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3dprintmeafucktogive  asked:

What is your next tattoo gonna be?

In theory, my left arm is complete, although I’m considering doing some black-out work on the octopus, but it can wait. Right now, I’m working on my back. It is an extensive cover-up piece that is in the black-out style, and it’s been painful as fuck. I can only sit for about 5 hours before I’m physically worn out, so I’ve got a few sessions to go. It’s mostly geometric shapes with some plants and bees - both done in the style of scientific drawings - and it spans the entirety of my back. Tailbone to occipital. It will eventually wrap around both hips, finally covering up my very first tattoo. A re-imagining of my stories as scars, which seems to fall into water or desert themes (we don’t plan; my tattoo artist and I just sit down during a session and she free-draws) - has been one of the more interesting experiences of my life. Highly recommend.

This time last year there was no way in hell I’d be posting a picture like this. A picture showing my waist and even a little tummy. I’m working so fucking hard on self acceptance and self love. I don’t want to hate myself anymore… I don’t want to be disgusted every time I look in the mirrior… There are somethings I cannot change, but what I can I’m working on. It’s been a long journey, and I still have a long way to go, but I’m getting there..

Work with me on your next tattoo design

• When you look at your tattoo you say “this is my tattoo”. But when you look at your custom tattoo you say “this is me in a tattoo”.

• We have plenty of time to work, no rush here. Tell me your ideas, the location, the size, tell me some important things and stories about you. Show me what you like and what you do not like in a tattoo. We will start with some basic concepts, and continue with all the details. We go step by step until you see the perfect design.

• I send you high resolution .jpg files. Print it and take it to your local tattoo artist to get it done! I can send you the files in Photoshop format too.

• The prices are really flexible. It depends on the design, but mostly depends on you! I usually recommend a price range and you can consider how much you would like to pay according to your satisfaction. You only have to pay after you received the final files. I trust you and hope you trust my skills.

• For the payments we use PayPal. But I’m also open to other options.

• Who will you work with? I’m an open minded freelance artist and aesthete specialized in creating tattoo designs - with years of experience in tattooing, fine arts, digital arts, web design, or even philosophy if that helps. I’m nice and friendly, really patient, so in short I’m the best pick for you.

• You have questions? I’d be glad to answer them. Let me help you with your tattoo related problems!

You loved getting tattoos however you were an elementary school teacher and tattoos weren’t aloud. So every piece you had was able to be covered. Recently this shop in town had been getting a lot of good reviews and a couple friends recommended you go there and ask for Calum to do your next tattoo. After work one day you walked into his shop and asked for him. The girl at the front desk went to the back room and you could hear her call out “hey cal, we got a virgin who wants you”. Calum walked out and looked you up and down in you floral pink knee length dress and the light purple jacket and flats you were wearing with it and you could see him sigh because there was no way you could “handle a tattoo”. “What can I do for you sweetheart? Do you want an infinity sign on your foot?” you just looked at him unamused and responded “actually, sweetheart” sarcasm dripping from your voice, “I heard you were the best and was wondering if you could finish this up for me” you said removing your jacket revealing your colorful sleeves then you unzipped the side of your dress and pointed to the unfinished ribcage piece. After cal had picked his jaw up off the floor he escorted you to the back room. “So do you always generalize and stereotype your customers?” you asked playfully. He stuttered for a couple seconds trying to come up with an acceptable response before you continued “its okay babe, I’m a teacher so I gotta keep a certain aesthetic. But you should see me in the weekends” you playfully nudged his shoulder. “Actually I would love to see you on the weekends. How about this Saturday night?” and of course you agreed so when he picked you up for your date his jaw dropped again when you walked out in all black, leather, heels, and with all your piercings in.

I have a request for Greensboro, Taylor.

I wont be going since i dont have tickets :/ BUT I was wondering if just maybe you could sing “Never grow up” That song means so so much to me. It’s my song for my son, Eli. I even one day want you to write out the words “Oh darling dont you ever grow up” so i can have it tattooed in your handwriting next to the tattoo i have of Eli’s handprint on my shoulder. I know this might be asking for too much since im not even going but i guess it doesnt hurt to ask,right? <3 I love you @taylorswift and i really wish i was going but like i said before im just lucky enough and happy enough that you atleast follow me on here and have liked a few things of mine :) So thank you if you’re reading this. It would really mean the world to me. I love you always <3