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i have a few very Important Questions ! ^^ 1. Does anyone here have Animal Crossing: New Leaf? 2. If so, wanna share dream addresses and/or friend codes ? 3. If not, who’s your favorite character in the game? 4. Is anyone here a Nerdfighter ? ? ( ; v ; ) 5. On a scale of 1-10, how cool do you think physics is? also yes hi hi!! I’m alive, just pretty unmotivated at the moment ! But I’ll be okay!! Just gimme time, lil ol’ me will be back !

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it won’t be like what you imagined. maybe you get the road trip to the beach with coffee in your hand and the radio playing, maybe you don’t. but happy shows up. it’s in a 2 AM game of jenga with your new college friends. it’s curling up for another marathon of netflix. it’s meeting the person who will be your best man at the wedding. it’s 4:45pm in the library when the girl in the study coral across from you quietly whispers “i’m going to set everything on fire” and then turns to you and asks if you wanna take a break for dinner (say yes, she’s very nice and you both need a moment away from the stress). it’s the mornings they have omelettes and in good books and in a puddle that looks cool. it’s sometimes picturesque, but more often it’s full-belly laughter at stupid things on the floor of your friend’s house while in the background someone is debating the best way to win settlers of catan. 

i know it gets dark early now and the tired is setting in and everything sort of feels blank and hazy and you want to spend ages staring at walls thinking of nothing

but happiness will find a way in. it will be small moments. look for them.

I’m trying to make this fandom a better place, because let’s be honest - it’s full of bad people who just want to fight. I’m not that kind of person, I don’t want fights. I want people to know that there’s someone who will listen to them and make them feel welcome because the majority doesn’t do that. Because it’s more fun to spread hate, right? No.

So you play as mShep? Cool you’re welcome here let’s talk. You play as fShep? Come here we’re friends now. You romanced X character? I hope you enjoyed it. You play as Renegade/Paragon or a mix of those two? Nice, your Shepard must be very interesting.

If you’re a new or recent fan, perhaps someone who feels left out by the fandom I want you to know that I’m here. My blog is safe, I know the fandom can be nasty. But I’m here if you need to talk.

Reblog if you also want to make this fandom a better place so people don’t feel left out.

An update on @lordminion’s new little Japanese fans (a follow-up to this post)

Last week I went back to that school (I’m only there once a week) and after class the two boys came up to me. The first one was yelling about how cool it was and how there was SO much dead by daylight (buddy, I KNOW lol) then he was (very literally) dragged by another friend to the back of the room to play.

The second boy is incredibly shy around me (big scary foreign girl, u know) and once the first boy left, boy 2 got really quiet. He practically mumbled “sensei, your friend is really cool.” Unfortunately, this class is super rowdy, and I couldn’t hear boy 2 over the yelling… What’s more, he was only speaking Japanese so I had to listen really hard AND translate..and the conversation went a bit like this

Boy 2: “your friend” *mumble mumble* “really cool” *mumble*
Me: “what? My friend?”
Boy 2: “from YouTube”
Me: “OH my YouTube friend??”
Boy 2: “he has a lot of followers”
Me (I don’t know the term for YouTube subscribers): “a lot of what?”
Boy 2: “like one million people”
Me: “OOOH you mean subscribers!!”
Boy 2: “I thought he was really cool”
Me: “he was really WHAT?”
Boy 2: “nothing nothing” *walks away embarrassed*
Me: “wait no I couldn’t hear you I’m sorry!!”
Boy 2: “It’s nothing sorry sensei”

I’m going to try talking to boy 2 again this week. He’s really shy and I don’t even know his name (I’m new and have about 600 students lol)

BUT, the important thing is they think Wade is SUPER cool. Boy 1 liked all the dead by daylight and thought Wade is funny, boy 2 thought he was “kakkoii” and impressed by all of the subscribers

I’m so glad Wade has given me an opportunity to connect with some of the students(´▽`ʃƪ)♡


How Do We Talk to Robots in Outer Space?

We here on Earth love to constantly chat up our spacecrafts that are scattered throughout the solar system. But how do we talk to them? Through the very awesome Deep Space Network! In this video I also talk about some very cool ways you can interact with the DSN from your own home.

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Let's Start A New Life

Imagine being Dean’s mute and abuised daughter, he finds you and decides to take you in.

You are not like the others, and that always put you down. Not only down emotionally, but also down in others people eyes. You are the small fifteen years old kid, who can’t say a word since the day she is born, shy and not very good with people. You had one friend in elementary school, but when he started to play on the football in high school, he ditched you to be one of the ‘cool’ kids.

Today, is another same day at school, at lunch someone stole your food and someone beat you up, fun times. You get back home, a black eye, split lip and a letter addressed to your mother, if you can call her a mother. She is always drunk and sometimes she doesn’t remember your name. It’s been like that since… ever. You don’t know how she was when you were a baby, but it’s a miracle you are alive if she treated you like she does today.

The second you enter the house, you can smell the odour of strong alcohol and smoke invades the place.

You walk up to her, in the living room where she has a vodka bottle in one hand and a reefer in the other. You take a small shaky breath scared to go talk to her, but you know you have to do this, you have to get this paper signed. Or else the director will ask for a meeting, and you do not want that to happen.

You stand in front of her, showing the paper without a single movement.

“What the fuck do you want?” She snapped.

You point at the paper.

“I wish you could talk, it would be easier than to guess” she sighs heavily and read the paper and glances up at you with angry eyes “another fight! (Y/N)! You know I don’t want to have some attention on us! I have a strict job to do and I don’t want no one to know about it!”

She get up throwing the bottle on the wall making you flinch. She slaps you hard and you fall on the ground, keeping the tears. If you learned something from your mother it’s to hide the tears, or else it’s going to be worst.

After a few hits and kick, she gets cut off by someone ringing on the door.  

“Go up to your room” she snapped.

You nod slowly getting up and run upstairs. Once in your room, you throw yourself on the blanket, the only thing you have in your room with a closet to keep your clothes. You don’t have a lot of clothes too, and they are always dirty because you don’t have anything to hang them up.  

“Andrea” you here a man’s voice “how you doing”.

You get out your room and stand up the stairs, listening.

“Dean Winchester, what are you doing here?”

“Uh… I guess it’s not a good time huh? I have a job here, and I wanted to know if you were okay? Last time I saw you, you weren’t good”.

“It was fifteen years ago, I am fine”.

You take a few steps down the stairs, being careful to not make any sound.

“Who is this?” Dean asked.

Busted. You feel yourself freeze.

“Uh… she’s my kid, yeah”.

He frowns at you, seeing all the bruises on your face “she alright? She doesn’t look good”.

“Ah, she had a fight at school” she turns around to you “I thought I told you to go to your room”.

You nod quickly and run upstairs.

It has been two days since you met Dean and a lot of questions were up in your mind. First off, you heard they met fifteen years ago, and your mother always told you that your father abandoned you guys when you were a baby.

Someone knocks on your door. You frown, knowing that your mother never comes and see you, and surely doesn’t knock.

You get up slowly and open the door, seeing Dean.

“Hey, (Y/N)? That’s what I learned was your name” he said.

You nod.

“Uh… can we talk?”

°You nod again.

He glances at the room, and you can swear you can read worry in his eyes.

“When I came here a few days ago, I saw you and I made a little research. Found out that you are my kid, (Y/N). I want you to come and live with me, I’m sorry about how your mother treated you, I will take care of you”.

You feel tears falling on your face and you jump in his arms.

Three hard months has passed for you, Dean and Sam. Sam had wanted to help you, but each time he approaches, you can’t help but flinch and run into your father’s arms.

“Hi, (Y/N)” Sam smiled at you “brought you a gift”.

He gives you a book, reading the title you can feel something you never felt before.

Sign Language

You look up at Sam giving him a polite smile.

“I made you dinner, you want to eat?”

Nothing, you don’t give him a look, you don’t like eating these days, you don’t feel like eating. You just wish you could sleep, but nightmares about your childhood comes back to your mind.

Seeing that you won’t say anything, he decides to wait for Dean, the only one you let in.

Dean enters the motel room, seeing you on your bed, under the covers eyes staring at nothing.

“Hey, Sammy” he greeted his little brother.

“I couldn’t get her to eat” he said giving him the plate “maybe you can have more chance”.

Dean sighs, looking at you. He can’t believe you lived this life, and he can’t help to feel guilty.

“Hey, kid” he sits beside you “eat that up, okay? Got to put something on those bones”.

He notices the book on the bed “sign language huh? It could be cool to try, we can start checking it after you eat? What do you think?”

You can’t help to smile a little, finally someone was thinking about you, in the good way, not that you are a freak who can’t talk.

“Let’s start a new life”.


Hi friends! I was gonna give myself a bit of a break over the new year/January, but uh… as you may already know, financial difficulties tend to just happen!

If you would like your very own custom icon like one of these, it’ll cost you $15 USD. 1000x1000px, colourful, and hopefully quite quick! I may even give you a cool discount if you buy a batch of ‘em. :D

If you’re interested, please send a submission to me with your e-mail address and what you’d like, and I’ll send an email back so we can discuss it further. Thank you so much!

Understanding || Chapters 1-5 Re-upload

Word Count: 11k

Warnings: Smut, bad language.

Someone brought to my attention that chapters 1-5 were deactivated with my old @, so after a panic attack I managed to find them and now I’m reposting them. No need to worry about the 200 notes thing because the old post got over that, but that would be pretty cool I guess lmao. New chapter very soon, for I haven’t quite finished it yet due to a hectic week. Thanks for understanding and hope you are anticipating the next chapter.

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Things I’ve Learned In My First Year Of High School

1) The person that you talked to on your first day, laughed, and thought you were friends with yesterday, can become a stranger in a blink of an eye.

2) Most teachers aren’t that bad if you just turn in your work on time and do whatever the fuck you’re supposed to do.

3) A very small percentage of people actually “hook up” or do drugs.

4) If you do most of your homework in a class and happen to fail a few tests, you’ll most likely still past with a C+

5) Sometimes you lose friends for no apparent reason at all and that’s okay, you’ll meet new friends. 

6) Football games aren’t all that. Most people just go there just to talk and look cool or to get out of the house.

7) The freshman are scared of the upperclassman, the sophomores are basically invisible, the juniors are too focused on making good grades to get into their dream college, and the seniors are scared shit less about applying to colleges.

8) There’s always that one guy/girl in a friend group that nobody actually cares about and you will know if its you or not.

9) Sometimes people flirt with each other for no reason. Don’t assume that they like you.

10) Your style will change regardless of your style before, and you will find yourself.

11) People will gossip. Don’t pretend like you’ve never gossiped before.

12) There will be people in your school that will do anything to fit in and a lot of people are desperate but they try not to show it.

13) People will pretend like they don’t know you when they meet you, but trust me, they know every single little detail about you; and probably where you live too.

14) Don’t tell everyone your secrets because most will just back stab you in the end.

15) Act like you know whatever the fuck you’re doing, and you’ll be okay

—  i’m going to be a sophomore tomorrow so i decided to talk about school
mbti types as nights

INFJ - the nights outside with a friend just lying down and staring at the stars
INFP - the nights picnicking in the summer besides a lake
INTJ - wandering through the city when no one is awake and the lights are out
INTP - staying home with a great book and so many thoughts in your head
ENFJ - campfire nights with friends
ENFP - on a road trip in the car with friends all night
ENTJ - at a party at your best friends house meeting so many cool people
ENTP - on a big social event with fireworks and fascinating people to talk to
ISFJ - reading your favourite book to someone you love in the night and sleeping in their arms
ISFP - watching your favourite movie again with popcorn and a very good friend
ISTJ - climbing a tree in the night and watching over the peaceful forest
ISTP - rewarding yourself with things that you love like a bath or something you always wanted to do bc u deserve it
ESFJ - trying out a new club in the area and dancing all night
ESFP - going to a concert of your favourite band
ESTJ - playing truth or dare at a party where everyone’s laughing and all have fun
ESTP - sleeping in a cabin in the woods with a bunch of friends

Sungyeol gets jealous when you dance with Hoya

Scenario: You’re a back-up dancer for Woollim and often practice new routines with Hoya. But your boyfriend Sungyeol really doesn’t like it at all
Rating: steamy smut
Word Count: 2210

It was hot in the practice room. So hot that you’d stripped down to your vest top and leggings. It had been four years since you’d started dancing for Woollim, and while you were still waiting for a big break and a chance to dance during a world tour, or even just as a back-up dancer at one of the end of year shows, you were loving it so far. There were so many opportunities to try out cool new routines, and as you knew Hoya through dancer friends of yours, you’d even struck up a friendship with him, practising new stuff until late at night. Just like now.

Although Hoya was undeniably attractive and it was very true that when you first started dancing with him it was sometimes hard to separate your real emotions from the feelings of the dance itself, nothing had ever happened between you. In fact, it was because of him that you were currently dating your boyfriend, Hoya’s fellow group member Sungyeol.

You glanced down at your watch, noting that he was late to meet you. But seeing as you and Hoya weren’t done perfecting this one certain move yet, he would have had to wait around anyway. It was probably best he waltzed in late. Last time he’d come to meet you after dance practice he’d been grumpy, asking you if you liked Hoya more than him because you could dance with him. It had taken you the entire evening to convince him that he was all you wanted – once Sungyeol got one of these silly thoughts into his head, it was hard to chase it away, no matter how may kisses and caresses and sweet words you showered him with.

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i got tagged by: @hustlerose to answer her questions then make up 11 more & tag ppl

my questions are:
hows it going? anything interesting happen in the past couple weeks? ehhhhhhh, no, i mean ive consumed some cool new media™
did some late nite math homework
whats the last song that you played over and over on repeat?
,,,sweater weather
sour candy: good or bad? very good until your mouth is in pain and all sugar gives your mouth hell for 3 years
what’s a book you think everyone should read?
i don’t have any deep response but i think everyone should experience “the long secret” at least once its so much
is there anyone you really look up to?
ye a, some of my friends and my mom i guess
are you better at talking online/texting or talking face to face?
definitely texting but i feel like i usually say more & get myself across more easily in person
what do you think about homestuck?
used to b my obsession,, now all i care abt is the cool rose fanart
do you look good with painted nails? what color?
hell yeah i do my nails get long & nice i like light colors for nail polish!
what’s your most popular post?
probably my fucking humanized backyardagains art
what’s good on netflix?
(a series of unfortunate events is pretty good)
what was the best thing that happened to you in 2016? i got better at art?

my questions are!!
1. describe your ideal Look in 4 words?
2. what creative thing do you do to express yourself?
3. is it hard for you to talk about serious or sad things?
4. fav animal?
5. what would you describe your music taste as (dont use Real Music Terms tho)
6. vague about someone u love here:
7. what are ur thoughts on school?
8. a song that describes your current mood!
9. most awkward childhood experience?
10. scariest thing you ever did?
11. 1 thing you like abt yourself!!
i tag! @miamorcito @angerygun @wildlittleman @agendersplendor

French Speaking Snail Mail Pen Pal Wanted!!
Hey, my name’s Maddie! I’m 16 and live in a small state and city in the US! I’m looking for a pen pal that writes and speaks French, I’ve taken the language for 2 years in school but I’m not very good at it. I’d love to learn the language fluently and I feel that having a French pen pal will help me do so, plus I would gain an awesome new friend! My ideal pen pal would be someone who likes art, photography, and dark humor and bad puns. I’d be interested in having a male/female/ other pen pal as long as your cool and not looking for a sexual relationship. Also no homophobes. As for me, my interests include photography, film making, poetry, (kind of fashion?), rain is my happy-place, I also love sleep and laughing haha. I’d really like to create beautiful letters and envelopes and share some of my poetry and art and other trinkets and write about my daily life. As well as read about my pen pals interesting life, you could write endlessly about how much you sleep and I’d still love it haha.
kik: DarkDaysRainyNights
Tumblr: Maddie00000
Looking foward to a snail mail buddy! Also age preference is 15-17

anonymous asked:

i hope this isn't odd, but i want to be your friend? you are very cool and you're someone i look up to a lot.

Not at all. I’m always happy to accept a new friend.

ask-got-bangtan  asked:

Hi!! I just want to tell you that your art is really cool!! Very unique too! Anyways im gonna go before I embarrass myself

ahhhh thank thank you!! It’s always such an honor every time someone tells me I have a unique style ‘cause I never thought of it as such haaa;;;;; But you guys like it so I’m happy! and pls dont go new friends are cool :’)

I just wanna make a shout out to @purplepatchwork

PATCH! I have made about 156 sketches/pictures of art in the last 4 weeks. I don’t think I have EVER made that many in such a short amount of time. And you know what? It’s all thanks to you and your freaking amazing writing skills! It’s because of you and your fanfic that I have all these cool tumblr friends and followers and I’m meeting awesome new people and have reawakened my inner passion. Thank you so very much for writing that amazing fanfiction Worlds Worst Vampire that started me on this spree and for being you and becoming awesome friends with me! Thank you so much!!!!!

Here I tried doing a more cartoon style of Ivan and Alfred. The cloud is Ivans snow cloud from your fic X3.

Warframe Syndicate Quests
  • The New Strange: Simaris and Ordis flirt, get together, have a messy break-up. Chroma is there.
  • Rathuum: Steel Meridian asks you to perform Action Law and save the innocent. If you help them, Cressa Tal becomes your friend and it's all very pure. Later you build a lunaro court together and no doubt watch Space Jam.
  • The Silver Grove: New Loka stars as the Lorax in the midst of doctrinal crisis. Eventually the desire to give the Orokin the finger wins over their hearts. They still hate you.
  • ***
  • Soon™: You have a candlelit dinner with Cephalon Suda. You talk about a cool bug you saw the other day. Neither Suda nor your warframe actually eat, but you're committed to the aesthetic. You're sure dinner was delicious. In the end, you exchange a gift of flowers. In the Orbiter, your Operator sheds a tear; they are happy.
EXO as Aesthetics (OT12)

@ the anon who requested this: I am 1) very sorry this is very late and very sucky, and 2) dead because this was probably the hardest thing i’ve ever done in my eNTIRE LIFE.

but enjoy! and tag yourself! (and maybe tag ur friends hehe)

Minseok (Xiumin): light hair; building things from IKEA; living in a busy city; strawberries; watching movies outdoors; the cool night breeze; giggling in-between kisses; the feeling of strong arms around your waist; husky morning voices; running around a large park; roller-skating; learning dead languages; tugging at your lip when you’re nervous; wearing shorts regardless of the season or weather; a new piano played animatedly; the wild west; only speaking up when inspired; throwing pizza parties; ruffled hair and bright smiles; “walking” in the hallways; whale-watching; having the wind blow your hat away; radiating happiness in a dim room.

Junmyeon (Suho): slow dancing; prismatic planter pots; picnics under the summer sun; snapbacks worn backwards; the smell of a busy kitchen; doing cartwheels without much thought; dog-piling on top of your friends; kissing in the rain; going apple-picking; bare feet on wooden floorboards; cuddling by a warm fireplace; smiling when you make eye contact with a stranger; putting cinnamon in everything sweet; driving around town aimlessly; walking on wet grass; closing your eyes after a busy day; cherry blossoms; colour-coded everything; baking brownies for your friends; reading poetry; enjoying the good times in life.

Yixing (Lay): hearing a perfect harmony; fluffy bath robes; grand pianos; kissing under streetlamps; scrunching your nose when you laugh; pastel colours; tucking flowers into other people’s hair; falling asleep to the sound of rain; breakfast in bed; skinny jeans; falling asleep on long car rides; gently running your hands through someone’s hair; stained glass windows; riding bicycles through the city; trying to balance yourself on the edge of a sidewalk; making the perfect s’more; giggling under a fort made of bedsheets; eskimo kisses; never missing a single 11:11; lounging on a pool float; daydreaming when you shouldn’t be.

Baekhyun: a pile of puppies; loving everyone whole-heartedly; a ray of sun; the smell of pancakes and waffles; looking into someone’s eyes and seeing their soul; mismatched socks; sweet kisses that go by too soon; a cosy fire; marble statues; being the little spoon; waiting by the phone all night for him/her to call; exposed brick walls; biting the end of your pencil; planting daffodils; a warm glass of milk with honey; eyes that twinkle; sleeping in on weekends; wiping away tears as quickly as they appear; learning wisdom through bitter experiences; watching raindrops on windows; blowing away dandelion seeds and making a wish.

Jongdae (Chen): unzipped jackets; wind-blown hair; cartier bracelets; sliding around on slippery floors; sitting on the hood of a car; laughing unapologetically; being the life of the party; jumping off a dock and cannonballing into the ocean; listening to smooth jazz ironically; silk button-ups; siamese cats; exploring old buildings in busy cities; billowing curtains; slowly sipping champagne; running barefoot on a smooth stone path; dancing in your pajamas; trap music; smiling so hard your cheeks hurt; chewing gum until the flavour leaves; playing arcade games; pillow fights; kissing until both of you are breathless.

Chanyeol: dazzling smiles; candy that’s hard on the outside and soft on the inside; mirrors; drinking milk from the carton; playing the guitar at a house party; playing hide-and-seek even when you’re grown; small-town living; rubber boots; charcoal drawings on white walls; attending music festivals; large LED lights that spell out words; oversized hoodies that feel just right on your body; playful nibbles on lips after kisses; squishing his/her cheeks; being pushed on a swingset; opening windows and feeling an immediate gust of wind; closing your eyes under the summer sun; having water fights in the front lawn.

Kyungsoo (D.O.): plump lips; a still lake; blowing that one lock of hair that falls out of place; wearing thousands of layers of clothing during the winter; grazing fingers with the one you love; a gradual smile; birds chirping outside at 6 am; rolling around on a soft carpet; hitting your friends affectionately; oil paintings; rolling down windows for car rides; spending an entire night staring at the starry sky; comfy pajamas that double as “lazy day” clothes; scratched-up vinyls that still manage to crank out music; standing up too quickly and seeing the entire universe for the briefest moment; feeling accomplished after doing something you thought you’d never do.

Jongin (Kai): intense gazes with romantic pursuits; dancing until your feet ache; skipping rocks at the beach; riding carousels at carnivals; fairy lights; letterman jackets; chelsea boots; tying cherry knots with your tongue to impress strangers; walking aimlessly when you can’t sleep; drinking soda pop in a backyard; jumping into a pile of leaves; humming while doing chores; fingers caressing golden, sun-kissed skin; holding a straw between your lips; leaving dents in walls when you’re angry; never-ending kisses; laughing at things that aren’t always funny; literally eating all you can eat at a buffet; running a hand through your hair out of habit.

Sehun: biting your lip when you’re excited; untied shoe-laces; almost-but-not-really closed doors; cat-ear headbands; belts with the leather coming off; tweed coats; furrowed eyebrows; dancing in the street when you’re all by yourself; staying up to watch fireworks; warm milk tea; unfinished letters; having a blanket placed upon you when you fall asleep; warm hugs that last infinitely; sunlight streaming through your windows; fluffy hair; blushing after a spontaneous kiss; licking the icing off a cupcake first; pointed toe boots; the smell of lilac; a guitar with broken strings; seeing your breath during the winter.

Luhan: a luscious green forest; deep blue water; loose white tops; constantly chapped lips; a violin played as quietly as possible; fog so thick you can’t see through it; comfy woollen sweaters; fuzzy socks; smiles that show every tooth in your mouth; crinkled corners of eyes; tapping a beat with a pencil on a desk; the click-clacking sound of typewriters; choosing soda over wine; gathering up the courage to kiss someone but hugging them instead; satin sheets; shy pecks on cheeks; smiling even when you shouldn’t be; picking wildflowers; having all the time in the world.

Kris: basketball courts; gold chains on top of gold chains; loosened ties; painting on every surface possible; leather jackets; continuing arguments even when you know you’re losing; wearing high-end fashion; veins popping out of the back of your hands; ice-cold glares; warm hands; jumping into puddles; breaking into the rooftops of skyscrapers; making a fool of yourself so that others can laugh; stolen kisses in public; rubbing lazy circles on hips; pulling someone into your embrace after they begin to walk away; writing poetry about beautiful people; being the first to try adventurous things.

Tao: wearing oversized sunglasses; walking along the beach; transparent rain jackets; wine glasses with permanent red stains; crumpling paper into balls; blaring alternative rock in the car; alcoholic drinks with slices of lime; attending parties on yachts; a flock of birds flying at sunset; an arm wrapped around your shoulder; kisses on knuckles; responding to whispered conversations with smirks; tripping over thin air; tigers; swimming in the ocean; purposely drinking coffee at night; unbuttoned button ups; believing in fairy tales with all your heart; unending spiraling staircases.