your my kryptonite


OH, it’s nothing, just Lena and Kara just walking out together, just all casual, gal pal style.  BUT wait, WILL, what is that there?!  Is that… the OUTFIT?


So yeah, basically that’s my kryptonite.  Thanks for asking, Lena.

Random Person Encountered In A Social Setting: OH, so you’re a nurse?

(Deep sigh, because girl = nurse, apparently.)

Me: …doctor.

Them: OH REALLY? Can I just ask you a medical question?

Me: Actually, I—

Them: Can you look at this rash?


Why is it always a bloody rash.

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Happy x Reader

Request by the beautiful @homicidalteenagedream

Song: Contraband; SoMo

Warning: SMUT!! 18+ Only!

Hope you like it! <3

“Fuck little girl..” Happy rasped out, his eyes never leaving your body. He watched as you moved your hips, riding him so good, he felt like he could barly last. That never happened to him. He watched as the tattooed beauty moved on him, gripping your hips tightly, he threw his head back. “Fuck, I cant last..” He felt himself cum, you smiled down to him, gently kissing his lips. You rolled off of him, standing up, walking to the bathroom. You cleaned yourself up, grabbing your clothes. Walking to the night stand you put your gun in your belt loop and your switchblade in your pocket. “See yuh killa!” You smiled to Happy, walking out.

*Next Morning*

“One! One, Two!” your boxing coach yelled. Your fists making contact with the pad. Sweat glisteded your body. “Your tired today.” Your coached smirked, you replied with the roll of your eyes. “That biker you love so much is here. Seems like you let him stick around a bit.” “Shush!” Your coach winked at you, walking away. Happy seen the wink and growled in his general direction. “Whats up killer” You looked to him as you took off the boxing bandages, wrapping them in a neat ball. “Come over tonight.” “Ok, a please would be nice..” “Please..” Happy whispered. He tilted your chin gently. “There is a party first at SAMCRO be there.” He smirked walking back out. “Ass..” You whispered.

Happy arrived to the club house, The door shutting behind him. He looked around the room, seeing her laughing next to Juice. She was dangerous to him.. She was poison to him. She was his kryptonite. What was suppose to be a one night stand turned into over a year of hot sex and constant flirting. She was so different. Never squirmed at the sight of blood, could take a punch and yet when kids came around she was so gentle. Fuck she made Gemma look like a damn angel. Happy thought as he walked over to her. Tig smiled to her kissing her cheek. “Hey doll” “Hey Tig.” She smiled to him. “Y/N!” Lyla ran over jumping in y/n’s arms. y/n lifted her with ease. Laughing as she held her. “God, girl gain some weight. I bench more than you.” You smirked at Lyla. “She is a little tipsy.” Opie chuckled walking over. You set Lyla down grabbing your drink off the table. “I am getting there.” You smiled.

Everyone chilling, you sat next to Happy, Lyla with Opie, Tara with Jax. “I love this song!” Your screamed starting to dance in your seat. Happy felt your hips move, hitting the side of his leg. He sucked in his breath a bit, feeling his face get warm. You stood up moving your body to the music. Lyla whistled. You hopped up on the pool table “I had a couple dreams about you” You sang the song, swaying your hips. You had high heeled leather combat boots on, ripped up jeans, a black tank top and a flannel over it. “Because baby I was down for you..” “Baby does he even make round two?” Happy watched you moved with hungry eyes. He took a deep breath again trying to calm himself. “Hmmhmm..” Happy looked over to see Chibs eyeing the club. He knew how Happy felt about y/n. Happy looked around the club. All eyes were on her. HE growled standing up, He grabbed your hand, pulling you towards him. You smiled at him and nodded your head. “Whats wrong killa? Want to join me?” You danced against him. You swore you felt him shiver. Happy kissed your neck in front of the club, making sure they knew who you belonged too, even if you didn’t know. “Dorm, now.” Happy whispered in your ear. You walked ahead of him. He smacked your ass hard, you knew you were in for it, he was going to fuck you good. You opened the door and he slammed it shut. His eyes where primal. He pulled off your flannel, using to to tie your hands behind you back. He ripped up your tanked top, discarding it. He pushed you against the wall, he pulled down your pants and panties, taking off his shirt and jeans. “Happy…” You squirmed, feeling his tongue licking down your back, he spreaded your legs farther apart. His lips attached to your already wet pussy. He twirled his tongue up and down your slit. He sucked and gently scrapped his teeth against your clit. “Cum..” He demanded up at you. “Going.. to need to do more than that..” You loved pushing his buttons, making him work for every orgasm he gave you. Happy smirked pushing two fingers in. He licked and sucked your clit, you felt your body quiver, your orgasm pulsating threw you. “That’s it… cum on my fingers..” Happy licked his fingers clean, so not a drop was wasted. He stood up throwing you against the wall. “Open that devlish mouth of yours..” you smirked “Open..” He growled. You opened your mouth, he slid down his boxers, slowly gliding his erect cock into your mouth. He groaned at how warm your mouth was. He held the side of your head, pushing himself in and out of your mouth. “Fuck you know how to be mouth fucked…” Happy looked down at you, not even a tear came out of your eyes as he fucked your mouth hard. You where his girl, not matter what you thought. He slid out pushing you against the bed, your body bouncing slightly. He bit down on your shoulder, shoving himself deep in your pussy. Your eyes rolling back at the fullness. Grunting Happy pulled out and slammed back in. He grabbed your hair, shoving himself deep in you “Scream my name… who do you belong too?” You moaned loudly, trying hard to calm yourself. “Happy!…” You screamed loudly as an orgasm rolled threw you. Your body shaking against Happys. “Two orgasms already. I owed you those.. since you made me cum last night.” Happy flipped you so you where on your back. He untied your flanned around your hands, kissing your lips deeply. “I love you… We keep doing this… but I love you, even if you don’t want to admit it…” Happy spoke, looking into your eyes. “ I love you too Happy…” You moaned out. “I cant hold it… your too tight baby…” He hissed thrusting his hips hard into you, you grumbled feeling him fill you. “You mean what you said?” “Yes y/n.. your my kryptonite..” He smirked. “I shouldn’t want you as bad as I do y/n.. I have never felt like this before.. your so bad, but so good for me..” Happy rarely spoke his feelings. He kissed you possessively before nodding off to sleep. 

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hey, love your tumblr, kastle is my kryptonite, and your icon is actually my sexuality and i want to lick it every time i see it

lolololol i forgot about my icon until you mentioned it! (i had originally intended to change it back fairly quickly). ah, yes… very few things have whetted my appetite for a new show like that particular trailer……

Danny Fernandes // Kryptonite

Feels like the weight of the world is on my shoulders
You know I love you, but I just need some time
I know I said nothing would come between us
But I just can’t bear it to see you cry
I wanted to be your everything, baby
I wanted to be the one you count on to make it right
But tonight I can’t be your Superman

Cause your tears are my kryptonite, oh, oh
This is killing me
Your tears are my kryptonite, oh, oh
I can’t take anymore
I don’t wanna let you down
When I just can’t fly
Cause I’m dying inside
Your tears are my kryptonite
And I just gotta get away

I always thought that I would be the one to save you
But I’m the one that you need saving from
I can’t break this wall down between us
I guess I’m not the man you thought I was
I wanted to be your everything, baby
I wanted to be the one you count on to make it right
But tonight I can’t be your Superman

For when Connor realizes he can’t save everyone.

Dear future girlfriend,
I want to be your hero; someone that you can count on even during the most desperate times. Though I don’t have a cape, I won’t hesitate to fly to you. So even if there is a time when the world forces us to part ways, know that I’ll fight for what we have. I want to be your hero. Even though I don’t have the power to read your mind, that doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop trying. I will listen to the words that you speak and attempt to decipher them so that one day I’ll be able to read you like a book. I will learn to hold you close and to kiss your forehead before your tears even have a chance to spill over your beautiful lashes. And though I may not have superhuman strength, I hope that you give me the chance to be strong for you. I want to be the rock that you lean on and the person that you trust. I want to be your hero. And because I do not have the power of immortality, I will never take a day for granted with you. You will be my first thought in the morning and my last at night. You will invade my dreams and I will proudly admit that my mind is completely consumed by the thought of you. Dear future girlfriend, I want to be your hero. And I want your lips to be my kryptonite.
—  L.L.

what if clark used “kryptonite” as a metaphor for everything


stop being the kryptonite to your children’s feelings, bruce

bruce you are the lead casing around my kryptonite heart :C