your neediness for

Come lay in bed with me. Show me what it feels like to be loved by another person. Let me run my fingers through your hair, kiss up your neck and onto to your face. Let’s just cuddle until we fall asleep. 🙈💤


Our Harry Dreams.

In order of oldest to newest


1. Pregnancy Problems

Dad Harold. In which you go through the good and not-so-good of pregnancy.

2. Breaking Point  Part 2*

SMUT. In which you miss him so much you reach breaking point.

3. Worried Sick*  Part 2*

Dad Harold. In which your daughter is irresponsible.

4. Changing Rooms*

In which he reassures you of your worth.

5. Big Spender

Dad Harold. In which you have a problem with his problem.

6. Figuring it out*

In which you have a typical mom day and there is a lot of confiding in.

7. Cuddles are the Best Remedy*

In which Harry comes home sick.

8. Noticed

SMUT. In which your needy and Harry just won’t pay attention to you.

9. Locked out*

In which Harry comes to rescue you…eventually.

10. Chaos*
Dad Harold. In which you have to leave and Harry is left to hold up the fort at home.

BTS Reaction : Their S/O wants to have morning sex

BTS reaction to their s/o wants to have Morning Sex 🙈

Seokjin : Would smile at you, completely down for it

“Ok, but we make it fluffy darling”

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Yoongi : Would need some convincing, like you whispering some dirty nothings in his ear or palming his member through his boxers.

“Ok fine let’s do it”

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Hoseok : A hyper guy like him would be TOTALLY down for it, expect him to be kinda rough

“Sure babygirl, come closer”

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Namjoon : Namjoon would smirk, slightly biting his lips while staring in your eyes

“Already that needy huh ?”

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Jimin : Chimchim is back, he’d smile cutely, looking down while kinda murmuring that he’s okay with that. Expect a lot of cuteness and giggle from him

“O-oh.. Um y-yeah sure baby”

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Taehyung : He’d be pleased by the idea, playful sex must be expected

“Mmmmh I was going to ask the same thing”

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Jungkook : He’d be a bit surprised but couldn’t refuse, way to happy to make you his again. Playful but yet kinky sex.

“Yeah babe, I’d like to too”

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I have an obsession with being other people’s favorite. I want to be their favorite student, favorite associate, favorite friend, favorite person. I want to be the first person they think about when planning a trip. I need them to want me next to them.
—  zt

dearestrinne  asked:

Prompt: Juno has a nightmare and Nureyev comforts him (I know it's cliche as hell but I'm a sucker for this trope). I love your writing so much you capture their characteristics so well!

Thank you so much~

This is one of those prompt responses where I know you asked for fluff, I think I wrote fluff, and I know for a fact that a lot of people are going to interpret it as super angsty. 

Fluff or angst, I hope you enjoy!

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Entitlement (Part 2) (dad!Tony x reader)

I wasn’t going to do a part two, but you guys asked for it!  It’s not very long, but it’s all I could do right now.  :)

Warning: Minor car accident

Part 1

“Dad, no, I told you this a thousand times already,” you snapped at the endlessly infuriating man on the other end of the call, trying to focus on both your needy father and navigating the busy city streets, “your meeting with the Secretary is tomorrow at 2pm, not 3.  Repeat it.”

“Tomorrow at 2pm.”


“Seriously, (Y/N)? I’ve got it.”

“Again, Stark.”

I meet with Ross tomorrow at 2pm,” he answered with a snide huff of accomplishment.  You could almost see the smile on his face at his victory, and you couldn’t help but smile at the thought.  “Okay, so where is it again?”

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bts react to you being needy on your period.

jimin: i think he would think it was cute that you were squeezing his hand through the pain of cramps, i think he would be trying hard not to smile as he got up to get you something for the pain and you whined that you needed him to come back and cuddle with you.

“no…come back.” you whine and he conceals his smile in his hand.

“im going to get you something so you will feel better.” he admits looking down at you in the couch as you cling to his hand.

“no…dont leave me like this.” you whine before he runs off to scream into his sweater and do some pushups comming back a little sweaty and letting you cuddle back into him.

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jungkook: i think kookie would be at dance practice or the gym when you started your period because he seems to always want to work out, so he would get a call from you and have to stop what he was doing to answer the phone all sweaty and out of breath.

“jagiya?” he asks and you whine in response an for a moment he freezes not sure how to take it.

“kookie?” you ask and he hums in response afraid to talk until you tell him what the matter is. “it hurts come cuddle me.” you cry and he cant hold back the giant grin on his face at your cuteness.

“ill bring you some chocolate and medicine on my way.” he would try not to laugh at how cute you were being until he hung up the phone and texted his hyungs because he thinks he has the cutest girlfriend in the world.

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taehyung: i think he would be half annoyed half astonished. he would be annoyed because you would hang onto his arm like a plushy doll, and astonished because youre not dying. he would be slightly confused too because you arent normally so clingy so at first he thought you had done something wrong, like destroy the bathroom or eaten his candy.

“what did you do?” he asks looking down at you as you cuddle into his arm.

“nothing…cant i cuddle with my boyfriend.” you say as you rub your face a bit on his sleeve comforted by him even when hes being mean.

“you did something…you never want to cuddle.” he states trying not to smile because i think he would enjoy your company even if he thought it was a bit annoying.

“its my time of the month and i want cuddles damn you.” you would almost yell and he would try not to laugh before acting really annoyed and pulling you in closer for some better cuddles also so he can hide his face from you as he pretends not to like it.

“ahish, youre so annoying.” he would fake groan but you would accept his cuddles anyway.

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jin: i think you both would cuddle normally just lounging around the apartment you share when he isnt working.

“jagiya, youre being extra cute today.” he would say petting your hair as you hold onto his arm and lay your head in his lap.

“it hurts.” you whine with little tears in your eyes and he smiles openly at you because you knew he just thought it was cute not funny.

“anything i can do to make you feel better? a hot pack? chocolate?” he asks, being serious since he wants you to feel better.

“dont leave me?” you ask and he takes the comment seriously as he kisses the top of your head and rubs your arm.

“never jagiya.” he says softly, letting you cuddle into him as you both decide to take a nap on the couch.

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namjoon: i think namjoon would be away on a tour or something when you call him after he texted you that he was at his hotel.

“oppa!” you whine an he raises an eyebrow at your voice.

“are you okay jagiya…you sound a little weird.” he says picking up one of his snacks so he can much while he talks to you.

“why arent you here to cuddle!” you say ignoring his comment about your voice because you screamed at your roommate and her boyfriend all day.

“you know im on tour baby, ill be home soon i promise.” he says sweetly knowing what is going on now, because you always wanted him when you started your week of torment. “why dont you cuddle the big bear i got you.” he asks and you start to cry as he cant stop thinking how cute you were being.

“because its not you!!” you scream and hang up and he just laughs until you call back and apologize and he comforts you the best he can over the phone with his bandmates teasing him about it.

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yoongi: i dont think hes much of a cuddler unless it comes to you both sleeping so i think he would be looking around to see if you broke anything of his, and would spend the time he did have away from you looking up to see if you cheated on him or something, on the third day giving up and deciding to ask why youre clingy and what you did wrong.

“what did you do?” he asks as you cuddle into him for the third time while watching a movie.

“nothing.” you admit honestly eating your popcorn and watching the movie he picked out.

“you did something because i dont like cuddles and neither do you.” he states angrily and you just look at him confused, like you hadnt noticed you wanted to cuddle him until you started doing it.

“oh…no…its that time of the month.” you state and cuddle into him this time on purpose and he just raises an eyebrow and pushes you off of him and onto the couch.

“i dont like cuddles.” he would muse trying not to smile as you now have this really big pouty face before you start to cry like a baby until he lets you cuddle into him, and so hes scared your mood swings will get him killed.

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hoseok: i think our hopie would keep track of you and how you were feeling, because hes scared if he leaves for dance practice or something that you will start to cry without him there to cuddle with you. he would send you cute pictures and videos to keep you smiling and would call you every hour to make sure youre not locking yourself in the bathroom an crying.

“jagiya…its been an hour…are you watching the movie i told you about?” he asks into the phone when you pick up.

“yeah.” you sniffle and he hums in response. “you didnt tell me he died at the end oppa!” you yell as you bust out in tears and he cringes because he doesnt want to leave you alone crying.

“oppa is sorry, i should have picked a better movie…oppa will bring home flowers an chocolate to make up for it…please be happy and watch a different movie.” he begs and you nod wiping away tears. “oppa will be home soon, so warm up the couch because there is a cuddle attack coming when i get home.” he adds in a cute voice before hanging up and quickly leaving the dance studio.

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oc flaws and strengths

I was tagged by @admiralreegar! Thank you so much, I will never pass up on an opportunity to talk about my characters lol.

I couldn’t really choose just one to answer these for so I’m choosing a couple of them. Mevt of course (although it’s a bit difficult because he has very drastic mood swings) and Adler Shepard (I haven’t talked about my shep in a while so yeah).

↳ Bold what applies to your muse!



moody | short-tempered | emotionally unstable | whiny
controlling | conceited | possessive | paranoid | lies
impatient | cowardly | bitter | selfish | power-hungry
greedy | lazy | judgemental | forgetful | impulsive
vengeful | stubborn | sadistic | petty | unlucky | over analytical


honest | trustworthy | thoughtful | caring | brave
patient | selfless | ambitious | tolerant | lucky
intelligent | confident | focused | humble | generous
merciful | observant | wise | clever | charming
cheerful | optimistic | decisive | adaptive | calm



moody | short-tempered | emotionally unstable | whiny
controlling | conceited | possessive | paranoid | lies
impatient | cowardly | bitter | selfish | power-hungry
greedy | lazy | judgemental | forgetful | impulsive
vengeful | stubborn | sadistic | petty | unlucky | over analytical


honest | trustworthy | thoughtful | caring | brave
patient | selfless | ambitious | tolerant | lucky
intelligent | confident | focused | humble | generous
merciful | observant | wise | clever | charming
cheerful | optimistic | decisive | adaptive | calm

I’m not sure how many of my mutuals have ocs but I tag @mitsuhama@lady-windrunner@eyesasblackasthevoid, @knifeofdaudwall, @fireisherwater and @ovowrench!

  • Jungkook: youre the definition of needy
  • Jimin: pshh no im not
  • Jungkook: remember when you group called all of us at 3 in the morning just to make sure we were all still friends?
  • Jimin:
  • Taehyung: and then you started blowing up the group message because no one picked up
  • Jimin:
  • Jungkook: and then -
  • Jimin: ok stOP
drive in | yoongi (m)

word count: 3.6K

warnings: this piece contains sexually explicit themes so please read with discretion.

a/n: This took way too long to write … ah, please enjoy it anyway. It’s pretty much just smut… not plot, but I ended up being super proud of it!

prompt: yoongi is very needy on your anniversary, and whether you like it or not, he’s getting his way.

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A Night Worth Waiting For

Word Count: 1832 words
Characters: Reader x Jumin
Genre: Daddy kink, NSFW
Header notes: Writing this was so incredibly fun! I don’t think I made it as dirty as it could have been but I’m slowly learning. Enjoy @brightandkawaii

You wrapped your arms around Jumin’s shoulders while he was at his desk writing some reports. Ever since this project started at the company, all he had time for work, work and more work. Despite sleeping in the same bed with each other every night, he felt like he was in another dimension separate to yours. In the first week, you were okay with his disconnected attention and little to none affection however as each week passed by, you grew more and more… unsatisfied. It hadn’t hit you until now but you realised that the both of you hadn’t done it for a while. You thought you would be able to hold it in until he was completely finished with the project but tonight you were feeling a bit needy.

Your arms which were wrapped around his shoulders tightened their grip and you whispered in his ear,”Do you want to come to bed with me?”
He continued to type on his computer and replied normally with no signs of emotion,”I’ll be there later, I still want to work.”
You were beginning to get frustrated at his lack of interest in you and although you didn’t show it on the outside, you really wanted him because it had been three weeks since you had last done it (yes you had been counting).
Once again you tried to get his attention by biting his ear but he just ignored it and continued to type at the speed of light. You didn’t want to seem too desperate for him but you couldn’t help yourself, you had to have it tonight.
For the last time, you tried to get his attention by whispering words into his ear. These were what you called your ‘secret weapon’ and it sure worked.
“Daddy,” you whispered in his ear and you noticed how his shoulders stiffened so you continued on,”Your baby needs help falling asleep.”

His hands stopped their furious typing and laid relaxed on the keyboard. Your face that was on buried in the crevice of his neck after enticing him with your words which took a while for him to understand. He abruptly stood from his desk which shook you off his shoulders. Jumin’s eyes met with yours and you were instantly drawn into them as they stared you down.
His mouth opened slightly,”What did you just say?”
Your heart pounded, his voice was deep and made you shiver at the sound. You looked down at the floor in an attempt to calm yourself but his hand grabbed your chin and forced you to look up at him. His eyes were demanding that you said what you did again.
You knew that the moment you opened your mouth, the rest of your night would be tough.

His tongue pashed around with yours as he pushed you down on the bed. He had carried you from the living room all the way to the bedroom, throwing away all his hopes of doing work because tonight he was determined to let you have no rest. As his tongue broke away from yours to give you just a second of breathing, he looked down at your eyes which were only centimetres away. You could feel your face flush as he began to look at all your features. You tried to block your face with your hands but he just pinned them above your head and began to kiss you passionately once again. His knee was pushing up between your legs, reminding you how much you wanted him.
“Jumin… I want you…” you whispered after he broke away to give you a breath but he didn’t answer even though it was obvious he had heard it. He only smirked as he lifted you up and placed you on his lap.
“You’ll only get me if you strip yourself,” he told as he attacked your neck with his kisses,”also you must not refer to me as Jumin. If you do, I’m stopping.”
You knew straight away what he wanted you to say and you listened to him,”Yes daddy.”
He only replied with a short good as he broke away from you and watched as you slowly unbuttoned the shirt you were wearing. It turned him on more because it was his shirt however he wouldn’t let it show. You tossed the shirt to the floor as you began to unclip your white bra however before you got to it, he got to it first.
“Daddy will help you,” he told as he undid the clip and cupped your breasts with his hands. His thumbs moved over your nipples slowly at first and then fastened, causing your voice to escape and get increasing louder. When they had hardened completely, he bought his mouth towards it while his thumb continued to play with one. All you could do was hold onto his pants which were underneath you and suppress your moans but with his knee constantly pushing up against the place in-between your legs, your moans were becoming more frequent. You moved your arms forward, resting your hands on his chest and pushing your breasts up against him as you looked into his eyes,”Daddy, your baby girl really wants you right now.”
He only sighed,”You’re a selfish girl aren’t you?”

Jumin suddenly pushed you down onto your back and began to remove the skirt you were wearing along the black lacy underwear you were wearing underneath. He traced down the side of your thigh and ran his tongue along the inside of the thigh. You were shaking because of the sensation he was giving you and soon he had pushed your legs up and inserted his tongue inside that place. A shiver was sent immediately up your spine as your hands went to go hold his head which seemed to be relentless in its action.
“Da-Daddy!” you cried out as you gripped his hair,”Daddy I’m going to-“
Your sentence was cut short as another moan escaped you lips. Following that, he finished up with one last lick and bought his head away from your snatch. It was still twitching when he was using a tissue to wipe his mouth and you couldn’t find the strength in your legs to shut them so they stayed open as if you were inviting him.
That you were.

“What do you want me to do now my little girl?” he whispered as he climbed over your legs and moved his face towards yours.
You leaned forward and swung your arms around his neck and asked him, extremely politely, to take off his clothes.
“Is my little girl embarrassed?” he chuckled in a deep tone which made your face flush,”Well if you’re asking so nicely, would you help me?”
You saw how his face was painted with mischief as he found joy in the naked you, stripping him. Nevertheless, you guided him back to sit on the bed as your hands ran down his chest and towards the buttons separating you and his bare skin. One by one you undid the buttons on his white shirt starting from the top while his arms pulled your head towards his neck. You could feel your face heating up even more as he whispered things into your ear that you would never imagine to come out of his cultured mouth and you struggled even more to undo the buttons. Soon enough, he took your hands and helped you in taking off his button up however the twist was that after undoing the buttons, you had to move your hands across his chest and slip the shirt off his shoulders. He smirked down at you as he enjoyed how flustered you were as you moved your hands across his bare skin.

“Now what about my trousers?” he whispered in your ear as he stretched his legs to the sides of you and released his grasp on your small hands. He was leaving this task completely to you but what surprised him the most was when you went straight for the belt with no hesitation. In stark contrast to your timidness at stripping his shirt earlier, you had new found motivation because you were getting closer to what you had wanted. The black belt came off and was thrown onto the floor as you immediately unzipped his trousers. Before helping him slip them off, you looked up at his smug face and smiled gently with no words said. That look you gave him set him off and he became hard almost instantly.
“Take them off,” he demanded as you listened and pulled them straight off, then followed his boxers. He pushed you backwards and reached into the cabinet next to his bed. Not to your surprise, he pulled out a condom and ripped it open. You giggled with delight as he placed the condom where it needed to go and felt the heat rushing all over your body. You stretched your arms out towards him and felt ecstatic as you whispered,”I’m ready daddy.”
Before you knew it, he had put it in and your back arched instantly. You cried out in delight as he had skipped the ‘slow and gentle’ part of sex and went straight to the ‘hard and dirty’.
He pounded you over and over, giving you no time to take a long breath. You swung your arms around him when you had the chance and constantly groaned in his ear,”Daddy, daddy harder please!”

He listened every time.

When you were reaching your climax, you were voicing your ‘status’ to him but at the very moment, he pulled out. You were absolutely dumbfounded when your legs were twitching but he had a smug look on his face.
“Your daddy is tired,” he told as he used his finger to gesture you over,”you know what to do.”
He laid down on the other side of the bed, with his erection standing tall. You crawled your way over with the place in-between your legs still twitching and positioned yourself on top of him. He gave you a little grin and you gave him a glance which oozed with sex appeal. Your face was flushed and lips were gleaming so despite his desire to do you himself, you had already let him enter you once again. You let out a little shout the first time he went in but as the thrusts piled up, you were trying your hardest to keep your voice in. When you were nearing your climax once again, your voice started to escape and you moaned loudly when you hit your peak, he hit his as well but tried not to show it on his face. He was the once that took himself out and both of you fell onto the bed with him wrapping his strong arms around your exhausted body. Jumin gave you a little nibble on the ear and complimented you.

“Daddy thinks you did a great job.”