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New town, New start (Tig-Sons of Ararchy)

Request: A club imagine where you save gemma from a holdup at some convenience store and bring her back to tm where she offers you a job because she notices your new and u start to work there and end up with either tig or chibs (your choice) this could be a series if u want

Thank you for the request! Love the idea! I decided to pick tig so i don’t spam y'all with Chibs all day haha <3<3<3

Y/N was new to Charming, she moved there exactly a week ago. And today she had her job interview at the local animal hospital.

It was 4:30 PM and her interview was at 4:45 PM, so she decided to quickly get a water and a pack of gum from the small convenience store not far from the animal clinic.

“Are you serious?” An angry female voice shook Y/N out of her thoughts  while she waited in a short line to pay for her water and gum.

“Ma'am, we can’t let you go buy that much alcohol.” The manager said as some new law was just posted a month ago about the maximum amount of alcohol a single person can buy.

“You must be fucking shitting me. Just give me what i want and you can keep the change.” She said throwing a couple hundred dollars at the man.

“You can not bribe us in to selling you alcohol.”

“Yes i can! Watch me!” She said, starting to put the bottles of whiskey in to her bag.

“Ma'am we’ll need to call the cops if you don’t stop.” The manager said grabbing her hand.

“Hey hey.” Y/N felt like she needed to step in, “Sorry I’m late.” She said wrapping her hand  around the older woman’s waist in a friendly manner. “Oh, you grabbed my stuff as well?” She  said as she saw the woman looking at her with a confused expression. She winked at her, making the lady relax and send send the manager a smirk.

“Oh there is two of you?” He asked in disbelief.

“Yep. One,” Y/N said motioning to herself, “and two.” She motioned to the lady besides her.

“Oh, okay.. Sorry for the misunderstanding.” The man apologized. “Is there anything we can do for you?”

“Nah, we’re good.” The young girl said giving one two of the bags full of alcohol to the lady besides her and grabbing two of her own. “Actually, we could use a hand.” She said before nodding in the direction of the rest of the bags.

“Of course.” The man said and grabbed the other 4 bags before following them out to the lady’s car.

“Thank you.” Y/N said to the man who smiled at her. “Goodbye.” She said as he didn’t move.

“Oh, um.. goodbye, come again soon.”

“Thank you.” The lady said with an amused look on her face.

“Anytime.” The younger girl smiled as she put the bags in to the car.

“I’m Gemma. You’re new aren’t you?” The lady offerd her hand.

“Nice to meet you Gemma, I’m Y/N.” She took the hand and shook it. “Yeah, moved here last week. It’s a new town, new start. ”

“Welcome to Charming.” Gemma said eyeing the girl up and down.

“Thank you.” The girl smiled looking down at her phone, which read 5 PM. “Shit.”

Gemma raised an eyebrow at the girl in front of her.

“Sorry. I just missed my job interview.” Y/N sighed throwing her phone in to her purse.

“If you need a job there’s an opening at the bar.” Gemma lied. She wanted to fire that crow eater who has been flirting with Clay, for a while now.

“Really? That would be great.” Y/N smiled. Sure, it wasn’t the perfect job. But it was something.

“Yeah. Get in, I’ll drive you there and we can talk about everything.”


Once in the car the two women talked about the bar, about their families. Soon Gemma learned that Y/N moved here with her 16 year old brother who was kicked out by their parents after they caught him in bed with another boy.

“How old are you?” Gemma wondered. The girl next to her looked like she was in her mid 20’s but her attitude was so positive and bubbly that made her seem younger.

“I’m 25. I finished uni last year and got a veterinarian degree, so i hoped to get a job at the local animal clinic but oh well, I’ll try again tomorrow or something” She shrugged. “Besides having two jobs wouldn’t hurt as I’m the only one bringing money to this household of two.”

“You seem like you have it all planned out.” Gemma said as they pulled in to a parking spot at MT.

The two got out of the car and walked in to the club house where Gemma turned to the girl and told her to wait there. Before walking over to a blonde girl behind the bar.

“What? No! I need the money!” The blonde raised her voice and something told Y/N  that that wasn’t a smart move. Gemma seemed like the alfa woman in this house.

“Half  sack!  Show the crow eater out!” Gemma ordered a young looking boy, who couldn’t be much older than Y/N.

“Yes ma'am.” He said walking over to the blonde and grabbing her elbow, dragging her out.

“And don’t call me ma'am ever again if you wanna keep the one ball that you have.” Gemma said after him as she walked over to the awaiting girl.

“Okay so are you okay to work nights?”


“Good, you get the shift from 4 to midnight.”

“Got it.” The girl smiled. “Is there anywhere i can put my stuff?”

“Ready to work? Good girl.” Gemma said, pressing her hand on the small of her back and leading you to a small closed space behind the bar. “Maybe i should get you some more… appropriate clothes.” She said motioning to her  black A-line skirt that reached just above her knees and a white dress shirt that she had tucked in to it.

“Don’t worry about it, just get me a knife.” The younger girl smiled.

“Well then.” Gemma raised an eyebrow at her before looking around. “Tig!”

“Yeah?” He walked up to the duo, noticing the new girl right away. “Well hello there.” He said shamelessly looking her up and down.

“Give me your knife.” Gemma said punching his shoulder.

“Ow, what’s that for?” He looked at her.

“Stop fucking her with your eyes and give me your knife.” Gemma said making the girl besides her chuckle.

“Here.” He said handing her the knife, which she gave the younger girl.

“Thank you.” Y/N said to both of them before walking in to the closed Gemma showed her before.

Once inside she cut off the hem of her skirt, making it now reach her mid thigh before making another cut, on the left side, creating a high slip, exposing more of her leg.

“Not bad.” She smiled to herself before untucking her dress shirt, unbuttoning it and tying it at her waist before rolling up her selves. Her black bra was peeing out of the white material which only made the outfit look better.

Finishing everything off by putting her hair in to a messy ponytail she walked out of the closet making both Gemma’s and Tig’s yaws drop. “What? I had a rebellious faze in high school.” She smiled before walking over to Tig and Handing him his knife. “Thank you,…”

“Tig..” He said quietly, still taking her in before clearing his throat and repeating louder. “I’m Tig.”

“Nice to meet you Tig.” She smiled as he took his knife back, “I’m Y/N.”

“You’ll fit right in.” Gemma said patting her on the back before walking away.

As he just stared at her she chuckled and said. “So Tig, wanna be my first?”

His eyebrows shot up making her laugh before adding “My first costumer.”

“Sure, I’ll have a beer.” He said and she winked at him, “Coming right up.”

“Who’s that?” Jax walked up to Tig that was straight out staring at the girl’s ass as she walked away from him.

“Y/N.” The man said shortly as the girl walked in their direction again.

“Here you go.” She smiled setting his beer on the desk in front of him. “Can i get you anything?” She gave  the blonde man the same warm smile.

“I’ll take a beer as well, darlin’.” He said before adding, “I’m Jax, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you.” She smiled before walking away to get him his beer. “Here you go.” She handed him his beer.

“Welcome to TM, Y/N.’‘ 

’'Y/N what’s this place?” Jake asked walking in to the bar his sister send him the address too.

“It’s my new job.” She said as he sat down behind the bar that was mostly empty now, as all of the guys has something they called 'Church’.

“You work in a garage of the town’s gang as a waitress?” He asked in disbelief.

“I guess you could say that.” She smiled. “Anyway, how was school?” She asked as she gave him a soda.

“It was fine. It would be better if i had my own car tho.” He said making her sigh.

“Jake, I don’t even have a car. You know we can’t afford it.” She reminded him.

“But you got a job  now.” He insisted just as the guys walked out of their meeting.

“Yes but it will bearably cover rent, and i already have an interview for a second job tomorrow.’'  She said before walking over to the other end of the bar where men, who she learned were Happy and Bobby sat. ’'Hello boys, what can i get ya?”

While she was running around giving everyone their orders Tig sat down two stools away from her brother. “Aren’t ya a bit young to be here?” He asked the young boy sitting there looking at his phone.

“He’s mine.” Y/N said over her shoulder sending tig a warm smile.

“Ah… Wait, aren’t you a bit young to have such an old kid?” He asked confusion all over his face as she handed him his beer.

“No, no,” She laughed. “He’s my brother. He’s the reason i moved here.”

“Oh, good.” He said looking from the boy to her. They looked nothing alike. She had long red hair warm brown eyes and he had short blonde hair with blue eyes.

“Okay, how much is the bus ticket?” She asked her brother once she finsihed serving everyone.

“How should i know? I never had to ride the bus.” He rolled his eyes. It was clear that they both came from a rich family.

“Look, I know it’s hard  to get used to this.” She started, trying to keep calm. “It’s better to have to say no to some luxuries than to be homeless, don’t you think?”

“Whatever.” He said without looking at her.

“Hey!” Tig grabbed a hold of the boys shoulder, squeezing it just enough so it hurt. “How about some respect for your sister here?”

“I..” Jake didn’t know how to react.

“It’s fine.” Y/N sighed, reaching in to her wallet and pulling out 40$ “This should cover the ticket home and some take out.” She gave it to him. “Home, eat, study, sleep.” She ordered and the boy shook Tig’s hand off before waking away at a quick speed.

“Thank you.” She smiled at Tig, “But you didn’t need to do that.”

“Don’t worry i bearably touched him.’'  He told her before taking a drink of his beer.  ’'Gemma told me why you moved here. I’m guessing you and your brother are used to living a rich life?”

“Yeah. He loved that lifestyle. I moved out when i was 19, went to study abroad.” She told him and they spent the rest of the night getting to know eachother.

She ended up being fascinated by the club and it’s buisness (not all of it of course, as  he only told her about the legal stuff). And he ended up being more and more intrigued by her wisdom and positivity.

It was 15 minutes after midnight when she gathered her things and said bye to everyone when he walked up to her again. “Need a ride home?”

“Yes please.” She smiled  a tired smile.

“Right this way then.” He said motioning towards his bike. He gave her his helmet which she thanked for and put on her head while he got on the bike.

“Here.” He said helping her on. “Hold on tight.” He smirked as he felt her hands wrap tightly around his waist.


“Ready.” She smiled. And they drove off in to the night.


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AN: Hey, let me know what you think. I really loved this concept (Gemma is just such an amazing character, i’m lowkey obsesssed with her)!! Maybe a part two?

This song was for his ex Carmen Electra who cheated on him while in her hometown. He put her in a room and played this and when it was over, he sent her back home on a plane to LA. But its One of my favorites. Just in honor of me missing him. This song still gives me chills.

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stop pretending that sirius black isn’t a food snob and that it Kills him that lily puts ketchup on practically everything

Prayer circle for the repeat of last years’ Phxcon SNS concert tomorrow!

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And just so there isn’t any doubts what am I talking about, here’s a little recap:

Hey, Jared baby, what one should do when he can’t reach far enough to touch his man comfortably? 

Ah, thank you, sweetie (●´ω`●)

And then what do you do?

Ah, yes, of course (▰˘◡˘▰)

Hey Jensen honey, what would you recommend if one wanted to feel up his boy inconspicuously in front of everybody?

A hand on his peck, got ya! Cheers, mate!  [vid]

Btw, wasn’t that Jared’s first time singing on the stage? 

Credit for the gifs @wellcometothedarkside @nothingidputbeforeyou @berezneva12 and @sammyhale 

The gifs as follows [1&2, 3, 4, 5&6, 7&8&9, 10, 14]

It sits inside him like that night he drowned himself in stomach acid and his father’s whiskey. It sits there all heavy, all on his shoulders, all on his chest and in his teeth. It sits there bile-yellow, makes him feel sick.

You know to cradle it, to let it take home in you. You let it grow on you, give it your arms and neck and back to stretch into. It asks for a place to hide and you give it your open palms. It sleeps there, thorns and all, flowers and all. It is soft and wild and leaves red wherever it goes.

He can’t look you in the eye, says it feels like seasickness, like the nausea you get while spinning in circles. Says it makes him feel dizzy, makes him feel weak. You hold open your hands and all he sees are thorns, all he sees are yellow leaves and all the weight.

—  Reena B.What is it like to fall in love with someone who hates love?
A Summary of Onision’s Content

Onision’s entire channel (all three of them) can essentially be broken down into the same four video concepts that he repeats ad nauseum:

1. Regurgitating poorly-written songs and skits with the exact same topics in the exact same format over and over again. “I’m coming out as [insert sexual orientation/gender here]”. “I’m So [Whore/Pedophile/Nerd/Emo/Goth/Stalker/Hippie]”. “Onision and Laineybot doing the ______ tag!” “Onision Googles ______ and reacts to it!”.

The only time that there is ever any variation in this other repetitious routine is when other YouTubers are featured in his skits. Otherwise, they are mundane and repetitive.

2. Rehashing the exact same stories from his past over and over again (being in the air force, why he doesn’t talk to his dad, YouTubers that he’s fought with, girls he regrets dating even though we’ve all heard about all of his exes dozens of times each, etc), because he doesn’t have a life and never does anything new worth sharing with his fanbase. 

(Take it from me, guys. When you’re stuck at home 24/7 - whether it’s by choice, like Onision, or by coercion, like Lainey - there is so little intellectual, social, and sensory stimulation going on in your life that the only thing left to do is ruminate about the past. I guarantee that the source of much of Lainey’s depression is boredom and inactivity; and I’m sure that this is also why he sometimes allows her to bring friends to come and live with them for a while. She’s bored and starved for interaction, but he doesn’t want her to leave the house for school or work, because then there are outside factors at work in her life that he has no control over. Onision has kept her and himself in this situation on purpose - he doesn’t want a normal life outside of this limited, but comfortable, little bubble that’s entirely within his control.)

3. Starting shit with other YouTubers. Choose a new (or old) target every week when the drama begins to die down again. Repeat ad nauseum. **BONUS!** Wonder why his channel isn’t doing as well as the channels of other big YouTubers who actually do things, like go out of their way to be quality content creators, collaborate and maintain positive relationships with other YouTubers, and work to stay within YouTube’s TOS (which I bet he’s regretting not trying harder to do now).

4. Ranting, talking, or complaining about the same repetitive topics over and over again. Republicans. Religion. Feminism. Cutting. Andy Biersack. Mental illness. Animals. LGBTQ+. Eugenia Cooney. Ex-girlfriends (Skye, Shiloh, Adrienne, Billie). Circumcision. Marijuana. Anything revolving around weight and physical appearance in any way: obesity. Anorexia. How to lose weight. Binge eating. How to gain weight. “Body positivity”. Diet. Veganism and vegetarianism. “Would Onision date you?” “Does Onision think you’re hot?” “Onision rates YOUR body on a scale from 1 to 10!” “Are you fat or skinny?” “What does the perfect female body look like?” 

The man has not had an original idea in years. Hell, he even stole the concept of Chibi Derp from Fred. Do something else, Onision. This is why your channel is dying