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  • ADRIA ARJONA  —  half puerto rican, half guatemalan / 25 years old
  • ADRIANA LIMA  —  parts indigenous brazilian, african, and japanese; part white / 36 years old
  • ANNET MAHENDRU —  half indian, half white / 27 years old
  • GOLSHIFTEH FARAHANI  —  iranian / 34 years old
  • JENNA DEWAN-TATUM  —  one quarter lebanese, three quarters white / 36 years old
  • JULIA VOTH  —  white / 32 years old
  • NICOLE BEHARIE  —  half afro-caribbean, half unspecified black / 32 years old
  • TANAYA BEATTY —  half da'naxda'xw, half himalayan / 26 years old
a bit of romance for your saturday night!

I lay with my back to the wall of the cave, slightly shivering in the cool air flowing past from the entrance. You notice, and speak in a quiet, even voice.


I nod and your hand brushes mine as you squeeze past me to search the woods outside for kindling.

“Henry?” I call after your retreating figure.

You turn and your face is momentarily lit with a golden glow from the setting sun outside. It’s striking, and in that moment. You take my breath away. I try to think of something clever and sexy to say but all that comes out is a timid,

“Thank you”  

You beam, and I am done for. My cheeks flush as I quickly avert my eyes. My heart thumping, I desperately, absently, search for a distraction on the cave floor.

But then, then your lips are on mine and my head nearly explodes as I lean into your kiss. Tasting your clean, sweet mouth for the very first time. 


Thousands gather in Manchester and across the UK to pay tributes to those who lost their lives and the families affected after a terrorist attack after an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. Many of the victims were children, and the youngest confirmed dead was only 8 years old.

  • Harry: I made this friendship bracelet for you.
  • Draco: You know I'm not really a jewelry person.
  • Harry: You don't have to wear it.
  • Draco: No, I'm gonna wear it forever. Back off.

           To the sweetest, most caring and loving puppy person i’ve had the luxury to know,
           Happy Anniversary!


  • not a child
  • not evil
  • isn’t stupid
  • (seriously, she is probably the most educated character in the series; she can recite the entirety of known elven history)
  • is right about eluvians
  • is unaware of human cultures bc she’s most likely never met a human before Duncan, and even him she knew for like five minutes so it’s understandable 
  • bad with people bc she was isolated as a child (it’s implied that Mahariel and Tamlen were basically her only friends)
  • according to Solas at least, she’s right about blood magic being only as evil as the purposes they’re used for
  • is very proud, that’s true. she’s arrogant at times, but it’s not like she’s the only character in the series with that trait
  • is perfectly willing to accept the consequences of her own actions, but due to low self esteem and self-worth she doesn’t understand that other people would be affected by them
  • is incredibly gifted magically; she mends a corrupted, shattered Eluvian, rebuilding it and cleansing it
  • this potentially means that Merrill will be able to apply her study of the mirror to curing the Blight
  • still isn’t a kid

So canon it hurts :”D


I was lucky enough to get a sketch from Funko artist, Eddie Irizarry, so naturally I asked for Li'l Stevie and Sergeant Barnes to go with my new WWII Cap! Then at the Funko panel someone asked if they would be doing a WWII Bucky pop, and they responded that they’d love to do the entire Howling Commandos lineup if they can… SO HERE’S HOPING :D