a really long fuse when it comes to legitimate anger. Though, He would not, under any circumstances, hurt you. 
  • Dating him comes with many perks, despite the few challenges you may face with his boisterous and unpredictable personality. He remembers most important dates (some may slip his mind though but he never forgets your birthday or anniversary), he’s a good listener, he’s not afraid to show or tell you how he’s feeling, he indulges in your interests and doesn’t judge you for them, he genuinely cares about you and your family and friends absolutely adore him. He’s always willing to lend them a hand or crack a few jokes with them. 
  • Humor is a major aspect of your relationship. If you want to date him, you have to know how to take a joke. He teases you a little bit, but becomes frozen once you start teasing him (especially if it’s really witty, he’s at loss for comebacks). Also you have to be versed on pop culture and recent memes, because he makes references a few times a day to get a cheap laugh from you. He WILL text you pictures of ugly animals and say “look it’s u”. To get back at him just spam his phone with the laughing emoji until it crashes.

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Treacherous (4) (Soulmate au)

Summary: One day every human being on the planet received a mark in some place on their body at the same time; these marks are the initials of your soulmate and their date of birth. What do you do when your soulmate is not the person that you have a relationship with?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2374

Warnings: Fuffly and aganst

Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta

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That night you had one of the best nights of sleep in your life, you felt peaceful and happy. You couldn’t stop touching your lips; you could still feel Bucky’s lips on yours and the way that it felt like. It was addicting, you never felt like this way before.

Unfortunately the peaceful feeling didn’t last long, when you woke up all you could think about was Bucky and if he was okay on the mission. You manage to have a busy day ahead of you; you spent your whole day with Chip in the vet and buying things for him.

Chip took all his vaccines; you bought a few things so he could have fun and a new leash. The problem was when the clock hit 7 pm; you didn’t have anything else to do so your mind went to Bucky and the mission.

You are watching TV but you have no idea what is happening in the movie. You heard a loud knock on your door and your heart shattered. You see Steve standing there, you hate that you can’t read his body language “Hey, Steve, please, come in.”

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Just your daily reminder that no matter what your opinion on Bellamy is you can’t call him white trash, Clarke is and has always been far more than just a love interest or one half of a ship, Raven deserves love, Murphy deserves more than just survival, Lincoln and Octavia were soulmates, Monty and Harper deserve appreciation together or apart, it’s only normal that Jasper would be broken after all he went through, Luna was not a villain, and Emori and Echo are going to be best friends.
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BTS reaction to you having relationship issues

A/N: I guess this is the easiest thing for me to write since I do have relationship issues (the biggest reason why I avoid getting into a relationship even though I want one but I’m too scared to say ‘yes’) because of my parents’ divorce. Hah, it’s gonna be a miracle when I’ll get in a relationship.


He would laugh at first, taking it as a joke and making a lame one of his own. When you told him you were serious about your trust issues he would try to have a serious and long conversation with you to find out what made you reach that conclusion and generalize all relationships. But he would be more careful around you and start acting more loving, surprising you with romantic dinner dates more often.

“My feeling for your are real, regardless of the way you see relationships and that’s not gonna stop me from loving you.“

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I feel like Yoongi would look past that if his feeling for you were strong enough because he knows he’s not perfect either. He would, however, check in on you more often and try to spend more time with you. Even on his busiest days, he’d take a minute to text you a quick message to let you know he was thinking about you, maybe inviting you over to his studio for lunch while showing you his new songs to get your opinion because that’s what matters the most to him.

“I love you in spite of that, Jagi.”

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Just like Jin, I think he would take it as a joke at first as well but when he’d see your serious face, he’d try to convince you that every relationship is different and that his feelings for you are true. Every day he’d leave cute voice messages or videos of him acting cute and confession his love numerous times even though he knew you wouldn’t believe him but he wanted to make you believe. He’d find ways to make you laugh with everything he’d do and just start acting out the love he has for you in general instead of resuming it to just words.

“Jagiya, I know you are the one for me. I’m gonna show that I’m the one for you too.”

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As soon as he heard those words leaving your mouth, he would try to talk it out and find out the reason that made you reach that decision and doubt his feelings. I feel like after you tell him the whole story about the things that happened in your past that made you doubt relationships in general, he would come up with an explanation about why you think of it the way you do and somehow you’d get past that.

“You’ve just been looking at it the wrong way. Our relationship is a lot more different than your past ones.”

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When he heard those words coming out of your mouth, he didn’t know how to react. He was surprised at first but it didn’t bother him as much but he would pay more attention when it comes to you. This little mochi would do anything in his power to show you how much he cares about you and how meaningful his words are by spoiling you with whatever he can get his hands on that he knows you might love. Taking you on as many dates as he can when he has some free time on his hands.

“I do love you, no matter what you do or say.”

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He would try his best to show you how wrong you were about the misconception you lived by all these years. Preparing romantic dinners, taking you on long walks at sunset and confessing his love for you every single day he spends with you and even if he can’t be there physically, he would record video messages and send them to you every night before you go to sleep until he’ll change your mind and make you see how fun and healthy it is to be in a relationship with someone you love.

“Jagi, I’d never say those words if I didn’t mean them.”

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[btw Tae’s lips in this gif look so yummy and puffy. I love ToT ]


I feel like he would get offended at first because it took a lot of courage for him to confess in the first place only to have you doubting his feelings. He would probably give you the cold treatment for a few hours until he spoke with his hyungs and ask for advice. Once they explain to him how hard it must be for you to trust people, he’d come back home to talk it out and try to find out what made you lose faith in finding ‘the one’.

“Whatever it is, I’ll show you how wrong you are about it.”

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